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Louis Cha aka Zha Liangyong (Cha Leung Yung), was born on February 6, 1924. He is known to most by his penname Jin Yong or Kam-yung (Cantonese), and is one of the most influential modern Chinese-language wuxia novelists of all time.

He is widely regarded as the finest Chinese wuxia writer, a reputation based on 15 wuxia novels and short stories he wrote from 1955 to 1972. He has a widespread, unchallenged, almost religious following in all Chinese-speaking areas, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. His books have sold over 300 million copies worldwide (over 1 billion if one includes bootleg copies) making him by far the best-selling Chinese author still alive.

His works have been translated into Korean, English, Japanese, French, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai and he has many fans abroad as well, thanks to the numerous adaptations of his works made into films and television series.

He passed away on October 30th 2018 at the age of 94 of organ failure in Hong Kong.

List of Jin Yong Novels

Condor Trilogy

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