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The Vast Desert Chapter 17


Chapter 17 – Crafty Plots and Machinations

His voice cracking, Hu Tiehua said, “Why did she do that?”

Chu Liuxiang replied slowly, “Just because if we and the King of Qiuci formed an alliance, it would be very disadvantageous for her. She did that, precisely because she wanted us to have a falling out with the King of Qiuci. Also, she already accurately predicted that nobody would believe anything you said. If you get angry and leave, I am afraid it was because she wanted you to die in the desert.”

Wiping the cold sweats from his forehead, Hu Tiehua said, “Could it be that she is … she is …”

Chu Liuxiang continued word-by-word, “The person impersonating the bride, I am afraid is the Shi Guanyin.”

Hu Tiehua suddenly felt his entire body turning cold.

Chu Liuxiang said, “Reportedly Shi Guanyin is a rarely-seen beauty in Jianghu; although her age might be a bit older, she must know a method of maintaining her countenance. Besides, it was in the dark of the night, and you were extremely drunk.”

Hu Tiehua covered his face and cried out, “Laotian [God/Heavens]!” and fell face up.

By this time they already reached their tent, so when he fell, he was falling on the bed. Ji Bingyan was still sleeping on the bed with his head completely under cover; unexpectedly it was as if he did not feel anything at all.

Chu Liuxiang’s countenance changed slightly. He pulled Hu Tiehua out of bed, and signaled him with his mouth pointing at the bed. Two men’s eyes met, they both felt a chill creeping up in their heart.

Ji Bingyan has always been alert; even in his own home, there was no way that he would sleep so soundly like this. Perhaps he also met with some mishap …

Hu Tiehua roared and pounced toward the bed, he yanked the blanket up.

The person sleeping under the blanket was, unexpectedly, not Ji Bingyan at all, but a Qiuci warrior. He was still wearing the same uniform he wore last night when they were drinking the wedding toast, even the boots have not been taken off.

Hu Tiehua grabbed his hair and lifted him up out of the bed, “How did you get to sleep here?” he spoke sternly, “Speak up! Speak up!”

The warrior’s body was like without any bones; it simply hung limply.

Knitting his brows, Chu Liuxiang said, “This man’s sleeping acupoint has been sealed.”

He had not finished speaking, Hu Tiehua already moved like the wind, he patted the warrior’s acupoint, and was going to ask again, “How did you get to sleep here?”

Who would have thought that as soon as the warrior opened his eyes, he cried out in alarm, “How did I get here? What the hell is going on here?”

Hu Tiehua angrily said, “What the hell is going on here? I was just about to ask you.”

The warrior shook his head with all his might; apparently he still had a hangover and had not sobered up yet, so he still had a headache. Using his hand he desperately knocked himself seven, eight times, and then suddenly shouted, “I remember! Last night I drank too much. After I went pee, I was going to sleep; who would have thought that as I was walking pass this place, suddenly someone dragged me inside, and then I don’t know anything.”

“Who dragged you in?” Hu Tiehua asked.

The warrior replied, “That person moved very fast, I … even when I was clear-headed, I would not be able to see it.”

Hu Tiehua angrily said, “Let Laozi beat you hard a little bit, and then you will be able to see.”

He was going to give the man a backhand slap, Chu Liuxiang already pulled him back and said, “Just let him go!”

Hu Tiehua was totally unwilling to let go, yet as soon as he let go, the warrior immediately staggered along and ran away.

Stomping his feet, Hu Tiehua said, “This kid must also be a conspirator; I don’t know where they took Dead …”

He was going to say the nickname ‘Dead Rooster’, but when the word was on the tip of his tongue, he suddenly realized that at this very moment, the word ‘dead’ was really very ominous. Immediately changing his tone, he said, “Old Ji must have fallen into their hands as well, so they told this kid to come …”

Chu Liuxiang cut him off, “As soon as his acupoint was opened, this man was immediately awake. This kind of controlling-the-person-without-harming-his-mind sealing-acupoint technique is precisely Old Ji’s unique skill.”

“Are you saying that … that this kid was subdued by Old Ji?” Hu Tiehua asked.

“Precisely!” Chu Liuxiang replied.

Stamping his feet again, Hu Tiehua said, “Why did Dead Rooster play such trick? In time like this, could it be that he still has the mind to play a joke on us? Where did he go then?”

In a fit of rage, he unconsciously spoke the nickname ‘Dead Rooster’ again.

Chu Liuxiang sighed. Smiling wryly, he said, “You all think that Old Ji always keeps his composure. The fact is that this man is cold on the surface but hot in his heart, about the same as you and I. Last night I wanted him to set aside that most formidable opponent for me. When he heard it, although his mouth did not say anything, inwardly he must be refusing to accept. I dare say with eighty-percent confidence that he must be rushing over to find that person first to pit himself against him.”

“But how did he know where that person is?” Hu Tiehua asked.

Chu Liuxiang sighed. He said, “Situ Liuxing already mentioned the direction of their camp; how could Old Ji not able to find it?”

Hu Tiehua thought for a moment. Immediately he turned around and rushed outside.

But Chu Liuxiang pulled him back and asked, “What are you doing?”

Stomping his feet, Hu Tiehua said, “Old Ji may not necessarily be that kid’s match, naturally I must rush over to help him.”

Chu Liuxiang said, “Have you forgotten your promise a moment ago?”

Hu Tiehua was hopping mad with anxiety, “What should we do?” he said.

“You stay here,” Chu Liuxiang said, “I’ll go find him.”

Hu Tiehua said, “Now the three of us are scattered, if that ShiShi Guanyin …”

Chu Liuxiang chuckled and said, “One night being a wife, a hundred nights of kindness; how could she have the heart to harm you?”

Hu Tiehua’s face turned red as well, his neck thickened, he roared, “Dead Stinky Bug, if you make such joke again, don’t blame me if you and I are having a falling out.”

Chu Liuxiang smiled and said, “What I mean is just that Shi Guanyin did not hesitate to do that to drive a wedge between us and the King of Qiuci, it is obvious that for the time being she is still unwilling to show herself to meet us directly. Naturally she also knows that we are not easy to be pushed around.”

“Humph!” Hu Tiehua responded.

Chu Liuxiang patted his shoulder and said with a laugh, “You stay here, drink a couple of cups to cool your temper, I will be back shortly.”

No sooner had he walked out, than the giant Kun Mi walked in.

Opening his eyes wide, Hu Tiehua asked, “What are you doing here?”

Kun Mi folded his arms; he stared back at him, but did not say anything.

“Are you here to watch me?” Hu Tiehua asked.

“Humph!” Kun Mi replied.

Laughing heartily, Hu Tiehua said, “Laozi said I won’t leave, then I won’t leave. If Laozi wants to leave, with you, this blockhead watching me, you think you can stop Laozi?”

While his mouth was speaking, he suddenly sent out a punch.

Kun Mi stretched out his huge, quick palm to grab his fist; who would have thought that Hu Tiehua twisted his wrist, unexpectedly he lightly scratched under his ribs.

Although this giant had the body with steel muscle and iron bones, he was actually ticklish. As soon as Hu Tiehua scratched him, he broke into uncontrollable giggle, he laughed so hard that he doubled over.

Hu Tiehua leaned sideways and used his shoulder to bump him; Kun Mi’s more than two-hundred-jin body was knocked and was sent flying out. Clapping his hands, he roared, “Bring wine here, bring wine here! If you want Laozi to stay here, you must take care of Laozi with delicious food and hard liquor …”

Unexpectedly he was venting all the fire in his belly onto these people.

Although with his mouth Chu Liuxiang was chatting and laughing, his heart was actually extremely heavy.

Although this time he managed to peek into the Stone Guanyin’s plot, he was still unable to give definite proof to the King of Qiuci. Although he could figure out that the Stone Guanyin must be in the vicinity, he was still unable to guess where she was hiding. Not to mention that as soon as her plan failed, the Stone Guanyin must have already put her second plan in motion. The enemy was in the dark while he was in the open; it was always impossible to defend effectively.

Now Xiao Pan already died, Shi Tuo’s whereabouts was unknown, Hu Tiehua suffered false accusations without any way to clear his name, Ji Bingyan was also entering danger zone. All five men who entered the desert together have fallen into such situation, while about Li Hongxiu, Song Tian’er and Su Rongrong’s whereabouts, he still did not have the slightest clue.

In such situation, how could Chu Liuxiang’s heart not be heavy?

Much less now he had to safeguard these people; he also had no choice but to safeguard the King of Qiuci, father and daughter, he simply could not let these father and daughter to meet other people’s vicious attack.

But why did Princess Pipa suddenly look for him last night? By doing what she did, was she also involved in some conspiracy? Was she trying to hold Chu Liuxiang back, so that he could not take care of other things?

Chu Liuxiang sighed. He decided not to continue this train of thoughts; he must find Ji Bingyan first before thinking about other things. If the Black Monkey Sun Kong, Situ Liuxing, and the others did not exaggerate, then this moment, the one in the most dangerous situation ought to be Ji Bingyan. Speaking about the profoundness of his quick-witted, amazing scheme in meeting a contingency, although nobody could compete with Ji Bingyan, but speaking strictly about true martial art skill, Ji Bingyan might not necessarily be able to match Hu Tiehua’s.

However, the desert was vast, gazing for a thousand li, there was no human trace in sight. Looking for one person in this vast, boundless desert was really like fishing a needle from the sea.

Chu Liuxiang was paying full attention all the time, all the place; he did not dare to take the wrong direction. In such an empty, wide area, a hairsbreadth error in direction could result in a thousand-li error in destination.

Fortunately this moment the red sun was just rising, the power of the blazing sun was not as brutal, while the cold air of the night was still slowly dissipating. It was precisely the most comfortable time of the day.

Chu Liuxiang unleashed his amazing, the-pinnacle-of-the-world – qinggong, he ran several li in one breath, his feet did not slacken the least bit, his eyes did not let a single blade of grass, a single tree – to escape.

Suddenly he heard a crashing noise carried by the rolling wind. In his heart Chu Liuxiang was startled, but his eyes already saw clearly that it was just a large iron cooking pot.

However, in this uninhabited desert, where did the iron cooking pot come from?

He noticed that this iron cooking pot was blown by the wind, it rolled along the desert and was coming very fast. Chu Liuxiang swept about a zhang sideways, and used the tip of his foot to poke lightly, and caught the pot in his hand. After looking at it for half a day, he hurriedly flew in the direction from which the iron cooking pot was blown away.

This time his eyes were even more attentive. About half the time to eat a meal later, he saw ahead a pile of weather-beaten rocks, plus several cacti, which were rarely seen in the Central Plains.

Although Chu Liuxiang has never wandered around the desert before, after going through these past several days of experience, he knew that in the desert, this kind of place was ideal to set up camp.

Could it be possible that the Qiuci rebel ministers and assassins had set their camp and spent the night here? But looking at four directions, as far as his eyes could see, he did not see even the shadow of a tent.

After pondering deeply, Chu Liuxiang went down on all four like a hound and searched the area for half a day. Suddenly, with his fingers that were like iron claw, he started digging on the sand.

Although he was using his bare hands, but with his power passing through his palms and fingers, the ten fingers unexpectedly were not inferior to a spade or a hoe. Grabbing three times, seizing twice, he excavated some charred firewood.

This was clearly the location where the Qiuci rebel ministers setup their camp. They must have found out that their track had been discovered and thus they withdrew that very night.

Unexpectedly these men had been so careful; after removing their tent, unexpectedly they got rid of any traces. Chu Liuxiang thought it over, and knew that among these people, there must be an expert with profound scheming ability.

But has Ji Bingyan looked here as well? If he had, with multitude of enemies, few friends, has he also met with vicious attack?

In his heart, Chu Liuxiang was even more anxious. His eyes scanning around, he suddenly saw on the pile of weathered rocks, there were two clear footprints.

In the desert, any footprints left on the sand would be blown away by the wind in the blink of an eye. But these two footprints were left on the rock, imprinted into the rock nearly half a cun deep. Although after being subjected to the weather the stone was no longer dense and solid, yet without exerting one’s power onto the soles of one’s feet, one would not be able to leave such a deep footprint. From this, it could be seen that these two footprints were deliberately left here.

Chu Liuxiang mused quietly, “Could it be that Ji Bingyan intentionally leave these footprints here? He had come here, hiding on these rocks to spy on them, but unexpectedly the opposite side also had martial art masters among them and thus his track was discovered. Naturally the martial art master among the assassins immediately fought with him. At that time he suddenly realize his lone power was not enough, hence he left these two footprints on the rock, to let me know his whereabouts.”

Thinking to this point, he flew up onto the rocks. Immediately he found another set of two footprints. These two footprints did not go into the rock as deep as the previous two, the toes were pointing directly to the west.

Chu Liuxiang mused, “These two footprints must be left by Ji Bingyan just before he went away. By this moment he must have fought a desperate fight against that martial art master assassin, inevitably his heart was nervous, hence the footprints were comparatively shallower. Looking at the footprints pointing directly to the west, clearly their whereabouts must be in that direction.”

Thinking to this point, Chu Liuxiang immediately rushed straight to the west.

But after running for several dozen zhang, he halted his steps and thought, “That’s not right!”

Ji Bingyan’s character was as stubborn as a bull; he was even more bullheaded than Hu Tiehua. Since he already determined to stake everything he had to fight the assassin, he definitely would not want anybody else to disturb him. He even left that Qiuci warrior in his place, it was precisely because he did not want Chu Liuxiang to know his whereabouts. So how could he leave footprints at this moment to let Chu Liuxiang know where to find him?

Chu Liuxiang sighed. He turned around and ran back to the pile of rocks, and stood on the rocks where the footprints were, facing the west, quietly pondering it over.

“Ji Bingyan knew that sooner or later I would find this place, hence he left behind the footprints to let me know that he was here. But he did not want me to intervene his decisive battle; therefore, he intentionally wanted to confuse my direction. In that case, where did he and the martial art master assassin actually go?”

Naturally they could not possibly go to the south, because it was the direction from which Chu Liuxiang came. If they did not go to the west, then the possibilities were only to the east or to the north.

While Chu Liuxiang was hesitant and could not make up his mind, he suddenly remembered something: Ji Bingyan always disliked the glaring sunshine. Even in his home, oftentimes he slept until after noon before he was even willing to get out of bed, and then unless it was nearly dawn, he would not want to go to sleep either.

Therefore, in his subconscious mind, he could not possibly run to the east to meet the rising morning sun, which leave only the north. Although he was not a hundred-percent certain, but this moment, good or bad, he simply must try.

Chu Liuxiang immediately turned and rushed to the north.

These days, Chu Liuxiang already knew that on the desert, water was life. Therefore, among the stuff that he carried, he would never forget to bring a sheepskin bag of water.

This moment he drank several mouthfuls of water before running straight for about two li in one breath, only to see a few more cacti ahead of him, but all had been chopped off.

Chu Liuxiang halted his steps; he picked up half a piece of cactus from the ground, and looked at the cut where the cactus has been chopped off. He seemed to be examining it very carefully.

This moment, if there were someone by his side, that person would certainly feel strange, wondering what might be so special about this half piece of cactus; could it be that there was still any flower growing on it?

Chu Liuxiang looked at it for half a day, his pair of eyebrows was knitted even tighter, he was continuously muttering to himself, “What a fast sword! What a fast sword technique!”

Turned out he was able to see the relative superiority of the sword technique from the cut on the chopped off cactus. Ji Bingyan did not use sword; seeing his opponent’s sword technique was unexpectedly this sharp, naturally Chu Liuxiang could not help feeling even more anxious for him.

He searched around on the ground for half a day, and picked another half a piece of cactus. The cut on this half-piece of cactus was far less flat and smooth compared to the first half-piece; apparently it was cut using an extremely blunt instrument. And the weapon Ji Bingyan used was precisely a pair of judge’s pens.

Chu Liuxiang examined again for half a day. His brows gradually loosened up, he muttered to himself, “Having been entangled with such powerful opponent for half a day, his strength did not weaken the slightest bit. I did not expect that these past few years, his martial art skill has made such progress.”

He originally thought that over the last few years Ji Bingyan has lived in riches and luxury, surrounded by wine and beauty, although his skill might not diminish, his strength might no suffer any damage, but he might not make any progress either; only this moment did he feel somewhat relieved.

But in the middle of hard fighting, why did the two combatants cut these cacti for no reason at all?

It was because the cactus contained water. The two men fought for half a day, their lips dry their tongue parched, unexpectedly they paused in here to drink some water before continuing their battle.

From this, it could be seen that the direction Chu Liuxiang took was not wrong. He also drank a mouthful of water and caught his breath. It was not because he was tired of traveling, but because he already predicted accurately that after finding them, he might be involved in the hard battle as well; therefore, he wanted to preserve and nurture his spirit, and to restore his strength here.

After a moment’s walk, he saw ahead of him a towering sand dune, its height reached up to ten zhang.

In the desert, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields [idiom: transformations of the world]; the changes happened extremely fast, the flat ground of last night might turn into a sand dune like towering mountain peak the next morning.

Naturally these sand dunes were extremely unstable. Although an average person would be able to run up the hill, but if the sand dune collapsed, it would be hard to avoid his entire body buried alive under millions of catties of yellow sand.

Chu Liuxiang took a deep breath, he swept upward, light like flying cotton wadding, like dead leaves, light like a feather he stood on the summit, his eyes scanned all four directions. He saw that within several li in all directions, not only there were many sand dunes, big and small, there were also pile after pile of weather-beaten rocks, and bush after bush of thistles and thorns.

The desert was not ‘not even a blade of grass grows’ [idiom: barren] at all; some vegetation could grow without needing much water, it’s just that they never grow tall.

Suddenly he heard a ‘Qiang!’ followed by a streak of sword light, like a long rainbow across the sky, flashing behind a pile of rocks in the distance. The sword light was pressing; it was not something that any locals could do.

Like a mandarin duck he slid down the hill; like a swallow he flew away.

He did not dare to make any noise, only because when martial art masters were fighting each other, distraction was the biggest taboo. If Ji Bingyan heard his voice, as soon as his state of mind was somewhat slacking, he might meet the disaster of losing his life.

But when Chu Liuxiang swept behind the pile of rocks, he did not see even half a shadow over there; unexpectedly, the thistles and thorns had been cut off by the light of the sword.

More and more Chu Liuxiang felt that this person’s sword technique was very sharp; it was really astonishing. Unexpectedly, the ‘Black Monkey’ Sun Kong and Situ Liuxing’s description was not exaggeration.

Suddenly he heard another ‘Qiang!’ the sound of metal clashing against metal. Chu Liuxiang rushed toward the sound as if he was flying, yet unexpectedly nobody was there.

However, the rocks were toppled over, crushed to become like powder, scattered all over the ground.

These rocks must have been swept over by the judge’s pen in Ji Bingyan’s hand; definitely it was not crushed by the sword. From this, it could be seen that Ji Bingyan still have power enough to fight a desperate battle.

Chu Liuxiang heaved a deep sigh. So far, although he has not seen these two people fighting, the intensity of the battle could be easily imagined.

Unexpectedly the two combatants have been fighting from several li away to this place, they have been fighting from night all the way to the morning, and then from the morning up until now; such a fierce battle was indeed very rare.

Now, since the fight between the two still seemed to be a tie, Chu Liuxiang no longer need to be anxious, just because he knew that worrying would not be of any use. In this kind of terrain, trying to find them quickly was easier said than done. Not to mention that if Ji Bingyan knew that he was coming, he might be afraid that Chu Liuxiang would intervene, perhaps he would not intentionally reveal his whereabouts.

Therefore, Chu Liuxiang might as well restrain his qi, and listened quietly. Sure enough, half a day later, he heard another noise of metal clashing against each other; it was coming from the left.

This time Chu Liuxiang did not rush over directly, but he made a detour from the right side, with the hope of going around and ahead of them, so that he might be able to intercept them head-on.

But this time he was still pouncing on empty air; unexpectedly the two combatants were moving away to the other side. Smiling wryly, Chu Liuxiang shook his head. But suddenly his countenance changed greatly.

Ahead, on the yellow sand, unexpectedly there were a few drops of blood [orig. 碧血 – bluish green blood: the blood shed in a just cause]. If it were Hu Tiehua, when he saw these bloodstains, perhaps he would not be this anxious, because he might think that the blood came from the opponent’s body.

But Chu Liuxiang knew that Ji Bingyan’s judge pen was used only to seal the opponent’s acupoint; if he was hit, the opponent would fall to the ground and unable to get up, but he could not possibly bleed, plus he would not be able to continue fighting.

The more anxious he was, the more Chu Liuxiang did not dare to make any noise. This moment Ji Bingyan has been wounded, perhaps his injury was not light either; if he was distracted, wouldn’t he immediately fall under the opponent’s deadly blow?

Although Chu Liuxiang was completely without inhibition, but for the sake of his friends’ safety, he was cautions and timid; unexpectedly he was even worse than women [orig. furen (married woman/older woman), and nuzi (girl/woman in general); Gu Long was definitely not PC].

A few drops of blood could also be found on the pile of rocks. Chu Liuxiang leaped up, thinking that he was going to quietly wait for saber light and sword shadow to appear above the tip of the rocks.

Who would have thought that right this moment, on a pile of sand dune ahead, suddenly two people appeared? Both men had weapons in their hands, which they brandished in such a way that the wind and the rain would not penetrate, yet they did not generate the slightest bit of noise of weapons clashing against each other, as if the two had been fighting for half a day, hence they were already very clear of the opponent’s style, so that without having to wait until the style was launched, they already launched the strike and changed the style.

With a fight like this, naturally both sides were moving even faster, but it was also more dangerous. No matter which side made the move, if there was the slightest bit of deviation, the opponent’s weapon would immediately enter by exploiting a weak spot.

But although their moves were exquisite and brilliant, their form was in disarray.

Both men’s clothes have been beaten that everything was broken and in disorder; their body, their head, their hair and eyebrows, everything was covered in yellow sand. They appeared to be like a couple of living ghosts boring out of the yellow sand. Were it not for knowing what kind of weapon Ji Bingyan was using, Chu Liuxiang practically would not be able to tell which of these two was Ji Bingyan.

He saw Ji Bingyan’s left shoulder was bound tightly using the cloth from his sleeve, with traces of blood still seeping out from the inside; it seemed that he was really stabbed by the opponent’s sword.

However, the two were involved in tight fighting, how did he bind up his own wound? Could it be that after the opponent injured him with his sword, he waited for him to bandage his wound before continuing their fight?

These two had been fighting for half a day; could it be that a people-of-talent-appreciate-one-another [idiom] feeling grew in their heart, so that as one of them was wounded, the other did not seize this opportunity to attack?

However, looking at how the two were making their moves, all were staking-it-all moves; not move one carried the intention of letting the other side live, not one move showed any leniency.

The more Chu Liuxiang watched, the more he was confused. He noticed that for the time being, Ji Bingyan was still able to hold his ground; he knew that if he appeared and intervene, Ji Bingyan would be upset instead.

Yet looking at the other man’s swordsmanship, unexpectedly Chu Liuxiang felt that it looked very familiar. He saw the man moved his sword like the wind. The speed of his sword-play was difficult to describe, only the upper part of his body was absolutely still, every strike was sent out using the strength of his wrist.

Someone who used such sword technique, according to what Chu Liuxiang knew, in all the world, there was only one person, the ‘Zhongyuan Yidian Hong’ [lit. one red dot of the Central Plains – see Book 1].

But this man’s swordsmanship was slightly different from Yidian Hong.

Strictly speaking, this man’s swordsmanship was steadier and tighter compared to Yidian Hong, but without Yidian Hong’s one-sword-sealing-the-throat vicious and tough-as-nail style.

Inwardly Chu Liuxiang had some doubt; he was not sure what this person’s relationship with Yidian Hong was; it looked like even if he was not of the same school as Yidian Hong, he must be related somehow with him.

His pair of eyes was as cold as ice, as ferocious as a wolf, ash-colored like the snow covering the mountain peak, firm like the snow-capped mountain peak.

This pair of eyes, apart from ‘Zhongyuan Yidian Hong’, there was no other person.

Chu Liuxiang was pleasantly surprised; he could not help but was going to call out. But suddenly he saw Yidian Hong’s long sword stabbed into the opponent’s chest. Ji Bingyan’s pair of hands crossed each other, the judge pens formed a crucifix to meet the attack upward.

This was precisely the ‘crucifix sealing the gate’. It’s just that when others launched this ‘crucifix sealing the gate’ move, it was purely defensive; however, when Ji Bingyan launched it, there was an offensive move hidden within the defensive, the pair of judge pens cut into the opponent’s weapon like a pair of scissors.

It was a strike with both offensive and defensive moves; it was actually an amazing move.

However, as soon as Chu Liuxiang saw him launching this move, his entire body turned cold.

Turned out Yidian Hong precisely wanted to lure him to use this move, just because his sword technique was not the same as various schools and sects under the heavens; by using the wrist to control the sword, the changes in moves were a lot faster than other people’s.

Furthermore, Ji Bingyan’s defensive move contained an offensive, thus the defensive power was somewhat distributed. If he were dealing with someone else, by this point the opponent’s sword move would have reached its end, so that he would be able to scissor the opponent’s blade.

But due to the aforementioned unique sword technique Yidian Hong was using, by this moment he still had enough power left; if he fully used this spare power, his long sword would rise forward and push, before Ji Bingyan was able to cut his blade, the long sword would have pierced Ji Bingyan’s throat.

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