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The Return of the Condor Heroes Prolog



This novel by Louis Cha (Jin Yong) is about the forbidden love between Yang Guo and his master Xiao Long Nu. In the story readers will read about heroism, martial arts, morals, historical events and of course, love. This is the sequel to the novel Legend of the Condor Heroes (LoCH), also by Jin Yong.


Yang Guo (Edited by HHAung)
Main character of the story. An orphan of Yang Kang and Mu Nianci (both of LoCH) who was often bullied by others and depended on his own ingenuity and resourcefulness for survival. Guo Jing (below) and Huang Rong (below) found him and and took him to Peach Blossom Island. However, they later sent him to Quan Zhen Sect to learn martial arts. However, Yang Guo suffered from his instructor’s abuses at Quan Zhen that he ran away from the school after causing some trouble. He ended up at the Ancient Tomb and was taken in by Xiao Long Nu as her student. Later, master and student became aware of their deep love for each other and got married even though such a marriage is generally forbidden in the Martial World. After a series of misunderstanding and unfortunate events where both Yang Guo and Xia Long Nu suffered, the couple were separated. During that long separation, Yang Guo had became a great hero in the Central Plains by helping people everywhere he goes. He was finally reunited with Xiao Long Nu after 16 years. His martial arts included the Toad Stance, Quan Zhen skills, Ancient Tomb skills, the Dog-Beating Rod Techniques, Divine-Flicking Finger, Jade Flute Swordplay, Dugu Qiu Bai sword skills and finally his self-created Sad Palms.

Xiao Long Nu (Edited by HHAung)
Master and (later) wife of Yang Guo. The second of the two 3rd-generation members of the Ancient Tomb, she was gentle, simple, emotionless and extremely beautiful. Because she spent most of her life isolated inside a tomb, she is not aware of the social rules or the complexity of the outside world. She took in Yang Guo as her apprentice when her nurse died rescuing Yang Guo from Quan Zhen Sect. Xiao Long Nu and Yang Guo found out that they love each other deeply and got married after going through several tragedies and hardships. Because of her practice of emotionless martial arts, when the couple were finally reunited, she had lost none of her unsurpassed beauty. Her martial arts included Quan Zhen skills, Ancient Tomb skills and Zhou Bo Tong’s Dual Focus. There was hardly a match for her combined Quan Zhen-Ancient Tomb swordplay.

Guo Jing
Previously from LoCH, he was a hero who defended the Hans from the Mongols during the Mongolian invasion of the Central Plains. A simple and honest man, he was the diciple of the legendary Mongolian archer Zebie, the Jiangnan Seven Freaks (below) and North Beggar Hong Qi Gong(below). His wife is the beautiful and intelligent Huang Rong, also chief of the Beggars’ Clan. His archery skills were unrivaled and his martial arts included basic skills taught by the Jiangnan Seven Freaks, Quan Zhen internal skills, the powerful 18 Dragon Subduing Palms and 9 Yin Manual skills.

Huang Rong
An intelligent and beautiful woman who is the daughter of Huang Yao Shi (below), she succeeded Hong Qi Gong as the Leader of the Beggars’ Clan. She fell in love with Guo Jing at first sight and married him at the end of LoCH. The Guo couple have 3 children: Guo Fu (below), Guo Xiang (below) and Guo Polu. Her martial arts included Huang Yao Shi’s Jade Flute Swordplay and Descending Hero’s Palm as well as Hong Qi Gong’s Dog-Beating Rod Techniques.


Li Mo Chou
Also known as the Serpent Deity, she was the other of the two 3rd-Generation Ancient Tomb members. She left the tomb on her master’s orders and was later ditched by Lu Zhan Yuan. She became consumed by hatred and went on killing sprees. Many attempts by the Wulin community to stop her failed. She later got into a lot of trouble trying to obtain the Jade Heart Manual of the Ancient Tomb Sect and finally died a miserable death. Her martial arts included projectile-throwing and fly-whisk techniques from the Ancient Tomb. Her infamous Soul Freezing Needles were much-feared by many Wulin heroes.

Jin Lun Fa Wang (Golden Wheel Monk)
The First Imperial Protector of Mongolia, he was a monk who studied martial arts and Lamaism in Tibet. He was cunning and intelligent and was held in high regard by Mongke Khan and Prince Kublai. His many attempts to seize control of the Wulin community were thwarted by Yang Guo, however. He had two diciples, Hou Du and Daerba. His primary martial arts was the powerful Dragon/Elephant Movement Skill, which he mastered to the 10th level, which was an unprecedented achievement.

Gongsun Zhi / Qiu Qian Chi
Gongsun Zhi and Qiu Qian Chi were a couple who lived in the Passionless Valley. Their only child was Gongsun Luu E. Gongsun Zhi was a lecher who tried to force Xiao Long Nu to marry him. It was he who poisoned Yang Guo with the lethal Loveless Flower Poison. Qiu Qian Chi was crippled by Gongsun Zhi. She tried to force Yang Guo to marry Gongsun Luu E but failed.

Other Characters

The Five Greats
The Five Greats consist of the 5 best participants of the 1st Hua Shan Tournament organized by Wang Chong Yang. They were Northern Beggar Hong Qi Gong of the Beggars’ Sect, Southern King Yi Deng of Dali, Eastern Heretic Huang Yao Shi of Peach Blossom Island, Western Poison Ouyang Feng of White Camel Mountains and Central Divinity Wang Chong Yang of Quan Zhen Sect. They were competing for the 9 Yin Manual and Wang Chong Yang emerged victor after 7 days and 7 nights. At the end of Return of the Condor Heroes, the new 5 Greats were Northern Hero Guo Jing, Southern Monk Yi Deng, Eastern Heretic Huang Yao Shi, Western Crazy/Passionate Yang Guo and Central Old Man Zhou Bo Tong.

Guo Xiang
She was the second child of Guo Jing and Huang Rong and she was sweet, kind and intelligent. She enjoyed throwing witty remarks at her sister Guo Fu. She became a good friend of Yang Guo and later became a diciple of Jin Lun Fa Wang (3rd Ed.). After the end of Return of the Condor Heroes, she founded the E-mei Sect.

Guo Fu
The eldest child of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, she was rash, stubborn, spoilt and irritating. In her rashness, she hacked off Yang Guo’s arm and severely poisoned Xiao Long Nu. She even hated Yang Guo and was jealous of him. She only repented much later and finally stopped hating him. She married Yelu Qi and they have no known children.

Cheng Ying / Lu Wushuang / Gongsun Luu E
Cheng Ying and Lu Wushuang were cousins who liked Yang Guo. Unfortunately for them Yang Guo stayed faithful to Xiao Long Nu and became their sworn brother. They remained single for the rest of their lives. Gongsun Luu E was the daughter of the masters of Passionless Valley (Gongsun Zhi and Qiu Qian Zhang) and she was even more unfortunate than Cheng Ying and Lu Wushuang. She sacrificed the most for Yang Guo and finally died for him.

The Jiangnan Seven Freaks
They were a group of 7 people who came from Jiangnan who went by the name of Jiangnan 7 Freaks. Due to a bet with Qiu Chu Ji, they went to Mongolia to teach Guo Jing martial arts. Later 1 of them died fighting Mei Chao Feng while another 5 were killed by Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang, leaving only Ke Zhen-Ee alive.

Associated Organizations

Quan Zhen Sect
Founded by Wang Chong Yang after he lost a bet with Lin Chao Ying, he accepted 7 diciples who became known as the 7 Masters of Quan Zhen. The 7 masters consist of Ma Yu, Qiu Chu Ji, Wang Chu Yi, Tan Chu Duan, Liu Chu Xian, Hao Da Tong and Sun Bu’er. The school flourished for a period of time until the Mongolian army overran Mt. Zhong Nan where the sect was located. Other members included Yin Zhi Ping, Zhao Zhi Jing, Zhen Zibing (3rd Ed.) and Li Zhi Cang.

Ancient Tomb Sect
Founded by Lin Chao Ying, an old friend of Wang Chong Yang, the sect was also located on Mt. Zhong Nan in the tomb that Wang Chong Yang built. The sect only accepted female diciples until Xiao Long Nu broke the rule when Granny Sun requested her to take Yang Guo in. Other decendents probably include Lady Yang of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (HSDS), who is speculated to be either Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu’s granddaughter or grand diciple.

Beggars’ Clan
Consisted of almost a million beggars all over the Central Plains, it was once headed by Hong Qi Gong who was succeeded by Huang Rong and later Yelu Qi. The sect was righteous and ever-willing to help the needy. The sect had good diplomatic relations with Shaolin Temple. Another famous chief was Qiao/Xiao Feng of Tian Long Ba Bu. The sect later fell into disarray in HSDS because of double-agents planted by the Yuan government.



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