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The Silver Hook Gambling House Chapter 11 (End)

Chapter 11 – A Bunch of Ugly Condemns

The light flickered, dazzling Lu Xiaofeng’s eyes. Strange and crafty style, each stance spelled death.

The room was not too wide to begin with, Lu Xiaofeng practically did not have any room to retreat.

In this world, there are people who had never suffered any defeat.

Lu Xiaofeng was that kind of person. Could it be that today he will suffer defeat in here?

With his hands behind his back, Gu Song was standing on the farthest corner, coldly watching the battle. Suddenly he asked, “Do you think he will be defeated?”

Ku Zhu mumbled intelligibly, then said, “What do you think?”

Gu Song: “I think he will be defeated. No doubt.”

Ku Zhu sighed and said, “I never thought there will come a day Lu Xiaofeng will be defeated.”

Gu Song: “I was not talking about Lu Xiaofeng.”

Ku Zhu was surprised, “No?”

Gu Song: “I said Fang Yufei will be defeated.”

Ku Zhu: “But right now he seems to be occupying the upper hand position.”

Gu Song: “Occupying the upper hand position early in the battle only wasting one’s strength; in the battle between masters, the key to victory or defeat lies in the very last strike.”

Ku Zhu: “But right now Lu Xiaofeng already seems unable to defend himself.”

Gu Song: “It’s not that he is unable, he is only unwilling.”

Ku Zhu: “Why?”

Gu Song: “He is waiting.”

Ku Zhu: “Waiting for the very last opportunity, to make the very last strike?”

Gu Song: “Too much talk leads to error; by occupying the upper hand position, by rushing to the offensive early, sooner or later one will make a wrong move.”

Ku Zhu: “And that’s when Lu Xiaofeng will get the opportunity to strike?”

Gu Song: “That’s right.”

Ku Zhu: “Even if there is such opportunity, it will surely like a white steed flits past a crack, an opportunity that will disappear in a flash.”

Gu Song: “Naturally.”

Ku Zhu: “And you think he will not miss it?”

Gu Song: “I believe that if he wanted to make a move, one strike is all he need.”

All this time Han Mei was quietly listening on the side, but his eyes seemed to have that kind of mocking or ridiculing laugh. Suddenly, with a cold laugh he said, “Too bad there’s always time when somebody will miscalculate.”

When he started talking, Fang Yufei had just managed to push Lu Xiaofeng toward the corner they were standing.

Nobody could describe the speed with which he drew his sword, nobody could see clearly his movement when he drew his sword, all they could see was the flashing of the sword!

The flashing of the sword as fast as the lightning went straight toward Lu Xiaofeng’s back.

It was definitely a fatal strike!

Lu Xiaofeng was hounded to death by the attack from the front, perhaps not even in his dream he would ever imagined that the fatal strike would come from behind instead.

How could he evade?

He could!

Just because he was Lu Xiaofeng.

There were sixty split seconds in one snap of the fingers; the crucial point to decide life and death is no more than one split second. In that split second he suddenly twisted his body, just as if his body suddenly shrank.

Like a flying arrow the sword by, once released, it could not be pulled back.

The sword’s ray penetrated his clothes, but did not penetrate his back. Instead, the sword’s ray went straight toward Fang Yufei who was directly in front of him.

Fang Yufei clapped his palms to clamp the blade of the sword.

He also did not have anywhere to evade the sword, it was merely a last minute desperate move to save his own life.

Too bad he forgot that his opponent was not Han Mei, but Lu Xiaofeng.

And Lu Xiaofeng was right by his side.

Almost in that same split second, Lu Xiaofeng had made his move.

Nobody could describe the speed of this strike, nobody could see clearly his movement, but they could see a bloody hole appeared in the middle of Fang Yufei’s chest.

They could see very clearly, because fresh blood was starting to flow out from his chest.

His body slowly turned icy-cold and stiff, yet he had not fallen down, because there was a sword sticking into his chest.

Han Mei’s sword.

It was truly a fatal strike, but it was not Lu Xiaofeng’s world-famous finger, rather, it was this sword.

When Lu Xiaofeng’s finger struck in between his eyebrows, his hands, which were clamping the blade of the sword, loosened; the sword, which still carried a residue of the thrusting force, pierced his chest.

Han Mei’s body also seemed to stiffen and turned icy-cold — there is always time when somebody will miscalculate, but this time it was he who miscalculated.

The outcome of this affair was truly beyond anybody’s expectation.

Lu Xiaofeng looked at the hole in between Fang Yufei’s eyebrows and slowly said, “I said I would give you one, and definitely I must deliver.”

Fang Yufei looked at him with an empty eyes; his hawk-like sharp gaze had already turned empty grey. The corners of his mouth suddenly twitched into a mocking smile as he struggled to say, “Originally, I have always envied you very much.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Oh?”

Fang Yufei: “Because you have four eyebrows.”

He gasped for breath, but struggled hard to continued, “But you cannot compete with me now, because I have two a$$h01les. I guarantee that you will never surpass me in this regard.”

Lu Xiaofeng did not open his mouth, in fact, he was unable to open his mouth.

Fang Yufei looked at him. Suddenly he laughed; he laughed hard as he drew back. The sword came out of his chest, blood splashed out.

His laughter stopped instantly.

When he stopped breathing, blood was still dripping from the sword in Han Mei’s hand.

Han Mei’s face was ashen.

It was as if the blood dripping from the tip of his sword was not only Fang Yufei’s, but also his own.

He did not dare to look up, he did not dare to face Ku Zhu and Gu Song; but they were staring at him.

Suddenly Gu Song sighed and said, “You were right, there’s always time when somebody will misread something; I have misread you.”

Ku Zhu also sighed and said, “How could you work hand in glove with this man? How could you do this kind of matter?”

Suddenly Han Mei shouted, “Because I don’t want to be bullied by you for the rest of my life!”

Ku Zhu: “But you are willing to be bullied by Fang Yufei?”

With a cold laugh Han Mei said, “If we succeeded, I would become the Cult Leader of the Luocha Cult. Fang Yufei would rule inside the Great Wall, I would control the outside. The Luocha Cult joins hand with the Black Tiger Hall, no doubt we would be unchallenged under the heavens.”

Ku Zhu: “Have you forgotten your age? We have lived in seclusion on Kunlun Mountains for twenty years, have you not whittled away the greed in your heart?”

Han Mei: “It is exactly because I am old, exactly because I have wasted several dozen years of tedious days, that while I am still alive, I wanted to do something earth-shattering.”

Gu Song coldly said, “It’s a pity that you did not succeed.”

With a cold laugh Han Mei replied, “I don’t care if I succeed or I fail. Either way, I will never be bullied by you.”

A dead man will never be bullied by anybody.

Night. The dark long lane, the dismal and frigid fog.

Lu Xiaofeng slowly stepped out into the dark. Gu Song and Ku Zhu slowly walked by his side. The sparse stars were sinking.

Their moods were sinking even lower — sometimes a success cannot take the place of a true happiness.

But at least success is a lot better than failure.

Beyond this long lane, the outside world was still covered in darkness.

Suddenly Gu Song asked, “Have you anticipated the sword from your back?”

Lu Xiaofeng nodded.

Gu Song: “So you figured out early on that he was in cahoots with Fang Yufei?”

Lu Xiaofeng nodded again, he said, “Because they have made a mistake.”

Gu Song: “Tell us.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “That day, Han Mei shouldn’t have forced me to fight Zhao Junwu; seemed to me he was simply trying to buy Fang Yufei some time.”

“Humph,” Gu Song snorted.

Lu Xiaofeng continued, “When one’s secret is exposed, when one is at the end of the line, one would not have the confidence Fang Yufei had just displayed, unless he had another way out.”

Gu Song: “That’s why you deliberately put yourself in dire situation first; that was also not a good thing.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Everybody needs to have self-confidence, but too much confidence in oneself is also not a good thing.”

Gu Song: “It was because he was so confident that you were going to die that you did not die.”

Lu Xiaofeng laughed, “Oftentimes, it was when one is closest to success that one would be most negligent.”

Gu Song: “Because he thought success was already knocking on his door, his guard was down and his arrogance rose up.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Therefore, the number of people who really achieved success is indeed not too many.”

Gu Song was silent for quite a long time before he suddenly asked, “There is one more thing that I do not understand.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Tell me.”

Gu Song: “You really have never seen the real Luocha Tablet?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I haven’t.”

Gu Song: “But with one glance you were able to tell whether it was genuine or fake?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because it was the Big Boss Zhu’s craftsmanship. Big Boss Zhu is my friend, I know his special characteristic.”

Gu Song: “What special characteristic?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “When he produces a replica, he always leaves a distinguishing mark, he intentionally wants people to find it.”

Gu Song: “What kind of distinguishing mark?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “For example, when he copied the Han Gan horse, oftentimes he would deliberately paint a little worm on the horse’s mane.”

Gu Song: “When he copied the Luocha Tablet, what distinguishing mark did he leave?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “The back of the Luocha Tablet is engraved with images of various deities and various demons, among which was a flower-scattering fairy [orig. ‘tian nu’ – female heavenly being, celestial woman].”

Gu Song: “That’s right.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “With just one glance I was able to recognize the face of that flower-scattering fairy.”

Gu Song: “How come?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because that was the Lady Boss’ face.”

Gu Song: “Lady Boss?”

Lu Xiaofeng smiled, “The Lady Boss is of course the Boss Zhu’s wife.”

Gu Song’s face looked ashen, with a cold voice he said, “Therefore, you must have also seen that the Luocha Tablet Fang Yuxiang took from the Blue Beard’s bosom is also a fake article.”

Lu Xiaofeng sighed and said, “Actually, I did not want to look, but I could not bear not to give it a glance; therefore …”

Gu Song: “Therefore what?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Therefore, very soon I will have a bad luck.”

Gu Song: “Bad luck? What bad luck?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Han Mei’s kind of bad luck.”

Gu Song’s countenance fell.

Lu Xiaofeng continued, “Han Mei did all that because he was unwilling to acquiesce to old age, unwilling to be lonely, but what about you?”

Gu Song closed his mouth, he was unwilling to answer.

Lu Xiaofeng said, “If the two of you are really that kind of hermits who are without care of the world and live a simple life, why would you join the Luocha Cult? If you do not harbor the desire to be the Luocha Cult’s Jiaozhu, why would you kill Yu Tianbao?”

Ku Zhu’s countenance also changed greatly, “What did you say?” he sternly asked.

Lu Xiaofeng matter-of-factly said, “I am simply stating a simple logic.”

Ku Zhu: “What logic?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “If you are truly loyal and devoted to the Luocha Cult, why didn’t you kill me to avenge the son of your Jiaozhu?”

He chuckled and then answered his own question, “Because you know that Yu Tianbao did not die in my hands. I have never even seen him. Who actually killed him, in your hearts you certainly know how things stand.”

Ku Zhu coldly said, “If you are a really smart person, you should not have said these things.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I said these things, only because I know a simpler logic.”

Ku Zhu: “What logic?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “It doesn’t matter whether I said these things or not, I will still fall into the bad luck.”

Ku Zhu: “Why?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because I have seen the Luocha Tablet, because in this world I am the only one who knows that Luocha Tablet is a fake. If you intent to use that Luocha Tablet to ascend the Jiaozhu‘s throne of the Luocha Cult, you have no choice but to kill me to close my mouth.”

He sighed, then added, “Right now there is nobody else around here; this is precisely the best opportunity for you to make your move. Song Zhu Shen Jian [Divine Sword of Pine and Bamboo; Gu Song and Ku Zhu’s name mean ‘lone pine’ and ‘dry bamboo’, respectively], combined double sword to form a wall, I am definitely not your match.”

Gu Song looked at him with cold eyes; suddenly he said, “You gave Fang Yufei a chance, I can also give you a chance.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “What chance?”

Gu Song: “I’ll let you run right now, as long as you can escape from us this time, definitely we will no longer look for you in the future.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I cannot escape.”

Although Gu Song and Ku Zhu seemed to be standing casually, the position they occupied was actually very ingenious; they were like a pair of pliers, ready to pinch Lu Xiaofeng in the middle.

Although right now the pliers had not clamped down, they were already like a fully-taut bows, ready to spring into action. Perhaps no one under the heavens would be able to escape from the clamping of these pliers.

Lu Xiaofeng was able to see this fact very clearly, yet his laughter was still very cheerful, “I know that I won’t be able to escape from you, but there is one thing that you do not know.”

Gu Song: “Oh?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Even if I am able to escape, I will not run away. Even if you cannot catch up with me, I will still not run away.”

Gu Song: “You want to die?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I don’t want it even more.”

Gu Song did not understand, Ku Zhu did not understand even more. The way Lu Xiaofeng dealt with his problem, less than several people in the world would understand.

Lu Xiaofeng: “In the last six years, I should have died at least sixty times, but until now I am still alive and well. Do you know why?”

Gu Song: “Tell us.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because I have friends. I have a lot of friends. Among those friends, fortunately there are one or two who know how to use sword.”

As the word ‘sword’ came out of his mouth, Gu Song suddenly felt an intense and cold sword aura on his back.

He turned around quickly, but did not see any sword. He only saw a man!

The intense and cold sword aura was actually coming from this man; this man’s body seemed to be even sharper than the sword.

It was foggy. The fog was gradually getting thicker.

This man was standing in the hazy fog, in the middle of the icy-cold thick fog, as if he was coming from a distant past to stand in there, or perhaps he had just appeared from nowhere into the thick fog.

Although this man was sharper than the sword, yet just like the fog, he also looked empty and blurred, faintly indiscernible like an imaginary shadow.

Gu Song and Ku Zhu could not see his face, but they could see this man was wearing white clothes, as white as snow.

Peerless sword of the present age. Although there was no sword in his hand, although the sword had not left its sheathe, only his presence carried a sword aura that was nearer and more threatening than a sword.

The pupil of Gu Song and Ku Zhu’s eyes shrank. “Ximen Chuixue!”

They had not seen this man’s face, in fact, they had never seen Ximen Chuixue before, yet in that instant they was already aware that this man must be Ximen Chuixue!

Unique and unmatched sword under the heavens.

Unique and unmatched under the heavens, Ximen Chuixue!

Ximen Chuixue had not moved, had not opened his mouth, had not pulled his sword, as a matter of fact, he did not even have any sword in him!

Lu Xiaofeng smiled again.

Gu Song could not bear not to ask, “When did you call him to come?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I didn’t call him, but fortunately among my friends, there are one or two who would call him for me.”

Gu Song: “Finally you find the right man.”

Ku Zhu coldly said, “It has always been our wish to see the ‘bright moon night, indigo sky, one sword breaking the flying immortal’ Ximen Chuixue.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “That’s why although I did not call him to come, you would also go to look for him.”

Ku Zhu laughed coldly.

Ximen Chuixue suddenly said, “You are wrong.”

Ku Zhu: “What’s wrong?”

Ximen Chuixue: “The swordsmanship of the Master of the White Cloud Castle was just like white cloud in the clear sky, faultless and pure. Nobody can break his ‘Immortal Flying to the Outer Heaven’.”

Ku Zhu: “You cannot either?”

Ximen Chuixue: “I cannot.”

Ku Zhu: “But you did.”

Ximen Chuixue: “The one who broke that ‘Immortal Flying to the Outer Heaven’ was not me.”

Ku Zhu: “If it was not you, who was it?”

Ximen Chuixue: “He himself.”

Ku Zhu did not understand, Gu Song also did not understand. The way Ximen Chuixue spoke, less than several people in the world would understand.

Ximen Chuixue: “Although his swordsmanship was pure, his heart was not.”

His eyes shone as he slowly continued, “The essence of the sword power lies in the ‘sincere heart and upright mind’; when one’s heart is filthy, how can he not be defeated?”

Ku Zhu suddenly felt a gust of sword aura rushed in. These words were sharper than the sword.

Wasn’t it because his own heart was not pure?

Ximen Chuixue said, “If the heart is not pure, the sword will definitely weak …”

Eventually, Ku Zhu could not bear not to interrupt him. “Where is your sword?” he asked in stern voice.

Ximen Chuixue: “I have it.”

Ku Zhu: “Where?”

Ximen Chuixue: “Everywhere!”

It was also a hard-to-understand word, but Ku Zhu understood it, Gu Song also understood it well — if his being and his sword had been dissolved into one entity, his body was the sword; as long his being existed, all objects under the heavens was his sword — it was precisely the highest and most profound realm of swordsmanship.

Lu Xiaofeng smiled and said, “It seems to me that after your duel with Ye Gucheng, your swordsmanship has advanced one more level.”

Ximen Chuixue was silent for a long time before finally he slowly said, “There is still one thing you do not understand.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Oh?”

Ximen Chuixue’s shining eyes suddenly became like the fog, empty, blurry, and melancholy, “With a sword I defeated the Master of the White Cloud Castle. All over the world, who is worthy to accompany me using that sword again?”

Ku Zhu coldly said, “I …”

Ximen Chuixue did not let him continue, he coldly said, “You are even not worthy, if you must depend on the collaboration of a pair of swords to defeat the enemy and achieve victory, this kind of swordsmanship is only fit to trim the flowers and cut the cloth.”

Suddenly there was a ringing noise, the sword had left its sheathe.

Ku Zhu’s sword!

The sword ray split the air, it flew ten zhang away.

Although the mighty power of this sword was incomparable to the ‘Immortal Flying to the Outer Heaven’, it stood out above the lone steep hill, just like the ten-thousand years old dry bamboo resisting the cold wind on the mountain peak.

Ximen Chuixue still had not moved, had not drawn his sword.

There was no sword in his hand, where was his sword?

Suddenly, there was another clear ringing sound, the sword ray dispersed, the shadows of the two men came together, but suddenly separated again.

The fog was getting thicker, getting colder.

The two men stood facing each other, the tip of Ku Zhu’s sword was dripping with blood …

His own sword, his own blood.

But the sword was no longer in his hand, this sword pierced his heart from the front, and went through his body to appear on his back.

He looked at Ximen Chuixue in shock, as if he did not believe this really happened.

Ximen Chuixue coldly said, “I believe you should know by now where my sword is?”

Ku Zhu wanted to speak, but he could only cough.

Ximen Chuixue coldly said, “My sword was in your hand, your sword is mine.”

Ku Zhu roared wildly and pulled the sword out.

As soon as the blade came out of his chest, blood spurted out like flying arrow.

Ximen Chuixue still had not moved.

The blood splashed in front of him, falling down like rain, the tip of the sword also went straight to him, and then drooped down to the ground.

When Ku Zhu fell down, he did not even give him a glance.

He was looking at Lu Xiaofeng.

Lu Xiaofeng could not refrain from heaving a sigh, but Gu Song actually was holding his breath.

Ximen Chuixue said, “You sent people to get me, and here I am!”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I know you would certainly come.”

Ximen Chuixue: “Because I owe you one.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because you are my friend.”

Ximen Chuixue: “Even though we are friends, this is the last time I am helping you.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “The last time?”

Ximen Chuixue coldly said, “I have paid my debt of gratitude, I do not owe you anything anymore, I also do not wish you to owe me anything, therefore …”

With a bitter smile Lu Xiaofeng continued, “Therefore, if next time you see me about to die under someone else’s hand, you will not do anything anymore.”

Ximen Chuixue only looked at him with his cold gaze; he did not deny at all.

And then suddenly he disappeared, disappeared into the wind, disappeared into the fog; just like the way he appeared, so mysterious and unexpected.

Gu Song did not move, he did not move for a very, very long time, as if he had suddenly turned into an ancient pine tree. [Reminder: ‘Song’ means pine tree.]

The cold fog filled the air, so dense that eventually Ku Zhu’s body, which lay about ten zhang away, was no longer visible, let alone Ximen Chuixue, whose shadow had disappeared for a long time.

Gu Song heaved a very deep sigh, he suddenly said, “That man is not human, he is definitely not a human.”

Although Lu Xiaofeng did not deny, he did not acknowledge either – if one’s swordsmanship has reached the divine level, won’t that mean the person has also reached divinity? His body is his sword, his sword is his god!

Lu Xiaofeng’s eyes suddenly showed an indescribable emotion, perhaps it was sympathy and sadness.

Unexpectedly Gu Song looked at him, with a cold voice he asked, “You have sympathy for him?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “My sympathy is not toward him.”

Gu Song: “It is not?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “He is married and they have a child, originally I thought he would change into a real human.”

Gu Song: “But he hasn’t changed.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “No, he hasn’t.”

Gu Song: “Sword is eternally unchanging, if he is the sword, how could he change?”

Lu Xiaofeng sighed dejectedly – sword is eternally unchanging, sword will always hurt people.

Gu Song: “If a woman becomes the wife of a sword, naturally her life will not be pleasant.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Naturally.”

Gu Song: “Therefore, your sympathy is toward his wife.”

Lu Xiaofeng could not refrain from sighing again.

Gu Song stared at him, then he slowly said, “There must be a lot of sad events in the past among you. It is very possible that his wife was yours. The past events are unbearable to recall, you …”

When the word ‘you’ came out of his mouth, his sword had already moved.

The sword flashed like a lightning, straight toward Lu Xiaofeng’s throat!

The throat is the most fatal point in a human’s body, and right now Lu Xiaofeng was at the most frail state of mind.

The unbearable-to-recall past events, why do they always make one become sorrowful and weak?

Gu Song had chosen the best chance to strike!

His sword was faster than Ku Zhu’s, the distance between Lu Xiaofeng and him was no more than an arm length.

This sword move was undoubtedly a fatal strike, he made his move with complete confidence.

Too bad he had forgotten one small detail – his opponent was not anybody else, but it was Lu Xiaofeng!

The sword stabbed, a cold ray flashed.

Right at this same split second, Lu Xiaofeng also made his move – he only extended his two fingers and pinched lightly!

No one can describe the speed and the magical characteristic of this pinch; the power displayed by this pinch was almost beyond the limit of human being’s potential.

The cold ray vanished, the sword also blocked, he suddenly found that the blade of the sword was clamped between Lu Xiaofeng’s two fingers.

Gu Song pulled the sword, he pulled again!

The sword would not budge!

Gu Song’s entire body trembled in fear. Suddenly he let his sword go and leaped high into the sky he jumped five zhang away.

The speed and power with which he ran away was also beyond anybody’s imagination, because he knew it was a matter of life and death to him.

The power a human being is capable of exerting in order to save his own life oftentimes is difficult for others to fathom.

Lu Xiaofeng did not pursue.

Because right this moment he suddenly felt a shadow appeared in the midst of the thick fog ahead.

A hazy shadow of a man, seemingly more blurry than the fog, seemingly more illusory than the fog, even more unfathomable than the fog.

Even if you saw him appear with your own eyes, you would feel it is difficult to believe that he really did appear from the earth. Even if you knew very well that he is not a ghost, you would also find it difficult to believe that he was a real human being.

Gu Song’s elegant posture as he soared like a dragon in the sky suddenly halted and he dropped straight down to the ground, as if in that split second his mighty power suddenly crumbled and completely vanished.

Because he also saw this man, the man who appeared human but not quite a human, who appeared ghost yet not quite one.

‘Bang!’ This man, whose qinggong was peerless among the Wulin masters, unexpectedly dropped down to the ground, just like a piece of rock, and no longer moving.

It appeared that not only his strength suddenly crumbled and vanished completely, but even his life had completely gone.

Could it be that this sudden collapse only because he had seen this man?

Could it be that this man’s body emit a power which will make others collapse and die? Could it be that he was the death?

The fog had not dispersed, the man had not walked away.

The man in the fog seemed to look at Lu Xiaofeng from the distant, Lu Xiaofeng was also looking at him, he could even see his eyes.

No one can describe that kind of eyes.

Obviously his eyes were located horizontally across his face, but his face seemed to be dissolved in the fog. Obviously his eyes were shining, but even this kind of shine seemed to blur into the fog and became indiscernible.

Although Lu Xiaofeng was looking at his eyes, he seemed to feel that probably he was just looking at the fog.

The man in the fog suddenly said, “Lu Xiaofeng?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “You know me?”

The man in the fog: “Not only I know you, I am also grateful to you.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Grateful?”

The man in the fog: “Grateful over two different matters.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Oh?”

The man in the fog: “Grateful because you helped me removing the scum in my own school and the enemy outside, also grateful because you are not my enemy.”

Lu Xiaofeng took a very deep breath and said, “You are …”

The man in the fog: “I am surnamed Yu [jade].”

Lu Xiaofeng slowly exhaled before saying, “Yu? Yu as in ‘precious jade’?”

The man in the fog: “Precious jade without a mind of its own, precious jade is undefeatable.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Undefeatable means did not die?”

The man in the fog: “The Jade of the Western Region, as everlasting as the Heaven and the Earth.”

Lu Xiaofeng exhaled again, “You are the Western Region’s Yu Luocha?”

The man in the fog: “I am.”

The fog was hazy grey, he was also hazy grey; standing in the midst of the fog, he looked similarly blurry, similarly vague as his surrounding.

Was he really a human being? Or was he a ghost?

Lu Xiaofeng suddenly laughed, he laughed while shaking his head, “Actually, I should’ve thought of it early on.”

The Western Region’s Yu Luocha asked, “Think of what?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I should’ve thought early on that your death was only a trick.”

Yu Luocha: “Why would I use such trick?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because you personally founded the Western Region’s Luocha Cult, of course you would hope that it will be as everlasting as the Heaven and the Earth.”

Yu Luocha admitted.

Lu Xiaofeng: “But the organization of Western Region’s Luocha Cult is simply too big, the elements inside are simply too complex. When you are still alive, nobody dare to challenge your authority, but when you are dead, would these people continue to show the same devotion and loyalty to your descendants?”

Yu Luocha said matter-of-factly, “Even the most pure gold unavoidably will not reach 100% purity, much less people.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “You must have known early on that among your people, there are some people who are not loyal to you. You will want your offspring to retain this share of your family estate, so you wanted to find these people first.”

Yu Luocha: “When you are about to cook rice, don’t you also pick the grains of [稗 – Echinochloa crusgalli] from among the grains of rice first?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “But you also knew that this is not going to be an easy task, some grains of barnyard millet are white; mixed among the grains of rice, they are very difficult to distinguish. Only when they have nothing to fear from you will they appear in their true colors.”

Yu Luocha: “Only when I died, otherwise, they would never dare!”

Lu Xiaofeng: “It’s a pity that desiring your death is really not easy; therefore, you resorted to this trick of feigning death.”

Yu Luocha: “This is one of the very ancient schemes, but it survives until today, is precisely because it is still effective.”

Lu Xiaofeng smiled and said, “Now it appears your scheme is a total success, you must be very happy, are you not?”

Although he was smiling, his voice seemed to carry a hint of unspeakable mocking tone.

Naturally Yu Luocha was able to catch this mocking tone, he asked back immediately, “Why must I not be happy?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Although you have saved enough water for your descendants to preserve the world, the family estate which will not be defeated for all ages, but what about your son?”

Suddenly Yu Luocha laughed. His laughter was just like his personality, gloomy and faintly indiscernible; his laughter seemed to also brimming with an unspeakable mocking tone.

Lu Xiaofeng did not understand why he was still able to laugh.

Yu Luocha was still laughing; he laughed when he said, “If you think the one who died under their hands was my real son, you underestimate me too much.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “So the one who died under their hands was not really Yu Tianbao?”

Yu Luocha: “It was Yu Tianbao all right, but Yu Tianbao was not my son.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “They have been with you for many years, could it be that they did not even know who your son is?”

Yu Luocha lightly said, “The day my son was born, he is not my son anymore.”

Lu Xiaofeng did not understand even more.

Yu Luocha: “I know it is hard for you to understand, because you are not the Cult Leader of the Western Region’s Luocha Cult.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “And if I were?”

Yu Luocha: “If you are, then you would know that when one reaches this kind of position, one would have absolutely no time to teach one’s own son, because the matters you have to attend is simply too much.”

His voice suddenly became somewhat melancholy, “The woman who gave birth to my son, she died of childbirth on the same day. If a child, who is to become the future Jiaozhu of the Western Region’s Luocha Cult, does not have his parents’ admonition for all his life, what kind of man do you think he would grow into?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Certainly a man like Yu Tianbao.”

Yu Luocha: “Naturally you do not want someone like that to inherit the organization you founded.”

Lu Xiaofeng shook his head again, and he sighed again.

Suddenly he realized that being the Cult Leader of the Western Region’s Luocha Cult was indeed not easy, raising his own child to become a responsible adult was truly not easy.

Yu Luocha continued, “Therefore, by the seventh day after he was born, I handed him over to my most trusted man to be raised. Also on that same day, I adopted other people’s child to be my own. Nobody knows this secret until today.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Why do you tell it to me now?”

Yu Luocha: “Because I trust you.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “But we are not friends at all.”

Yu Luocha: “Exactly because we are neither friends nor foes that I trust you.”

His eyes were gleaming with that kind of mocking laugh again, “If you were the Cult Leader of the Western Region’s Luocha Cult, you would understand my meaning.”

Lu Xiaofeng understood.

Sometimes, some friends are more terrifying than foes.

It’s just that although he had also experience that kind of bitter friendship, he had never lost confidence in his friends.

Because he was not the Cult Leader of Western Region’s Luocha Cult.

He did not want to be, he had also never wanted to be a Cult Leader of any Cult. Supposed some people come to him and bring him up in a sedan chair, he would definitely not go.

Lu Xiaofeng was Lu Xiaofeng.

Yu Luocha’s gaze seemed to penetrate the dense fog and see through his heart. He suddenly laughed again and said, “Although you are not the Western Region’s Luocha Cult Jiaozhu, I know that you understand me very well. Likewise, although I am not Lu Xiaofeng, I can understand you very well.”

Whether he wanted to or not, Lu Xiaofeng could not deny this fact.

Although he was still unable to see this man’s face clearly, but between them, without a doubt there was already an understanding and respect, which other people would find it hard to understand.

One kind of mutual respect.

He knew that Yu Luocha was very thorough in his thought and very profound in his vision, which he himself would never able to achieve.

Again, Yu Luocha seemed to touch his feeling, he continued slowly, “I am grateful you are not my enemy, because I have just discovered a very terrifying matter.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “What is it?”

Yu Luocha: “You are the most terrifying person I have ever met in all my life. The things that you can do, many of those I would never be able to achieve. Therefore, I come here this time, originally I wanted to kill you.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “But now?”

Yu Luocha: “But now I only want to ask you one thing.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Go ahead.”

Yu Luocha: “Right now we are neither friends nor foe, but what about later?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I hope it will always be like this.”

Yu Luocha: “You really hope so?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I do.”

Yu Luocha: “But maintaining this kind of relation is really not easy.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I know.”

Yu Luocha: “You won’t regret it?”

Lu Xiaofeng laughed and said, “I also wish you would understand one thing.”

Yu Luocha: “Tell me.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “In all my life, I have met a lot of terrifying people, but no one is more terrifying than you!”

Yu Luocha laughed. When he started to laugh, he was still standing in the midst of the fog, but by the time Lu Xiaofeng heard his laughter, he had already disappeared.

In this kind of hazy dense fog, meeting such a person as blurry as the fog, and then seeing that person faded away just like in a dream.

Lu Xiaofeng suddenly felt that even he himself seemed to be lost in the fog.

After all is said and done, did he achieve success in this matter? Or did he fail? Even he was not able to tell clearly …

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