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Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain Chapter 9.5 Snare

 Chapter 9.5 Snare 

Commissioner Sai was the one who had piqued Phoenix on his paralytic points. The two guardsmen were at a loss as to how to revivify him. Just as Fox was reaching out his hand to invigorate him, Phoenix channelled

energy appropriately within his internal system, thus taking the lead in resuscitating his own body. His limbs having been set free, Phoenix drew in a deep breath. By tucking in his midriff slightly, he had his paralytic points reinstated in a moment. Suddenly, without warning, his left foot swept up from the floor towards Spirituality the Buddhist Devotee and sent him

soaring like a rocket. Thrusting out his fist at the same instant, he threw a straight punch at an opponent, propelling him forward.

Fan the Ringleader, it may be remembered, who was sent plunging through the wooden partition by Sai the Commissioner a while before, struggled to pick himself up, after some time had lapsed. Just as he was

making his way back into the room through the hole in the panel, he was

smashed head-on by a flying comrade whom Phoenix sent plunging straight into him. Taking their comrade as adversaries, they each at once paraded their respective killer tricks, engaging themselves in a death grapple.

Though Spirituality the Buddhist Devotee had been sent flying by Phoenix whipping out his leg, he managed to survive the ordeal. After all, he was a renowned hero fighter of the Kunlun School, who had attained a unique level of martial ability. Whilst his body was in mid-air, Spirituality reversed his position by twisting around at the waist, pointing his head

again upward and his feet downward. In a flash, he landed on his posterior with a thump, sitting himself on the edge of the bed.

This acrobatic feat, brought off by Spirituality, inspired terror in Fox. As he was on the verge of rushing forward to shoulder Spirituality aside, a

strong gust of air suddenly swept across his front. Blades soon came hurling down on his right. Jiang the Senior Mentor in Pugilism and one of the guardsmen were now setting themselves against Fox. Fox easily warded off all the blows coming from the sentry, but had great difficulty absorbing the Dipper's Handle Pointing East emanating from Jiang the Senior Mentor in Pugilism. Planting his feet firmly on the ground, Fox channeled the strength in his body, thereby cushioning the move thrown at him by his assailant.

But moves of Unfathomable Pugilism unfolded by the elderly pugilist of the Absolute Lodge came plunging like a toppling wave, rippling in endless lines, one immediately following on another. Fox was baffled, unable to draw on any of his limbs to mount an offensive.

After plumping himself down on the bed's edge, Spirituality ripped off the half drawn gauze curtain with a swish, then bounded up in a leap. His right leaping foot chanced to catch the coverlet snugly wrapping round

Orchid, causing it to scrape aside and baring Orchid's maidenly bosom to manly eyes.

While engaging himself feverishly in a battle raging fast and furious,

Phoenix suddenly glimpsed a young lady sprawling on the bed, scantily

clad in a chemise, staring at him with a scarlet, shamed-filled face, but lying there still and motionless. It was his only child, his darling girl. This gave Phoenix the fright of his life, causing him to cry out, "Orchid, my child,

what is the meaning of this?" Not a word could Orchid force from her mouth. She only stared up helplessly at her father, seized with a sudden attack of shame and frustration.

Phoenix lashed out his arms, fought his way through four enemies and pulled up Orchid, only to find her utterly limp and immobilized; without a doubt the piquing she had received was the work of an expert fighter. As Fox had been seen springing out from the quilted cover a short while before, Phoenix strongly suspected that he was the one guilty of brutalizing his daughter. Phoenix was thrown into an evil temper. The palpable

evidence of his own eyes now gave him a spasm of wrath which almost made him swoon. Before he could start revivifying the paralytic points of his daughter, Phoenix thundered at Fox, "Dastardly coward!" Thrusting out his fists, the father pummelled mighty punches straight at Fox.

Phoenix's face was white with anger and his eyes wild and dangerous, almost darting fire. His fists, mustering all the might accumulated through

the vigorous training of a life-time, showered horrendous blows, all aimed fast and furious at Fox. Oblivious of the other goings-on around him, Fox failed to notice how Phoenix had pulled Orchid out of the bed. Curiosity gripped him. He failed to understand why Phoenix should rage in battle

against him, after he had rescued him from danger. The situation was becoming dangerous. In the confusion, Fox ducked to the left without time to demand an explanation. Suddenly there came a resounding snap: Phoenix had buried his punches in the back of a pugilist instructor.

The victim had vigorous training in footwork and was able to plant his feet firmly on the ground, like a pedestal. He would stand fast, assuming a horse stance, not giving way even to the combined efforts of several burly fighters. This unfortunate fighter was standing with his back to Fox just as Phoenix was advancing, pummelling with his fists. By a stroke of bad luck, Phoenix moved slightly too fast in delivering his punches while Fox reacted too quickly in dodging his blows, hence the unfortunate who stood in their way received a solid pair of brawny fists on his back. Had another victim been dealt these two punches, they would have been sufficient to throw him instantly to the ground. But so endowed was this pugilist instructor in his footwork that when the blow came, his ribs snapped with a cracking sound; thereafter, his body dropped limp as if in two halves and yet his two feet remained still nailed to the ground. The pugilist instructor was never able to stand erect again in his life.

Phoenix's might put the group in a state of apprehension. His howls froze their blood and dispersed the crowd in a flash. Presently, Phoenix swept up his left leg from the floor and it flew at Fox.

The light from the candle exposed the nakedness of Orchid instantly to curious eyes. Amongst the group, the eyes of those who harboured secret lusts were ogling her nudity. For Fox, preventing this decent, respectable young lady from being contaminated was a matter of burning importance. Thereupon, he grabbed a guardsman standing nearby and stood him like a screen between himself and Phoenix. Having warded off his foe, Fox then tilted his body sideward and leaped to the side of the bed, snatched a quilt and threw it over Orchid. So deft and swift were his moves that before

anyone knew what had happened, Fox had vanished through the hole in the wall, clasping Orchid to his bosom.

Torn between anguish for his daughter and anger with Fox, Phoenix immediately flung his leg into the guardsman and sent him flying to the roof. Phoenix saw Fox grab his daughter and take to his heels. Seized by both fear and fury, the father howled out, "Dastardly coward, release my child!" Just as he was about to go in pursuit, the enemies crammed inside the tiny room held him fast. Try as he might to lash out with his arms and snap up his feet, Phoenix could not extricate himself from this tangled mess.  

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