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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Beautiful Woman Become Old With A Snap Of The Finger, Splendid And Fragrant In An Instant
Wu LaoDa countenance change immediately, he is about to speak but Taoist BuPing cast a meaningful look at him, he smiled and said: “Gentleman Duan is a nobleman, you refuse to take advantage of other people’s precarious position, a capable person with great style, admirable, admirable! Brother Wu, we will assault Misty Peak, the number one priority is to know the real situation at Vulture Palace. Cave-master An, Brother Wu, etc, the nine of you investigated personally, after that old witch left, how many experts are still at the Palace? How are they deployed? I assume Brother Wu is thorough in your investigation, please tell us and let everyone know, how about it?”

Wu LaoDa said: “I am really ashamed, we look around at Vulture Palace, but nobody dare to pry further, we did our utmost to conceal ourselves, we fear bumping into someone else. But while i was at the Palace’s rear garden, i accidentally bump into a little girl. This child is a servant or maid, she suddenly raise her head, i did not have time to dodge and we met face-to- face. I am deeply afraid of leaking out the secret, i rush forward to capture her. Those ladies at the Palace, all of them are instructed by that old witch in martial arts, their skill is no small matter, although its just a child but i am afraid she is very capable. I rush towards her, i am fully aware that i will most probably die…..”

His voice trembled, obviously the situation at that time was extremely dangerous, he cannot help but shiver when he recount it. Everyone see that his still safe and sound now, obviously he must have adverted the danger at Misty Peak, although he is forced to pick a fight at Misty Peak to get out of danger, but everyone felt he is rather reckless to attempt it.
Wu LaoDa continued: “When i rush forward, i use all my strength, i executed [Tiger Claw Skill] with my pair of hands, a thought flash through my mind at that time: ‘If i can’t catch that child with this move and she yell out to attract reinforcement, then i will simply jump off this peak which is several hundred zhang high, commit suicide cleanly to avoid being captured by the female commanders of that old witch and suffer endless misery.’ Unexpectedly….unexpectedly my left-hand landed on her shoulder, right- hand gripping her arm, she did not resist at all, in an instant her body soften and she lost all her strength, she don’t have the slightest bit of martial arts. I was overjoyed at the unexpected turn of event, i was so stunned that my legs became limp and painful, i am not afraid of being ridicule by everyone, i scared myself, that child turn soft and collapsed, i am useless, i also turn soft and collapsed.”

As he finish speaking, the crowd laugh out loudly, the mood became relax. Although Wu LaoDa chastise himself for being a coward, but everyone knows that he is actually very brave and strong, he dare to capture someone at Misty Peak, how can it be a simple matter?

Wu LaoDa wave his hand, his subordinate carried a black cloth-sack, step forward and place it in front of him. Wu LaoDa untie the rope binding the sack, he pull open the sack and revealed a person.

Everyone cry out in surprise, that person’s figure is very small, its a little girl.

Wu LaoDa said proudly: “This baby girl, i captured her from Misty Peak.” Everyone cheered:

“Wu LaoDa is amazing! You are a hero!”

“Immortals from 36 Caves and 72 Islands, Wu LaoDa is at the top of the list!”

The cheers are intermixed with squeaking and wailing, the little girl is rubbing her face and crying.
Wu LaoDa said: “After capturing this female doll, we were afraid the news might leak out if we delay any longer, thus we left Misty Peak immediately. We questioned this girl repeatedly, but its a pity, she is mute. Initially we thought she pretended to be deaf and mute, we tried all sorts of method to test her, sometimes we shout loudly behind her back to check if she is scared, we try repeatedly, she is really deaf and mute.”

The little girl is weeping, ‘Ya Ya Ya’, sure enough its the noise made by mute people. A person from the crowd ask: “Wu LaoDa, she can’t speak, but can she write?” Wu LaoDa said: “She can’t write as well. We beat her up, submerge her in water, burn her with fire, starve her, we tried all sorts of method, it seems she is not stubborn, she really don’t know.”

Duan Yu cannot help but said: “Using this kind of despicable method to torment a little girl, you are shameless!” Wu LaoDa said: “The sufferings and torment we suffered under Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, its 10 times worse, we are just paying it back, how can it be shameless?” Duan Yu said: “If you want revenge you should seek out Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, torturing her little servant girl, how is it useful?”

Wu LaoDa said: “Of course its useful.” He raise his voice and said: “Brothers, today we work as one, we will rebel against Misty Peak, from now on we share all riches and suffer all misfortune together, everyone will swear an oath with blood to confirm this matter. Is there anyone who is unwilling?” He ask twice, no one speak out. He ask for the 3rd time, a tall and sturdy man turn around, he did not say anything and ran to the west.

Wu LaoDa shouted: “Sword-Fish Island Island-master Ou, where are you going?” The man did not reply, he kept running, his movement is extremely fast, in a blink of an eye he already pass a mountain depression. Everyone shouted: “He is a coward, running away prior to battle, intercept him quick.” Immediately around 10 people give chase, all of them possess high- level lightness martial arts, but they are quite far from Island-master Ou, nobody knows if they can catch up.

Suddenly there is a miserable ‘Ah’ cry, it came from the rear of the mountain. Everyone had a shock, their countenance change, the 10 people who are chasing also stop moving, they heard the wind blowing, a spherical
object swiftly flew up from the rear of the mountain, as it reach mid-air it fall straight towards the crowd.

Wu LaoDa leap forward and caught the spherical object, under the light the object is bloodied and mutilated, unexpectedly its a severed head, he look at the facial feature of the head, both the eyes wide open, its Island-master Ou, Wu LaoDa voice trembled: “Island-master Ou…” he cannot imagine how Island-master Ou died within such a short period of time, a terrible thought came to him: “Don’t tell me Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain has arrive?”

Taoist BuPing burst into loud laughter, he said brightly: “Sword God, Sword God, your reputation is indeed well-deserved, Brother Zhuo, your guard is really tight!”

A bright voice transmit from the rear of the mountain: “Running away prior to a battle, he should be put to death to avoid leaking out the secret. All the Cave-masters and Island-masters, please don’t take offense.”

Everyone rouse from their panic-stricken state, they said: “Luckily Sword God got rid of the traitor and prevent him from spoiling the matter.”

Murong Fu and Deng BaiChuan pondered: “This person is known as ‘Sword God’, but isn’t he a bit too arrogant and conceited. No matter how brilliant your sword art, how can you proclaim yourself as ‘God’? I never heard of such person before, i wonder how brilliant is his sword art?”

Wu LaoDa is ashamed of being overly suspicious, he said loudly: “Brother, please take out your weapons, chop your sabre and thrust your sword at this little girl. Although this girl is young and mute, but she is still from Misty Peak, when your weapon is drenched in her blood you cannot reconcile with Misty Peak anymore, even if you have a change of heart you still cannot withdraw.” As he finish speaking, he immediately raise his serrated- sabre.

A bunch of people shout in unison: “Correct, this should be the case! Everyone will swear an oath with blood, from now on you can only advance and not retreat, fight that old witch till death.”
Duan Yu shouted: “You cannot do that, you must not do that. Brother Murong, please stop their savage act.” Murong Fu shakes his head and said: “Brother Duan, their life and death is base on this single action, we are outsiders, we cannot meddle rashly.” Duan Yu is boiling with righteous indignation, he shouted: “A man sees injustice, how can he shut his eyes and ignore it, Miss Wang, even if you rebuke me i still have to save her, but….but Duan Yu don’t even have the strength to strangle a chicken, i am afraid its difficult for me to save her life. Hello, hello, Brother Deng, Brother GongYe, why aren’t you helping? Brother Bao, Brother Feng, i will rush in to save her, you provide support, how about it?” Deng BaiChuan and the rest always take their cue from Murong Fu, since Murong Fu is unwilling to act they can only shake their head at Duan Yu, but their expression is apologetic.

Wu LaoDa heard Duan Yu making a big fuss, he thought: ‘This person possess extremely high martial arts, its not easy to handle if he really wants to create trouble, the situation can change abruptly, its best to quickly end this matter’, at once he raise his serrated-sabre and shouted: “Wu LaoDa will act first!” he swing his sabre and chop towards the little girl.

Duan Yu shouted: “Not good!” he extend his finger, he execute a move [ZhongChong Sword] and thrust it at the serrated-sabre. But he cannot control his [Six Meridians Divine Sword] at will, sometimes his internal energy is abundant, his power boundless and inexhaustible, but sometimes he can’t even gather a tiny bit of internal energy, its entirely dependent on whether he is willing to focus completely on the task. Although he acted heroically to save the little girl, but ultimately its not the same passionate care he shower on Wang YuYan, as he thrust out the sword, his internal energy only reach his palm, it can’t be fired out.

As the sabre was about to land on the little girl’s body, suddenly a black shadow leap out from behind a rock, he wave his left palm, a powerful force knock Wu LaoDa away, the person’s right hand grabbed the cloth- sack, he carried the sack along with the little girl on his back and rush quickly towards the North-west mountain peak.

Everyone shout in unison and chase after him. But the person’s running speed is strangely quick, in an instant he already reach the jungle at the
hillside. The various Cave-masters and Island-masters fired their hidden projectiles, but it hit the tree bark or got deflected by the branch and leaves.

Duan Yu is elated, his vision is sharp, he recognize the person, he met him at Su XingHe’s chess meet, the person broke the incomparably complicated chess formation, sure enough, Murong Fu shouted out: “That person is a Shaolin monk, Xu Zhu.” Duan Yu also shout: “Senior martial brother Xu Zhu, the one surnamed Duan will bow 10 times to you! Your Shaolin Temple is a giant among men, your reputation is indeed well deserved!”

Everyone saw the person push away Wu LaoDa with a single palm, his footstep nimble and agile, his martial art is truly solid, they also heard Murong Fu and Duan Yu identify him as a Shaolin monk, under the famous reputation of Shaolin Temple everyone became timid, they don’t dare to approach unduly. But the implication of the matter is simply too serious, the little girl is rescued by a Shaolin monk, if they don’t silence the male- female pair then their conspiracy will be leaked out and they will attract disaster, everyone bellowed their grievances and rush forward.

They saw the Shaolin monk rushing up the mountain peak, the mountain peak is high and reaching through the clouds, white snow covered the summit, to reach the top, even if you are a top expert in lightness martial arts you will still require 4-5 days of effort. Taoist BuPing shout: “Everyone please don’t panic, that monk is going up the mountain peak, its a one-way dead end, he won’t fly up to heaven. Everyone guard the mountain base access route tightly, don’t give him any chance to escape.” When everyone heard it they felt somewhat at ease, Wu LaoDa allocate the manpower, they guarded all the routes to the mountain peak. Out of fear that the people guarding the routes can’t hold off the monk if he rush out, they deployed 3 rows of barricade at the routes, if the front barricade can’t hold him off there is still the middle barricade, after the middle barricade there is another rear barricade, moreover there will be 10 experts patrolling around and they will provide additional support. Once the assignment is done, Wu LaoDa and Taoist BuPing, Cave-master An, Cave-master Huo, Island-master Qin, etc, all ten experts went up the mountain to track down the monk, their priority is to eliminate the Shaolin monk to avoid future disaster.
Murong Fu and his group are assigned to guard at the eastern route, to preserve their reputation they are invited to sit at the east, but in reality its just to prevent them from interfering with the matter. Murong Fu is sharp, he is aware that Wu LaoDa is still suspicious of him, he smile faintly and led Deng BaiChuan and the rest to guard the east road. Duan Yu naturally followed them east, he is not afraid of being branded annoying, he cannot help but praise Xu Zhu as a great hero.


The person who grabbed the cloth-sack is indeed Xu Zhu. He is scared out of his wits during the battle between Murong Fu and Ding ChunQiu at the small inn, during the time when You TanZhi rescued AhZi, Murong Fu free himself and escape, Ding ChunQiu went out to give chase, Xu Zhu immediately sneak out from the rear door. His only concern is to find HuiFang and the other martial uncles and listen to their orders, but he don’t recognize the route, after the fierce battle between Murong Fu and Ding ChunQiu, he became a frightened person, he don’t dare to go to small inn or small guesthouse anymore, he just rush randomly in the mountain and field.

At that time, the 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters are gathering at the mountain valley, they all brought along their trusted aides and disciples, there’s quite a number of people, thus Xu Zhu inevitably bump into some of them. Xu Zhu saw these people are martial artists, he wanted to inquire the whereabouts of HuiFang and his martial uncles, but their appearance is fierce and ferocious, he is afraid they are with Ding ChunQiu, he don’t dare to inquire, he secretly eavesdrop on their conversation, they seem to be planning some sort of shady business, Xu Zhu is chivalrous and like to help those in distress, moreover Shaolin disciple is duty bound to assist, thus he followed them and eventually he saw and heard all the ongoing of the matter. He is unaware of the various grudge and resentment in the matter, just as Wu LaoDa was about to kill a completely defenceless mute-girl, his merciful heart was moved, no matter who is right or wrong, he definitely must save the little girl, at once he rush out from behind the rock, he grab the cloth-sack and ran away.

As he travel up the mountain peak, he gather his energy and rush straight ahead, the forest is getting denser, the shouting of his pursuers gradually die
off. When he save someone its purely out of his merciful heart, he is determined to become a Bodhisattva, when living thing is in trouble he definitely have to save them, but now he recall that these people are martial art experts, their method cruel and vicious, he is no match against anyone of them, he pondered: “I have to run to a secret secluded location and hide, don’t let them find me, only then can i preserve my life and the little girl’s life.” At the moment there is no time to consider other alternatives, he can’t differentiate the route in his panic state, wherever there is dense vegetation he will simply run there.

Luckily he inherited 70 years of internal energy from the Carefree Sect's old man, his internal is abundant and vigorous, he ran for nearly 4 hours but unexpectedly he is not tired at all. He ran with full strength, originally his Carefree Sect’s internal energy gathered at his left ‘ShanZhong’ acupoint, it slowly scattered to other acupoints all over his body, the obstructions clear up, he felt refreshed and invigorated, his physical strength increased. After rushing for another period of time, the sky turn bright, he is stepping on thin-layer of snow, it seems he is already half-way up the mountain. This place is in northwest high mountain, the summit is towering, snow cover permanent, the climate like cold winter. Xu Zhu compose himself, he look at his surroundings, his heart bounce randomly, he mumbled to himself: “Where should i run?”

Suddenly he heard a voice behind his back: “Coward, only think about running, i am so ashamed of you!” Xu Zhu is startled, he shout loudly: “Ayo!” he extend his leg and ran wildly up the mountain peak. After running for a few li, he finally dare to turn his head back, but he didn’t see anyone pursuing, he said softly: “Lucky, no one is chasing.”

As he finish speaking, a voice came from behind his back: “You are a man, frighten to such a state, you are a dog! Rat! Little bastard!” Xu Zhu’s shock is no small matter, he extend his leg and rush forward again, the voice behind his back said: “Coward and stupid, you are really not a good thing!” The voice is around 2 chi from his back, its within his reach.

Xu Zhu pondered: “Terrible, terrible! This person’s martial art is so powerful, its difficult for me to escape.” He extend his leg, he ran faster and
faster, the voice said again: “Since you are afraid then you should not try to be a hero and save people. Where you intend to run?”

The voice is just beside Xu Zhu’s ear, his legs soften, he almost fell down, he stumbled and turn around, the sky is bright, sunlight penetrate the dense shade, but he can’t see anyone. Xu Zhu assume the person is hiding behind a tree, he said respectfully: “Junior monk saw these people want to harm a little girl, thus i overestimated my ability and save her, i am not trying to show off as a hero.”

The voice sneered: “You overestimated your ability, you will experience suffering.”

The voice still came from behind his ear, Xu Zhu is startled, he hastily turn around, there is nothing behind him, where is the person? He assume this person’s movement must be extremely fast, the person’s martial art must be more than 10 times higher, even if there are 10 Xu Zhu they will all be dead if the person really wants to harm him, from the person’ tone its only criticizing him for being coward and incompetent, the person does not seem to be the same group with Wu LaoDa, he compose himself and said: “Junior monk is incompetent, senior please give me some directions.”

The voice sneered: “You are not my disciple, why should i guide you?”

Xu Zhu said: “Yes, yes! Junior monk is talking nonsense, senior please forgive me. They have many people, junior monk is not their match, i….i have to run now.” When he finish speaking, he gather his energy and rush up the mountain peak.

The voice behind his back said: “This mountain peak is a dead-end, they are guarding at the base of the mountain, how can you escape?” Xu Zhu stare blankly, he stop moving and said: “I…i…i didn’t expect it. Senior is merciful, please show me the correct path.” The voice laugh grimly and said: “There are two path, one, you turn around and kill the enemy, butcher all those demons and ghosts.” Xu Zhu said: “Firstly, junior monk is incompetent, secondly i am unwilling to commit murder.” The voice said: “Then the second path, jump off the mountain, drop straight into the
bottomless ravine, death ends all your trouble, Nirvana, free from all suffering.”

Xu Zhu said: “This….” he turn his head back and took a quick look, everywhere is covered with snow, but there is only his footprint, there is no 2nd person, he pondered: “This person walk on snow and leave no traces, martial art is extremely high, it really reach unimaginable level.” The voice said: “What this and that, what you trying to say?” Xu Zhu said: “If i jump down, junior monk will definitely die, but that little girl whom i saved will also die. Firstly, i did not save a person properly, secondly junior monk’s Buddhist cultivation is shallow, i really cannot reach Nirvana, i will undoubtedly reincarnate and suffer for an entire lifetime again.”

The voice said: “What is your relationship with Misty Peak? Why did you disregard your own life to save that person?” Xu Zhu quickly ran up the mountain peak, he said: “What Misty Peak, Vulture Palace, junior monk heard it for the first time today. Junior monk is a Shaolin disciple, i received orders to leave the mountain, i have no connections to other sects or schools.” The voice sneered: “So you are saying you are a little monk that stand up bravely for what is right.” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk is telling the truth, but i am not acting heroically. Junior monk have no knowledge and experience, my conduct is rash, i have countless problems troubling me and i don’t know what to do.”

The voice said: “Your internal is abundant and vigorous, you are truly capable, but the inner power is not from Shaolin, what is the reason?”

Xu Zhu said: “This matter is a long story, its precisely one of my big problem.” The voice said: “What long story, short story, i forbid you to avoid the problem, quickly tell me.” The tone is severe, there is no room for him to evade the question. But Xu Zhu recalled Kang GuangLing saying that the phrase ‘Carefree Sect’ is a secret, definitely cannot let outsiders hear it, although the person behind him is a martial art senior, but he can't even see the person’s appearance, how can he hastily reveal this big problem without careful considerations, he said: “Senior, please forgive me, junior monk really have alot of difficulties, i cannot tell you.”
The voice said: “Good, since this is the case, quickly put me down.” Xu Zhu is startled, he said: “Wh…..what?” the voice said: “Quickly put me down, what do you mean what, you are so long-winded!”

Xu Zhu listen to the voice, its neither male nor female, but its extremely old, he heard the voice said ‘Quickly put me down’, he don’t understand the meaning, he stabilize himself and turn around, there is still no one behind him, he is really suspicious and fearful, the voice said: “Stinky monk, quickly put me down! I am in the cloth-sack, who do you think i am?”

Xu Zhu is extremely startled, he cannot help but relax his hand, there is a ‘Pa’ sound, the cloth-sack landed on the ground, ‘Ayo’ cry came from the sack, the voice is old and in pain, its precisely the voice he been hearing all along. Xu Zhu also cry out ‘Ayo’, he said: “Little girl, so its you, how come your voice is so old?” At once he open the cloth-sack and support the person out.

The person’s figure is short and small, its a 8-9 year old girl, but her gaze is electrifying, bright and full of expression, as she look at Xu Zhu she had a dignified and imposing aura. Xu Zhu open his mouth widely, he is speechless.

The little girl said: “You didn’t pay your respect when meeting a senior, so rude!” the voice is old and aged, her expression old and decrepit. Xu Zhu said: “Little…little girl….” the little girl shout loudly: “What little girl, big girl? I am your granny!” Xu Zhu smile faintly, he said: “We are in a dangerous place, stop fooling around. Come, go into this bag, i will carry you up the mountain. The enemy will come in a moment!”

The little girl look at Xu Zhu from top to bottom, suddenly she spotted the gem ring on his left-finger, her countenance change, she ask: “What….what is that? Let me see.”

Xu Zhu did not want to wear the gem ring, but he is aware that the ring is an important object, he is afraid of losing it, thus he don’t dare to keep it on his bosom, when the little girl inquire about it, he laugh and said: “Its not an amusing object.”
The little girl stretch out her hand and grab his left wrist, she examine the ring carefully, she tilted Xu Zhu’s palm, she look at it for a long time. Xu Zhu felt her tiny hands shivering, he incline his head, her eyes are brimming with tears. After a long time, she finally release Xu Zhu’s palm.

The little girl said: “This ‘Seven-Treasure Ring’, where did you steal it?” her tone is severe, as if she is interrogating a robber. Xu Zhu is unhappy, he said: “Monks have to maintain strict discipline, how can we steal? Someone gave this to me, how can you say i stole it?” The little girl said: “Rubbish! You are a Shaolin disciple, how can he give this ring to you? If you refuse to tell the truth i will pluck out your tendon and peel off your skin, you will suffer all sorts of pain and misery.”

Xu Zhu cannot help but laugh, he pondered: “If i did not witness it personally, just by hearing the voice, i will really be frightened by this little girl.” He said: “Little girl….” suddenly there is a ‘Pa’ sound, his waist was hit by a fist, but the little girl is feeble and weak, he did not feel any pain. Xu Zhu said: “How can you hit someone? You are so young, yet you are so unreasonable and rude!”

The little girl ask: “What is your name?” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk religious name is Xu Zhu.” The little girl said: “Your religious name is Xu Zhu, en, Ling, Xuan, Hui, Xu, you are the 37th generation disciple. XuanCi, XuanBei, XuanKu, XuanNan, XuanTong, all these little monk, they are your martial grandfather correct?”

Xu Zhu retreat 1 step, he is amazed, unexpectedly this 8-9 year old girl knows his teacher and his generation, she even address XuanCi, XuanBei, etc, as ‘little monk’, but her style of speech is not like a little girl.” Suddenly he recalled: “Its rumoured that the soul can reincarnate into someone else body…don’t tell me….don’t tell me some old senior ghost reside in the body of this little girl?”

The little girl said: “Correct or wrong, just reply, how come you didn’t respond?” Xu Zhu said: “You are correct, but you call our abbot a ‘little monk’, its really too much.” The little girl said: “How come he is not a little monk? I am same generation with his Master LingMen, how come XuanCi is not a little monk? What too much or too little?” Xu Zhu is even more
startled, the Master of abbot XuanCi, Master LingMen, is an outstanding disciple from the 34th generation. Xu Zhu believe that a soul reincarnated into this little girl’s body, he said: “Then….then…who are you?”

The little girl is furious, she said: “Just now you address me as ‘senior’, its still respectful and courteous, but why you keep saying ‘you’ now? If not for your meritorious service in saving me, granny will end your dog life with a single palm!” Xu Zhu heard her call herself ‘granny’, he is very scared, he said: “Granny, i don’t dare to ask for your great name.” The little girl’s anger turn into happiness, she said: “Now its much better. Let me ask you first, this ‘Seven-Treasure Ring’, where you obtain it?” Xu Zhu said: “An old man gave it to me. Initially i don’t want it, i am a Shaolin disciple, i really cannot accept. But that old man is close to death, i can’t explain…..”

The little girl suddenly grab his wrist again, her voice trembled: “You say that….that old man is close to death? He is dead? No, no, tell me first, what is the appearance of the old man?” Xu Zhu said: “His beard is 3 chi, face like polished jade, appearance elegant and handsome.” The little girl is trembling, she ask: “How come he is close to death? His…his lifetime of martial arts….” suddenly her sorrow turn into anger, she cursed: “Stinky monk, Wu YaZi lifetime of martial arts, if he don’t disperse his energy, how can he die? How can he die so easily?” Xu Zhu nod his head and said: “Yes!” although this little girl is young, but her manner is imposing and intimidating, Xu Zhu don’t dare to voice his objection, but he is unclear about something: “What is disperse energy? Its so easy for a person to die, what is so difficult about that?”

The little girl ask again: “Where did you meet Wu YaZi?” Xu Zhu said: “You are referring to the elegant and handsome old man, the Master of Mr Intelligent Su XingHe, correct?” the little girl said: “Obviously. Heng, you don’t even know his name, you still dare to lie, you claim he gave this ‘Seven-Treasure Ring’ to you, shameless, you are really brazen!”

Xu Zhu said: “You know Mr Wu YaZi?” the little girl said angrily: “I am questioning you, you cannot question me, i ask you, where did you meet Wu YaZi, answer quickly!” Xu Zhu said: “At a mountain peak, i accidentally solve the ‘Zhen Long’ chess formation and i get to meet that old man.”
The little girl clenched her fist, she adopt a striking posture, she said angrily: “Rubbish! This ‘Zhen Long’ chess formation confounded countless wise and talented people for over 10 years, a little monk like you who is stupid like a cow, you can solve it? If you dare to talk big again, i won’t be courteous to you anymore.”

Xu Zhu said: “Base on junior monk’s ability, obviously i can’t solve it. But the situation at that time was dangerous, Mr Intelligent force junior monk to land a chess-piece, junior monk have no alternative but to close my eyes and randomly land a chess-piece, accidentally it landed on the ‘live together’ stalemate situation, i killed my own white chess piece and sacrifice them to the black side, unexpectedly the situation became optimistic, i manage to solve it under the guidance of another expert. All this by fluke, but junior monk act recklessly, henceforth my guilt is not small. Sigh, i really sin, Buddha have mercy.” As he finish speaking he press his hands together, he chanted the name of Buddha.

The little girl is skeptical, she said: “Base on what you say, its somewhat logical…..” she have yet to complete her sentence, suddenly a faint whistle transmit from the bottom. Xu Zhu call out: “Ayo!” he open the cloth-sack, he grab the little girl and stuff her into the sack, he carried the sack on his back and rush up the mountain.

After running for a while, the yelling at the bottom of the mountain became further and further, he turn his head around, a clear set of footprints imprinted on the snow, his voice is hoarse: “Not good!” the little girl ask: “What not good?” Xu Zhu said: “I am leaving footprints on the snow, no matter how far we run they will definitely find us.” The little girl said: “Go up the tree and travel, you won’t leave any track, its a pity your martial art is simply too low, you don’t even know the slightest bit of lightness martial arts. Little monk, your internal energy is not weak, there is no harm trying.”

Xu Zhu said: “Ok, i will try!” he leap up, he is in mid-air, unexpectedly his jump is 1 zhang higher than the tree-top, as he fall down his feet step on the tree trunk, there is a ‘KaLa’ sound, the tree truck broke off, the tree drop down along with Xu Zhu simultaneously. He is facing upwards while falling, he will definitely land on top of the cloth-sack, Xu Zhu is afraid of injuring the little girl, he hastily turn over in mid-air, there is a ‘Peng’
sound, his forehead bump against a rock, blood flow immediately. Xu Zhu cry out: “Ayo, ayo!” he struggled to get up, he is really ashamed, he said: “My….my martial art is really weak, i am stupid and tense, it won’t work.”

The little girl said: “You rather injure yourself then land on me, at least you are respectful and courteous to granny. Firstly, granny want to make use of you, secondly i want to reward a younger generation, i will impart a leaping technique to you. Listen properly, when leaping, bend your knees slightly, gather energy in your dantian, as you feel the energy rise up, you have to relax your muscles and bones, only think about the ‘YuZhen’ acupoint….” at once she explain line by line, she taught him how to twist and turn in the air, how to leap horizontally and jump vertically, as she finish teaching she said: “Follow my method and jump up!”

Xu Zhu said: “Yes! I will jump alone first to test it out so that i won’t tumble and injure you.” He is about to put down the cloth-sack.

The little girl said angrily: “The skills that granny teach you, how can it be wrong? Test what crap? If you tumble again, granny will kill you immediately!”

Xu Zhu cannot help but shudder, he suddenly recall he is carrying a ghost that reincarnate into someone else body, all his hairs stood up, he want to fling the cloth-sack far away, but he don’t dare, eventually he clench his teeth and followed the energy channelling method taught by the little girl, he exercised his internal energy, he focus his thoughts on the ‘YuZhen’ acupoint, both his knees slightly bent, he jump up lightly.

This time, as he jump up, his body ascend unhurriedly, although he have no support to rely on in the air he can twist and turn freely, he is elated, he shout: “It work, it work!” unexpectedly as he open his mouth, the energy leak out, he drop down, fortunately he drop straight down, he felt faint pain on the sole of his foot as it bump against the ground, he did not fall down.

The little girl scold him: “Little idiot, you have to mix your internal energy evenly if you want to speak. You didn’t even master the first step, and you are trying the 5th and 6th step.” Xu Zhu said: “Yes, yes! Its junior monk’s
fault.” He followed the method and jump up again, he land on a branch lightly, the branch sway a few times, it did not break.

Xu Zhu is really happy, but he don’t dare to open his mouth, he followed the method taught by the little girl and leap forward, he flew horizontally for a zhang and landed on the branch of the 2nd tree, he bounce off again, he landed on the 3rd tree, his breathing is smooth, his body light and he has ample power, he leap further and further. Afterwards, he can even cross over two trees in a single leap, he is travelling like the wind in the air, he cannot help but feel shock and excited. The forest is dense, he is flying by leaping off from the tip of the tree branch, there are no footprints on the ground, after the time taken to eat a meal he is already deep within the forest.

The little girl said: “Its done, come down now.” Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he jump down lightly, he support the little girl out of the cloth-sack.

The little girl saw his expression is full of joy and happiness, the joy is impossible to describe, she cursed: “Useless little monk, you only learn this superficial and tiny bit of skill, yet you are so happy!” Xu Zhu said: “Yes, yes. Junior monk’s experience is shallow, granny, the skills you taught me are very useful….” the little girl said: “Unexpectedly you learn it with just one round of guidance, granny’s divine eyes did not misjudge your talent, little monk your internal energy is not from Shaolin. Where did you learn your martial arts? You are so young, but how come your energy foundation is so deep and profound?”

Xu Zhu’s chest ached, his eyes turn red, he said: “Mr Wu YaZi, just before he died, his….his 70 years lifetime of internal energy, he forcibly transmit it into junior monk’s body, he say he use his [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness]. Junior monk really don’t dare to betray Shaolin and change sect, but Mr Wu YaZi don’t allow me to explain, he absorbed junior monk’s internal energy, although junior monk’s internal is extremely shallow, its really nothing, but….but, junior monk really spent quite a bit of hard work to cultivate it. Mr Wu YaZi then pass on his martial arts to me, junior monk don’t know if this is a blessing or disaster. Sigh, in short, someday junior monk will return to Shaolin, in short, in short……..” he keep saying ‘in short’, but he really don’t know what to say.
The little girl is dazed and did not reply, she spread the cloth-sack on a rock and sat on it, thinking deeply, she said softly: “It seems Wu YaZi really did pass on Carefree Sect's leadership position to you.”

Xu Zhu said: “So…so you also know the name ‘Carefree Sect’.” all along he don’t dare to mention the phrase ‘Carefree Sect’, Kang GuangLing mentioned before, if outsiders hear the phrase ‘Carefree Sect’ they cannot be allowed to live in this world. Now that the little girl mention it, he can finally speak of it; he thought: “You are a ghost, not human, you have no means to kill me”.

The little girl said angrily: “You think i am not aware of Carefree Sect? When granny became aware of Carefree Sect, Wu YaZi was not even aware of it.” Xu Zhu said: “Yes, yes!” he pondered: “Maybe you are an old ghost from several hundred years ago, naturally you are much older than Wu YaZi old man.”

The little girl picked up a dried branch, she is drawing on the snow ground, she kept drawing straight lines, after a while she completed a drawing of a chessboard with 19 horizontal and vertical lines. Xu Zhu is startled: “She want to force me to play chess, i am really in trouble.” But after drawing the chessboard, she start drawing the chess piece, an empty circle is white chess-piece, a circle with a dot at the center is black chess-piece, the chessboard is filled with chess piece. When the arrangement is half complete, Xu Zhu recognize it, its the ‘Zhen Long’ chess formation which he solved, he pondered: “So you also knew about this ‘Zhen Long’.” He thought: “Don’t tell me you also tried to solve it many years ago, you think bitterly and eventually died due to anger?” as he thought about it he felt a cold chill on his back.

The little girl complete the ‘Zhen Long’ chess formation, she said: “You said you solved this ‘Zhen Long’, what is the first move, demonstrate it for me to see.” Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he killed his own side with the first move and sacrifice a huge group of white chess piece to his opponent, at once the situation became optimistic, afterwards he followed the directions given by Duan YanQing and counterattack the black side. Sweat pour down from the little girl’s forehead, she muttered: “Fated, fated! Who in the world would think of such odd method, kill yourself before attacking the enemy?”
When Xu Zhu solved the ‘Zhen Long’ the little girl pondered for a long time, she said: “So it seems that little monk is not talking rubbish. This move is called ‘nothing less than complete destruction’. Wu YaZi pass on this ‘Seven Treasure Ring’ to you, tell me the entire process in detail, you cannot cover up the truth.”

Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he narrated everything from the start, how his Master dispatch him down Shaolin Temple, how he broke the ‘Zhen Long’, how Wu YaZi pass on his internal energy and ring, how Ding ChunQiu use his poison to kill Su XingHe and XuanNan, how he tried to find HuiFang and his martial uncles, etc, he narrated everything.

The little girl did not say a word, she let him finish speaking, finally she said: “Then Wu YaZi is your Master, how come you didn’t address him as Master, why you address him as ‘Mr Wu YaZi’?” Xu Zhu’s expression is awkward, he said: “Junior monk is a Shaolin monk, i really cannot change sect.” The little girl said: “So you are unwilling to become Carefree Sect Leader?” Xu Zhu nod his head repeatedly and said: “Absolutely.” The little girl said: “Then its easy, give this ‘Seven Treasure Ring’ to me. I will replace you and become Carefree Sect Leader, how about it?” Xu Zhu is elated, he said: “This is exactly what i been hoping for!” he remove the gem ring from his finger and gave it to her.

The little girl’s expression is fluctuating, she seem to be happy yet sad, she took the ring and put in on her finger. But her finger is tiny, the ring will fall off if she wore it on her middle finger or ring finger, eventually she put in on her thumb, she scrutinize the ring for a long time, finally she ask: “You said Wu YaZi gave you a painting, he ask you to go to WuLiang Mountain and find someone to teach you the higher level martial arts of Carefree Sect, where is the painting?”

Xu Zhu retrieved the painting from his bosom, the little girl open the scroll, she look at the beautiful woman in the painting, suddenly her countenance changed, she cursed: “He….he wants this ** to teach you martial arts! He….his on his death bed, yet he still constantly think about this **, he draw her appearance so nicely!” her face is full of anger and jealousy, she threw the painting on the floor and step on it.
Xu Zhu call out: “Ayo!” he quickly snatch away the painting. The little girl said angrily: “You feel its a pity?” Xu Zhu said: “This is such a nice painting, obviously its a pity to destroy it.” The little girl said: “The identity of this **, that little thief Wu YaZi, did he tell you?” Xu Zhu shakes his head and said: “No.” he pondered: “How come Mr Wu YaZi became a ‘little thief’?”

The little girl said angrily: “Heng, little thief is deluded, its been 10 years already, how can her appearance be like this! Pei, even at that time, how can she be so good looking?” she is getting more and more angry, she stretch out her hands and wanted to snatch the painting to tear it up. Xu Zhu quickly withdraw his hands and kept the painting in his bosom. The little girl is short, her strength weak, she can’t snatch it, she gasp for breath and cursed: “Little thief have no conscience, shameless and stinky **!” Xu Zhu don’t understand, since the old ghost that reside in this little girl recognize the beautiful woman in the painting, then both of them must have some prior hatred, although its just a painting but her anger is really hard to eliminate.

The little girl is still cursing viciously, suddenly Xu Zhu’s stomach groan in hunger. He ran for almost half a day, moreover he rush wildly and jump about, yet he did not eat a single grain of rice, obviously he is very hungry.

The little girl said: “You are hungry?” Xu Zhu said: “Yes. I am afraid there is nothing edible in this snow peak.” The little girl said: “Why no? There are a lot of bamboo partridge on snow peak, there are also sika deer and antelope. I will teach you a lightness martial art that allows you to sprint on flat ground, i will also teach you techniques to catch chicken and sheep…..” Xu Zhu did not wait for her to finish, he quickly wave his hands and said: “How can monk kill? I rather starve to death than eat meat and fish.” The little girl cursed: “Thieving monk, don’t tell me you never eat meat and fish before in your entire life?”

Xu Zhu recalled the day he was tricked by that female at the restaurant, he ate fatty meat and drank half a bowl of chicken soup, he said bitterly: “Junior monk was deceived by someone, i ate meat and fish once, but that was unintentional, Buddha will not blame me. But you want me to personally kill the animal, i definitely cannot do that.”
The little girl said: “You refuse to kill chicken and deer, but you are willing to kill human, that crime is even worse.” Xu Zhu said in surprise: “How come i am willing to kill human? Buddha is merciful, sin, sin.” The little girl said: “You still pray to Buddha, you are really funny. If you refuse to catch chicken for me to eat, after 4 hours, i will die, won’t you be the culprit?” Xu Zhu scratch his head and said: “This mountain peak must have some grass or fungus, bamboo shoots, etc, i will go pluck them for you to eat.”

The little girl expression is grave, she pointed at the sun and said: “If the sun reach the top of my head and by then i still did not drink fresh blood, i will definitely die!” Xu Zhu is extremely scared, he said: “You are perfectly fine, why the need to drink blood?” his hairs stood up, he cannot help but think of ‘block-sucking ghost’.

The little girl said: “I have a strange illness, everyday at noon if i don’t drink blood, the energy in my body will boil, i will be burnt to death, i will act violently at the verge of death, its not beneficial for you.” Xu Zhu shake his head repeatedly and said: “No matter what junior monk is a Buddhist disciple, i have to maintain strict discipline, not to mention that i am determined not to kill, even if you intend to kill i also have to spare no effort to stop you.”

The little girl fixed her gaze on him, although he is terrified but he is unyielding and firm, obviously he will not give in, she sneered: “You claim you are a Buddhist disciple, maintaining strict discipline, what are the disciplines?” Xu Zhu said: "Buddhist’s disciple includes basic precept, the Mahayana precept, etc.” the little girl sneered: “So much variations and pattern, what is basic precept, Mahayana precept?” Xu Zhu said: “Basic precept is quite simple, there are four categories, the first category have 5 prohibitions, the 2nd category have 8 prohibitions, the next one have 10 prohibitions, the last one is for monk initiation, there are 250 prohibitions. The 5 prohibitions are for everyone, do not kill, do not steal, do not engage in sex, do not lie, do not drink wine. For those who have taken the tonsure, they have to abide addition 8 prohibitions, 10 prohibitions and finally the 250 prohibitions, they are much stricter than the 5 prohibitions. In short, do not kill is the number one prohibition for Buddhist.”
The little girl said: “I heard before, for eminent monks to achieve enlightenment, they have to maintain Mahayana precept, they are called 10 restrain, correct?” Xu Zhu trembled, he said: “Correct. Mahayana precept focus on sacrificing oneself to help people, its to make an offering to Buddha, sacrificing one’s life to save all living things, but you don’t have to really carry out the 10 items.” The little girl ask: “What are the 10 restrains?”

Xu Zhu martial art is mediocre, but he is well-versed in Buddhist scripture, he said: “1st cut your flesh to feed the eagle, 2nd throw yourself to feed a hungry tiger, 3rd chop off your head to thank the heaven, 4th break your bone to extract the marrow, 5th pluck your body to light a thousand lamp, 6th pluck your eyes to give away, 7th skin yourself for scripture, 8th pierce your heart to show your resolve, 9th burn yourself and offer to Buddha, 10th sprinkle your blood to cover the floor.”

As he say one line, the little girl will sneer one time. When he finish speaking, the little girl ask: “Cut your flesh to feed the eagle, what is it?” Xu Zhu said: “That is the early life of Sakyamuni Buddha, he saw a hungry eagle chasing a dove, he cannot bear it and hid the dove in his bosom. The eagle told him: ‘You save the dove, but you starve me to death, aren’t you harming me?’ thus Buddha cut his own flesh to feed the hungry eagle.” The little girl said: “The story of throw yourself to feed a hungry tiger, it must be similar?” Xu Zhu said: “Correct.”

The little girl said: “Illuminating, Buddhist have such clear discipline, its really deep and profound, its more than just ‘do not kill’. If you refuse to catch chicken or deer for me to eat, then you have to follow the example of Sakyamuni Buddha, sacrifice your flesh and blood for me to eat, if you don’t do that you are not a Buddhist disciple.” As she finish speaking she pull up Xu Zhu left sleeve, revealing his arm, she smile: “I can endure one day of hunger after eating this arm of yours.”

Xu Zhu saw her reveal a dense row of teeth, it seems she want to bite down on his arm. This little girl is short and weak, there is nothing to fear, but Xu Zhu assume she is a female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body, her expression now is really terrifying, he cannot help but tremble in fear,
he shout loudly and shake off her palm, he extend his legs and ran up the mountain peak.

In his frightened state, his shout is loud and clear, someone bellowed from halfway up the mountain: “They are there, everyone chase towards this direction.” The voice is bright and ringing, its Taoist BuPing.

Xu Zhu pondered: “Ayo, not good! I shout out in fright and revealed our hiding location, what should i do?” he is really afraid of going back to carry that little girl, but he can’t abandon her and run away by himself, he hesitated indefinitely and gaze downward at the mountainside, he saw 4-5 black dots moving up the mountain, although the distance is quite far but they will catch up eventually, the little girl will definitely die if she get captured by them again. He walk down a few steps and said: “Hello, if you agree not to bite me i will carry you and run away.”

The little girl laugh out loud and said: “Come over here, i tell you something. The 5 people that are coming up, the first one is Taoist BuPing, the second one is Wu LaoDa, the third one is surnamed An, for the other two, one of them is surnamed Luo and the other is surnamed Li. I will teach you a few skills, knock down Taoist BuPing first.” She pause for a moment, smile and said: “Only knock him down so that he can’t harm anyone, you won’t take his life, its not murder, it does not violate your precepts.” Xu Zhu said: “Knocking down a fierce opponent to save someone, that should be the correct way. But Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa martial arts are really high, how can i knock them down? Although you are skilled, but i can’t learn the moves in such a short period of time.”

The little girl said: “Idiot, idiot! Wu YaZi is the Master of Su XingHe and Ding ChunQiu. The martial arts of Su and Ding, you personally seen it before, the disciples are already like that, you can well imagine what the Master is capable of. He pass on 70 years of internal energy which he painstakingly cultivated to you, how can Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa be compared with you? You are only extremely stupid, you don’t know how to use it. Bring that cloth-sack over, hold it with your right hand, open the sack, gather energy to your left arm, slap your left hand on your opponent’s lower back….”
Xu Zhu followed the method and learn it, the hand movements are really easy, he is unsure how these simple hand techniques can knock down those martial art experts.

The little girl said: “Immediately after, point your left forefinger at this spot on your opponent. Wrong, wrong, you have to gather energy like this, you must point it at the correct spot, there cannot be the slightest bit of deviation. When fighting with enemy, you have to be calm and cool, if you make any mistake, not only would you be unable to knock your enemy down, instead you will hand over your life to the enemy.”

Xu Zhu followed her guidance, he commit it to memory diligently. These few hand techniques can be executed at one go and flow smoothly, although there are only 5-6 moves, but inside every move, the body movement, footwork, palm move, execution method, all of them extremely odd and strange, how he should stand with both legs, how he should tilt his body, its extremely complicated, at the same time when executing the move, internal energy have to be gathered on the palm, the energy will allow the moves to be executed. Xu Zhu practiced for a long time, but he can’t master it properly. His comprehension is not high, but his memory is fantastic, the method and technique taught by the little girl, he remembered every single word, but he really cannot execute the entire set of moves flawlessly at one sitting.

The little girl corrected him repeatedly, she scold: “Idiot, Wu YaZi pick you to become his martial art successor, he is really blind. He wants you to learn martial arts from that **, that ** like to dress herself nicely, she is cold and ruthless, its fine if you are a handsome and elegant young man, but you are a ugly little monk, i really don’t know why Wu YaZi select you.”

Xu Zhu said: “Mr Wu YaZi said it before, he wanted to find a romantic and handsome youngster as his successor, its a pity….the rules of Carefree Sect are really weird, now….now you are the Carefree Sect Leader…..” he did not carry on speaking, but he complete it in his heart: “You are an old ghost possessing a little girl, you are not good-looking as well.”

While speaking, Xu Zhu already practiced twice, the first time his left palm move too fast, the second time he pointed his finger at the wrong spot.
However he has unwavering determination, he want to keep on practicing, suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps, Taoist BuPing rush up the hill as if he is flying, he laugh and said: “Little monk, you run very fast!” both his legs push off from the ground and he leap towards him.

Xu Zhu saw the force is fierce and violent, he turn around and ran. The little girl shouted: “Act according to the method, you cannot make any mistake.” Xu Zhu did not have time to think, he open the cloth-sack, gathered internal energy into his left arm and smack his palm at Taoist BuPing.

Taoist BuPing cursed: “Little monk, unexpectedly you dare to fight with your Taoist grandpa?” he wave his palm to meet it. Xu Zhu did not wait for the palms to clash, he extended his leg and hook him. Its really strange, his leg really hook onto him, Taoist BuPing stumble forward, Xu Zhu move his left hand in a circle, he gathered energy and smack his opponent’s lower back. This time its even more strange, Taoist BuPing who disregarded the 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters, unexpectedly he can’t endure the palm, his body sway and he fall straight into the cloth-sack. Xu Zhu is elated, immediately after he pointed his finger at the ‘YiShe’ acupoint. This ‘YiShe’ acupoint is located at the center of the back, beside the spleen, Xu Zhu did not learn any martial art in hitting pressure point, in his haste his finger targeted the wrong spot, he hit the ‘YangGang’ acupoint which is above the ‘YiShi’ acupoint.

Taoist BuPing cry out loudly, he crawl out from the cloth-sack, tumble a few times backward and roll down the mountain.

The little girl call out repeatedly: “What a pity, what a pity!” she scold Xu Zhu: “Idiot, i ask you to hit the ‘YiShe’ acupoint, he will immediately be immobilize, who ask you to hit his ‘YangGang’ acupoint?”

Xu Zhu is startled yet happy, he said: “This method is really useful, but junior monk is simply too stupid, although i hit the wrong spot, but i still manage to scare him off, isn’t that a cause for joy?” At once Wu LaoDa rush up the mountain, Xu Zhu carry the cloth-sack and step forward, he said: “Come over here and test it.”
Wu LaoDa saw Taoist BuPing was defeated in a single move and roll down the mountain, he is really astonish and surprise, he is vigilant, he raise his ‘Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre’ to guard his body and move forward, he executed a move [Coiling Cloud On Mountain Wu] and chop towards Xu Zhu’s waist. Xu Zhu quickly dodge it and shout: “Ayo, not good! This person is using a sabre, i….i cannot handle him.”

The little girl shouted: “Come over here and carry me, jump up the tree!” at this moment Wu LaoDa already chop three times in succession, luckily he is secretly afraid and don’t dare to press forward excessively, these three sabre-moves are all empty moves. But Xu Zhu ran away like a rat, his situation desperate and critical, he heard the call from the little girl, he felt really happy: “Jump up the tree to escape, i learn this technique before.” As he is about to rush over to carry the little girl, Wu LaoDa attack in quick succession, the sabre is fast like the wind, it chop towards his fatal points. Xu Zhu shouted: “Not good!” he gathered his energy and jump, his body rise straight up, he appears to be flying and he landed on top of a pine tree.

This pine tree is 3 zhang high, Xu Zhu jump up effortlessly, Wu LaoDa had a huge shock. Although Wu LaoDa martial art is strong, but his lightness martial art is ordinary, he definitely cannot climb up such a tall tree, however his attention is not on Xu Zhu but on the little girl, he shout loudly: “Damn monk, just stay on the tree top forever, don’t ever come down!” as he finish speaking he extend his legs and rush towards the little girl, he stretch out his hands to grab the back of her neck. He still wants to capture this little girl and let everyone chop her and drink her blood, swear an oath with blood, thus no one can have any second thoughts and back out.

Xu Zhu saw the little girl got captured again, he felt really anxious, he pondered: “She ask me carry her up the tree, but i just jump up on the tree top by myself, she imparted this lightness martial art to me, isn’t this an act of ingratitude from me?” he jump down from the tree top. While jumping down, the cloth-sack he is holding so happen to face downward, he easily covered Wu LaoDa’s head with the cloth-sack, his left finger pointed at his opponent’s back, his finger still did not hit the ‘YiShe’ acupoint, its a few inch lower and hit the ‘WeiCang’ acupoint.
Wu LaoDa felt a gust of wind on his head, afterwards he can’t see anything, in his panic he brandish his sabre around but he chop empty air, at that time Xu Zhu hit his ‘WeiCang’ acupoint. Wu LaoDa did not become paralyzed, but both his arm felt numb, with a ‘Dang’ sound, the ‘Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre’ drop on the floor, his left hand loosen and he release the little girl. Wu LaoDa is anxious to remove the cloth-sack covering his head, he turn over and roll on the ground.

Xu Zhu carry the little girl and jump up the tree top, he said: “Dangerous, dangerous!” the little girl’s complexion is pale, she cursed: “Useless thing, the skills that i taught you, you mess it up twice.” Xu Zhu felt really ashamed, he said: “Yes, yes! I hit the wrong acupoint.” The little girl said: “Look, they come again.” Xu Zhu look downward, he saw Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa coming up the mountain, moreover there are addition 3 men, they gesticulated at a distant, they don’t dare to come close.

Suddenly a short fat person gave a shout and rush forward, when he is about 1 zhang from the pine tree he roll on the ground, he seems to be surrounded by a circle of light, as it turns out he is brandishing a pair of hatchet to guard his body, he rush to the base of the tree, there’s two ‘Zheng Zheng’ sound, his twin hatchet hack the tree roots. This person is strong, the axe sharp, it seems after a dozen or more chops and this big pine tree will be chop down by him.

Xu Zhu is really anxious, he shouted: “What to do?” the little girl said coldly: “Your Master pointed a way for you, he ask you to look for that ** in the painting and beg her to teach you martial arts. You go beg her! If that
** teach you, you can easily knock down these 5 pig-dog.” Xu Zhu said anxiously: “Sigh, sigh!” he thought: “In such dangerous situation you still have the mood to compete with that lady in the painting.” There’s two ‘Zheng Zheng’ sound, the twin hatchet chop the pine tree again, the tree sway continuously, pine needle rain down.

The little girl said: “The internal energy in your dantian, first channel it to the ‘Tou Ju’ acupoint on your shoulder, afterwards send it to the ‘TiangJing’ acupoint on your elbow, afterwards send it to the ‘YangChi’ acupoint on your wrist, at the ‘YangHua’, ‘YangGu’, ‘YangChi’, circulate 3 times in these three acupoints, afterwards send it to the ‘GuanChong’ acupoint on
your ring finger.” While speaking, she stretch out her finger to point the various acupoints on Xu Zhu’s body. She is aware that Xu Zhu will be completely helpless if she just mention the name of the acupoints, thus she have to point it out personally.

The internal energy he received from Wu YaZi circulated in his body, he can simply channel anywhere he likes, there is no obstruction at all, after listening to the instructions given by the little girl, he followed accordingly and channel his internal energy, he heard two ‘Zheng Zheng’ sound, the pine tree sway again, he said: “I finish channelling!” the little girl said: “Pluck down one pine cone, aim it at that fat person’s head or solar plexus, shoot it out with the internal energy you gathered at your ring finger!” Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he pluck one pine cone and hook his ring finger around it.

The little girl said: “Shoot it out!” Xu Zhu right thumb loosen, the pine cone on his ring finger shoot out immediately. There is a ‘Hu’ sound, the pine cone shot out violently, the force is incomparably fierce and powerful, but Xu Zhu never learn any hidden weapon skills before, he don’t know how to aim properly, there is a ‘Pa’ sound, the pine cone buried deep within the soil and vanish without a trace, the spot is a least 3 chi away from the short person, although the power is fierce but it has absolutely no effect at all. The short person is frightened, he stare stupidly for a while, he whirl the hatchet and chop the pine tree again.

The little girl said: “Stupid monk, shoot it out again!” Xu Zhu felt really ashamed, he channel his internal energy and shoot out another pine cone. He pray for it to hit, but his wrist trembled, eventually it landed 5 chi away from the short person.

The little girl shakes her head and sigh, she said: “The pine tree on the left side is too far from here, if you carry me you can’t jump over there, the situation is desperate, run away and save yourself.” Xu Zhu said: “What kind of speech is this? How can i fear for my own life and abandon you? No matter what i am determined to save you. If i don’t succeed then i will just die together with you.” The little girl said: “Stupid monk, i am not related to you at all, why the need to die together with me? Heng heng, they want to kill both of us, i am afraid its not easy. Pluck down 12 pine cones,
hold 6 pine cones on each hand, afterwards channel your internal energy like this.” She taught him the method to channel the energy.

Xu Zhu remembered it, he did not have time to execute as the pine tree sway violently, immediately after there is a loud ‘Ka La Ka La’ noise, the tree collapsed. Taoist BuPing, Wu LaoDa, the short person and the other two person cheer loudly, they rush forward simultaneously.

The little girl shouted: “Toss the pine cones out!” Xu Zhu internal energy surge forward to his palm, he wave his hands everywhere, he toss the 12 pine cones simultaneously, ‘Pa Pa Pa Pa’ sound, 4 people turn over and collapsed. The short person was not hit by the pine cones, he shout loudly: “Oh my god!” he dump his twin hatchet and roll down the mountain. The 12 pine cones shot out quickly, the power violent and unyielding, the pine cones arrived together with the sound, there is no time for the 4 people to dodge it.

After tossing out the pine cones, Xu Zhu is afraid the little girl might be injured if they fall down, he hug her waist and landed lightly, the snow covered ground is dyed dark red, blood flow continuously from the 4 people, Xu Zhu cannot help but feel startled.

The little girl cheered, she struggled to come down from Xu Zhu’s bosom, she leap towards Taoist BuPing, her mouth pressing on the wound on his forehead, she suck the blood wildly. Xu Zhu is startled, he shout: “What you doing?” he grab her back and lifted her up. The little girl said: “You killed him, i suck his blood to treat my illness, what is wrong with it?”

Xu Zhu saw her mouth is dripping with blood, she laugh maliciously while talking, he cannot help but feel scared and put her down slowly, his voice trembled: “I….i killed him?” the little girl said: “How can it be fake?” she bend over and resume sucking the blood.

Xu Zhu saw Taoist BuPing had an egg-size hole on his forehead, he trembled with fear: “Ayo! I hit the pine cone into his head! This pine cone is so soft and light, how come it can break through his skull?” he look at the other 3 people, one of them was hit by 2 pine cones on the heart, another person was hit on the throat and nose by the pine cones, both of them died,
Wu LaoDa was hit on his abdomen, he is still panting and groaning, he did not die.

Xu Zhu walk towards him, he paid his respect and said: “Mr Wu, junior monk accidentally injure you, its really not intentional, but the sin is grave, i am really apologetic.” Wu LaoDa breathe deeply and cursed: “Stinky monk, are…..are you joking? Quick….quickly kill me with a single sabre. Damn your grandmother!” Xu Zhu said: “How can junior monk joke around with senior? But…but….” Suddenly he recall that he killed 3 people with a single move, it seems Wu LaoDa might not live as well, he already broke the number one Buddhist precept that forbids killing, in his panic state he trembled from head to toe, tears stream down his eyes.

The little girl had her fill of fresh blood, she stood up and saw Xu Zhu clumsily bandaging Wu LaoDa’s wound. Wu LaoDa can’t move at all, but he curse viciously. Xu Zhu kept on apologising: “Correct, correct, its indeed junior monk’s fault, i am really sorry. But you curse my parents, i am an orphan, i don’t know who my parents are, thus its useless for you to curse. Since i don’t know my parents, naturally i don’t know my grandmother, i don’t know my 18 generation ancestors. Mr Wu, your abdomen must be very painful, naturally your temper will be bad, i won’t blame you. I just toss without much effort, i really didn’t expect these pine cones to be so powerful and overbearing. Sigh! This pine cones are really demonic stuff, probably they are some other variety and different from normal pine cones.”

Wu LaoDa said: “Your grandmother is so powerful, what is so different about these pine cones? When you die you will walk up mountains of blades, get deep fried in oil, get banished to 18th level of hell, stinky thief monk, your….*cough* cough, your internal energy is superior, you killed me, Wu LaoDa’s skill is inferior, i die without complains, but you come here and say….*cough* cough…all these sarcastic remarks? What pine cones are demonic? Your body possess incomparably powerful internal energy, but you don’t have to be so strong…strong…vicious…vicious and overbearing….” he can’t continue, he cough repeatedly.

The little girl smile and said: “Little monk you are really lucky today, granny originally don’t intend to pass on this divine skill to anyone, but you are sincere and honest, you are willing to risk your life for granny, you
fulfilled my requirements and i can safely pass on these skills to you, moreover the situation is desperate, granny needed your help and you are forced to execute the moves.”

Wu LaoDa heard this mute girl open her mouth to speak, he open his eyes widely, he felt really amaze, now he finally recall that someone was speaking to Xu Zhu previously, but the situation was desperate and he did not have time to think properly, he didn’t expect the voice to come from the little girl, but now he personally witness and heard it, he cannot help but stare foolishly, after a long time he finally said: “You….you what human are you? You are mute, but how come you can talk now?”

The little girl sneered: “You think you are qualified to ask who i am?” she took out a porcelain bottle from her bosom, she took out 2 yellow pills, she gave it to Xu Zhu and said: “Let him consume it.” Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he thought its best if these pills are for treating injuries, but it doesn’t matter if they are poison, Wu LaoDa is almost dead, its better to let him die quickly so as to avoid pain and suffering, he delivered the pills to Wu LaoDa.

Wu LaoDa suddenly detect an extremely intense and spicy smell, he cannot help but sneeze a few time, he is startled yet happy, he said: “This….this is Nine Revolution, ‘Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill’?” the little girl nod her head and said: “Not bad, you are extremely knowledgeable, you can be considered an outstanding member from the 36 Caves. This ‘Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill’ is especially effective for the treatment of external injuries, it can return the dead and prolong life.” Wu LaoDa said: “Why save my life?” he is afraid of losing this golden opportunity, he did not wait for the girl’s reply and swallowed the 2 pills. The little girl said: “Firstly you help me before, i have to give you some minor reward, secondly i still have some use for you in the future.” Wu LaoDa don’t understand, he said: “I help you before? The one surnamed Wu intend to kill you, i never have any good intention towards you.”

The little girl sneered: “You are open and candid, you can be considered a real man….” she raise her head and look at the sky, the sun has risen to the top of her head, she said to Xu Zhu: “Little monk, i have to practice my skill, stay beside me as my protector. If anyone come to disturb me, just use the skills i taught you, grab some mud or stone and throw them out.”
Xu Zhu shakes his head and said: “What happens if i kill someone again? I….i refuse to do it.”

The little girl walk to the edge of the mountain, she look downwards and said: “No one is coming, since you refuse then don’t do it.” At once she cross her legs and sat down, her right forefinger pointing at the sky, left forefinger pointing at the ground, she gave a ‘hey’ sound, two faint stream of white smoke came out of her nostril.

Wu LaoDa is startled: “This…this is, [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill]…..” Xu Zhu said: “Mr Wu, you consumed the pills, is your injury better now?” Wu LaoDa cursed: “Stinky thief monk, bastard monk, my injury is better or not, does it concern you? I don’t need you demonic monk to shed crocodile tears and curry favours with me.” But he felt the pain on his abdomen diminishing, he knew the ‘Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill’ is a wondrous medicine from Vulture Palace, it can even revive the dead, maybe he can preserve his own life, unexpectedly this little girl is capable of practicing this divine skill, he is bewildered, he heard someone mentioned before, the [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill] is the supreme martial arts of Vulture Palace, you have to use the highest level of internal energy as the foundation, only then can you practice it, although this little girl came from Vulture Palace, but she is only 8-9 years old, how can she practice to such a state? Or perhaps he heard wrongly and this little girl is practicing some other skill?

The white smoke that came out of the little girl’s nose surrounded her head, it lingered and did not disperse, gradually it became denser and became white fog, the fog covered her face completely, immediately after the joints in her body made ‘GeGe’ noise, similar to popcorn. Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa look at each other in dismay, they don’t understand the reason. After a long time, the popcorn noise gradually soften, the white fog also gradually disperse, the little girl is inhaling the white fog continuously, when the white fog is completely absorbed the little girl open her eyes and slowly stood up.

Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa rub their eyes simultaneously, they feel there’s something wrong with their eyes, the expression on the little girl is somewhat peculiar, but they can’t vocalize the cause of it. The little girl
look at Wu LaoDa and said: “You are indeed extremely knowledgeable, you even recognize this [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill] of mine.” Wu LaoDa said: “You….who are you? Are you the disciple of Child Elder?”

The little girl said: “Heng! Your guts is really not small.” She did not answer his question, she said to Xu Zhu: “Carry me with your left hand, grab Wu LaoDa’s lower back with your right hand, use the method which i taught you, channel your energy and jump on top of the tree, afterwards climb several hundred zhang up the mountain peak.”

Xu Zhu said: “I am afraid junior monk don’t have this level of skill.” But he still complied with her orders, he carry the little girl with his left hand, he grab Wu LaoDa’s lower back with his right hand, its already very strenuous, how can he jump up the tree top? The little girl scold him: “What aren’t you channelling your internal energy?”

Xu Zhu laugh apologetically: “Yes, yes! I was flustered for a moment, unexpectedly i forgot.” He channel his internal energy, its really strange, Wu LaoDa immediately became lighter, the little girl is completely weightless, he jump up on the tree top, afterwards he use the method taught by the little girl and step forward, he leap from one pine tree to another pine tree which is several zhang away, its as if he is walking on level ground. This step from him already reach the next treetop, but its simply too easy and he was shock, due to his shock his internal energy withdraw back into his dantian, his footing became heavy and he immediately fall off the tree, luckily he did not release and drop off the little girl and Wu LaoDa. When he landed on the ground, he immediately jump up again, he is afraid the little girl will scold him, thus he simply rush up the mountain peak without saying a word.

Initially, he is not skilled with channelling of internal energy, sometimes his foot is slightly obstructed and sluggish, after his internal energy circulate a few times, unexpectedly it became smooth and unhindered as if he is breathing normally, he did not need to focus and the energy will naturally flow all over his body. He is running faster and faster, his speed in running up the mountain is nearly as fast as running down the mountain, he can barely restrain his footing. The little girl said: “You are practicing [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] for the first time, you cannot use it
excessively if you want to preserve your own life, you may stop now.” Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he dash forward a few zhang, he slow down the momentum and leap down from the tree.

Wu LaoDa is really amazed, he felt admiration and a bit of envy, he said to the little girl: “This….this [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness], you taught it to him today, unexpectedly its already so powerful. The martial arts of Misty Peak Vulture Palace, its really deep like an ocean. You are just a child, but you are…*cough**cough*… amazing.”

The little girl look around, they are surrounded by densely packed rows of trees, she sneered: “Within 3 days, you lot of dogs might not be able to find this place, correct?” Wu LaoDa said gravely: “We already suffered a crushing defeat, this….this little monk is equipped with [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness], he is protecting you with his full-strength, even if everyone finds you there’s nothing they can do to you.” The little girl laugh coldly, she did not speak, she lean against a tree truck, close her eyes and fall asleep.

After this burst of running, Xu Zhu is even more hungry, he look at the little girl, afterwards he look at Wu LaoDa and said: “I have to go find something to eat, but you have evil intentions, i am afraid you will harm this little friend of mine, i can’t put my mind at ease, its best if i take you along.” As he finish speaking he stretch his hand to grab Wu LaoDa’s lower back.

The little girl open her eyes and said: “Idiot, i already taught you how to hit pressure points. He is lying down motionless, don’t tell me you still can’t hit it properly?” Xu Zhu said: “I am afraid i will really hit wrongly and he still can move.” The little girl said: “His life-death talisman is in my hands, he dare to act rashly?”

Wu LaoDa cry out in alarm when he heard the phrase ‘life-death talisman’, his voice trembled: “You…you….you….” the little girl said: “Just now you consume how many pills?” Wu LaoDa said: “Two pills!” the little girl said: “Vulture Palace’s ‘Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill’ is incomparably miraculous, why the need for 2 pills? Moreover, you are bastard, worse than dog and pig, you think you deserve to consume 2 of my miracle pills?” Cold sweat pour down from Wu LaoDa’s forehead, his voice trembled:
“The….the other pill is….is….” the little girl said: “How is your ‘TianChi’ acupoint?”

Both his hands trembled, Wu LaoDa quickly undo his clothes, on his chest beside his left breast, a dark blood red spot appeared on his ‘TianChi’ acupoint. He cry out loudly: “Ayo!” he almost fainted, he said: “You… you….who are you? How…how…how come you know the location of my life-death talisman? You let me consume the ‘Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill’ correct?” the little girl smile faintly and said: “I still have some errand for you, i won’t activate the poison immediately, there’s no need to panic.” Wu LaoDa’s eyes are protruding, his entire body trembled, he cry out ‘Ah Ah Ah’, he is speechless.

Xu Zhu had seen Wu LaoDa’s panic expression many times, but he never seen such fear in him before, he said: “‘Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill’, what is it? Is it poison?”

Wu LaoDa facial muscle is twitching, he cry out ‘Ah Ah’ again, suddenly he pointed at Xu Zhu and cursed: “Stinky thief monk, plague monk, your 18th generation ancestors, the male are all cuckold, the female are all prostitute, you will not have any descendant, your son will not have buttocks, your daughter will have 3 arms and 4 legs…..” his curse is getting more and more strange, his saliva flew everywhere, he is really angry, eventually his cursing affected his wound and cause him great pain and he finally shut up.

Xu Zhu sigh and said: “I am a monk, naturally i won’t have any descendant, since i don’t have any descendant why would i care about missing buttock or arm?” Wu LaoDa cursed: “You plague thief baldy, you want to have no descendant so simply? Its not so easy. Your next 18 son, 18 daughter, all of them consume the ‘Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill’, they will cry in anguish in front of you for 99 days, they can neither live nor die. Eventually you will also consume the ‘Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill’, get a taste of the feeling.” Xu Zhu is startled, he ask: “This ‘Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill’, it is so powerful and venomous?“ Wu LaoDa said: “All your tendon will break off, at that time you can’t open your mouth, you can’t move your tongue, afterwards…..afterwards….” he knew he had consume this number one most yin and self-harming poison, he can’t
continue, he felt coldness from the bottom of his heart, he thought of banging his head on the pine tree to kill himself.

The little girl smile and said: “Just be obedient and listen to me, i will not hasten the process, even after 10 years the poison will not activate, why the need to be so scared? Little monk, go seal his acupoint, just in case he start acting mad and bang his head on the tree to commit suicide.”

Xu Zhu nod his head and said: “Correct!” he walk to Wu LaoDa’s back, he use his left hand to search for the ‘YiShe’ acupoint, he probe carefully, after confirming the location he hit and sealed the acupoint. Wu LaoDa groan, he fainted immediately. At this moment, Xu Zhu have some basic experience in channelling the [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] in his body, in fact he don’t have to target critical acupoints, he can simply jab any spot on his opponent and easily inflict serious injury. Xu Zhu saw Wu LaoDa faint, he is flustered and immediately knead the ‘RenZhong’ acupoint and massage the chest, he manage to wake him up. Wu LaoDa is extremely weak and in poor health, he breathe softly, how can he even summon the energy to curse?

Xu Zhu saw Wu LaoDa woke up, he left to find food. There are truly a lot of elk, antelope, bamboo partridge, wild rabbit, etc, but he is unwilling to kill them. He search for a long time but did not find any edible stuff, he have no choice but to jump up the pine tree and pluck the pine cones, he extract the pine nut and ate it. The pine nut is fragrant and sweet, but its simply too tiny, he ate over 200-300 pine nuts in one sitting but he is still hungry. His hunger is somewhat relieve and he did not eat anymore, he filled two pocket-full of pine nuts and gave them to the little girl and Wu LaoDa.

The little girl said: “Its really hard on you. But i cannot eat vegetarian food during this 3 month. Go and unseal Wu LaoDa’s acupoint.” At once she taught him how to unseal acupoint. Xu Zhu said: “Oh right, Wu LaoDa must be very hungry as well.” He followed the instructions given by the little girl and unsealed Wu LaoDa’s acupoint, he grab a handful of pine nut and gave it to him, he said: “Mr Wu, please eat these pine nuts.” Wu LaoDa glare ferociously at him, he pick up the pine nut and ate it, after eating a few nuts he cursed: “Thief baldy!” he ate a few more pine nuts and curse
again: “Plague monk!” Xu Zhu is not angry, he pondered: “I injure him till he is within inches of his life, no wonder he is angry with me.”

The little girl said: “Just go to sleep after eating the pine nuts, don’t make any sound.” Wu LaoDa said: “Yes!” he don’t dare to look at her, he quickly finish eating the pine nuts, he lie down and sleep. Xu Zhu walk towards the edge of a big tree, he sat on the tree roots and lean against the tree to rest, he pondered: “I should not sit too close to that old ghost.” He is exhausted after several days of running, not long after he fall into deep sleep.

He woke up the next morning, but the sky is gloomy, black clouds hang low. The little girl said: “Wu LaoDa, go catch a sika deer or antelope, you have to catch it before 9-11 am, it has to be alive.” Wu LaoDa said: “Yes!” he struggled to stand up, he pick up a dried branch and use it as a crutch, he prop it against the ground, he sway and walk slowly. Xu Zhu wanted to support him, but he presume that Wu LaoDa must be hunting, he chanted: “Amituofo, Buddha is merciful!” he said: “Deer, sheep, rabbit, wild chicken, all living things, quickly stay far far away, don’t let Wu LaoDa catch you.” The little girl pout and smile coldly, she ignored him.

Xu Zhu kept on chanting Buddhist scripture, Wu LaoDa sustained serious injury but nobody knew what kind of method he use, unexpectedly its not even 9am and he drag a small sika deer and return. Xu Zhu chant the name of Buddha repeatedly.

Wu LaoDa said: “Little monk, quickly light a fire, we will roast venison and eat it.” Xu Zhu said: “Sin, sin! Junior monk will never help you commit such wrongdoing.” Wu LaoDa flip his hand, he pull out a shiny sparkling dagger from his boot, he is about to kill the deer. The little girl said: “Wait.” Wu LaoDa said: “Yes!” he put down the dagger. Xu Zhu is elated, he said: “Yes, yes! Little girl, you are benevolent and kind, you will definitely have good fortune in the future.” The little girl smile coldly, she ignored him, she close her eyes to rest. The small deer call out ‘Mei Mei’ repeatedly, several times Xu Zhu thought of rushing forward to release it, but he don’t dare to do it.

The shadow of the branch is getting shorter and shorter, the sky is gloomy, the shadow is extremely faint, its really hard to distinguish. The little girl
said: “Its noon.” She carried the small deer, lifted the deer’s head high, she open her mouth and bite the deer’s throat. The small deer call out in pain, it struggle constantly, the little girl bite on firmly, ‘Gu Gu’ noise came from her mouth, she suck the deer's blood continuously. Xu Zhu is startled, he shouted: “You…you…you are too ruthless.” The little girl did not take notice, she focus on sucking blood. The small deer movement is getting weaker and weaker, eventually it went into a brief spell of spasm and died.

The little girl had her fill of deer blood, she finally dump the dead deer, she cross her legs and sat down, one finger pointing at the sky, one finger pointing at the ground, she practiced the [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill] again, white smoke flow out of her nose and surrounded her head. After a long time, the little girl withdraw the smoke and stood up, she said: “Wu LaoDa, go and roast this venison.”

Xu Zhu felt loathing in his heart, he said: “Little girl, presently Wu LaoDa obey your orders, he is serving you wholeheartedly, he won’t dare to harm you anymore. Junior monk will take my leave now.” The little girl said: “I cannot permit you to leave.” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk is anxious to find my martial uncles, if i can’t find them i have to return to Shaolin Temple to report on my mission and ask for further instructions, i cannot delay anymore.”

The little girl said coldly: “You refuse to listen to me, you want to leave by yourself, correct?” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk already thought of an idea, i will stuff a monk robe full of dry grass and leaves and make a huge cloth bag, i will carry it and run away, deliberately let everyone see it, they will assume you are in the bag, they will surely chase after me. Junior monk will lure them far far away, you and Wu LaoDa can then seize the opportunity to go down the mountain and return back to your Misty Peak.” The little girl said: “This idea is not bad, i thank you for thinking of such a plan for me. But i don’t want to run away!” Xu Zhu said: “That its fine! You can hide here, the forest is dense and the snow thick, they can’t find you, after 8-10 days they will certainly scatter and leave.”

The little girl said: “After 8-10 days, i would have regain my internal energy when i was 18-19 years old, how can i allow them to walk away freely?” Xu Zhu is curious, he ask: “What?” the little girl said: “Look
carefully at my appearance now, compared to two days ago, you spot any difference?” Xu Zhu concentrate and look carefully, her expression seems to have aged a few years, she’s a 11-12 year old girl, she’s no longer 8-9 year old, he mumbled to himself: “You….you….you seem to have grown by 3 years within these 2 days. But…but your body is still the same.” The little girl is extremely happy, she said: “Hey hey, your eyesight is quite good, unexpectedly you can tell i grown by 2-3 years. Stupid monk, the body of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain is the same as a little girl, obviously she can’t grow up.”

Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa had a huge shock, they said in unison: “Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain! You are Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain?”


The little girl said proudly: “Who do you think i am? Your granny’s body is like a little girl, don’t tell me you are all blind, you can’t tell?”

Wu LaoDa open his eyes widely and gaze at her for a long time, the corner of his mouth trembled, it seems he want to speak but he is unable to say it out, after a long time he suddenly fall down on the snow ground, he whimpered: “I…i should have known it, i am the number one big idiot under the heaven. I assume you are a servant girl from Vulture Palace, a little girl, who would have expect…you…you are Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain!”

The little girl said to Xu Zhu: “Who do you think i am?” Xu Zhu said: “I thought you are an old female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body!” The little girl’s expression became grave, she shouted: “Rubbish! What old female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body?” Xu Zhu said: “You appearance is that of a little girl, but your wisdom and voice is that of old grandmother, you call yourself granny, if you are not an old female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body then what else can you be?” The little girl laugh and said: “Little monk is indulging in fantasy!”

She turn her head and said to Wu LaoDa: “At that time i fell into your hands, you didn’t take my life, now you really regret it, correct?”
Wu LaoDa turn over and sat up, he said: “Correct! I went up 3 times to Misty Peak, my eyes are covered, i didn’t see your appearance. Wu LaoDa is really blind…i…i assume you are a mute girl.”

The little girl said: “You heard me speak before, among the demons and ghosts from 36 Caves and 72 Islands, there are quite a few people who heard my voice as well. Granny was captured by you people, if i don’t pretend to be mute maybe you people can recognize my voice.” Wu LaoDa sigh repeatedly, he ask: “Your martial art is godlike, you don’t need 2nd move to kill someone, how come you let me capture you and don’t resist at all?”

The little girl burst into loud laughter, she said: “Previously i thank you for helping me, this is it. At that time a strong enemy is arriving, granny is unwell, its hard for me to resist, as it turns out you use a cloth-sack to carry me down the mountain, granny avoided calamity. Should i give my thanks?”when she finish speaking she suddenly revealed an ominous glare, she said strictly: “But after capturing me, you said i pretend to be mute, you employed various evil methods on your granny, its really a great crime, if not for this case i could have spared your life.”

Wu LaoDa leap up, he knelt down and said: “Granny, one who does not know is not guilty, at that time, if Wu LaoDa knows you are our revered Child Elder, i will never dare to disrespect or offend you.” The little girl sneered: “You are fearful but not necessarily respectful. You gathered the demons of 36 Caves and 72 Islands, all of you determined to revolt against me, how you explain this?” Wu LaoDa kowtow repeatedly, his forehead knock against the mountain rock, he knock a few times and his forehead is already dripping with blood.

Xu Zhu pondered: “So this little girl is Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain. Child Elder, Child Elder, i thought she is surnamed Tong grandma, who would have expect, this ‘Tong’ refers to child, she is not surnamed Tong. This person’s martial art is so deep and profound, she is crafty and cunning, everyone fear her like a tiger, these past few days i assisted her, she must be laughing at me for overestimating my capability. Hey hey, Xu Zhu ah Xu Zhu, you really are an extremely stupid monk!” He saw Wu LaoDa kowtow endlessly, he did not say a word and turn around to walk away.
Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain shout loudly: “Where do you think you are going? Stop moving!” Xu Zhu turn around and press his hands together, he said: “For the past 3 days, junior monk did countless foolish things, i have to take my leave!” Child Elder said: “What foolish things?” Xu Zhu said: “Your martial art is so marvellous and divine, you dominate the entire world, junior monk did not recognize the famous person in front of me, on the contrary i even tried to save you. You are not willing to mock me, junior monk is very grateful, but i am really ashamed, so ashamed that i can’t show my face.”

Child Elder walk to Xu Zhu’s side, she turn around and said to Wu LaoDa: “I have something to say to this little monk, you go somewhere else.” Wu LaoDa said: “Yes, yes!” he stood up and walk north-east, he hid himself behind a pine tree.

Child Elder said to Xu Zhu: ”Little monk, for the past 3 days, you really did save my life, its not some foolish thing. Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain never say thanks to anyone in my entire life, but you save my life, granny will certainly repay your kindness in the future.” Xu Zhu wave his hands and said: “You have superior martial arts, why you need me to save you? Obviously you are teasing me.” Child Elder said solemnly: “I say you save my life, then it is exactly as stated, granny don’t like others to refute my words. The internal energy i practiced, its indeed known as [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill]. The power of this skill is strangely formidable, once you mastered it you will be immortal, but there is a great disadvantage, you will revert back to a child every 30 years.” Xu Zhu said: “Revert back to a child? Then…then isn’t that good?”

Child Elder sigh and said: “Little monk, you are loyal and honest, you save my life, moreover you have extremely deep relationship with my Carefree Sect, it doesn’t matter if i tell you the matter. I start practicing this skill when i was 6 year old, i revert back to a child when i was 36 year old, i spent 30 days to recover. I revert back to a child at 66 year old, i spent 60 days to recover. This year i am 96 year old, i revert back to a child again, i need 90 days to recover my internal energy.” Xu Zhu stare widely, he said in surprise: “What? You…you are 96 year old?”
Child Elder said: “I am the senior martial sister of your Master Wu YaZi, if Wu YaZi did not die he would be 93 year old, i am older than him by 3 years, don’t tell me its not 96 year old?”

Xu Zhu open his eyes widely, he carefully examined her figure and complexion, she doesn’t look like 96 year old at all.

Child Elder said: “This [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill], originally its an incomparably mystical internal energy cultivation method. But i train it too soon, i start practicing when i was 6 year old, several years later the formidable power of this internal energy became apparent, but my body can’t grow up, i will forever look like an 8-9 year old child. If i start practicing this skill at 17-18 year old, i will revert back to 17-18 year old every 30 years, then it would be simply fantastic!”

Xu Zhu nod his head and said: “So it is.” He heard his Master mention before, in this world some people have incomparable huge bodies, they are larger than adult when they are 7-8 year old, but some people are dwarf, even till old age they don’t reach 3 chi, his Master said its due to the imbalance in the ‘San Jiao’, if the person practice first-class internal energy skill as soon as possible, then there is hope for cure, he said: “This internal energy of yours, are you training the Hand Meridian ‘Shao Yang’ of ‘San Jiao’?”

Child Elder is startled, she nod her head and said: “Correct. You are just a little monk from Shaolin, unexpectedly you have such knowledge. Its said that Shaolin is the chief of martial art studies, sure enough there is some truth in it.”

Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk heard my Master mention the principles of Hand Meridian ‘Shao Yang’ Channel before, my knowledge is extremely shallow and superficial, i am just guessing randomly.” He ask: “This year you revert back to a child, what happens?”

Child Elder said: “When i revert back to a child i will lose all my internal energy. After practicing for 1 day i would regain the internal energy when i was 7 year old, the 2nd day i would regain till 8 year old, on the 3rd day i would regain till 9 year old, every day is equivalent to one year. Every day
at noon i have to drink fresh blood, only then can i practice the skill. I have a mortal enemy who is fully aware of the secrets of my martial arts, she knows the exact day i revert back to a child, she will surely seize the opportunity to kill me. Granny cannot show my weakness and run away to hide, thus i instruct my subordinates on various kind of tactics to resist the enemy, granny is entirely focus on practicing my skills. Unexpectedly that mortal enemy of mine have yet to arrive but Wu LaoDa and his gang broke into Vulture Palace. My subordinates focus entirely on guarding against that mortal enemy, if not base on Cave-master An and Wu LaoDa three-legged cat skills how can they simply enter Vulture Palace? At that time i was training for the 3rd day, i was captured by Wu LaoDa. I only possess the internal energy of a 9 year old child, how can i resist? Thus i pretend to be deaf-mute, i was put in a cloth-sack and brought down the mountain. Afterwards i didn’t get to drink any fresh blood, i am still stuck as a 9 year old child. When you revert back to a child, its like snake shedding its skin, everytime it shed its skin it grows up, but if it gets captured halfway while shedding skin, then there would be great danger. Luckily my internal energy was not deep during the first few years in practicing the skill, i can still survive without drinking blood for a few days, but if i delay another 1-2 days and still don’t drink fresh blood, then i can’t practice my skill and my energy would swell and crack open, i will surely die. This is the reason why i said you saved my life.”

Xu Zhu said: “Presently you regain the internal energy when you are 11 year old, if you want to return to 96 year old, then you will have practice for 85 day? Then you have to kill 85 sika deers or antelopes or rabbits?”

Child Elder smile faintly and said: “Little monk can deduce so many things from one case, you are getting smarter. Within these 85 days, every step is difficult and dangerous, i have yet to fully regain my internal energy, Taoist BuPing, Wu LaoDa and those demons and clowns, naturally its easy to defeat them, but if my mortal enemy hear of this news and rush over to trouble me, granny can’t resist, i definitely need you to be my protector.”

Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk’s martial art is extremely low, if senior can’t handle the enemy, then naturally junior monk is also completely helpless. In
my opinion, senior should run far away to avoid, after 85 days you will fully regain your internal energy and there is no need to fear anymore.”

Child Elder said: “Your martial art is low, but Wu YaZi already pour his entire lifetime of internal energy into you, you just need to learn how to utilize it, then you will be good enough to spar with my mortal enemy. Let us do it this way, i will impart subtle and profound martial arts to you, you will use these martial arts to protect me against my enemy, this is called ‘both side get benefits’.” She did not wait for Xu Zhu to agree and said: “You are like a descendant of a rich man, your ancestors pass down a vast fortune, your foundation is extremely solid and deep, you don’t have to accumulate wealth anymore, you only need to learn how to spend the money. Its easy to spend money, difficult to accumulate wealth, you will have some minor achievements if you train for 1 month, if you train for 2 month you can forcibly spar with my mortal enemy. Remember this mnemonic, the first line is ‘Naturally flow with heaven…..”

Xu Zhu wave his hands repeatedly and said: “Senior, junior monk is Shaolin disciple, although senior’s martial art is incomparably marvellous but junior monk absolutely must not learn it, please pardon my offense.” Child Elder said angrily: “Wu YaZi already completely wipe off your Shaolin martial arts, you still claim you are a Shaolin disciple?” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk will return back to Shaolin, i will start over again and train it.” Child Elder said angrily: “You resent my heretical school, you disdain learning my martial arts, correct?”

Xu Zhu said: “Followers of Buddha, we have to be merciful and save all living things, we pay particular attention to staying away from greed and lust, having a clear and bright heart. As for martial arts, admittedly its beneficial for Buddhist mediation if you train it to a very high level, but there are 84 thousand methods in Buddhist cultivation, you don’t have to focus solely on martial arts. My Master told me, if you are too engross in martial arts, then it becomes a dharma-graha, it hinders your cultivation, its not good.”

Child Elder saw him looking down with drooping eyebrow, he resembles a little eminent monk, he is extremely old fashion and inflexible, how should
she handle him? After a while she thought of a plan, she shouted: “Wu LaoDa, go catch 2 sika deer, slaughter them immediately!”

Wu LaoDa is hiding far away, Child Elder did not have sufficient internal energy, her voice cannot travel far, she shout 3 times and Wu LaoDa finally manage to hear it and agreed. Xu Zhu is alarmed, he said: “Why you need to slaughter the sika deer? You already drink fresh blood for today correct?”

Child Elder laugh and said: “You force me to slaughter them, why the need to ask me?” Xu Zhu is even more baffled, he said: “I…i force you to slaughter?” Child Elder said: “You refuse to assist me to resist powerful enemy, i will definitely be tortured till death. Please think, will i be worried or not?” Xu Zhu nod his head and said: “That is true, ‘blame and detest’, one of the 7 sufferings in life, granny seek to break away from it, you have to get rid of your anger and sentiments.” Child Elder said: “Hei Hei, you trying to enlighten me? Its too late now. I cannot vent this grievance of mine, i can only slaughter sheep and deer, kill all these animals to vent my anger.” Xu Zhu press his hands together and said: “Buddha is merciful! Sin, sin! Senior these deer and sheep, they are really pitiful, please spare their lives!”

Child Elder sneered: “I can’t even keep my own life, who is going to pity me?” She raise her voice and shout: “Wu LaoDa, quickly go catch the sika deer.” Wu LaoDa replied and agreed.

Xu Zhu pace back and forth without any ideas, if he leave now he is unsure how many innocent sheep and goat have to die by Child Elder’s hands, she kept emphasizing that he killed them, but he is unwilling to stay and learn martial arts from her.

Wu LaoDa’s skill in catching deer is really brilliant, after a short time he grab a sika deer by its antler and drag it over. Child Elder said coldly: “Today i already drank the deer blood. Kill this stinky deer with one chop and throw it into the mountain stream.” Xu Zhu quickly said: “Wait!” Child Elder said: “If you listen my instructions i can spare this deer. If you leave now, naturally i will kill 8-10 deer every day. Whether i kill more or kill less, its completely base on you. In order to save all living things, the Great Buddha said: ‘If i don’t go to hell who will go to hell?’ Just accompany old
lady for a few days, its not some arduous task like going to hell, unexpectedly you have the heart to let these group of deer die, how can you claim to be a merciful disciple of Buddha?” Xu Zhu heart turn cold, he said: “Senior is correct in lecturing me, please release the deer, Xu Zhu will listen to your instructions!” Child Elder is elated, she said to Wu LaoDa: “Release this deer! Scram far far away!”

Child Elder wait for Wu LaoDa to walk far away, she impart the mnemonic and taught Xu Zhu how to utilize his energy. Child Elder and Wu YaZi are martial brother and sister from the same sect, their martial art approach is completely identical. Xu Zhu followed her method and practiced, its extremely easy, his progress is rather quick.

The next day Child Elder practice her [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill], after biting the deer’s neck and drinking its blood she will apply medical powder on the deer’s wound, she release the deer and said to Wu LaoDa: “This little master dislike killing, from now on you cannot eat meat, you can only eat pine nut, if you eat venison, heng heng, i will slaughter you and avenge these sika deer and antelope.”

Wu LaoDa verbally agreed, but he secretly curse Xu Zhu’s 19 generation and 20 generation ancestors, in any case he already curse viciously a few days ago, he did not have any new trick in cursing, he knows the Child Elder treat Xu Zhu very well, when he thought of the grim outcome of the ‘Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill’, he don’t dare to be rude towards Xu Zhu in his speech.

This went on for a few days, Xu Zhu saw the Child Elder no longer kill the sheep and deer, even Wu LaoDa also went on a vegetarian diet, he felt extremely happy, he pondered: “She kept her promise strictly, how can i not do my utmost for her?” Thus he put in great effort in his training, he don’t allow the slightest bit of negligence or laziness. However there are changes to the Child Elder’s appearance, within 5-6 days, she transform from a 11- 12 year old little girl into a 16-17 year old young maiden, but her figure is still the same, she is still short and small. In the afternoon, the Child Elder completed her training, she said to Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa: “We stayed here for a long time, i figured those demon and bastard will come and search
here. Little monk, carry me to the summit, your right hand will still carry Wu LaoDa so as to avoid leaving any trace on the snow ground.”

Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he stretch out his hand to carry the Child Elder, but he saw her appearance is tender and beautiful, her eyes sparkling, she became a pretty lady already, he is startled and withdraw his hand, he stammered: “Junior…junior monk don’t dare to offend.” Child Elder ask curiously: “What don’t dare to offend?” Xu Zhu said: “Senior you are a young lady, you are not a little girl, men….women…men and women should not have direct contact, especially more so for monk.”

Child Elder laugh happily, her jade face revealed joy, her cheeks turn red, her gaze sweet and beautiful, she said: “Little monk talk rubbish, granny is a 96 year old woman, you are just carrying me for a while why so tense?” as she finish speaking she want to lean on his back. Xu Zhu is alarmed, he said: “You cannot do that, you cannot do that!” he extend his leg and ran away quickly. Child Elder executed her lightness martial art, she chase after him.

Currently, Xu Zhu’s [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] is already 30-40% complete, Child Elder only regain her internal energy till 17 year old, her lightness martial art is greatly inferior, she only chase a few steps and Xu Zhu move further and further away. Child Elder shouted: “Quickly come back!” Xu Zhu stop running and said: “I will hold your hand and jump up the tree top!” Child Elder said angrily: “You are so old fashion and inflexible, you can’t even accommodate the circumstances, if you want to learn the highest level martial arts it would be difficult, difficult!”

Xu Zhu is stumped for words, he pondered: “The << Diamond Sutra>> says: ‘All those with appearance, all of them fabricated’ It doesn’t matter if she is a little girl or young lady, their appearance all fabricated.” He muttered: “Buddha say: ‘When a person grows up, he is not really growing up, his body and muscles is just bigger.’ Buddha say: ‘Big lady is not really a big lady, she is just known as a big lady….” he walk back slowly.

Suddenly something flash in front of him, a white figure stood in front of Child Elder. This person seems to be present yet not present, moving
forward yet backward, entire body dressed in white clothes same as the colour of white snow, the figure is indistinct and hazy.

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