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The Silver Hook Gambling House Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Flying Into Glamour and Good Fortune

Everybody knew Lu Xiaofeng was an adventurer.

Adventure can also be considered a disease, just like cancer. It’s not easy to cure, but wanting to catch the disease is equally not easy. Therefore, nobody has ever turned into an adventurer overnight. If someone suddenly turns into an adventurer, there must be a very unusual reason behind it.

It was said that when Lu Xiaofeng was around seventeen years of age, he went through a very painful experience, which led him to almost jump into the river. It was then that he turned into an adventurer.

An adventurer would never jump into a river, unless the water that day happened to be warm, and a very beautiful girl happened to take a bath in the river. He also happened to possess a very good water skill.

Adventurers would never mistreat themselves, because in this world, the only one who would take care of them is themselves.

Lu Xiaofeng had always taken good care of himself. If a carriage was available, he would never walk. If there was a three-tael a night inn to spend the night, he would never stay in a 2.9-tael inn.

The ‘heavenly’ character of the ‘Heavenly Good Fortune Inn’ refers to several of the best rooms, and the rent was precisely three taels a night. Those who had stayed in the ‘Heavenly Good Fortune Inn’ all agreed that the three taels a night rent was not price-gouging.

The beds were spacious and comfortable, with clean bed sheets and goose down pillows. Hot water was available for a hot bath anytime of the day.

Lu Xiaofeng was lying down on the bed. He had just taken a hot bath and had eaten a nice dinner, plus two catties of very good Bamboo-leaf Green wine.

Regardless of who was in this condition, only exhaustion would take over, and the only thing to do was shut his eyes and sleep.

Lu Xiaofeng had closed his eyes, but he just could not fall asleep. He simply had too many things in his mind right now.

There seemed to be a hole in this matter, but he could not figure it out.

Right now, as soon as he closed his eyes, he would see two women.

One woman was wearing light, apple-green, soft silk gown. Her entire beautiful face was completely without makeup, her expression was always icy cold, just like a piece of iceberg.

The other was like the sunshine in the spring time, or the spring water under the warm sun, gentle, tender, flattering, and arousing. Especially her eyes. When she looked at you, you would feel for an instant that your soul has left you.

Lu Xiaofeng’s soul had not left him yet; simply because she had not looked straight into Lu Xiaofeng’s eyes yet. But Lu Xiaofeng had actually looked straight at her. As a matter of fact, he saw her nearly all the time these past two days, because she had been closely following Lu Xiaofeng, as if there was an invisible thread pulling her behind him.

Lu Xiaofeng had been followed by other people, as well as he followed other people. It’s just that there were three groups of people following him. For Lu Xiaofeng, this was actually the first time in all his life.

Three groups of people did not mean three people.

That gentle-and-tender-like-the-spring-time-water girl was one of them, but she was the only one in her group.

The second group consisted of five people. Some were tall, some were short, some were old, and some were young. They all rode on big and tall horses, and they all wore sharp swords and long sabers. Each one of them looked at Lu Xiaofeng with glowering eyes, as if they were not afraid that he would know about their presence.

But Lu Xiaofeng pretended he did not see them. As a matter of fact, he really did not know these five people’s origin, and he did not know why they were following him.

The third group of people consisted of three men wearing square hats. They dressed like old Confucian scholars, and rode on a large carriage, complete with an attendant. They brought along tea set and wine pot, as if they were on vacation, enjoying the beauty of nature along the way. But Lu Xiaofeng was able to recognize them as soon as he saw them. No matter how they dress, he would always recognize them.

Because although they can change their appearance, they would never be able to change the cold and arrogant look on their faces, the expression that says they were without equal in the world.

These three old scholars, naturally were the present days’ Law Protector Elders of the Devil Cult of the Western Region, the Kunlun Mountains’ Great Brightness Mirror, Heavenly Dragon Mountain Cave’s Sui Han San You.

Lu Xiaofeng did not try to avoid them at all, they were also following him from some distance away, did not try to overtake him at all.

Because the Blue Beard had told them.

“If there is any one person in the world who can retrieve the Luocha Tablet back for you, that person must be Lu Xiaofeng.”

Lu Xiaofeng stopped by the Heavenly Good-fortune Inn to spend the night. He was wondering if those three groups of people also stayed at the Heavenly Good-fortune Inn?

What, actually, were they going to do to Lu Xiaofeng? Would they make their move tonight?

Lu Xiaofeng sighed silently. He was not the least bit afraid others would trouble him, but to simply wait helplessly for others to come and give him trouble was not a pleasant feeling at all.

While he was still sighing, someone suddenly knocked on his door.

They’re here! Finally they’re here!

Which group had come? And what did they want to do?

Lu Xiaofeng simply lay down on the bed; not only did he not move, he did not even ask. He only called out loudly: “Come in!”

The door was pushed open, and in came a servant carrying hot water kettle.

Although Lu Xiaofeng relaxed, he was actually very disappointed.

Not only he was not afraid others would come and give him trouble, sometimes he even wished others would come quickly to give him trouble.

Although the servant said that he came to add hot water to the teapot, his manner seemed to be a bit suspicious. While pouring water into the pot, he tried to strike a conversation, “The weather is very cold. It feels like it is already the twelfth month.”

Lu Xiaofeng just looked at him. He knew this kid would surely continue.

Sure enough, the servant said, “Such a cold weather, sleeping alone must be uncomfortable!”

Lu Xiaofeng laughed: “Are you saying that you are going to find a woman to accompany me sleep?”

The servant also laughed: “Don’t Mister Guest want to look for a woman?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Of course I want a woman, but I must know first: what kind of woman?”

The servant narrowed his eyes and laughed: “Other women, I dare not say anything. But this woman, I guarantee Mister Guest will be satisfied, because …”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because what?”

The servant laughed again, a vague laugh, a very mysterious laugh. He lowered his voice and said, “This woman is not local, she actually does not do this line of work. Besides, other than Mister Guest, she does not seem to be interested in other guests.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Could it be that she was to one who sent you here?”

Unexpectedly the servant nodded.

Lu Xiaofeng’s eyes shone; immediately that gentle-and-tender-like-the-spring-time-water girl appeared in his mind.

He had not guessed wrong.

The one the servant brought back was really her.

“This is Miss Ding, Ding Xiangyi. This gentleman is Young Master Lu. You two can get better acquainted.”

The servant laughed his mysterious laugh, then slipped out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Ding Xiangyi stood silently under the lantern with her head lowered. Her tender and elegant hands were playing with the corner of her garment.

She did not say anything. Lu Xiaofeng also did not say anything.

He was determined to see what kind of trick this woman was going to play in his presence. And he got his wish rather quickly.

The lantern light was bright. A beautiful woman was standing under the light.

She had not opened her mouth, but suddenly, using her two fingers she gently pulled the belt on her clothes.

Once the belt was loosened, the front lapels of her robe also loosened, and her breasts, as white as snow and as pure as jade, with her two small reddish nipples, suddenly appeared in front of Lu Xiaofeng.

Lu Xiaofeng was so startled that he jumped.

He had never thought that her clothes were fastened by only one belt; he was even more surprised that underneath the clothes, she did not wear anything, not even a piece of ribbon.

This kind of clothing was actually easier to take off than a baby’s diaper.

Therefore, that graceful, charming, yet shy respectable young lady of a moment ago now suddenly turned into an innocent newborn baby. Other than her own skin, nothing covered her body.

Lu Xiaofeng sighed: “Are you always this straightforward toward other people?”

Ding Xiangyi shook her head: “When playing hide-and-seek, I like to circle around.”

She smiled. With the pair of innocent and naive eyes she was looking straight at him. “But you called me here not to play hide-and-seek!”

Lu Xiaofeng could only admit: “No, I did not!”

Ding Xiangyi sweetly said, “I am not here to accompany you playing hide-and-seek either.”

With a bitter smile Lu Xiaofeng said, “I can see that.”

In a soft voice Ding Xiangyi said, “Since you already know what I am here for, and I also know what you want, then why do we still circle around as if we are playing hide-and-seek?”

Her smile became even more seductive, even more captivating. It’s just that the most captivating part of her body was not her smile, but the part which some men should not look, yet they always want to look anyway.

Lu Xiaofeng was a man.

He suddenly felt that his own heartbeat was getting faster, his breathing quickened, even his mouth felt dry.

Obviously Ding Xiangyi could also see these changes on his body, especially the other part which underwent an even more pronounced change.

“I can see that you are a grown man, and I’m also certain that you don’t like playing hide-and-seek anymore!”

She slowly walked near, and suddenly she slipped into his blanket, just like a fish slips into the water. Lithe, slippery, and natural.

But her body actually was unlike the fish.

Whether it was in the river, the stream or in the ocean, there have never been a fish whose body was like her. Sleek, soft, and warm.

Lu Xiaofeng sighed. “Damn it!” he cursed himself in his heart.

Each time he realized he was not able to resist some kind of temptation, he always cursed himself first.

Afterwards, he would be ready to accept the temptation.

He had just reached out with his hand when suddenly, ‘pop, pop, pop!’ three times; three metal awls, three flying daggers, three divine arrows, flew in from outside the window all at the same time, straight toward their bodies, hard and fast.

Ding Xiangyi’s face changed; she was about to scream.

But before any noise came out of her mouth, these nine secret projectiles, which flew in lightning fast, suddenly fell down without any reason. Each secret projectile broke into two pieces.

Because Ding Xiangyi was about to scream, her mouth stayed open. Suddenly she heard ‘Bang!’ Someone broke through the door brandishing a steel saber in his hand.

This man looked strong and was wearing tight clothing. Not only his expression was fierce, his movements were also extremely swift and fierce; obviously he was an expert in external martial arts.

Who would have thought that as soon as he barged in, he suddenly leaped high backward, as if there was an invisible hand grabbing his neck from behind.

There was another ‘Bang!’ as the window was struck open, another man brandishing a pair of sabers with a wild roar charging in from the outside. But with another roar he flew out through the window on the opposite side of the room. ‘Boom!’ he fell heavily on the flagstones outside the window.

Ding Xiangyi saw everything clearly, yet she did not have the slightest clue on what was actually happening.

Right this moment yet another man rushed in from the door straight toward the head of the bed. With the ghost-headed saber in his hand raised high, he stared at Lu Xiaofeng and in stern voice said, “I kill you, you …”

This sentence of his was only half spoken, the saber in his had also had not chopped down, but he crumpled down, his limbs shrunk, his face turned black, as if he was suddenly possessed by a ghost. His entire body curled into a ball and suddenly he rolled out of the door.

The room was full of daggers, swords, secret projectiles flying here and there; several tall and strong men rushing in and out, but Lu Xiaofeng seemed to be oblivious of it all. He was still lying on the bed, unmoving.

A gust of wind blew. The pushed open door suddenly closed automatically, the stricken window also closed on its own.

Lu Xiaofeng’s expression still remained unchanged, as if he had already known that even the sky was falling down on him, some people would certainly support it for him.

Ding Xiangyi looked at him in amazement. She slowly reached out to feel his forehead, and then also felt his chest.

Lu Xiaofeng laughed: “I haven’t been scared to death yet!”

Ding Xiangyi: “And you are not sick!”

Ding Xiangyi sighed and said, “Your ancestors must have done a lot of good deeds, that you can turn misfortune into blessing, calamity into safety, that anywhere you go, there will be deities and demons protecting you in secret!”

Lu Xiaofeng: “You are absolutely correct. Nine heavens ten earths, various deities numerous demons, are all protecting me in secret!”

Revealing his teeth, he grinned evilly. Although he had not looked into the mirror, he knew his face would certainly look very sinister, almost as sinister as those people of the Western Region’s Devil Cult.

But Ding Xiangyi only laughed. She winked and smiled: “Since there are deities and demons protecting you, I don’t have to be afraid, we can still …”

Her hand started to move underneath the blanket.

Lu Xiaofeng felt as if he was jolted by a lightning. He looked at her in shock: “After those kinds of things, you still have the interest?”

Ding Xiangyi smiled coyly; she replied his question with her actions.

Right this moment, suddenly the lantern went off, the room was covered in darkness.

In such a dark room, anything can happen.

Who can tell what was going to happen in that room?

Lu Xiaofeng’s sleep was very sweet. He had not enjoyed this kind of sweet sleep in such a long, long time.

He was not a sage.

And neither was she.

When he woke up, he could still smell the lingering fragrance on the pillow, but the person actually had disappeared.

Lu Xiaofeng stared at the ceiling with eyes open wide. He was lost in thought for half a day. “Could it be that she followed me all the way just because she wanted me …”

He forbade himself to continue his thought; he had sworn long ago that he would not think himself as a gift to the opposite sex, that he would not to be infatuated with himself.

The sunlight streamed in through the window pane. The weather was very good that day.

When the weather was good, he was always in an unusually happy mood. But as soon as he pushed the window open, he saw five not-so-happy things.

He saw five coffins.

Ten men, carrying five brand new coffins, had passed through the courtyard, and out the main gate.

The ones lying in the coffins must be those five men riding the big tall horses, the men who tailed him.

Who were they, actually? Why did they follow him? Why did they want his life?

Lu Xiaofeng was completely clueless.

He only knew that these five people must have died under those three ‘Old Scholars’ staying in the room on the other side of the yard.

He also knew that it was not him they were protecting, but the white jade they wanted him to retrieve.

“If there is any one person in the world who can retrieve the Luocha Tablet back for you, that person must be Lu Xiaofeng.”

The three ‘Old Scholars’ on the opposite side were staring coldly at him. Two were drinking tea, the other one was drinking wine. Their piercing gaze was sharper than the point of a needle, probably they were telling Lu Xiaofeng: “If you cannot retrieve that Luocha Tablet, we can always kill you just like that anytime!”

Lu Xiaofeng closed the window. Only then did he discover that the secret projectiles, which were struck to the ground the previous night, had disappeared. Only about eight, nine pieces of pebbles were left on the floor.

Ding Xiangyi actually reappeared.

With a steaming hot soup bowl in her hands, she walked in from outside. Seeing Lu Xiaofeng, an angelic sweet smile appeared on her face. With a gentle voice she said, “I know you must be awake by this time, so I went to the kitchen to prepare a bowl of chicken soup especially for you. Quickly drink it while it’s still hot.”

Lu Xiaofeng was completely speechless.

After staring at him for half a day, Ding Xiangyi laughed and said, “You look very shocked to see me here. Do you suppose I should be gone by now?”

Lu Xiaofeng did not deny at all.

Ding Xiangyi sat down, her smile was even sweeter. She looked at him with the corner of her eye: “But I still don’t want to go, what do you say?”

Her smile seemed very mysterious, it looked very strange.

Suddenly Lu Xiaofeng remembered; in some business, when you are done, you have to pay. Similarly, after what the woman did, she might be waiting for others to pay her.

She tailed him for two days, probably because she had seen it early on that he was such an open-handed man, so she was prepared to gouge his pocket.

“Luckily I did not think myself as a gift to the opposite sex, I was not infatuated with myself!”

Lu Xiaofeng smiled; he was very proud of himself for having such a mature judgment.

Someone who was very proud of himself would naturally be very open-handed toward others, much less Lu Xiaofeng was not a stingy person to begin with.

He seemed to remember that he still have four or five banknotes in his pocket; each seemed to worth a thousand taels of silver. But when he reached into his pocket, he realized that he only have two left. Yet he still pulled one out and waved it in front of Ding Xiangyi.

Ding Xiangyi looked at the banknote then she looked at him. “Is that for me?” she asked.

Lu Xiaofeng nodded.

Ding Xiangyi smiled. A very strange smile indeed.

“Does she think it is too little?”

Immediately Lu Xiaofeng pulled the last banknote from his pocket. It was his entire fortune. After he used it all up, how would he manage afterwards? Basically he did not even want to think about it.

Ding Xiangyi looked at the banknote again, then she looked at him. Suddenly she also pulled out from her bosom piles of banknotes, each also worth a thousand taels of silver. There were at least forty, fifty banknotes.

Lu Xiaofeng: “Is that for me?”

Ding Xiangyi: “All for you.”

Lu Xiaofeng was so surprised that his face looked like, while yawning, a piece of meatball suddenly fell from the sky and landed on his mouth.

In all his life he had gone through countless dangerous, secretive, and mysterious situations, but he had never been shocked like this time.

Ding Xiangyi suddenly asked: “Do you know what the term ‘eating easy rice’ means?”

Lu Xiaofeng shook his head.

Ding Xiangyi: “Do you know what the most ancient occupation in the world is?”

Lu Xiaofeng nodded his head.

Ding Xiangyi: “A woman who makes money this way usually is called a whore.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “And a man who makes money this way is called ‘eating easy rice’?”

Ding Xiangyi laughed: “I knew you are a smart man; you understand everything right off!”

Surprisingly, Lu Xiaofeng’s face blushed deep red. His expression looked like someone who was forced to stuff his mouth with a stinky duck egg.

Ding Xiangyi looked at him, then giggled and said, “Although I am not pretty, I have never lost money over a ‘little white face’ [attractive young man (derogatory) / pretty boy / gigolo]!”

Right now Lu Xiaofeng was not a ‘little white face’ at all, he was a ‘big red face’.

Ding Xiangyi continued, “Besides, although you might consider me a whore, I actually know that you are not that kind of person!”

Lu Xiaofeng let out a breath, he seemed to be very appreciative in his heart.

Ding Xiangyi said, “These fifty thousand taels are not mine to give to you!”

Lu Xiaofeng could not bear not to ask, “Then who gives it to me?”

Ding Xiangyi: “It’s my Biaojie [older female cousin].”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Who is your Biaojie?”

Ding Xiangyi: “My Biaojie is the Blue Beard’s wife, Fang Yufei’s meimei.”

Lu Xiaofeng croaked: “Fang Yuxiang?”

Ding Xiangyi smiled: “She is also called Xiangxiang.”

Lu Xiaofeng was dumbfounded.

Ding Xiangyi: “She knew you are always generous, she was afraid you won’t have enough money to spend along the way. She was also afraid you won’t be able to sleep at night, and so …”

She bit her lips and glanced at Lu Xiaofeng with the corner of her eye. “And so she wanted me to keep you accompany!”

Suddenly Lu Xiaofeng sneered: “She wanted you to watch over me, didn’t she?”

Ding Xiangyi sighed: “I knew you would misunderstand her. Although outwardly she seems to be as cold as ice, she is actually a very compassionate woman, especially toward you …”

Lu Xiaofeng: “How she feels ‘toward me’?”

Ding Xiangyi smiled again. An even more mysterious smile. “The two of you spent most part of the night together inside a dark carriage, how she feels toward you, don’t you know it in your heart? Why do you have to ask me?”

Lu Xiaofeng’s face was devoid of any emotion. He stopped his sneer, but somehow he felt that a bit of sweetness started to creep into his heart. Somehow it felt very good.

Such a sweet and good feeling was enough for a man to let his neck wrapped in a noose.

Thereupon when Lu Xiaofeng left the Heavenly Good-fortune Inn that day, he had fifty thousand taels more in his pocket, while the number of people tailing behind him was reduced by six. Five had entered the coffins, while one entered his bosom.

Although he did not intentionally have any part on these two matters, he also did not have any way to avoid those matters.

Just like most people in the world, if something was advantageous to him, he usually did not want to think too much about how to avoid it.

Have you ever been followed by nine people? If you have, you would certainly know how good it is to know that the number of those nine people has been reduced to only three.

Too bad Lu Xiaofeng was not able to maintain this good feeling for too long. Because on the next day, he discovered that the number of people tailing behind him had increased from three to ten.

In order to have a good night sleep, Lu Xiaofeng tried not to turn his head as much as he can, he tried to pretend that he did not see those people.

But Ding Xiangyi could not stop turning her head around; she was continually looking back from the small window on the rear of the carriage.

Finally she could not bear not to ask, “Are those people also following you?”

Lu Xiaofeng reluctantly nodded his head.

Ding Xiangyi: “Looks like they have been watching you since last night!”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Oh?”

Ding Xiangyi: “Do you know who they are?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I don’t know.” He really did not know.

Ding Xiangyi closed the small window. Suddenly she snuggled herself into Lu Xiaofeng’s bosom. Coincidentally, her warm body clung to his chest, but her hands were actually colder than ice.

“I am scared!” She hugged him even tighter.

“What are you afraid of?”

“Among those seven people behind us, there is one ‘lacking-half’ man. He looks so scary!”

“What do you mean ‘lacking-half’?”

Lacking-half means his left eye was blind, his left ear was gone, his left hand was replaced by an iron hook, his left leg was also replaced by a wooden leg.

Ding Xiangyi: “Actually, I am more afraid of the other half which are not lacking.”

His right eye, nose, and mouth are crooked, they were twisted, completely deformed.

Ding Xiangyi tightly grabbed Lu Xiaofeng’s hand: “This man looks like a rag doll which had fallen into the water and then somebody tore the left side of his body.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “A rag doll?”

Ding Xiangyi: “He doesn’t look old, his stature is also very small; he must have had a round baby face, but now …”

She had not finished speaking when she noticed Lu Xiaofeng’s eyes revealed a loathing look. Immediately she changed her course and asked, “Do you know who he is?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Mmm.”

Ding Xiangyi: “You know him?”

Lu Xiaofeng shook his head.

He seemed to be very unwilling to talk about this man, as much as he was unwilling to step his foot on a viper.

But Ding Xiangyi still had to ask, “But you must know what kind of man is he, don’t you?”

There are some women who, by nature, always want to get to the bottom of everything. If she wants to know something and you do not tell her, she might not stop pestering you for three days and three nights.

Lu Xiaofeng sighed: “He was originally called ‘Yin Yang Kid’. After meeting Sikong Zhaixing, his nickname was changed.”

Ding Xiangyi: “Changed to what?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Yin Kid!”

Ding Xiangyi laughed. She said with a wink, “He was originally called ‘Yin Yang Kid’, it must be because he was neither a male nor a female kind of ‘yin-yang’ person!”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Mmm.”

Ding Xiangyi: “But Sikong Zhaixing destroyed the male half of him. And thus he can only be called the ‘Yin Kid’.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Mmm.”

Ding Xiangyi: “Why didn’t Sikong Zhaixing simply kill him?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because Sikong Zhaixing very seldom kills people.”

Ding Xiangyi: “Or could it be that Sikong Zhaixing thought that his female half had not done too many bad deeds?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Mmm.”

Ding Xiangyi rolled her eyes. She said offhandedly, “I want to find a ‘yin yang’ person and take a look. I always wonder what difference do they have from other people?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I also have something I always wonder!”

Ding Xiangyi: “What is it?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Why you have never blushed?”

Ding Xiangyi’s face right now was very red, not because she was blushing, but because she had just taken a hot bath.

The rent of Lucky Inn rooms was also three taels a night, they also supplied hot water any time of the day, day or night.

With one hand holding her hair bun and the other hand holding a towel, she walked from the bathroom on the other side of the corridor into the room. Bumping the door close with her buttocks, she chuckled sweetly, “The room here is too expensive, business is not so good, there is nobody outside, you should come out and take a bath together with me!”

Lu Xiaofeng did not hear her. His full attention was on a sandalwood box.

This box was laid neatly on the square table in front of him. The top of the box was carved with delicate pattern, with its corners inlaid in gold. It looked just like jewelry boxes used by the rich to keep their valuables.

As Ding Xiangyi turned around, she immediately saw the box. “Where did it come from?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “It was delivered by the servant!”

Ding Xiangyi: “Who ordered him to deliver it?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I don’t know!”

Ding Xiangyi: “What’s inside the box?”

Lu Xiaofeng also did not know.

Ding Xiangyi walked over. “Why don’t you open it and take a look? Are you afraid a viper would jump out of the box?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I am afraid a woman will jump out of the box, a woman just like you!”

Ding Xiangyi glowered at him, then she laughed and said, “I wish a man would jump out of the box, better yet, a man just like you!”

She opened the box, and the smile froze on her face, exactly like one who was scared to death.

Inside the wooden box were more than a hundred white teeth, plus five black linen belts. Black linen belts which were soaked in blood.

A tooth for a tooth, blood debt must be paid by blood.

Only after her teeth chattered in fear was she able to croak, “Are these … are these human teeth?”

Lu Xiaofeng nodded. His face looked rather pale.

Ding Xiangyi: “What do these five black belts mean?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I don’t know.”

Ding Xiangyi sighed: “Looks like you don’t know anything.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I only know one thing.”

Ding Xiangyi: “What is it?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Men’s business, it is best if a woman does not meddle too much, also does not ask too much!”

Surprisingly, this time Ding Xiangyi really obeyed him; she sat down nicely on a chair and closed her mouth.

Unfortunately it was only because she was so frightened that her body turned weak. After regaining her strength a little bit, she opened her mouth again, “I seem to remember the seven people who were following you today also wore black belts!”

Lu Xiaofeng maintained a straight face, but inwardly he was impressed. She did have careful observation skills.

Perhaps women were born with the ability to pay more attention to details than men; especially women, like her, who like to get to the heart of the matter.

Ding Xiangyi: “Could it be that those seven people today are related to the five men who died that night?”

Lu Xiaofeng looked at her. Suddenly he said, “So you are determined to meddle in my business, aren’t you?”

Ding Xiangyi sweetly replied, “I am sure you know that at least we are not strangers anymore.”

Lu Xiaofeng: “In that case you won’t mind doing something for me?”

Ding Xiangyi: “What is it?”

Her face was already blushing with excitement, just like a little girl who had just heard a grown up was going to take her to the temple.

It was the very first time Lu Xiaofeng saw her blushing. Suddenly he discovered that when she was blushing, those pair of seductive, crafty and sly eyes turned into the naïve eyes of an innocent little girl.

He stared at her for half a day before realizing that it was now his turn to say something.

Now was the time for him to put up a façade of a heartless man, not looking at a young girl affectionately like this.

Thereupon he cleared his throat immediately and said in stern voice, “Deliver this box for me to the other side!”

Ding Xiangyi almost screamed, “What did you say?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I want you to deliver this box to the other side, because I am sure the real killer of these five men stay on that side!”

Ding Xiangyi looked at him in disbelief, her countenance paled again.

Lu Xiaofeng coldly said, “What makes you think you can meddle in others’ business if you won’t dare to do such a trivial thing like this?”

Ding Xiangyi gritted her teeth; she stomped her feet, ‘Bang!’ she closed the box, lift it up off the table and went out the door without turning her head again.

Lu Xiaofeng deliberately did not look at her. Suddenly he felt that his heart was a lot more harder than it used to be. To an adventurer like him, it was certainly a good thing.

Too bad that in his heart he still did not feel at ease.

Sending a young girl to deliver a wooden box containing dead men’s teeth to the three men whose hands had killed them was a cruel thing to do.

“But I have to let them know about this matter!” He consoled himself in his heart, “I must send her there. Remembering their own status, those three old freaks certainly won’t give a young girl any trouble!”

After his own heart had calmed down somewhat, he started to think about things he should have thought earlier.

What enmity did these people have against me? Why did they follow me this far and want to take my life?

Why did all of them wear black linen belts? What kind of organization did these people belong to?

Black linen cloth, black linen belt.

Lu Xiaofeng looked down, he wanted to see what color his own belt was, but what caught his attention first was his pair of white socks.

Instantly his mind remembered the ‘Red Shoes Sisterhood’ and ‘Green Shirt Pavilion’.

It’s just that in his mind right now, those frightening experiences seemed pale in comparison to the matter at hand.

Right now, the most frightening thing he was facing was these black belt people.

If someone like the Yin Kid also became their subordinate, their organization must be very secretive, strict, and frightening.

While Lu Xiaofeng was still pondering on what he knew, trying to discover the origin of this ‘Black Belt Society’, Ding Xiangyi was back, she was back empty-handed.

“Have you delivered the box?”

“What did they say?”

“They did not say anything,” Ding Xiangyi pouted, “Because actually they were not in, so I handed the box over to their attendant!”

“And the attendant also does not know where they are?”

Ding Xiangyi shook her head. Suddenly she sneered and said, “I don’t care where you sent the box, that ‘yin yang person’ would come to find you!”

Lu Xiaofeng replied, “He won’t come to find me!”

Ding Xiangyi: “Why?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because right now I am going to find him first!”

Ding Xiangyi was shocked. She was about to act like she was angry, but then her eyes showed concern as she asked, “Do you know how many people are in their group?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Seven.”

Ding Xiangyi: “Do you know that those seven people have fourteen hands?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “I can count as well!”

Ding Xiangyi: “But you have only one pair of hands!”

Lu Xiaofeng laughed before saying, “Does one tael of gold worth more? Or does one catty of iron worth more?”

Ding Xiangyi: “Of course the gold would worth more!”

Lu Xiaofeng said matter-of-factly, “Therefore, one pair of hands is sometimes more useful than fourteen hands!”

Ding Xiangyi looked as he was walking out. When he reached the door, she suddenly asked, “Are you confident that you are coming back?”

Lu Xiaofeng only laughed.

Ding Xiangyi: “How confident are you of coming back alive?”

Lu Xiaofeng could not bear not to turn his head and asked, “Why do you ask such a meticulous question?”

With a straight face Ding Xiangyi said coldly, “If even half a confidence you do not have, you’d better leave those banknotes in your pocket. If I am going to be a widow, at least I will be a rich widow!”

Lu Xiaofeng stared at her; he looked at her for half a day. Slowly he reached into his pocket, took the banknotes out and placed them on the table. Suddenly he laughed and said, “Don’t worry, you will never be a widow!”

Ding Xiangyi: “Why?”

Lu Xiaofeng: “Because I can guarantee you that no man in this world would dare to take you as his wife.”

Lu Xiaofeng had left. He left without even buttoning his collar, as if he was going out for a walk.

But why did he leave all those banknotes behind? Was it because he did not have full confidence that he was going to come back alive?

Just how frightening were people like that Yin Kid?

Ding Xiangyi stared at the banknotes on the table. Suddenly she sighed and muttered, “If you don’t come back, although I won’t be a widow, there will be someone who will be a widower.”

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