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The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre

This story is the third and final part of what is widely known as the ‘Condor Trilogy’, set in the late Yuan (Mongol) dynasty. 

The story revolves around a pair of treasured weapons, the Yitian Sword (lit. relying on Heaven) and the Tulong Saber (lit. slaying the dragon). Indeed, the literal translation the original title is ‘The Chronicle of Yitian and Tulong’. 

Legend has it that the wielder of these weapons would rule the Wulin world. The protagonist, Zhang Wuji, was the son of an ‘orthodox’ father and ‘heretical’ mother. As such, in all his life he was torn between these two schools. The story ends with the rise of what would be known as the Ming dynasty.
Author:Jin Yong
Associated Names:Heaven Sword Dragon Saber, 倚天屠龍記, Yi Tian Tu Long Ji
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