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Ode to Gallantry Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - The Truth
Shi Potian and Dingdang followed the Guandong people boldly for about ten miles. They saw a very dense pine forest in front of them. As soon as they entered the forest they heard the loud voice of Fan Yifei: "Are the people who invited us are here? We people from Guandong are here and are waiting."

Dingdang said: "we should hide in that thick patch of grass and take a look. Let’s see if it is really grandpa." Both people jumped out of their horses and bent their back to approach that place and hid behind a big stone.

As soon as Fan Yifei heard the sound of the horse's hoof, he knew these two people has also come but didn’t greet them but concentrated hard on the pine forest ahead. Four of his disciples stood in front, ten disciples stood a little bit ahead of them and the rest of people in same way.

It was extremely quiet in the forest and not one made even a single sound. The moon was not very bright but they could feel the light shimmering out of the pine trees gave a bluish color to the ambience.

After a long time, suddenly they heard a whistling sound from the sentry post. First from right and then from the left a line of men wearing black clothes rushed towards them respectively. Each line had at least around fifty to sixty people and in a moment all the Guandong group was surrounded by about hundred people. They were surrounded but still all of them remained calm and no one attacked but everyone has their hand on the sword hilt.

They saw another ten people coming out of the forest wearing same kind of the black cloths and stood in an array before them.

Shi Potian almost made a light belching sound as he saw these people. These people were the sub-ordinates of the five hall of clan of eternal happiness. He saw Incense-Master Mi Hengye and victorious leopard Zhan Fei coming out.
As soon as these ten people stood he saw one coming out of the forest. He was ‘Touch that bring back to life’ Bei Haishi. He coughed several times and said: "It’s my pleasure to meet the sect leaders of Guangdong......coughs ......I didn’t want to keep all of you gentlemen waiting but couldn’t come earlier….coughs ......but gather so many people and manage them is not that easy.

As soon as Fan Yifei heard him speaking and coughing repeatedly, he understood that this person is the renowned master Bei Haishi and immediately understood that the opposite party is precisely the clan of eternal happiness. He thought that he was afraid these people might be with Ding Busi but once he saw Bei Haishi and other people of clan of eternal happiness he laid down his concern and considered: "It is only the clan of eternal happiness, I was afraid it will be that Ding Busi and his people."

As soon as he again thought of Ding Busi he couldn’t restrain himself from shivering once he remembered how they somehow managed to escape his blistering attacks but he knew Ding Busi was nothing compared to the people in front of him.

He said: "Master Bei has come a long way to greet us, how worthy of us? Saying these words Fan Yifei greeted them. Lu Zhengping, Feng Liang and Gao San Niangzi too understood his intension and came forward and greeted them.

Shi Potian saw their polite talks and greeting and thought in his heart: "they are not here to fight." He said in a low voice: "people from both sides are our friend; we should go and meet them."

Dingdang held her arm and said in a low voice in his ear: "hold on for a moment, let’s see what is going to happen."

Fan Yifei said to Bei Haishi: "we agreed to visit the clan of eternal happiness and to pay our respect to clan leader but unexpectedly we got delayed in our way. Master Bei is really broad minded, I hope he forgives us.
Bei Haishi said: "Fine, fine….I understand but Shi Bangzhu waited for your honorable presence for a long time and have relinquished the matter of appointment. Shi Bangzhu is anyway inundated by several important matters so he couldn’t wait."

Fan Yifei said: "You don’t know where the sect leader is? Do you want to say Master Bei Haishi that after coming thousand miles from our home to the central plains just to meet him and we can’t meet him. If we can’t meet with him….then…. then …we would we be quite disappointed."

Bei Haishi kept quiet for sometimes and then coughed again and again but didn’t answered him.

Fan Yifei said: "We have brought some of the local precious products from Guandong such as several marten skin, several catties of ginsengs to present it to Bangzhu. It’s a shame but I will ask Master Bei and your sub ordinates to take these triflings. Although this is such an inadequate gift but our sole intension was to pay our respect so kindly accept these."

He signaled with his left hand and three of his disciples arrived near the horse and loosened three packages from the horseback and respectfully bowed in front of Bei Haishi and presented him these packages.

Bei Haishi said with a smile: "this ......This is too really polite. We can’t accept such generous gifts, but...coughs.....but it would be really disrespectful if we deny you so many thanks for this gift, many thanks!"

Mi Hengye moved to take these packages from disciples but Fan Yifei moved quickly towards his disciple and took one of the packages from his back in his hand and held in front of him. He stepped about three steps and said: "In past when honorable Situ Bangzhu was in Guandong then he was really on good terms with us three people and we were really close friends. We didn’t forget our friendship with Situ Bangzhu and we will remain friend throughout our life time. This is the millennium ginseng which prolongs the life and is very rare thing. I want to give it to brother Situ."

He held the package with both hands and looked at Bei Haishi but did not hand over the package.
Shi Potian found it quite strange and thought: "Now who is this Situ Bangzhu?"

Bei Haishi listened to Fan Yifei and then coughed several times. He sighed and made a sad face and said: "Ohhh…my Bangzhu Situ, elder brother…" he sighed gain and said: "Some years ago elder brother went through a very unpleasant matter. He was down hearted and lost interest in the matters of the sect and other worldly affairs….coughs...... therefore he has asked Shi Bangzhu to handle the sect matters and has himself moved in to the mountains to live in seclusion. It has quite some time now and we haven’t heard any news about him so nowadays younger brother Shi takes care of the sect affairs. Each of these generous gifts should be now handed over to Shi Bangzhu in my opinion."

As soon as Fan Yifei heard these words, he said: "You don’t know where brother Situ is living right now? We didn’t know that brother Situ has retired?" His refined language was gradually becoming strict and as a matter of fact it looked as if he was interrogating these people.

Bei Haishi showed a faint smile and said: "We all are only sub-ordinates of Situ Bangzhu. It is his private affair, how can we know. Master fan and all honored guest you people are old acquaintance of Situ Bangzhu, you should be aware that Shi Bangzhu has taken over the command of the clan of eternal happiness."

In just a few words Bei Haishi blamed them of their ignorance. Fan Yifei didn’t know what to answer and said: "this ......How do we know about this matter?"

Bei Haishi said: "when Situ Bangzhu turned over the heavy responsibility of leading the sect to Shi Bangzhu, we knew nothing about him. In fact he didn’t have reputation in the martial art world and by age too he was really young. To be honest actually a lot of sub-ordinates had their doubt on his leadership skills but after Shi Bangzhu took over he had set several great merits for the local guild. Situ Bangzhu really had a great eye and his knowledge in seeking competent people is really extraordinary…. coughs
......If not so, how would we be having with discussion with such honorable heroes from Guangdong, heh!!"
The implied meaning was that if you think that Situ Bangzhu took the wrong decision to give the sect leadership to Shi Bangzhu then it would be disrespectful to both the sect and Bangzhu himself.

Lu Zhengping suddenly said: "Physician Bei, we also actually heard this news in Guandong recently that’s why we came to the central plains to investigate the matter."

Bei Haishi said: "If a message travels thousand miles than obviously it will get twisted and incorrect. Actually I don’t know what rumor you have heard?"

Lu Zhengping said: "It will be imprudent of us to tell you about the rumors without knowing the truth. This is a very difficult matter for us. Actually we heard a good friend saying that: "Elder brother Situ is ......" suddenly his eyes lit up and he said in a clear loud voice: "......has died in the hands of this evildoer who is now the leader of the clan of eternal happiness. He has actually usurped the position of this sect leader and is actually very corrupt, obscene and lascivious in nature. This young fellow is really cruel and this friend I am talking about is not someone whose words are empty. He knows Situ Bangzhu from several years in the past and he is well informed about his fame in martial art realm. Situ Bangzhu trusted this young fellow but he has taken advantage of it or…I would say rather taken the liberty to do as he wants."

Bei Haishi sneered and said: "brother Lu, your words are illogical…it looks as though that you have taken the liberty to spout nonsense."

Lu Zhengping got raged in anger and his face turned red. He thought in his heart: "This Bei Haishi really lives up to his reputation. " He loudly said: "It’s a internal matter of the clan of eternal happiness and we as outsiders can’t ask for an inquiry but we people from Guandong martial art fraternity value the sect very much and we only want to know if brother Situ is alive or not. It doesn’t matter if this right or wrong but we will do anything to find what actually happened to him and are prepared to take any actions for this purpose.
Bei Haishi said: "Although I Bei Haishi is good-for-nothing, but in the martial art realm I too have a reputation, not as much as you people but still how can I change my statement? If you honorable people ask me to lie knowingly then I will but then again a lie is a lie. We are all from the martial art realm and we should be warm-hearted to friends but you should understand that this matter is actually unclear and unintelligible….really unclear and unintelligible!"

Gao San Niangzi couldn’t restrain herself by the hearing this flattery and ridiculed Bei Haishi and said fiercely: "My brother Situ was killed, I am afraid you Bei Haishi were the chief instigator. We have arrived to the central plains to take revenge for our brother Situ and we won’t be going back without completing this job. If you are a real man then come out and accept what you have done. Do you have the courage to say the truth? Tell me how brother Situ died?"

Bei Haishi said: "I have this sickness for so many years, its noisy and troublesome and refuses to die. I have lived a long life and I don’t have much left to live for. If Gao San Niangzi wants to kill me then she will actually do a big favor to me."

Gao San Niangzi got angrier and she said: "Thanks a lot, you are an elder in martial arts realm and you are actually giving this old lady some face but you are still not willing to share the truth. You go and call that young fellow surnamed Shi and then this old lady will ask in front of everyone."

She thought that this Bei Haishi is a wily old fox, if they fight him now then they will be overwhelmed by there sheer numbers. This Shi Bangzhu is after all a young boy. Let me see if he willing to tell the truth, or even from his look, we may get some clue.

Cheng Chong standing beside Bei Haishi suddenly laughed and said with a dirty smile on his face: "just now Gao San Niangzi talked about how our Shi Bangzhu is fond of women. That is true but our Bangzhu is only fond of young and pretty women or gentle and refined girls. If you really want Shi Bangzhu to see you then its okay but…I’m afraid …..He won’t….ha..haha!"
He said these words in a really obscene way and obviously his expressions were frivolous and the implied meaning was obvious. He ridiculed Gao San Niangzi in front of all these many people by implying she is old and rude.

Dingdang asked in a very low voice: "Elder sister is really good looking and actually is quite attractive, do you like her?"

Shi Potian said: "What nonsense are you talking now! Be careful or you will find holes in you body if she shoots her short knives at you!"

Dingdang said with a smile: "If she shoots her knives at me then will you save me, will you help me?"

Shi Potian didn’t reply.

Gao San Niangzi got extremely angry and was shaking in rage. In a flash three short knives moved towards Cheng Chong as if three silver light streaks moved towards him. Cheng Chong dodged these anxiously and said with a smile: "So are you are fancying me now lady?" He opened his mouth to give a dirty and frivolous expression.

Fan Yifei called out quickly: "hold on for a minute!" But Gao San Niangzi was extremely angry by now and she didn’t intend to restrain herself. She sent out her short knives one after another, one more quickly then the previous one. Cheng Chong managed to avoid the first six but he didn’t manage to evade the seventh one and unexpectedly it caught him on the center of his right leg, he quickly knelt down to immediately.

Gao San Niangzi sneered and said: "kneel down and beg for mercy?"

Chen Chong too got extremely angry and drew out his sword and attacked her. Feng Liang came forward and parried his blow with his nine soft whips.

Shi Potian saw that now everyone was gearing up for the fight so called out suddenly: "cannot fight, cannot fight! You should see me; you can ask me whatever you want?"
As he said these words, he came out of the hiding, holding the hand of Dingdang in between the crowds. Everyone looked at him and in a swift move Cheng Chong leapt backwards. The clan of eternal happiness gave a thunderous applause to him and bowed in front of him at once and said: "Bangzhu has arrived!"

As soon as Fan Yifei and others heard these words they were extremely surprised and couldn’t believe their eyes but the manner in which everyone in the clan of eternal happiness behaved in front of him, obviously this was not some charade. He thought in his heart: "the young master have told his name Zhong Yu, by age too he is really young, his martial arts are is extremely high, so it isn’t much surprise that the clan of eternal happiness is relying on his. It’s my mistake only that I didn’t think about this matter earlier. (Some play of word by Jin Yong; Fan Yifei musing about the letters in Shi and Zhong Yu")

Gao San Niangzi said apologetically: "Shi......Shi Bangzhu, so actually you are Shi Bangzhu......You are the sect leader of clan of eternal happiness, we were really reckless. Had we known earlier then there won’t have any misunderstanding?"

Shi Potian showed a faint smile and said to Bei Haishi: "Master Bei, I never thought that we will bump into each other in such a manner, these people are my friends, please don’t fight with them."

Bei Haishi saw Shi Potian and was extremely happy and anyway he and the Guandong people didn’t have enmity originally, so he bows slightly and said: "I didn’t manage to handle this situation correctly, it all is my fault. Please accept my apology and withdraw all your weapons."

Gao San Niangzi said: "We heard the wrong criticism of Shi Bangzhu, we only heard that brother Situ was harmed by him so we gathered our people and came to central plains to inquire about the matter. We didn’t knew that the new sect leader is actually Shi Bangzhu. We have seen that young master Shi is a righteous person and it’s highly unlikely that he will harm elder brother Situ. I think that elder brother Situ must have seen the martial art skills and the streak of righteousness of this young and promising hero and he himself would have abdicated the leadership to a more qualified
person, actually I think brother Situ was fortuitous to find someone so able to replace him."

Shi Potian didn’t know what to answer so he turned to Bei Haishi and said: "this…this…brother Situ…."

Bei Haishi addressed the Guandong people and said: "Situ Bangzhu is living in seclusion in some remote mountain and he is not seeing any visitors. If he starts meeting visitors then there are a lot of people who will queue up to meet him."

Lu Zhengping said: "I spoke rashly to master Bei and offended him and all the people from clan of eternal happiness, really should die for this, please accept my apologies."

As soon as he said these words, he bowed in front of them and clasped his hands and also said: "but Brother Situ and our friendship was really unusual, we have arrived in the central plains just for the purpose to meet him and get news of his well-being. Master Bei you said that Situ Bangzhu doesn’t see the bystanders, but we are not actually some bystanders."

As she said these words he looked towards Shi Potian with pleading eyes.

Shi Potian said to Bei Haishi: "Elder Situ, do you know how far he lives? Brother Fan and rest of these people have walked through several passes and spent months to come to central plain just to meet him. They will be really disappointed if they don’t do so."

Bei Haishi really felt awkward; he couldn’t defy the orders of the sect leader in front of everyone but also didn’t want to discuss this matter there so he said: "I am really muddle headed and unable to fulfill my responsibilities as I explained earlier. You people has come from such a long way and extended friendship to Shi Bangzhu and I haven’t even invited you fro a drink. I don’t want the clan of eternal happiness to lose face in front of everyone because of me so I will invite the fellow visitors who have come from such a far place to come with me to drink a glass of inferior wine, better come late then never."
Shi Potian asked Bei Haishi: "Is our sect not to far from here?"

Bei Haishi was extremely surprised and color drained out of face, he said: "here in the north-east direction, take a short cut to the city Zhenjiang about fifty miles on road."

Shi Potian turned his head to look at Dingdang. As soon as Dingdang saw him, she gave her an infectious smile and put her hand on her lip to keep quiet.

Fan Yifei wanted to ask the whereabouts of Situ Bangzhu but as he heard Bei Haishi about the sect location, he couldn’t restrain himself and said: "Since we have come to the central plains then it would be fitting if we can come to clan of eternal happiness and pay our respect."

Immediately everyone set out in the north-east direction, by the dawn they managed to reach the clan of eternal happiness in Zhenjiang. The steward ran and took care of the people from Guandong and gave them attentive reception.

Shi Potian and Dingdang entered the sect together. Everyone was waiting for the sect leader to come back and they were all pleasantly surprised to see him coming back with a beautiful young girl. Some of them thought: "It looks that the sect leader is really fine now. Formerly after that big sickness, his temper changed but now it looks that he is back to his older self."

Shi Potian washed his face and drank a cup of tea, he heard Bei Haishi to be on the other side of the door, he said: "Elder sister, wait for a moment, I have to ask something from Master Bei."

Shi Potian didn’t wait for her reply and came out of room and said: "Master Bei, I want to ask you something, what is this matter of Situ Bangzhu?"

Bei Haishi said: "please come along with me."

They passed through the garden and arrived at the altar of chrysanthemum, there was an octagonal pavilion. Bei Haishi waited for Shi Potian to sit
down and then only took the seat and said: "It looks that after the sickness even after so many days you are still not able to recall the past matters?"

Shi Potian once listened to his parents analyzing carefully about how clan of eternal happiness might have deliberately made him their sect leader so that they can avert the disaster of ‘command of reward and punishment’, but Bei Haishi was always extremely respectful and courteous towards him. He remembered that he only saved him on skyscraping cliff when he was suffering from cold and heat energy streams. He was fortunate that Bei Haishi was there at the moment and he only diagnosed the problem. Even though they were acting for there selfish reasons but still he saved his life on that day.

At this moment it will be really awkward to ask him directly about this matter so he was spoke frankly and said that he didn’t remember the past matter so at least he can understand more about their strategy.

He said: "Precisely, that is why I have asked you Master Bei to tell me everything from the beginning to end and relate to me in detail."

Bei Haishi said: "Situ Bangzhu was originally called Situ Heng, nicknamed eight claws Octopus, he was your teacher's younger brother; Bangzhu, I hope at least you remember this?"

Shi Potian said: "my teacher's younger brother, I     Don't remember? What
school is that?"

Bei Haishi said: "Situ Bangzhu never mentioned about the origin of his school or his teacher. As a subordinate it felt really inconvenient to ask about it. Three years ago, we helped you to save your life from your own master "

Shi Potian asked: "saved my life from my master, who is my master?"

Bei Haishi shook his head and said: "it looks that this sickness has a really strong effect on your memory. You even forgot your master unexpectedly. However I too have doubt about this matter but your subordinate actually don’t know. When Snow Mountain sect sent Bai Wanjian to assert that
actually you are a disciple of their sect, I have my doubts but looking at your martial arts skill I found it pretty different from their sect."

Shi Potian said: "my master? I have kowtowed in front of Grandma Shi and accepted to become the disciple of Golden phoenix sect but that is the recent matter."

He extended his hand to knock his head and thought that what other people are saying and what I know and have seen doesn’t match anymore. In his heart, he was quite worried and asked: "So how did I become the sect leader then?"

Bei Haishi said: "When you came here then Situ Bangzhu hired you to become his sub-ordinate and help in sect affairs. At that time there was a great turbulence in the martial art realm. A lot of the sub-ordinates came here to discuss a very important matter, they came here to discuss about ‘command of reward and punishment’. Do you remember anything about that meeting?"

Shi Potian said: "’Command of reward and punishment’, yes I know about them actually. However I don’t remember anything about that meeting. I have absolutely no memories of it."

Bai Haishi said: "All the sub-ordinates actually meets annually, it’s a big gathering with all the halls of Zhenjiang and sub-ordinates and their heirs meet on the third day of third month to get together and discuss important matters. Three years ago as I have mentioned they came to discuss how to handle ‘’Command of reward and punishment’. Everyone was prospering at that time and all felt that it is really difficult to escape them this time so they wanted to plan for them in advance. They knew that the envoys will reappear in the martial-art realm again in three years and will start inviting sect leaders."

Shi Potian nodded and said: "Yes...yes… I know the two envoys of command of reward and punishment and their vicious bronze medals. I know that if people don’t consent to go then they and their entire sect suffers calamity and everyone is slaughtered. I have seen it with my own eyes."
Bei Haishi shivered with cold and asked: "Bangzhu, you saw with your own eyes, I don’t understand?"

Shi Potian said: "Actually I am at fault not to help those people. I saw the flying fish sect and the iron fork sect getting annihilated in the hands of those two people."

In his heart he thought: "oh! Elder brother, second brother, you really have a toxic hands hand."

The flying fish and the iron fork sect were destroyed by those envoys because their sect leaders didn’t accepted the invitation and thus the entire sect suffered because of it. Actually this matter was also raised within the clan of eternal happiness.

Bai Haishi sighed and said: "We too anticipated this problem even at that time. He Xiangzhu raised this issue in front of Situ Bangzhu, although no one can say that his concerns were groundless but as soon as Situ Bangzhu listened, he flew into rage immediately and said that he was provoking people against Bangzhu and is conspiring against him and issued an order him to detain him immediately. Everybody asked for a favor and pleaded in front of Bangzhu. Situ Bangzhu consented that he won’t punish him at their face but got him killed in the night quietly and told everyone that he has committed suicide in fear of punishment."

Shi Potian asked: "then for what? Did Situ Bangzhu and that person He Xiangzhu have some enmity towards each other or some hostility that he got him killed?"

Bai Haishi shook his head and said: "That is the actual matter but Situ Bangzhu was not willing to talk about this matter with anyone."

Shi Potian nodded, he was not really intelligent in worldly affairs but now after spending time with Dingdang and his parents, his ability to understand these matters have increased a lot and he was able to estimate other people thoughts. He thought: "Situ Bangzhu knew for sure that if he is invited by these two envoys then either he will be buried in that island for the rest of his life or have to fight them but if he does not meet these two people then
obviously he will not be able to save his life. This matter he might have already thought for several years but was not actually willing to mention in front of everyone."

Bei Haishi said: "Obviously numerous brothers knew that He Xiangzhu has not committed suicide but He Xiangzhu was not important but it gave the indication to all the sect members that what is going to happen in future when Bangzhu will actually receive the invitation to go to island of heroes. They were quite certain that he is not willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of others and will trade them for his safety. Numerous brothers at that time had this concern but no one has courage to raise this matter. At that time you bravely stepped out in front of everyone and asked Bangzhu"

Shi Potian said strangely: "I bravely stepped forward and asked him…I asked him?"

Bei Haishi told him: "Yes! At that time you boldly steeped out in front of the entire sect and spoke in a very refined manner. You said: "Bangzhu, you are the master of the entire sect, you are already farsighted but you should also think about the long term interests of the sect too. When the envoys of Command of reward and punishment will arrive in the martial art realm after some time then how will you react? He Xiangzhu proposed to think about this matter and to think how will deal with it when the time comes then, but Bangzhu you compelled him to commit suicide. Numerous brothers from the sect also feel the same but won’t say out of your respect."

Situ Bangzhu turned hostile towards you, he kept drinking wine and scolded immediately, he said: "You shameless young fellow, this clan of eternal happiness has given you place to live, this clan of eternal happiness saved your life when you were injured and running for your life and now you have the temerity to speak in front of me. Who are you to speak in front of me?

Situ Bangzhu shouted these words in front of you, everyone was frightened and no one dared to stand for you however you were unfazed by this tirade and maintained your refined demeanor and said: "Bangzhu, To accept the invitation from the two envoys of Command of reward and punishment or to decline the invitation, in both cases one dies so what difference does it
makes? It doesn’t matter how one dies but the important thing in life are loyalty and righteousness. If all the people of the sect die along side you then what purpose will it serve, what advantage do you have in that case? Would you not rather be generous and accept your responsibility and actually follow all the things what you teach all the other sect members."

Shi Potian nodded and said:" These words were actually good and logical too, but .....but ......master Bei, I actually do not have such good eloquence skills, I can’t believe that I said these words in front of entire sect."

Bei Haishi smiled and said: "Bangzhu don’t be so modest. After getting sick, your mental ability has not turned all round. You will convalesce in the future, and your so will you recover your oratory skills such that not only you will be better than anyone in the sect but you will be best in the entire martial art realm."

Shi Potian was half believing and half doubting, he said: "Yes? Fine
......after I spoke these words, then?"

Bei Haishi said: "Situ Bangzhu lost the color his face and was shell shocked. He however immediately turned red and patted the table and called out: "quick ......tie this young fellow and bring him in front of me!' But as he continued to drink everyone looked at you and you looked at them but no one actually moved towards you.

Situ Bangzhu got even more angry and yelled: "Fine so that’s it instead! You all have colluded with this boy, you won’t do it? Good, if you won’t then let me butcher this boy myself."

Shi Potian said: "Did brothers from the sect managed to calm him down?"

Bei Haishi said: "Several brothers refused to accept the order of Shi Bangzhu and in fact no one moved to tie, there was absolutely no sound and everyone waited to see what will happen.

Situ Bangzhu drew out his metal fingernails and moved to attack you immediately.
Situ Bangzhu drew out his metal fingernails and moved to attack you immediately; he leapt to leave his seat and tried to grasp you. You slanted your body and avoided that move immediately. Situ Bangzhu kept on attacking you continually, but you actually managed to avoid each of his moves but did not hit back throughout. Your both hands were empty however Situ Bangzhu had his metal fingernail for which he was renowned in the martial arts. Unexpectedly you managed to avoid about seven-eight moves of his and everyone thought that this was really commendable.

At that time Mi Xiangzhu called out: "Bangzhu, your Shi nephew has avoided your eight moves but hasn’t hit back, he reveres you a lot, you are respected gentleman in the martial art realm, how can you kill the person you yourself have saved and you are his teacher’s younger brothers. If you kill him then who will ask for help in the future?"

Situ Bangzhu shouted angrily: "Who asked him not to hit back? You have been partial to him in any case, everybody here are of one mind and have gathered here to kill me and have presented this boy to help you to eliminate me, how can I fail your wishes now?'"

He cursed angrily at everyone but his hands did not stop, you kept on avoiding his attack but it was really getting seriously risky for you.

Zhan Xiangzhu called out: "Brother Shi, take this sword!" he threw a long sword towards you. You caught the sword expertly and let Situ Bangzhu to complete three more moves and then said: "Bangzhu, I have let you make twenty moves without retaliating but now you must stop or I have no recourse but to offend you."

Situ got angrier and thought that you are mocking him so started attacking more viciously with his fingernails. At that time in the meeting hall about twenty people loudly shouted with one voice: "Hit back, hit back, or he will kill you!"

You said: "Fine then so be it!"

Then you lifted your sword to parry his fingernails. You two people started this duel and fought very intensely. Everyone saw that Situ Bangzhu was
pouring all his strength in his moves but still he was not able to harm you. Finally you made a move resembling to move "to push the boat along", your sword stabbed his right wrist and his fingernails fell to the ground, you retrieved the sword immediately and leapt three steps back.

Situ Bangzhu stood there, his face lost his color and looked towards the brothers in the sect. In a moment he left the meeting hall with blood dripping from his right wrist wound. There was a ghostly silence in the hall as drops of blood made a faint clattering sound. He moved out of the hall in profound grief saying: "It’s good, it’s really good!"

As he walked out of the hall, all the forty people standing in the hall gazed at him but no one made a sound. As Situ Bangzhu walked out everyone knew that he was not coming back again as he has lost his face in front of the entire sect.

Everybody requested you to take the command of the sect. At that time you said generously: "I am a young boy and I don’t have the competency to take this heavy responsibility but we are supposed to meet a disaster in three years time, the two envoys of Command of reward and punishment are coming back so I will take this responsibility and will accept the invitation to avert danger for the sect"

As soon as he said these words the sect members cheered with one voice and prostrated in front of you immediately. Everyone saw you fighting with Situ Bangzhu and was really impressed with your martial art skills. In fact before this encounter, everyone in the sect were convinced that your martial art skills are really average but the way you first avoided the attack of Situ Bangzhu and then defeated him convinced everyone about your ability and as long as you consented to help the to overcome this disaster then obviously everybody stemmed from their own selfishness supported you whole heartedly."

Shi Potian nodded and said:" That’s why everyone was so anxious to search me and feared that I won’t come back."

Bei Haishi’s face turned slightly red and he said: "After you took the leadership of sect you took a lot a new measures and gave various sect
members really stern jobs to complete but none ever showed any dissent as everybody thinks it helped to maintain justice and righteous and they were willing the shed their lives for the sect."

Shi Potian hesitated and said: "Master Bei, it is a matter of past, I could not recall but please do not conceal, what wrong thing have I done?"

Bei Haishi smiled and said: "To say these words might be a blunder, actually it might not be necessarily so. You were a young and refined person before sickness and were frequently accompanied by several females. I think these girls from Dadu (Beijing) were really shameless and might have forced themselves upon you voluntarily but definitely it was never a matter of force. The Bangzhu of Clan of eternal happiness has a reputation of being wise and refined but your affinity towards female is also a part of it."

Shi Potian heard these words and streams of sweat flowed at his forehead. He knew that these words of Bei Haishi were superficial about what he has done in these past few years; definitely they were not such minor fault. He thought his hardship with Dingdang and thought that I can’t recall with how many more people do I have this kind of immoral personal relationships? Suddenly he had a thought in his heart: "what if A’Xiu knows about these relationships, I only like her but ...but "

Bei Haishi said: "Bangzhu, subordinate was really ignorant to say these words to you but I did not know whether I should say these words or not?"

Shi Potian said: "Master Bei you said these because I explicitly asked you, now please be honest with me."

Bei Haishi said: "Our Clan of eternal happiness has been involved in some shameful business but it was inevitable in given circumstances, otherwise how could have we managed the food and the cloths for thousands of our younger brothers and sister in the sect?

Fine…we are not the heroes as everyone expects we should be but what good are those stinking morality and virtues if the mothers and sisters are starving. Well if a subordinate was doing something wrong than I didn’t
help him but….let’s say we didn’t pay any attention so as to maintain harmony and friendliness among the brothers in the sect."

Shi Potian reddens all over the face immediately and felt ashamed as he remembered that Wan Xiangzhu tried to assassinate him that evening when he was recuperating. He in fact accused him of enticing his wife and Shi Potian understood that he might have rightly accused him.

Bei Haishi also said: "Master Ding Busan is really a strange person and his martial arts skills are also extremely high. Bangzhu I advice you to abandon his granddaughter or I think you will be in trouble, although we are not afraid of him but still he is a powerful enemy which we don’t want at this moment. "

Shi Potian said quickly: "How cam I leave Ding Guniang?"

Bei Haishi smiled and said: "Bangzhu when you like a girl then you treasure her with all your heart and life but I am afraid you don’t have much patience will these girls. Bangzhu you two people are just intimate but nothing else, it isn’t as if you two have bowed in front of heaven and earth and have married or something. It will be better to avoid her."

Shi Potian said: "But ......But I actually bowed to Heaven and Earth and got married with her."

Bei Haishi said: "At that time you were recovering from a serious sickness and your memory was blurry. I have seen that people forget things and don’t remember correctly after this kind of serious illness."

Shi Potian knitted his brows and found it hard to reply for a while.

Bei Haishi thought that its time to stop talking about this matter so he changed the topic and said: "When the Guangdong people saw you, they were really happy to see you; in fact they started to praise you, their demeanor softened and started saying Bangzhu is this and Bangzhu is that
….. They were singing praise of the virtues and the righteousness of Bangzhu and talking about your extraordinary martial art skills… I don’t understand this matter."
Shi Potian told him how he fought with Ding Busi and saved their life numerous times and how they threw a banquet to his honor. The Guangdong people had already praised Shi Potian and his martial art skill and now after listening about the fight with Ding Busi, Bei Haishi was quite surprised and immediately asked how he managed to improve his martial art skill that much. Shi Potian himself was at loss and couldn’t reply.

Bei Haishi actually thought that he is not willing to say anything about this matter so he didn’t pursued this matter and said: "These people also have some fame in the martial arts world. Bangzhu now that you have helped them so they now a obligation for you. You can seize this opportunity to boss around. I think if they ask about Situ Bangzhu in front of the entire sect then you can simply say that Situ Bangzhu has given the command of the clan to you and have retired and have retreated in seclusion. To tell them about that entire episode wouldn’t be such a nice idea and we should try to avoid that uncomfortable situation. In addition telling them the truth won’t be any advantage to anybody but might only escalate more feuds between us."

Shi Potian nodded and said:" As you say master Bei."

Two people then started idle talk for some moment. Bei Haishi started reporting about the sect matters. He gave the details of the various sect activities. He reported Shi Potian about all the punishments he gave in the clan and the changes in the steward personnel, he told which village has sent how many silvers and rice, what money has he received from the wharf for these many months.

Shi Potian was perplexed about that much information but he simply kept saying yes and kept on listening. Bei Haishi further mentioned some of the achievements of some people, he mentioned about some dishonorable deal which came in the light and said that the greenwood villages have delivered the money, pearls, jades and grain to the clan of eternal happiness.

Shi Potian kept on listening but didn’t understood most of the things and didn’t know what to reply.
In the evening a big banquet was thrown by the clan and the entire Guandong group was invited by Shi Potian with Bei Haishi accompanying him on his right hand seat.

The wine went on for three rounds and various people spoke some modesties. Fan Yifei said: "Benefactor Shi has great ability, he has reorganized the clan of eternal happiness and now it’s so prosperous. Brother Situ always wanted it this way."

Bei Haishi said: "Situ Bangzhu was the one who planted the seeds at that time, but now it’s us who are enjoying the goods but these are trivial sect matters, we do not dare to talk about them."

Fan Yifei was just looking for an excuse to again inquire about Situ Bangzhu. Suddenly he saw the subordinate from tiger hall; Fu Xiangzhu arrived at side of Bei Haishi in a hurry and whispered something in his ear.

Bei Haishi smiled and nodded, he said: "it’s good, it is really very good."

He turned his head towards Shi Potian and said: "Bangzhu I am really pleased to inform you that we have captured the disciples of the Snow mountain sect. These two people have come from the Ling Xiao city to rescue the other disciples of Snow mountain sect we have earlier captured. We actually knew that something like this will happens and were just waiting for the bird to walk itself in the net. We had just caught both of them just a few moments ago."

Shi Potian was startled, he said: "We have captured Snow Mountain disciples?"

Bei Haishi smiled and said: "Previous when that Bai Wanjian came here with his disciple and left with you Bangzhu, we were really worried and only feared that they might treat you unkindly, so. "

Bei Haishi didn’t want to say in front of Guangdong people that Bai Wanjian in fact kidnapped Shi Potian in front of everyone and carried him away so he talked ambiguously about that situation and said: "Our entire gang went out to inquire the whereabouts of Bangzhu, Unexpectedly we
bumped in to a group of Snow mountain disciples near Anhui and after a small fight we captured them all, it was only a pity that Bai Wanjian was not there."

Dingdang suddenly asked: "Did that lady Hua Wanzi was also among them?"

Bei Haishi smiled and said: "of course she was in the first batch of people we seized in the sect itself, Ding Guniang was also here at that time, isn’t it? That time altogether we captured about seven people."

Fan Yifei thought in his hearts with amazement: "Snow mountain sect has as illustrious prestige in the martial art realm; unexpectedly they were routed by the clan of eternal happiness."

Bei Haishi also said: "We interrogated the disciples of the Sow mountain sect about the whereabouts of Bangzhu. Everybody said that Bangzhu left that temple of the village god in the evening and after that no one has seen him again. Once everyone heard that Bangzhu is well then we all were relieved, now what about these Snow mountain sect disciples, they were here to kill Bangzhu, so what punishment should be given to them?"

Shi Potian deliberately considered: "Father and mother said that I once did obeisance to the Snow mountain sect and accepted them as my school. That way these Snow mountain disciples are my brothers, how can I punish them, forget about the thought of killing."

He said: "We and Snow mountain sect have some misunderstanding, now
…. convert......" he tried to speak an idiom but couldn’t remember it and thought for a while.

Bei Haishi pitched in and said: "Convert an enemy into a friend."

Shi Potian said: "Yes, converts an enemy into a friend! Master Bei, I wants to release then and asks them to drink together, is it good master Bei?"

He did not know whether in the martial arts world this is an acceptable custom so he wanted to confirm with Bei Haishi. He also asked because he
knew that they had put a lot of effort to capture so many of Snow mountain disciples and at least he can get his approval rather than acting on his own authority. Although other people revere him to be their sect leader but still he wanted to take everyone in his trust rather then just ordering them to comply with his verbal command.

Bei Haishi smiles said: "Bangzhu is really broad-minded and generous. It is surely a fine precedent in martial arts realm." He then told: "Sends some person to bring in the Snow mountain disciples."

The sub-ordinates complied immediately and soon they came back with the two detained Snow mountain disciples. Both were wearing white clothing. Those two people have their hands tied behind the back and had many bloodstains on their white cloths. Obviously there was a fierce fight and both people were injured.

That sub-ordinate shouted: "Go forward and bow in front of Bangzhu."

That middle-aged person glared at Shi Potian as other sect members started abusing him. He too shouted: "You shameless killer! You do these kinds of evil, you thief, robber, its time to face retribution for the crime, waits for my master to come, he will tear you all in shreds and avenge for me."

Suddenly they heard a loud sound from outside the window and Wangba Dan said in a loud voice: "Younger brother, I really liked your abuse, this guy is really a dog and bastard." But they heard the sound of shackles as about twenty Snow mountain sect people came inside the hall. They were wearing handcuffs in their hand and shackles in their legs but still they entered hall fearlessly.

Geng Wanzhong, Huyan Wanshan, Feng Wanfu, Ke Wanjun, Wang Wanren, Hua Wanzi and several others were among the captured people. Wang Wanren came inside through the gate and said: "You bastard…" and started cursing unceasingly.

Some said: "If we had swords and spears in our hand than we would have killed this young thief right here."
Fan Yifei thought in his heart: "If they have captured these kinds of people than it isn’t anything to be proud of."

Bei Haishi glanced towards the Guangdong people and understood that they are thinking of them as cowards because they have shackled these people so he immediately left his seat and said with a smile: "In Anhui we have to capture all the people this way not because we were concerned about their martial art skill but because we concerned about well being of Bangzhu and that’s why we didn’t resorted to injure anyone gravely but obviously you people don’ accept your defeat and still think of clan of eternal happiness as dirty worm-infested dog. Everyone here obviously in his heart refuses to accept our victory so let’s do one thing. I will give you ten moves, so as long as clan of eternal happiness is not able to catch you within ten moves then we are really dirty worm-infested dogs."

On the day when clan of eternal happiness fought with Snow mountain people and captured them, at that time Bei Haishi displayed five lines of six people and started to attack. Ke Wanjun and others cannot get away even two-three moves at that time so ten moves was indeed a tall order. The newly captured Snow mountain disciple actually didn’t know about that and he just saw a thin sick looking old man in front of him so he thought why should I be frightened?

He called out immediately: "Your clan of eternal happiness is just relying on its numbers for the victory, what great is that? Let us alone have ten moves, or even if you want hundred moves then so be it."

Bei Haishi said with a smile: "Is very good, is very good! This brother has real courage and is really excellent. We then make a bet, if you meet my ten moves then clan of eternal happiness is a dirty worm-infested dog however if you lose in the ten moves then your snow mountain sect is dirty worm- infested dog, is that good?"

As he said these words, he moved his hands and towards him and broke the thick hemp ropes which were tying his hands in a single stroke and said with a smile: "Please!"
That person was tied up with these ropes for quite some time now and he has tries a lot to break free of them and have struggled many time so he knew that these hemp ropes were very tenacious, but when he saw that this sick looking person has broken the rope with a superficial stoke as if he was breaking a noodle, he was really frightened. Instantly, his complexion changed, his body started trembling and he didn’t dare to challenge Bei Haishi.

Suddenly they heard another sound from outside the hall, someone said: "Is very good, is very good! I accept this bet!"

The Snow mountain disciple heard this sound and immediately their facial expression changed, on the other hand the people from clan of eternal happiness were all surprised, and now the facial expression of Bei Haishi changed.

They heard the sound of something striking the gate and it opened. They saw a highly dignified and heroic looking person coming in; it was indeed 'Frost of the North-west" Bai Wanjian. He held his fist in the other hand to greet them and said: "I don’t have much talent but still I will like to meet your ten moves master Bei"

Bei Haishi showed a faint smile, he looked calm but under his heart he actually felt really awkward. Although he knew that he can defeat Bai Wanjian in martial arts but it won’t be possible to do this in ten moves, even a hundred moves was also less to subdue him.

He said with a smile: "Ten moves of gambling against the chivalrous ‘frost of the north-west’, it won’t be a nice gamble. We have to change the rules now. If master Bai Wanjian himself is interested than we have to look for at least 300 moves to decide the victory or defeat!"

Bai Wanjian said: "Originally Master Bei you yourself have said these words, now you not keeping your promise."

Bei Haishi said with a smile: "Ten moves of gambling are fine for this mean and extremely arrogant ignorant youth but not for a chivalrous veteran martial art expert like you."
Bai Wanjian said: "If clan of eternal happiness accepts itself as a dirty worm-infested dog then I don’t have any problem with that. Obviously you are accepting that your martial art skills are below this mean and extremely arrogant ignorant person isn’t it?"

When he entered the hall, he saw Shi Potian beaming and buoyant sitting on the mat and numerous fellow standing in handcuffs and shackles, looking thinly and pale, under his heart he was really angry but still he exchanged few words with Bei Haishi and scolded the sect in front of everyone.

Again they heard some noise coming from the outside of the door; suddenly they heard a loud voice: "Songjiang government officer Yang Guang, master of Xian Su manor Shi Qing and Lady Min Rou are paying a visit." They heard the sound of Shi Qing.

As soon as Shi Potian heard his father’s voice, he felt great happiness and leapt up like a spring and called out: "Father, Mother!"

As soon as Shi Potian heard his father’s voice, he felt great happiness and leapt up like a spring and called out: "Father, Mother. He rushed towards them but as he glided gently and swiftly nearby Bai Wanjian.

Bai Wanjian moved his hand in a subtle move and tried to harm Shi Potian.

This move was extremely quick and also highly unexpected. Shi Potian was too eager to meet his parents and anyway he didn’t have any time to defend so he flung his arm with real strength along with his strong internal strength. Suddenly it was Bai Wanjian who felt severe pain in his arm as if thousands of pins have been inserted all at once and his hand went numb. He at once moved back two steps and stood firm but his face lost all its color.

He only saw Bei Haishi smiling and saying: "Really superb martial art skill!"

However the way he was saying these words meant that not only is he praising Shi Potian but also deriding Bai Wanjian as if saying his skills are low and unrefined."
Everyone saw Shi Potian beaming with joy as he accompanied the Shi couple inside the hall, along side them they saw another old person of big stature, he was walking in the middle followed by five more people. Zhenjiang and Songjiang are not to far so obviously the people from clan of eternal happiness knew about this hero from the south of Yangtze River. He was silver halberd Yang Guang. Shi Potian was calling the Shi Qing couple father and mother. Min Rou held his hand and the way both were talking looked really close so everyone stood up to greet them.

Min Rou raises her head to look at her son and smiled, she said: "Yesterday morning you disappeared after that meeting in the inn, I was anxious what happened. Your father actually was concerned about your safety and actually said that if some people have not abducted you so we came to clan of eternal happiness to enquire about you and you really are here."

Dingdang saw the Shi couple her face turned red. She actually didn’t dare to look at them but still raises up her ear and listened attentively to what they are saying.

She only heard Shi Potian introducing the Shi couple and Yang Guang to Bei Haishi, Fan Yifei and Lu Zhengping one by one. Yang Guang and the other five people accompanying them were also famous masters from that region so everyone from clan of eternal happiness too greeted them. Various people in the martial arts world had heard the name of these people and someone will say "has heard so much about you and glad to meet you" and exchanged this and all other pleasantries among themselves for a long period of time.

When fan Yifei heard that Shi couple were Shi Potian’s parent so he was extremely polite and respectful towards them. Shi Qing didn’t know him but seeing his more than usual politeness, returned the compliment and treated his with twice more humility and respect.

Bei Haishi suddenly saw the parents of Shi Potian coming out and these two people were not some ordinary people but the famous Shi couple of the Xian Su manor, he was surprised and in fact didn’t know what to do.
Shi Potian said to Bei Haishi: "Master Bei, these Snow mountain sect people, where do we put them?" He did not wanted to give a verbal command directly so he asked Bei Haishi to make the decision.

Bei Haishi said with a smile: "As Bangzhu has already decided, we will release these "heroes" from the Snow mountain sect." He put emphasis on the word "heroes" and said these three characters with resoundingly, obviously to ridicule them in front of everyone. He asked around ten people to go and come up with keys to open the handcuffs and shackles. Those people went out immediately and came back with the key and moved to release all the people from the Snow mountain sect from their chains.

Bai Wanjian pressed his sword hilt and said loudly: "Holds on a minute! Shi......Humph, Shi Bangzhu, master Bei, master Yang Guang, master Shi Qing and Lady Min Rou, we have words to explain, he said: "In our martial arts realm if someone is not good enough then he can take his own life with his sword and spear but won’t lose his face in front of the opposite party. I will prefer to die with a sword in hand then to lose honor and won’t regret even one bit but clan of eternal happiness has seized my people with treachery. They have used mean and shameless methods to damage the prestige of Snow mountain sect. Do you really think clan of eternal happiness can enhance its reputation by these deeds?

This master Bei also said something just now, before you people came, maybe you people will like to hear it."

Bei Haishi coughed and said with a smile: "This Brother Bai      "

Bai Wanjian said fiercely: "Who is now a dirty worm infested dog! Are you concerned about your face in martial art realm?"

Bei Haishi said: "Our Shi Bangzhu      "

Shi Qing interrupted him and said: "Master Bei, my child is really young, his knowledge is shallow, and how can it be possible that he is the sect leader of such a big sect?
He has just recovered from a very serious sickness and has forgotten all the past events. There is some significant misunderstanding, these two characters "Bangzhu", it doesn’t look right. This is why I have invited the old hero master Yang Guang and other friends to come at an understanding and resolve this matter.

Master Bai, we are here in clan of eternal happiness to resolve this issue. My unfilial child has already offended you once. These two matters are separate and deserved to be discussed separately. I am known in the entire martial art realm and my word do have some weight and won’t say a lie. My child has really completely forgotten the past events."

He again said in a clear and resonant voice: "However, as long as is he had done the matter, no matter he remembers it or not then he will not dare to shirk the responsibility for any offense. I just want to borrow some time to resolve all the matters."

In the several martial experts were present but no one expected that Shi Qing will these kinds of words and in fact there was a ghostly silence in the hall as he said these words.

Bei Haishi said with a dry smile: "Heh heh, heh heh, do you really know what you are saying? Shi Bangzhu " In his heart however he grumbled.

Shi Potian shook his head and said: "What my father says is correct. I am not your Bangzhu, I have said it many times but no one believes me."

Fan Yifei said: "I don’t know what the truth is behind this entire thing but I will like brothers in the hall to listen to my words. As far as we know the sect leader for clan of eternal happiness is Situ Bangzhu only, now I don’t know how brother Shi ended up as the sect leader?"

Yang Guang has not said much until now but he understood that this is the moment he should speak so he said: "Master Bai, please don’t be impatient, who is who and who is not, we can decide this matter in front of everyone" Although he old still when he spoke his voice rang like a mighty bell. As he spoke, his words depicted the power and personality of him and no one dared to refuse him. He said: "All this matter of sentiments can be
explained later; first we should free the brothers and sisters from Snow Mountain sect from their chains."

The people from clan of eternal happiness looked towards Bei Haishi and he nodded so immediately they used their keys to open shackles and freed the Snow Mountain disciples one by one.

Bai Wanjian listened to Shi Qing and Yang Guang coming and greeting people. He had come to clan of eternal happiness to rescue his younger brother and sisters. He couldn’t help himself to restrain and started ridiculing Bei Haishi in front of everyone as he came. Actually numerous fellow disciples were chained in front of him and he wasn’t able to help them. So he scolded Bei Haishi and challenged him for the duel. He was already bracing himself for worst possible scenario as he had no alternative. The Snow mountain sect already has lost their face in front of them and even if his body suffered, even if he was cut in to pieces but he still this time he wasn’t willing to suppress his pride.

Unexpectedly the Shi Qing couple came along with Yang Guang suddenly and the circumstances changed in his favor; however he didn’t talk too much immediately and observed calmly how Bei Haishi is going to deal with these people.

Shi Qing waited for some time so that the Snow mountain disciples can get out of their chains and took a seat. He said: "Master Bei, this young child at such a little age, with almost no experience, how can he take the leadership of such a big sect as clan of eternal happiness. Aren’t you mocking all the heroes present here?

Today we have the Old silver halberd master Yang Guang, master Bai and snow mountain sect disciples, the various honorable sect leaders from the Guangdong. I will like to hear the explanation in front of everyone. We have been roaming in the martial art realm for so many years and we too know how this world works, one person does deed and another person have to pay for that. I suspect that some other people are running the sect in the name of my child and he is a victim of some conspiracy."
Bei Haishi said with a smile: "I am not able to understand any of your words master Shi Qing. Shi Bangzhu is the leader of the sect for past three years, it isn’t a matter of a single day.…coughs …by no means      We have
heard the name of the famous master Shi Qing and lady min Rou from the Xuansu manor.....Coughs      we didn’t know that you two are the parents of

He turned his head towards Shi Potian and said: "Bangzhu, if you didn’t tell us that these are your honorable parent, didn't you? Otherwise we would have certainly asked your parents to attend the ceremony when you assumed the leadership of the sect."

Shi Potian said: "I ......I I did not know."

Everyone was quite surprised when he said these words. Someone asked: "How can you not know?"

Shi Qing said: "My son went through a very serious illness; he has forgotten about all the past matters and can’t even remember his parents, please don’t blame him."

Bei Haishi found it pretty difficult to answer Shi Qing at first. The entire clan of eternal happiness has accepted Shi Potian as their sect leader because he has raised the matter of the invitation of "command of reward and happiness" and in fact accepted it. Everyone knew it his heart but obviously no one was going to speak about it directly. Also why should they talk about their internal matters of sect in front of bystanders?

Suddenly he heard Shi Potian saying that he did not know that Shi Qing couple are his parents. He changed the thread of conversation immediately and said: "Bangzhu contracted a serious illness sometimes back, it is true. He was suffering from cold and hot energy streams but that was only more than two months of ago matter. When he came to clan of eternal happiness, he was extremely fit, intelligent and bright otherwise how would he have defeated the famous ‘Eight claw octopus’ Situ Bangzhu and taken the position of sect leader."
Shi Qing and Min Rou had not listened about this matter from their son and were really surprised.

Min Rou asked: "Son; is this matter true?"

The entire Guangdong crowd also looked towards Shi Potian to listen the truth about this matter.

Bei Haishi said: "We always had this knowledge that Bangzhu is surnamed Shi but if you break the words then …. (…some play of word again regarding characters in Zhong Yu and Shi Potian). Are you sure master Shi that he is your son?

Min Rou said: "this is my son and he has learned the principle of admitting mistakes?" Although she was usually polite and courteous but when Bei Haishi implied that Shi Potian was not their son than she couldn’t help herself and spoke in an angry voice.

Shi Qing saw that it’s pretty difficult to argue with Bei Haishi as he keeps on changing the original matter so it will be better to come straight to the point. He said: "Master Bei, I think there is a conspiracy going on here in your esteemed sect and my son is a ignorant youth is been a victim of it. Actually it’s really is a clever strategy to borrow his poor life to save your own lives. You people are afraid that your sect will get an invitation from envoys of command of reward and punishment that is why you have made my son your sect leader, Am I not correct?"

Shi Qing came straight to the point and spoke frankly. In his heart Bei Haishi was raged but tried to keep his calm. His face also changed its color and he coughed several times. He smiled bitterly for some time, buying some time so he can say something in reply.

Suddenly they heard a loud voice of someone laughing and heard a voice: "Everybody is waiting for an invitation from island of heroes? Good, very good, we are here!"

Everyone in the hall stood up suddenly as they saw two people coming in. One person was fat and the other one thin, their clothing and personal
adornments were magnificent and expensive. These two people arrived and everyone was taken aback by their sudden intrusion.

Shi Potian saw these two people and was very happy in his heart and called out: "Eldest brother, second brother. I haven’t seen you for such a long time, how are you?"

Shi Qing couple has once listened to him mention about these two people and how he swore brotherhood with both these people but when he pronounced "eldest brother and second brother" they were really startled.

Shi Qing said: "So you two have come. I was explaining some things about the clan of eternal happiness. I think you people have come at the right time."

At this time Shi Potian had arrived in front of both people and held his hand and talked to them really intimately.

Zhang San smiled and said: "Brother, so you are the sect leader of this clan of eternal happiness, I am afraid it’s not true isn’t it?"

Min Rou thought that her child's life and death were hanging in balance and she couldn’t restrain herself and said politely immediately: "Yes! The sect leader of clan of eternal happiness is Situ Bangzhu but they have deceived my child to keep off this disaster. Please consider this matter seriously."

Zhang San asked to Li Si: "Second brother, what do you say?"

Li Si kept a sad expression on his face and said: "We have to invite the most deserving person."

Zhang San chuckled and said: "Yes, we three people have sworn brotherhood and have sworn to share the happiness and the sorrows. This clan of eternal happiness wants to keep off the disaster, now this is an interesting situation?"

All the various masters in the hall saw the skill with which Zhang San and Li Si entered the hall and instantly knew that their martial art skill was
much higher. Also these two people have shaken the martial art realm for past thirty years and their presence was really imposing. Everyone lost the color of their face as they witnessed them personally. Bei Haishi and Bai Wanjian were also respected martial art exponents but still they also couldn’t restrain the thumping of their heart. However as they listened the talk between them they were really unsure about Shi Potian and their relation.

Zhang San also said: "We two brothers' follow orders to ask people to invite them to the island of heroes but we have good intention in our heart. I don’t know why people are not willing to accept our invitation. If someone refuses us then we get extremely disappointed. It’s not that we invite only the big and reputed sect leaders. We invite the leaders from big sects and small sect both. This is very good, is very good, is very good!"

He said continually these three words "is very good" and looked around.

He looked towards the Guangdong people and saw Lu Zhengping, Fan Yifei, Feng Liang and Gao San Niangzi and knew that these people too are really scared.

When he looked at Gao San Niangzi, he stared her for a moment and said grinningly:"Is very good!"

Fan Yifei guessed that he has now noticed them so they will also get the invitation now.

Zhang San again said "is very good" a couple of times and thought that its good that he met these people here or he has to climb several mountains and have to cross numerous rivers to find them.

Gao San Niangzi said loudly: "You are staring at me continually and saying "is very good", what does that mean?"

Zhang San laughed and said: "what other meaning can ‘is very good ’ have? If I say ‘is very good ‘than obviously it means that I am appreciating something and that’s it."
Gao San Niangzi shouted: "You must kill then kill; this old lady will not accept your bronze medals!" She moved her right hand and with a whistling sound, two short knives moved towards Zhang San.

The people were startled and couldn’t understand why she was attacking despite no formal invitation. In fact they never expected that she wasn’t afraid of these two envoys of ‘Command of reward and punishment’.

Actually although Gao San Niangzi was hot tempered, but she didn’t made this move without thinking. She knew that once these two people are here so obviously they will be invited to island of heroes and they can’t refuse and this disaster can’t be avoided now but she thought that if all the people in the hall unite against the common enemy then they have a chance. She thought that if clan of eternal happiness, the Guangdong sects, the Snow mountain sect, Old silver halberd Yang Guang and Shi couple all unite then they can defeat them just by the virtue of overwhelming numerical strength.

Shi Potian called out: "Elder brother, careful!"

Zhang San said with a smile: "It is not in the way!" as he had already wielded his sleeves lightly and the two bronze medals flew from his sleeve in the direction of those short knives. The two bronze medals collided with the short knives but still maintained their direction and hit Gao San Niangzi on her out-stretched hands.

The bronze medals were traveling at great speed. As soon as Gao San Niangzi got hit she felt as if entire upper body was hit by thousands of pins. Her hands felt numb and started shaking with pain. She lowered her head and tried to breathe but felt as if he was sucking icy cold air. She felt as if these bronze medals are sucking life out of her body.

She had already listened that if people accept the invitation than they are rewarded but if they refused then are punished harshly. She tried to hold those two bronze medals and tried to consent that she was accepting the invitation but she couldn’t move her body.
She said with a dry humor: "Ha, he wants me to.....I ......I will go to the island of heroes….and will eat ....that meat gruel..." Her sound was barely audible and extremely bitter and astringent and other people found it really uncomfortable.

Zhang San was still grinning, he said: "master Bei, you are running this sect and deceiving my brother to pretend to be the leader of this sect. He is an upright honest person and was swindled unavoidably. I and Elder brother Li Si are honest people. If we have to invite the sect leader than how can we invite someone else? If I invited some other person by mistake then what kind of a huge joke will we be? Zhang San and Li Si will lose their face in the martial art realm. This why we investigated this matter really carefully, and have poured huge effort and then only we came here. Brother, do we ask the Bangzhu to come down and accept the invitation?"

Li Si said: "Good, ask him to come down."

He puts out his hand to hold two round stools and threw them at the roof.

They heard a loud sound as the roof dislodge and a big hole appeared immediately. The silt fell numerously and people scattered here and there to avoid the falling debris.

Suddenly the group of people moved aside as if by prior agreement when unexpectedly a person fell in the hall from the roof. This person curled up in same place.

Li Si pointed his left hand index finger towards that person and with a shoo sound; he unblocked the acu-point of that person. That person slowly moved and stood up; he puts out his hand to rub his eyes and looked in all directions.

However the people called out in alarm with one voice, some said: "He, he!"

Some said: "What's wrong ......How      ?"

Some said: "Strange      it really is!"
The people saw that Li Si Ling unblocked the acu-points of that person from a distance without even touching it. This was a profound martial art. No one has ever witnessed such type of thing or even heard about it. They were panic-stricken endlessly but then they saw another Shi Potian standing in front of them, wearing nice fine silks, his cloths were truly magnificent but had a shocked expression in his face.

Then only they heard him saying in surprise: "You    Who are you?"

Zhang San said with a smile: "Shi Bangzhu, you were hiding in a Yangzhou brothel, for several months now, lucky to be in such a boundless love. Master Bei and rest of them looked for you everywhere and couldn’t found you so they asked someone else to pretend as the Bangzhu of this sect but you can’t hide the truth from the envoys of ‘Command of reward and punishment’. We are inviting you to come to island of heroes and eat Eight meat gruel. Are you accepting our invitation?"

As he said these words he took out two bronze medals from his sleeve and held it his hand.

That person got really scared, he drew back a couple of steps, flutters and said: "I I won’t go. How can I go?"

Shi Potian said: "Elder brother, this     what is this matter about?"

Zhang San said with a smile: "Brother, do you know this person who has the same face as yours? This person is the sect leader of the clan of the eternal happiness. When this person went in to hiding than the clan was desperate to get someone who can accept our invitation so they presented you as their Bangzhu while this person was hiding quietly. Master Bei has no other alternative, so he deceived you to replace him and presented you as their sect leader, but your eldest brother and second brother has clutched this person, so you won’t have to be the Bangzhu for this clan. Now you can’t blame us, isn’t it?"

Shi Potian shook his head and looked steadily at that person, thought something for a long time and said: "Mother, father, Dingdang, master Bei,
I ......I have already told you several times that but you won’t believe me. He, he He is the real one."

Min Rou rushes ahead one step, fluttered and said: "You ......Are you Yu’er?"

That person nodded and said: "Mother, father, I am here."

Bai Wanjian stepped one step and asked: "Do you also recognize me?"

That person lowered his head and said: "Bai Shishu.....fellow disciples …I recognize you all"

Bai Wanjian sneered and said: "We too are here."

Bei Haishi knits his brows and said: "These two people have similar appearances, their height and age is also same, but one is the Bangzhu of the clan of eternal happiness. I won’t be able to recognize the real one. This seriously is a big world, every thing is possible, and it’s really strange… You You are Shi Bangzhu, isn’t it?"

That person nodded.

Bei Haishi said: "Recently, Bangzhu suddenly disappeared? We looked for him everywhere. Afterwards some people saw this ......this youth, and said that he is on the skyscraping cliff, so we then went there to invite him, coughed ......Cannot think truly ......Coughs it’s actually a long story."

The hall suddenly went silent and the people looked at Shi Potian, then take a look at Shi Zhong Yu, two people have quite a similar appearances but if you put them side by side than they were greatly different too. Shi Potian had a slightly dark complexion, his eyebrow were thick, and was inferior to Shi Bangzhu in looks. Shi Bangzhu was extremely handsome person but obviously these were subtle details and not that easy to distinguish. Min Rou looked at both of them and couldn’t restrain herself from crying.

Bai Wanjian said: "Appearance may be the same but the sword scar on his leg, how can they be same, I think there is some serious misunderstanding

Dingdang also can’t restrain herself and said: "This person is false. Elder brother also had a scar on his left shoulder as well. "

Shi Qing was also suspecting these matters for some time so he said: "My child in his childhood once had injury on his buttock by a concealed weapon." He pointed towards Shi Potian and said: "This person has this injury scar on his buttocks. We have verified it once."

Now everyone was looking at Shi Potian and their mind filled with suspicion that who really this person is?

Zhang San said with a smile: "I already told you that these people has fabricated a story to make my brother Shi Bangzhu. Obviously to support their story they might have made those scars on his body when he was suffering from that grave sickness. We all know how good a physician ‘Bring back from death’ master Bei Haishi is?"

He went near the Shi Bangzhu suddenly and grabbed his dress at his shoulder and left leg. In a moment there were three holes in that person’s dress, at his shoulder, left leg and left buttock and revealed his snow white flesh. There were clearly three scars as mentioned by Shi Qing, Dingdang and Bai Wanjian.

The people called out: "Ohhh" as they were astonished with the essence of Zhang San’s martial art technique. He grasped him with such convenience and cut the holes in his dress but without injuring him. They saw that his scars were similar to one they saw on Shi Potian earlier when Bai Wanjian came.

Dingdang went ahead to Shi Bangzhu and asked: "You ......You      really
are Elder brother Shi?"

That person smiled bitterly and said: "Dingdang, you don’t recognize me. I have not seen you for such a long time; I am suffering such heartache. You actually made me feel as if I am in seventh heaven. You don’t recognize me
still I won’t forget you even if we are separated for hundred years… thousand years….forever."

Dingdang listened to his words and knew that he in fact is his lover and started sobbing and said: "You ......You are really are my elder brother Shi. He ......this hateful swindler, He can’t even say simple cordial words? I was deceived by him!"

As she said these words to Shi Bangzhu, she reached with her hand and clasped his hand and held him tightly, he showed a faint smile to her. Dingdang felt as if a nice spring breeze was flowing and felt extremely happy.

Shi Potian stepped forward two steps and said: "Dingdang, I already told you several times that I am not your elder brother Shi, you .....You never believed me?"

Suddenly he heard a sound and his face was burning near his cheek.

Dingdang slapped him and said: "You are a swindler, oh, oh!" As she said these words she felt a deep agonizing pain in her palm. As she slapped Shi Potian, she also received an injury because of his higher internal energy. She shook her palm with extreme pain.

Shi Potian said: "You     You are feeling pain in your palm?"

Dingdang gets more angry and said: "You are such a swindler; I don’t want to see your face!"

Shi Potian felt dejected and muttered: "I ......I intentionally did not deceive you."

Dingdang said angrily: "if it wasn’t intentional what it was? Your shoulder scar was fabricated and you didn’t tell about it, did you?"

Shi Potian shook his head saying: "I did not know!"

She stamped her foot and said: "Swindler, swindler, you get out of the way!" Her face flushed red.
Shi Potian got really sad and teardrops rolled from his eyes. He couldn’t restrain himself and drew back.

Shi Qing turned his head towards Bei Haishi and asked: "Master Bei, this
......this young man, where did you found him? It’s really hard to plant someone as a sect leader of such a reputable sect. In the martial arts realm there are so many friends and acquaintance but still you managed to do it. Please explain so we actually know what happened."

Bei Haishi said: "This person has a similar facial appearance as Shi Bangzhu and they look entirely alike. You manor master Shi Qing and lady Min Rou are the parents of Shi Bangzhu but you didn’t distinguish then as a bystander I have to admit my mistakes, actually it wonder we didn’t managed to recognize him?"

Shi Qing nodded in front of everyone but still had doubts in his mind but didn’t say anything.

Min Rou said: "My husbands and I have not met my son for many years, he has grown up a lot and it’s not easy to identify. However you master Bei are with him for so many years now, you meeting him on daily basis but still you didn’t recognize. You are a very astute person master Bei; I don’t think you have admitted your mistake yet."

Bei Haishi coughs several times, forced a smile and said: "This      This
also not necessarily true."

That day in the skyscraping cliff when he saw Shi Potian, he knew at the first glance that this person was not Shi Bangzhu but his looks at quite similar to him. He was looking for Shi Bangzhu everywhere but apparently he was not able to find him. Suddenly a he got an idea to plant this person as the Bangzhu. Shi Potian was really ignorant and easy to manipulate but he cannot acknowledge these thing in front of everyone so he said: "Shi Bangzhu took over the leadership of the clan of eternal happiness by defeating Situ Bangzhu in front of entire sect. You people are saying that I planted him as sect leader. I don’t understand this word "planted"…how does this comes in to picture?"
Shi ZhongYu said: "Master Bei, if the matter has come to this point then, no need to conceal anything. That day I offended you in the Huai’An mansion. You said you will forgive my life and won’t say about this matter to anyone and asked me join the clan of eternal happiness. You asked me to ask Situ Bangzhu in the presence of everyone, why he compelled He Xiangzhu to commit suicide, to ask him why he is not willing to meet the envoys of command of reward and punishment."

I asked him: "My martial art skills are pretty low, how can I face Situ Bangzhu?

He replied that he and numerous other clan members will close him down. After that incident in that hall actually all of you people fell down upon Situ Bangzhu and compelled him leave. Hereafter in all matters, haven’t I listened to your Master Bei?

If you wanted me to go east than how dare do I approach west? I felt really shackled and didn’t have the appetite for it so I ran away to Yangzhou and enjoyed my life in oblivion. After that I was seized by these two friends in here. They blocked my acupuncture point and put me on the roof. Master Bei, this clan of eternal happiness works as you want it to. I was merely a puppet for show. Please show mercy and exempt me." He was really eloquent and gave systematically the turn of events in his own version.

Bei Haishi’s complexion turned pale, he said: "What words did you say at the time you became the Bangzhu of this sect? At the last moment, you actually are reneging on a promise."

Shi ZhongYu said: "Oh, how dare could I refuse at that time? I was helpless and no one to support. Today in front of my parents and other masters I want to say truth."

He knew that the envoys of command of reward and punishment are already here. If he cannot push the blame on these people than he is finished, also he had his parents here, they might help him.

Mi Hengye said loudly: "Bangzhu, your words rather confuse right and wrong. You were the sect leader of this sect for three years, its not a matter
of days or weeks, you abused your power, you were merry making, mistreated women of respectable family, has master Bei forced you for that too? You kept on proclaiming to the numerous brothers that you will accept the invitation of command of reward and punishment and in fact you swore an oath to pledge this. If not for this why would numerous brothers from the sect allow you to deliberately create trouble?"

Shi ZhongYu found it hard to reply so he kept on talking to Bei Haishi and said with a smile: "master Bei, your skills are not small; I will live in seclusion and won’t annoy anyone now. You asked this boy to come out fortunately from somewhere. This boy's facial expression is similar to me too. He also likes pretending to be others then why asked me in the start to become Bangzhu? Father, mother, this place is really troublesome, we should depart early." He was fluent and clever compared to Shi Potian. The reality was anyone can easily identify them by the manner they speak.

Mi Hengye, Cheng Chong and other people from the clan of eternal happiness called out at the same time. Someone said fiercely: "You want to go out this hall, fine try it but it won’t be so easy." As he was saying these words everyone moved their hands towards their sword hilt.

Zhang San laughed aloud and said: "Shi Zhong Yu, Master Bei, we have opened this small window in the roof to speak some frank and straightforward words. Actually the reputation of your Situ Bangzhu and Shi Bangzhu is not that great, to be honest, you are not supposed to get the invitation to the island of heroes. Clan of eternal happiness have been dishonorable and wicked in many matters in the past many years, me and elder brother has arrived at your sect today to actually "punish" everyone and hoped that Shi Bangzhu will not actually accept the invitation but actually it’s out custom to invite at least once so I will ask once again, Shi Bangzhu, are you accepting the invitation to island of heroes? Good, extremely good, extremely good! You are not accepting it then!"

Bei Haishi and the rest of the people from clan of eternal happiness were shocked as if their heart popped in their mouth. They knew that if Shi ZhongYu doesn’t accept the invitation then they have to fight these people. After listening to this fat person, they actually understood that their primary intention obviously is to exterminate the clan of eternal happiness. The
enemy of the enemy is a friend but in this case if Shi ZhongYu is not willing to accept the invitation than, how is that good?

Instantly, in the hall there was not a single sound. Everybody was looking at Shi Zhong Yu.

Shi Potian said: "Master Bei, elder brother must not do as you have done earlier, it’s not good to kill so many people as you have done at the flying fish sect and the iron fork sect. There you exterminated each and every person. It doesn’t matter what good it does but please take down those bronze medals first, so as to avoid bloodshed. Both sides are good brothers and should talk and resolve this matter."

Bei Haishi said: "Yes, Shi Bangzhu, You don’t have any other alternative but to accept this bronze medal."

Shi Potian said to Shi ZhongYu: "Shi Bangzhu, you have to accept these bronze medals. If you accept than only you have to go to island of heroes but if you won’t than everyone will die along with you......Don't you have a heart?"

Shi ZhongYu sneers at him and said: "You ask me to generous to these people. Actually to say these words are easy but to walk the talk is a different matter altogether. You are already talking so much about justice and humanity that a Bangzhu should take responsibility and keep off the disaster to help the sect, so why don’t you yourself accept these two bronze medals? Now is it funny?"

Shi Potian sighed, looked at Shi Qing, Min Rou and Dingdang, and said: "Master Bei, numerous brothers and sister from the sect have their hopes on me that I will make this disaster disappear, I may not be the Bangzhu of this sect but I am ready to accept these bronze medals and the invitation to go to island of heroes!"

As he said these words he puts out a hand to take hold of the bronze medal.

As he said these words he puts out a hand to take hold of the bronze medal. People were completely stunned.
Zhang San took back his hand and said: "Hold on a minute!" He turned towards Bei Haishi and said: "this invitation of bronze medals to island of heroes is not for everyone, we can hand it only to the Bangzhu of a sect. Does your sect accept him as your Bangzhu?"

Bei Haishi and others could not believe that Shi Potian after seeing through various people's schemes and tricks is still willing to accept the invitation to save their lives. Although these people were crafty and fierce, but spontaneously everyone felt a sense of gratitude, and as if by prior agreement they bowed to salute to Shi Potian and said: "We are willing to present sect leadership to this chivalrous person, we will accept all his commands and won’t dare to disobeys." These words were actually said with extreme sincerity.

Shi Potian returned the salute and said: "Does not dare, does not dare! I didn’t understand the matter earlier and spoke incorrectly, please do not blame me that."

Bei Haishi and others said: "We don’t dare Bangzhu!"

Zhang San smiled and asked: "Brother, what is your surname?"

Shi Potian shook his head at loss and said: "I really did not know." He looked at Min Rou and Shi Qing and saw them looking at him with same look as if nothing has changed, he couldn’t restrain himself from getting emotional and said: "I am surnamed Shi!"

Zhang San said: "Good! Shi Bangzhu, please accept the invitation from the island of heroes to eat "Eight meat gruel" on the eight day of last month."

Shi Potian said: "I will visit both elder brothers on that day."

Zhang San said: "Depending on your martial art, you deserve to eat that bowl of gruel however it’s a pity that you are actually the Bangzhu of clan of eternal happiness."

Li Si shook his head and said: "it’s a pity, what a pity!"
They showed their disappointment to everyone as if saying that they are really disappointed that they didn’t get the opportunity to kill all the people of this sect. Bei Haishi and others lowered their head and did not dare to face the stare of Zhang San and Li Si.

Zhang San and Li Si looked at each other and nodded. Zhang San moved his right hand and threw the two bronze medals at Shi Potian. The bronze medals were pretty heavy, as he threw it towards him a swoosh sound was created but it moved in the air really slowly as if it is attached to a string. People again wondered about their extraordinary internal energy and skills, actually no one has seen or heard this kind of rare skills.

Everyone looked at Shi Potian. Min Rou called out suddenly: "Child, don’t accept it!"

Shi Potian said: "Mother, I have already consented."

He extended both his hands and caught the bronze medals, turned towards Shi Qing and said: "Father ......No .....Master Shi.....When you met your fellow disciples from the Shan Qing temple, you insisted on accepting the bronze medal and going to the island of heroes despite perfectly knowing the danger I have also learnt from you and will follow you."

Li Si said: "Good! This is a heroic gesture; we did not swear brotherhood with you in vain. Brother, we spoke these words in front of everyone and people might think that we are impartial towards you but we cannot look after you especially in the island of heroes."

Shi Potian said: "This is obvious."

Li Si said: "Here we also has several bronze medals, we are inviting master Fan Yifei and master Lu Zhengping to the island of heroes to eat "Eight meat gruel". Are you people accepting it?"

Fan Yifei looked at Gao San Niangzi and thought: "She has already seen the result after not accepting the bronze medals at first. At least one person of us is surviving. Anyway what’s the point of refusing now and then waiting in Guangdong for the total annihilation?"
He said immediately: "We are really indebted to be invited to the island of heroes by you two esteemed gentlemen, how can I surname Fan dare to forfeit? Also its still about two months for the last month, even if I refuse than still I get about two months to live….isn’t it."

He stepped up and received the bronze medals from his hands. Lu Zhengping too followed him and accepted the bronze medals.

Zhang San and Li Si held their fist in the other hand to salute and said: "Everyone accepted the initiation, many thanks."

He turned to Shi Potian and said: "Brother, we still had long journey, today we may not be able to drink with you together, and we will say our goodbye."

Shi Potian said: "We won’t drink three bowls of wine that might be well but we can at least drink from the bottle gourds, is it fine elder brother?"

Zhang San said with a smile: "Ohh...No! This kind of liquor is very difficult to get and if we finish it than we will have empty bottle gourds, now what good will that do? Good, younger brother, elder brother, we will drink three bowls of wine."

The people from clan of eternal happiness immediately brought wine for their Bangzhu and poured it in three bowls for Shi Potian, Zhang San and Li Si.

Shi Qing moved towards them and said in a loud voice: "We Shi Qing and Min Rou are people of low skills but still we will really appreciate if you can also invite us to the island of heroes to eat "eight meat gruel".

Zhang San thought: "For more than 30 years, in the martial arts world whenever someone hears about the invitation from the island of heroes than he is most frightened, today some people are unexpectedly voluntarily accepting the invitation, there is a first time for everything."

He said: "Master and madam Shi, I am really sorry. You two are from the Shan Qing sect and we have already invited the sect leader so we can’t
invite you separately, we can’t even invite old master Yang Guang."

Bai Wanjian asked: "you two still have a long journey to make, whether
......Whether you are going towards the Ling Xiao city?"

Zhang San said: "Master Bai predicts with great accuracy, we two people were just about to go to visit your father old Hero Master Bai."

The color left Bai Wanjian’s face immediately; he started to speak but hesitated, and after half a day, said: "Good."

Zhang San said with a smile: "Hero Bai, if you go quickly than maybe you will even have the opportunity to say Goodbye….ha haha haha!!"

He said his hand the two people turn around and slowly moved out.

Gao San Niangzi scolded: "these turtles …!" She again moved her left hand moved and she threw four short knives at the two people from behind. She knew perfectly well it will be really difficult to wound these two people, but in her heart, she was too angry and resentful towards them so she threw those knives.

She saw that these two knives almost reached their back and they were not conscious that they have been attacked.

As soon as Shi Potian saw it he called out: "Two elder brothers, be careful!"

They heard his voice both of them moved forward with amazing speed and the short knives moved outside the main gate and disappeared without a trace.

These short knives were special projectile weapons which when shot by hand gains enormous speed but the way these two people moved, they were faster than these projectiles and people were again shocked to see their skills and they looked at each other as if they had just seen a ghost and demon.

Gao San Niangzi still scolded: "turtles......", and said many abusive words but her voice was really low.
Shi ZhongYu took the hand of Dingdang and tried to slip through this gathering but as Gao San Niangzi threw her knives, everyone saw unconsciously towards the main gate and saw them leaving.

Bai Wanjian shouted fiercely: "Halt!"

He turned towards Shi Qing and said: "Master Shi, you confessed about your son sometimes back!"

Shi Qing said: "I have lived my life but now having such son ….what words can I say? Master Bai, we husband and wife will take our son to Ling Xiao city ourselves and he will face the punishment from old Master Bai."

Bai Wanjian and Snow Mountain disciples were all surprised. They thought that earlier these were ready to rescue their false son but now when they have met their real son then they have in fact consented to take him to the Ling Xiao city. Are they planning to cheat?

Min Rou looked at her husband; Shi Qing too looked at her. She looked really sad and mournful and he couldn’t endure to look at her again. He had already decided and didn’t want to have a second thought about this matter. He thought: "Originally we thought that our son is involved in some conspiracy and framed by these people from clan of eternal happiness and we will come and try to save him from this disaster, such moral behavior, oh!"

These two people met Shi Potian then he was recovering from that sickness. His memory wasn’t great and his speech too was also ridiculously childish but his instincts were sincere and innocent. As they spent more time together they understood that he really has a good heart and really liked him. Min Rou went ecstatic to meet her son. Shi Potian didn’t have much understanding of worldly affairs; she thought that this child was the same one who left them years ago. Unexpectedly when the real Shi Zhong Yu appeared, although the appearance was similar, his behavior was actually completely different. He was crafty and timid and they were really ashamed of him.
Min Rou was really disappointed with her son but still he was their own child, how could have she just leave her. She called out: "Son, come here!"

Shi Zhong Yu came near her, smiled and said: "Mother, I have met you after so many years, I really missed you. Mother, you are looking more and younger as you grow older, if anybody see you with me then they will think that you are my elder sister, not my biological mother."

Min Rou showed a faint smile but in her heart she thought: "This child is really glib." But she smiled to avoid showing her real emotions.

Shi Zhong Yu said: "Mother, several years back I once found a pair of blue jade bracelet, I always keep it me and thought that the moment I will meet you, I will gift you those." As he said these words he pulled out a pair of jade bracelet and a setting a pearl head ornament. He gave the jade bracelets to his mother and turned towards Dingdang and gave the pearl ornament to Dingdang.

Min Rou liked that jewelry a lot. It was really attractive but she understood that his son was a lecherous person and he carries these kinds of expensive gifts to lure girls and whenever he sees beautiful women than he will take out a present to win favor.

Shi Zhong Yu turned around and inserted the pearl head ornament on Dingdang’s hair, smiled and said in a low voice: "These hairs deserves ornaments ten times better but at present I don’t have anything else so you have to put up with it for the time being."

Dingdang felt really happy and said in a low voice: "Elder brothers Shi, you always say these words."

She put out her hands and gently stroked the pearl ornament and looked towards Shi Zhong Yu.

Bei Haishi coughed several times and said: "Old hero Yang Guang, Master Shi, Madam Min Rou, numerous heroes from Guangdong and Snow mountain sect, there was all sorts of misunderstanding and acrimony among us. Let’s drink wine and leave all these words and feuds behind."
But Shi Qing couple, Bai Wanjian, Fan Yifei, and everyone else each have their your concerns. They thought: "The disaster has just left your doors and you want to make merry, who is in the mood to drink your wine at this point of time?"

Bai Wanjian first said: "The two envoys of Island of heroes have just left for the Ling Xiao city, we must hurry back immediately. Master Bei, we apologize to decline your offer."

Shi Qing said: "We three people must also go together with the Snow mountain sect people."

Fan Yifei too said his goodbye and said that he must return Guangdong early, however he didn’t say it directly but people understood that they want to hurry back and take care of their sect matters before going to island of heroes.

The group said goodbye immediately to everyone. The face of Shi Potian turned pale as the visitors prepared to leave. He felt really miserable in his heart. He thought: "I told them earlier that they are making a mistake, I told to Dingdang, Master Shi, and Madam Min Rou, now I everyone is leaving. Suddenly it looks I am again alone in this world, yesterday I had a mother and father but now no one wants me, Dingdang doesn’t wants me, Grandma Shi doesn’t want me, A’Xiu doesn’t want me!"

Fan Yifei came to him and expressed his gratitude again and again.

Bai Wanjian said: "Shi Bangzhu, we have offended you several times, I don’t deserve it but still I request you to forgive me. Shi Bangzhu, you are a real chivalrous person, you helped us on the Azure mist island to fight against those evils. This time we are going but if we keep our life then we will come back and will become friends in the future"

Shi Potian said yes but in his heart he wanted to cry out aloud.

When Shi couple came to say their good bye, Shi Potian saw them with extreme sadness and melancholy. Min Rou saw him and felt really bitter in her heart. She wanted to say to him that they want them to accept him as
their adopted son but then she thought that he is now the Bangzhu of a reputed sect of the area south of Yangtze River. It wouldn’t be appropriate to say these words so she said: "Shi Bangzhu, earlier when we met, we husband and wife had mistaken you and really disrespected you, I only hope ......Only hope that we will be in good terms even after we say goodbye."

Shi Potian said: "Yes, yes!" He gazed as people departed. He kept on staring until the image of last person sublimated in the horizon.

Bei Haishi was ashamed and also extremely grateful. He and other people from the group didn’t manage to say anything to Shi Potian as they thought that he has accepted the bronze medals now and his last time is not that far. No one dare to speak in front of him and gave him his space. They thought that if the leader has the temperament to send himself to death for good of everyone then what else can one want?

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