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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Laughing Together, Everything Reduce To Emptiness
Xu Zhu had a shock, he shouted: “Ayo, not good, she….she….” Child Elder said loudly: “Why the big fuss?” Xu Zhu said softly: “She…she finally found us.” Child Elder said: “Although she knows i am in the imperial palace, but she don’t know where i am hiding. There are thousands and hundreds of room in the imperial palace, if she search one by one, even after 10 days or half a month she might not be able to find this place.” Xu Zhu finally felt at ease, he breathe a sigh of relief and said: “We only need to endure until tomorrow noon, by then we don’t need to be afraid anymore.” Sure enough, Li QiuShui’s voice gradually move further and further away, eventually there is no sound from her at all.

But after an hour, Li QiuShui thin voice penetrate into the ice storehouse again: “My good martial sister, you still remember martial brother Wu YaZi? He is at little sister’s palace, he is waiting for you to come out, he have some important matters to tell you.”

Xu Zhu said softly: “Wrong, wrong! Senior Wu YaZi died long ago, don’t…..don’t be fooled by her.”

Child Elder said: “Even if we shout and scream here she won’t be able to hear us. She is using her [Great Voice Transmitting Soul Searching Method] to force me to go out. She mentioned Wu YaZi, she is simply trying to disturb my mind, how can i be fooled by her?”

But Li QiuShui talk endlessly, hours and hours went on, she narrate how the three of them fellow apprentices learn their skills, she narrate how Wu YaZi love her deeply, immediately after she start abusing loudly and curse Child Elder as the number one lascivious and malicious person, a shrewd and shameless **, she claim those words are said by Wu YaZi.
Xu Zhu pair of hands are covering his ears, but the voice still penetrate his hands and enter his ears, he can’t block it out. Xu Zhu is extremely irritated as he kept on listening, he shouted: “False, all of them are false! I don’t believe you!” he tear some cloth off his clothes and stuff it into his ears.

Child Elder said indifferently: “You can’t block this voice. That ** is using her profound internal energy to transmit it, we are inside the 3rd level of the ice storehouse, yet the voice still transmit here, you stick some cloth in your ear, what is the use? The guards and concubine in the imperial palace, maids and eunuch, thousands and hundreds of them, but none of them have Carefree Sect’s internal energy, none of them can hear this voice. You have to be calm and tranquil, hear but ignore deliberately, just treat the words of that ** as donkey cry or dog bark.” Xu Zhu said: “Yes.” But the discipline to ‘turn a blind eye, hear but not react’, the martial arts of Carefree Sect is much inferior to the meditation skill of Shaolin, since Xu Zhu lost all his Shaolin martial arts, he can’t ignore Li QiuShui’s words, he listen to various malicious stuff about Child Elder, inevitably he half believe and half doubt, he don’t know if it is true or false.

After a while he suddenly recall something, he said: "Senior, the time to practice your skill is nearing soon correct? This is the last stage before you achieve success, it is extremely important, but when you listen to her words won't you be distracted?" Child Elder laugh bitterly and said: "You only realize it now? That ** calculate the time accurately, once my divine skill is complete she knows she won't be my match, thus she spare no effort to try and obstruct me." Xu Zhu said: "Then please temporarily put aside your plans and stop training, is it ok? Terrible external demon is invading, if you train under such conditions it might be a little…..a little dangerous." Child Elder said: "You rather die then help me deal with that **, but how come you are concern about my safety now?" Xu Zhu is stumped for words, he said: "I am unwilling to assist senior to harm others, but i am even more unwilling to see others harm senior."

Child Elder said: "You conscience is good. I already thought through this matter a thousand times. That ** is using her [Great Voice Transmitting Soul Searching Method] to disturb my mind, simultaneously she also dispatched her hunting dogs to track me, she already secured the imperial
palace like an iron bastion. We can't escape. The longer we stay here the more dangerous it is. Luckily we brave danger and went to her house, if not we would have been detected two months ago, at that time my internal energy is low and i can't resist at all, once i listen to her [Great Voice Transmitting Soul Searching Method] i would have gone out obediently. Foolish boy, its noon already, granny have to train my skill now." she bite off the head of a red-crowned crane and suck the crane's blood, she cross her legs and sat down.

Xu Zhu listen to Li QiuShui's voice, it is getting more and more wretched, presumably she calculated this moment, this noon is the crucial juncture, a matter of life and death between the two martial sisters. Suddenly, Li QiuShui's voice became extremely gentle and soft, she said: "Good martial brother, hug me. En, wu, wu, hug me tighter, kiss me, kiss here." Xu Zhu is stunned, he pondered: "How come she mention about this kind of stuff?"

He heard Child Elder groan out, she cursed in rage: "Treacherous **!" Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he is aware that Child Elder is at a critical juncture in her training, unexpectedly she got distracted and start cursing, its incomparably dangerous, a single mistake and she will fire-deviate, the meridians in her body will all burst and break off. Although he is worried but he can't do anything to help. Li QiuShui's soft voice transmit endlessly, all of them narrating the joyous love between Wu YaZi and herself. Xu Zhu cannot help but think about his joyous meeting with the maiden, his desire surge, warm blood circulate through his entire body, his skin is burning hot.

But he notice Child Elder is breathing heavily, she cursed: " Treacherous
**, junior martial brother never love you, you seduce him, you have no sense of shame!" Xu Zhu is startled, he said: "Senior, she….she is inciting your anger on purpose, you must not take it seriously." Child Elder curse again: "Shameless **, if he truly love you, how come when he is about to die, he rush to Misty Peak and pass on the 'Seven Treasure Ring' to me? He also gave me a portrait of my 18 year old self, he drew it personally, he said for the past 60 years, this portrait accompanied him day and night, he kept it close at all time. Hey, you must be very sad when you heard it right….."

She kept talking non-stop, Xu Zhu is stunned. How come Child Elder is saying all these lies? Could it be that she fire-deviated, she lost her mind?
Moreover she seems to be transmitting her voice out to let Li QiuShui hear it.

He heard a violent crashing sound, the front door of the ice storehouse was push open, immediately after the second set of door open as well, the sound of front door closing, the sound of the second door closing. He heard Li QiuShui's husky voice: "You are lying, you are lying, martial brother he….he…he only love me. He will never draw a portrait of you, you are a midget, how can he love you? You are talking rubbish, specialize in deceiving people….."

There is a dozen loud slamming sound, its like lightning strike, it transmit from the 1st level of the ice storehouse. Xu Zhu was startled, Child Elder burst into loud laughter and shouted: "Treacherous **, you thought martial brother only love you? You head is really muddled. Correct, i am a midget, i cannot be compared with you, a seductive beautiful woman, but martial brother knows everything. You are fond of seducing handsome, natural and unrestrained young man, even his disciple Ding ChunQiu that kind of little rascal you also try to seduce. Martial brother told me, i am a virgin till old, my feelings towards him never change. But you, think about it, you had how many lovers? You married the king of Western Xia and became the emperor's concubine, why would martial brother care about you?" Unexpectedly her voice projected from the 1st level of the ice storehouse, Xu Zhu never notice when she move from the 3rd level to the 1st level. Child Elder laugh again: "We martial sisters never see each other for 10 years, we should be affectionate to each other. Seal off the front door of the ice storehouse so that outsiders can't come in to disturb us. Haha, you like to rely upon your superior number to win, there is no harm is calling some of your helpers to assist. Come on, move away the ice chunks! Transmit your voice out!"

In a split second countless thoughts went through Xu Zhu's mind: "Child Elder incite Li QiuShui and lure her into the ice storehouse, she immediately move the big ice chunks and block the front door, she is determined to fight till death. Although Li QiuShui have huge influence in the imperial palace but she can't summon her men to assist her now. But how come she didn't push away the ice chunks? How come she didn't do as
Child Elder says, transmit her voice out and order her men to attack here? Maybe when shifting the ice chunks or transmitting her voice, she will inevitably be distracted, Child Elder is standing by the side, naturally she will seize the opportunity and strike a fatal blow; Or maybe Li QiuShui is proud and conceited, she is unwilling to ask for assistance, she wants to personally deal with her love rival." Xu Zhu pondered: "Previously, when training, Child Elder is always motionless, she does not react to external affairs, but today she cannot help it and shouted out to fight with Li QiuShui, but her divine skill still lack one more day before completion, she wasted her effort and failed at the final hurdle. I wonder who will win today's battle, if Child Elder wins, i wonder if we can escape the palace, can she compensate her training by practicing tomorrow?"

He heard loud slamming and banging sounds from the 1st level, evidently Child Elder is waging a gigantic battle with Li QiuShui. Xu Zhu live together with Child Elder for 3 months, although the old granny is temperamental and moody, her conduct unruly, he really suffered under her, but because he is with her all the time he cannot help but feel close to her, he is afraid Child Elder will suffer under Li QiuShui's evil hands, thus he went to the 2nd level to look at the situation.

As he reach the 2nd level, he heard Li QuiShui shout: "Who is it?" the banging and crashing sound stop. Xu Zhu held his breath and wait, he don't dare to reply. Child Elder said: "That is the number one romantic person of Central Plains, nicknamed 'White-face Playboy Wu PanAn', you want to meet him?" Xu Zhu pondered: "My appearance is so ugly, what nicknamed 'White-face Playboy Wu PanAn'? Sigh, senior is making fun of me."

But he heard Li QuiShui said: "Rubbish, i am already an old woman, you think i am still fond of youngster? What 'White-face Playboy Wu PanAn', most probably its that ugly monk who carried you and ran around." she raise her voice and shout: "Little monk, is that you?" Xu Zhu's heart is thumping madly, he don't know if he should reply or not. Child Elder shouted: "Meng Lang, are you a little monk? Haha, Meng Lang, you are such a romantic and charming youngster but she assume you are a little monk, its really funny."
Xu Zhu blush deep red when he heard the phrase 'Meng Lang', his so ashamed that he can't show his face, he pondered: "Terrible, terrible, the conversation between me and that maiden, Child Elder heard everything, how can those words be heard by an outsider? Ayo, those words that i said to the maiden, i am afraid…maybe….most likely….Child Elder heard all of them as well. That….that…"

Child Elder said: "Meng Lang, quickly answer me, are you a little monk?" Xu Zhu said softly: "No." although his voice is soft but Child Elder and Li QuiShui heard it clearly.

Child Elder laugh out loud and said: "Meng Lang, don't worry, you can see your Meng Gu pretty soon. She miss you badly, for the past few days she have no appetite, she is restless, she is thinking about you, she miss you. Tell me honestly, you miss her or not?"

Xu Zhu is infatuated with that maiden, although he diligently train his skills in firing and countering the life-death talisman for the past few days, but he is constantly thinking about her, he is head over heels in love, suddenly he heard Child Elder inquire about it, he cannot help but blurt out: "Really miss her."

Li QuiShui muttered: "Meng Lang, Meng Lang, as it turns out you are really a passionate youngster! Come up here, let me see what kind of person is the number one romantic of Central Plains!"

Although Li QuiShui is younger than Child Elder and Wu YaZi, but she is over 80 years of age, an old woman, however her speech is gentle and coy, when Xu Zhu heard her voice his heart palpitated with eagerness, in a split second he really thinks he is the 'Number one romantic person of Central Plains', but he came to his senses immediately: "I am a ugly monk, how can i be a romantic person, isn't it laughable?" immediately after he thought: "Child Elder is facing a powerful enemy, how come she still have the mood to make fun of me? There must be some deep meaning behind it. Ah, that's right, that day senior Wu YaZi wants me to succeed him as Carefree Sect Leader, he repeatedly voice out his disdain of my appearance, afterwards senior Su XingHe said, to subdue Ding ChunQiu, they must find a handsome natural and unstrained youngster with high comprehension,
although i possess senior Wu YaZi divine internal energy but my martial art is weak, i have to find a person to teach me martial arts, this person is only fond of handsome youngster, don't tell me the person is Li QiuShui?"

While his pondering, the flame flicker, bright light illuminated the 1st level, immediately after there is the loud sound of rushing wind. Xu Zhu rush up the stone steps, he look up, he saw a white shadow and a grey shadow revolving rapidly around each other, the two shadows suddenly separate and suddenly move close, it emit 'Pa Pa' sound, evidently Child Elder and Li QuiShui are fighting a fierce battle. A torch is on an ice block and emit faint ray of light. The movement of the two are extremely fast, its really unimaginable, its impossible for Xu Zhu to determine who is Child Elder and who is Li QiuShui.

The torch burn off extremely fast, it exhausted its flame in a short period of time, with a 'Chi' sound it extinguish and the ice storehouse turn pitch-black again, but palm wind is still rushing about. Xu Zhu is really anxious: "Child Elder lost a leg, its unfavorable for her in a long battle, how should i help her? But Child Elder is vicious and merciless, if she gain the upper hand she will definitely kill her martial sister, this is not good. Moreover the martial arts of these two are so high, how can i interfere their battle?"

He heard a loud 'Pa' sound, Child Elder gave a long cry, she seems to be injured. Li QiuShui laugh out loudly and said: "Martial sister, what do you think of this move from little sister? Please give me some guidance." suddenly she shout sternly: "Where are you running!"

Xu Zhu felt a burst of cold wind brush past him, Child Elder is standing beside him and said: "2nd technique, execute your palm!" Xu Zhu don't understand the reason, he was about to inquire: "What?" but he felt cold wind assaulting him, an extremely powerful palm force move straight at him, he have no time to consider, at once he executed the 2nd palm technique taught by Child Elder to break the life-death talisman, in the darkness he clash with the incoming force, Xu Zhu experience a sever shock in his body, his blood and energy is rolling around his chest, its extremely hard to endure, without thinking he use the 7th palm technique to disperse the force.
Li QuiShui cry out in surprise, she shout loudly: "Who are you? How come you know [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain]? Who taught you?" Xu Zhu ask curiously: "What [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain]?" Li QiuShui said: "You still refuse to admit it? The 2nd move 'Spring Sun In White Snow' and the 7th move 'Three Layer Sun Gate', its a secret move of my sect, where did you learn it?" Xu Zhu said: "'Spring Sun In White Snow'? 'Three Layer Sun Gate'?" his mind is blank, he seems to understand but yet he don't understand, he faint guess he was tricked by Child Elder again.

Child Elder is standing behind her, she sneered: "This Meng Lang, since he carry the reputation as the number one romantic of Central Plains, naturally he is gifted in the four arts, medicine and divination, horoscope, wine drinking, singing, drinking game, guessing riddle, all kinds of shady business, he know them all, he mastered them all. Thus he gained the favor of martial brother Wu YaZi, he accepted him as his last disciple, he ordered him to exterminate your lover Ding ChunQiu to tidy up sect affairs."

Li QiuShui said brightly: "Meng Lang, is her word true or false?"

Xu Zhu heard both of them address him as 'Meng Lang', he cannot help but blush deeply, the first half of Child Elder's speech is false, the latter half is true, but he can neither say its true nor false. The various techniques taught by Child Elder, they are undoubtedly used to neutralize the life-death talisman, but how come Li QiuShui call it [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain]? Child Elder want him to learn [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain] to deal with Li QiuShui, but he firmly refuse to learn, could it be that the techniques used to neutralize the life-death talisman is precisely [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain]?

Li QiuShui said sternly: "Aunty is asking you a question, how come you refuse to answer?" as she finish speaking she extend her hand to grab his shoulder. Xu Zhu is very proficient in countering the moves from Child Elder, moreover he countered the moves in darkness, when he heard the wind he immediately recognize the form, he react according to the situation, when Li QiuShui's finger is about to touch his shoulder, he immediately lowered his shoulder and slanted his body, he flip his hand and press down on the back of her hand. Li QiuShui immediately withdraw her hand, she
praised: "Good! This move 'Great Heaven Sun Song', internal energy is deep and profound, the move is also well executed. Martial brother Wu YaZi impart his entire lifetime of martial arts to you, correct?" Xu Zhu said: "He…he impart all his internal energy to me."

He said Wu YaZi impart all his 'internal energy' (功⼒) to him, he did not say 'martial arts' (功夫), the two phrase only differ by a single word but the meaning is vastly different. But Li QiuShui is extremely agitated, naturally
she won't distinguish the difference, she ask again: "Since my martial brother accept you as his disciple, how come you didn't address me as martial aunt?"

Xu Zhu persuade them: "Martial aunts, both of you are one family, why entangle in this deep hatred and struggle bitterly? Its all past matters, everyone should just let go and forget it."

Li QiuShui said: "Meng Lang, you are still young, you are not aware of the sinister intentions of that treacherous old woman, stand aside……"

She did not finish speaking, suddenly she yell out 'Ah', Child Elder suddenly dash out from behind Xu Zhu and made a sneak attack, she landed one palm on her. This palm is soundless and formless, the strength is purely yin and soft, the distance between them is close, there is a delay before Li QiuShui detect it, there is also a delay before she can react, Child Elder's palm is already in front of her chest, Li QiuShui hastily move her body to retreat but she is slower by one step, her breath is obstructed, evidently her meridians got injured. Child Elder laugh and said: "Martial sister, what do you think of this move from elder sister? Please give me some guidance." Li QiuShui quickly channel her internal energy to regulate her breathing, she don't dare to retort.

Child Elder succeeded in this sneak attack, she cannot let her recover, she jump on one leg and leap forward, her palm wind rushing as she launch her attack. Xu Zhu shouted: "Senior, don't do it!" he executed the palm technique taught by Child Elder and intercepted the three palm strikes directed at Li QiuShui. Child Elder is extremely angry, she cursed: "Little thief, you using what kind of martial arts against me?" As it turns out, Xu
Zhu firmly refuse to learn [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain], Child Elder is aware of the great catastrophe in the future, in order to gain a competent helper during the critical period, while teaching Xu Zhu how to neutralize life-death talisman she also impart [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain] to him, furthermore she spent alot of time sparring with him, all the subtle and profound variations, all the ingenious and magnificent techniques, she emptied her pockets and taught everything to him. When she finally gain the upper hand, unexpectedly Xu Zhu suddenly switch side and help Li QiuShui! Xu Zhu said: "Senior, i advise you to take into account the relationship of being in the same sect, please be lenient." Child Elder curse in rage: "Get lost, quickly step aside!"

Li QiuShui gain Xu Zhu's assistance, she avoided Child Elder's rapid attack, her breathing is already regulated, she said: "Meng Lang, i am fine now, step aside." she launch her left palm and follow up with her right palm, the palm force in her left hand move around Xu Zhu and attack Child Elder. Child Elder is secretly alarmed: "Unexpectedly this ** mastered [White Rainbow Palm Force], her palm force can move left and right at will, truly formidable." She return the palm and clash head on.

Xu Zhu is stuck between them, he is aware that his martial art is limited, he cannot break up the fight and persuade them, he gave a long sigh and step aside.

Both of them dueled for a long time, strong wind assaulted his face, sharp as blade, Xu Zhu can't resist, he is about to retreat to the stone steps between the 1st and 2nd level, suddenly he heard a 'Pu' sound, Child Elder groan in pain, she was push by Li QiuShui and crash against a solid ice block. Xu Zhu shouted: "Stay your hand, stay your hand!" he rush forward and executed two moves from [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain] to neutralize Li QiuShui's attack. Child Elder seize the opportunity and leap backwards, unexpectedly she cry out miserably and tumbled down from the stone steps, she roll downwards and stop moving at the stone steps between the 2nd and 3rd level.

Xu Zhu cry out in alarm: "Senior, senior, what happen to you?" he quickly rush towards her, he grope around and supported Child Elder's body. He felt her pair of hands are ice-cold, he check her breath, unexpectedly she stop
breathing. Xu Zhu is panic stricken, he is really sad, he hug Child Elder tightly and call out: "Martial aunt, you….you….you killed martial great aunt, how can you be so heartless!" he cannot help but cry.

Li QiuShui said: "This person is very devious, my palm might not necessarily kill her!" Xu Zhu weep and said: "Still dare say she is not dead? She is not breathing, senior….martial great aunt, i already advise you not to hold a grudge…." Li QiuShui took out another fire-stick from her bosom, she ignite it, the stone step is sprinkled full of blood, the side of Child Elder's mouth and her chest is also full of blood.

To train [Eternal Youth Never Aging Skill] the practitioner have to drink blood everyday, however if the practitioner's energy move in reverse and the arteries burst, they will vomit blood, they only need to vomit one small cup of blood and they will stop breathing and die immediately, currently the blood on the stone step is at least a few big bowl. Li QiuShui is aware that her martial sister, whom she hate bitterly for over 10 years is finally dead, she is extremely happy, but she cannot help but feel lonely and mournful.

After a long time, she held the torch and slowly walk down the stone steps, she said darkly: "Martial sister, you are really dead? I am still not at ease." she stood 5 chi away from Child Elder, the torch emit a faint light, the light landed on Child Elder's face, her face is full of wrinkles, the wrinkles near her mouth is laced with blood, her expression extremely terrifying. Li QiuShui knew Child Elder train [Eternal Youth Never Aging Skill] for a long time, her internal energy is deep and profound, she can maintain her appearance and never age, only when the skill dissipate will her face reveal the elderly wrinkles. Li QiuShui is still not at ease, she said softly: "Martial sister, my entire life i experience too much suffering under your hands, don't try to fake death to trick me." She wave her left hand, she launch a palm at Child Elder's chest, there is a few 'KaLa KaLa' sound, a few of Child Elder's ribs broke.

Xu Zhu is furious, he shouted: "She already died by your hands, how can you injure her corpse?" he saw Li QiuShui launch her 2nd palm strike, at once he wave his palm to intercept. Li QiuShui look side-ways at him in disapproval, this 'Number one romantic of Central Plains' had big eyes and big nose, big ears and big mouth, wide forehead and dense eyebrows,
appearance boorish, where is the handsome, natural and unrestrained youngster? She is startled for a while, she recognize him as the little monk who carried Child Elder and escape, she move her right hand and grab Xu Zhu's shoulder. Xu Zhu slanted his body to avoid, he said: "I don't want to fight you, i only advise you not to touch your martial sister's corpse."

Li QiuShui executed four moves in succession, Xu Zhu is very proficient in [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain], unexpectedly he parried every single blow, while blocking his palm faintly contains deep strength that allows for counter-attack. Li QiuShui suddenly said: "Yi! Who is that person behind you?" Xu Zhu have little experience in fighting enemy, he was startled and turn his head back to look, suddenly he felt huge pain in his chest, his acupoint was sealed by Li QiuShui, immediately after the acupoints in both legs was sealed as well, his entire body numb and soft, he collapsed beside Child Elder, he is angry and startled, he shouted: "You are my senior, but you employ this kind of trick."

Li QiuShui laugh and said: "All is fair in war, today i teach you young chap a lesson." immediately after she pointed at him and laugh repeatedly, she said: "You…you…you ugly freak little monk, unexpectedly you dare call yourself 'Number one romantic of Central Plains'…."

Suddenly there is a 'Pa' sound, Li QiuShui cry out miserably, the 'ZhiYang' acupoint on her back was hit by a heavy palm, it was launch by Child Elder. Immediately after Child Elder violently punch out her left fist, it hit the middle of Li QiuShui's chest, the 'ShanZhong' vital acupoint. This one palm and one fist is right next to her skin, Li QiuShui have no time to resist, she can't slant her body to avoid, she don't even have time to gather energy to protect her acupoints, her body was shocked by the fist and flew up, landing on the stone steps, the torch in her hand dislodged and flew out.

Child Elder conserved her energy for a very long time, the power in her fist is abnormally fierce, the torch flew from the 3rd level to the 2nd level, it flew straight to the 1st level before it finally drop down. In an instant the 3rd level of the ice storehouse plunge into darkness again, Child Elder laugh coldly. Xu Zhu was shock yet happy, he shouted: "Senior, you are not dead? Good….very good!"
As it turns out, Child Elder failed at the final hurdle, she did not perfect her divine martial arts, moreover Li QiuShui broke off one of her leg at the snowy peak, she sustained great damage to her internal energy after the injury, thus during the life and death duel, when she fought over 200 moves, she knew she would lose for sure, after getting hit by Li QuiShui's palm her disadvantage became even more apparent, unfortunately Xu Zhu refuse to help either side, although he obstructed Li QiuShui and prevent her from dealing the finishing blow, but he also obstructed Child Elder and prevent her from succeeding in her schemes; Child Elder knew that if she carry on dueling she will suffer a wretched defeat, thus she clenched her teeth and forcibly endured a palm strike, she fake death. As for the blood on the stone steps and on her chest and mouth, they are deer blood prepared in advance, its purpose is to trick her enemy. Unexpectedly Li QiuShui is extremely vigilant, although Child Elder stop breathing she still launch a palm strike on her chest. Since she started it, Child Elder have to carry it through whatever happens, thus she had no choice but to forcibly endure another palm strike, if Xu Zhu did not stop Li QiuShui she will definitely launch a few more palm strikes and smash her 'corpse' into pulp, by then there is nothing she can do. Luckily Xu Zhu obstructed Li QiuShui out of his kind nature, moreover when Li QiuShui finally saw the true appearance of the 'Number one romantic of Central Plains', she was disappointed and yet found it funny, she drop her guard, although she is aware that Child Elder is very crafty and fierce but she did not think Child Elder can be so resolute in enduring the pain.

Li QiuShui's chest and back sustained heavy injuries, unexpectedly she lost control of her internal energy, its similar to a flood being left unchecked, its about to burst out of the dam and flow away. The martial arts of Carefree Sect is number one under the heaven, however if the practitioner lose control of internal energy, the energy would flow around and collide with each other, it can't drain out, the pain and suffering during this period is indescribable. In an instant, Li QiuShui felt all the acupoints in her body are numb and itchy, she is panic-stricken, she is aware that her injuries are incurable, she shouted: "Meng Lang, please do a good deed, quickly exert strength and smack your palm at my 'BaiHui' acupoint!"
At this moment light suddenly shine down on her face, her entire body is shivering, she stretch out her hand to take away the white veil covering her face, her fingers scratching her cheek, at once her face is full of blood scar, she shouted: "Meng Lang, you….quickly kill me with a single fist." Child Elder sneered: "You sealed his acupoints, but now you ask him to help you, hey hey, you reap what you sown, your retribution came really quick!" Li QiuShui prop herself and tried to stand up, she want to unseal Xu Zhu's acupoints, but her entire body is limp and painful, she can't even move her little finger.

Xu Zhu look at Li QiuShui, afterwards he look at Child Elder, evidently Child Elder's injuries are also extremely serious, she lean against the stone steps and groan, Xu Zhu vision is getting clearer and clearer, it seems the ice storehouse is gradually getting brighter, he incline his head and look towards the source of light, there is a huge ball of fire at the 1st level of the ice storehouse, he shouted: "Ayo! Someone is coming!"

Child Elder was startled, she pondered: "Someone is coming, in the end i still fell under this **'s hands." she forcibly draw a breath, she wanted to stand up, but no matter what she can't stand at all, her legs soften, with a 'Gudong' sound she fell down. Child Elder exert strength in her pair of hands, she slowly crawl towards Li QiuShui, before her soldiers arrive to save her she want to strangle her to death.

Suddenly she heard faint dripping sound of water, its seems water is dripping down from the stone steps. Li QiuShui and Xu Zhu also heard the sound of dripping water, they turn their head at the same time and look, indeed water is dripping down the stone steps. The three of them are baffled: "Where did this water come from?"

The ice storehouse is getting brighter and brighter, the gurgling sound of water, the dripping of water unexpectedly transform into a stream of water, it flow down the stone steps. The ball of fire at the 1st level is roaring, but no one came in. At once Li QiuShui realize the truth, she cannot help but say: "The fire burn….the cotton….in the cloth-sack." As it turns out, the area near the entrance is piled full of cloth-sack, the cloth-sack contains cotton to prevent external heat from entering, thus the ice chunks did not melt. Unexpectedly when Li QiuShui was hit by Child Elder's fist, the torch
dislodge from her hand and flew out, it landed on the cloth-sack and burn the cotton, the ice chunks melt and turn into water stream and flow downwards.

The flame flourished, more water flow downwards, the gurgling sound of water is getting louder. After a while the water accumulated in the 3rd level is around 1 chi high. Water flow down endlessly from the stone steps, more and more water accumulate, slowly the water reach their waists.

Li QiuShui sigh and said: "Martial sister, you and me, both sides suffered a defeat, nobody can live, you….you unseal Meng Lang's acupoints, let him….go out." The three of them are well aware of the situation, the water in the ice storehouse will slowly rise up, they will definitely drown.

Child Elder sneered: "I carry out my own stuff, why do i even need your advice? Originally i wanted to unseal his acupoints, but since you try to be the good person, then i don't want to unseal his acupoints anymore. Little monk, you die because of her words, are you aware of it?" she turn her body and slowly crawl up the stone steps. If she climb a few more steps she would be able to personally witness Li QiuShui drown. Although she will still die eventually, but as long as she witness Li QiuShui die, her revenge can be considered complete.

Li QiuShui saw her slowly climb up, the ice cold water already reach her chest, the internal energy in her body surge around, its incomparably painful, she hope the ice water can rise up faster, its better to drown then to suffer the agony of thousand worms biting her, its 100 times better to drown then to endure thousand needles drilling into her as her martial arts disperse.

Suddenly Child Elder cry out, she tumbled and roll down, with a 'Putong' sound, water splash in all direction, she drop straight into the pool of water. As it turns out, her injuries are too serious, her limbs lack strength, she climb 7-8 steps up the stone steps, an ice cube the size of a fist flow down along with the water, by lucky coincidence it heavily hit her right knee, Child Elder can't stabilize her body and tumbled. As she fell down, she so happen to land on Xu Zhu's body, she bounce off and landed on Li QiuShui's right side. As the water accumulate, unexpectedly the three of them squeeze and bundled together.
Child Elder's stature is much smaller than Xu Zhu and Li QiuShui, the water reach Li QiuShui's chest but it already reach Child Elder's neck. Child Elder also suffered bitter pain as her martial arts disperse, she pondered: "No matter what, this ** have to die before me." she wanted to injure her, however in between them is Xu Zhu, moreover she can't even move her arm for a few inch, she saw Xu Zhu's shoulder is touching Li QiuShui's shoulder, she suddenly had an idea, she said: "Little monk, you must not channel your internal energy to resist, if not you will bring about your own demise." she did not wait for his reply, she channel her internal energy and send it towards Xu Zhu. Child Elder is fully aware that this act is accelerating her death, the more she exhaust her internal energy the faster she will die, but if she does not do this, she will surely be the first one to die once the water rise up.

Li QiuShui suffered severe shock in her body, she detect Child Elder's internal energy is attacking her, immediately she channel her internal energy and counter-attack.

Xu Zhu is in-between them, initially he felt a hot stream of energy from Child Elder's arm, immediately after he felt another stream of hot energy from Li QiuShui's shoulder, in a split second, the two stream of energy collided within his body, the collision is fierce and violent. Child Elder and Li QiuShui internal energy are comparable with each other, after sustaining heavy injuries, there is still not much difference between them, its difficult to determine who is stronger or weaker. Their internal energy clash with each other, deadlocked in stalemate, the internal energy stop within Xu Zhu's body, nobody can attack each other. However, Xu Zhu suffered the most. Luckily Wu YaZi imparted 70 years of internal energy to him, among the three fellow martial brother and sisters, Wu YaZi possess the highest internal energy, although Xu Zhu is distress under the attack from two sides but he did not die.

Child Elder notice water is gradually rising, it move from her neck to her chin, and again from her chin to her lower lip. She urge her internal energy and channel it endlessly, she want to quickly kill off her love rival, unfortunately Li QiuShui's internal energy also flow endlessly, evidently she is not likely to exhaust it any time soon. But water kept on gushing,
Child Elder felt something cold in her mouth, a burst of cold water entered her mouth. She was startled, her body involuntarily rise up, she can't stabilize herself, unexpectedly she floated on the water. She is missing one leg, obviously its much easier for her to float compared to ordinary people. She escaped by the skin of her teeth, she lie down flat on the water surface, the back of her head submerge in the water, she only expose her mouth and nose to breathe, at once she calm down and pondered: "The water rise and i will move higher, unexpectedly i broke a leg and gain unfair advantage in the water." she keep on sending internal energy to her hand.

Xu Zhu groan loudly, he shouted: "Sigh, martial aunt, martial great aunt, even if both of you carry on fighting its still hard to determine the winner, but nephew will really be killed." But Child Elder and Li QiuShui are too deep in the duel, the duel had turn into a contest of internal energy, the most dangerous aspect in the fight between two experts, whoever give up first will lose her life immediately. Moreover both of them are aware that regardless of the result of the contest, they will still die eventually, thus they kept fighting to see who will die first. Both of them are proud and arrogant, their hatred accumulated for over 10 years, who is willing to give up? In addition as they transmit their internal energy out, although they are getting weaker and weaker, but the pain and suffering they experience due to the scattering of energy is reduced.

After the time taken to eat a meal, water had rise up to Li QiuShui's mouth, she can't swim, she don't dare to copy Child Elder and float on the water surface, at once she stop breathing, she utilize her [Turtle Breathing Skill] and compete with her enemy, water flow past her eyes, eyebrows, forehead, but she still transmit her deep and profound internal energy endlessly. 'Gudu', 'Gudu', 'Gudu', Xu Zhu drank three mouthful of iced water, he shout loudly: "Ayo, i…i cannot….*Gudu*…*Gudu*…i…..*Gudu*…." he is panic-stricken, suddenly his vision turn dark, he can't see anything. He hastily shut his mouth, he breathe through his nose, as he inhale he felt the air in his chest is incomparably stuffy. As it turns out, the ice storehouse is sealed, there is no ventilation, the cotton burn for a long time, the fresh outside air cannot enter, the fire cannot burn smoothly and extinguish by itself. Xu Zhu and Child Elder had difficulties breathing, on the contrary Li
QiuShui is still utilizing her [Turtle Breathing Skill] thus she did not detect anything.

Although the fire is extinguished, but iced water still flow down endlessly. Xu Zhu felt the iced water move past his lips, his philtrum, gradually it reach up to his nostrils, he pondered: "I am dieing, i am dieing!" however the internal energy of Child Elder and Li QiuShui still transmit endlessly from his left and right.

Xu Zhu felt the room is abnormally stuffy, his energy surge forward, it seems as if his five viscera and six bowels swap positions, the iced water is a hair breadth away from his nostrils, if it rise up a bit more he won't be able to breathe anymore, moreover his acupoints are sealed, he can't raise his neck. But its really strange, after a long time, unexpectedly the iced water did not rise up anymore, since the fire on the cotton extinguish, the ice chunks did not melt anymore. After a while, Xu Zhu felt stinging pain on his philtrum, immediately after the pain spread to his chin, and then to his neck. As it turns out, the ice storehouse is full of ice chunks, its extremely cold, when the iced water flow down they slowly turn back to ice again, unexpectedly the three of them are frozen in ice.

The ice condense and solidified, Child Elder and Li QiuShui are isolated from each other, their internal energy no long transmit into Xu Zhu, however as a result, more than half of their internal energy is sealed within Xu Zhu's body, the energy clash and collide with each other, its getting more and more violent. Xu Zhu felt his skin is about to burst and crack, although he is stuck within solid ice but he cannot bear the boiling heat.

He don't know how much time have pass, suddenly his body vibrated, unexpectedly the two stream of hot energy merge together with the energy originally within his body and became one, he did not need to guide it, the energy automatically rush to all his meridians and acupoints. As it turns out, Child Elder and Li QiuShui internal energy are locked in stalemate, there is no place to drain out, eventually it merge together with the internal energy of Wu YaZi. The internal energy of the three originated from the same sect, there is no difference in nature, its extremely easy to merge, when the three energy became one, the power is abundant and unstoppable, wherever the energy goes the sealed acupoints will immediately open up.
In an instant, Xu Zhu felt his body is free and comfortable, he shake his pair of hands lightly, there is a burst of 'Kalala' sound, the solid ice surrounding him immediately break up, he pondered: "I wonder what happen to martial aunt and martial great aunt, i have to save both of them and go out." He stretch out his hands and grope around, he felt solid ice everywhere, both of them already encased within the ice. Xu Zhu is panic-stricken, there is no time to think, he grab both of them, one arm carrying one person, he carried both of them along with the ice and walk to the 1st level of the ice storehouse, he push open the two heavy wooden door, he felt a burst of clean fresh air, he only inhale once and felt indescribable joy. The moon is glowing brightly in the sky, the shadows of flowers can be seen on the ground, its very late at night.

He felt happy and thought: "Escaping the imperial palace in the dark is much easier." he carried two blocks of ice and rush to the edge of the wall, he gathered his energy and jump up, unexpectedly his body kept rising up, he is 1 zhang higher than the top of the wall, however the rising force still did not end. Xu Zhu not expect the internal energy within his body to have such wonderful power, he is afraid he might rise up higher and higher, he shouted 'Ah'.

Four imperial guard happen to patrol outside the palace's walls, they heard someone shout and quickly rush forward to check, they saw two crystal blocks sandwich between a gray shadow, it jump over the wall and move away, they honestly don't know what kind of monster it is. The four guards stare stupidly, the three monster flash and entered the forest outside the palace's walls, the four guards yell out and chase, but where is the trace of the monsters? The four guards suspect it must be some supernatural being, they debate endlessly, some said its a mountain spirit, some claim its a flower demon.


When Xu Zhu got out of the imperial palace he took large strides and rush quickly, the road is made of green flagstone, houses packed tightly together on either side of the road. He don't dare to linger, he kept running west. After running for a while he arrive at the city wall, he gathered his energy
and jump up the wall, he flip over the wall and ran away, the soldier guarding the top of the wall felt his vision blur, he did not spot anything.

Xu Zhu rush towards a desolate area 10 li away from the city, there are no house in the area, he finally stop and put down the two ice blocks, he pondered: "I have to remove the ice surrounding them as soon as possible." he found a nearby brook and submerge the two ice blocks into the water. Under the moonlight, he saw Child Elder's mouth and nose exposed outside the ice block, but her eyes are shut tightly, he don't know if she is dead or alive. Ice fragments on the two ice blocks are wash away by the water, Xu Zhu held onto them and kept peeling, he remove the solid ice surrounding their bodies, afterwards he raise both of them out of the brook and touch their forehead, unexpectedly they are still quite warm, he felt really happy, he place both of them far apart, he is afraid that once they wake up they will start fighting again.

Half a day pass, the sky gradually turn bright, Xu Zhu sat down and rest. The sun rise from the east, the birds on the tree start chirping, Child Elder who is sitting under the northern tree gave a 'Yi' sound, Li QiuShui who is sitting under the southern tree gave an 'Ah' sound, unexpectedly both of them wake up at the same time.

Xu Zhu is extremely happy, he leap up and stand between them, he press his hands together and said: "Martial great aunt, martial aunt, the three of us narrowly escape and survive, you must not fight again!" Child Elder said: "No, how can i give up if that ** is not dead?" Li QiuShui said: "The hatred is deep as ocean, i won't rest until she dies." Xu Zhu wave both his hands randomly and said: "Absolutely not, absolutely not!"

Li QiuShui push off from the ground and throw herself towards Child Elder. Child Elder circulate both her hands, she concentrate her strength and wait for the opportunity to strike. Unexpectedly as Li QiuShui extended her waist to stand up, she immediately turn soft and collapsed. As for Child Elder, she can't form a circle with her arms, she lean against the tree and pant heavily.

Xu Zhu saw both of them have no strength to fight, he is elated and said: "Good, both of you rest here, i will find something for you to eat." he saw
Child Elder and Li QiuShui sat down cross-legged, their palms and feet facing the sky, their posture identical, he knew these two martial sisters are channelling their internal energy, whoever can gather enough strength to launch the first strike and the opposing side would have no way to resist. Seeing such situation, Xu Zhu don't dare to move away from them. He look at Child Elder and look at Li QiuShui, their face full of wrinkles, their appearance haggard and withered, he pondered: "Martial great aunt is already 96 years old, martial aunt is at least 80 years old. Both of them so old already, unexpectedly both of them are so short-sighted, such bad temper."

He wring his clothes to squeeze out the water, suddenly there is a 'Pa' sound, an object fall on the ground, its the portrait given to him by Wu YaZi. The painting is drawn on tough silk fabric, its undamaged even after getting soaked. Xu Zhu spread the painting on a rock to let the sun dry it. The painting is somewhat fuzzy after getting soaked in water, he felt somewhat pity.

Li QiuShui heard the sound, she open her eyes slightly and saw the painting, she shout in a shrill voice: "Bring it here and let me see! Its a painting of me correct? Wonderful, i don't believe martial brother would draw a portrait of that lowly ***."

Child Elder shouted: "Don't let her see! I want to kill her personally. If that
** get angered to death won't she get off too lightly?"

Li QiuShui laugh out loud and said: "I already saw it, martial brother drew a portrait of me. You refuse to let me see the painting, evidently the person in the painting is not you. Martial brother is gifted in painting, how can he draw a midget like you who doesn't resemble a human or ghost? He is not drawing Zhong Kui (vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings) to catch ghost, why would he even draw you?"

At that time, although Child Elder's stature is small but her appearance is extremely beautiful, Wu YaZi was in love with her. Child Elder practice [Eternal Youth Never Aging Skill], she can preserve her appearance and never age, forever maintain her looks, at the age of 26 years old, she can use her divine skill to alter her undersize illness. At that time her martial
sister Li QiuShui was 18 years old, she fell in love with Wu YaZi, she is jealous of Child Elder, thus at the critical juncture of Child Elder's training, Li QiuShui shout loudly behind Child Elder, Child Elder was startled and fire-deviated, her internal energy diverted from the main path and its difficult for her to recover, she can never grow up, henceforth the two of them became mortal enemies. Currently Child Elder listen to Li QiuShui mention the greatest regret in her life, she cannot help but shout furiously: "Treacherous **, i….i….i….." with a 'Wa' sound she spurted a mouthful of fresh blood, she almost fainted.

Li QiuShui sneered and mock her: "Just admit defeat? If we really fight…." suddenly she cough repeatedly.

Xu Zhu knew both of them are weary and exhausted, they are about to collapse from exhaustion, he advise them: "Martial great aunt, martial aunt, its best if both of you rest for a while, don't tax yourself anymore." Child Elder said angrily: "Won't do!"

At this moment, the sound of jingling bells suddenly came from south-west, the sound is from a camel-bell, its crisp and melodious. When Child Elder heard it her expression was happy, her spirit rose, she took out a short black-tube from her bosom and said: "Shoot this tube into the air." Li QiuShui cough is getting more and more anxious. Xu Zhu don't understand the reason, he lodge the small tube at his middle finger and shot it upwards, a sharp whistling sound emit from the tube. Currently Xu Zhu's finger strength is extremely powerful and extraordinary, the small tube flew straight into the sky, it entered the clouds and can't be seen anymore, however it made endless 'Wu Wu' sound. Xu Zhu is alarmed, he said inwardly: "Not good, martial great aunt's small-tube is a signal. She is summoning her people over to deal with martial aunt." he quickly rush towards Li QiuShui, he bend down and whispered: "Martial aunt, martial great aunt's helpers are coming, i will carry you and run away."

But Li QiuShui close her eyes, her head drooping, her coughing ceased, her body motionless. Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he stretch out his hand to check her breath, she stop breathing. Xu Zhu cry out in fear: "Martial aunt, martial aunt!" he shake her shoulder lightly, he want to wake her up, unexpectedly
Li QiuShui collapsed immediately as he touch her, her body slanted and lie down on the ground, she was dead.

Child Elder laugh heartily and said: "Good, good, good! Little ** got frighten to death, haha, my revenge is complete, this treacherous ** finally died before me, haha, haha…." its difficult for her to breathe in her excited state, she spurted a huge mouthful of blood.

The 'Wu Wu' sound is high and low, the small black tube finally drop down from mid-air, Xu Zhu stretch out his hand and caught it, as his about to look at Child Elder he heard the urgent sound of hoof, the sound is mix with the jingling of bells, Xu Zhu turn his head and look at the source of the sound, he saw 10 camel speeding towards him. The riders of the camel are all wearing light-green cloak, they rush over from a distance, its just like a green cloud, he heard several female voice: "Honourable Master, subordinates arrive late, we are guilty and deserve a thousand death!"

The 10 camel draw close, Xu Zhu saw all the riders are female, the front of their cloaks are embroidered with a black vulture, its appearance fierce. When the female riders saw Child Elder all of them leap off the camel and quickly move close, they prostrate in front of Child Elder. Leading this group of female is an old woman, she is around 50-60 years old, as for the rest some are old and some are young, some are around 40 years old while some are 17-18 years old, all of them extremely respectful towards Child Elder, they lie prostrate on the ground and don't dare to look at her.

Child Elder snorted and said angrily: "All of you think i am dead, correct? Nobody care about this old woman. Nobody is there to control you, everyone must be very free and leisurely, undisciplined and out of control." while speaking the old woman in front of her kowtow repeatedly and said: "I don't dare." Child Elder said: "What don't dare? If you really think about granny, how come there is….there is so few people here?" the old woman said: "Reporting to Honourable Master, ever since Honourable Master left the palace, all your subordinates are extremely anxious…." Child Elder said angrily: "Farting, farting!" the old woman said: "Yes, yes!" Child Elder is even more furious and shouted: "Since you know its fart, then how dare….how dare you fart in front of me?" the old woman don't dare to speak, she kowtow repeatedly.
Child Elder said: "All of you are anxious, then what happen? How come you didn't rush down the mountain to search for me immediately?" the old woman said: "Yes! Subordinate's Nine Heaven Nine Divisions immediately went down the mountain, we separate to search for Honourable Master. Subordinate's Clear Heaven Division head east to respectfully welcome Honourable Master, Sun Heaven Division head south-east, Scarlet Heaven Division head south, Vermillion Heaven Division head south-west, Perfect Heaven Division head west, Serene Heaven Division head north-west, Mysterious Heaven Division head north, Phoenix Heaven Division head north-east, Great Heaven Division guard the palace. Subordinate is incompetent, i arrive late, i deserve to die, i deserve to die!" when she finish speaking she kowtow repeatedly.

Child Elder said: "All your clothes are tattered and torn, these 3 months, you must have suffered quite a bit while travelling." the old woman heard her words contain hints of praise, at once her face revealed a happy expression and said: "For the sake of Honourable Master we will spare no effort, even if we have to go through water and tread on fire we will do it willingly. This little bit of suffering, its subordinate's duty." Child Elder said: "I did not complete my training, i suddenly bump into that treacherous
**, she cut off one of my leg, i almost died, luckily my martial nephew Xu Zhu rescued me, the dangers and hardships within are complicated and not easy to express."

The group of green-cloak female turn their bodies simultaneously, they kowtow to Xu Zhu and said: "The great kindness and virtue of Mister, its difficult to repay even if our bodies are torn and bones crushed." Xu Zhu cannot help but feel bewildered seeing so many female kowtow in front of him, he quickly said: "I don't deserve it, i don't deserve it!" he also knelt down to return the courtesy. Child Elder shout loudly: "Xu Zhu, stand up! All of them are my slave servants, how can you forget your status?" Xu Zhu said a few more 'i don't deserve it' and finally stood up.

Child Elder said to Xu Zhu: "That treacherous ** snatch the gem ring, go over and take it back." Xu Zhu said: "Yes." he walk towards Li QiuShui and remove the gem ring from her middle finger. Originally this gem ring was given to him by Wu YaZi, he did not feel disturbed when he remove it from
Li QiuShui's finger. Child Elder said: "You are the Sect Leader of Carefree Sect, the life-death talisman, [Plum Breaking Hands Of Heavenly Mountain], [Six Solar Palm Of Heavenly Mountain], i already impart all these martial arts to you, from now on you are the Master of Misty Peak Vulture Palace, Vulture Palace…..the slave servants of Nine Heaven Nine Divisions of Vulture Palace, their life and death are all under your control." Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he quickly said: "Martial great aunt, martial great aunt, you absolutely cannot do this." Child Elder said angrily: "What absolutely cannot do this? These slave servants from Nine Heaven Nine Divisions are incompetent, they didn't welcome me as soon as possible, i suffered in the cloth-sack, unexpectedly i was humiliated by Wu LaoDa and those bastards, eventually i lost a leg and nearly died….."

The female servants all trembled in fright, they kowtow and said: "We deserve to die, Honorable Master please show mercy!" Child Elder said to Xu Zhu: "The servants from Clear Heaven Division finally found me, their punishment can be reduce a little, as for the servants for the other eight divisions, break their hands or legs, you can do whatever you want to them." the female servants kowtow and said: "Many thanks to Honourable Master." Child Elder shout loudly: "How come you didn't kowtow and give thanks to your new Master?" the female servants quickly kowtow and give thanks to Xu Zhu. Xu Zhu wave his hands randomly and said: "Forget it, forget it! How can i be your Master?"

Child Elder said: "Although my life is nearly over, but i witness the death of that treacherous **, i also found a successor for my entire lifetime of martial arts, i can finally die contented, unexpectedly you refuse to accept my request?" Xu Zhu said: "This….i really cannot do it." Child Elder laugh out loud, she smile and said: "The lady in your dreams, you want to see her? Do you agree to become the Master of Vulture Palace?" Xu Zhu heard her mention 'the lady in your dreams', his entire body is shaking, he cannot refuse, he blush and nod his head. Child Elder said happily: "Very good! Bring that portrait over here, let me tear it up personally. When i have no more worries, i will direct you to find the lady in your dreams."

Xu Zhu fetch the portrait. Child Elder took the portrait, she look at it under the sunlight, suddenly she cry out in surprise, her expression was shock yet
happy, she examine it carefully again, she burst into loud laughter and shouted: "Its not her, its not her! Haha, haha, haha!" while laughing, two stream of tears roll down her cheeks, her neck soften, her head lowered, she did not speak anymore.

Xu Zhu was startled, he stretch out his hands to support her, but her bones are like cotton, she curl up and shrink, unexpectedly she died.

The group of green-cloak females surrounded her, they weep loudly, they are extremely mournful. All these women are recued by Child Elder under extremely dangerous or distress circumstances, although Child Elder is very strict but they are very grateful towards her.

Xu Zhu recalled how he stayed closely beside Child Elder for the past 3 months, how she impart him numerous martial arts, although her temper is perverse but she treat him extremely well, now she died with a laugh, he is really sad, he lie prostrate on the ground and cried.

Suddenly he heard a soft and sorrowful voice behind him: "Hei hei, martial sister, in the end you still die before me, so who won?" The voice is from Li QiuShui, Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he pondered: "How come the dead person can revive?" he quickly leap up and turn around, Li QiuShui is sitting upright and leaning against a tree, she said: "Martial nephew, bring that portrait over and let me see, how come elder sister cry and laugh before dieing?"

Xu Zhu pry open Child Elder's fingers lightly, he took the portrait and look at it, the portrait was soak wet and dried in the sun, the brush stroke is vague and fuzzy, however the beautiful woman in the painting still look like Wang YuYan, her eyes and smile, its really difficult to describe her elegance, Xu Zhu's heart is moved: "The general facial appearance of this beautiful woman is quite similar to martial aunt." he walk towards Li QiuShui and gave the painting to her.

Li QiuShui took the painting, she glace horizontally at the group of females, she laugh indifferently and said: "Your Master fought a fierce duel with me, in the end she is no match for me, all of you are like firefly, you dare to compete with the sun and moon for light?"
Xu Zhu turn around, the group of females are holding their sword hilt, their expression full of grief and hate, evidently they want to kill Li QiuShui to avenge Child Elder, however because they never receive the orders from their new Master, they don't dare to act rashly.

Xu Zhu said: "Martial aunt, you, you….." Li QiuShui said: "Your martial great aunt's martial art is very good, but sometimes she is not very meticulous. How can i hope to resist if her helpers arrive here? Naturally i have to fake death, hei hei, in the end she die before me. Her bones and tendons are broken, her martial arts scattered, she can't fake this method of dieing." Xu Zhu said: "Previously during the fierce battle in the ice storehouse, martial great aunt also fake death and trick martial aunt, both of you are equally matched."

Li QiuShui sigh and said: "In your heart, you are slightly bias towards your martial great aunt." she unfold the painting, she look at it for a short period of time, however her expression change greatly, her pair of hands trembled, the painting also trembled, Li QiuShui said softly: "Its her, its her, its her! Haha, haha, haha!" her voice is full of pain and sorrow.

Xu Zhu cannot help but feel sad for her, he ask: "Martial aunt, what happen?" he pondered: "One of them said, its not her, the other said, its her, but who is this person?"

Li QiuShui stare at the beautiful woman in the painting for a long time, she said: "Take a look, there is a dimple beside the corner of her mouth, there is a small mole below her nose, correct?" Xu Zhu look at the beautiful woman in the painting, he nod his head and said: "Correct!" Li QiuShui said dimly: "She is my younger sister!" Xu Zhu was baffled, he said: "Your younger sister?" Li QiuShui said: "My younger sister's appearance is similar to mine, but she have a dimple, i don't have it, she have a small mole below her nose, i also don't have it." Xu Zhu grunt in agreement. Li QiuShui said: "Martial sister said martial brother drew a portrait of her, he kept it close at all times, i never believe her, but….but….but i never expect the person to be my younger sister. How….how…how did this painting come about?"

At once Xu Zhu narrated how Wu YaZi gave this painting to him before he died, how he have to go to Dali's WuLiang Mountain to find someone to
teach him martial arts, how Child Elder react angrily when she saw the painting, he narrated everything.

Li QiuShui gave a long sigh and said: "When martial sister saw this painting for the first time, she assume the woman in the painting is me, firstly our appearance is indeed similar, secondly martial brother is fond of me, moreover….moreover when i fought with martial sister, my younger sister is only 11 years old, martial sister will never suspect her, she never notice the dimple and mole. But a person will grow up, an 11 year old girl will turn into a 18-19 year old lady. When martial sister is about to die she finally notice the person in the painting is my younger sister, it is not me, thus she said three times: 'its not her', alas, younger sister, you are good, you are good, you are good!" she is in a daze and tears roll down her face.

Xu Zhu pondered: "As it turns out martial great aunt and martial aunt are devoted to my master, but my master have someone else in his heart. I wonder if martial aunt's little sister is still living in this world? Master ordered me to use the painting to find a teacher to learn martial arts, as it turns out he is under the impression that the person in the painting is martial aunt." he inquire: "Martial aunt, previously you live at Dali's WuLiang Mountain?"

Li QiuShui nod her head, she gaze at a distant place, she seems to be thinking about the past, her thoughts wandering far away, she said slowly: "Previous your master and i lived in a stone cave beside 'Sword Lake' at Dali's WuLiang Mountain, our lives free and unfettered, happy and joyous, it is better than being immortal. I bore him an adorable daughter. The two of us collect martial art manuals of all the sects and schools, we hope to create a wonderful skill that is all-encompassing and universal. One day, he found a huge precious jade, he carved a statue of me, when the statue was complete, he look at the statue everyday, entranced, henceforth he did not pay much attention to me anymore. I talk to him but he often gave me irrelevant answers, sometimes he even ignored me, his attention was completely focused on the statue. Your master's craftsmanship is extremely brilliant, the jade statue is truly beautiful, but ultimately the statue is dead, moreover the statue is base on my appearance, i am obviously right beside him but how come he ignored me, he just stare foolishly at the statue, how
come his gaze is full of love when he look at the statue? What is the reason?" she mumbled to herself, she questioned herself, she seems to forget that Xu Zhu is standing beside her.

After a while, Li QiuShui said softly: "Martial brother, you are exceedingly smart and intelligent, but you are also exceedingly foolish, why did you fall in love with the statue you crafted, but why did you not love your martial sister, who can talk, who can laugh, who can move, who can love you? In your heart, you treat the statue as my younger sister, correct? I was jealous of the statue, i had a big argument with you, i seek out many handsome and elegant youngsters, i flirt with them in front of you, thus you left in rage and never came back again. Martial brother, in reality you don't need to be angry, i killed all those handsome elegant youngsters, they are at the bottom of the lake, do you know it?"

She look at the painting again and said: "Martial brother, when did you draw this painting? You only know you are drawing me, thus you ask your disciple to bring this painting to WuLaing Mountain to find me. But unwittingly you drew my younger sister, you are not even aware of it correct? All along you assume the person in the painting is me. Martial brother, in your heart, you truly love my younger sister, why are you so infatuated with the jade statue? Why? Now i finally understand."

Xu Zhu pondered: "Buddha say: 'While alive, its difficult to escape from greed, anger and delusion, the three poison. Martial great aunt, master, martial aunt, the three of them are exceptionally powerful people, but they are entangled within the three poison, regardless of their supreme martial arts, the pain and suffering in their heart is no different from ordinary folks."

Li QiuShui turn her head and look at Xu Zhu, she said: "Worthy nephew, i have some love affair with Ding ChunQiu, originally martial brother was not aware of it, your martial great aunt leak out this secret to him, the affair was expose. I cooperate with Ding ChunQiu and beat him off the cliff, at that time i really have no other alternative, your master condemn me to death, he wants to kill me to vent his anger, i will die if i don't retaliate. But i am not heartless, i did not deal the finishing blow, although he was close to death but i pull Ding ChunQiu and left, i did not kill your master.
Afterwards i went to Western Xia, i became the imperial concubine, an entire lifetime of wealth and glory. Your martial great aunt seek me out, she used a knife to carve the words well (井) on my face, however at that time
my son succeeded the throne and became emperor….."

"When your master accept you as his disciple, did he mention me? Did he think of me? Is he happy for the past few years? In reality, i am not really fond of Ding ChunQiu, in fact i don't like him at all. I chase him away, is your master aware of it? I put a suicide note at the statue in WuLiang Cave, in the writings i ask to kill off all disciples of Carefree Sect, the purpose is to kill Ding ChunQiu and all of his disciples, is your master aware of it? If he knows, he will certainly be happy, he will know that till the day i die, in my heart i only love him….."

Li QiuShui shake her head, she sigh and said: "Sigh, i don't want to talk about it anymore, i can't even manage my own affairs….." suddenly she shout in a shrill voice: "Martial sister, both of us are pitiful creatures, even for martial brother, till the day he die he still don't know who he truly love…..he is under the impression that he loves me, that is good! Haha, haha, haha!" she laugh three times, her body soften and collapsed on the ground.

Xu Zhu bend over to check, but she is bleeding from her mouth and nose, she stop breathing and died, it seems her death is not fake this time. Xu Zhu look at the two corpse, he don't know what to do.

The old woman from Clear Heaven Division said: "Honorable Master, should we transport old Honorable Master remains back to Vulture Palace and bury her? I respectfully invite Honorable Master to give your orders." Xu Zhu said: "That should be the case." he pointed at Li QiuShui's corpse and said: "This….this person is the martial sister of your Honorable Master, although she have some feud with your Honorable Master, but….but the feud is resolved when she died, in my opinion….in my opinion….why don't we transport her back as well and bury her? What do you think?" the old woman bow and said: "I sincerely comply with your orders." Xu Zhu felt extremely comforted, he is afraid that these green-cloak females hate Li QiuShui and they will refuse to transport her body back for burial, maybe
they will even mutilate her corpse to vent their anger, unexpectedly they did not voice the slightest bit of objection. Xu Zhu is not aware that the group of females under the command of Child Elder are incomparably loyal and revered their Master, they don't dare to defy the slightest bit of instruction, since Xu Zhu is their new Master, naturally his words are law, they will do whatever he says.

The old woman command the group of females, they wrap the two corpse with felt and put it on the camel, afterwards they respectfully invite Xu Zhu to mount the camel. Xu Zhu said a few humble words, since the matter already reach such a state he is obliged to personally witness the burial of the two corpse, afterwards he will return back to Shaolin Temple and admit his crimes. He ask for the old woman's name, the old woman said: "My husband family is surnamed Yu, old Honorable Master calls me 'Little Yu', Honorable Master can call me whatever you like." Child Elder is over 90 years old, naturally she can call her 'Little Yu', but Xu Zhu cannot address her like this, he said: "Grandma Yu, my religious name is Xu Zhu, we should address each other as equals, what Honorable Master, i really don't deserve it."

Grandma Yu prostrate on the ground, her tears streaming, she said: "Honorable Master please have mercy! Honorable Master can beat me and kill me, slave servant is willing to accept it, i beg Honorable Master, please don't chase slave servant out of Vulture Palace."

Xu Zhu said in alarm: "Quickly get up, why would i beat you or kill you?" he quickly support her up. The rest of the females all knelt down and beg: "Honorable Master please have mercy!" Xu Zhu is greatly amazed, he quickly inquire the reason, as it turns out, when Child Elder is extremely angry her speech will be unusually polite and courteous, the receiving party will undoubtedly suffer terrible tragedy, their pain indescribable. The reason is the same with Wu LaoDa and the various Cave-masters and Island- masters, when the people sent by Child Elder beat them and abuse them they have to throw a feast and celebrate as they avoid disaster. Currently, Xu Zhu is very polite and courteous towards Grandma Yu, thus the group of females assume he is about to mete out heavy punishment. Xu Zhu comfort
and reassure them repeatedly, however the group of females are still anxious and worried.

Xu Zhu mount the camel, however the group of females simply refuse to mount the camel, they pull the camel and follow behind him. Xu Zhu said: "We have to return to Vulture Palace as soon as possible, if not when the weather turns warm, i am afraid…i am afraid there might be some changes to the remains of your Honorable Master." The group of females don't dare to go against his orders, however they mounted the camel and follow him from a far distance. Xu Zhu wants to inquire about the situation at Vulture Palace, unexpectedly it is not convenient for him to do so.


The party travelled west for 5 days, while en-route they encountered a sentry scout from Vermillion Heaven Division. Grandma Yu issued a signal, the sentry rode back to notify, soon after the group of females from Vermillion Heaven Division arrived, all of them wearing purple garment, they move to the remains of Child Elder and cry to pay their respect, afterwards they paid their respects to their new Master. The chief of Vermillion Heaven Division is surnamed Shi, she is around 30 years of age, Xu Zhu address her as 'Sister Shi'. He is afraid the group of females might get anxious again, thus he don't dare to be courteous or polite with his words anymore, he only console them with a few words, he said their journey must be exhausting. The group of females were elated, they give thanks simultaneously. Xu Zhu don't dare to mention words like ' we should address each other as equals', he simply said he dislike people calling him 'Honorable Master', they can simply call him 'Owner'. The group of females bow and complied with his orders.

They travelled west for several days, the Clear Heaven Division and Vermillion Heaven Division dispatch their riders and summon back the Scarlet Heaven Division, Sun Heaven Division, Mysterious Heaven Division, Serene Heaven Division and Phoenix Heaven Division, only Perfect Heaven Division have yet to receive news as they are too far west in their search for Child Elder. There is not a single man at Vulture Palace, Xu Zhu is travelling with several hundred females, he felt really embarrass. Fortunately the females are extremely respectful towards him, none of them
dare to speak with him unless he have something to inquire, this made things much easier for him.

One day, while travelling, a green-clothed female suddenly rode back swiftly, she is a sentry rider from Sun Heaven Division who is scouting ahead, she wave her green flag, indicating that there is some unforeseen event in front. She rode to the chief of her division and report the matter quickly.

The chief of Sun Heaven Division is around 20 years of age, she is called Fu MinYi, once she finish listening to the report she immediately dismount and ran towards Xu Zhu and said: "Reporting to Owner: My sentry rider scouted ahead, the slaves from 36 Caves and 72 Islands, they seize the opportunity when old Honourable Master is in trouble, unexpectedly they have the guts to revolt, currently they are attacking the Palace. Great Heaven Division is guarding the path up Misty Peak, those bunch of demons can't get their way, however the sisters sent by Great Heaven Division to ask for assistance are injured by those demons."

Xu Zhu already knew the intentions of the Island-masters and Cave-masters to revolt, he assume that since they can't capture Child Elder, Taoist BuPing died by his hands, Wu LaoDa sustained serious injuries, thus they lack a powerful figure to take the lead and they will eventually retreat and scatter, unexpectedly the matter is 4 months long and they still gather together to attack Misty Peak. He grew up in Shaolin Temple since childhood, he never left the Temple, thus he is unfamiliar with worldly affairs, he really don't know how to handle this kind of major event, he muttered to himself: "This….this….."

He heard the sound of horse hooves, two horse riders are rushing over, leading in front is another sentry rider from Sun Heaven Division, the second horse carried a yellow-clothed female, her entire body covered with blood, her left arm is chop off by someone. Fu MinYi's expression is sorrowful and indignant, she said: "Owner, this is the chief of Great Heaven Division, sister Cheng, i am afraid she won't live." The female who is surnamed Cheng had fainted, the group of female quickly staunch her bleeding to save her, her breathing is weak and faint, she is about to die.
Xu Zhu look at her injury, Mr Intelligent Su XingHe taught him how to treat such injury before, at once he urge the camel and rush forward, he flick his middle finger in succession, he sealed off the acupoints near the broken arm, the bleeding stop immediately. When he flick his finger the 6th time, he executed a move taught by Child Elder, 'Star Pill Jumping Dice', a stream of [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] entered her 'ZhongFu' acupoint. The female cry out loudly and woke up, she shouted: "All sisters, quick, quick, quickly provide support to Misty Peak, we….we can't resist anymore!"

Xu Zhu execute this technique and flick his finger at empty air, he is not trying to show off his divine skills, but merely because the female is a young lady in her prime, although he is not a monk anymore but he still adhere strictly to Buddhist regulations and keep a distance away from women, he don't dare to stretch out his hands to touch her body, unexpectedly under his numerous flicking the end result is simply miraculous. Currently his body possess the internal energy of Child Elder, Wu YaZi and Li QiuShui, the three great masters from Carefree Sect, his internal energy is truly no small matter.

All the females complied with the orders of Child Elder, they treat Xu Zhu as their new Master, however Xu Zhu is too young, his words and actions rather foolish and stupid, in their heart they really don't know how to respect him, moreover 80-90% of the females at Vulture Palace suffered great humiliations from men, they are either abandon by men or had their families wiped out, under the influence of the perverse Child Elder, they always regard men as vipers or ferocious beasts. At this moment, they witness Xu Zhu execute his moves and recognize it as martial arts of Vulture Palace, moreover his internal energy is extremely pure, unexpectedly it is far superior compared with their old Honourable Master. The group of females are extremely shock, they cheer in unison, all of them prostrate on the ground as if by prior agreement. Xu Zhu said in alarm: "What is this? Quickly get up, get up."

Someone said to the female surnamed Cheng: "Honourable Master became an immortal, this youngster is the benefactor of Honourable Master, he is also her successor, he is the new Master of Vulture Palace." the female is
called Cheng QingShuang, she struggled to dismount her horse, she kowtow to Xu Zhu and said: "I thank Honourable Master for saving me, please….please…..Honourable Master please save our sisters at Misty Peak, everyone endured for 10 days, we are heavily outnumbered, we are really in extremely…..extremely critical condition." when she finish speaking she lay prostrate on the ground, she can't even raise her head.

Xu Zhu quickly said: "Sister Shi, quickly support her up. Grandma Yu, you…what do you think we should do?"

Grandma Yu travelled with this new owner for over 10 days, she is well aware that he is honest and naive, he is unfamiliar with worldly affair, she said: "Informing Owner, if we go to Misty Peak now it will require 2 days of travel, Owner can order slave servant to command my division, we will immediately rush ahead to provide assistance. Owner will lead the rest of our sisters and arrive soon after. When Owner arrives those demons will naturally disintegrate and vanish, there is no need to worry."

Xu Zhu nod his head, but he still feel the matter is a bit inappropriate, he don't know how to comment for the moment.

Grandma Yu turn her head and said to Fu MinYi: "Sister Fu, Owner will display his skill and those bunch of demons will be frighten off, but the cassock he is wearing is not spectacular enough. You are the divine seamstress of our Palace, quickly make a new cassock for Owner!" Fu MinYi said: "Precisely! Sister is also thinking about the same thing."

Xu Zhu was startled, he is worried about urgent matters, how come they are making cassock now? Its really the opinion of married women. However these females are indeed married women, their views are precisely those of married women.

The group of females are all gazing at Xu Zhu, waiting for his orders. Xu Zhu lowered his head, the monk robe he is wearing is tattered and filthy, he didn't wash it for 4 months, its extremely smelly and hard to bear. He was instructed by his master since childhood, he have to study the Five Aggregates of emptiness, he cannot hanker after clothes and food, thus he did not care about such matters at all, but now Grandma Yu mention the
matter, he also notice his female subordinates are wearing gorgeous clothes, he cannot help but feel ashamed, moreover he is not a monk anymore but he is still wearing monk robe, its really not acceptable. In reality, the females already treat him as their owner, why would they make fun of his clothes? The group of females look at his expression and his eyes, whether he is happy or angry, his intentions, however Xu Zhu is feeling ashamed and inferior, his expression bashful.

Grandma Yu wait for some time, she inquire again: "Owner, slave servant will move on ahead first, what do you think?"

Xu Zhu said: "Let us go together, saving people is important. My clothe is simply too filthy, later i…..i will go wash, to avoid letting you all smell its stench…." he urge his camel and rush on ahead first. The group of females felt the same anger and hatred towards their enemies, they urge their mounts and followed him. Camel can run longer, while sprinting its speed exceeds a horse, the party rush for 10 li and finally stop to rest, they light a fire to prepared meals.

Grandma Yu pointed at a mountain peak in the north-west corner, she said to Xu Zhu: "Owner, that is Misty Peak. The mountain peak is shrouded in mist throughout the year, when you look at it from far it is faint and indistinct, thus it is known as Misty Peak." Xu Zhu said: "Its seems we are still very far, the sooner we arrive the better, we should travel throughout the night as well." The group of females said: "Yes! Many thanks to Owner for your concern for the slave servants of Great Heaven Division." after finishing their meals, they mount the camels and travelled again, when they reach the base of Misty Peak its already the dawn of 2nd day.

Fu MinYi clasp a multi-coloured object and walk towards Xu Zhu, she bow and said: "Slave servant skill is crude and lowly, i invite Owner to reward me by wearing it." Xu Zhu said curiously: "What is that?" he receive the object and shake it open, its a men's robe, its patched together using many strip of brocade, red, yellow, green, purple, black, all kinds of brocade stripe, its luxurious and elegant. As it turns out, Fu MinYi cut off some cloth off the cloaks of the group of females, she made a robe for Xu Zhu.
Xu Zhu is shock yet happy, he said: "Lady Fu you are indeed worthy of being called Divine Seamstress', while riding on camel unexpectedly you can make such beautiful clothe." At once he remove his monk robe and wore the new robe, it fit him perfectly, the cuff and collar is made of gray mink fur, the mink fur is also cut off from the female clothes. Although Xu Zhu is ugly, but when he wore the luxurious robe at once his vigor is displayed prominently, everyone cheered. Xu Zhu expression is timid and bashful, he don't know what to do.

At this time, the party had arrive at the intersection of the route up Misty Peak. Cheng QingShuang already narrate the situation while en route, when she got down the peak the enemy already occupied Broken Soul Cliff, they lost 11 out of the 18 natural stronghold at Misty Peak, the Great Heaven Division had lost more than half of its group, the situation is extremely dangerous and critical. Xu Zhu saw the base of the peak is quiet, there is no one nearby, a few green grass sprouted on the white snow ground, if he did not receive information in advance how can he imagine that this tranquil place contains endless killings and death. The group of females are worried, they are concern about the safety of their fellow sisters of Great Heaven Division.

Sister Shi pull out her sabre and shout loudly: "Out of the nine Heaven Of Misty Peak, eight Heaven Division went down the peak, only one division remain to guard, those thieves took advantage of the situation and attack, they are extremely shameless. Owner, please give your orders, everyone will rush up the peak and fight those thieves to the death!" she is extremely agitated and angry. However Grandma Yu said: "Sister Shi don't be impatient, the enemy is powerful, Great Heaven Division fully relied on the 18 natural stronghold, that is why they can endure for so long. Now we are at the base of the peak, the enemy turn into the host, they occupy the high ground and have the advantage….." Sister Shi said: "Then in your opinion what should we do?" Grandma Yu said: "We should remain calm and silent, quietly go up the peak, the longer the enemy takes to detect us the better."

Xu Zhu nod his head and said: "Grandma Yu is correct." Since he already said it, nobody dare to have other ideas.
The eight divisions arrange into troops, they quietly move up the mountain. As they move up the peak, their level of lightness martial arts became apparent immediately. Xu Zhu look at Grandma Yu, Sister Shi, Fu MinYi and the other division chiefs, although they are women but their footwork is solid and nimble, he pondered: "Sure enough, there are no poor soldiers under a good general, the divisions under martial great aunt are all truly capable."

They move past various strongholds, but the areas are littered with broken sabres and swords, marks on trees and crushed rocks, they can deduce that when the enemy pass by, fierce and tragic battles broke out. They move past Broke Soul Cliff, Broken Bone Cliff, 100 Zhang Cave and arrived at Heaven Connecting Bridge, however the metal chain bridge between the two cliffs is cut off by some precious sabre. The two cliffs are separated by 5 zhang, its extremely difficult to cross over.

The group of females are overwhelmed with shock, they pondered: "Could it be the sisters from Great Heaven Division all sacrifice themselves in this disaster?" The group of females knew the Heaven Connecting Bridge is an unavoidable route that links to two strongholds, 100 Zhang Cave and Immortal Worry Gate, although its called a bridge but its just an iron chain that stretch across two cliffs, underneath is a deep ravine. Those who arrive at Vulture Palace must naturally be martial art experts, its not difficult for them to step on the chain and cross over. When Cheng QingShuang went down the peak, the enemy only attack up till Broken Soul Cliff, they are far away from Heaven Connecting Bridge, moreover the Great Heaven Division is well prepared, they send people to guard the iron chain, when the enemy arrive they will release the lock in the middle of the iron chain, the iron chain will separate into two parts, the ravine is 5 zhang wide, its difficult for a person to jump across even if he possess extremely high level of lightness martial art. Currently, the group of females notice that the iron chain is cut off by a sharp blade, most likely the guards from Great Heaven Division did not have time to release the lock when the enemy attack the bridge.

Sister Shi brandish her Willow-leaf sabre, the sabre wind made 'HuHu' sound, she shouted: "Grandma Yu, quickly think of an idea on how to cross
over." Grandma Yu said: "En, how to cross, it is really not easy…."

She did not complete her sentence, suddenly they heard two miserable 'Ah Ah' cry from the opposite mountain, its female voice. The blood of the group of females are boiling, they knew their sisters from Great Heaven Division encountered the enemy, they wish they could sprout wings and fly over to fight the enemy till death, but no matter how they shout or curse, their wailing unending, they still can't fly and cross over the stronghold.

Annotate: Buddhist believe that life is full of pain and suffering, they cannot break away from it: the main source of trouble is in "three poison" (Trini Akusalamulani), they are also known as "three evil", namely, "greed" (Ragah), "anger" (Dosah), "delusion" (Mohah). "Greed" is desire and craving, the desire for all kinds of material or mental wants, love, pursuit of fame and profit or power, etc; "Anger" is hatred and hostility, detest and complain, losing hope, causing harm, injuring others, mentally torturing others, loathing others, jealousy, taking joy in other people's misfortune, etc; "Delusion" is the lack of realization, making mistake, absurd thoughts, hallucination and fantasy, having false opinion, "delusion" is the being of idiocy and not the being of infatuation. Buddhist sometimes address "non- Buddhist" as "ignorant common man", it stems from a type of benevolence as they believe they should not act hostile against members of another religion, the reason is merely because they have yet to understand Buddhist doctrine, they don't understand the truth, thus those who have yet to understand the truth is known as "deluded". The common understanding of Chinese scholars with regards to "delusion" of the "three poison", is that it refers to infatuation, being infatuated with, the mistake arose because both phrase share the same word in Chinese writings. In Buddhist doctrine, being infatuated with, having attachment, cannot forget and constantly keeping in mind, difficulty in freeing oneself, its the same as Duan Yu's feelings towards Wang YuYan, within the "three poison" its classified as "greed", its not considered "delusion". But human can be "infatuated" or "lovesick", the reason is because they "make mistakes" and they "don't understand the truth", thus there is no much difference between the two sides. The word "greed" in Chinese writings refers to excessive desire to acquire more than one needs; The word "greed" in Buddhist doctrine is the same but it also
include reasonable compensation, for example, passing exam, earning money in business, etc, the reward you obtain is to satisfy your "greed".

Buddhist believes that out of the "three poison", "delusion" is most difficult to eliminate, the reason is because if one's heart have no "delusion", then one will have "correct insight", "correct thoughts", one will have true understanding of the "ultimate essence of being", one can then sever their roots of stupidity and gain roots of benefit, this will give rise to "three wholesome thinking" (breaking away, no rage, no harm), and henceforth gain wisdom, one can then get rid of "greed" and "anger". "Delusion" in Buddhist doctrine is translated in English as "delusion, ignorance, false thinking, without the right understanding, without the right thoughts". Its not difficult to get rid of "anger", its extremely difficult to get rid of "greed", but if one can get rid of "delusion", then they can achieve supreme enlightenment or nirvana, they will see the truth in Buddhism. Thus "not understanding Buddhism" is one of life's "eight difficulties", its similar to being born deaf, mute and blind.

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