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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Muddled Intoxication, Lasting Emotions But Short Ruse
Xu Zhu look at the deep ravine, he is helpless as well, he saw the anxious expression of the group of females, he pondered: "They call me Owner, but when we encountered real problem i can't provide any solution at all, how can i be their Owner? The scripture says: 'If someone comes to beg for hands and feet, ear and nose, head and eyes, flesh and blood, bones marrow and body parts, Bodhisattva Mohesa take delight in donating them'. The Six Paramita in Buddhism, 1st is Dana, why do i have to fear?" He removed the robe made by Fu MinYi and said: "Sister Shi, please lend me a weapon to use." Sister Shi said: "Yes!" she reverse her Willow-leaf sabre, she bow and presented the sabre.

Xu Zhu held the sabre in his hand, he channeled his [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] to the edge of the weapon, he flicked his wrist, there is a light 'Shua' sound, he chop off half of the iron chain which is attached to the cliff. The Willow-leaf sabre is thin and slender, although it is very sharp but its not some precious weapon, but after being empowered by his internal energy, the sabre cut the iron chain as if cutting bamboo. The other section of iron chain remaining on the opposite bank is around 2 zhang and 2-3 chi, Xu Zhu grab the iron chain and return the sabre to Sister Shi, he gathered his energy and leap forward to the opposite bank.

The group of females all cry out in alarm. Grandma Yu, Sister Shi, Fu MinYi, etc, all of them shout: "Owner, you must not take the risk!"

Amidst their shouting, Xu Zhu's body is already approaching the ravine, the internal energy within his body circulated, he is light as a feather and flew forward, suddenly his energy turn slightly impure and he fell downwards, at once he wave the iron chain and wrap it around the other broken section of chain hanging on the opposite bank. He borrowed the force and his body rise up again, he landed on the opposite bank. He turn around and said: "Everyone rest here, i will try to save them."
Grandma Yu and the rest were shock yet full of admiration, they are also very grateful, they said in unison: "Owner please be careful!"

Xu Zhu rush towards the mountain where the miserable cry came from, he move past a stone alley which is rather narrow, he saw two female corpse laying horizontally on the ground, their head separated from their body, fresh blood pouring out from their necks. Xu Zhu press his hands together and said: "Buddha is merciful, sin, sin!" he quickly chanted the 'Afterlife Prayer’, afterwards he followed the alley and hurriedly rush up the summit, he is climbing higher and higher, the white mist surrounding him is getting thicker and thicker, he reached the summit in less than 2 hours, among the clouds and mist the surrounding is full of pine trees, he did not hear any human voice at all, he muttered to himself: "Could it be that the females from Great Heaven Division are all completely killed? This is really sinful." he pluck a few pine cones and put them in his bosom, he pondered: "Pines cones can kill people, i have to throw them lightly, just scare the enemy off, i cannot kill them."

He saw the path is made of green flagstone, every flagstone is 8 chi long and 3 chi wide, its arrangement extremely neat, it would require massive engineering works to construct such pathway, such effort seems beyond the capabilities of the female subordinates under Child Elder, he presumed it must be left behind by some predecessor. This green flagstone path is around 2 li long, at the end of the path is a huge majestic stone stronghold, to the left and right of the entrance is two stone vulture statue, its around 3 zhang high, sharp beak and large claws, its appearance handsome and divine. The appearance of the ancient stronghold is simple, he don't know when it is constructed, the gate of the stronghold is half-close, however there is no one in the surrounding.

Xu Zhu rush forward and entered, he pass through two courtyard, he heard a voice transmitting from the main hall, a person shout sternly: "Where is the hidden treasure location of that thieving old woman? Will you speak or not?" a female voice cursed: "Dog slave, things already reach such a state, you think we can still live? Stop your wishful thinking!" another male voice said: "Island-master Yun, we can talk through this nicely, why so violent? The way you treat these women, isn't it a bit too rude?"
Xu Zhu recognize this voice as Gentleman Duan from Dali, when Wu LaoDa wanted to kill Child Elder, only Gentleman Duan objected, he pondered: "It appears this gentleman don't know any martial arts, but he is heroic, brave and chivalrous, he is far superior to those martial art experts, he really deserve admiration and respect."

He heard the Island-master Yun said: "Heng heng, you bunch of crafty servant girls want to die, naturally its easy, but won't you be let off too lightly? My Jade Rock Island have 17 different kinds of weird torture, later i will test out the items one by one on you crafty servant girls. I heard the torture and punishment from Black Wind Cave and Hidden Shark Island are much more ferocious than mine, why don't you let us brothers see it and broaden our horizon." Many people applaud and cheered loudly, someone said: "Everyone can compete with each other, let us see which cave or island have the most effective torture method."

From the voices, there are several hundred in the hall, their voice echoed in the hall, its extremely noisy. Xu Zhu wanted to find some door seam and peep through it, but the large hall seems to be made of layers upon layers of giant stones, unexpectedly there are no cracks at all. He suddenly had another idea, he grab some mud and dirt off the ground and smear it on his face, afterwards he simply step into the hall.

The tables and chairs in the hall are all seated full of people, more than half of the crowd don't have any seat, they sat on the ground, a few others walk back and forth and gossip among themselves. At the middle of the hall, 20 yellow-clothed women are sitting on the floor, their acupoints sealed, they can't move at all, more than half of them are dripping with blood, their injuries not light, obviously they are the females from Great Heaven Division. The situation inside the hall is chaotic and messy, when Xu Zhu entered the hall several people turn and look at him, since he is not female then he is not from Vulture Palace, thus they assume he is the disciple of some Cave-master or Island-master, nobody paid any extra attention to him.

Xu Zhu sat down at the doorstep, he look around, Wu LaoDa is sitting on an old fashioned armchair at the west, his complexion haggard and withered, however his expression is still fierce and perverse. A tall and sturdy man is holding onto a whip, he is standing near the females of Great
Heaven Division, he scold and curse loudly, he is trying to force them to reveal the hidden treasure location of Child Elder, evidently he is Island- master Yun. The females are stubborn and curse him back.

Wu LaoDa said: "You bunch of servant girls are really stubborn, let me tell you, Child Elder was killed by her martial sister Li QiuShui, i personally witness it, don't tell me its fake? Surrender as soon as possible, we definitely won't make thing difficult for you."

A middle-age female shout in a shrill voice: "Rubbish! Honourable Master is matchless under the heaven, her body indestructible, who can harm her old senior? Stop your vain attempts to get the precious method to breaking the 'life-death talisman', stop dreaming. Not to mention that Honorable Master is definitely safe and sound, in a blink of an eye she will come up the peak and punish you lot of traitors, even if old senior becomes an immortal, your 'life-death talisman' will remain, within a year each and every one of you will groan in anguish, you will suffer an experience worse than death."

Wu LaoDa said coldly: "Fine, you don't believe, let me show you something." he retrieved a cloth bundle and open it, revealing a human leg. Xu Zhu and the group of females recognize the pant, shoe and sock on the leg, its Child Elder's leg, they cannot help but cry out in surprise. Wu LaoDa said: "Li QiuShui cut Child Elder into 8 pieces and cast them down the valley, i conveniently pick 1 piece, why don't you examine it carefully, is it real or fake."

All the females from Great Heaven Division knew its indeed Child Elder's left leg, thus Wu LaoDa is not lying, they cannot help but burst into tears.

The group of Cave-masters and Island-masters cheer loudly, they said: "That thieving old woman is dead, really fantastic!" someone said: "The universe rejoice, everyone celebrate together!" someone said: "Wu LaoDa, this kind of good news, how come you conceal it for so long, you should drink 3 big cup of wine to make up for your mistake." someone said: "Since that thieving old woman is dead, then no one can undo our 'life-death talisman'….."
Suddenly a few 'WuWu' sound rang out from the crowd of people, it resembles the howling of wolves or the barking of dogs, the sound is filled with pain and anguish, it is extremely terrifying. When everyone heard it their countenance changed, in an instant, other than this beastly wailing sound there is no other sound within the hall. They saw a fat person rolling around on the ground, his pair of legs kicking randomly, his pairs of hand scratching his face and then tearing his clothes off, afterwards he violently claw and tear his chest as if he wanted to dig out his own heart and lungs. In a short period of time his hands are full of blood, his face and chest is also full of blood, his shouting is getting more and more wretched. Everyone saw he is like a demon, they cannot help but move away from him. Someone said softly: "The life-death talisman is here to claim his life!"

Although Xu Zhu was hit by life-death talisman before but he consumed the medication immediately, soon after Child Elder taught him how to neutralize the life-death talisman, thus he did not experience this kind of miserable torture, he saw the situation is extremely disturbing, he finally gain heartfelt understanding of why everyone dreaded Child Elder.

Everyone seems to be afraid that the toxicity of life-death talisman is contagious, nobody dares to step forward to lessen his pain. In a short period of time, the fat person tore off all his clothes, his body filled with multiple blood scars, the ground is also stained with blood spots.

Someone shout exasperatedly: "Elder brother! Calm down, don't panic!" someone rush out from the crowd, he shout again: "Let me seal your acupoints, we will think of a method of cure you." The person appearance is somewhat similar to the fat person, but he is much younger, he is also not that fat, obviously they are siblings. The fat person stare vacantly, it appears as if he didn't hear it. The person move closer, his expression filled with fear and vigilance, he is around 3 chi from the fat person, suddenly he extended his finger and pointed at the fat person's 'JianJing acupoint'. The fat person lean to his side and avoided the finger, he flip his hands and hug him tightly, he open his mouth and bite his cheek. The person shouted: "Elder brother, let go! It is me!" The fat person bite repeatedly, he is like a mad dog. His brother struggled but how can he break free, in a split second
a piece of flesh was bitten off, the wound dripping with blood, he is in so much pain that he cry miserably.

Duan Yu said to Wang YuYan: "Miss Wang, any method to save them?" Wang YuYan knit her eyebrows, she said: "This person is crazy, his strength inexhaustible, he is not using any martial arts, i really have no idea." Duan Yu turn his head and said to Murong Fu: "Brother Murong, your Murong family's divine skill in 'returning you with your own move', can it be used?" Murong Fu did not reply, his expression displeased. Bao BuTong said fiercely: "You ask my young master to copy a mad dog and bite him?"

Duan Yu said apologetically: "My words are wrong, Brother Bao please don't take offense. Brother Murong please don't take offense!" he walk to the side of the fat person and said: "Senior brother, this person is your younger brother, please release him." the fat person hug even tighter, he is still howling like a wounded beast.

Island-master Yun grab a yellow-clothed female and shout: "Most of the people in this hall are hit by that old thieving witch's life-death talisman, the reaction is mutual, soon after everyone's life-death talisman will flare up, several hundred people will bite your body into pieces, are you scared or not?" the female gave a glance at the fat person, her expression shock and frighten. Island-master Yun said: "Since Child Elder is dead, just tell us her hidden treasure location and cure us, everyone will be eternally grateful to you, we definitely won't trouble you anymore." the female said: "Its not that i am unwilling, but….but nobody knows. Honorable Master is extremely secretive in carrying out her stuff, she will never let us slave servants see it."

Murong Fu followed the crowd up the mountain, originally he wanted to assist them and gain their gratitude and later recruit them into his service. At the moment although Child Elder is dead, but her life-death talisman still lingered on everyone's bodies, it can't be neutralize, it seems this 'life-death talisman' is some kind of deadly poison, it can't be treated by martial arts, if everyone's poison flare up and they die, then his plans and schemes will turn into a dream. Murong Fu, Deng BaiChuan and GongYe Gan look at each other and shake their heads, there is nothing they can do to help.
Although Island-master Yun knew the yellow-clothed female is telling the truth, but he felt faint aching in the acupoints of his life-death talisman, it seems it is about to flare up soon, he is anxious and angry, he shouted: "Fine! I will kill you stinky servant girl first and talk later!" he raise his long whip, with a 'Pa' sound, he lash it violently at the female, the power in this whip is heavy and fierce, the female is about to have her head split open by this whip.

Suddenly there is a 'Chi' sound, a hidden projectile flew from the entrance, it hit the female's waist. The female was hit and slide 1 zhang away, there is a loud 'Pa' sound, the long whip hit the stone floor, stone fragments flew in all directions. A small tan-brown ball is rolling on the floor, its a pine-cone. Everyone had a huge shock, they thought: "A small pinecone can push a person 1 zhang away, the internal energy is really no small matter, who is it?"

Wu LaoDa suddenly recalled something, he shouted: "Child Elder, its Child Elder!"

Previously Wu LaoDa hid behind a rock, he saw Li QiuShui cut off Child Elder's left leg, afterwards he warp the leg in oil-cloth and carried it with him. He assume that Child Elder is most likely killed by Li QiuShui, but he didn't personally witness how she died, thus he always felt anxious and worried. Previously Xu Zhu toss pine cones and pierce his belly, the technique was taught by Child Elder. Wu LaoDa experience it before, thus when the pine cone appeared again he immediately thought that Child Elder has arrive, he is so scared that his soul left his body.

Everyone heard Wu LaoDa shout "Child Elder", they turn and look around, 'Shua Shua' 'CaCa' 'KuaLa' 'Qianglang' various kinds of weapon sound rang out in the hall, everyone held their weapons in hand, they move backwards simultaneously.

On the contrary, Murong Fu walk two steps towards the door, he want to look at the appearance of Child Elder. In reality, when he used [Star Shifting Movement] and neutralize the falling force of Xu Zhu and Child Elder, he already saw the appearance of Child Elder, but he don't know that
the 18 year old lady with a face like spring flower is actually Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain.

Duan Yu block in front of Wang YuYan, he is afraid she might be injured. But Wang YuYan shouted: "Cousin, be careful!"

Everyone focus their attention on the entrance, but after a long time there is still no signs of movement at the entrance.

Bao BuTong shouted: "Child granny, if you are angry at us uninvited guest, then please come in and fight! Bao BuTong stands out from the masses, i am not afraid of you!" after a while, the entrance is still silent and motionless. Feng BoE said: "Fine, let me be the first one to experience Child Elder's moves, i am well aware that i can't defeat her, but i still want to fight, that is my never changing temperament!" he wave his broad sword and guard his front and charge outside the door. Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan and Bao BuTong have deep friendship with him, they knew he is definitely not Child Elder match, thus they followed him out at the same time.

Some of the Island-masters and Cave-masters admired their bravery, while others secretly ridicule them: "You people never see the extent of Child Elder's power, now you try to be heroic, later you will experience suffering and by then it will be too late for regrets." Everyone felt panicky and frightened, but they heard Bao BuTong and Feng BoE voice, one shrill and one deep, they issued their challenge loudly outside the hall, but nobody respond.


The pine cone that saved the yellow-clothed female was in fact fired by Xu Zhu. He felt really apologetic seeing everyone being so frighten and anxious by his action, he said: "Sorry, sorry! Its my fault. Child Elder is indeed dead, everyone please don't panic." but he saw the fat person is still biting his brother, he pondered: "If he carry on biting, both of them can't live anymore." he walk towards the fat person and smack his back, he executed [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain], at once a burst of 'yang' energy subdued the frost poison of the fat person's life-death talisman,
however he don't know the location and characteristic of the fat person's life-death talisman, thus he can't remove it for him.

The fat person's arms relaxed, he sat down on the floor and breathe deeply, his expression wavering, he said: "Brother, what happen to you? Who injure you to such a state? Tell me quick, tell me quick, elder brother will take revenge for you." The younger brother saw his elder brother regained consciousness, he is extremely happy, he did not bother about the serious injury on his face, he said repeatedly: "Elder brother, you are fine now! Elder brother, you are fine now!"

Xu Zhu stretch out his hands and smack once on the shoulder of all the yellow-clothed females, he said: "Everyone is from Great Heaven Division? Your Sun Heaven, Vermillion Heaven, Clear Heaven, all the sisters from the various divisions, they are at the Heaven Connecting Bridge, but because the iron chain is broken they can't cross over for the time being. Do you have any iron chain or thick rope here? We should go fetch them over." His palm is filled with [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness], no matter where the acupoints are sealed, the blocked meridians immediately clear up, the females from Great Heaven Division can all move freely again.

The group of females are pleasantly surprised, they stood up and said: "Many thanks to honoured sir for saving us, we don't dare to ask for honoured sir great name." a few young women are impatient, they rush out of the door and shouted: "Quick, quickly go fetch our sisters from the eight divisions, afterwards we can fight these traitors to the death." they turn their head back and express thanks to Xu Zhu.

Xu Zhu cupped his hands to return the thanks, he said: "I don't dare! Someone else recued you, they merely use me as their proxy." his internal energy and martial arts originated from the three top masters of Carefree Sect, thus he is saying that Child Elder and the other two seniors recued them.

The crowd saw him smack his hands without any effort, the acupoints of the group of yellow-clothed female instantly unsealed, he did not inquire where their acupoints are sealed, he did not even massage the corresponding acupoints, they never seen or heard of such technique before, his
appearance is not shocking and he is young, he definitely don't have this kind of skill, they heard him mention about acting as someone else proxy, thus they believe that Child Elder has arrived at Vulture Palace.

Wu LaoDa have some dealings with Xu Zhu at the snowy peak for a few days, at the moment although Xu Zhu had grown hair on his head and his face smeared with mud, but when he open his mouth to speak Wu LaoDa suddenly remembered and recognize him, he leap beside Xu Zhu and hook the meridians on his right hand, he shout loudly: "Little monk, Child….Child Elder is here?"

Xu Zhu said: "Mr Wu, the injury on your belly is completely healed? I….i can't be a Buddhist disciple anymore, sigh! I am really ashamed….really extremely ashamed." He cannot help but blush, but since his face is smeared with mud bystanders can't see it.

Wu LaoDa already controlled his meridians with a single move, he assume Xu Zhu won't be able to resist, at once he channelled his internal energy, he want to make him cry out in pain and beg for forgiveness, he knew Child Elder treat this little monk extremely well, thus he held him as hostage and Child Elder won't dare to act rashly. Unexpectedly his internal energy seem to disappear into the sea, its gone without a trace, as it turns out Xu Zhu's entire body is protected by [Divine Skill of Northern Darkness], he can absorb internal energy at any acupoints. Wu LaoDa is really scared, he don't dare to channel his internal energy anymore, but he is also unwilling to release Xu Zhu's hand.

The crowd saw the position hooked by Wu LaoDa, thus they assume that Xu Zhu is under Wu LaoDa's control, even if his martial art is much higher than Wu LaoDa there is nothing he can do to resist, Wu LaoDa can do whatever he wants to him, they pondered: "If this chap is really an expert, his vital points won't be captured that easily." Everyone start to ask him various questions:

"Chap, who are you? How you came here?" "What is your name? Who is your teacher?"
"Who sent you here? Where is Child Elder? She is dead or alive?"

Murong Fu, Duan Yu and Wang YuYan also recognize him, he is the one at the 'Zhen Long' chess meet, afterwards he rescued the mute little girl, Shaolin monk Xu Zhu. Duan Yu is really happy, he cannot help but shout out: "Hello, Wu LaoDa, you must not harm him."

Xu Zhu answered the questions one by one, he is polite and modest: "My religious name…. religious name is Xu ZhuZi. Child Elder has pass away, her remains has been transported to Heaven Connecting Bridge. As for my teacher, sigh, i am really ashamed, really….really….i made a huge blunder, its inconvenient for me to speak of it. If everyone don't believe me, later you can examine the remains of old senior. Many thanks to the good intentions of Gentleman Duan, i won't be a hindrance. I am here precisely to handle Child Elder's funeral arrangements. Everyone is also old senior former subordinates, please don't bring up old hatred, everyone should just pay your respects before her coffin and forget all those hatred, isn't it good?" He said sentence by sentence, sometimes he is ashamed, sometimes he is sad, suddenly he said something completely unrelated and the sentence doesn't link together, his speech is also not fluent, his last sentence is just entirely his own wishful thinking.

The crowd of people assume he is talking rubbish, he is mentally unsound, their panic gradually wear off and they become domineering again, they curse him:

"Young chap what kind of thing are you, you dare to ask us to kowtow in front of that damn thieving witch's coffin?"

"Damn it, how did that damn thieving witch die?"

"Did she die by her martial sister Li QiuShui's hands? Is this really her leg?"

Xu Zhu said warmly: "Everyone, even if you have deep hatred with Child Elder, but since she is dead there is no need to nurse this hatred anymore, you keep on repeating ' damn thieving witch', isn't it a bit too vulgar. Mr Wu is correct, Child Elder died under Li QiuShui's hands, as for this leg, its
indeed old senior's remains. Sigh, life is an illusion, it doesn't leave a trace. Although old senior Child Elder possess deep and profound martial arts, but in the end her martial art still scattered and she stop breathing, she will eventually turn into dust. Buddha is merciful, hope that Child Elder will reincarnate and be on the good path, don't experience suffering again."

Everyone heard his nagging, it seems Child Elder is indeed dead, at once they felt greatly relieved, someone ask: "When Child Elder was about to die, are you by her side?" Xu Zhu said: "Yes. For the past few months i have been serving old senior." The crowd look at each other, suddenly they had another idea: "The secret to breaking the life-death talisman, maybe its on this young chap."

A green shadow flash, someone move closer and hook the meridians on Xu Zhu's left hand, immediately after Wu LaoDa felt something cold on the back of his neck, a sharp weapon is pointed at the back of his neck, a shrill voice said: "Wu LaoDa, let him go."

When Wu LaoDa saw someone hooking onto Xu Zhu's left wrist he knew the person's accomplice will attack simultaneously, he is about to raise his palm to guard his body but he is slower by a step. He heard the person behind him said: "If you still don't let go this sword will chop down immediately." Wu LaoDa released Xu Zhu's wrist, he leap a few steps forward, he turn around and said: "Twin-freak of Zhuya, the one surnamed Wu won't forget today's matters."

The one using the sword is a slim man, he laugh maliciously and said: "Wu LaoDa, Twin-freak of Zhuya will simply handle whatever trouble you throw at us." The 1st freak hook onto Xu Zhu's meridians, the 2nd freak search his pockets. Xu Zhu pondered: "Just search if you want, in any case i don't have any shameful stuff on me." the 2nd freak took out the items in his bosom one by one, the 1st item is the portrait given to him by Wu YaZi, at once he unfold the scroll.

Several hundred people look at the painting simultaneously. Child Elder previously step a few times on the painting, afterwards the painting was soak in water, but the beautiful woman in the painting is still vivid and lifelike, as if its about to come out of the painting, the painting is simply
ingenious and reach the state of perfection. When the crowd saw the painting, they immediately turn their head and look at Wang YuYan. Someone said: "Yi!" another said: "Oh!" another said: "Pei!" another said: "Heng!" those who said 'Yi' are surprised, those who said 'Oh' suddenly understood something, those who said 'Pei' are extremely angry, those who said 'Heng' are disdained.

The crowd hoped that the painting is some kind of map or landscape, then they can simply follow it can find the legendary medicine or method to breaking their life-death talisman, who would have imagined it to be a portrait of Wang YuYan, after a round of Yi, Oh, Pei and Heng, everyone felt disappointed. Only Duan Yu, Murong Fu and Wang YuYan cry out "Ah!", however the meaning to this 'Ah' is different for all three of them. When Wang YuYan saw Xu Zhu kept a portrait of her by his side, she felt amazed, she blush and pondered: "Don't tell me….don't tell me when this person saw me at the chess meet, he is also like Gentleman Duan, he….he put me in his heart? If not why did he keep a portrait of me by his side?" But Duan Yu pondered: "Miss Wang is an incarnation of a fairy, her appearance out of this world, this little master adores her greatly, its not really strange. Sigh, its a pity my painting skill is not even 1% of this little master, or else i can also draw a portrait of Miss Wang, someday when i part with her, i can look at the portrait day and night, it can somewhat relieve my bitter suffering from missing her." But Murong Fu pondered: "This little monk is also a toad that dream of eating swan meat." obviously the phrase 'is also' is referring to Duan Yu.

The 2nd freak threw the painting onto the floor and search Xu Zhu's pockets, afterwards he took out Xu Zhu's official permit when he became a monk at Shaolin, a few broken silvers, a few dried rations, a pair of socks, it seems none of them are related to life-death talisman.

While Twin-freak of Zhuya are searching Xu Zhu, the rest of the crowd kept a close watch at the side, if they see any peculiar object they will immediately rush forward and grab it, unexpectedly there is no special object from Xu Zhu.

The 1st freak of Zhuya cursed: "Stinky thief, before that old thieving witch died, what did she say to you?" Xu Zhu said: "You ask what Child Elder
said before she died? En, old senior said: 'Its not her, its not her, its not her! Haha, haha, haha!' she laugh three times and stop breathing." the crowd can't make head or tail of this matter, they pondered carefully about the phrase 'its not her' and the hidden meaning behind her three laugh, but they are really hot-tempered and start cursing again.

The 1st freak of Zhuya shout loudly: "Damn it, what its not her, hahaha? What else did that old thieving witch say?" Xu Zhu said: "Mr Senior, when mentioning old senior please be a bit respectful, don't scold her randomly." The 1st freak of Zhuya is furious, he raise his left palm and smash it towards the top of Xu Zhu's head, he cursed: "Stinky thief, i insist on scolding that old thieving witch, what can you do?"

Suddenly there is a flash of cold light, a long sword extended over the top of Xu Zhu's head, the edge of the sword is vertical. If the 1st freak of Zhuya continue with his palm move, his palm will be severed off even before he can touch Xu Zhu's scalp. In his shock he withdraw his palm hastily, he is anxious and quickly retreat 3 steps, however he did not manage to pull Xu Zhu away and had to release his wrist, however he felt slight pain on his palm, he raise his palm and examine it, an extremely thin sword scar cut across his palm, blood is seeping out, he cannot help but feel startled and frightened, if he had withdrawn his palm a bit slower, won't his palm be crippled? He glare towards the person who extended the sword, the person is wearing green robe, he is around 50 years of age, his long beard float lightly, his appearance delicate and refine, he recognize him as 'Sword God' Zhuo BuFan. The sword move was executed extremely quick, its target precise, it seems his sword art had reached the pinnacle of perfection. He recalled the day Sword-Fish Island Island-master Ou left the group and ran away, in an instant his head was severed by this 'Sword God', although he is hot-tempered but he don't dare to feud with this kind of top expert, he said: "Sire you injure me with that move, what is your intention?"

Zhuo BuFan smile faintly and said: "Everyone wants to know the method to breaking life-death talisman from this person, but old chap you suddenly want to kill this person. If the life-death talismans of all the brothers here flare up, how you suppose to account for it?" The 1st freak of Zhuya is speechless, he said: "This….this….." Zhuo BuFan return his sword into its
sheath, he lean his body slightly, his elbow bump against the 2nd freak of Zhuya lightly, the 2nd freak of Zhuya can't stabilize himself and retreat 4 steps back, his blood and energy rolling around his chest, he almost fell down, with great effort he finally manage to stabilize himself, he don't dare to open his mouth to curse.

Zhuo BuFan said to Xu Zhu: "Little brother, when Child Elder was about to die, other than 'its not her' as well as laughing three times, what else did she say?"

Xu Zhu face suddenly turn deep red, his expression bashful, his head lowered slowly, as it turns out he recalled the words that Child Elder told him: " Bring that portrait over here, let me tear it up personally. When i have no more worries, i will direct you to find the lady in your dreams." Unexpectedly when Child Elder look at the portrait, she notice the person in the painting is not Li QiuShui, rather its Li QiuShui's younger sister, she found it funny and yet sad, afterwards she died. Xu Zhu pondered: "Child Elder suddenly pass away, nobody will ever know the trail of that lady in my dreams, i am afraid i can never meet her again in my entire life." As he thought about it, he felt extremely disappointed, his soul seem to disappear from his body.

Zhuo BuFan saw his peculiar expression, he must be hiding some important secret, he said pleasantly: "Little brother, what did Child Elder say to you, you can tell me, not only the one surnamed Zhuo won't trouble you, i also have a great reward to give you." Xu Zhu ears turn red, he shake his head and said: "This matter, i absolutely…..absolutely cannot say." Zhuo BuFan said: "Why you can't say?" Xu Zhu said: "If i say this matter….say…..sigh, in short, i cannot say, even if you kill me i still won't say." Zhuo BuFan said: "You really won't say?" Xu Zhu said: "Won't say."

Zhuo BuFan fix his eyes on Xu Zhu for a short moment, his expression is very resolute, suddenly with a 'Shua' sound, Zhup BuFan pull out his long sword, cold light flickered, a few light 'Chi Chi Chi' sound, the long sword swipe a few times around an old fashioned square table, immediately after there is a few 'Pa Pa' sound, the square table split neatly into 9 pieces and drop to the floor. In an instant, he slash twice horizontally and twice
vertically, a total of 4 moves, he drew the word 'well (井)'on the table. The strange thing is that the 9 pieces are all uniform square shape, its size, length and width completely identical, it seems as if the pieces are cut slowly after careful measurements with a ruler. At once thunderous applauds rang out throughout the hall.

Wang YuYan said softly: "This sword art is called [Sword Of Duke Zhou], its the consummate skill of Fujian Jianyang 'One Word Intelligent Sword Sect', Senior Zhuo is most likely a venerated expert from 'One Word Intelligent Sword Sect'." After their loud cheers everyone fix their attention on Zhuo BuFan, they did not make any sound, although Wang YuYan words are soft but everyone heard every single word clearly.

Zhuo BuFan laugh out loudly and said: "Miss you really have good eyesight, unexpectedly you know the name of the sword moves from my sect. Its really rare, its really rare." Everyone pondered: "We never heard of this 'One Word Intelligent Sword Sect' from Fujian, this old man's sword art is so formidable, his sect should shake the entire martial arts fraternity, how come it does not have any reputation at all?" They heard Zhuo BuFan sigh and said: "Old man is the only one remaining in the sect, a man who lost his family. 'One Word Intelligent Sword Sect' 3 generations, 62 people, but 33 years ago Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain wipe out everything cleanly."

Everyone felt their hearts turn cold, they pondered: "So this person came to Vulture Palace to avenge his sect."

They saw Zhuo BuFan's sword trembled, he said to Xu Zhu: "Little brother, these few sword moves of mine, i will impart them to you, how about it?"

As he finish speaking everyone revealed an expression of envy, but quite a few people also revealed their hostility. For someone who is training martial arts, if he gains the favour of an expert and receive 1-2 moves, very often its enough to last him for an entire lifetime, he can become world famous and even use it to protect his life, all due to the guidance of the expert. However, its also a common situation where a evil person mastered these wonderful moves and attack his teacher, thus martial art experts are very strict in selecting their disciples. Zhuo BuFan willingly impart such first-
class sword art to Xu Zhu, obviously its for the sake of knowing Child Elder's last words and acquiring the life-death talisman.

Xu Zhu did not reply, a female voice said coldly from the crowd: "Mr Zhuo, you are also hit by life-death talisman?"

Zhuo BuFan look at the person, the speaker is a middle-age Taoist nun, he said: "What makes Taoist sister say such words?"

Duan Yu recognize this Taoist nun as Dali WuLiang Cave Cave-master Xin ShuangQing, originally she was the sect leader of WuLiang Sword West School, after being subdued by Child Elder's subordinates, she had to change it to WuLiang Cave Cave-master. All these while, Duan Yu don't dare to look at Xin ShuangQing, he also don't dare to go near her subordinate Zuo ZiMu, he is afraid they will bring up old grudge, now that she said something he quickly hide behind a large pillar.

Xin ShuangQing said: "Mr Zhuo, if you did not suffer the torment of life- death talisman then why the need to spend every possible means to beg for the method to breaking life-death talisman? Supposing if Mr Zhuo want to gain the life-death talisman to control us, then our brothers from 36 Caves and 72 Islands just escape a lion's mouth but fell into a tiger's mouth, i am afraid we won't be willing. Although Mr Zhuo possess divine sword art but if you force us with nowhere to go, all our brothers here will disregard their lives and fight till death with you." her speech is neither haughty nor humble, but it touch the main point and exposed Zhuo BuFan's motives, her words sharp and aggressive. WuLiang Cave East School and West School, after being annex by Vulture Palace, Child Elder planted her life-death talisman on both Xin ShuangQing and Zuo ZiMu, they already experience the torment, but now their wounds are just like new and they are afraid of being dominated by another person again.

Over 10 people responded from the crowd: "Cave-master Xin words are correct." someone said: "Chap, what are the last words of Child Elder, quickly reveal it now, if not everyone will chop you up, the experience is really not pleasant."
Zhuo BuFan's long sword trembled, it emit a buzzing sound, he said: "Little brother, no need to be scared, just stay beside me and see who can touch a single hair on you? The last words of Child Elder, you can only tell me, if another person heard it then i can't impart my sword art to you anymore."

Xu Zhu shakes his head and said: "The last words of Child Elder only concerns me alone, its also related to another person, but it absolutely have no relations to everyone here. No matter what i definitely cannot say. You sword art is good but i don't want to learn it."

The crowd applaud loudly and said: "Correct, correct, good chap, strong and unyielding character, learn his sword art for what?"

"That cute and pretty little lady, a single sentence from her and she can uncover the origins of his sword moves, it can be seen that there is nothing special about his sword moves."

Another person said: "Since that lady knows the origin of the sword art, then she is also capable of breaking the sword art. Little brother, if you want to seek a teacher then its better to take that little lady as your master. Moreover you carry a portrait of her in your bosom, haha, naturally you should take her as your master."

Zhuo BuFan heard the mocking remarks from them, he is extremely embarrassed, he look askance at Wang YuYan, after a long time she still remain silent, Zhuo BuFan is very angry, he pondered: "Someone claim that you can break my sword art, unexpectedly you did not deny it immediately, don't tell me you really can break it?" In reality, Wang YuYan is thinking: "How come cousin is not too happy, is he angry with me? How did if offend him? Could it be….could it be that little master kept a portrait of me, thus cousin is enrage?" As for the words of bystanders she did not hear them at all.

Zhuo BuFan glace around and spotted the portrait on the floor, suddenly he recalled: "That chap drew a portrait of her and kept it in his bosom, naturally he is very much in love with her. If i want him to spit out the last words of Child Elder then i must start from this little girl, got it!" he pick up the portrait and stuff it into Xu Zhu's bosom and said: "Little brother, i
completely understand your worries, hey hey, talented man and beautiful woman, an ideal couple, its really a match made in heaven. But someone is hindering you thus its difficult for you to get your wish. Let us do it this way, i will preside over the matter and betroth this lady to you, immediately bow to heaven and earth, your nuptial night will be at Vulture Palace, how about it?" while speaking he smile and pointed at Wang YuYan.

The entire 'One Word Intelligent Sword Sect' was completely wiped out by Child Elder, at that time Zhuo BuFan was not at Fujian, he narrowly escape the disaster, henceforth he don't dare to return to Fujian anymore, he escape to a cold and desolate place in ChangBai Mountain and painstakingly research his sword art, unexpectedly he discovered a sword manual left behind by some senior expert, he practice diligently for 20 years, finally his sword art was complete, he believe he is unequalled under the heaven, he left the mountain and killed a few famous well known experts in Hebei, this made him even more arrogant as he consider himself unrivalled in the world, thus he proclaim himself 'Sword God' as he knew no one can resist his long sword, now his words are like law, who dare to go against him?

Xu Zhu face turn red, he quickly said: "No, no! Mr Zhuo you misunderstood."

Zhuo BuFan said: "A man should take a wife, a woman should be married off, its human nature to be lustful, why so bashful?"

Xu Zhu is in a very difficult position, he said repeatedly: "This…this…its not…."

Zhuo BuFan's long sword trembled, he executed a move 'Heaven Like A High Mountain' followed immediately by 'Boundless White Fog', two moves mix together as one and thrust towards Wang YuYan, he want to confine her within his sword and pull her over, use her like rare commodity and trade with Xu Zhu to make him spit out the secret.

When Wang YuYan saw these two moves, she pondered: "'Heaven Like A High Mountain' and 'Boundless White Fog', 90% empty 10% solid. Only need to attack his front, disturb his heart and abdomen, he will definitely be force to withdraw his move." Although she knew the method but she can't
execute the moves at all, the light from the sword is flickering and covered her head, she is panic-stricken and cry out 'Ah'.

Murong Fu knew these two moves have no intentions of harming Wang YuYan, he pondered: "There is no hurry for me to act, wait and see what this surnamed Zhuo is trying to do? Will this little monk reveal the secret for the sake of my cousin?"

Duan Yu saw Zhuo BuFan thrusting his sword at Wang YuYan, however he don't know what is true and what is false in the sword moves, naturally he turn pale with fright, in a moment of desperation he executed his [Graceful Steps upon the Waves] and rush swiftly, he block in front of Wang YuYan. Although Zhuo BuFan's sword move is quick but Duan Yu is still 1 step faster. The cold light from the sword flash everywhere, there is a light 'Chi' sound, the sword tip swipe a line down Duan Yu's chest, it originate from his neck till his abdomen, his clothe split open, the wound is skin-deep. Luckily Zhuo BuFan need to beg Xu Zhu for the secret, he have no desire to kill, thus when someone step forward to block he immediately withdraw his hand, the force in the sword is perfect, although the sword wound is long but the injury is trivial. Duan Yu is scared stiff, he lowered his head and saw his chest, abdomen and clothe split open, there is a long sword wound and blood is seeping out, he assume his chest and abdomen had split open and he will die immediately, he shouted: "Miss Wang, you…you quickly move away, i will block him for a while."

Zhuo BuFan sneered: "Clay Bodhisattva crossing a river, he can't guarantee his own safety, you overestimated your capabilities, unexpectedly you tried to be this lady's guard." he turn his head and said to Xu Zhu: "Little brother, it seems there are quite a few people who are fond of this lady, i will get rid of this love rival for you, how about it?" The tip of his long sword pointed at Duan Yu's chest, its a few inch away, it trembled indefinitely, he only need to thrust it lightly and it will immediately pierce Duan Yu's heart.

Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he shouted: "No, absolutely not!" he is afraid that Zhuo BuFan might kill Duan Yu, he extended his left hand, his little finger lightly brush Zhuo BuFan's 'TaiYuan acupoint' on his right wrist. Zhuo FuBan hand turn numb, his five fingers released the sword hilt. Xu Zhu easily grab the long sword. This seizing of sword is a high-level move from
[Plum Breaking Hand Of Heavenly Mountain], although the move appear average, but his little finger contains the highest level of [Minor Formless Skill], even if Zhuo BuFuan gain another 30-40 years of internal energy the sword will still be seized away. Xu Zhu said: "Mr Zhuo, this Gentleman Duan is a good person, you definitely must not harm him." he conveniently return the sword back to Zhuo BuFan's hand, he lowered his head and inspected Duan Yu's wound.

Duan Yu gasped: "Miss Wang, i….i am dieing, i hope you and Brother Murong marriage will last an entire lifetime, live together till old age. Father, Mother….i….i….." In reality his injury is not serious at all, he merely assume his chest and abdomen had been cut open, obviously he will surely die, thus he fell into despair and collapsed.

Wang YuYan rush forward to support him, she cried: "Gentleman Duan, you did all these for me…."

Xu Zhu move like the wind, he sealed the acupoints near Duan Yu's wound, he examine the wound and felt at ease immediately, he laugh and said: "Gentleman Duan, your sword wound is light, you will recover in 3-4 days time."

Duan Yu's body is supported by Wang YuYan, she is also crying for him, his soul had long float away, he is extremely happy, he ask: "Miss Wang, you… shed tears for me?" Wang YuYan nod her head, tears flow down again. Duan Yu said: "Duan Yu finally achieve something today, even if i am thrust by sword 10 times, i am willing." Unexpectedly both of them did not hear Xu Zhu's words at all. Wang YuYan felt really grateful, she can't control her emotions. Duan Yu saw his sweetheart crying, moreover she is crying for him, why would he even care about his life and death?

Xu Zhu seize and return the sword, it happen for only a split second, only Murong Fu saw everything clearly, Zhuo BuFan knew it in his heart, however the rest of the bystanders assume Zhuo BuFan is being lenient and he did not try to kill Duan Yu. Zhuo BuFan's shock and anger is simply indescribable, but in an instant he is having second thoughts, he pondered: "I accidentally acquired a sword manual at ChangBai Mountain, i train bitterly for 20 years, in the present age how can anyone be my match? Yes,
most likely this chap got lucky, he so happen to touch the 'TaiYuan acupoint' on my wrist. There are lucky coincidence in this world. If he really intend to seize my weapon then how come he return it to me after taking it? This chap is so young, how can he have any great abilities, how can he seize Zhuo BuFan's sword?" when he thought of it his heroic spirit rose again, he said: "Chap, you are too meddlesome!" he thrust out his long sword, the sword tip pointing at Xu Zhu's back, he only need to push lightly, he wanted to pierce Xu Zhu's clothe and let him suffer some pain, similar to how he handled Duan Yu.

Currently, the [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] in Xu Zhu's body is abundant and circulating around, its just like physical substance, when Zhuo BuFan's sword arrived it bump against Xu Zhu's internal energy, the sword tip was deflected and slide off Xu Zhu's body. Zhuo BuFan had a huge shock, he change move quickly, immediately he slash horizontally at Xu Zhu's torso. This move is called 'Jade Belt Surrounding Waist', the sword attack his front, right and back, the fatal acupoints are all targeted in these 3 positions, the move is extremely fierce and vicious. At this moment, Zhuo BuFan is aware that Xu Zhu possess high level martial arts, its way beyond his expectation, thus he send out his full strength in this move.

Xu Zhu cry out in surprise, he slanted his body slightly, he don't understand, Zhuo BuFan was talking to him nicely but he suddenly became hostile, unexpectedly he is out to kill him? There is a 'Chi' sound, the sword pass by his armpit, his old monk robe was cut open. Zhuo BuFan failed in his 2nd attack, he is 50% amazed and 50% afraid, he spin his body and made a half- circle, he straighten his long sword, the sword tip suddenly spit out half-chi green light. From the crowd, around 10 people cry out in surprise: "Sword light, sword light!" the sword light is like a long snake, it lengthen and shorten indefinitely, Zhuo BuFan revealed a sardonic smile, he gathered his energy from his dantian, the green light suddenly flourish and thrust straight at Xu Zhu's chest.

Xu Zhu has never seen green light emit out from a weapon before, he heard the heroic cheer of the crowd, he presume this must be some kind of awesome martial arts, obviously he can't handle it, he step back and slide away. Zhuo BuFan exerted his full strength, he cannot switch move
midway, there is a 'Shua' sound, the long sword thrust into a huge stone pillar and penetrate deeply around 1 chi. This stone pillar is made of extremely hard granite, unexpectedly the soft-bodied long sword can penetrate around 1 chi, it can be seen that the energy attached to the sword is truly no small matter, the crowd cannot help but cheer out.

Zhuo BuFan channelled his internal energy and pull his sword out of the stone pillar, he chase Xu Zhu and shouted: "Little brother, where can you run?" Xu Zhu is inwardly scared, he slide away to avoid.

Suddenly someone laugh coldly from the left side, the voice said: "Little monk, lie down!" its a female voice. Two white light flickered, two throwing knives flew towards Xu Zhu. When Xu Zhu carried Child Elder initially, she taught him some lightness martial art, currently his internal energy is deep and profound, when moving his hands and legs are incomparably light and agile, his body can turn according to his wish, although the throwing knife is fast but he still dodge it skilfully. He saw a middle-age pretty woman wearing light red clothes, she wave her hands and caught the throwing knives. Her palm seems to have some kind of strong suction force as it attracted the flying knives.

Zhuo BuFan praised: "Hibiscus Fairy divine skill in throwing knife, it really broaden everyone's horizon."

Xu Zhu suddenly remembered, previously when the crowd conspired to attack Misty Peak, Zhuo BuFan and Hibiscus Fairy, both of them and Taoist BuPing are from the same group, Taoist BuPing was killed on the snowy peak by his pine cone, thus its not surprising that both of them want to kill him to avenge their companion. He is having guilty conscience, he stop moving, he press his hands together and bow towards Zhuo BuFan and Hibiscus Fairy, he said: "I made a huge mistake, i deserve to die, although its really not my true intention, sigh, in short this blunder is hard to redeem. If both of you want to beat or scold me, i….i….i won't dare to dodge anymore."

Zhuo BuFan and Hibiscus Fairy Cui LuHua look at each other, they thought: "At last this chap is scared." In reality, they are unaware that Taoist BuPing was killed by Xu Zhu, but even if they knew, they still won't kill Xu
Zhu to avenge Taoist BuPing. Both of them had the same thoughts, they move close to Xu Zhu simultaneously, one left one right, they grab Xu Zhu's wrist.

Xu Zhu recalled the miserable death of Taoist BuPing, he regret it alot, he ask for forgiveness: "I made a mistake, its really too late for regrets. Both of you, please don't hesitate to punish me heavily, i willingly accept it, if you want to kill me i also won't dare to resist."

Zhuo BuFan said: "Its really easy if you want me to spare you, you just have to tell me Child Elder's last words, i will spare you." Cui LuHua smiled and said: "Mr Zhuo, can little sister listen as well?" Zhuo BuFan said: "I only want to seek the method to breaking the life-death talisman, all our friends here will benefit as well, i am not the only one who gain the benefit." He did not agree to let Cui LuHua listen to the secret, but he also did not disagree, however his speech implied his desire to monopolize the secret.

Cui LuHua smiled and said: "Little sister don't have your good conscience, i don't like this chap." her left hand grip tightly onto Xu Zhu's wrist, she wave her right hand swiftly, two throwing knives flew towards Xu Zhu's chest.

Since Child Elder is dead, Zhuo BuFan can't avenge his sect, currently he want to find the method to breaking the life-death talisman and use it to control the crowd and rule over them. However Cui LuHua intention is completely different. Her elder brother was killed by the combine effort of 3 Cave-masters from the 36 Caves, thus she wants to kill Xu Zhu and nobody can find out about Child Elder's last words, the life-death talisman on the 3 Cave-masters will remain forever and they will undoubtedly suffer a death 100 times more miserable then her brother, its way better then simply killing them herself, thus she act out violently to kill Xu Zhu. Her moves are very quick, Zhuo BuFan sword had return back to its sheath, he quickly pull it out, however he is 1 step slower.

Xu Zhu was startled, there is no time to think, he involuntarily push out with both hands, Zhuo BuFan and Cui LuHua are jolted off simultaneously and they move back a few steps.
Cui LuHua shout out, the throwing knives left her hand and flew swiftly towards Xu Zhu. Although she fell back a few steps, but with regards to throwing hidden projectile the distance is considered to be extremely short. Zhuo BuFan is afraid Xu Zhu might be killed, he thrust his sword at the throwing knives. Cui LuHua already foresaw that Zhuo BuFan will thrust out his sword to rescue, when the two throwing knives left her hand, immediately after another ten throwing knives flew out in rapid succession, among them three knives flew towards Zhuo BuFan to hinder him, the remaining seven knives flew towards Xu Zhu's face, throat, chest, lower abdomen, Xu Zhu is shrouded by throwing knives.

Xu Zhu grab with his pair of hands repeatedly, he executed [Plum Breaking Hand Of Heavenly Mountain], he grab and throw accordingly, there is unending 'Ding Ding Dang Dang' sound, in a split second he cast 13 weapons beside his leg. The 12 weapons are Cui LuHuan's throwing knives, however the 13th item is Zhuo BuFan's long sword. When Xu Zhu executed [Plum Breaking Hand Of Heavenly Mountain], he is very anxious and frighten, thus he did not think about who his opponent is, he grab whatever weapon he lay his eyes on, without much effort he also seize Zhuo BuFan's long sword.

He seize all 13 weapons, he raise his head and saw Zhuo BuFan pallid expression, he turn his head, he saw Cui LuHua frighten expression, he pondered: "Terrible, terrible, i offended people again." he quickly said: "Both of you please don't take offense, my conduct is rash." he bend down to pick up the 13 weapons, he clasp the weapons with his pair of hands and delivered to both of them.

Cui LuHua assume he is deliberately humiliating her, she gathered internal energy to her palm and strike towards Xu Zhu's chest. There is a 'Pa' sound, an incomparably violent force counterattacked, Cui LuHua cry out in alarm, her body flew backward swiftly, there is a 'Peng' sound, she crash heavily against a stone wall and spurted two mouthful of blood.

Zhuo BuFan, Taoist BuPing, Cui LuHua, three of them are working together for the first time, prior to the event the three of them secretly tested each others internal energy, although Zhuo BuFan is slightly better than the other two  but its  only marginal,  currently Xu  Zhu is  holding onto  the
weapons, he only use the internal energy within his body and he can repel Cui LuHuan and heavily injure her, Zhuo BuFan is absolutely not his match at all. Zhuo BuFan knew he cannot gain anything today, he cupped his hands towards Xu Zhu and said: "Respect, respect, hope to see you again."

Xu Zhu said: "Senior please take back your sword. I accidentally offended you, please don't take offense. If senior wants to beat or scold me, to help Taoist BuPing vent his anger, i…..i definitely won't resist."

When Zhuo BuFan heard it, he assume Xu Zhu is mocking him spitefully. His face already lost all its color, he took huge stride and went out of the hall.

Suddenly everyone heard a delicate voice, a female shouted out: "Hold it! What is Vulture Palace, you think you can just come and go as you wish?" Zhuo BuFan trembled, without thinking he reach for his sword hilt, however he grab thin air, he suddenly recalled that his sword was seize by Xu Zhu, a huge rock is blocking the entrance, 2 zhang high 1 zhang wide, the entrance is completely sealed off. Unexpectedly he did not know when this huge rock move soundlessly into place.

When the crowd saw the situation they knew they had fallen into Vulture Palace trap mechanism. When attacking Vulture Palace everyone move forward together, they killed or captured all the yellow-clothed females, they wipe out everything cleanly, after entering the main hall they carefully look out for any hidden troops, however immediately after someone's life- death talisman flare up, everyone was shock at the ghastly sight since they will also suffer the same fate, afterwards a series of events happen in succession and they never ponder about the dangerous place they are in where crisis lurks in every corner, only when they saw the huge rock sealing off the entrance did they finally tremble with fear: "To escape Vulture Palace alive today, i am afraid it won't be easy."

Suddenly a female said from their top: "The four envoy servants of Child Elder pay their respect to Mr Xu Zhu." Xu Zhu lifted his head, nine pieces of rock are jutting out from the roof, it seems to be nine small platform, four 18-19 year old maiden are standing on four of the rock platform, they are prostrating when paying their respects. After paying their respects they
jump down immediately, while in mid-air they already draw out their long sword, they landed lightly. The four maiden, one is wearing light red, one wearing light green, one wearing light blue, one wearing light yellow, they jump off at the same time and landed at the same time, they bow towards Xu Zhu at the same time, they said: "Envoy servant is slow in welcoming, Owner please forgive us." Xu Zhu press his hands together and bow to return the greeting, he said: "Four sisters, no need to be overly courteous."

The four maidens lifted their head, everyone was startled. The four of them are of the same size and height, their appearance also exactly the same, they had oval shaped face, bright and clear eyes, pure elegant and beautiful, the only difference is the color of their clothes.

The red-clothed female said: "We four sisters are born together, Child granny named me Plum Sword, my three sisters are Orchid Sword, Bamboo Sword and Chrysanthemum Sword. Just now we ran into our sisters from Clear Heaven Division, Vermillion Heaven Division, etc, we found out about the various ongoings. Currently servant already sealed off the Supreme Hall, i invite Owner to decide how to deal with these bunch of brazen treacherous lackeys."

The crowd heard these four sisters are quadruplets, they finally understood, no wonder their appearance are identical, these four are beautiful and their voice pure and gentle, everyone had favourable impression of them, unexpectedly Plum Sword called them 'these bunch of brazen treacherous lackeys', its extremely rude. Two men rush forward, one holding a broad sword, another holding a judge-pen, they yell in unison: "Little girl, your mouth is filthy, you are fart……"

Suddenly green light flash repeatedly, Orchid Sword and Bamboo Sword thrust out their swords, two 'Dang Dang' sound, the wrists of both men are cut off, their palm along with the weapons drop onto the floor. This move is incomparable fast, the wrists of both men are cut off already but they still said: "are farting! Ayo!" they shout out loudly and leap backwards, the floor is sprayed full of fresh blood.

The two females cut off the wrists of two men with a single move, although the remaining crowd had better martial arts than the two men but they don't
dare to act rashly, moreover the hall is made of exceptionally thick granite, they don't know if there are other powerful traps or mechanism installed, everyone look at each other in dismay, nobody dare to speak.

Silence ensued, suddenly someone roar out 'He He He'. When the crowd heard it they knew the life-death talisman had come to claim another life again.

Everyone turn pale during this time, a big towering man jump out from the crowd, both his eyes red, he is randomly tearing off the clothe on his chest. Many people shouted out: "Iron Sea Turtle Island Island-master! Iron Sea Turtle Island Island-master Ha DaBa!" Ha DaBa yell out, he is like a wounded tiger, he raise his iron-hammer fist, there is a 'Peng' sound, he shattered a coffee table, immediately he rush towards Chrysanthemum Sword.

Chrysanthemum Sword saw his terrifying expression, she forgot about her own superior sword art, she is extremely scared, she dive into Xu Zhu's bosom. Ha DaBa open up his fan-like arm and grab towards Plum Sword. The minds of these quadruplets are interlinked, Plum Sword already felt the reaction when Chrysanthemum Sword shake with fear, when Ha DaBa pounce towards her she scream out in alarm and hide behind Xu Zhu.

Ha DaBa grab empty air, he flip his pair of hands and dig his eyes out. Xu Zhu shouted: "You must not do that!" he wave his sleeves and brush the crook of Ha DaBa's arm, Ha DaBa's pair of hands immediately hang downwards. Xu Zhu said: "Elder brother your life-death talisman has flare up, my humble self will try to remove it for you." at once he executed the move 'Great Heaven Sun Song' from [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain], he smack the 'LingTai acupoint' on Ha DaBa's back. Ha DaBa shake violently, his entire body collapsed.

Green light flash everywhere, two long sword separately thrust towards Ha DaBa, Orchid Sword and Bamboo Sword seize the opportunity and attack. Xu Zhu said: "No!" he pinch and seize the two swords, he mumbled to himself: "Terrible, terribe! I wonder where his life-death talisman is located?" Although he knew the method to neutralizing life-death talismans, but ultimately his knowledge and experience is shallow, he cannot discern
the location of the life-death talisman on Ha DaBa, the force he exerted in the move 'Great Heaven Sun Song' is too fierce, unexpectedly Ha DaBa cannot withstand it.

Ha DaBa said: "Its planted….planted at….XuanShu…..QiHai….Si…Si KongZhu…." The move 'Great Heaven Sun Song' from Xu Zhu had made Ha DaBa regain his consciousness.

Xu Zhu said happily: "Since you know it then its good." At once he followed the method taught by Child Elder, he use the pure 'yang' energy of [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain] to dissolve the cold ice life-death talisman in the 'XuanShu', 'QiHai' and ' Si KongZhu' acupoints.

Ha DaBa stood up, he wave his hands and kick out his legs, he became wild from his happiness, suddenly he threw himself towards the ground, 'Peng Peng Peng' he kowtow towards Xu Zhu and said: "Benefactor, the life of Ha DaBa is saved by you old senior, from now on if Benefactor has any orders, Ha DaBa will not hesitate and willingly go through water and tread on fire for you." Xu Zhu is always respectful towards others, seeing Ha DaBa pay such courtesy he quickly knelt down to return the courtesy, 'Peng Peng Peng' he kowtow as well and said: "I don't dare to accept such heavy courtesy, you kowtow to me, i also have to kowtow to you." Ha DaBa said loudly: "Benefactor please get up quickly, you kowtow to me, you will really shorten lowly person's life." To express his gratitude he kowtow several times again. Xu Zhu saw him kowtow, at once he kowtow again to return the courtesy.

Both of them are kneeling on the ground and kowtow endlessly. Suddenly several hundred people shouted in unison: "Neutralize my life-death talisman, neutralize my life-death talisman!" the crowd of people who suffered from life-death talisman surge forward and surrounded both of them. An old man supported Ha DaBa up, he said: "No need to kowtow, everyone need to invite Benefactor to treat their poison and save lives."

Xu Zhu saw Ha DaBa stand up, he finally stand up and said: "Everyone please don't rush, listen to me." In a split second the hall turn completely silent. Xu Zhu said: "To break the life-death talisman i have to confirm the location of the talisman, everyone do you know it yourself?"
In a split second everyone was thrown into confusion, some said: "I know!" some said: "Its at 'WeiZhong' and 'NeiTing' acupoints!" some said: "My entire body is aching, damn it, i don't know at which bloody acupoints!" some said: "My body is itchy and painful, its different every month, this life-death talisman can move!"

Suddenly someone shout loudly: "Everyone please shut up, you all making so much noise, how can Mr Xu ZhuZi listen to it?" the person who shouted out is the chief of the group Wu LaoDa, everyone immediately became quiet.

Xu Zhu said: "Although Child Elder imparted the method to breaking life- death talisman to me….."

7-8 people cannot help but shout out:

"Fantastic, fantastic!"

"My old life can be saved!"

Xu Zhu continued: "But my ability in distinguishing acupoints and recognizing the illness is shallow. But everyone don't worry, if you know the exact location of your life-death talisman, i will treat one by one and help you neutralize it. Even if you don't know, we will slowly research, those who are skilled in medical arts can also join in and study together, in short i will definitely cure you."

The loud cheers of the crowd filled the entire hall with echoes. After a long time the cheers finally died off.

Plum Sword said coldly: "Owner agree to remove your life-death talisman, that is because he old senior is merciful. But you lot are so brazen as to revolt, you cause Child Elder to leave the Palace and die outside, afterwards you even attack Vulture Palace and killed alot of our sisters from Great Heaven Division, how to account for this debt?"

Everyone look at each other in dismay, their breathing stop, Plum Sword is telling the truth, since Xu Zhu is Child Elder's successor then obviously he
cannot brush aside their heavy crimes. Someone wanted to plead earnestly but he had second thoughts, they commit heavy crime in causing Child Elder's death and attacking Vulture Palace, how can the matter be resolved by a few earnest pleading? He is about to speak but swallowed his words.

Wu LaoDa said: "Sister's words are reasonable, i commit a huge crime, i willingly accept Mr Xu ZhuZi's punishment." He is banking on Xu Zhu's character, he knew he is honest and naive, he definitely can't be compared with the vicious and cruel Child Elder, Xu Zhu's punishment is definitely lighter than what the four sisters are capable of, thus his speech is directed at Xu Zhu.

Quite a few people from the crowd understood his intention, immediately after they shouted out: "Correct, our crimes are very serious, everyone willingly accept Mr Xu ZhuZi's punishment." A few thought about the pain and suffering when the life-death talisman flare up, unexpectedly their knees soften and they kneel down.

Xu Zhu don't know what to do, he said to Plum Sword: "Sister Plum Sword, what do you think?" Plum Sword said: "They are not good people, they killed so many sisters from Great Heaven Division, they definitely have to pay with their lives."

WuLiang Cave Vice Cave-master Zuo ZiMu bow deeply towards Plum Sword and said: "Miss, our lives are really miserable after being hit by this life-death talisman, when we heard Child Elder is not at Misty Peak we became anxious, thus we made a huge error, we really regret it. I beseech Miss to be magnanimous, put in a few good words for us in front of Mr Xu ZhuZi." Plum Sword expression became grave, she said: "Those who killed before, severe your right arm, this is the most minor punishment." When she said those words she felt she is giving out orders, its really not appropriate, she turn around and said to Xu Zhu: "Owner, is it ok?" Xu Zhu felt the punishment is too heavy, but he is also unwilling to offend Plum Sword, he stammered: "This…this….en…..that……"

Someone suddenly rush out from the crowd, its the Prince of Dali Duan Yu. Duan Yu love to meddle in other people's business, debate about right and wrong, he cupped his hands and greeted Xu Zhu, he smile and said: "My
dear friend, little brother really disapprove when these friends attacked Misty Peak, i persuade them until my mouth turn dry but they simply refuse to listen. Today they commit a huge disaster, my dear friend you ought to increase their punishment. Little brother hope to become your official messenger, let little brother punish these friends, how about it?"

That day, the crowd wanted to kill Child Elder and swear an oath in her blood, Duan Yu was strongly against it and persuaded them, Xu Zhu heard everything, he is aware that this Gentleman is benevolent and heroic, he respect him deeply, when Li QiuShui push him and Child Elder off the mountain peak, they were saved by Duan Yu, moreover he really have no idea how to handle the situation, thus when Duan Yu said it he quickly cupped his hands and said: "My knowledge and experience is shallow, i don't know how to handle affairs. Gentleman Duan volunteer to handle it, i can't thank you enough."

When Duan Yu took the initiative and ask for permission to punish the crowd how can anyone accept it? Some of the bad-tempered people was about to abuse him but unexpectedly Xu Zhu permitted it, they are about to speak out but swallowed their words.

Duan Yu said happily: "Very good." he turn around and said to the crowd: "The mistakes made by everyone is simply too serious, my punishment is not light at all. Mr Xu ZhuZi permit me to handle this matter, if anyone of you disobey then Mr Xu ZhuZi won't remove the life-death talisman for you. For the 1st punishment, everyone has to respectfully kowtow 8 times in front of Child Elder's coffin, be solemn and respectful, confess and repent, if anyone of you secretly curse Child Elder while kowtowing then you crime would have increase by another level."

Xu Zhu said happily: "Absolutely correct, absolutely correct! This 1st punishment is very good."

Originally the crowd was afraid this bookworm might suggest some weird or difficult punishment, they were really anxious and worried, but he suggested kowtowing in front of Child Elder's coffin, they pondered: "She is already dead, what is so difficult about giving a few kowtow in front of her coffin? Moreover,  how will  he know if we secretly  curse that  old
thieving witch? I will simply kowtow and secretly curse that old thieving witch." at once everyone agreed.

Duan Yu saw everyone happily agree to his 1st punishment, his spirit rose, he said: "The 2nd punishment, everyone have to salute in front of the dead sisters from Great Heaven Division. Those who killed or injured people, you have to kowtow, confess and repent, you have to wear mourning clothes and pay your respects to the dead. Those who didn't kill, you have to cup your hands as courtesy, my dear friend Xu ZhuZi will treat your illness ahead of schedule as a reward."

Among the crowd, more than half of them did not kill anyone from Misty Peak, they immediately agreed. As for those who killed or injured people, its only wearing mourning clothes and giving a few kowtow, its a thousand times better than what Plum Sword suggested, thus nobody objected.

Duan Yu said: "As for the 3rd punishment, everyone have to swear your allegiance to Vulture Palace eternally, you cannot be disloyal. Whatever Xu ZhuZi says, everyone must listen to his orders. Not only must you be respectful towards Mr Xu ZhuZi, you must also be courteous towards Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Sword, as well as all the sisters from Vulture Palace, convert an enemy into friend, your conduct and speech must be courteous and respectful. If anyone is not willing then come up and compete 2-3 moves with Mr Xu ZhuZi, see if he is brilliant or you are better!"

The crowd are joyous as they listen to Duan Yu, they said: "Of course, of course!" someone said: "Gentleman Duan's punishment is too lenient, is there anything else?"

Duan Yu clap his hands, he smiled and said: "None!" he turn his head and said to Xu Zhu: "The punishments set by little brother, is it correct?"

Xu Zhu cupped his hands and said: "Many thanks, many thanks, extremely correct." He glance at Plum Sword and the rest of her sisters, his expression is rather apologetic. Orchid Sword said: "Owner, you are the owner of Vulture Palace, no matter what you say servant have to listen and obey. You are magnanimous, you spared these lackeys, you don't have to worry about
us." Xu Zhu smile and said: "En, this….i still have some words, i don't know….don't know if i should say it?"

Wu LaoDa said: "36 Caves and 72 Islands have always been the subordinates of Misty Peak, nobody dare to disobey any orders from Honourable Master. The three punishments set by Gentleman Duan is simply too lenient. If Honourable Master have any other punishment everyone willingly accept it."

Xu Zhu said: "I am young, my knowledge shallow, its just that Child Elder instructed me in some martial arts, i really don't deserve to be Honourable Master or whatever. I have two wish, this….this…..i don't know if it is right or wrong, i will be bold and say it out, this….i invite seniors here to think about it." Ever since childhood, Xu Zhu have always been under someone, being ordered around and sent on errands, he never had the chance to suggest ideas or make decisions, thus he never dare to speak in public, he hemmed and hawed while speaking, his expression extremely meek.

Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Sword, all four of them pondered: "What happen to Owner, why the need to be so polite to these lackeys?"

Wu LaoDa said: "Honourable Master is magnanimous, you pardon our serious crime and now you are so polite towards us, even if we offer our lives as sacrifice we can't even repay a fraction of this debt of gratitude. Honourable Master, please simply give your orders!"

Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes! If i said something wrong, everyone please….please don't ridicule me. I want to talk about two matters. The 1st matter, its a bit selfish, i….i am from Shaolin Temple, originally….originally i am a little monk, from now on when you travel around, please don't trouble the disciples of Shaolin. This is my 1st request, i don't dare to order you or anything."

Wu LaoDa said loudly: "Honourable Master's order: From now on, when we brothers travel around and come across great masters of Shaolin or Buddhist friends, we have to be respectful, absolutely cannot offend them,
else the punishment will be severe without any mercy." The crowd replied in unison: "We will do as ordered!"

Everyone agreed, Xu Zhu became bolder, he cupped his hands and said: "Many thanks, many thanks! The 2nd matter, everyone please take into the account the virtues of life, Buddha is merciful, you cannot injure or kill people randomly. Although you are not a monk, but its best that you don't kill any animals, mole cricket and ants are the same, its best that you don't eat any meat and fish, but this rule is not so easy, it doesn't mean that you definitely must be a vegetarian, even for me i broke my precept and eat meat. Thus….this…as for killing people, in short its not good, its better not to kill anyone, but i….i also kill people before, thus….."

Wu LaoDa said loudly: " Honourable Master's order: All the brothers and subordinates under Vulture Palace, from now on you cannot rashly kill the innocent or kill casually, else the punishment will be heavy." Everyone replied in unison: "We will do as ordered!"

Xu Zhu cupped his hands repeatedly, he said: "I….i really can't thank you enough, back to the main topic, everyone please do more good deeds, don't do evil deeds, its for your own good achievements and virtues, you will definitely have immeasurable karmic rewards." he laugh heartily at Wu LaoDa and said: "Mr Wu, your few words are clear and distinct. I really cannot be compared with you. Previously i injured you with pine cones, i am really sorry, you….where is your life-death talisman located? I will remove it for you first!"

Wu LaoDa is willing to brave all the risk and danger to lead everyone in this revolt, its purely for the sake of removing his life-death talisman, he heard Xu Zhu promise to remove the life-death talisman for him, henceforth he will be free from the pain of having endless maggots gnawing at his bones, he is extremely happy, he felt really grateful, he knelt down and prostrate himself. Xu Zhu quickly knelt down to return the courtesy, he ask: "Mr Wu, the injury you sustained from the pine cones, is it completely healed? You consume Child Elder's ‘Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill’, we have to think of a method to remove the toxicity as well."

Plum Sword and her sisters operated the mechanism and move away the huge stone that block the entrance, they let Vermillion Heaven, Clear Heaven, Mysterious Heaven, all the nine divisions entered the hall.

Feng BoE and Bao BuTong are shouting, they came in with Deng BaiChuan and GongYe Gan. The four of them went out of the hall to battle Child Elder, however they bump into the females from the various eight divisions. Bao BuTong is rude in his speech, Feng BoE love to fight, they exchange a few words with the females and start fighting with them. Not long after, Deng BaiChuan and GongYe Gan join in to assist, although the four of them have strong martial arts, but ultimately they are heavily outnumbered, after a while all of them were injured, if the main entrance delay in opening for a few more moment and Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Sword did not ask them to stop fighting, they four of them would have been captured or killed.

Murong Fu found the matter dull, he led Deng BaiChuan and the rest to say their goodbyes and prepare to leave the mountain. Zhuo BuFan and Hibiscus Fairy Chui LuHua did not say anything and left by themselves.

Xu Zhu saw Murong Fu wanted to leave, but he sincerely wanted him to stay. Murong Fu said: "I offended Misty Peak, i am really ashamed, its elder brother's great kindness if you do not fault me, how dare i to disturb you any longer?" Xu Zhu said: "You are too kind, you are too kind. Both gentleman are well versed in literature and martial arts, an accomplished hero, i admire you greatly, i wish….i wish…..i wish to ask two gentleman for advice. I….i am simply too stupid…too stupid."

Bao BuTong cross swords with the group of females just now, he is heavily outnumbered and sustained numerous sword injuries, he is not in a good mood, Xu Zhu is so long-winded in trying to ask a guest to stay, moreover Murong Fu told him that Xu Zhu kept a portrait of Wang YuYan in his bosom, he pondered: "This little bald thief is a hypocrite, he is a Buddhist disciple yet he have evil intentions towards Miss Wang, obviously he is a lascivious monk who does not abide by religious rules." Bao BuTong said: "Little master, asking the heroes to stay is fake, but asking the beauty to stay is real, why don't you be forthright and request Miss Wang to stay at Misty Peak?"
Xu Zhu was shock, he said: "You….what you saying? I want to ask a beauty to stay?" Bao BuTong said: "You harbour evil thoughts, you think the people from Gusu Murong family are idiots? Hei hei, you are ridiculous!" Xu Zhu scratch his head and said: "I don't understand what Mister is trying to say, i don't find it ridiculous."

Although Bao BuTong is within a tiger's den, but his stubborn character is aroused, he no long care about life or death, he shout loudly: "You little bald thief, you are a Shaolin monk, since you are a disciple of a prestigious school how come you join a demonic sect and collude with these demons and ghosts? I get angry when i look at you. You are a monk but you force hundreds of women to be your wives, concubines and mistress, but you are still not satisfied and now you have funny ideas towards Miss Wang! Let me tell you, Miss Wang is attached to my young master Murong, you are just a toad wistful about eating swan meat, its best that you forget about your evil thoughts as soon as possible!" He is in deep rage, he clap his hands and stamped his feet and curse loudly while pointing at Xu Zhu's nose.

Xu Zhu was utterly perplexed, he said: "I…i….i…." suddenly he heard two 'Hu Hu' sound, Wu LaoDa lifted his 'Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Serrated Sabre', Ha DaBa lifted a huge iron hammer, they shout in unison and charge towards Bao BuTong.

Murong Fu knew that since Xu Zhu removed their life-death talisman he already gain the loyalty of these group of heroes, it would be incomparable dangerous if they start fighting in here, he saw Wu LaoDa and Ha DaBa pounce simultaneously, he dash forward and executed [Start Shifting Movement], in an instant the sabre chop towards Ha DaBa and the huge hammer smash towards Wu LaoDa, there is a violent 'Dang' sound, sparks flew in all directions from the two weapons. Murong Fu flip his hand and push lightly on Bao BuTong's shoulder, Bao BuTong was push a few zhang out, Murong Fu cupped his hands and said to Xu Zhu: "Sorry for the offense, we will take our leave now!" his body flash past, he is already at the entrance of the hall. Murong Fu saw the mechanism at the entrance just now, if the huge rock move to block the entrance then he will be trapped and slaughtered.
Xu Zhu said quickly: "Gentleman please wait, its really….not my intention….i….." Murong Fu raised both his eyebrows, he turn around and said in a bright voice: "Sire feels that he is unequalled under the heaven, you wish to advice a few moves?" Xu Zhu shake his head repeatedly and said: "No…i don't dare…." Murong Fu said: "I arrive without invitation, i am too bold, sire you simply must make us stay?" Xu Zhu shake his head and said: "No…no…its not it….sigh!"

Murong Fu stood at the entrance, he look proudly at Xu Zu, the heroes from
36 Caves and 72 Islands, as well as Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Sword and the females from the nine divisions. The group of heroes and the females are all intimidated by his imposing manner, nobody dare to step forward to ask for a fight. After a long time, Murong Fu brush his sleeves and said: "Lets go!" he boldly step out of the entrance. Wang YuYan, Deng BaiChuan, etc, the five of them followed him.

Wu LaoDa said furiously: "Honourable Master, if he leave Misty Peak alive, how can anyone of us hold our heads high? I invite Honourable Master to give us an order to intercept him." Xu Zhu shake his head and said: "Forget it. I….i really don't understand, why he is so angry……" Wu LaoDa said: "Then subordinate will go and capture that Miss Wang." Xu Zhu quickly said: "No, no!"

Wang YuYan saw Duan Yu have yet to leave the hall, she turn around and said: "Gentleman Duan, goodbye, see you again!"

Duan Yu was shaken, his chest ached, his throat seems to be blocked, he reply with great difficulty: "Yes, good….bye. I….its better for me to follow you….." he saw her shadow gradually move far away, she did not turn back, Bao BuTong's words kept echoing in his ear: "He said Miss Wang is attached to Gentleman Murong, he ask outsiders to give up, a toad wistful about eating swan meat. Correct, when Gentleman Murong step out of the hall, his manner awe-inspiring, the lofty spirit of a true hero! He neutralize the moves of two formidable opponents with a single move, such deep and profound martial arts! I am someone who don't even have the strength to bind a chicken, i make a fool of myself everywhere i go, how can she even take note of me? When Miss Wang look at her cousin, its really full of love
and adoration, as well as admiration, as well as affection, i…..i Duan Yu…i am merely a toad."

Two people were stumped for words in the hall, Xu Zhu is preoccupied with doubts and suspicions, he scratch his head and hesitate, Duan Yu is listless and in low spirits, he is so sad that his soul left his body. The two of them stare at each other blankly.

After a long time, Xu Zhu gave a long sigh. Duan Yu followed and gave a long sigh and said: "My dear friend, you and i suffer the same fate, this kind of bone-deep longing, how to free ourselves from it?" When Xu Zhu listen to him, he cannot help but blush deep red, he assume Duan Yu knew about his romantic encounter with his 'Dream Maiden', he stammered: "Duan….Gentleman Duan, you….how you know about it?"

Duan Yu said: "There isn't a person who don't like to look at a beautiful person. There isn't a person who is not fond of pretty woman. Its human nature to love beauty. Moreover you and i are in the same situation, we can sympathize with each other, our regret is indefinite!" he gave another long sigh as he finish speaking. He assume that since Xu Zhu carried a portrait of Wang YuYan in his bosom then he is in the same situation as him, both of them deeply adore Wang YuYan, thus the previous conflict between Murong Fu and Xu Zhu is naturally for Wang YuYan, he said: "My dear friend, you achieve the apex of martial studies, but love is all about fate, no matter your literary talents or martial arts, it just won't do if you don't have fate."

Xu Zhu mumbled: "Yes, for Buddhist a person is born into this world due to karma, everything is about fate….correct….fate…you can only meet but not seek it…yes, after parting, a sea of people, how to find her?" He is referring to his 'Dream Maiden' but Duan Yu assume he is referring to Wang YuYan, both of them have their own foolish illogical view, unexpectedly the more they converse the more agreeable they become.

The female servants of Vulture Palace arrange a banquet, Xu Zhu and Duan Yu are seated together side-by-side. The various Cave-masters and Island- masters are subordinates of Vulture Palace, naturally nobody dare to approach Xu Zhu and share the same banquet with him. Xu Zhu is not
familiar with entertaining guests, since nobody approach him, he did not voice out to invite them, he only discuss with Duan Yu.

Duan Yu is completely immerse in his adoration of Wang YuYan, he compliment her endlessly, he said her nature is sweet and gentle, her appearance beyond common beauty. Xu Zhu assume Duan Yu is complimenting his 'Dream Maiden', he don't dare to ask Duan Yu how he met her, he also did not inquire about the history of this maiden, however his heart is thumping madly, he pondered: "I thought that since Child Elder is dead, nobody will know the location of this lady, heaven took pity on me, unexpectedly Gentleman Duan knows her. But listening to his speech, he seems to admire her deeply, he long for her, if i tell him that i had previous encounter with her in an icehouse Gentleman Duan will undoubtedly be angry, he will leave the banquet and i will not be able to inquire about her anymore." He listen to Duan Yu's compliments of the lady, it suits his intentions, he also chime in as well, his speech extremely sincere.

Both of them talk about their own sweetheart, their speech intermixed with each other, but nobody mention the names of these two ladies, unexpectedly their speech connect flawlessly with each other. Xu Zhu said: "Gentleman Duan, for Buddhist a person is born into this world due to karma. The scripture says: 'Buddha says, life is born due to karma, they will also be extinguish due to karma.' Ancestor Dharma says: 'All living things have no self, hardship and happiness is due to fate, if there is any pleasurable things then its constructed for a reason, you cannot seek to obtain it. Once fate is exhausted everything returns to nothing, where is the happiness?" Duan Yu said: "Yes! 'Gains and losses is due to fate, there is no increase or decrease!' Be that as it may but i am a mortal, how can i reach the state of 'Gains and losses is due to fate, there is no increase or decrease.'?"

Buddhist doctrine is widespread and prosperous in Dali, Duan Yu studied Buddhist texts since childhood, both of them, one quoted from <<Diamond Sutra>>, another quoted from <<Lotus Sutra>>, they console themselves yet hurt themselves, they understood each other regrets, fellow suffers empathize with each other. Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Sword took turns to come up and pour wine. Duan Yu drank a cup, Xu Zhu also drank a cup, they chatted till midnight. The group stood up to take their
leave, the various females guide them to their resting place. Xu Zhu and Duan Yu are 80-90% drunk, yet they kept on talking and drinking endlessly.

Previously Duan Yu and Xiao Feng compete wine outside the city of WuXi, Duan Yu use his internal energy to force the wine out through his fingertip, however currently he is using alcohol to drown out his sorrows, he is drinking wine for real, he said in a daze: "My dear friend, i have an elder sworn brother, surnamed Qiao named Feng, he is truly a great hero, brave and heroic, his martial arts and capacity for liquor matchless and without equal. My dear friend, if you meet him you will undoubtedly admire him as well, but its a pity he is not here if not the three of us can swear brotherhood together, it will truly be a joyous event."

Xu Zhu never drink alcohol before, he relied completely on his exquisite internal energy and avoided alcohol intoxication, however his thoughts are fluttering around, he also became bold in his speech, initially he is reserved and timid, suddenly his heroic spirit burst forth, he said: "Gentleman Duan if….that…if you don't look down upon me, the two of us will swear brotherhood first, in the future once we find elder brother Qiao Feng, we can swear brotherhood together again." Duan Yu is elated, he said: "Wonderful, wonderful! We will simply include elder brother Qiao when swearing brotherhood. Elder brother how old are you?"

The two of them talk about their age, Xu Zhu is older by three years. Duan Yu shouted: "Second brother, please accept this salute from little brother!" he push away his chair and kowtow. Xu Zhu hastily return the courtesy, his knees soften and he fell forward.

Duan Yu saw him tumbled, he quickly extended his hands to support, their internal energy inadvertently collide with each other, they felt each other's internal energy is vigorous and abundant, they hastily restrain themselves. Currently Duan Yu is completely drunk, he stagger and stumble around, he can't stand on his feet. Suddenly both of them burst into loud laughter, they embrace each other and fell onto the floor. Duan Yu said: "Second brother, little brother is not drunk, the two of us will drink another 100 cups!" Xu Zhu said: "I should accompany third brother and drink to our delight." Duan Yu said: "Life should be full of joy and happiness, not let the empty golden goblet face the moon, haha, we have to finish 300 cups!" The two of them
became more and more muddled, eventually they became intoxicated and lost consciousness.

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