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The Thrush Chapter 30


Underwater Battle

Laughing coldly, Yin Ji said, “Spurring me into action by making negative remarks is useless. I want to kill you, it will be no more than the exertion of lifting my hand, but why bother to get my hands dirty?”

Chu Liuxiang said, “But if you don’t let me out, there is something you never know.”

Sure enough, Yin Ji could not help asking, “What thing?”

Chu Liuxiang spoke unhurriedly, “Since Xiong Niangzi is not in the wardrobe, then where is he? This secret, apart from me, I am afraid there is no one else in the world who can tell you.” Although the tone of his voice sounded very leisurely, the reality was that in the dark, he had cold sweat all over his body.

This was also his last chance. His only hope was that Yin Ji was just like other women, that she was also curious and would insist on him to tell this secret.

As long as Yin Ji was willing to let him out, he would at least have one in ten thousand hope; otherwise he would be trapped to death in this wardrobe and would never see the light of day again.

Who would have thought that Yin Ji not only did not ask, she did not even say anything.

Half a day later, Chu Liuxiang only heard the sound of a spring mechanism, Yin Ji seemed to be opening a secret door. And then he heard her speaking heavily, “Quickly take this wardrobe out and sink it at the bottom of the lake.”

It was indeed strange order. “Why would she want to sink her clothes wardrobe into the water?” But even though her disciples doubted in their hearts, their mouths did not dare to ask.

They only responded respectfully, “Yes.”

Yin Ji said again, “No matter what noise is coming from inside the wardrobe, you treat it like you do not hear anything, understand?”

Her disciple responded respectfully again, “Yes.”

Chu Liuxiang might as well did not say anything.

Because he knew that when the Water Matriarch gave the order, whatever he said would be useless. He could only hate it that his luck was simply too bad.

In this world, women who are not curious are really not many. Some men may not be able to find them even if they search for a lifetime. Yet this time, unexpectedly he met one.

The wardrobe has been lifted.

Before long, the water started to flow into the wardrobe.

Chu Liuxiang’s entire body was soaked in water again.

But this time, the water did not bring him a cool and comfortable feeling like before, because he already knew that before long, the water would dissolve his life and rot his bones and flesh. At that time, Chu Liuxiang’s entire body would completely fade away in the water.

He could not help sighing inwardly and said, “Shui Xiong, Shui Xiong [Brother Water], I have never let you down, but why are you letting me down?” Until now, he never knew what despair felt like.

But now, he finally knew.

The water pressure was getting heavier and heavier, Chu Liuxiang could not see anything, but he knew that the stone wardrobe was about to be carried to the middle of the lake.

But all of a sudden, the water pressure gradually lessened, and then, the water gradually leaked out of the stone wardrobe, unexpectedly he was being carried back to Shui Mu‘s bedroom.

Only to hear Shui Mu said, “Just put it here, get out.”

‘Bang!’ The stone wardrobe came into contact with the stone floor again. Chu Liuxiang’s body shook, but was immediately steadied. For the first time, he found out that turned out having his feet firmly planted on the ground was unexpectedly such a pleasant thing.

After the Shen Shui Gong disciple left, outside of the stone wardrobe was quiet again, he could only hear Shui Mu‘s breathing was getting faster and faster, obviously, her mood was getting excited.

Chu Liuxiang laughed, he spoke loudly, “I knew early on that you would change your mind. If I drowned, you will never know where Xiong Niangzi is.”

Yin Ji could not help asking, “Where is he?”

Chu Liuxiang spoke unhurriedly, “He may be dead, yet he may still be alive, he may be far away at the end of the earth, or he may be right in front of your eyes. If you want me to tell you, there is only one way.”

Yin Ji laughed grimly and said, “Could it be that you want me to let you go?”

Chu Liuxiang said, “Although I am not a businessman, I also know that business deal must be fair. Although this information is very precious, it still cannot alter Chu Liuxiang’s fate. I definitely am not going to ask for sky-high prices that you can’t pay on the spot.”

Yin Ji said, “Since you already know that, what are you thinking?”

Chu Liuxiang said, “I just want you to let me out and let me have a fair decisive battle against you.”

Yin Ji said, “Then you will surely die.”

Chu Liuxiang laughed aloud and said, “You think I’m very afraid of death? I just think that dying like this is too stupid and cowardly. I have lived a happy life, I also want to die grandly.”

Yin Ji did not speak for a long time.

Chu Liuxiang said, “But if you really don’t dare to fight with me, I will definitely not force you. If I were you, perhaps I would not let Chu Liuxiang out either.”

Yin Ji still did not speak, but the stone wardrobe made a ‘Clack!’ sound.

Only then did he hear Yin Ji coldly say, “The wardrobe is unlocked, you can come out, but you better remember that after you come out, not only will you die faster, your death will definitely be more tragic.”

Chu Liuxiang let out a long, long sigh and muttered, “Thank Heaven and thank the Earth, you are a woman after all, you are not without the slightest bit of curiosity. If a woman doesn’t even want to know the whereabouts of her lover, then I’m afraid the world will be in great chaos.”

Yin Ji spoke sternly, “Is he actually dead or alive? Where is he, exactly?”

Chu Liuxiang said, “Do you hope he is dead? Or do you hope he is still alive? You …” As he spoke, he pushed open the stone wardrobe door and came out.

When he spoke to this point, he was suddenly stunned, because he realized that the Yin Ji standing in front of him was unexpectedly not the Yin Ji he had seen anymore.

The Yin Ji just now was still the walking-alone-under-the-heavens Master of the Divine Water Palace, her every move was full of majesty and self-confidence, so that others did not dare not her.

But the Yin Ji now has become an ordinary woman, her pair of clear, bright and sharp eyes were brimming with chaotic desire, her dignified and unperturbed expression has also become anxious and emotional, her crisp clothes were also wrinkled, so much so that her pair of hands began to tremble.

Chu Liuxiang never imagined that a woman would change so much in such a short period of time. The considered-herself-unexcelled-in-the-world Master of the Divine Water Palace suddenly turned into an ordinary woman.

The change was so great that it was really hard to believe. Perhaps the pain and torture she endured during this period of time was also nothing that others could imagine.

Chu Liuxiang somewhat could not bear to see it instead, he heaved a deep sigh and said, “I never thought that you really love him so much. If he could have known earlier, everything might have been better, only it’s a pity that he will never know.”

Yin Ji clenched her hands tightly, she spoke hoarsely, “He … he will never …”

Chu Liuxiang sighed and said, “If he knew that there was someone in the world who loved him with all his heart, perhaps he would not die. However, if a man could obtain such a true love like yours, death is not a problem either.”

Yin Ji’s body shook, suddenly she laughed coldly and said, “Are you trying to disturb my mind so that I am unable to fight with you?”

Chu Liuxiang chuckled, he said, “That thought did cross my mind, but I never had the heart to lie to a broken-hearted woman.”

Yin Ji shouted sternly, “Did you kill him?”

Chu Liuxiang said, “Who exactly killed him? Could it be that until now you still cannot guess it yet?”

Yin Ji’s body shook again, it seemed that she could not even stand steadily. In this instant, she seemed to age so much again. She sadly talked to herself, “Silly child, why did you do this?”

Chu Liuxiang spoke word by word, “Why she did this, you should also know.”

Yin Ji’s hands were trembling, she was looking for a place to support herself. Other that ‘emotion’, what else in the world could give her such a huge blow?

Her bitter experience really deserved sympathy, but her ‘emotion’ was simply too beyond belief, Chu Liuxiang did not know whether she was pitiful? Was she hateful, or was she being ridiculous?

Chu Liuxiang sighed and said, “I did not want to disturb your mind, but right now you really are not in any shape to fight with anybody, I don’t want to take advantage of people in difficulties either.”

Yin Ji’s body suddenly straightened up like a spear, she spoke coldly, “Killing people does not need to wait until the mood is good, you might as well just make your move first!”

Chu Liuxiang said, “Can you really make your move now?”

Laughing coldly, Yin Ji said, “You don’t need to worry about me, you should worry about yourself first! Moreover, if you can block my ten moves, your learning martial arts all your life will not be in vain.”

Chu Liuxiang laughed and said, “The tone of your voice is indeed not small.”

As soon as the word ‘small’ came out of his mouth, he dashed towards Yin Ji like an arrow.

He knew that the only way he could surpass the other side was in this one character, ‘fast’.

Therefore, he tried to use the word ‘fast’ as much as possible, as long as he could seize the decisive opportunity in an instant, he might still have a hope of victory.

His move was really fast; fast like a gale, fast like a lightning.

Who would have thought that he had just about to make his move, Yin Ji’s palm waved, immediately a burst of strange force blocked his path. This force was like tidal wave starting to arise, surging unendingly.

Forget about Chu Liuxiang was practically unable to snatch the decisive opportunity, he was practically unable to get close to her.

He originally thought that ‘Shui Mu’ Yin Ji was like Shi Guanyin, they excelled at strange figure and style, so he thought that he might be able to rely on his ability to meet a contingency and quick wit to get ahead of the enemy.

That was what happened between he and Shi Guanyin the last time.

However, he did not know that ‘Shui Mu’ Yin Ji’s martial art skill was unexpectedly different from the martial arts of all schools, all sects in the world, her martial art skill was unexpectedly trained from ‘water’.

Her power was just like the ‘water’. Although it appeared to be gentle and tranquil, the fact was that there was no hope to destroy it, there was no object that could block it. A drop of water could bore through stone step, a flood could shift the shape of mountains, the cities could perish. Since ancient times, there has been nothing in the world that can withstand the power of water.

It was only now that Chu Liuxiang realized that the most terrifying thing in the world was water.

Ruthless water.

Shui Mu’s move was even more ruthless, her figure had not changed, that kind of like-tidal-wave surging palm force had already pressed on Chu Liuxiang that his qi could not flow freely.

He changed shenfa several times in a row, but as soon as Yin Ji waved her hand, his offensive was blocked, he practically was unable to pose the slightest bit of threat to Yin Ji.

Chu Liuxiang heaved a sigh, he said, “No wonder everyone in Jianghu is afraid of you, no matter who fights with you, there is really no hope of victory.”

While his mouth was speaking, he already changed seven, eight kinds of shenfa. Although fully aware that no matter what style he used would be useless, but his figure still had to change in a flash, incessantly, because as long as his figure stopped, he would immediately be crushed by that huge force.

Only to hear Shui Mu spoke coldly, “I already yielded to you forty-seven moves, do you think that’s enough?”

Chu Liuxiang laughed and said, “Enough, enough, go ahead and hit back!”

Shui Mu said, “How many moves can you block me?”

Chu Liuxiang said, “Can’t say for sure, perhaps not even one move, but perhaps I can block seven or eight hundred moves of yours.”

Shui Mu laughed coldly and said, “Based on your martial art skill, if you can block my seven or eight moves, I will let you go.”

Chu Liuxiang laughed and said, “You won’t regret it?”

Shui Mu scolded sternly and said, “Crazy man, take my move first and talk later.”

Amidst the scold, she already sent out a palm strike straight toward Chu Liuxiang’s face.

The most formidable part of this kind of palm power was that not only it made the opponent unable to parry, but also unable to retreat, just like someone who had thrown himself into a powerful current; he could only do everything he could to go against the flow, perhaps there would still be a sliver opportunity to live, merely thinking of withdrawing a little bit to take a breather, then he would definitely be swept away by the flood immediately, and died without a burial place.

Chu Liuxiang’s essence was aided by water, naturally he understood this principle very well.

Yet when Shui Mu sent out this palm strike, surprisingly he still stepped back.

He appeared to be disheartened and ready to give up resistance. There was no longer any courage to fight against the current to survive. Under this kind of circumstances, ‘death’ was the only release [Buddhism concept: freeing oneself of worldly worries].

His body was immediately shaken by Shui Mu‘s palm force that he flew out like a kite with cut string.

Shui Mu was also taken aback.

Someone who has reached her level of maturity in martial arts was like a master of chess. As long as the opponent makes a move [in game of chess], she could calculate seven or eight moves behind the opponent in advance.

As soon as Chu Liuxiang made his move, Yin Ji already knew the depth of his martial art skill like the back on her hand.

She calculated accurately that Chu Liuxiang would be able to resist at least seven moves of hers. Who would have guessed that with just one move, Chu Liuxiang was already shaken and flew away? She had already calculated the next move, but unexpectedly she was unable to use it. Not only this was totally beyond her expectation, she even felt somewhat disappointed; she really could not think how could her judgment be wrong?

However, although her mind was divided, her palm strength had not been exhausted. If it were someone else who had already fallen inside this kind of palm power of hers, it would be impossible to get away.

It’s just that Chu Liuxiang’s qinggong was so high that it was beyond her imagination.

She heard the ‘Splosh!’, Chu Liuxiang unexpectedly broke free from her palm power and fell into the pool water. His figure flipped like a swimming fish and disappeared.

Yin Ji let out a cold laugh, his body flashed, she also jumped into the water.

She only saw that Chu Liuxiang’s movement in water seemed to be faster than in the air, but Yin Ji was known as the ‘Water Matriarch’, and her water skill was exquisite, naturally it was not something that others would be able to reach.

What’s more, when swimming in the water, every part of the body must cooperate with each other. The two feet moving back and forth is especially important. Merely clothes and shoes would inevitably affect it, just like a sheath is added to the tail of the fish, then even the fish would not be able to swim fast.

Chu Liuxiang only felt that the pair of shoes on his feet seemed to weigh a thousand jun [unit of weight, 1 jun = 30 catties], and it was getting heavier and heavier, yet he did not lose his head in fear at all, because he knew early on that he could not escape.

He practically did not want to leave, he just wanted to fight Yin Ji underwater.

On land, he was definitely not Yin Ji’s match, but underwater, even if Yin Ji could still unleash her palm power, it was bound to be reduced.

In the world, only ‘water’ can destroy the power of ‘water’.

On the tranquil surface of the lake, suddenly turbulent waves arose, just like on a moderate wind, beautiful sun, suddenly a storm arose, the wind was whistling, and the sea was screaming.

It was as if during flood shortage since ancient times, two Jiaolong [legendary dragon with the ability to control rain and floods] appeared at the bottom of the lake, fighting to the death under the sea.

The Shen Shui Gong disciples all ran out in shock. This clear lake, which was originally the ‘Sacred/Divine Lake’ in their eyes, how could it turn into a ‘Demonic Lake’ now?

Moreover, they saw the water of the lake suddenly rose up like a wall, under the light of the rising sun, it looks like a dark green crystal wall, brilliant like a pillar of light, something that could not be produced locally.

In an instant, the crystal wall suddenly disappeared again, followed by a series of ripples and bubbles appearing on the surface of the water. As if like a meddlesome demonic spirit was raising a stove of demonic fire at the bottom of the lake, boiling the water of the entire lake, and then throwing master spirits of the heaven and the earth together for him to chew.

This scene was magnificent and fantastic, but it also carried some kind of indescribable demonic aura, so that those who saw it was not only dazzled and had their spirit snatched away, but also had their hair stand on its end.

Most of the Shen Shui Gong disciples have entered the palace since childhood. Growing up in this environment made each of them feel that they were aloof and remote, different from ordinary people, and that they should not have the ordinary feelings of those ordinary people.

Therefore, they never knew what ‘love’ is? They never knew what ‘hate’ is? They felt that ‘fear’, these two characters [kong ju], were even more ridiculous.

But now, there was some kind of inexplicable tremor rising in their hearts, as if they felt that some kind of irresistible [act of God, force majeure] disaster was about to befall them.

Some even felt that the world in which they existed would be destroyed.

Gong Nanyan also rushed out, there were glistening teardrops in her eyes, but after seeing the astonishing scene on the lake, her grief was instantly replaced by horror.

When everyone saw her, they gathered around her and scrambled to ask her question, “What’s going on? … What’s going on?”

Gong Nanyan was as shocked as they were, but seeing the terrified expression on their faces, she could only force herself to put on a calm façade and comforted them instead, “It’s all right, may be just the wind …”

“But there is no wind now!”

Someone pleaded with her, “Sijie [fourth (older) sister], go take a look, we’d better ask Shifu.”

Gong Nanyan hesitated, “Where is Sanjie [third (older) sister?”

Someone replied, “Sanjie and Jiumei [ninth (younger) sister] are still interrogating those three men.”

Gong Nanyan bit her lip, finally she made up her mind. She flew toward the lake, but when she flew to edge of the lake, she had not jumped in yet, suddenly a burst of wave rolled in.

She could not even stand, and was struck by the waves and staggered back.

Startled, she was in daze for half a day. Suddenly she turned around and rushed back to her own small [multi-story] building. Only from her residence she could go straight into the Water Palace bedroom from the outside.

The four girls in the Water Palace bedroom were so frightened that their lips trembled.

In here, although they could not see the strange changes inside the lake water, but the water slammed onto the mountain wall, and the entire bedroom seemed to have become a small boat trapped in the startling billows and swelling waves, producing burst after burst of alarming-the-heaven-and-moving-the-earth noise, terrifying people’s soul even more, making people felt that heaven and earth were about to rupture.

Gong Nanyan rushed in and spoke sternly, “Where’s Shifu?”

The girls shook their heads, the spoke in trembling voice, “Don’t know.”

Gong Nanyan spoke angrily, “You guys have been here all the time, how could you not know?”

The girl said, “She, the Senior wanted us to carry this wardrobe to the lake, but afterwards suddenly told us to carry it back, and then told us to get out. We came back in when we heard the noise, and she, the Senior has already gone.”

Gong Nanyan frowned, she pondered for half a day, and then asked, “Did someone else come here?”

The girl said, “No … no one.”

Actually, she was one of the two girls who was subdued by Chu Liuxiang by having her acupoint sealed, it was Yin Ji herself who unsealed her acupoint.

But at time like this, how could she dare to talk too much?

Gong Nanyan stomped her feet, she leaped and threw herself into the small pond.

The noise inside the underwater passage was even more astonishing, simply because it resonated on the two walls.

Gong Nanyan had not swum out of the passage, she already saw that the two persons like two Jiaolong [see above] thrown into the water for a fierce fight. The speed of two persons’ figures was absolutely not any word could describe.

The lake was several dozens of zhang wide, but the two persons seemed to have occupied the entire bottom of the lake. When Gong Nanyan first saw them, they were still on the right side of the lake.

But in the blink of an eye, they were on the left side of the lake.

Just because their figures were too fast, their shenfa did not seem to have any exquisite changes. The turbulence of the lake was not entirely due to the true qi they emitted during the changes in their style, but mostly because of the speed that their figures split through the water of the lake. The faster the speed, the greater the power.

If they were fighting on land, their might would not have been this astonishing, because when they struck the water, the water struck the water next to it, and thus one point of force was perpetuated ten times its original strength.

Precisely because the water was constantly moving that their figures were pushed to move even faster. Fighting under this kind of circumstances, not only one must use every bit of one’s own strength, but one must also exploit the power of the water. At times, the person was driven by the power of the water, practically their style was no longer under their own control.

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