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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Win or Lose, Success or Failure, Striving against Calculation of Men
The wheels of the carriage rumbled, they travelled day and night without stopping. XuanNan, Deng BaiChuan, Kang GuangLing and the rest are great heroes in the martial arts fraternity, but now they lost all their martial arts and became normal prisoners and got bullied around by others. Everyone roughly felt they are travelling in the south-east direction.

They travelled for 8 days, on the 9th day they travelled on mountain path early in the morning. As they travelled till afternoon, the terrain became steeper and steeper, eventually the carriage can no longer move up the steep slope. The disciples of XingXiu Sect ordered XuanNan and the rest to exit the carriage. They walk for an hour and came to a dense bamboo forest, the scenery is beautiful and serene, there’s a large bamboo pavilion beside a mountain stream, the pavilion is elegant, a lot of time and effort must have been spent to build it, the bamboo forest looks like the pavilion, the pavilion looks like the bamboo forest, unexpectedly its difficult to differentiate between the bamboo forest and pavilion. Feng ASan was greatly impressed, he kept looking to the left and right, his bewildered.

Everyone had barely seat them properly in the pavilion when 4 people walk hurriedly up the mountain path. The front two men are XingXiu disiciples, when the carriage stop they went on ahead to scout or deliver news. The other two young men behind them wore country peasant clothes, they walk towards Ding ChunQiu, bow to pay their respect and presented a letter.

Ding ChunQiu unsealed the letter and took a look, he sneered: “Very good, very good. You still have yet to admit defeat and wish to fight till death, i will play with you.”
The young man took a firework tube from his bosom, he ignited it, there is a ‘Peng’ sound and the fireworks flew up into the sky. Ordinary firework tube would have a ‘Peng’ sound, the firework will travel till mid air and there would be a ‘Pai’ sound, the firework would explode and scatter, but when this firework travel till mid-air, there is three ‘Pai’ sound. Feng ASan whispered to Kang GuangLing: “Elder brother, this firework is made by our Sect.”

Soon after a group of people came up the mountain path, there is around 30 people, all of them wearing country peasant clothes and they seem to be carrying long bladed weapons. As they got nearer, everyone saw they did not carry any weapon but merely bamboo pole. Between two bamboo pole is a rope net, it allow someone to sit on it.

Ding ChunQiu sneered: “The host is taking good care of visitors, everyone don’t be shy, please sit on it.” Immediately XuanNan and the rest sat on the rope net. Two men lifted each bamboo pole and they quickly ran up the mountain path.

Ding ChunQiu took the lead, his big sleeves fluttering lightly as he travelled. Ding ChunQiu running speed was not hurried, but he seems to be floating like the wind as he travelled up the precipitous mountain path, his feet did not touch the ground, in an instant he entered the bamboo forest up ahead.

When Deng BaiChuan and the rest got hit by his [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], they were resentful, they felt this evil monster got lucky and injure them, they did not think they lost the fight, but when they saw his exquisite lightness martial art, its really true skill and not some cheap trick, they cannot help but gasp with admiration and pondered: “Even if he doesn’t use his evil demonic skills, i am still not his match.” Feng BoE praised: “The lightness martial art of this old devil is truly superb, respect, respect!” as he said this, the rest of XingXiu disciples all competed with each other to praise, they said Ding ChunQiu is peerless and without equal, a great master since ancient times and even Damo fall short against him, their flattery is really intense and unprecedented.
Bao BuTong said: “Hey you old chaps, the martial arts of XingXiu Sect is indeed better any other sect or school, no one has ever achieve it in the past and no one will ever achieve it in the future.” The XingXiu disciples were excited, one of them ask: “In your opinion, what is the best skill from our Sect?” Bao BuTong said: “There is more than one, at least three.” The XingXiu disciples were even more happy, they ask in unison: “Which three skills?”

Bao BuTong said: “The 1st skill is boot-licking skill. If this skill is not well trained, i am afraid you won’t survive for more than 1 day in your Sect. The 2nd skill is horn-tooting skill, if you don’t brag and exaggerate the martial arts of your Sect, not only would your Master despise you, your fellow apprentices would also despise you, you won’t have any status in the Sect. The 3rd skill is shameless skill. If you don’t kill your own conscience and be shameless, how can you master the divine boot-licking skill and divine horn-tooting skill.”

As he finish his words, he knew the XingXiu disciples would be angry and indignant, they would all come and punch and kick him, but if he don’t say it out loud its like having fish bone stuck in his throat, his not happy unless he spit it out, unexpectedly all the XingXiu disciples nod their head in silence. One disciple said: “Old chap you are extremely clever, you really understand the wonderful skills of our Sect. But this boot-licking, horn- tooting and shameless skills, its really difficult to train. Normal people are used to worldly life, they feel some things are good and some things are bad. If you harbour thoughts on good and evil, right and wrong, you would put in twice the effort but get half the result when training the shameless skill, you will fail at the most crucial moment. The foundation to these 3 divine skills is to distort the truth and be unable to distinguish right and wrong.”

Bao BuTong was originally mocking and ridiculing them, he did not expect these people to regard their wrongdoing with equanimity, he had some doubts and cannot help but feel weird, he laugh and said: “The divine skills of your noble Sect is truly profound and matchless, i really admire it, i wish to invite great immortal to enlighten me.”
When the XingXiu disciple heard Bao BuTong address him as ‘Great Immortal’, he felt elated and smug, he said: “You are not from our Sect, i cannot impart the secrets of these divine skills to you. But i have some superficial principles, there is no harm in sharing it with you. The most important principle is to praise your master as if his a god. If he fart……”

Bao BuTong interrupted and said: “then it must be fragrant. You have to inhale and exhale loudly, praise wholeheartedly……” the person said: “Generally speaking you are correct, but there are some minor flaws, you cannot inhale and exhale loudly, the correct way is to inhale loudly, exhale softly.” Bao BuTong said: “Correct, correct, great immortal is correct in pointing it out, if you exhale loudly it shows you dislike your master’s fart…..that his fart is not too fragrant.”

The person nod his head and said: “Not bad, you are gifted and have the innate talent, if you enter our Sect you will have considerable achievements, its a pity that you took the wrong path and entered a heretical school. Although the skills of our Sect has infinite variation, but the fundamental skills are not too complicated, you only need to remember, kill your own conscience and you will more or less achieve success.” As for ‘distort the truth and be unable to distinguish right and wrong’ its difficult to maintain when you are alone in the outside world, but when you join our sect you will automatically know its the proper thing to do and you won’t find it difficult anymore.

Bao BuTong nod his head repeatedly and said: “Just one sentence from you, its better than studying for 10 years. I am really interested in your sect, i can’t wait to join your noble sect, i wonder if great immortal can recommend me?” the person smiled and said: “If you want to join our sect, its really easier said than done, there are numerous challenging tests, i don’t think you can withstand it.” Another disciple said: “There’s too many people here, it’s not convenient to tell him. The one surnamed Bao, if you really intend to join our sect you have to wait until our Master is in a good mood, i can put in a few good words for you. Our sect recruits people from everywhere, your basics are not bad, if Master is benevolent and accept you as his disciple, you will have some achievements in the future.” Bao
BuTong said earnestly: “Many thanks, many thanks! The benevolence of great immortal, i will remember it for as long as i live.”

Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan and the rest heard him making fun of these XingXiu disciples, they cannot help but feel happy and ridiculous, they thought: “There is really such shameless and despicable person in this world, he takes pride in bullshitting and boot-licking, its truly rare.”

As they kept talking, the group entered a valley. The valley is full of pine trees, as the wind blew past, the trees sounded like big waves. They travelled a few li inside the forest and arrived at 3 wooden house. In front of a house, under a big tree, 2 men sat opposite each other. For the man sitting on the left hand side, there are 3 men standing behind him. Ding ChunQiu stood far away, he raise his head and look at the sky, his expression arrogant and haughty.

As the group gradually got closer, Bao BuTong suddenly heard a ‘Gu’ sound coming from Li KuiLei’s throat, it seems he wanted to speak but he forcibly endured it. Bao BuTong turn his head to look at Li KuiLei, his complexion is snow white, expression extremely terrified. Bao BuTong said: “What you disguising as? The son of a ghost? Look at yourself, your so frighten!” Li KuiLei did not reply, apparently he did not hear Bao BuTong at all.

As they move closer, they saw a big stone slab between the two men, there is a chessboard on top of the stone slab, the two men are playing chess. Sitting on the right hand side is a short, thin and wizened old man, on the left hand side is a young gentleman. Bao BuTong recognize the young gentleman as Duan Yu, his interest wane and he pondered: “I am always rude to this young chap, today i met with a big misfortune and bump into him, he will surely ridicule and mock me.”

He saw the chessboard was engraved on a bluestone, the black and white chess-pieces are all translucent and sparkling, both side made more than 100 moves. Ding ChunQiu slowly move closer to observe the chess match. The short old man grasp a black piece and made a move, suddenly both his eyebrow narrowed, it seems he spotted the wonderful variation in the situation. Duan Yu grasp a white piece with his finger, he muttered to
himself and did not make a move, Bao BuTong shouted: “Hello, the chap surnamed Duan, you already lost, you are in the same boat as me, just concede defeat.” The 3 men behind Duan Yu turn around and glared angrily at Bao BuTong, they are the 3 guards, Zhu DanChen, Gu DuCheng and Fu SiGui.

Suddenly, Kang GuangLing, Fan BaiLing and the rest of ‘Eight Friends of HanGu’, all of them struggle to stand up from the rope net and they move to within a zhang of the bluestone chessboard, they knelt down simultaneously.

Bao BuTong had a shock and said: “What are you people doing?” as he finish speaking the truth hit him, this short and wizened old man must be the Deaf Mute Old Man ‘Mr Intelligent’, his also the Master of the ‘Eight Friends of HanGu’. But his the arch enemy of the Old Freak of XingXiu Ding ChunQiu, since his enemy is here how come his still leisurely playing chess? Moreover, his chess opponent is not some important person but a bookworm who don’t know any martial arts.

Kang GuangLing said: “Senior you are still healthy and strong, the eight of us are extremely happy to see you.” After being expelled by Mr Intelligent Su XingHe, the eight of them dare not address him as Master. Fan BaiLing said: “Master XuanNan from Shaolin also came here to see you.”

Su XingHe stood up, he greeted everyone by raising his clasped hands and said: “The arrival of Master XuanNan, please forgive old rotten man Su XingHe for failing to receive you properly, i am guilty, i am guilty!” he gave a glance at the crowd of people and the turn his head to look at the chess match.

Everyone heard Xue MuHua narrate how their Master was forced to be deaf and mute, unexpectedly Su XingHe spoke, it seems his determined to risk his life and fight with Ding ChunQiu till death. Kang GuangLing, Xue MuHua and the rest cannot help but turn their head and look at Ding ChunQiu, they felt excited and worried.

XuanNan said: “You are too kind, you are too kind!” he saw how Su XingHe valued this chess match, he pondered: “This person is bogged
down by too much stuff, painting, calligraphy, music and chess, no wonder his martial arts fell short against his younger martial brother.”

Suddenly Duan Yu said: “So be it, i will make this move!” as he finish he made a move and place a white piece on the chessboard. Su XingHe was delighted, he nod his head, his expression favourable, he made another move with his black piece, Duan Yu already prepared the next 10 moves, immediately he made a move with his white piece, Su XingHe made another move with his back piece, both of them made 10 moves each, Duan Yu gave a long sigh, shakes his head and said: “Senior, your ‘Zhen Long’ chess formation is extremely profound and ingenious, junior cannot break it.”

It seems Su XingHe won the chess match, but his expression was grieved and distressed, he said: “Gentleman, you thoughts are thorough and meticulous, these 10 moves neared perfection, but you fail to think one step deeper, what a pity, what a pity. Alas, what a pity, what a pity!” he said ‘what a pity’ 4 times, it seems his regret is really heartfelt and genuine. Duan Yu took 10 white piece off the chessboard and place them into a small wooden box. Su XingHe also took 10 black piece off the chessboard. The chessboard showed the original chess formation.

Duan Yu retreated to the side, he gaze at the chess formation, he was in a daze and thought: “This ‘Zhen Long’ is the same one i saw at WuLiang Cave. Mr Intelligent must be related to that fairy sister, later on i will secretly ask him, i cannot let anyone hear it else they will rush to see the fairy sister, isn’t that blasphemous?” Fan BaiLing from ‘Eight Friends of HanGu’ is a chess fanatic, when he saw the chess formation, he knew his Master was not playing chess with the young gentleman, his Master deployed the ‘Zhen Long’ chess formation and this young gentleman tried to break it but he failed. He could not see clearly while kneeling, he stood up and stretch his neck, trying to understand the situation.

Su XingHe said: “All of you stand up! BaiLing, this ‘Zhen Long’ is extremely important and significant, come over here and look at it properly, it will be wonderful if you can break it.”
Fan BaiLing was excited, he said: “Yes!” he got up and stood beside the chessboard, he focus his attention on the chessboard.

Deng BaiChuan whispered: “2nd brother, what is this ‘Zhen Long’?” GongYe Gan whispered: “’Zhen Long’ is a difficult chess problem. It’s a puzzle set by someone, its not a chess match between two person, thus it often difficult to calculate when to attack or defend. Ordinary ‘Zhen Long’ have at least 10 chess-piece and at most 45 chess-piece, but this one have 200 chess-piece, the chess match is nearly over.” GongYe Gang has limited knowledge on chess, he observe for a while and could not understand it, thus he did not bother to look at it anymore.

Fan BaiLing research chess intensively for over 10 years, his really an expert in the field, he saw this chess formation had opportunity to plunder, live, long life, counter-attack, endure attack, break out of encirclement, its really extremely complex and complicated. His was roused mentally and concentrated, after a short time he felt dizzy and light-headed, he only calculated the probability of survival for one of the white chess-piece at the lower right corner, but he felt his blood flow rolling and clashing at his chest. He composed himself and concentrated again, he calculated again, originally he thought the white chess-piece at the lower right corner was dead but it actually had chance to survive, but to do that he needs to kill the black chess-piece beside it but it involves numerous moves, he re-calculated again, suddenly all he saw was darkness, he stick out his tongue and spurted a big mouthful of fresh blood.

Su XingHe look at him coldly and said: “This chess formation is extremely difficult, your talent is limited, although your chess skill is not bad but you will not be able to break the chess formation, moreover there is this evil traitor Ding ChunQiu using his sorcery nearby, his trying to enchant and tempt your soul, its simply too dangerous, you still want to carrying on thinking how to break the formation?” Fan BaiLing said: “Life and death is pre-determined, disci…..i…..i….am determined to make an all-out effort.” Su XingHe nod his head and said: “Then you carry on and slowly think through.” Fan BaiLing gaze at the chess formation again, his body swayed and he spurted another big mouthful of fresh blood.
Ding ChunQiu sneered: “Desperately seeking your own death, why bother? This mechanism is made by that old thief, its originally used for tormenting people, it killed and injured many people, Fan BaiLing you are walking into a trap.”

Su XingHe look askance, he glance at Ding ChunQiu and said: “What you address your Master as?” Ding ChunQiu said: “His an old thief, i call him an old thief!” Su XingHe said: “Deaf Mute Old Man is no longer deaf and mute, you must have known the underlying reason.” Ding ChunQiu said: “Excellent! You break our pledge, your courting death, don’t you dare blame me.”

Su XingHe lifted a big rock by his side and place it beside XuanNan, he said: “Great Master please sit.”

XuanNan estimated this big rock weigh at least 200 catties, Su XingHe is a withered, short and thin old man, he might not even weigh 80 catties but he effortlessly lifted this giant stone, his internal energy must be remarkable, if he did not lose his internal energy naturally he would be able to achieve the same feat but he might not be able to lift it so effortlessly and leisurely as if nothing had happen, he press his hands together and said: “Many thanks!” he sat on top of the stone.

Su XingHe said: “This ‘Zhen Long’ chess formation is created by my deceased Master. Master spent 3 years of his life blood before completing this formation, he long for a capable person in the present age to break the formation. I myself studied this formation meticulously for 30 years, but i cannot solve the mystery behind it.” As he finish speaking, his gaze swept across XuanNan, Duan Yu and Fan BaiLing, he continued: “Great Master XuanNan is proficient in Buddhism, the essence of Buddhism lies in enlightenment. Years of painstaking work and cultivation, you might not be equal to some fated intelligent person who has a flash of enlightenment. The art of chess is also the same, 8-9 year old kid with overflowing talent can often beat a top ranking expert in chess match. Although i cannot solve the mystery behind the chess formation, but there are so many talented individuals under the heaven, it cannot be that none is able to break it. My Master had a wish when his still alive, if someone can break this chess
formation it would fulfil his wish, although Master is no longer in this world, his spirit would be gratified if he knows of it.”

XuanNan pondered: “This Mr Intelligent and his disciples, their habits seem to pass down, zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, all of them became fanatic, they spent their lifetime of intelligence and wisdom on these irrelevant stuff, thus Ding ChunQiu ran amok without obstruction and no one can control him, this is regrettable.”

Su XingHe continued speaking: “My younger martial brother,” he pointed at Ding ChunQiu and continued; “he betrayed our sect, he cause our Master to drown in hate and regret and pass away, he injure me till i cannot retaliate. I should have killed myself to accompany Master, but i recall that Master had an unfulfilled wish, if i cannot find someone to break the chess formation i cannot account to Master when i die, thus i endured humiliation and survive until now. All these years, i abide by the pact made by my martial brother, i cannot speak a single word, not only did i become the Deaf Mute Old Man, i even force my newly recruited disciples and followers to become deaf and mute. Sigh, 30 years, i achieved nothing, this chess formation still remains unbroken. This gentleman Duan, admittedly his handsome, natural and unrestrained… ”

Bao BuTong interrupted: “This gentleman Duan is not necessarily handsome, natural and unrestrained is even more unlikely, moreover, how is handsome, natural and unrestrained related to playing chess? His lacking, his lacking!” Su XingHe said: “Its related, very much related.” Bao BuTong said: “Old Mister your appearance, hei hei, i don’t think you are handsome.” Su XingHe fix his gaze at him for a short period of time, he gave a faint smile. Bao BuTong said: “You must be thinking that Bao BuTong is even more ugly and queer compared to you….”

Su XingHe ignored him and continued speaking: “The 10 moves made by gentleman Duan, its already exquisite to the extreme, i had enormous expectations, but he still lack 1 move and eventually he lost.”

Duan Yu expression was ashamed, he said: “My aptitude is low, i cannot repay the great kindness shown by senior sir, i am really ashamed… ”
Suddenly Fan BaiLing cry out loudly, he spurted fresh blood violently and collapsed backward. Su XingHe raised his left hand, there was 3 ‘Chi’ sound, 3 chess-piece flew out and hit the acupoints on Fan BaiLing’s chest, this stopped him from spurting blood.

Just as everyone was being startled, suddenly there is a slapping sound, a white grain flew in mid-air and hit the chessboard. Su XingHe look at the chessboard, he saw a small pine nut, its a freshly shelled pine nut and it landed on the 7th row 9th column, this is the crucial point in breaking the ‘Zhen Long’ formation. Su XingHe raised his head, on the left hand side of a pine tree 5 zhang away, he saw the corner of a yellow robe, obviously someone is hiding there.

Su XingHe was startled yet happy, he said: “Another capable person has arrived, old man is extremely happy.” As he was about to respond with his black chess-piece, suddenly he heard a gentle sound, a small black object flew from his rear and landed on the 8th row 8th column, it happen to be the position which Su XingHe was about to place his chess piece.

Everyone cry out in surprise, they turn around but did not spot the shadow of the person. The pine trees on the right hand side are not tall, if someone is hiding in the trees he would be spotted easily, no one knows where his hiding. Su XingHe saw the small black object was a small bark off the pine tree, its landing position extremely accurate, he was secretly astonished. After the black object landed, another white grain flew out from the pine tree on the left hand side, it landed on the 5th row 6th column.

Another ‘Chi’ sound and a black grain hover up in the sky, immediately afterwards it drop straight down and landed on the 4th row 5th column. The black grain flew up in a spiral, no one knew where it originated from, the black grain zigzag up to mid-air and yet it landed accurately, this skill in firing hidden projectile is truly astonishing. All the spectators cannot help but admire it deeply and they cheered.

The applauses had yet to end when a clear and bright voice resonated from between a branch and leaf of a pine tree: “Gentleman Murong, you came to break this ‘Zhen Long’, please forgive junior monk for being bold.” The branch and leaf rustled and there is a cool breeze, a monk stood beside the
chessboard. The monk is wearing a gray cassock, his face seems to be emanating light similar to that of gems, his wearing a faint smile.

Duan Yu was startled, he thought: “The great devil Jumozhi comes again!” he pondered again: “Don’t tell me the white grains are fired by gentleman Murong? This gentleman Murong, i finally get to meet him today?”

He saw Jumozhi press his hands together, he bow towards Su XingHe, Ding ChunQiu and XuanNan, he said: “Junior monk received Mr Intelligent invitation card while travelling en route, i overestimated my capabilities and came here to meet experts from all over the world.” He said again: “Gentleman Murong, please reveal yourself!”

There is a clear and bright laughter, two people emerge from behind a pine tree. Duan Yu immediately felt his vision turn dark, ears ringing, bitter taste in his mouth, his entire body like oven. The person’s figure is graceful, steps unhurried, he yearn for this person day and night, its Wang YuYan.

Her face revealed admiration and love, she gaze longingly at the young gentleman beside her. Duan Yu followed her gaze and look at the man, the person is around 27-28 years of age, his wearing a light yellow robe, a long sword hanging by his waist, he floated over, his appearance handsome, natural, unrestrained and elegant.

When Duan Yu saw him he felt half his body go cold, his eyes turned red, his tears nearly flow down, he thought: “Everyone says gentleman Murong is a dragon among human, its really a well deserved reputation. No wonder Miss Wang adores him greatly. Sigh, i am destined to suffer hardship and calamity my entire life.” He felt remorseful, he sigh in despair, his unwilling to raise his head to look at Wang YuYan’s expression, but he cannot resist and secretly sneak a glance at her. Her face is radiant and glowing, it seems as if her entire body is smiling, he has never seen her so happy before. The two of them walk near him but Wang YuYan ignored Duan Yu, she did not turn to greet him. Duan Yu pondered: “She never had me in her heart, previously when we were together, she only thought about her cousin.”
Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan, Bao BuTong, Feng BoE, all four of them rush forward to welcome him. GongYe Gan whispered and reported the origins of Su XingHe, Ding ChunQiu and XuanNan to Murong Fu. Bao BuTong said: “This bookworm is surnamed Duan, he doesn’t know martial arts, he lost when playing chess just now.”

Murong Fu mingled and paid his respects to everyone, his speech modest and amiable, he made friends easily. The name ‘Gusu Murong’ shook the entire world, everyone did not expect him to be such an elegant and noble young man, everyone admired him, even Ding ChunQiu was polite and courteous towards him.

Murong Fu met Duan Yu at the end, he said: “Brother Duan, how are you.” Duan Yu expression was distressed, he shakes his head and said: “Your good, i…..i am not good at all.” Wang YuYan cry out in surprise and said: “Gentleman Duan, your also here.” Duan Yu said: “Yes, i….i…..” Wang YuYan said: “Gentleman Duan, you trying to find Ah Bi? My cousin already sent someone to escort her back to Suzhou. There is no one at home to take care of things and we really worry about it.” Duan Yu responded weakly.

Murong Fu glared at him a few times and ignored him, he stood beside the chessboard, grasp a white chess-piece and made a move on the chessboard. Jumozhi gave a faint smile and said: “Gentleman Murong, although your martial art is strong, but i am afraid your chess skill is ordinary.” As he finish he made a move with the black chess-piece. Murong Fu said: “I might not lose to you.” As he finish he made a move with the white chess- piece. Jumozhi responded with another move.

Murong Fu already thought about this chess formation for a long time, his confident in breaking it. But this move from Jumozhi was beyond his calculations, the moves he prepared beforehand are completely useless, he have to think of new moves again, after a long time he finally made another move.

Jumozhi is extremely quick, he immediately responded. The two of them, one is slow the other is quick, they made a total of 20 moves, suddenly Jumozhi laugh out loudly and said: “Gentleman Murong, let us separate!”
Murong Fu was furious: “You trying to stir things up! Why don’t you try to break this chess formation.” Jumozhi smiled and said: “Nobody can break this chess formation, its used to trick people. Junior monk is aware of his own ability, i won’t waste my time and effort on such stuff. Gentleman Murong, you can’t even break away from my tangling around the borders, you still want to break through and attempt to seize the throne?”

Murong Fu heart was shaken, all sorts of feelings well up in his heart, he kept thinking about the two phrase: “You can’t even break away from my tangling around the borders, you still want to break through and attempt to seize the throne?”

His vision gradually turned fuzzy, the white and black chess-piece on the chessboard seem to turn into generals and soldiers, men and horses to the east and west, you surround me, i surround you, hopelessly tangling with each other and killing. Murong Fu hopelessly saw how his own white troops got surrounded by enemy black troops, he dash to the left and right but he can’t break through the encirclement, he felt more and more anxious and said: “My Murong family exhausted its destiny and wasted all planning and schemes. I put in my utmost effort my entire life but everything is just a dream! My life is over, what else can i say?” suddenly he shout loudly, he draw out his long sword and slice across his neck.

During the time when Murong Fu was in a daze, Wang YuYan, Duan Yu, Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan and the rest all kept their eyes on him. When Murong Fu suddenly draw his sword to commit suicide, nobody expected this move from him, Deng BaiChuan and the rest immediately scrambled over to save him, but they already lost their internal energy and was a step slower.

Duan Yu pointed his index finger and shouted: “You cannot do that!” suddenly there is a ‘chi’ sound, the long sword held by Murong Fu flash, there is a ‘dang’ sound and the sword drop on the ground.

Jumozhi smiled and said: “Gentleman Duan, what a good move from the [Six Meridians Divine Sword]!”
Murong Fu had a shock when his sword was taken away, his finally snap out of his fantasy. Wang YuYan held onto his hand, she shake him repeatedly and said: “Cousin! You can’t break the chess formation, but why so tense? Why commit suicide?” tears rolled down her cheek as she finish speaking.

Murong Fu said blankly: “What’s going on?” Wang YuYan said: “Luckily gentleman Duan shot down your long sword, else…..else….” GongYe Gan said: “Young master, this chess formation enchants and enslave your mind and soul, there must be some illusionary technique in it, Young master please don’t think about it anymore.” Murong Fu turn his head and said to Duan Yu: “The move just now, is it really the sword move from [Six Meridians Divine Sword]? A pity i never see it, can you display another move and let me broaden my knowledge.”

Duan Yu gave a glance at Jumozhi, his afraid that if he use another move from the [Six Meridians Divine Sword] Jumozhi would come over and capture him, this sword play is unstable, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t work, if the evil monk really attack he would have problems resisting, he was afraid and quickly move 3 steps to the left and stay far away from Jumozhi, in between them is Zhu DanChen and the rest of his guards, only now did he reply Murong Fu: “I…..i was hasty, it just happen by chance, its difficult for me to execute it again. You really didn’t see it just now?”

Murong Fu expression was ashamed, he said: “My mind was muddled and half-conscious, similar to being possessed.”

Bao BuTong shouted loudly: “Yes, it must be the Old Freak of XingXiu using his sorcery, young master you have to be extremely careful!”

Murong Fu gave a quick glance at Ding ChunQiu, he said to Duan Yu: “I fell prey to sorcery, i can’t thank you enough for saving me. Brother Duan, you know the [Six Meridians Divine Sword], are you from the Dali’s Duan family?”

Suddenly a voice floated from a distant place: “Who’s from Dali’s Duan family? Is it Duan ZhengChun?” the voice is from ‘Overflowing with Evil’
Duan YanQing.

Zhu DanChen and the rest countenance change. They heard another voice, its like metal rubbing against each other, the voice shouted: “Our boss is the genuine Duan from Dali, the rest are all fake.” Duan Yu gave a faint smile, he pondered: “Ah, my disciple is here.”

When the shouting of the ‘Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea’ ended, a person came up from the bottom of the mountain path with quick steps, his body movement is extremely fast, the person is Yun ZhongHe, he shouted: “The Four Great Evils pay a visit to Mr Intelligent, we sincerely come to attend your chess meet.” Su XingHe said: “Welcome” as he finish speaking, Yun ZhongHe already floated in front of them.

After a while, Duan YanQing, Ye ErNiang, Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea, all three of them arrive together. Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea shouted loudly: “When our boss received the invitation card his extremely delighted, he postponed all his current affairs and quickly came down here to the chess meet, his martial art is unequalled under the heaven, his even better than me Yue LaoEr. If anyone of you is not convince, come over here and play 3 moves of chess with him. You people want to fight one or one, or everyone simply come at us together? How, why aren’t you taking out your weapons?” Ye ErNiang said: “LaoSan, don’t talk rubbish! We are playing chess, not using martial arts to fight, why the need for weapons?” Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea said: “You are talking rubbish, if we don’t use our martial arts to fight, then our boss rush hurriedly over here for what?”

Duan YanQing gaze steadily at the chess formation, his in deep thought, after a long long time, his left crutch extended into the small chess box and touch lightly, the end of the crutch seems to have some kind of suction force as it attracted the white chess-piece, he place the white piece on the chessboard.

XuanNan praised: “The martial arts of the Duan family from Dali is really unrivalled under the southern sky, your reputation is well deserved and not empty.”
Duan Yu knew Duan YanQing from the day he played chess against the Yellow-Brow Monk, Duan YanQing’s internal energy is deep and profound and his chess skill is equally high, there’s a possibility that he might actually break this ‘Zhen Long’. Zhu DanChen whispered to Duan Yu: “Young master, let us go! Don’t waste this opportunity.” But firstly, Duan Yu is interested to find out if Duan YanQing can break the chess formation, secondly, he finally get to see Wang YuYan, even if the sky collapses he will never leave her, he absentmindedly agreed to Zhu DanChen’s suggestion but he kept on walking nearer to the chessboard.

Su XingHe already know by heart all the countless changes and permutation to this chess formation, he immediately responded with a black chess-piece. Duan YanQing thought for a while and made another move. Su XingHe said: “Sir, your extremely brilliant, let us see if you can overcome this problem and find a way out.” He made a move with the black piece, it sealed off his path. Duan YanQing made another move.

Shaolin monk Xu Zhu suddenly said: “I am afraid this move won’t work!” previously he saw Murong Fu make the exact same move, afterwards he continued playing and eventually draw his sword and commit suicide. He feared Duan YanQing would follow the same path to his ruin, he cannot bear it and spoke out to advise him.

Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea was furious, he shouted: “Hey you little monk, you are not fit to comment on my boss chess move!” he gripped Xu Zhu’s back and drag him over. Duan Yu said: “Good disciple, don’t harm this little master!” When Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea arrived, he already saw Duan Yu, he felt really awkward and embarrass, its best if Duan Yu keeps his mouth shut but eventually he still blurted it out, he said angrily: “So be it, i won’t harm him, why so anxious!” he dropped Xu Zhu on the floor.

Everyone saw how this barbaric and ruthless Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea actually take orders from Duan Yu, he didn’t even refute when being address as ‘good disciple’, everyone felt really strange. Only Zhu DanChen and the rest knew the underlying reason, they laugh inwardly.
Xu Zhu sat down on the floor, his having second thoughts: “My master often tell me, the cultivation method pass down by our founder is discipline, calmness and wisdom. The < Shurangama Sutra> says: ‘Assimilate discipline in your heart, discipline leads to calmness, calmness leads to wisdom.’ We are blunt people, its difficult for us to assimilate discipline in our heart, thus founder Damo pass down an easier method, he let us learn martial arts to discipline out heart, but you can also use chess to discipline your heart. Martial arts pay particular attention to victory and defeat, chess also focuses on victory and defeat, but both of them are contrary to teachings on Buddhism, thus whether you practice martial arts or play chess you must ensure that you do not focus on victory and defeat. Reciting scripture, eating, travelling, its easy to forget about victory and defeat, but competing martial arts and playing chess its extremely difficult to forget about victory and defeat. If you forget about victory and defeat while competing martial arts or playing chess, then the match is already over. The
< Dharmapada Sutra> says: ‘The winner feels hatred, the loser feels ashamed. You will be agitated while pursuing victory, you will be calm if you don’t not compete.’ My martial art is poor, my chess skill lousy, when i compete martial arts with my martial brothers or play chess, i will suffer more defeat than victory, but my master praise me as i was not angry and i did not complain, i don’t really care about victory or defeat. But how come when i saw this Benefactor Duan make a wrong chess move, i worry that he will suffer a defeat, i even spoke out and give advice? Moreover with my level of chess skill, how can i even advise him? Although his chess moves may be similar to gentleman Murong now, but afterwards it may be different, i don’t understand all these, instead i just blurted out and insist it won’t work, aren’t i overestimating myself?”

Duan YanQing made another move, he thought for a while, he made moves after moves, his taking a long time to think, he made a total of 20 moves and the sun is inclining to the west, suddenly XuanNan said: “Benefactor Duan, your first 10 moves are correct and orthodox, but on the 11th move you start to deviate from the correct path, you stray from your original path from that point onwards and now its difficult to save.” The muscles on Duan YanQing’s face is stiff and rigid, his expression wooden and blank, a voice resonated from his throat: “Your Shaolin is a famous orthodox school, base on your orthodox method, how can you break this formation?”
XuanNan sigh and said: “This chess formation seems to be orthodox yet unorthodox, it seems to be demonic yet not demonic, you cannot break it using pure orthodox method, but if you use pure unorthodox method it still won’t work!”

Duan YanQing’s left crutch hovered in mid-air, he trembled slightly, he dare not put down the chess piece, after a long time he said: “There is no path forward, the soldiers are pursuing at the rear, orthodox method won’t work, unorthodox method won’t work, this is really difficult!” the martial arts pass down by his family is the orthodox skill of Dali’s Duan family, but he eventually deviated and became evil and unorthodox, the words by XuanNan stir up his emotions and mind, unexpectedly he became like Murong Fu, gradually he start to hallucinate.

This ‘Zhen Long’ has many changes and fluctuates irregularly, its effect is dependent on the person, a greedy person will fear losing his stuff, an angry person will fear his anger interfering with his work. Duan Yu was defeated because he had too much compassion, he refuse to abandon his troops, Murong Fu was defeated because he stubbornly held onto power and influence, his able to abandon his troops but he simply refuses to give up power and influence. The greatest regret and hate in Duan YanQing’s life is his deformity, his forced to give up his orthodox martial arts, he had to change and practice unorthodox and demonic skills, he concentrated his attention completely and this made it easy for external demons to invade, thus his mind entered demonic path and he cannot control himself anymore.

Ding ChunQiu smiled and said: “Yes! Its easy for a person to enter demonic path, but its extremely difficult to turn over a new leaf, you entire life is doom to failure, failure, failure! Alas, what a pity, one wrong step cause a thousand hatred, if you want to turn back, i am afraid you can’t do it anymore!” his speech is filled with pity and tenderness. XuanNan and the other experts knew Ding ChunQiu harboured malicious intentions, his trying to make Duan YanQing fire-deviate so that he can eliminate a powerful opponent.

Sure enough, Duan YanQing was expressionless and motionless, he said in a distressed voice: “I am the crown price of Dali Kingdom, but today i
wander around and degenerated into such a state, i am really ashamed and cannot face my ancestors.”

Ding ChunQiu said: “Even in the underworld, you still don’t have the face to see your Duan family’s ancestors, since you are ashamed why don’t you commit suicide, its the proper conduct of hero, alas, alas! It would be better to commit suicide, it would be better to commit suicide!” his voice is gentle and pleasant, those with low internal energy already became drowsy and dazed when they hear his voice.

Duan YanQing mumbled to himself: “Alas, it would be better to commit suicide!” he raised his steel crutch and slowly drive it towards his chest. But he has extremely deep cultivations, he faintly felt something was amiss, there seems to be an inner voice within him that said: “Wrong, wrong, you will be in deep trouble if you continue to drive downwards!” however the steel crutch still slowly move inch by inch towards his chest. When he was exiled from Dali Kingdom and suffered serious injuries, he thought of committing suicide, but he met a peculiar event and manage to pull himself together, but now his self-control faltered and his buried desire to commit suicide surface again.

There are many martial art experts around, XuanNan is merciful, he wanted to speak out and advise him, but to shock Duan YanQing out of his trance would require internal energy equivalent to his, to be effective the voice have to be so loud that even the deaf can hear it, else not only would it be not beneficial he could end up harming Duan YanQing, XuanNan was secretly anxious, his hands are tied and he cannot do anything to help. Su XingHe is bound by the rules set by his Master, he cannot assist him. Murong Fu knew Duan YanQing is an evil person, its a good thing for him to fire-deviate and die and he would eliminate a great evil from the world. Jiumozhi rejoice in other people’s misfortune, he smile and look on without lifting a finger. Duan Yu and You TanZhi both have deep and profound internal energy, but they don’t know what Duan YanQing is trying to do when he lifted his crutch. As for Wang YuYan, although she is knowledgeable about martial arts of various sects and schools, but the evil technique employed by Ding ChunQiu to put Duan YanQing in a trance is not martial art, thus she doesn’t understand it at all. Ye ErNiang is
frequently oppressed by Duan YanQing, his extremely rude and bossy, she amassed the hatred for a long time and now she did not bother to save him. As for Deng BaiChuan, Kang GuangLing and the rest, they lost all their internal energy, furthermore they do not want to interfere in the tussle between Old Freak of XingXiu and the ‘Number One Evil’.

Thus, only the Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea is anxious, he saw the crutch is only a few inch away from his chest, in a few moments he would seal off his own death acupoint, immediately he grabbed and lifted Xu Zhu and shouted: “Boss, catch this monk!” as he finish he threw Xu Zhu at Duan YanQing.

Ding ChunQiu push out with his palm and said: “Go away! Don’t disturb this chess match!” the throwing force by Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea is extremely vigorous, Xu Zhu is shrouded by strong wind and he fly forward swiftly, but the palm by Ding ChunQiu is soft and flexible, Xu Zhu got redirected back and he bump straight at the Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea.

Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea caught Xu Zhu with both hands, he thought of throwing Xu Zhu at Duan YanQing again, unexpectedly Ding ChunQiu’s palm contains 3 wave of hidden force, Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea suddenly open his eyes fully, his forced to retreat 3 steps, as he stabilizes himself the 2nd wave of force arrive. Both his knees soften and he sat down on the floor, he thought it was over, who would have imagine the 3rd wave of force crashing in. He cannot help but somersaulted, but both his hands still held onto Xu Zhu, he press down on Xu Zhu and roll over. He thought the palm by Old Freak Ding contains another 4th wave of force, thus he quickly push Xu Zhu forward to block the force.

But there is no 4th wave of force, Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea open his eyes and cursed: “Damn your grandmother is powerful!” he put Xu Zhu on the floor.

When Ding ChunQiu push out with his palm, he got distracted and he attention slacken a little, Duan YanQing’s steel crutch stop in mid-air and did not move anymore. Ding ChunQiu said: “Its too late, its too late, Duan YanQing, i help you to commit suicide, just commit sucide!” Duan
YanQing sigh and said: “Yes, what’s the point in living? Its better to just commit suicide!” as he finish speaking his crutch move closer by another 2 inch.

Xu Zhu’s compassion flare up, in order to free Duan YanQing from Mara (demon of temptation in Buddhism), he knew he have to disrupt the chess formation, but his chess skill is really low, its impossible for him to break this complex and complicated chess formation, he saw Duan YanQing stare stupidly at the chessboard, his really in a crisis, suddenly he had a bright idea: “I can’t break this chess formation, but it easy for me to intentionally mess it up, as long as his concentration gets diverted he can be saved. If there is no chess formation, where is the need for victory and defeat?” he quickly said: “I will break this chess formation.” He quickly move forward and took a white chess-piece from the small wooden box, he close his eyes and randomly put the chess-piece on the board.

His eyes have yet to open but he heard Su XingHe reprimand furiously: “Rubbish, rubbish, in your fit of anger you killed an entire group of white chess-piece, who plays chess like this?” Xu Zhu open his eyes, he look at the chessboard and blush.

It seems when he closed his eyes and made a random move, he put the chess-piece beside another white chess-piece which is already encircled by black chess-piece, there is no room at all for escape. Originally the white side and black side are mutually surrounding each other, both sides in a stalemate, if the black chess-piece move forward the white side can kill off all the black chess-piece with a single move, if the white chess-piece move forward the black side can kill off all the white chess-piece with a single move. This is situation is called ‘live together’ or ‘two lives’, ‘i dare not move, my opponent dare not move’, both side cannot move at all. Xu Zhu put his chess-piece within this big stalemate, he made the first move and offered a huge group of white-chess piece to his opponent, if his opponent don’t take it, he will lose his black-chess piece, thus the black side definitely have to take it. In the art of playing chess, no one ever done this act of committing suicide. Now that the white chess-piece is dead, the white side is about to suffer complete defeat and be completely wiped out.
Juimozhi, Murong Fu, Duan Yu and the rest, when they saw this they cannot help but burst out into loud laughter. XuanNan shakes his head and smiled. Although Fan BaiLing is feeble and weary from the blood loss, he cannot help but said: “Are you joking?”

Su XingHe said: “My Master’s order, anyone can enter and play this chess. Although this chess move by little master is wild fantasy, its still a legitimate move.” He remove the white chess-piece which Xu Zhu sacrificed, then he made a move with the black chess-piece.

Duan YanQing gave a loud cry and snap out of his trance, he stare at Ding ChunQiu and thought: “Old Freak of XingXiu, you take advantage of my precarious position and employed your evil scheme, i won’t take things lying down.”

Ding ChunQiu glared at Xu Zhu, his eyes filled with venomous rage, he cursed: “Little bald thief!”

Duan YanQing look at the changes in the chess formation, he knew he escaped mortal danger all due to Xu Zhu assistance, he felt really grateful, he knew Ding ChunQiu resented Xu Zhu and is about to attack him, he pondered: “Shaolin senior monk XuanNan is here, i don’t think the Old Freak of XingXiu has the guts to trouble his disciple, but if this old rotten XuanNan is muddle-headed and fail to protect him properly i cannot simply let this little monk die because of me.”

Su XingHe said to Xu Zhu: “Little master, you killed your own chess piece, how will you respond if the black chess-piece move in 1 more step?”

Xu Zhu laugh and said: “Junior monk’s chess skill is lowly, i randomly made a move just to save someone. I really cannot play this chess match, i hope senior will excuse me.”

Su XingHe expression turns grave, he said solemnly: “My Master created this chess formation and respectful invited all the experts under the heaven to try and break it. It doesn’t matter if it can’t be broken, even if you suffer calamity its also your own doings. But if someone comes and intentionally mess up this chess match and taint the lifetime effort of my Master,
although there are many people here, hei hei, even though old man is deaf and mute i will pledge my life and fight till death.” His know as ‘Deaf Mute Old Man’ but he is neither deaf nor mute, currently his able to hear and even speak, but unexpectedly he still call himself deaf and mute, but when his speaking his beard flare up, his expression fierce and ferocious, nobody dare to make fun of him.

Xu Zhu press his hands together and made a deep bow, he said: “Old senior…..”

Su XingHe shouted loudly: “Just play chess, why talk so much? My Master’s chess formation is for your random amusement?” as he finish speaking he wave his right hand and send out a palm, there’s a loud crashing sound, dust flew everywhere, a large crater appeared in front of Xu Zhu. The power in this palm is incomparably violent and fierce, if the palm landed a few chi closer, the tendons and bones in Xu Zhu would shatter and break, he would die a violent death.

Xu Zhu was so frighten that he heart thumped randomly, he shifted his eyes towards XuanNan, he hope his martial grandfather will take the initiative and save him from this predicament.

XuanNan’s chess skill is not good, his internal energy all gone, what idea can he come up with? XuanNan stiffen his resolve and was about ask for leniency from Su XingHe, suddenly Xu Zhu took out a white chess-piece from the wooden box and place it on the chessboard. The tile he place it on is a new empty spot which appeared when the group of white chess-piece was sacrificed.

Unexpectedly, this move is logical and sensible. For the past 30 years, Su XingHe has seen the thousand variation and changes in the chess formation, he memorize all the counter-moves thoroughly, no matter what kind of moves his opponent make, they cannot escape his foolproof counter. But Xu Zhu started the match by making a random move and killed a big group of white chess-piece, it greatly violates the basic fundamental of chess, anyone who has the slightest bit of knowledge about chess would never make this move. The move is the same a drawing your own sword and committing suicide. But unexpectedly, when Xu Zhu killed a big group of white chess-
piece the situation actually became optimistic, although the black chess- piece occupied a dominant position but the white chess-piece now have some leeway to manoeuvre, unlike previously where the chess pieces tangled with each other and have to guard against losses. Su XingHe never expect such a new situation in the chess formation, he was startled and pondered deeply for a long time, he finally responded with a move.

Previously, Xu Zhu was scared stiff by Su XingHe’s palm, his martial grandfather did not speak out to help him and he was at a loss, suddenly a thin and soft voice entered his ear: “Put the chess piece on the 3rd row 9th column!” Xu Zhu did not bother to search for the person who gave this advice, he didn’t care if the advice was correct or wrong, he simply took a white chess-piece, followed the directions given and placed it on the 3rd row 9th column. When Su XingHe responded with a move, the same voice entered Xu Zhu’s ear again: “2nd row 8th column.” Xu Zhu place a white chess-piece on the 2nd row 8th column.

When he made this move, he heard Jumozhi, Murong Fu, Duan Yu, all of them cry out in surprise. Xu Zhu raise his head, he saw looks of admiration and surprise on the faces of the crowd, it seems this move is really exquisite, as for Su XingHe his expression was joyous and full of admiration yet his also fretful and anxious, his long eyebrow kept moving up and down.

Xu Zhu felt suspicious: “Why is he suddenly so happy? Don’t tell me i make a wrong move?” but he immediately had second thoughts: “Who cares whether its right or wrong, as long as i can respond with 10 moves and above it shows that i played the chess match properly and did not recklessly mess up the chess formation and dishonour his Master, after that he won’t take offense anymore.” After Su XingHe responded with another move, he followed the instruction of the person who is secretly helping him and made another move. As he play chess, he kept a careful look out to see if his martial grandfather is secretly instructing him, but XuanNan expression was anxious, it really doesn’t seem like him, moreover XuanNan never open his mouth to speak.

The voice in his ear is obviously base on [Transmitting Voice in Secret] technique which requires high level of internal energy, the speaker will use
his internal energy to send his speech into the ears of another person, even if there are bystanders nearby they cannot hear the speech at all, but no matter how soft the voice is the speaker still have to open his mouth. Xu Zhu furtively look at the lips of everyone, unexpectedly none of them are moving but he still heard the voice transmit clearly: “5th row 6th column and take the three black chess-piece!”. Xu Zhu followed the instructions, he pondered: “This person can only be my martial grandfather, no one else. The rest of the crowd is not related to me, why would they help me? From among the experts, only martial grandfather did not take part, the rest of them took part and got defeated. Martial grandfather has divine skill, he did not move his lips and yet transmit his voice, i wonder when i can reach his level.”

Who would have imagined that the person guiding him is the number one evil under the heaven ‘Overflowing with Evil’ Duan YanQing. Previously, Duan YanQing was too engrossed in playing chess and Ding ChunQiu took advantage of him, he fire-deviated and commit suicide, luckily Xu Zhu disrupted the chess match and save his life. He saw Su XingHe was very stern when reprimanding Xu Zhu, its very likely he has murderous intentions, thus he immediately transmit his voice and guide Xu Zhu to help him get out of trouble. Duan YanQing is skilled in ventriloquism, he don’t need to move his lips when speaking, he use his internal energy to transmit his voice to Xu Zhu’s ear, although there are many experts around they did not suspect this underlying trick.

However, after numerous moves, the situation changed greatly, Duan YanQing finally became aware that the secret to this ‘Zhen Long’ is to use your own white-piece to kill off a large group of white-piece, afterwards this will give rise to power. The chess formation incorporated the principles of ‘Counter-attack and escape’, you have to deliberately sacrifice your own chess piece and let your opponent take them, afterwards you can achieve success, however people will sacrifice at most 8-9 chess piece in a match, no one will sacrifice more than 10 chess piece in a single move, this move ‘Squeeze yourself to death’ is really weird and never seen before throughout all ages, even the most brilliant chess expert will never dare think of using such a move. For human, they always think about how to survive and live, nobody will deliberately think of how to die. If Xu Zhu
did not close his eyes and make this random move, even after a thousand years, this ‘Zhen Long’ will still remain unbroken.

Duan YanQing has extremely high chess skill, previously he played chess with the Yellow-Brow Monk at Dali, he dominated the match and the Yellow-Brow Monk was unable to ward him off, currently, after removing a large group of white chess-piece the situation reversed, he no longer needs to worry about the life and death of that large group of white chess-piece, his no long blocked by his own troops, instead he can move around freely which is vastly different from previous situation where he got trapped in.

Jiumozhi, Murong Fu and the rest are unaware that Duan YanQing is secretly guiding, Xu Zhu chess moves are wonderful and brilliant, he captured two small group of black chess-piece in succession, everyone cannot help but cheer.

XuanNan muttered to himself: “Originally, this chess match is tangled in gains and losses, victory and defeat, thus no one can break it, when Xu Zhu made his move he didn’t care about life or death, he didn’t care about victory or defeat, unexpectedly he manage to break through this life and death situation and finally free himself……” XuanNan comprehended the principles faintly, however his still hesitant and unsure, he spent his entire life studying martial arts, however its different from the martial arts prescribed by Buddhism, suddenly he pondered: “Deaf Mute Old Man and the Eight Friends of HanGu indulged in miscellaneous skills, in the end their martial arts fell short against Ding ChunQiu, previously i make fun of them and say they deviate from their original path. But i spent my entire life practicing martial arts, i was not diligent in practicing Buddhist meditation, i am anxious about life and death, i am even worse and also deviate from my original path.” As he thought of this, his entire body break out in cold sweat.

Initially, Duan Yu paid close attention to the chess match, but afterwards he just stare at Wang YuYan, he became even more dejected as he look at her, Wang YuYan’s gaze never left Murong Fu. Duan Yu pondered: “Its better for me to simply leave, its better for me to simply leave! I will only suffer more misery if i stay here, maybe i will even vomit blood.” But how can he willingly take his gaze off Wang YuYan? His in deep thoughts: “I will wait
for Miss Wang to turn her head over to me, then i will tell her: ‘Miss Wang, congratulations in meeting your cousin, today fate brought us together and we see each other again. I will be leaving now!’ if she reply: ‘Ok, please leave!’ then i will simply leave. But if she reply: ‘There is no hurry, i still have something to say to you’ then i will stay and wait for her instruction.”

However in reality, Duan Yu is fully aware that Wang YuYan will never turn around and look at him, she will never say: ‘There is no hurry, i still have something to say to you’. Suddenly, Wang YuYan’s head started moving slightly. Duan Yu heart start thumping madly: “She is turning her head over!” but she only gave a soft sigh and call out softly: “Cousin!”

Murong Fu’s attention is focused on the chess match, he saw the white chess-piece had gained the upper hand, its currently advancing forward and pressing, he thought: “I can come up with these few moves easily. But the first move is always difficult, the first move is simply too weird, i will never be able to think of it.” Unexpectedly he did not hear Wang YuYan calling him.

Wang YuYan gave another soft sigh and she slowly turns her head.

DuanYu’s heart start jumping madly: “She is turning her head over! She is turning her head over!”

Sure enough, the pretty face of Wang YuYan turn and face him. Du Yan saw she is slightly depress, there is hidden bitterness in her eyes, he pondered: “After arriving with Murong Fu, her expression was always happy and joyous, how come she is not happy now? Don’t tell me…..don’t tell me she worry about me a little?” her gaze move to the right and interlocked with his, Duan Yu took a step forward, his about to say: “Miss Wang, you have something to say?” but Wang YuYan’s gaze slowly move away and look at a distant place, once again her gaze return back to Murong Fu.

Duan Yu’s heart plunged, he felt endlessly agony: “She did look at me, but it is 10 times worse than if she didn’t look at me at all. She look at me but she still ignore me. She look at me but i never registered in her heart. She is only thinking about the affairs of her cousin, why would she even care about Duan Yu. Sigh, its better to simply leave, its better to simply leave!”
As for Xu Zhu, he followed the instructions of Duan YanQing and made another move, looking at the current situation, no matter how the black chess-piece responds it will definitely be taken by the white chess-piece, but if the black chess-piece takes a step back then the white chess-piece can rush out of this encirclement, at that time the white chess-piece will have the entire field and the black chess-piece will not be able to keep up anymore.

Su XingHe pondered for a long time, he smiled and made a move. Duan YanQing transmitted his voice: “7th row 8th column!” Xu Zhu followed his instruction, although Xu Zhu chess skill is poor but he still knows enough and his aware that the ‘Zhen Long’ is already broken, he clap his hands and smiled: “It seems its over?”

Su XingHe is smiling, he cupped his hands and said: “Little divine monk is talented and brave, congratulations.”

Xu Zhu quickly returns the courtesy and said: “I don’t dare, i didn’t make this……” his about to say that he receives guidance from his martial grandfather, the voice transmitted into his ear again: “You cannot reveal this secret between us. You are still in danger, you have to be extra cautious.” Xu Zhu thought it was another instruction from XuanNan, he immediately said: “Yes, yes!”

Su XingHe stood up and said: “My Master arrange this chess formation, for over 10 years no one is able to break it, little divine monk finally broke this ‘Zhen Long’, i really can’t thank you enough.” Xu Zhu don’t understand the underlying reason, he said modestly: “Its just an accident, its all thanks to the elders here, old senior you really flatter me, i don’t deserve your praise.”

Su XingHe walk to the front of the three wooden house, he held out his hand to respectfully welcome the guest and said: “Little divine monk, please enter!”

Xu Zhu saw these three houses are really odd, there are no doors, he don’t know how to enter or what his suppose to do when he enters, he stood at his location and is undecided. Suddenly the voice transmit into his ear again: “You finally open up a path on the chess match, its all due to a hard and
painful battle. There is no door on the wooden house, just use your Shaolin martial arts to forcibly create a path.” Xu Zhu said: “Please pardon my offense!” he entered into horse stance, he raise his right hand and strike his palm on the wooden board.

His martial art is limited, previously Ding ChunQiu wave his sleeve and he immediately collapsed, the XingXiu disciples captured him easily, his situation was really lucky and he manage to preserve his internal energy. But in front of so many martial art experts, his palm strength is really insignificant and not worth mentioning, luckily the wooden board is not strong, there is a ‘KaLa’ sound and the wooden board split open to reveal a small crack. Xu Zhu strike his palm 2 more times and finally manage to cleave open the wooden board, but his palm already felt painful.

Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea burst into loud laughter and said: “The hard and strong skill of Shaolin is really sloppy and ordinary.” Xu Zhu turn his head and said: “Junior monk is the most useless disciple from Shaolin, my martial art is superficial, but it doesn’t mean the martial arts of Shaolin is lousy.” Suddenly the voice transmit into his ear: “Quickly enter, don’t turn your head back, ignore the bystanders!” Xu Zhu said: “Yes!” he move forward and quickly entered the house.

He heard Ding ChunQiu shout: “This is the house of my sect, little monk how can you enter without permission?” immediately there is two loud slamming sound, Xu Zhu felt a burst of strong wind coming at him, its trying to drag him back out, but immediately after he felt two violent force bumping his back and buttocks, he cannot help but somersault straight into the house.

Xu Zhu narrowly escape death, just now Ding ChunQiu send out his palm and made a sneak attack, his trying to kill him, Jiumozhi use his [Controlling Crane Skill] to try and drag him out. But Duan YanQing use his crutch to block the palm from Ding ChunQiu, Su XingHe stood between Xu Zhu and Jiumozhi, his left hand dissipate the [Controlling Crane Skill], his right palm smack two times and send Xu Zhu into the house.

The power in the two palm is strong and violent, Xu Zhu body smash through a wooden partition and his forehead smash through another wooden
partition again, he became dizzy and disorientated, he fainted, after a long time he finally stood up and touch his forehead, its already swollen and there is a huge lump. He look around, the house is deserted and empty. He tried to look for a door but the house did not have any windows or doors, there is only a hole made when he smash through the wooden partition. He stand around stupidly and finally thought of crawling out through the hole.

But suddenly he heard a deep and low voice of an old man coming from a wooden partition: “Since your here, why you still wish to go out?”

Xu Zhu turn his body around and said: “I invite old senior to give direction and point out the path.”

The voice said: “You create your own path, nobody can teach you. My chess formation, no one can break it for over 10 years, you finally broke it today, what are you waiting for come over here!”

When Xu Zhu heard the words ‘my chess formation’ his hairs stood up and he cannot help but be terrified, he trembled and said: “You….you…..” he heard Su XingHe narrate how the chess formation was created by his ‘deceased master’, but this voice, is it human or ghost? The voice said again: “Opportunity is fleeting, i waited for 30 years, i don’t have much time to wait for you anymore, good child, quickly come here!”

The voice is kind and benevolent, evidently he did not have any evil intention, immediately Xu Zhu use his left shoulder to bang the wooden partition, ‘KaLa KaLa’, the wooden board had long decayed and rot, a hole open up immediately.

Xu Zhu gave a quick glance and entered, he was startled, its yet another deserted room, however a person is sitting in midair. The first thought that came to his mind was: “Ghost!” he was so frighten that he wanted to turn around and escape, but he hear the person say: “Sigh, its a little monk! Sigh, its a ugly little monk, difficult, difficult, difficult! Sigh, difficult, difficult, difficult!”

Xu Zhu heard him sigh 3 times and said ‘difficult’ 6 times, he concentrated and look at the man, he finally saw clearly, it seems there is a black rope
around the body of the man, the rope is attached to a beam and his suspended in midair. But the wooden partition is coloured black, the rope is also black, thus he can’t differentiate the rope immediately and he assumed the man is sitting in midair.

Xu Zhu’s appearance is quite ugly, he have thick eyebrows and big eyes, his nostril tilted upwards, his ears fan out, his lips very thick, moreover his sustained injuries on his face when he smash through the wooden partition and this made him even more unsightly. He lost both his parents since childhood, the monks at Shaolin Temple are merciful and they adopted him, at the temple his either studying or practicing martial arts, nobody cared about his appearance. There is a Buddhist saying: The body is merely mortal flesh, whether this mortal flesh is good looking or not has no relations to Buddhist cultivation. Nevertheless, this is his first time hearing someone call him an ‘ugly monk’.

He raise his head slightly and look at the man. His beard is 3 chi long but none of it grizzled, his face is like jade and without any wrinkles, although his quite old but he glows with heath and vigour, his elegant and poise. Xu Zhu felt ashamed: “Comparing appearance, we are heaven and earth apart.” Currently he has no more fear, he bow to pay his respects and said: “Junior monk is Xu Zhu, i pay my respects to senior.”

The man nod his head and said: “What is your surname?” Xu Zhu was startled and said: “There is no surname for a person who enters monkhood.” The man said: “Before you enter monkhood, what is your surname?” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk became a monk since childhood, i don’t have a surname.”

The man stare at him for a long time, he sigh and said: “You can break my chess formation, your intelligence and wisdom is obviously no small matter, but you appearance really cannot make it, sigh, very difficult. In the end i wasted my effort and even sacrifice your life in vain. Little master, i will present you with a gift, just take it and go!”

Xu Zhu listen to the tone of the old man, it seems he has an extremely important and difficult problem and he worry because no one can help him, the < Mahayana Sutras> says: ‘Save all living things from suffering’, Xu
Zhu immediately said: “Junior monk’s chess skill is really superficial, i did not break senior’s chess formation. But if senior has any difficult problems to settle, although my skills are lowly i am willing to try my best and help you, as for the gift, i don’t dare to accept.”

The old man said: “You have such chivalrous heart, not bad. You chess skill is low, martial art superficial, all these are irrelevant, fate brought us together and you are able to come here. But…..but….your appearance is simply too ugly.” As he said this he shakes his head repeatedly.

Xu Zhu gave a faint smile and said: “I can’t control my appearance, even my parents can’t control it. Junior monk is ugly and made senior unhappy, i will take my leave immediately.” As he finish speaking he retreated 2 steps.

As Xu Zhu was about to turn his body, the old man said: “Wait!” his sleeves rise up and landed on Xu Zhu’s right shoulder. Xu Zhu felt his body sink, the sleeve felt like an arm, its pulling his body. The old man ask: “Those who came here to break the chess formation, who are they?” Xu Zhu reported their identities to him. The old man muttered to himself for a long time, and said: “6-7 out of 10 martial art experts under the heaven are here. Great Master KuRong from Dali’s Heavenly Dragon Monastery, he didn’t come?” Xu Zhu replied: “Other than the monks from my Shaolin, the only other monk is Great Master Juimozhi.”

The old man ask again: “For the past few years i heard there is someone called Qiao Feng in the martial arts fraternity, his truly capable, he didn’t come?” Xu Zhu said: “No.”

The old man gave another sigh and mumbled to himself: “I waited for so many years, even if i carry on waiting i might not be able to meet a well- rounded person with perfect qualities. In life things don’t always go as planned, i just have to make do with it.” He mumbled for a short while he finally seem to come to a decision, he said: “Just now you said you did not break the chess formation, then how come Su XingHe send you in here?”

Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk is ignorant, i closed my eyes and randomly make the first move, afterwards my martial grandfather XuanNan use his internal energy to transmit his voice to me and secretly help me to play
chess.” Immediately he narrated all the details on how he manage to break the chess formation.

The old man sigh and said: “Its fated, its fated!” suddenly his frown went away and he smiled: “Its fated, you close your eyes and accidentally break my chess formation, this shows that your affinity for fortune is deep, maybe you can handle my big problem. Very well, very well, good child, keel down and kowtow!”

Xu Zhu grew up in Shaolin Temple since childhood, everyday he meet his master, martial grandfather, great martial uncle, etc, all of them his elders, even among his peers, there are countless monks who are older than him or had better martial arts, thus he is used to obeying orders. As disciple of Buddhism, he have to be modest, when the old man ask him to kowtow although he don’t know the reason but his still a senior in the martial arts fraternity, its natural to give a few kowtow, immediately he respectfully knelt down and kowtow 4 times, as he was about to stand up the old man smiled and said: “Give another 5 kowtow, this is the rule of our sect.” Xu Zhu replied: “Yes!” and he gave another 5 kowtow.

The old man said: “Good child, good child, come over here!” Xu Zhu stood up and walk towards him.

The old man grab his wrist, he examined him from top to bottom. Suddenly Xu Zhu felt his artery warm up, a burst of internal energy rise up from his arm and rapidly rush to his chest, he cannot help it and immediately use the energy cultivation method of Shaolin to try and resist. The internal energy of the old man made contact with his own energy and withdraw immediately, nothing happen to him. Xu Zhu knew the old man is trying to test his level of internal energy, his ears turned red and he laugh bitterly: “Junior monk normally studies Buddhist scriptures, in my free time i love to play around, i never properly practice the internal energy cultivation method imparted by my master, old senior you must have found it laughable.”

Unexpectedly the old man is very happy, he laugh and said: “Very good, very good, your Shaolin internal energy is shallow, it really saves me a great deal of trouble.” While he was speaking, Xu Zhu felt his entire body
turn soft, its as if he was submerge in a hot bath tub, the pores on his body all seems to be emitting heat, he felt relax and free.

The old man released his wrist, he laugh and said: “Its done, i used my sect’s [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] and absorb all your Shaolin internal energy!”

Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he shouted: “Wh……what?” he jump up, as he landed his knees softens and he sat down on the floor, he felt his four limbs and all the bones turned completely limp and painful, he was dizzy, its as if the world is spinning, he knew this old man did not bluff him, grief and sorrow burst forth and tears stream down his eyes, he cried: “I…..i….have no quarrels or enmity with you, i didn’t offend you, why must you harm me like this?”

The old man smiled and said: “How can you be so rude? You didn’t address me as Master, still using words like ‘you’, how can you not have any manners?” Xu Zhu was frightened and said: “What? How can you be my Master?” the old man said: “Just now you kowtow 9 times, you formally became my apprentice and paid you respects.” Xu Zhu said: “No, no! I am a Shaolin disciple, how can i take you as my Master? You use evil sorcery to harm other people, i definitely won’t learn it.” He finish speaking and struggled to stand up.

The old man laugh and said: “You really don’t want to learn?” he wave both his hands, his sleeves flew out and landed on Xu Zhu’s shoulder. Xu Zhu felt his shoulder is incomparably heavy, he cannot stand up anymore, his knees soften and he immediately sat down, he said: “Even if you kill me i still won’t learn.”

The old man laugh out loudly, suddenly his figure rise up, he somersaulted in midair, he landed and sat down, both his hands gripping onto Xu Zhu’s wrist.

Xu Zhu was alarmed and said: “You….what you trying to do?” he felt two burning heat stream, its as if boiling water is rushing into his ‘Huizong acupoint’ at both his hands, he cannot help but shout loudly: “Ayo!” and he struggled furiously, but the two heat stream is like the Yangtze river and it
surge forth, he cannot resist at all, it flow from his arm to his chest, it gathered at his ‘Shanzhong acupoint’.

Xu Zhu is extremely terrified, he swing his hands, trying to fling off the person holding onto his wrist, when he swing, he felt his arm turn soft, he didn’t have the slightest bit of strength, he felt really anxious: “After getting hit by his demonic sorcery, i lost all my martial arts and now i don’t even have strength to wear clothes or eat a meal, from now on i am handicapped, what should i do?” his at a loss, he cry out loudly, suddenly he felt the heat gathered in his ‘Shanzhong acupoint’ all separated into 100 thin strand of heat and scatter to the rest of his acupoints throughout his body, he can’t even make a sound from his mouth, he pondered: “Not good, i am going to die!” but he felt his four limbs getting hotter and hotter, instantly he felt his head spin, his underbelly and skull is about to explode, after a while he cannot hold it anymore and fainted.

He felt his entire body become as light as a feather, it seems as if his soaring on cloud and riding on mist, his roaming freely in heaven, suddenly his body felt ice-cold, it seems as if his submerged in the deepest sea, his having fun with playing with fish, suddenly his in a temple studying, and then his practicing martial arts diligently, but no matter how hard he practice he can never master it. As he start to feel anxious, suddenly it rained heavily, the raindrops landed on his body, but the raindrops felt hot.

Gradually his head start to clear and he became sober, he open his eyes, his lying down on the floor, the old man had released his wrist and is sitting beside him, the old man is covered entirely with sweat and the sweat drip continuously onto his body, the old man’s cheek, head, neck, hairs, sweat seep out everywhere.

Xu Zhu sat up and said: “You…..” he only manage to say one word as he was startled, the old man seems to have changed completely into a different person, originally his face was spotlessly white and handsome, but now his face is covered with countless deep wrinkles that intersect with each other, his thick crop of hair had all fallen off, his black long beard turned white. Xu Zhu first thought was: “I fainted for how many years? 30 years? 50 years? How come this person aged over 10 years?” the man in front of him look extremely old, if his not 120 years old, his at least 100 years old.
The old man squinted, he smiled weakly at him and said: “Success! Good child, you have deep fortune, you far surpass my expectations, go on try it out, smack your palm at that wooden partition!”

Xu Zhu don’t understand the reason, he followed his orders and send out a palm, there is a ‘Ka La La” sound, half of the wooden partition collapsed, its even more powerful than bumping the wall 10 times using his full strength. Xu Zhu was scared stiff, he said: “What….what is the reason?”

The old man is smiling broadly, his really happy, he also said: “What….what is the reason?” Xu Zhu said: “How come….how come i am so powerful?” the old man smiled and said: “You have yet to practice the palm moves of our sect, at the moment, you can’t even utilize 10% of your internal energy. Your Master practiced diligently and painstakingly for 70 years, how can it be ordinary?”

Xu Zhu suddenly jump up, he knew something bad has happened, he shouted: “You….you…..what 70 years of diligent and painstaking practice?” the old man smiled and said: “You still don’t understand? You really haven’t realize it yet?”

Xu Zhu faintly knew what the old man is referring to, but this matter is simply too abrupt and inconceivable, its really hard to accept it, he said: “Old senior imparte a set of divine art….a set of divine art to junior monk correct?”

The old man smiled and said: “You still refuse to address me as Master?” Xu Zhu lowered his head and said: “Junior monk is Shaolin disciple, i cannot deceive my ancestor and join another sect.” the old man said: “You don’t have any trace of Shaolin martial arts in you anymore, you still claim you are Shaolin disciple? Your body contains 70 years of Carefree Sect’s divine skill, how can you not be the disciple of our sect?” Xu Zhu never heard of ‘Carefree Sect’ before, he said: “Carefree Sect?” the old man smiled and said: “Riding on heaven and earth, governing the 6 elements, roaming endlessly, that is carefree. Try jumping up and test it out!”

Xu Zhu felt really curious, he bend his knees and exerted force in his legs, he jump up lightly. Suddenly there is a crashing sound, he felt sharp pain on
top of his head, light shine into his eyes, half his body penetrated through the roof and his still rising up, he quickly stretch out his hands to grab the roof and landed back on the floor, he jump up and down a few time before stopping, this kind of lightness martial arts is simply unimaginable, at the moment his not happy at all, instead he felt really scared.

The old man said: “How was it?” Xu Zhu said: “I….i became a devil?” the old man said: “Sit down here quietly and listen to my explanation. There is not much time left, i can only talk about the most important stuff. Since you refuse to address me as Master and is unwilling to change sect, i won’t force you anymore. Little master, i beg you to help me on a big matter, you have to do something for me, can you promise me?”

Xu Zhu likes to help people, there are 6 Paramita in Buddhism, Dana is ranked 1st, when people meet with problems he should put in his best effort and help, he said: “Senior’s order, i will do my utmost to fulfil it.” when he said the words suddenly he remembers that the martial arts of this old man seems to be top ranking unorthodox evil skill, he quickly said: “But if senior orders junior monk to break the law and commit crimes, then i won’t comply.”

The old man laugh bitterly and ask: “What is break the law and commit crimes?” Xu Zhu stare blankly, he said: “Junior monk is a follower of Buddhism, harming others or inflict sufferings, i will never agree to do such stuff.” The old man said: “If there is someone in this world that specializes in harming people, breaking the law and committing crimes, killing countless people, i order you to go kill this person, will you agree?” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk will persuade him and give advice, ask him to turn over a new leaf and do good.” The old man said: “What if he persist in his wrong doings?” Xu Zhu straighten his body and said: “Subdue the demon and eliminate the evil. But junior monk’s ability is limited, i am afraid i can’t shoulder this heavy responsibility.”

The old man said: “Then you agree to it?” Xu Zhu nod his head and said: “I agree!” the old man’s expression is joyous, he said: “Very good, very good! I want you to kill someone, his a great evil, his my disciple Ding ChunQiu, currently his known as Old Freak of XingXiu.”
Xu Zhu gave a sigh, such a heavy burden, he personally witness how the Old Freak of XingXiu only need to say 1 sentence and killed 10 carriage drivers, his truly a great evil, even his martial grandfather XuanNan had all his internal energy dissolved by Ding ChunQiu’s sorcery, he said: “Getting rid of Old Freak of XingXiu is a great achievement, but junior monk’s martial art is superficial, how can i……” as he said this, his gaze interlocked with the old man, the old man’s expression is mocking, at once he remembered, the phrase ‘martial art is superficial’ seems incorrect, he immediately stop talking.

The old man said: “Currently, with your superficial martial arts, you are not beneath the Old Freak of XingXiu, but you don’t have someone to guide you, you can’t use this energy properly, to exterminate him completely its indeed still not enough, but don’t worry, old man already made arrangements.”

Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk heard from Benefactor Xue MuHua, XingXiu Sea Ding…..Benefactor Ding’s evil conduct, i only know senior was killed by him, but senior is still alive, then…..then its very good, very good.”

The old man sigh and said: “This rebellious disciple is in cahoots with my martial sister, they suddenly revolted, i was beaten into a deep ravine, old man was caught off guard and almost died by their hands. Luckily my martial sister was troubled by her conscience, she stop him from dealing the final blow, and my eldest disciple Su XingHe played deaf-mute, he tempted Ding ChunQiu with various secret skills of our sect, old man struggled at death’s door and survive for another 30 years. XingHe’s aptitude is pretty good, but its a pity he was led astray by me, he got distracted and learnt zither, chess, calligraphy, painting, etc, all these trivial stuff, its impossible for him to learn my upper-level martial arts. For the past 30 years, i long to find a smart disciple who can concentrate, i will then impart my lifetime of martial arts to him and send him to exterminate Ding ChunQiu. But opportunity is fleeting, those who are smart had bad character, its like raising a tiger and bringing future disaster, but those with good character had insufficient comprehension. I am nearing my natural life span, i cannot wait anymore, thus i publicly displayed the ‘Zhen Long’ which i created years ago to look for a handsome and talented person. I already reach the
limits of my lifespan, there is no time for me to teach martial arts, thus this last disciple of mine must be a handsome and smart youngster.”

Xu Zhu listen to him mention ‘handsome and smart’, he knew his not smart, as for ‘handsome’ its completely out of the question, he lowered his head and said: “There are quite a few handsome people in this world, there are 2 individual just outside, the first one is gentleman Murong, the other is gentleman Duan. Junior monk will invite them in to see you, how is it?”

The old man laugh and said: “I use my [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] and pour my 70 years of internal energy cultivation into your body, how can i accept another disciple?”

Xu Zhu was alarmed, he said: “Senior….senior you really pass on your lifetime of energy cultivation to junior monk? Then…..then….”

The old man said: “Currently, its really hard to say if this is a blessing or disaster. Superior martial art is not necessarily a good thing. In this world, there are people who don’t know any martial arts, they are carefree and without worries, they don’t compete and struggle, they have less worries because they have very little? In the past, if i learn zither and chess, learn literature and painting, but don’t learn any martial arts, then my life will be much happier.” As he finish speaking he gave another long sigh, he raised his head and look at the hole in the roof made by Xu Zhu, he seems to be thinking about past events, after a long time he finally said: “Good child, Ding ChunQiu only know i have long died by his hands, thus he act without restrain. I have a painting here, it shows my former residence where i live in ease and comfort, the place is at Dali Kingdom’s WuLiang Cave, go there and find the martial arts manuals which i have hidden, follow them and practice, your martial arts will be on par with Ding ChunQiu. But your aptitude is not very good, if you practice the martial arts of our sect i am afraid you will meet many obstruction and your progress will be sluggish, maybe you will meet numerous disasters and dangers as well. You should beg that woman staying in the cave and ask her to guide you. But if she sees your appearance, most likely she will refuse to teach you, you should request her help on my account……*cough*…….*cough*.” As he said this he kept coughing repeatedly, his gasping for breath, he took out a small scroll from his bosom and stuff it into Xu Zhu’s hands.
Xu Zhu felt really awkward, he said: “Junior monk have yet to complete my training, i receive my master’s order to deliver letters, i should go back to the temple and report, in the future i also have to act according to my master’s orders. If my master or abbot forbid, then i cannot follow the wishes of senior.”

The old man laugh bitterly and said: “If this is the will of heaven, allowing a evil person to run amuck, then there is nothing i can do, you……..” as he said ‘you’ 2 times, suddenly his entire body trembled, he slowly stoop down, his hands pushing against the ground, it seems his about to collapse.

Xu Zhu was shock, he quickly extend his hands and supported him, he said: “Old….old senior, what happen to you?” the old person said: “I already pass on my 70 years of energy cultivation to you, i reached the end of my natural life span, child, you still refuse to call me Master?” as he said this his already gasping for breath.

Xu Zhu saw the old man’s expression is pitiful and his gaze pleading, his heart soften and he blurted out ‘Master’.

The old man was jubilant, he forcefully took off a gem ring from his left finger and tried to put in to Xu Zhu’s finger, but he exhausted all his strength and can’t grip Xu Zhu’s wrist. Xu Zhu call out: “Master!” and he wore the ring on his finger.

The old man said: “Good…..good! You are my 3rd disciple, when you see Su XingHe, you… should call him senior martial brother. What is your surname?” Xu Zhu said: “I really don’t know.”

The old man said: “Its a pity your appearance is ugly, there might be some awkward or embarrassing moments, but you are the leader of Carefree Sect, by right the woman should not disobey your orders, very good, very good…..” his voice became softer and softer, when he said the 2nd ‘very good’ it seems as if his whispering, suddenly he laugh heartily, his body tilt forward, there is a crashing sound as his forehead hit the floor, he was motionless.
Xu Zhu quickly supported the old man, he check his breath, his already dead, he quickly press his hands together and chanted: “Namo Amituofo, Namo Amituofo, i beseech Amituofo, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, please guide this old man to his afterlife in Sukhavati.”

He met this old man for no more than 1 hour, there isn’t much relationship, but his body contains 70 years of the old man’s internal energy cultivation, he faintly felt this old man is his closest kin, it can also be said that a part of this old man became him, suddenly sorrow and grief overwhelm him and he burst into tears and sob loudly.

After crying for a while, he knelt on the floor and paid his respects to the remains of the old man, he pray in silence: “Old senior, i called you Master, that is fake, please don’t take it seriously. You are not aware of it but please don’t blame me.” He complete his prayer, he turn around and went out through the hole in the wooden partition, he leap lightly, he immediately flew past 2 wooden partition and arrive outside the house.

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