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Ode to Gallantry Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Arrogant Insane Cheng
About a crowd of two hundred to three hundred was suddenly in sword fight, all were wearing identical white colored clothes and using similar long swords so it was pretty difficult to distinguish who is friend and who is enemy. Originally fourth branch was fighting with third branch but later second and fifth branch come in the aid of third. However afterwards some people started to take this opportunity to settle their own personal feuds with other people and started killing overtly or subtly whichever way it was possible. It was total chaos and confusion as no one knew what’s going on.

Suddenly they heard a loud voice of something getting struck or falling to the ground and the two doors of the hall flew open with a loud bang sound and they heard a clear and resonant voice: "The envoys of the island of heroes have arrived to the Snow mountain sect to pay a visit and meet the leader of the sect!"

The pronunciation was such clear and bright that all the pandemonium kind of froze and everyone suddenly looked at these two people.

The people were surprised; some people gave up fighting and leapt in the one side. Gradually the others too stopped and got in control of their emotions and drew back to the wall and besides the groan of the wounded, there was no sound in the hall. Also at that moment the people who were severely wounded too also stopped crying and looked at the doors.

They saw two people standing at the entrance side by side, one fat person with a smiling face and another thin person with a sad facial expression. Shi Potian saw Zhang San and Li Si arriving at the door, he was nearly going to call but stopped himself at the last moment as he remembered he was still hiding and Grandma Shi didn’t want to reveal her position at this moment.

Zhang San said with a smile on his face: "No wonder the martial art of snow mountain sect is so famous in the martial art world. Actually other schools practice martial arts but you people stab and chop and unexpectedly even kill for attaining greater heights…So earnest, rare… rare! I really admire, I really admire!"
That person surnamed Liao, known as Liao Zili stepped up forward and said: "Are you two honorable people envoys from the island of heroes?"

Zhang San said: "Do you know who the leader of the snow mountain sect is? We are from the island of the heroes and want to invite the leader of the sect to eat the meat gruel and present him with these bronze medals."

As he said these words he took out two bronze medals from his bosom and turned towards Li Si and said: "I have heard that the leader of the snow mountain sect is the "power and virtue gentleman" old master Bai however no one looks like him."
Li Si shook his head and said:" I too do not find anyone looking like him." Liao Zili said: "Old master Bai has already died, the new leader " he has
not even finished his words, Feng Wanli interrupted and scolded: "Breaks wind! The "power and virtue gentleman" has not died, but "

Liao Zili got angry: "You spoke to your Shishu in this manner, where is the discipline and respects for the elders?"

Feng Wanli replied: "Your kind of person doesn’t deserve to be respected even if he is elder!"

Liao Zili took out his sword and attacked at Feng Wanli. Feng Wanli too wielded his sword to deflect his attack and drew back one step. Liao Zili moved forward and attacked him with a straight sword move. Another disciple came forward and attacked him. Immediately Qi Zimian and Liang Zijin too wielded their sword and killed a couple of people.

The snow mountain sect was actually a big sect; the rivalry among different clans and families within the sect was significant. These four people were obviously jealous of each other and take the side as per the opportunity. At this time when there was no leader and the leadership was at grab, these people didn’t care about the danger from these two envoys of "Command of reward and punishment" but thought to take advantage of this situation to gain upper hand in the internal struggle of the sect first and then later handle the matter of invitation to island of heroes.
Zhang San said with a smile: "Every one is thoroughly busy to study the swordsmanship and improve his martial art skill…this is a fine deed but you people can do this later, we don’t have that much time. Does the snow mountain sect have a leader?"

As he was saying these words he gradually moved forward, he stretched out both his hands and started grabbing swords randomly, within a few moments everyone heard a metallic sound as about seven-eight swords were thrown on the ground. This included Liao Zili, Liang Zijin, Feng Wanli and several other second generation disciples. They didn’t even understood how unexpectedly Zhang San managed to seize their sword all at once. Various people only felt that their arm shook and suddenly they lost their swords.

The color of everyone in the hall suddenly changed as they saw this in with amazement, they knew that these people have very high level of martial arts but they never thought that this can be done so easily. Everyone immediately put behind the internal struggle and recalled to their mind the tales of these two envoys of command of reward and punishment. They recalled the stories of the annihilation of the entire sects and couldn’t restrain themselves from shivering.

Earlier people thought that the Snow mountain sect is in the western region and even to reach the Ling Xiao city is a very difficult task so it’s really difficult that they will receive the invitation from command of reward and punishment but again people thought that the stories of the envoys of island of heroes was more like a hearsay and exaggerated mostly, they might not be that fierce; Moreover the leader of the snow mountain sect "power and virtue gentleman" old master Bai was like a comfortable big tree to provide shade and save them from any foe so no one really cared about this matter. Who would have thought suddenly, these people will come and after watchinf their martial art skills, no one can say that their skills were exaggerated. In the past thirty years, whoever has gone to the island of heroes has not come back. At this time now the leader of the Snow mountain sect was to get this invitation but who will take the suicide post now after these two have already arrived.
Just before their arrival these five people were struggling to attain hegemony and hoping to take the position of the leader of the sect. All these people were manipulating strategically and fighting in shadows but unexpectedly the opportunity has come for everyone to fight directly and take the leadership but no one was willing now. As if by prior agreement, suddenly the three senior disciples pointed towards Liao Zili and said: "He is…..he is the leader!"

Instantly there was silence in the hall.

Liao Zili was not going to be silent and accept this situation, he said: "Three senior fellow-pupils are oldest, It’s logical that the leadership should go to one of you."

Qi Zimian said: "What is the use of old? Liao Shidi, your martial art skills are really high and in addition you are the most capable person and you were also striving so hard for this position so you should become the leader. If Liao Shidi does not become the leader of the sect then even if other people will take the seat still it will be worthless."

Liang Zijin said: "This leader should go to the senior fellow disciples; if the elders are not willing to take the leadership then obviously the other senior fellow disciples should take the leadership, what is the struggle and indecision?"

Cheng Zixue said: "In our four people we are not willing to take the leadership then we should look for some one else who is capable. I approve of this solution to give the leadership to the senior disciples from next generation. Today he had also showed exemplary wisdom and martial art skills."

Liao Zili said: "Leader should be someone who is well accepted among his peers and who is also a willing worker, I think Feng Shizhi is the best option. No one has any dissent with him and he is quite popular too. I too approve for him name."

Feng Wanli said: "Just a few moments ago you were shouting and urging everyone to kill me and now I am the most popular person, what kind of
nonsense is this?"

Liao Zili looked at him with his stretching his eyebrows and was about to curse angrily, but changed his mind and said: "I am recommending your name and you people are calling me names. This is ridiculous and shameless act."

Zhang San was listening and smiling but did not say a word. Li Si actually could not bear and shouted: "This one is leader…that one is a leader….if you fight this way then we won’t have a result after a fortnight."

Liang Zijin said: "You people have complied very quickly to become the senior disciple of the sect but when the disaster in on the door then you doesn’t want to get implicated."

Cheng Zixue got angry: "Why have I implicated everybody, actually you are responsible." Five people started to again argue and the confusion continued.

Zhang San said with a smile: "I have an idea. Your five have to fight among yourselves and the one who wins will be the strongest and should take the leadership of the sect."

Five people looked at each other in blank dismay.

Zhang San also said: "When we people came just now, you people were ready to kill each other so what is the problem now. We two people don’t want to miss on the esthetic pleasure. You people should start fighting or you people don’t know that the temper of my elder brother is really high and I am afraid if he gets angry then he might exterminate the entire Snow mountain sect, then no one will become the leader of the sect. Fine… one… two… and three! Begin!"

Liao Zili first draws out his sword.

Zhang San said suddenly: "Who is standing outside the window and spying on us, I think it’s someone from snow mountain sect only, please come in together! It doesn’t matter if anyone has strong martial art or weak, no
matter the seniority or size, I will get rid everybody if the leader doesn’t accepts the invitation."

He moved his hand and something struck the two long windows and stirred it with tremendous force.

Grandma Shi said: "I’m going in!"

She pulled A’Xiu with her left hand and Shi Potian with her right and the three people entered the hall to shoulder to shoulder.

In the hall the color the facial expression of people changes as they saw Grandma Shi. All the four senior disciples of the Snow mountain sect wielded their swords and surrounded her immediately. Grandma Shi is only sneered at them but didn’t say any word.

Feng Wanli actually went forward and bowed to salute, fluttered and said: "Master......

Master       Master-wife!"

Shi Potian was startled, he thought: "How is my teacher her master wife?" Grandma Shi looked at him but did not pay any attention.
Zhang San said with a smile: "Is very good, is very good! This boy was pretending to be the leader of clan of eternal happiness but has actually come back to the Snow mountain sect!" Brother, you look exactly like our younger brother; it’s really difficult to recognize who is who."

Li Si nodded and said:" He is glib and a thief with fox brain! There is an attractive little girl close to him; it’s not our younger brother."

Shi Potian thought: "Eldest brother and second brother think that I am Shi Zhong Yu. So long as I did not speak, they won’t recognize me."

Zhang San said: "Actually this lady is Madame Bai Lao. She had some dispute with old master Bai over the martial art matters but you people can still compete for the leadership of the sect. Everybody start then!"
Grandma Shi showed her hate to those people by her facial expression. She took the hands of Shi Potian and A’Xiu and moved aside. Cheng Zixue and other people did not dare to stop her and looked helplessly as she went and took the seat at the centre wooden chair.

Li Si shouted: "You are not starting to fight, what you are waiting for?" Cheng Zixue said: "Fine!"
He moved his sword to stab at Liang Zijin. Liang Zijin wielded his sword to parry but staggered under his foot, He stood again and said: "Forgive your fellow disciple; I am no match for you!"

Liao Zili encouraged fighting together. Four people only moved about ten moves but the people looking at them shook their head secretly, they can easily see numerous loopholes in their swordsmanship. However the opponent was also not taking advantage of the loop holes and making false moves but no one was hurting anyone. If someone else saw their fight then they would really think very badly about the sword skills of the first generation martial artist of Snow mountain sect and will think that they have only learned a couple of years of martial arts.

Obviously, these four people at this moment were not "vying for supremacy", but actually struggling to get defeated. No one was willing to become the leader of the sect at this point of time but they were forced to fight by these people so were generously making mistake and were reluctant to force their enemies to submission.

But since everybody was had the same intension no one is getting defeated. Liang Zijin slanted his body so that the sword will actually hit him. He suddenly cried: "Oh!" His left knee buckled under him and he leaned on his own sword leans and fell on the ground. He encourage Liao Zili to stab him at this very moment as he had left several openings but the opposite party did not fell in the trap and pretended to be as dumb as a wooden chicken. His sword could have easily stabbed the chest of the opponent but he deliberately moved his sword that he missed his mark.
Zhang San laughed and said: "Elder brother, we have seen a lot of martial art contest but this is truly a brilliant martial arts contest, more likely it’s the first leg of an eight-legged trick, and I have truly broadened my horizon today. No wonder the martial art of the snow mountain sect is called so unique in the present age, it is really extra ordinary."

Shi Grandma Shi shouted: "Wan Li, what are you doing? Fight in a correct manner or move out!"

Feng Wanli said in a shivering sound: "Yes ......When Liao Shishu is attacking, it’s really difficult to avoid his moves and disciple truly did not know how to counter."

Grandma Shi said: "If you know then fight or if don’t then move out or I will execute you immediately!"

Feng Wanli said: "Yes, yes, disciple will follow your command." As he said these words he turned and came out of the fight.

Zhang San said with a smile: "Holds on a minute! Your Excellency is also the contender for the leadership of snow mountain sect, how can you move out so rashly?

You! You! You! You!" He pointed to the four senior disciples of the snow mountain sect and said: "Your four people go and imprison this person and bring to us or your heads will look like this." His right hand searched for the wooden pole and grasped it and immediately a big hole appeared on it suggesting the abundant internal energy.

Those four snow mountain disciple cannot help but to shiver as they saw Zhang San directly looking at them with a menacing look and drumming with his right hand fingers as if telling them that next time it will be their head instead of the wooden pole.

At this time all four people had still their sword in their hand. When these four people listened to Zhang San's ridiculing jeer they did not dare to show much flaw but still their attack was really weak and feeble and they didn’t attack anyone seriously.  By their  looks they  all looked  fearsome, jaws
clenched and projected a fierce demeanor but their sword moves were slow. Earlier Grandma Shi had seen their sword moves and knew that their sword move like wind and their palm flashed like lightening and they were all really competitive.

Grandma Shi too looked angry by their behavior and shouted: "You clever people; is your martial art really from Snow mountain sect? Will you all lose the honor of the Ling Xiao city in such a despicable manner?"

She turned her head to Shi Potian and said: "Boy, take this broadsword and chop one arm of all these fellows."

Shi Potian did not dare to open his mouth in front of Zhang San and Li Si and received the broadsword from Grandma Shi and brandished to strike.

Cheng Zixue heard Grandma Shi asking Shi Potian to cut of their arm and thought that she may not be joking, he saw with his own eyes that his broadsword was really a very efficient weapon and it can create a dignified ruthless move.

Zhang San cheered: "Now this is some sword."

Shi Potian moved towards them but thought: "Eldest brother, second brother knew that my internal energy is good, if I depend on internal energy then they will recognize that I am Gouzazhong and not Shi Zhong Yu. If I have to pretend like Shi ZhongYu then I have to rely on my swordsmanship."

He brandished the broadsword in a slanting motion and made a move of the snow mountain sect called "dark fragrant sparse shade". Cheng Zixue saw this move and found it pretty average and under his heart no longer feared his opponent. He too moved his sword and attacked his strategic point to lock the acu-points but never attacked fiercely and tried to defeat him. After several moves he caused his sword to stab at his own left leg and disguised that he is severely injured. He threw his sword in the place and said in a mournful voice: "Heroes left in the youth, old man is useless."
Liang Zijin wielded his sword and attacked towards Shi Potian and shouted in a loud voice: "You young fellow are really lawless, you have dared to injure your Shishu!"

He fought with Shi Potian for some time and tried to understand his moves. After some time he made a move called "yellow sand is luxuriant" and moved it gently near the boy and called out loudly by withdrawing three steps and kneeling down on left: "Serious, serious, this boy nearly chopped my arm."

Liao Zili and Qi both came forward and fought with Shi Potian, used a smart trick and cut himself by his own sword and admitted his defeat and drew back. They swung their head again and again, and tried to show every one that they are feeling dejected and shouted abuse in rage.

Grandma Shi said fiercely: "You have lost to this child, are you going to give the leadership of the sect to this boy?"

Liao, Liang and the others thought: "Present him the leadership of the sect and then send him to the island of the heroes as a scapegoat, why not?"

Cheng Zixue said: "The two envoys of Command of reward and punishment have settled the way to resolve this issue depending on martial art skills. My skill is inferior to this person and I acknowledge this fact."

Liao, Liang and Qi all too echoed these words.

Grandma Shi said: "Do you take refuse to accept him as leader?"

Four people said with one voice: "We are sincerely convinced about his ability and we do not have any objection."

In their heart they actually thought: "If they are able to handle these two wicked people and make them go without any problem then why won’t we accept? We can forgive this old woman and this little rascal."

Grandma Shi said: "fine then quickly pay respect to the new leader of the snow mountain sect." She thought that the senior disciple of her Golden
phoenix sect has become the leader of the Snow mountain sect and in her heart, she was extremely happy.

Suddenly someone called from outside the hall in a clear voice: "Who is the new leader of the Snow mountain sect?"

This was the sound of Bai Wanjian sound, the sound of shackles followed him as he came in, and in fact he actually was chained. About dozens of more people followed him in the hall. These people too have been chained and had shackles on their hand and feet. Bai Wanjian came first followed by Geng Wanzhong, Wanjun, Wang Wanren, Huyan Wanshan, Wen Wanfu, Wang Wanyi, Wan Zi and numerous other Snow mountain sect disciples who returned from central plains.

Bai Wanjian saw Grandma Shi and called out: "Mother, you have come back!" He was pleasantly surprised by this new development.

Shi Potian earlier listened to Feng Wanli calling Grandma Shi as master- wife but didn’t gave much thought but now when Bai Wanjian called her mother, he no longer had any doubt and in fact he felt strange. He thought: "My Master is the wife of the sect leader of Snow mountain sect then why did she create a new Golden phoenix sect. Why is she proclaiming that the martial art of the Golden phoenix sect is better than that of the snow mountain sect?"

A’Xiu too rushed forward towards Bai Wanjian and called out: "Father!"

Shi Potian was again shocked when he understood that not only Grandma Shi is the mother of Bai Wanjian but A’Xiu is daughter of Bai Wanjian.

Bai Wanjian felt great happiness, he fluttered and said: "A’Xiu, you     You
......are alive? You haven’t died!"

Grandma Shi said in a calm voice: "Obviously she is alive, she hasn’t died! Why are you crying like a baby? You still have the face to call me a mother! I really wished to hit you cleanly! That old bastard is hiding somewhere behind a pile of rubbish and you yourself are chained in these shackles. What happened to the mighty "frost of North west"?
"The frost of the Northwest"… you really irritate me! Damn what is this snow mountain sect doing nowadays…playing handcuffs and shackles. Have you all forgotten your martial art skills? The one who is old is the bastard, actually the younger one is also a bastard, damn the fellow, the disciples and the son and grandson, altogether everyone is bastard, This Snow mountain sect is actually a wrong name, the proper name should be the bastard sect!"

Bai Wanjian waited for her to vent her anger and then said: "Mother, the child and numerous fellow disciples have not lost in some martial art contest and get captured. These thieves have plotted against us and him
......" he pointed at Liao Zili and said in an angry voice: "This fellow has disguised as father and hid in his room and trapped me by vile methods….."

Grandma Shi angrily rebuked at him: "You young bastard are more unreasonable, you don’t admit your own mistake, and you are same as your father but point at others?"

Shi Potian thought: "Admitting mistakes like your father, it is not strange. The Shi couple too admitted their mistake and I too have admitted my mistakes. Oh, but I don’t know who my real father is."

Bai Wanjian got beaten and scold by his mother since childhood, but at this moment she was scolding him in the presence of everyone, although he felt ashamed but he was more concerned about his father's safety, he asked: "Mother, Is father safe?"

Grandma Shi got angrier, she said: "Old bastard dies or lives, who cares, if this young bastard doesn’t know then how will I know? The old bastard lived in the world to disgrace himself, the fellow disciples are also following him, and it might be well if all of them die too!"

Feng Wanli came forward and said: "Master-wife, master is not dead…he is
…he is just imprisoned."

Bai Wanjian listened, once he knew that his father is just imprisoned but he was not hurt and actually kept in a place where he is not harming anyone,
he felt relived in his heart and said immediately: "Thank God, father is safe!"

Grandma Shi scolded: "Is safe!" He was scolding with her mouth and cursing angrily but in her heart actually she also cared for him and asked Cheng Zixue and others: "Where have you imprisoned your senior fellow disciple? Why are you not releasing him?"

Cheng Zixue said: "senior fellow disciple is much more hot-tempered nowadays and no one dares to approach him or he kills people."

A gentle smile appeared on the face of Grandma Shi and she said: "Good, good, good! This old bastard thinks that his martial art is the best under the heaven, he is extremely arrogant, actually he is insufferably arrogant, let him suffer more and learn some humility."

Li Si listened to her cursing angrily continuously, he said: "So this bastard fellow, is he the leader of the sect?"

Grandma Shi stood up suddenly; he took a couple of step forward towards them and said in a loud voice: "You just called the leader of this sect a bastard? How dare you? I scolded my husband and son, what kind of thing you are and dare to speak about the Snow mountain sect in this manner? Your martial art is good but it doesn’t give you the right to abuse others. You can kill the person but you can’t humiliate them!"

Other people heard her scolding Li Si in such harsh words and couldn’t restrain themselves from sweating. They were afraid that he might get angry and start killing them too.

Shi Potian came in front of Grandma Shi to cover her and thought that if Li Si attacks her then he can keep him off his master.

Bai Wanjian was suffering in his shackles and was not able to move freely but didn’t complain of hardship. Li SI saw that so he smiled and said: "Good! I made an indiscreet remark, I apologize, and I ask Madam Bai to forgive me! Then who is the leader of snow mountain sect."
Grandma Shi pointed to Shi Potian and said: "This youth has defeated all the senior disciples of the Snow mountain sect and these people are also accepting him as the sect leader of the Snow mountain sect. Does anyone have any problem with that?"

Bai Wanjian said loudly: "Child refuses to accept, I must fight with him!" Grandma Shi said: "Good! Open the handcuffs and the shackles!"
The four senior fellow disciples looked at each other in blank dismay and thought: "If a disciple from the lower generation defeats this young fellow then it will look really bad for us. This stupid person is defying his seniors and also doesn’t want to live himself but at present circumstance, they could do nothing to rectify this situation."

Liao Zili turns his head to Bai Wanjian and said: "You are already defeated, why are you fighting with this young boy?"

Bai Wanjian got angry and said: "You people are defying your elders and rebelling against the sect. I wish I could have torn you in to shreds. You do such shameless and cowardly acts and you have the audacity to come to me and ask me to withdraw from the fight? You said I was defeated….tell me how does attacking a person in dark and capturing can be called victory?"

Originally if the leader of the Snow mountain sect would have died then these four people would have been the only contender to become the sect leader as per their martial art skills. Although these four were also the senior disciple of the Snow Mountain sect but the difference in their martial art and the martial art of Bai Zizai was really great. The sword skills of the snow mountain sect have grown to be exquisite but the internal energy of their sect was not that great.

Bai Zizai had took some snake gallbladder and snake blood by coincidence on the snow mountain region long ago so his internal energy increased many folds. When he taught his disciples the martial art skills he didn’t held back anything but the internal strength of any of his fellow disciples or second generation disciples didn’t increased to his level. They all thought
that Bai Zizai is holding back some of the knowledge and is flaunting his superiority but they didn’t knew the right reason for his internal energy.

As time went past, these four fellow disciples actually grew jealous of his achievements and on the other hand suspected that he is not teaching all his martial arts to them and a deep enmity seeded in their heart. As Bai Wanjian grew older and his martial art skills improved they all suspected that he is teaching him some of the secret ancestral skills and in their own selfishness hated Bai Zizai even more. "Power and virtue gentleman" Bai Zizai had enormous reputation and influence so no one dared to complain against him. However this time when Bai Zizai and numerous of his followers went to the central plains, suddenly Bai Zizai started behaving like a mentally ill person and because of his lunatic behavior a lot people were killed in the Ling Xiao city.

People were in precarious state so numerous fellow disciples were both compel by the necessity and opportunity of the situation and launched an attack against him and imprisoned him.

When Bai Wanjian returned with his numerous disciples to Ling Xiao city; Liao Zili hid on the bed of Bai Zizai and forced her concubine to send Bai Wanjian in the room. He feigned that he was Bai Zizai and seized Bai Wanjian by trickery. They also caught all the disciples who have returned from central plain as they might have supported Bai Wanjian. At this moment when Bai Wanjian saw Liao Zili, he could not restrain himself and wanted to fight with him.

Liao Zili said: "You, if you were not defeated than how are you chained in these handcuffs and shackles?"

Li Si shouted in a loud voice: "This dispute is unclear quite so quickly open the handcuffs and shackles so these two people can fight"

Liao Zili still hesitated; Li Si moved his left hand and took out Liao Zili’s sword. They heard the sound of sword hitting the metal and with four such sounds the shackles and chains were on the ground.
These handcuffs and shackles were cast by fine steel, although Liao Zili’s sword was a sharp weapon but he actually cut through the iron like mud. He actually applied his vigorous internal energy to accomplish this task. The handcuffs and shackles links fell on the ground but Bai Wanjian had not a single blood stain on his body and people couldn’t but cheered loudly. Several people even tried to curry favor and flatter Li Si and called "fine" and "well-done" kind of words.

Bai Wanjian is always proud, extremely little convincing, at this time could not restrain himself and said: "good! I really admire your skills!" In the meantime one disciple had already delivered him the sword.

Bai Wanjian made a "bah" sound and spitted towards Liao Zili and raised his foot to kick him. He scolded: "Rebel!" Liao Zili moved back to avoid his attack.

A’Xiu called out with concern: "Father!" She came forward holding her sword and offered him her sword.

Bai Wanjian showed a faint smile and said: "Clever daughter!" He had suffered during these past day by these tyrannical people but when he saw that his mother and daughter are safe and came back, he was extremely happy however as soon as he has turned his head, the color on his face changed and his facial expression turned from happiness to hatred. He stared at Liao Zili as if his eyes will pour fire and scolded: "You rebel, you are my elder but still I will not spare you!" he brushes his sword and stabbed at him.

Li Si reversed the long sword he took from Liao Zili to free Bai Wanjian from shackles and gently squeezed it in the hand of Liao Zili.

Two people now launched themselves at each other. This time it was an actual fight as both attacked each other with vigor and intensity. Earlier when they were fighting then it looked like a child’s play as everyone was trying to lose but this time the duel was a real fight and they displayed unsurpassed artistry and savage intent simultaneously.
Liao Zili was the best fighter among the first generation disciples of the snow mountain sect; he knew that Bai Wanjian has an ardent desire to kill him at this moment so he can’t be lazy or negligent at this moment. He moved his sword nimbly and resourcefully and made several ruthless moves.

Bai Wanjian was actually eager to take revenge of his disgrace and didn’t manage to calm down during the fight. He was too intent on finding an opening to get Liao Zili and after about thirty moves Liao Zili found an opening and thrusted his sword towards him. Bai Wanjian slanted his body but the sword of Liao Zili flashed through injuring his arm and truncated a part of his sleeves.

A’Xiu called out in concern. Grandma Shi scolded: "Young bastard is entirely alike his father, the old bastard has taught his son but it’s all in vain, he too is of no use."

Bai Wanjian was anxious in his heart; his sword moves were irregular and disordered. Liao Zili smiled at him in a condescending manner and said: "I already said that you have been defeated, do you still want to prove me wrong?"

He wanted to harass the opposite party and wanted him to make another mistake in anger. Bai Wanjian had faced numerous setbacks in his tour to the central plain this time, when Liao Zili ridiculed him again; he tried to keep his calm and composed demeanor and tried to not get agitated. He did not get angry and instead didn’t attack him for several moves and made seven defensive moves continually. In a short time the mood of the battle changed and Bai Wanjian again composed himself and started attacking steadily.

Liao Zili moved around quickly but didn’t stop taunting, the sword play continued with alarming speed. Bai Wanjian cried loud and he made three successive attacks on Liao Zili, the fourth move looked as if a blue streak has appeared in the air and suddenly Liao Zili shouted loudly and miserably as he got hit on his leg and blood started pooling on the ground.
Bai Wanjian moved his sword and slanted it towards others and said: "You can come now!" Blood dripped from his sword tip as he challenged al of them.

Cheng Zixue looked deathly pale, he pressed his hands on the sword hilt but did not draw it out and said: "You must be the leader.....I did not want any struggle with you."

Bai Wanjian looked at Qi Zimian and Liang Zijin. Both of them shook their head and declined the challenge.

Grandma Shi said suddenly: "You have defeated these rebels, what’s great about that?" She said to Shi Potian: "child, you go and compare your martial art skill with the protégé of that old bastard; If his disciple is fierce than so is my disciple."

The people were greatly surprised: "This Shi Zhong Yu is the disciple of Feng Wanli, how is he then her disciple?"

Grandma Shi shouted in a loud voice: "Go forward quickly! Use the broadsword, the old bastard has taught him some mediocre swordsmanship; our sword skills are much better than them."

In reality Shi Potian was not willing to fight with Bai Wanjian and compare his martial arts skills, he was father of A’Xiu and did not want to offend him but if he opens his mouth to refuse than will immediately give away his identity and Zhang San and Li Si might recognize him. He raised his broadsword but he has an awkward look on his face.

Grandma Shi said: "I had consented a moment ago about a matter, don't you want that to happen? I wanted you to establish a great merit. If you want keep your promise than I will grant you that. This is that big merit, you have to defeat this disciple of that old bastard. If you lose than immediately leave this place without saying goodbye to me or A’Xiu and never show your face to us."

Shi Potian extended his left hand to scratch his head, he was greatly surprised, he thought: "Originally master asked me to accomplish one great
merit, did she really wanted to defeat her own son. This matter is seriously strange." From his expression everyone can see that he was really confused.

Other people thought about her actions and thought: "Grandma Shi wants this boy to win the leadership of the Snow mountain sect so he can go to the island of the heroes in order to avoid her son going there."

The temper of both Bai Zizai and Grandma Shi was really high and by nature both got angry instantly and were extremely proud people. Usually Grandma Shi always yielded to her husband but in her heart, she was filled with this constant indignation for a long time. When Shi Zhong Yu tried to harm A’Xiu and A’Xiu went missing then everybody thought that she has jumped from the cliff and is dead. Bai Zizai was angry and he broke Feng Wanli’s arm and quarreled with Grandma Shi. In great anger he slapped his wife on her face. Grandma Shi was extremely angry and humiliated and she descended the mountain and searched for A’Xiu. After rescuing A’Xiu she didn’t returned back to the Ling Xiao city as she remembered her humiliation.

Her martial art was inferior to her husband, she suddenly decided that she will take a disciple and teach him her martial art skills and will come back and defeat his disciple than only she can keep her self respect and honor.

However Bai Wanjian thought that this person is in fact Shi ZhongYu and didn’t understand at all that how is this person her mother’s disciple? He only knew that this person had once tried to violate his daughter and his face turned with extreme hatred as he saw this person again.

Grandma Shi said: "What's wrong? What are you looking at? This youth has done obeisance in front of me and accepted me as his teacher, after my training, his martial art skills have improved considerably. Now you and he contend in martial arts, if you win than I will accept that your master that old bastard is better but If you get defeated by him than A’Xiu will be his wife."

Bai Wanjian was startled, he said: "Mother, this matter is not related to her at all, how A’Xiu can marry this boy?"
Grandma Shi said with a smile: "You, if you are defeated by this boy, obviously you are not good enough to protect her so A’Xiu will marry the person who is capable and competent."

Bai Wanjian was really angry and said: "Mother, you have differences with father and you are angry with him than why are you venting your anger on me. If your son doesn’t fight with this boy than how is the other matter related to this."

Grandma Shi saw him scowling, she shouted in loud voice: "if you don’t accept this deal them put down your sword. What kind of nonsense are you spouting for so much time?"

Bai Wanjian said: "Yes, I am ready!" he said to Shi Potian: "Your move."

Shi Potian looked at A’Xiu once, she really looked charming but at the same time she was really concerned too. He thought: "Master said that if I lose than I can’t even say goodbye to A’Xiu. This martial arts contest might be right or wrong but I have to win it at any cost." Therefore he left his broadsword hanging and used his left hand to grasps the right fist, bows slightly. Afterwards he took out the broadsword made the first move of the Golden phoenix sect called "asking for trouble". He did not know that "asking for trouble" is actually a kind of cursing. Bai Wanjian did not know the name of the move but from his attitude he looked respectful. He too wielded his long sword and made his move.

Shi Potian brandished his broadsword to parry his sword. When he once fought with Bai Wanjian earlier on the Azure mist island then he fought with a rotten hatchet and Bai Wanjian defeated him with a very elementary move of the Snow mountain sect and he was not able to resist it. Afterward Shi Qing and Min Rou directed him about the use of the sword skills. He understood the fact that rigid sword techniques can’t be followed in a martial art contest and one cannot adhere to same style.

This time when he was fighting with Bai Wanjian, even though he executed a very ordinary martial art move but this time he integrated his superior internal energy with each move too as taught by the Shi couple. Even if the
sword skill is mediocre but if it is accompanied by his enormous internal energy than it was really effective.

After about ten moves, Bai Wanjian was secretly startled in his heart and thought: "This boy has really learnt some good sword skills."

He suddenly remembered the day on Azure Mist Island when he fought with Shi Potian. He remembered that at that day the youth from the clan of eternal happiness told him that he was the senior disciple of the Golden Phoenix sect however his sword skill and this person’s sword skills are vaguely similar. The skills of Shi ZhongYu should be far inferior. He thought: "These face of these two people are similar, is it possible that he is not Shi ZhongYu. My mother said that she has trained this person but how is that possible?"

When Grandma Shi and Bai Zizai were newly-married, both people discussed martial art skills. They once tried to match their skills, obviously Bai Zizai had better martial art skills and Grandma Shi lost. Bai Zizai stopped immediately but started to blows his own horn. Grandma Shi was ashamed that her martial art skills were inferior to her husband and after that incident did not demonstrated her martial arts again so Bai Wanjian never got the opportunity to know the martial art skills and sword skills of her mother.

After several moves, Bai Wanjian swiped with the horizontal sword; Shi Potian lifted his own broadsword to directly intercept the attack. As the two swords collided, spark of fire splashed in the air. As soon as the swords clashed Bai Wanjian felt as if entire arm went numb and he felt vigorous pain in his chest. He couldn’t restrain himself from getting startled and drew back three steps.

Shi Potian did not pursue him, turns his head to look at Grandma Shi as if asking: "Do I win now?"

But as Bai Wanjian met a powerful enemy, his courage too increased many folds. Apart from that this was the same person who has tried to violate A’Xiu and A’Xiu disappeared after that incident only so he really despised
this person and also he was from a younger generation, if loses to him now than he will lose his face in the martial art world.

He shouted in a loud voice: "Boy, look out for the sword!"

He rushed ahead three steps, he stabbed towards him with his sword and than waited for Shi Potian to resist, no longer than Shi Potian used his weapon to intercept his attack, Bai Wanjian immediately changed his move and attacked towards the enemy’s throat. This move "traces of the past" was extremely skillful move of the Snow mountain sect and displayed unsurpassed artistry.

Zhang San said: "Good swordsmanship!"

Shi Potian made the horizontal sword swipe initially but at the last moment held back his arm and executed the move from the golden phoenix sect called "strolls in the snow to seek plum"; this move was the counter move to Bai Wanjian’s move. It literarily meant that if you trample the snowy area to seek the plum then how would it be possible to trace the past?

Zhang San again said: "Good sword skill!"

Two people started fighting in a lightning pace, Bai Wanjian was better in sword skills but Shi Potian had enormous internal energy. They fought for about twenty more moves, Shi Potian made a straight thrust towards Bai Wanjian, this move was extremely swift and fierce, Bai Wanjian was late to react but still managed to intercept the sword by making a horizontal sword swipe, suddenly he felt a great impact on his hand and he couldn’t manage to hold his sword and it fell on the ground unexpectedly.

Shi Potian withdrew his broadsword immediately and moved back few steps.

Bai Wanjian’s complexion turned pale, he immediately snatched a long sword from the snow mountain disciple hand and again attacked Shi Potian.

Shi Potian was actually fighting pretty comfortable using his internal energy and attacking Bai Wanjian unceasingly. It was getting pretty difficult for
Bai Wanjian to resist each of his moves as every time the broadsword was accompanied by a strong incomparable strength. As they traded about four more move Bai Wanjian felt that it was getting more and more difficult to even hold his sword.

Bai Wanjian said loudly: "Your internal energy is far superior then me but I am not losing in terms of sword skills." As he said these words, he launched another attack on Shi Potian.

Shi Potian slanted his body to avoid his attack and hoped that Grandma Shi will issue an order and ask him to stop this fight but as he looked at her he actually saw her smiling and had a smug look on her face.

He looked at A’Xiu standing besides her grandmother and found her greatly concerned and worried. He immediately remembered her conversation with A’Xiu on the Azure mist island. She told him that a person shouldn’t be ruthless in the martial art world. She told him: "Elder brother, the people in the martial arts world are mostly good people. If you fight with a person and win against him than you can’t humiliate him as he will lose his face in front of other and will either try to take your life or give his life. This way a blood feud will start and killing some one never solves any purpose."

He saw with his own eyes that Bai Wanjian has a very dignified demeanor, he thought: "He is has great fame in the snow mountain sect and he is such a popular person. If I defeat him than he will be humiliated in front of everyone but if I lose to him, then master said that I can’t even say goodbye to A’Xiu, what should I do?

He again remembered that A’Xiu told him that if a person is losing to you than even though you are winning still acknowledge your defeat and give him a face. This way no one will lose and that person will also be deeply grateful and there won’t be any enmity. A’Xiu taught him a move called "to make a veiled attack"; He thought that he should execute that move."

He immediately made a sword move and knowingly left a big opening on his right side. Bai Wanjian was fighting with all his intensity and vigor, as soon as he saw this opening he immediately attacked at his right side.
This time Shi Potian delayed his sword move to intercept this move so that Bai Wanjian can at least connect his body. As soon as the point of long sword touched Shi Potian’s chest, Bai Wanjian felt a massive shock and if a thunder and lightning had struck him and immediately threw his sword away.

Shi Potian had drawn back two steps, he thought: "He has lost his sword now three times, I think I should also leave my broadsword."

He immediately applied a vigorous surge of internal energy on his broadsword and in a moment the broadsword broke in two sections.

A’Xiu felt extremely relieved, she called out loud: "Father, elder brother, you two are fighting for such a long time, I think it’s a draw, no one wins!"

She turned her head to look at Shi Potian and smiled, she thought: "You remembered my words and realized my intention." She couldn’t restrain her happiness and under her heart was delighted beyond measure.

Bai Wanjian’s face actually turned scarlet, he didn’t pick his sword this time and turned to Shi Potian and said: "You are yielding, how can I surnamed Bai accept that. You have given me face in front of everyone, I am really grateful for your kindness."

Grandma Shi was very self-satisfied, she said: "Child, don’t be sad. This sword skill is taught to him by your mother. I will also pass it to you. You have not lost to him but in fact you lost to your mother. What are you ashamed of?"

Formerly she was really angry and calling them "old bastard" and "young bastard" and scolded continuously but after he got defeated by Shi Potian and her Golden phoenix sect, she was really happy and comforted her son.

Bai Wanjian does not know whether to laugh or cry and only managed to say: "The sword skill of mother is really fierce; I only fear that the child is too stupid, and cannot learn."
Grandma Shi arrived at his side and stroked his hair gently and said: "if this dumb kid can learn it than how can you not learn?"

She turns her head to Shi Potian and said: "Kowtow in front of your wife’s father and ask for forgiveness quickly."

For a moment Shi Potian didn’t understood but suddenly he understood that she was asking him to kowtow in front of Bai Wanjian and was pleasantly surprised. He hurriedly knelt in front of Bai Wanjian.

Bai Wanjian moved sideways to avoid him and said fiercely: "Hold on a minute, this needs to be reconsidered."

He said to Grandma Shi: "Although mother, the martial art skill of this boy is high but he is actually a frivolous person with poor character, it will be a big mistake to marry him with A’Xiu."

He only heard Li Si saying in a loud voice: "It was good, really good! Whether you accept him as your son-in-law or not it does not matter but we will definitely drink a celebration drinks eventually. During this time no one in the Snow mountain sect managed to defeat our little brother here so obviously he is the new leader, isn’t it? Does anybody refuse to accept it?"

Bai Wanjian didn’t say anything neither did the other people from the snow mountain sect made any noise. Some were thinking that even if his martial art skills are inferior still if he becomes the leader than he has to leave for the island of heroes. everyone stayed silent in the hall and no one raised any objection.

Zhang San took out the two copper medals from his bosom and said with a smile: "Congratulation brother, you are now the leader of the snow mountain sect, take these two bronze medals too and keep with the one we earlier gave you in the past!" As he said these words he turned toward Shi Potian and winked him.

Shi Potian asked with surprise: "Did elder brother recognize me when I came out? I haven’t spoken anything until now?"
He knew that the martial art skills of Zhang San and Li Si were extremely high but their experience in the martial art realm was a cut above other people. Although Shi Potian did not make any sound and didn’t explicitly show any weakness in his behavior but when he started fighting with Bai Wanjian, he used his internal energy. The level of his internal energy was actually really rare and unheard in the martial art realm. Zhang San and Li Si had once already drank their medicated wine with him and were aware of his superior internal energy. Once they saw him fighting than it was not really difficult for them to figure out that he is in fact Shi Potian.

As Shi Potian moved forward to accept the bronze medals, he thought: "I have already accepted the bronze medals as the chief of the clan of eternal happiness. What difference it makes if I die once or twice so what’s the harm?"

He was just about to put out his hand to accept the medals, he heard Grandma Shi shouting suddenly: "Hold on a minute!"

Shi Potian drew back and turned his head to look at Grandma Shi and only listened her saying: "It was decided that the sect leader of the snow mountain sect will be decided on the basis of the martial art skills. However I saw that once the old bastard became the leader, he became conceited with all the power and prestige and became insufferably arrogant. I think this leadership is a kind of addiction. Child, it’s better to give the leadership of the sect to me!"

Shi Potian said in consternation: "what.   Do I give the leadership to you?"

Grandma Shi had really sincere feeling towards him and also he treasured A’Xiu more than anything else so she doesn’t want Shi Potian to go to the island of the heroes and waste his life. In her last few years, she has lived the life of several years and didn’t have any desire left. She thought it’s probably better to receive the bronze medals and let the young children live their life.

Of course she didn’t have any knowledge about matter of clan of eternal happiness. She got angry immediately and said: "What's wrong? Aren't you
willing? Then we have to fight it out and decide who has the better martial art skills."

Shi Potian saw her to getting angry and did not dare to say again, he looked at her and said: "Yes, yes!" He bowed in front of her and withdrew.

Grandma Shi smiled and said: "Is there anyone else who declines to accept me as the leader of the snow mountain sect, tell me now if someone refuses to accept?"

The people look at each other in blank dismay, this came as another shock but no one said anything again.

Grandma Shi stepped forward to receive the two bronze medals from Zhang San’s hand and said: "I am the leader of the Snow mountain sect, many thanks for arriving at our sect and for the invitation to island of heroes."

Zhang San smiled and said: "Madame Bai Lao, Although you are accepting the bronze medals personally but if the "power and virtue gentleman" Bai Zizai come back and contend in martial arts with you and ask for the leadership of the sect, then who will be the leader? Good, you husbands and wife decide the victory or defeat based on your martial art skill and send the leader."

Zhang San looked at Li Si and smiled and suddenly both of them turned and move out from the front door. People only heard them laughing and moving leaving in flash.

Grandma Shi comes back to that large round-backed wooden armchair and sits on it, she had now calmed down, she said: "open the shackles for these people and free them."

Liang Zijin said: "Why should we follow your orders? The leadership of snow mountain sect is not some child's play that can be given and taken on anyone’s whim?"

Other people too started to get encouraged and said simultaneously: "You had not fought even a single fight. We can’t give the leadership of the snow
mountain sect based because of your family members."

When Zhang San and Li Si were in the hall, various people thought only of somehow getting rid of those two people and only hoped that some person will take the leadership and go to the island of the heroes so they can be saved from the great misfortune. Now that the two people have gone back; everyone thought that now grandma Shi might investigate the issue related to old master Bai and they will all be implicated for the grave offence. Surely there will retaliation and it was directly a matter of life and death. Several people in the hall created a clamor immediately.

Grandma Shi said: "Good, you refuse to accept me to make sect leader; that is fine with me as well." She took out the two bronze medals from her bosom and threw it in front of them and said: "Whoever wants to be the sect leader and go to the island of the heroes, please come forward and accept those bronze medals. That fat person had said a moment ago, although I have accepted the bronze medal but the invitation is valid for the leader of the snow mountains sect depending upon the martial art skills."

As soon as Grandma Shi said these words, Qi Zimian, Liang Zijin and others moved back immediately one by one. Various people who were shouting quickly went silent and did not dare to touch those bronze medals.

Feng Wanli came forward and said: "Master wife, everybody has defied their own seniors and elders. We were disobedient to the master and have in reality committed a heinous crime but actually we all were in unavoidable circumstances."

As he said these words, he fell on both his knees and kowtowed in front of her again and again and said: "Master wife Shi is the sect leader of the snow mountain sect, this is good. Master wife, you must kill the disciple and disciple is willing to take the responsibility but I ask for amnesty for the crimes of other fellow disciples. If you will give punishment to all the people than it will be a great disaster for the sect and it will be pretty difficult to recover from that.

Grandma Shi said: "Your master has a bad temperament, how won’t I know? He broke your arm in anger when he shouldn’t. What is this matter
all about, tell me in detail."

Feng Wanli looked at her and said: "master wife, After Bai Shige and numerous fellow disciples descended the mountain and went to central plains, master used to throw a fit every now and then. The disciples were beaten and scolded by him; this was of course a minor matter as everybody had received great graciousness from master so how dare could one complain against it? However about half a month ago, two old people came to visit the master suddenly. Those two brothers were called Ding Busi and Ding Busan"

Grandma Shi was startled and said: "Ding Busi......Ding Busi? What was that fellow doing in the Ling Xiao city?"

Feng Wanli said: "After these two old people came in the Ling Xiao city they paid visit to master and went to the study to talk in private. What was actually discussed, the disciple does not know but I only understood that those two old people somehow offended the master and the three people quarreled loudly. The people thought that the master and these two people are probably from the same generation. We were not sure about the origin of these two people so we did not dare to get inside the study and intervene.

We only waited for master to expel these people out of the place but we instead heard those Ding brothers actually abusing master and saying something about the "Azure conch mountain", some "Azure Mist island" and also talking about some female called "Xiao cui" (literally little green jade)."

The complexion of Grandma Shi changed suddenly. She was actually called "Xiao cui" but numerous people in the hall did not know about this and she didn’t want to share that so she asked: "what happened after that?"

Feng Wanli said: "Afterwards we did not how the fight actually started but we heard the sound of palm wind whistling and various sound of people fighting. Master had given us a verbal command, so we didn’t dare to go. After some time we heard the sound of the wall shaking and in fact the walls of study eventually collapsed. We understood that master is pressing both of these Ding brothers against the wall and they were some how
resisting against his palm strength even though the wall collapsed. After some time even though two were fighting against one, master was still winning but Ding Busi managed to strike master on his chest and he spat blood."

Grandma Shi asked suddenly: "what?"

Feng Wanli continued: "Master was hit in his chest and she spat blood but he still pressed both of them and they didn’t manage to escape. After sometime master himself spoke: "The victory or defeat has actually no meaning but if someone gets seriously injured then it will lead to irreconcilable enmity? And he withdrew. Ding Busi and Ding Busan immediately left the Ling Xiao cit after that moment."

Grandma Shi nodded and asked: "After they left, later did they came back again?"

Feng Wanli said: "These two old people didn’t returned after that incident but there was a drastic change in master after that. Something happened with his intelligence and he started behaving abnormally. Sometimes he will laugh for a day and say aloud: "I have defeated that thief Ding Busi, he will remember his defeat this time? He said that Xiao cui had been in Azure Conch Mountain. "

Grandma Shi shouted angrily: "Nonsense, what does this matter have to do with this?"

Feng Wanli said: "Yes, yes, master also said that he was talking nonsense. He said that old thief was deceiving people, why would Xiao cui go to his Azure Conch Mountain? However.....he did not believed his honeyed words but still master looked really confused and concerned about that matter '"

The complexion of Grandma Shi turned pale for a while, she shouted: "Old bastard talked nonsense, why was he confused and concerned?"

Feng Wanli didn’t actually understand the matter and simply said: "Yes, yes!"
Grandma Shi also asked: "What else did that old bastard said?" Feng Wanli said: "Are you talking about master?"
Grandma Shi said: "Obviously, who else is the old bastard"

Feng Wanli got ashamed and said: "Master was henceforth worried and said: "Has she gone to the Azure conch mountains? Certainly, she isn’t there. Perhaps she was bored in the martial art realm and might have been feeling lonely so she might have gone just to talk but it is really difficult to say ….really difficult to say. Perhaps the past friendship is not forgotten, old feelings remain even after a severed relationship."

Grandma Shi scolded: "Breaks wind!"

Feng Wanli kneels on the ground and felt really awkward, how he can acknowledge that his master is "breaking wind".

Grandma Shi said: "Hey, stand up and tell me more about what happened afterwards."

Feng Wanli kowtowed and said: "Many thanks master-wife."

He stood up and said: "For two days master laughed out loud and we thought that he probably in better mood but after that suddenly his temper changed. Whenever he saw any person, he will ask: "In all over the world, whose martial art is the best?"

Everybody will always answer: "Obviously, your martial art is the best in the entire world. You are leader of the snow mountain sect, who can be better than you. "

The facial expressions of master were really entirely different from his former days. Sometimes he also asked:"How is my martial art?"

Everybody will always answer: "master, your internal energy is already unparalleled in the world; your swordsmanship is the present age is invincible, actually you do not need to use the sword, and there is no rival to you in this world."
He listens to us to reply like this that then smiled but won’t make any sound and appeared really happy. That day he found one fellow disciple in the courtyard and asked him: "How is my martial art compared to the Shaolin school, if we compare it with their sect leader than whose martial art is high?"

We don’t know that what exactly Lu Shidi replied but we afterwards saw that his head is turned in to pulp after master hit him with his palm."

Grandma Shi sighed, her look was low-spirited, she said: "That child might have a rash brain, how do we know that what actually he said?"

Feng Wanli said: "The day the fellow disciple got hit and killed by the master, some of the disciples returned from the central plains and informed that the envoys of the Command of reward and punishment are coming to the Ling Xiao city.

When master heard about this matter than he actually laughed and said: "Damn, they will die well!

Feng Wanli said: "I asked master about Lu Shidi. He said: "I asked this boy about who is better at martial art me or the Shaolin School. He said that even after the former leader wondrous truth master is dead after he left for the island of heroes but still the Shaolin Temple is ranked first among the martial art schools. I told him that he was talking nonsense but he said that any school might excel in swordsmanship for a period of time but their move keeps on transforming. However the martial art of Shaolin is actually broad and profound, the seventy-two unique skills all have the profound attainments. Even if in swordsmanship some sect win against Shaolin but in total the martial arts of Shaolin has been accumulated over a period of about thousand of years. Any other sect can’t compare itself against them."

Grandma Shi said: "he actually replied correctly. Where did he learn all these things? Even if we consider the sword skills; snow mountain sword skills are not necessarily above other sect’s sword skill. What did that old bastard said after that?"
Feng Wanli said: "master-wife, Disciple does not dare to say what happened afterwards."

Grandma Shi got angry: "So this is how you are showing your respect to the leader of your sect! Fine, when I was not in the Ling Xiao city, how dare you collude with the rebels and disrespected your own master?"

Feng Wanli kneeled down and kowtowed, he said: "Disciple has committed a heinous crime."

Grandma Shi said: "Fine, You all are really the disciples of that old bastard, as they say if you put a flower in the pile of rubbish, still it will stink, you all are same .Each one of you has committed the heinous crime, so than Feng Wanli should die, Bai Wanjian should die, Geng Wanzhong should die, Wang Wanren should die ......" This way she shouted names of numerous disciples and shouted her judgment. Geng Wanzhong, Wang Wanren and others felt ashamed and lowered their head.

Grandma Shi shouted: "Get up, you stupid and tell me what your master said afterwards?"

Feng Wanli said: "Yes!" and stood up and continued: "Master said: "This boy said that there are good points in both the martial art of our sect and that of Shaolin, he also told me that there might be a really minute difference between the martial art of the sect leader of Shaolin and my martial art skill…damn! Damn! The martial art of "power and virtue gentleman" is unparalleled in the world, moreover even in five millenniums, vertically and horizontally in several thousand miles, through the ages, no one had greater martial art skill as me."

Grandma Shi scolded: "Bah, such a big mouth!"

Feng Wanli said: "We looked when master was saying these words, his mental state looked a bit unstable and he was behaving a little abnormally. He was not his real self. It was good that there were only people from our side at that time so no one else knew about this matter otherwise if these words were heard by others than we only feared that we will be become a
laughingstock in the martial art world. At that time everybody looked at each other in blank dismay, no one dared to say anything.

The master got angry and shouted: "Are you all gone mute? Why didn't you speak? My words are not right, is it that?'

He points at Su Shidi to ask: "Wan Hong, tell me, are my words are right? That fellow replied: "Master’s words are certainly right."
Master again got angry and said: "What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong, it’s obvious. I ask you; tell me, how high is my martial art?"

That fellow replied gingerly: "Master, your martial art skills are immeasurably deep, through the ages only master has carried forward the martial art of our sect and taken it to new heights."

The master again threw a fit, he shouted loudly: "According to you the sect already had good martial art before me? You have made a mistake, from the start only you are making a mistake. It is me who has created the martial art of the snow mountain sect. Any founder and ancestors who claim that they founded the snow mountain sect are just deceiving people with nonsense. The founders handed down from generation to generation just some ordinary sword skills and book of illustrations to deal with boxing; everybody has seen that my martial arts are the greatest of all. The Shaolin fellows only obtain enlightenment but still they are inferior to your master in term of intelligence."

Grandma Shi said: "Your master’s conceited temper is long-standing, he has swindled this sect for past 30 years, hereafter he has not met someone who exceeds his skills that is why he thinks that his martial arts are best under the heaven, when speaking of Shaolin and Wudang; these famous sects have always worked for the greater good of others and learned knowledge and in fact earned their reputation. They don’t run after hollow pride and fame. That old bastard cannot think that his conceited temper is getting more and more fierce, unexpectedly he is even cursing the founding fathers of this sect. That child Wanhong was really characterless, as per the circumstances he actually dared to slander even his ancestors."
Feng Wanli said: "master-wife Shi, you cannot think what happened afterwards; master simply listened to his words and immediately struck him with his palm. The moment he got hit, he was thrown several ten feet and immediately lost his life, he scolded: "He told me that I am perhaps better that those, what does "perhaps" mean?"

Grandma Shi shouted: "You are talking nonsense, old bastard might be confused at that moment but he won’t kill his beloved disciple for just saying "perhaps"!"

Feng Wanli said: "master-wife Shi, Everyone is the sect is grateful to master and owe everything to them, disciple hasn’t said anything false and does not dare to fabricate this kind of rumor. At least twenty people were witness to this matter; you can confirm it with them."

Grandma Shi looked at the disciples who have returned from central plain earlier to inform about the envoys of Command of reward and punishment.

The disciples said with one voice: "At that time the situation was really this, Elder brother Feng is not lying."

Grandma Shi shook her head to sigh again and again, she said: "It’s really difficult to believe such a matter? Has he gone really crazy?"

Feng Wanli said: "Master was really sick, his mind was not clear." Grandma Shi said: "Then you should have sent for a doctor to him."
Feng Wanli said: "Disciple and others at that time also think about this but did not dare to decide ourselves. We discussed this matter with several fellow disciples and invited two best physicians Nan Daifu and Dai Daifu to have a look at the master.

Master asked them that why are they here. Both of them did not dare to say the truth. Dai Daifu said that he has heard that master is somewhat out of sorts nowadays; he was in the city for such a long time and never has the opportunity to server master so they want to have a look at his pulse and pay their gratitude.
Master said to them that he is not sick and asked him: "Tell me, through the ages, whose martial art is the best?"

Nan Daifu said: "We have studies about the herbs and medicine together, I am afraid we have no knowledge about the martial arts that we can discuss in front of the "power and virtue gentleman". It’s like reading "Xiao Jing" (a Confucian classic treatise giving advice on filial piety) in front of Confucius, wielding a axe in front of Lu Ban (legendary master craftsman, called the father of Chinese carpentry)?"

Master smiled and says: "Showing off your meager skills before an expert, you might have also said that."

Nan Daifu said: "We have always heard that the Shaolin school from Mount Tai in the north are best in the martial arts world, Their founder Bodhidharma crosses the Yangtze river and founded the Shaolin school, he is considered the greatest of the martial art expert through the ages."

Grandma Shi nodded and said: "This Nan Daifu answered appropriately."

Feng Wanli said: "As soon as Master listened to him, he was greatly agitated and got angry. He said: "That Bodhidharma is a person from western region, India, he is a non-han person. These foreigners are coming from surrounding area to China and are diluting the solemn power and prestige of the country."

Nan Daifu was really terrified, he said: "yes, yes, I am aware of my mistake."

Master then asked Dai Daifu, what you think. Dai Dafu saw with own eyes that Nan Daifu has already made an error, he said: "I have heard a lot about the Wudang sect and its founder Zhang Sanfeng. It is said that his martial arts were divine and he himself created the nei jia techniques which are above the Shaolin school martial arts. As you said, that Bodhidharma was a foreigner and is extremely insignificant, Zhang Sanfeng is considered as the best martial artist throughout the ages."
Grandma Shi said: "Shaolin and Wudang are the two big schools, each of their martial art has its own good points, and one cannot say that martial art of Wudang has exceeded Shaolin but Zhang Sanfeng was a master of great learning and integrity who for several hundred years has shaken the martial arts world, this matter can’t be argued."

Feng Wanli said: "Master was sitting on chair, after listening to these words, he stood up and said: "You said Zhang Sanfeng creates the palm skills, what is great about that? For me those are really ordinary and sloppy skills. If we talk about his Nei jia techniques, this move is empty in reality, I only need to make such a dozen of moves and then that’s it….the opposite party is hit and defeated as simple as twisting my moustache. Also his Taiji sword skills…it’s like "parting the mane of a wild horse", I only need to avoid his one move and then a foot kick and he will be on the ground in next moment. The sword skill of his Wudang sect is more of a primal chaos than some skill, how can it match my snow mountain sect’s swordsmanship?"

The master said these words and at the same time he was gesticulating all the moves simultaneously, the whistling wind because of the palm moves really frightened those two people and their complexion turned pale. Our numerous disciples were looking outside the door and no one dared to go inside.

Master continued demonstrating the moves and asked: "How are my martial art compared to that Buddhist monk Bodhidharma and that ox muzzle Zhang Sanfeng?"

Nan Daifu only said: ` This ......This      "

Dai Daifu said:"We only have knowledge about the medicines and sickness, we cannot comment on martial art skills. As you said the martial art of the "power and virtue gentleman" is perhaps better than the Bodhidharma and Zhang Sanfeng."

Grandma Shi scolded: "He is not even concerned about his face!"

Feng Wanli didn’t understand if these words of Grandma Shi were for Dai Daifu or Master Bai.
He said: "Master cursed angrily immediately and said: "I have gesticulated these dozens moves, but you don’t trust my words, "perhaps"…. You said this word…. It might be as you are saying that I am speaking incorrectly!" As he spoke these words he attacked them with his palm moves and killed them then and there"

Grandma Shi listened to these words and couldn’t help to shiver. She looked at the other Snow mountain disciples. She saw that the complexion of them had turned to pale and they didn’t dare to look at her. Even their son Bai Wanjian was really ashamed and lowered his head.

She thought: "This sect had followed the tradition of never hurting someone who is paying a visit. Even the third commandment of the sect is ‘do not injure a person who is not from martial art world’; the fourth is: ‘do not injure innocent’. Leave alone injure, this old bastard has slaughtered his disciples, killed these two doctors again, violated the basic tenet that you don’t hurt a visitor at your own home, how can he remain the leader of this again?"

Only listened to Feng Wanli also saying: "Master opened the door immediately after that and looked at us indifferently and said: "Why are you all looking at me with such a strange look? Are you scolding me in your heart of killing the visitors who came to visit me in my home? Who decide that a person coming to pay visit to the Snow mountain sect can’t be killed here? What will happen if this thing happens, does the sky falls? It is after all decided by another human, why can’t we change these rules? If these stupid people had not come to visit me, than they would not have died. They could have fought with me and snatched the leadership of the sect than they could have refuted my word!"

He points at the Yan Shidi and said: "Seventh child, you tell me. Who is the greatest martial art expert through the ages?"

Yan Shidi was really stubborn in nature, he said: "The disciple did not know!"

The master was angry; he raised his voice and asked: Why don’t you know?"
Yan Shidi said: "Master has not taught, therefore I did not know."

The master said: "Is good, I will teach you today, the leader of the snow mountain sect "power and virtue gentleman" is easily the best swordsman in the world through the ages, his internal strength is the best, his skills in the concealed weapons is the best, he is a big hero and chivalrous person, a great master of profound learning and integrity! Now tell me what I have taught you."

Yan Shidi said: The "disciple is stupid and cannot remember such a succession of words!"

The master showed him his palm and shouted angrily: "Did you really not listen to my words?"

Yan Shidi said in a resentful tone: "The disciple remembers this much. The leader of the Snow mountain sect "power and virtue gentleman" is saying that he is the greatest swordsman of all time. "

Master did not wait for him to complete his words and struck his palm on his forehead and shouted: "he added that sect ‘power and virtue gentleman’ "is saying that"….these three characters, what was his intention? What do you all think? "

When Yan Shidi was struck by his palm, his brain dashed out and he was dead instantly. The other people all got scared. They all followed the meaning of master and said all at once: "the leader of the snow mountain sect "power and virtue gentleman" is easily the best swordsman in the world through the ages, his internal strength is the best, his skills in the concealed weapons is the best, he is a big hero and chivalrous person, a great master of profound learning and integrity" They all said what master said verbatim and master was happy as he walked away."

"As the matter stood, everybody was angry but did not dare to say anything. On the other day, we conducted a funeral procession for the three fellows and the two doctors.
Master actually came inside the mourning hall and then kicked spirit table of those five dead people. Du Shidi had the courage to go forward to persuade the master to put up the ancestral tablet but he got his legs cut by him.

That night, then seven elders from the sect met to discuss the situation. Everybody saw with their own eyes that the snow mountain sect been disintegrating and everybody felt insecure. They all thought that master’s palm can fall anyone of them and they can lose their life for no rhyme or reason. They discussed and came to conclusion that they have no other recourse so they decided to put some anesthetics in master’s food secretly. He was unconscious but they actually added the handcuffs and shackles in the hand and foot to keep him in control.

Our act defied our superiors, it was a great sin, we are taking the responsibility of what we have done and will accept whatever master-wife Shi command us to do."

After that he bowed to Grandma Shi and drew back into the crowds.

Grandma Shi stayed in her place and thought for half of the day, she remembered that her husband as a hero but after arriving she listened to his stupid behavior and deeds and could not help as her eyes turned red in rage and tears started to flow copiously.

She fluttered and asked: "What Wanli has spoken cannot be an exaggeration but still it’s seems bizarre." As she said these words, the tears were rolling on her cheeks.

The people did not speak. For a long time no one spoke, finally Cheng Zixue said: "Sister-in-law Shi, this is actually the truth. If we deceive you again, won’t we be committing one more crime on top of another?"

Grandma Shi said fiercely: "You imprison your sect leader and think that all your fellow disciples are stupid and don’t understand anything. You slaughtered innocents, you collaborated with others and seized Wanjian and other disciples who have returned from central plains. Do you really expect me to believe your empty words? It looks this sect has no need of the first
generation disciples any more, I will stamp out the source of trouble who have started this violent treachery?"

Qi Zimian said: "Sister-in-law, Little brother did not approve of attacking the sect leader and other fellow disciples. I argued with Liao Shidi intensely, in fact for this reason all this fight started at the first place. I think you have already heard this matter."

Grandma Shi got lost in her thought and now she was not crying any more. She sighed and said: "This is called "it takes two hands to clap", this matter is the way it is….one can’t blame anyone inside the family anymore."

After Liao Zili from was injured by Bai Wanjian on his leg, he lost a lot of blood but still standing on the sidelines and not a single person came forward to help him. Actually his disciples were all afraid now that they too will be implicated by association with him and no one came out to help.

Grandma Shi formerly listened to him to advocating strongly that they should kill Bai Zizai and their son and she hated him for that but after Feng Wanli stated the reason, the situation has changed considerably. The reality was that the problem was started by her own husband and she cannot help but felt pity for all these people.

She shouted to the disciples from fourth branch: "You animals, you are watching with own eyes that your own master has experienced a severe wound and unexpectedly you are all standing beside him but not helping him. Do you consider yourself a human or not?"

The disciples from fourth branch immediately rushed forward and wrapped up his leg. Other people felt relived as if a large stone has been removed from their heart, they thought: "She has forgiven Liao Zili, our crime was much lighter so we should be safe too."

Some people have taken the key immediately and opened the shackles and handcuffs on Geng Wanzhong, Wang Wanren, Wang Wanyi, Wan Zi and other fellow disciples.
Grandma Shi said: "The mental state of the sect leader was abnormal for a while and his behavior was improper, you should have tried to remonstrate actually but you people went on to defy your superior. This is a big matter; I have investigated this matter and will settle it in future.

Our first step right now is to get the sect leader out and discuss this matter."

As soon as the people listened this, the complexion changed suddenly and everyone thought: "If that devil escapes that prison then everyone’s life is in danger."

Various people looked at her but no one dared to make any sound.

Grandma Shi got angry and shouted: "What's wrong? Can you imprison him for a lifetime? Do you people dislike him that much?"

Cheng Zixue said: "Sister-in-law Shi, at present you are the leader of the snow mountain sect, you must not free him immediately. Senior fellow- disciple must be freed but first we must try to cure his sickness otherwise
......Otherwise      "

Grandma Shi said fiercely: "Otherwise what …."

Cheng Zixue said: "Little brother will like to say goodbye to all of you and will like to not show my face to anyone in the sect." As he was saying these words he bowed in front of her and clasped his hand.

Qi Zimian, Liang Zijin also said: "Sister-in-law Shi, you are broad-minded and generous, you have forgiven everybody, we will too like to descend the mountain and will not dare to step into the Ling Xiao city again for the rest of our life."

Grandma Shi thought: "These people fear that the old bastard will come out then will go after them. If everybody will run away than it won’t take much time before Ling Xiao city will become an empty city. What will then happen to the Snow mountain sect?"
She said: "Good! There is no hurry for a while; I will take a look at him first, if he does not behave properly than we will not free him."

They all looked at each other for a while and thought: "You husband and wife will be good to each other, you will be partial towards him anyway. If she has to free that old lunatic than why don't we run away?"

Grandma Shi said: "Jian’er, A’Xiu!" She approached Shi Potian and said: "Yidao, you three come with me."

She said to Cheng Zixue and other fellow disciples: "Please lead me and these three people to that prison where that old bastard is kept. You all can listen to what I am talking to him and so can be assured that I am not plotting against anyone or am biased towards anyone."

Cheng Zixue said: "How can it be possible….little brother did not dare, won’t it be really oversensitive?" Even though he said these words he led those people towards the prison. It was actually a matter of life and death. Qi Zimian and Liang Zijin followed them, Liao Zili too pouted at his disciples, and so all people followed them to that place.

The line of people crossed the hall and moved in towards the prison and after some time they all reached the place where Shi Potian was originally imprisoned. Cheng Zixue arrived towards them and said: "In here! We are using this place as a prison for several generations."

Shi Potian had already suspected that the person he tried to free was in fact the old master Bai and when they reached that place, he was sure by now that he guessed correctly.

A disciple took out the key and went to the gate of prison to open the lock however he was shocked by the knowledge that the iron lock was already unlocked.

He got frightens and had a ghastly pale look on his face, he thought: "Iron lock is open; this means that the old lunatic has came out." Both of his hands started trembling and he unexpectedly did not dare to push open the gate.
Grandma Shi made an effort to push and the gate opened smoothly. Suddenly as if by prior agreement, Qi Zimian, Liang Zijin and Cheng Zixue, these three people withdraw several steps. As they went inside and looked at the door of the second room where Bai Zizai was imprisoned; that disciple called out: "This looks bad! The gate was looks he has run!"

As he said these words, he remembered that Grandma Shi was standing next to him and shut up. His hand was trembling and he didn’t dare to open the door of that room, his keys made a loud clattering sound.

Shi Potian wanted to say to him: "This gate was left open by me only but he was acting as a mute for such a long time that he could force him to say these words.

Grandma Shi snatched the key, inserted it in the keyhole a turned it. She detected that the lock was already open. As she moved to open the door, she was really anxious at this moment. She cannot help but to think that: "He is mentally unstable at the moment, if he has run away to the Ling Xiao city then what a big catastrophe would that be." As he she pushed the door, she couldn’t restrain her hands from trembling.

The door only opened several inches and they all heard an old man laughing out aloud.

The people sighed in great relief. They all heard old master Bai laughing wildly and saying loudly: "What good are the Shaolin School and Wudang sect? All of them are breaking wind and doing nothing at all? Starting today, in the martial arts world, everybody must study the martial art of the snow mountain sect. All the other schools must be shut and closed. Did everybody hear? All over the world, as the official look for the emperor, the scholar look for Confucius, martial art experts will look at "power and virtue gentleman". Whoever refuses to accept, I will crush his head."

Grandma Shi shoved open the door several inches, in the dim glimmer, she saw only the handcuffs and shackles on the hands and legs of her husband. His whole body was circled with another shackle and he was tied up
between two giant stone columns. She couldn’t help but felt a sickening feeling in her heart.

Bai Zizai looked at his wife, stayed dull for a moment and then said with a smile immediately: "Is very good, is very good! You have come back. Now in the martial arts world everybody will revere me, the snow mountain sect will rule the world, we will close all the other various sects and schools. Shi, are you all right?"

Grandma Shi sighed and tried to calm down and said: "It is good! But how will various sects and school will be shut down?"

Bai Zizai said with a smile: "You are not able to understand. The martial art of the snow mountain sect the highest, no sects and school can stand in front of us so naturally they will be shut down."

Grandma Shi pulled A’Xiu in front of him and said: "You look, who has come back?"

She knew the her husband doted on this little granddaughter, this mental state was unstable and abnormal, when A’Xiu fell of the cliff, he was quite disturbed and all this problem might be triggered by that incident only so she thought that perhaps he might convalesce once he sees that his granddaughter is safe.

A’Xiu called out: "Grandfather, I have come back, I have not died, I fell in to the mountain valley in the snow but I was fortunate enough that Grandmother found me and rescued me."

Bai Zizai felt comfortable as he looked at her and said: "Is very good, you are A’Xiu. You have not died; the grandfather likes you very much. A’Xiu, you are clever, now tell me, whose martial art is best in the world?"

A’Xiu said in a low voice: "It is the grandfather!"

Bai Zizai laughed and said: "A’Xiu, you are a really clever girl!"
Bai Wanjian rushed ahead two steps and said: "Father, the child came late and seized by these villains. Let the child unlock you."

Cheng Zixue and others were standing close to the gate, their face turned ashen, they only waited for Bai Wanjian to go forward to unlock and everybody planned to then turn and run away.

They actually heard Bai Zizai shouting: "Unlock me! Who wants you to unlock? These handcuffs and shackles, in your father’s eye, are nothing but rotten wood and mud. I only need to shake my hand gently and can break them. I do not want to that now. I like to sit and meditate with my eyes shut. In this entire world; vertically and horizontally in several thousand miles, even if several thousand people together come, still they won’t be able to injure your father’s hair, how can some people lock me?"

Bai Wanjian said: "Yes, the father is unmatched in the world, nobody can certainly harm you father. This moment mother and A’Xiu have returned, it’s a big family reunion, I humbly ask father to come and to the hall and drink with us." As he said these words, he took the keys and move towards him to unlock the handcuffs.

Bai Zizai got angry: "I tell you to walk, than you walk! I have worn these metallic shackles, it’s actually really interesting, and you think I can't open them? Get away quickly!"

Bai Wanjian was startled and as he drew back two steps, the key fell on the ground. He knew by watching the face of his father that he was not fine. On the other hand he can understand the distress of the fellow disciples if he got freed so he faked his shock and let the key fall.

Cheng Zixue and others heard it and cannot restrain to look around and came inside to steal a glance.

Bai Zizai shouted: "You saw me, why don't you pay your respect? The one in front of you is the greatest hero of all time?"

They all thought: "He is tied up at this moment on the stone column, from this distance we don’t need to fear him, but Madam Shi will free him
eventually, what’s wrong in flattering someone, it might save our life in future."

They bowed and said: "the leader of the snow mountain sect "power and virtue gentleman" is easily the best swordsman in the world through the ages, his internal strength is the best, his skills in the concealed weapons is the best, he is a big hero and chivalrous person, a great master of profound learning and integrity."

Liang Zijin then said hurriedly: "Old master Bai is the great leader of the Snow mountain sect. All these Shaolin, Wudang, Emei and Qingcheng and several random school and sects should be closed down. All over the world, only master Bai should be revered alone." Other people too got encouraged and started flattering.

Bai Zizai was self-satisfied, he nodded and smiled.

Grandma Shi really felt ashamed, she thought: "This old man has really gone crazy; but it might not be necessarily true. He saw that me and A’Xiu and recognized us clearly, it’s really bad situation, how do we cure him?"

Bai Zizai turned towards her suddenly, he asked Grandma Shi said: "That fellow Ding Busi had come to visit me and said that you arrived at Azure Conch Mountain to visit him and was lingering with him together for several days, what is this matter?"

Grandma Shi got angry: "You have gone crazy, how can you believe this nonsense?"

A’Xiu too said: "Grandfather, that Ding Busi really compelled grandmother to go to his Azure conch mountain and he tried to take advantage of our precarious position but grandmother rather threw herself in the river to commit suicide but did not went with him."

Bai Zizai smiled and said: "Is very good, is very good, I know her, how can she receive this shame? Afterward how did you manage to escape?"
A’Xiu said: "Afterward, afterward ......" She pointed to Shi Potian and said: "Luckily this elder brother was there and we got rid of him and escaped Ding Busi."

Bai Zizai casted a sidelong glance to Shi Potian, in the room the light was not enough so he didn’t recognized him as Shi ZhongYu but knew that he was the same person who tried to rescue him sometime back, in his heart he had a favorable impression for this young fellow and nodded to say: "This boy is not bad. Although compared to me or even my son, he not that good but he managed to expel Ding Busi, this is not bad."

Grandma Shi was now driven beyond the limits of forbearance, she said loudly: "You really blow your trumpet? You are talking nonsense for such a long time now, the martial art of the snow mountain sect is the best under the sun, what kind of bullshit is that. This child is my disciple; he is better than your disciples."

Bai Zizai laughed, he said: "Absurd, absurd! What ability do you have to be able to exceed mine?"

Grandma Shi said: "I have taught my disciple sword skills; you also taught your disciple your sect’s sword skills. My sword skills are better than your sword skill. Son, tell your master, whose sword skill is better and whose martial art skill is strongest?"

Bai Wanjian said: "This ......This ......" he was really influenced by the power and reputation of his father for such long period; he did not dare to complete his sentence.

Bai Zizai said with a smile: "he is your disciple, how could he be match to my disciple? In sword skills, tell me your mother is talking nonsense?"

Bai Wanjian had a simple and straight personality, if he won then he won, if he lost then lost, he was defeated by Shi Potian so how could he not admit it?

He said: "Child is incompetent, I compared my skills with this boy just now, and he really won."
Bai Zizai jumped suddenly but got pulled by the shackles back; he pulled the shackled with great strength and called out: "Nonsense, this is absurd! It’s doesn’t matter?"

Grandma Shi and Bai Zizai have lived together for several dozens years as husband and wife. Grandma Shi understood what he was thinking right now at this moment, she thought in her heart: "Old bastard thinks that his martial art is unmatched in the world, he was living in this Ling Xiao city as a king for such a long time, and something triggered his megalomaniac nature after his fight with Ding brothers; As the saying goes: ‘Worrying about a problem doesn’t solve it’. We need to ease his mind and give him some medicine. At first we have to force him to accept that he is the not the best martial art expert then only we can go further and persuade him to take any medicine.

It’s only a pity that Zhang San and Li Si have gone, otherwise I might have asked them to treat this insanity and give him some kind of medicine suited to this illness. I think I have to ask my disciple to compare his martial arts with him, although his martial art skills are not that high but his internal energy is very strong and he can actually defeat this old bastard. I have also to persuade this old bastard to fight first."

She said: "Just boasting that you are superior to everyone in any form of the martial art skills through the ages is really a big talk. I think the internal energy of my disciple is better than you."

Bai Zizai looked upwards and laughed wildly, he said: "Then the Bodhidharma and Zhang Sanfeng have come back to life, this child is no match for "power and virtue gentleman". This child is yet wet behind the ears, with his baby face and such a young age, I only need to use about 30 percent of my internal energy and he will be sufficiently overawed."

Grandma Shi sneered and said: "Nonsense…are you not ashamed of mocking other person. Fine…compare your internal energy with this boy and we will see the truth."

Bai Zizai said with a smile: "This boy is no match to even stand in front of me…I will just use a hand and he will be somersaulting in the air."
Grandma Shi knew that her husband has very good martial art skills, she was afraid that he can seriously injure Shi Potian in this competition and can even take his life so she said these words very earnestly: "This young boy is my disciple, he is also getting married to A’Xiu so just remember that he is going to be your beloved granddaughter's husband. You compare your skills by all means but don’t try to injure anyone."

Bai Zizai said with a smile: "Does he want to be my granddaughter's husband? That will be a good match. Good, I will not injure him or take his life then."

Suddenly they heard the footsteps sound of a person arriving at the outside of the stone prison in a hurry, he said aloud: "reporting to the sect leader, The sect leader of the Clan of the eternal happiness Shi Potian and 'Skyscraping Resident' Xie Yanke has rescue the Shi Qing couple and are challenging us in the big hall." The person was actually Geng Wanzhong.

Bai Wanjian and Grandma Shi both make a startled sound as if by prior agreement and said: "Is it 'Skyscraping Resident’ Xie Yanke?"

Shi Potian learned that Mr. and Mrs. Shi Qing are well, escaped the dangerous situation, he felt really relived but he listened that Shi Potian has arrived with Xie Yanke and got a bit confused. He assumed that in that was Shi ZhongYu has actually come himself with Xie Yanke. He thought: "this is good; I haven’t seen Grandfather for so many days."

Grandma Shi said: "We don’t have any friendship or enmity with either Xie Yanke or the clan of eternal happiness, and then what is this matter all about? Are they helping the Shi Qing couple?"

Geng Wanzhong said: "That Shi Potian was quite impolite, he looked at the Ling Xiao city and said that he wanted to kill us all. we can’t escape."

Bai Zizai got angry: "What is this nonsense! What thing is the clan of the eternal happiness? What thing is that Shi Potian? How many people does clan of eternal happiness have?"
Geng Wanzhong said: "They are only five people, besides the Shi Qing couple, Xie Yanke and Shi Potian, there is a young girl; She said that she was the granddaughter of Ding Busan."

Shi Potian heard Ding Dang has also to arrived, he wrinkled his brows and looked at A’Xiu, he only saw her stare at him with her wonderful set of eyes. His complexion turned red and he thought: "She asked me to pretend as Shi ZhongYu but it’s good that she has rescued the Shi couple. Why is Shi ZhongYu pretending as Shi Potian? Did she deliberately wanted to keep me in suspense and perhaps decided to come to Ling Xiao city later with Xie Yanke and rescue us all."

Bai Zizai said: "Only five people, what they can do? You had had not said to him that: "the leader of the snow mountain sect "power and virtue gentleman" is easily the best swordsman in the world through the ages, his internal strength is the best, his skills in the concealed weapons is the best, he is a big hero and chivalrous person, a great master of profound learning and integrity."

Geng Wanzhong said: "This ......This ......He is a person from the martial arts world; certainly he is aware of the reputation of the master."

Bai Zizai said: "Yes, this may be wonderful! Both know my reputation, how dare they arrive to the Ling Xiao city and cause trouble? Yes! I am hiding in this small stone chamber to evade vulgar event spread over the world. They think that old master Bai has lost interest in the worldly affairs and have washed his hands pf sect matters so they visiting the city to bully us. Heh… Heh! You look, your master is like a big tree, if I don’t provide you shade than be ready to suffer."

Grandma Shi gets angry: "You are such piece of work! Everybody come with me and let’s have a look at them." As she said these words, she moved outside the door and Bai Wanjian, Cheng Zixue and others followed her.

Shi Potian was just about to follow her, suddenly Bai Zizai called out: "Boy, you stay here, I will teach you."
Shi Potian paused and turned around. A’Xiu too had walked to the door but she got concerned about Shi Potian’s safety and immediately came back. She thought that grandfather is half-crazy and not mentally stable. If he compete with the Shi Potian on internal energy, she feared that he might kill him. She knew that her own skills were not good enough to save Shi Potian if he gets in a critical situation so she called out: "Grandmother, do grandfather must really …….compete with him!"

Grandma Shi turned her head and said: "Listen, if you injure my disciple or take his life then I will go to the Azure conch mountain and will not come back for a lifetime."

Bai Zizai called out in anger: "You     What words are you speaking?"

Grandma Shi does not pay any attention, and moved out in a swagger and knocked the door on her way out. The prison room immediately went dark.

A’Xiu bent and picked up the key for the foot shackles and handcuff and opened them. She said: "Grandfather, you teach him some moves but please remember that he has not practiced a lot and his ability is pretty ordinary."

Bai Zizai was greatly happy, he said with a smile: "Good, I only need to teach him some moves but he will benefit from them for the rest of his life."

Shi Potian had heard Bai Zizai saying that he has the best internal energy throughout age; he is the best swordsman ever and so on…Now he himself said that he is going to teach him some martial art skills and so he hurriedly said "Many thanks old master for pointers."

Bai Zizai said with a smile: "Is very good, I will teach you several moves of shallowest type, if I teach you the profound skills then I‘m afraid that you won’t be able to comprehend."

A’Xiu moved back to the door and opened the door, the room again filled with bright light. Shi Potian saw Bai Zizai standing comfortably now, his high head and his composure ad overwhelming personality dwarfing him. He looked like a deity and couldn’t restrain himself from getting afraid and drew back two steps.
Bai Zizai said with a smile: "No need to fear…you don’t have to be afraid, grandfather will not injure you. Now look, if I put out a hand to seize by your scruff and then squeeze your muscles ......" As he said these words his right hand moved to really seize Shi Potian by his scruff.

This move was both quick and the position was also wonderful, how could have Shi Potian evaded this attack did, his hand strength was disproportionately large, as soon as he grasped him, Bai Zizai wanted to throw him in the air but Shi Potian hurriedly concentrated his internal strength and stood firm, and wielded his right arm to attack his arm.

Bai Zizai held his scruff and thought that he had succeeded in his first move but couldn’t believe that Shi Potian was still holding the ground and he didn’t manage to throw him. Suddenly Shi Potian attacked with his right arm and the right arm of Bai Zizai went numb and was severely aching as if thousands of pins have been pierced and he let loose his scruff.

He thought: "This boy's internal energy is really strong." He tried to attack with his left hand and attacked at his chest.

This time Shi Potian was alert and fended his attack and admired his skills and said: "Old master, these two moves were not much fiercer than that of Grandpa Ding Busi.

Bai Zizai was already secretly ashamed, but when he listened to him saying that his moves very not much fiercer than Ding Busi, he got excited and said: "Ding Busi, he isn’t much of an opponent?" he made a move to trip Shi Potian. Shi Potian moved like a flash and avoided his attack and did not stumble at all.

These three moves of Bai Zizai "yi jiu, yi zhua, yi ban" (to clutch, to grab, to trip) were known as "God tripping the ghost to fall in three steps". Actually this was a unique move created by Bai Zizai himself. For dozens of years, many famous masters have fallen against this move of his. However when these three moves came across vigorous internal strength of Shi Potian even one was not as effective unexpectedly.
That day he and Ding brothers met, Ding Busi claimed that Grandma Shi have arrived at the Azure conch mountain and stayed there for several days. He got jealous and extremely angry. From that day onwards his mental state became a bit abnormal but today after seeing that she has returned, he knew that the story of her going to Azure Conch Mountains was fabricated. He also saw A’Xiu and was in his heart was really happy and his mental state stabilized a lot but he always believed that his "marital art is the first under heaven" and he was still firm on this belief.

At this moment after his series of three moves cannot throw down this youth unexpectedly, his anger rose and his gain went mad. He shouted and attacked with his palm at his chest with about 30%-40% of his internal strength.

Shi Potian understood from the palm wind that this attack is really fierce and he moved his left hand to obstruct his attack. Bai Zizai comfortably avoided his arm and attacked on the other side. Shi Potian moved sideways to evade but Bai Zizai’s fist was coming with great speed and with a large sound the fist connected his right shoulder.

A’Xiu called out in alarm. Shi Potian comforted her and said: "No need to get worried; I am not hurt."

Bai Zizai got angry: "Young fellow, it isn’t that painful? Fine…. take one more of my fist again." This fist attack was intercepted by is Shi Potian.

Bai Wanjian was pretty comfortable and executed four moves consecutively; finally the fourth attack got him and he got hit on his left hip by his kick.

A’Xiu saw that the fight was getting more and more quick. Bai Zizai was attacking unceasingly with his fists and kicks. Shi Potian managed to keep off about half of the attacks only. Initially she was very worried, she called out: "Grandfather, show mercy!" But she saw that the complexion of Shi Potian was really gentle and he didn’t look in any pain.

Bai Zizai kept on hitting Shi Potian continually or several moves, initially he remembered his wife’s word so only applied about 30%-40% of his
strength for fear that he might get injured but after some time, no matter how he hit him with his palm or fist or kicked him, Shi Potian calmly withstood.

Bai Zizai was startled and at the same time extremely angry, he wanted to finish this fight quickly but things were getting strange. He gradually kept on increasing his internal strength with each of his move but he was unable to strike down the opposite party. He roared and put down the entire strength of his body in the attack and attacked repeatedly. Instantly, he caught one of the chains attached from the stone column and it hit the door and the door shut close.

As the fight progressed A’Xiu found it pretty difficult to breathe and experience unendurable pain and could not manage to stand inside the room so she came out of the room. She saw with own eyes that her grandfather was hitting Shi Potian with his fist with incomprehensible power and could not endure to look. The last event she saw was a chain hitting the door and the door shutting close.

She was extremely worries and secretly prayed: "God please bless us, do not let any of them get hurt in this fight, it should better if there is no victory or defeat and both of them give up."

She only noticed after a moment that only after the door got close, the sound coming from inside was getting more and more loud, her brain was somewhat dizzy, it seemed that the ground underneath her was also somewhat shaking. However suddenly the sound stopped and she couldn’t hear a single thing.

A’Xiu put her ear on the orifice of the door to listen but unexpectedly there was not a least bit of sound. This silence after such a tumult and earth- shaking fighting was really eerie. She was panic-stricken and thought in her heart: "If grandfather won, than he will be surely complacent and would have been laughing. If Shi Lang triumphs, he will definitely come out of the door and call me but how is there no sound at all? Did someone get severely injured? Is it possible that both people used up all their strength and end up dead?"
She shivered at this thought and put out a hand to shove open the door slowly, she closed her eyes tightly and did not dare to look at the situation, for fear that when she open eyes she will see the corpses of both people lying horizontally or both people spitting blood and dead. After some moment she couldn’t restrain herself and opened one of her eye and saw Bai Zizai and Shi Potian both of them sitting on the ground. Bai Zizai had his eyes shut and Shi Potian actually turned towards her with a smile on hid face.

A’Xiu sighed and opened both eyes and saw clearly that Shi Potian had stretched out his right palm on the back of the Bai Zizai and was helping him to cure his wound.

A’Xiu called out: "Grandfather     Is he injured?"

Shi Potian said: "He is not injured. He just had some problems with his breathing; he will be fine in a moment!"

A’Xiu put her right hand to caress her chest as if calming her heart which was thumping wildly and said: "Thank God. "

Suddenly, Bai Zizai leapt from his place and shouted in a loud voice: "I have trouble in breathing? What ......what kind of nonsense is this?" He extended his palm to shoot down at the top of the head of Shi Potian but felt a fierce pain in his palm which was difficult to bear; he raised his palm and looked at it. He saw that his palms have swollen to double of its size and was almost red and purple. He feared that if he hit Shi Potian once again then his palm will burst first.

He at once thought about the fight with Shi Potian and understood that the internal energy of this boy is simply incredible. Actually it’s unthinkable, he recalled his dozens of moves in which his fist and palm attacks were simply bouncing of his body as if each of his moves were striking a stone wall. The opposite party has not been injured but his own palm actually could not endure, as he thought suddenly he also felt extreme pain in his both feet to as if millions of pins have been poked unceasingly, as he remembered that he kicked him several times too but instead his own feet got injured
He looked dumbly for half of the day and said: "Ahh! I always thought that my "internal energy was the best through the ages" and so on, the reality is that I was talking nonsense." He took up the foot shackles and handcuffs and set them on his own hand and foot and got chained again.

A’Xiu was startled and said: "Grandfather, what is this?"

Bai Zizai turned his body towards the cliff and in a low-spirited voice: "I was arrogant and conceited about my skills, this is a grave sin, I will face this wall to think of my faults here. You two go out quickly, I henceforth don’t want to see anyone else. You call on your grandmother and ask her to go to Azure Conch Mountain and never return to the Ling Xiao city"

A’Xiu and Shi Potian looked at each other in blank dismay; they did not know what to do.

After a long period of time, A’Xiu complained: "You are not good, why do you have to flaunt your superiority?"

Shi Potian said in consternation: "I      I did not, my fists were not projected
at your grandfather."

A’Xiu said: "What do mean by "your" grandfather? You won’t be disgraced or something if call him "Grandfather".

Shi Potian understood her intention and called out sweetly in a low voice: "Grandfather!"

Bai Zizai waved his hands and said: "Go way quickly, go away! You….I have been your grandson, you are my grandfather!"

A’Xiu extended her tongue, smiled and said: "Grandfather is angry, come let us tell grandmother about it."

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