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The Silver Hook Gambling House

The son of the Demonic Cult’s (魔教) leader is murdered and Lanhuzi, the owner of the Silver Hook Gambling House (銀鉤賭坊), frames Lu for it. 

Lanhuzi promises to help Lu clear his name on the condition that Lu helps him find his ex-wife, Li Xia, and the Rakshasa Tablet (羅剎牌), the cult’s sacred artifact. 

Lu recovers the tablet but finds it to be a fake one, and the real one is with Lanhuzi. In fact, Lanhuzi had used Lu to divert the cult’s attention so he can take control of the cult with the tablet.
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:Silver Hook Casino Alley, 銀鉤賭坊, Yín’gōu Dǔfāng
Related Series:Lu Xiaofeng series

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