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The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens Chapter 14


Chapter 14 – Smooth negotiation

Honest Monk woke up, Lu Xiaofeng left, and Beef Soup was in the chest.

Now it was time to commence their operation, yet Sha Man still did not want to go.

She looked at Xiao Yu, her eyes were full of gratitude. She said gently, “You have been with them, brother and sister, since you were young?”

“Since I was seven,” Xiao Yu replied, “I am an orphan, if not for Old Master rescuing me, I would have drown in the ocean long ago.”

“Hence you have been very loyal to Gong family members?” Sha Man said.

Xiao Yu blinked; she said, “If Miss Man wants to chat with me, when we are on the lifeboat, we will definitely have a lot of time to talk.”

Sha Man did not seem to hear that; she continued, “What kind of man Ninth Young Master is, naturally you know very well, don’t you?”

Xiao Yu only nodded.

Sha Man said, “Right now Lu Xiaofeng is looking for him; this time there is a very good chance he won’t come back.”

Xiao Yu said, “But …”

Sha Man cut her off, “If he died, Gong Zhu [princess] will also die, none of us will be able to live. Therefore …” Suddenly she pulled Xiao Yu’s hand and said, “Therefore, there is something I must tell you.”

“Must Miss Man tell me that right now?” Xiao Yu asked.

Sha Man nodded. “It’s only three characters,” she said.

“Three characters?” Xiao Yu asked, “Which three characters?”

“Thank you [xie xie ni],” Sha Man said.

Xiao Yu looked at her, the rim of her eyes turned red.

Sha Man continued, “Right now we are in the face of danger, but if it wasn’t for you, we would not even have this chance. Therefore, if we can survive this time, I hope you can always be together with us.”

Xiao Yu lowered her head, her face blushed. Of course she understood Sha Man very well. Of course by ‘us’ Sha Man was talking about Lu Xiaofeng and she, two people.

In a tender voice Sha Man said, “I am a very jealous woman, but this time I am sincere.”

Finally Xiao Yu said quietly, “I turned sixteen this year.”

Sixteen-year old was the age where girls usually experience their first awakening of love.

Xiao Yu said, “Lu Xiaofeng is a very attractive man, I believe there are a lot of girls who like him.”

“And you?” Sha Man asked.

Xiao Yu blushed; her voice grew even softer, “Of course I cannot say that I don’t like him, but …” Suddenly she looked up and gazed directly on Sha Man’s face, “But I am doing all these not because of him.”

“It’s not?” Sha Man asked.

“Absolutely not,” Xiao Yu replied.

Her voice was sincere but very firm, anybody could hear that she was not lying.

“Could it be because of me?” Sha Man asked.

“It’s not,” Xiao Yu said. There was a strange look on her eyes. “I am doing it for me.”

Sha Man was caught by surprise. “But you did not need to take such a risk?” she said.

“I have my reason,” Xiao Yu said.

“Can you tell me?” Sha Man asked.

“Not now,” Xiao Yu said. She let out a forced laugh, and then slowly continued, “If Lu Xiaofeng can come back alive, I will definitely tell you. Even if you do not wish the listen, you simply have to.”

Midnight, the breeze was still, the waves were quiet. The ship was sailing, fast and steady. At this rate, the ship would land by nightfall the day after tomorrow.

There were two boatmen on the ship, those who were not on duty were asleep. If you go to the bottom deck, you would hear them snoring.

It doesn’t matter who, snores are never pleasant to the ears, especially if the one snoring was sleepig right next to you. Some people’s snores even make you wish that you were deaf.

But right now Lu Xiaofeng actually thought that their snore was very pleasant to his ears, because this kind of snore not only made him feel safe, it could also help him to stay awake.

Was Gong Jiu also asleep?

Of course not. Even if he were, he could not possibly slumber this deep.

He was an extraordinary man, a super human. His abilities, everything he had, was not anything other people would even dream of obtaining.

It was as if he was able to stay awake forever.

Soon he was about to face such man, how would Lu Xiaofeng feel?

He had heard too many legends about this individual, but meeting face to face was a completely different matter.

— Were those legends, which were approaching fairy tales, true?

In the cool night like this, a night as cool as water in jade container, what was he doing?

Was he sitting alone in meditation? Or was he enjoying his time alone?

The sailors on duty were working, every man was on his assigned station, nobody dared to wander even for half a step.

There was no guard on duty outside the main cabin.

With the Ninth Young Master here, who dared to recklessly step out of line?

It had given Lu Xiaofeng not a few convenience, it was very easy for him to find the main cabin. The cabin door was closed, outside the door there was no footprints at all. No one dared to disturb the Ninth Young Master’s tranquility, especially when the time showed that it was the middle of the night. Other than Gong Zhu, nobody was allowed to linger around the cabin or spying on him.

It was at this time that Lu Xiaofeng arrived.

He neither lingered nor spied on him, he just knew that the Ninth Young Master was inside the cabin!

He had not knocked on the door when he heard weird noises coming from inside.

It sounded like someone was moaning, was gasping for breath; it sounded like a dying animal struggling in pain.

Lu Xiaofeng stiffened. Was there someone else inside? Was the Ninth Young Master torturing him?

Aren’t there people in the world who love to abuse other people for their enjoyment?

From behind the door suddenly came a low groan, “Quickly come and save me, I can’t bear it anymore!”

Lu Xiaofeng could not bear it either, he has always hated madmen who love to abuse other people for their enjoyment. With all his might he broke the door and rushed in.

There was only one person in the cabin, a young man whose hair was in a mess, whose complexion pale, who was struggling and rolling around on the floor, half naked.

His body was pale and thin, full of bloodstain, which actually the result of he pricking himself with a needle. There was a needle in his hand.

The cabin was decorated in sophisticated, elegant and magnificent manners, the clothing items scattered on the floor were also of high-quality, the material and workmanship were top-notch.

This was, no doubt, Gong Jiu’s cabin.

Nobody tortured him, why did he torture himself?

Seeing Lu Xiaofeng came in, although he was shocked, intolerable pain and desire has made him completely losing mind.

He called again in low voice, “Whip … whip …”

There was indeed a whip hanging on the wooden frame of the headboard of the bed.

“Whip me … whip me hard …”

Lu Xiaofeng saw the whip, but he did not move, he only looked at him coldly.

The man was also looking at him, his eyes were begging for pity. “Have mercy … quickly get the whip!” he pleaded.

Lu Xiaofeng sat down. He sat as far away as possible from the man.

Now he started to think that most likely this man was Gong Jiu; he knew that there are people in the world who love to torture themselves.

Although self-inflicted pain is a kind of perversion, it is also a kind of sexual release.

Lu Xiaofeng could never understand this kind of people, yet seeing Gong Jiu, he had a sudden realization.

— The things he had achieved were simply too much, and he achieved it too easily. Therefore, the desire in his heart could only be truly satisfied by this self-inflicted pain.

Lu Xiaofeng looked at him coldly. “You are waiting for Gong Zhu, aren’t you?” he said, “She loves to whip people, I don’t.”

The pleading eyes of this man suddenly turned into hatred and enmity. Gasping for breath, he said, “So what do you like? Sha Man?”

Suddenly he roared in laughter, a laughter like that of a madman, “If you think that woman is a wise and virtuous woman, you are wrong. She is a wh0re.”

Lu Xiaofeng’s hand tightened into a fist.

The man laughed maniacally, “She is a hundred-percent wh0re, for a piece of fatty meat she is willing to go to bed with anybody. She already went to bed with a man when she was thirteen.”

Lu Xiaofeng suddenly rushed over and picked up the whip. Others insulted him, he might not be this angry; but when people insulted the one he loved, he absolutely could not stand it! No one can.

The man laughed aloud, “Are you angry?” he said, “Because you know that I am telling you the truth?”

Lu Xiaofeng gnashed his teeth. Suddenly the whip lashed down, lashing down on his pale and skinny chest.

The first lash came down, the second lash was not so difficult. The man’s eyes shone, but his mouth was still cursing constantly. The harder the whip, the brighter his eyes, and the filthier the curse from his mouth. It was a double-venting.

His body suddenly curled up, and stretched out, and then he just lay there, unmoving. His desire has been met.

Lu Xiaofeng staggered back and sat down. His clothes were wet. His anger has been vented.

He suddenly found himself to have some strange, almost evil, satisfaction in his heart.

This kind of feeling made him sick in the stomach, he nearly could not stop himself from vomiting.

He closed his eyes, and forced himself to calm down. When he opened his eyes again, the person on the floor had disappeared.

The cabin eerily quiet. If not for the whip in his hand, he would think that what happened just now was a nightmare.

Just then, a man walked out slowly from the inner room. His jet-black hair in a tidy bun, not a single strand was off. His snow-white outfit had no wrinkle at all. His handsome, almost like exquisitely carved statue, face was cold and arrogant; it also carried a determined expression. His gaze was as sharp as a blade.

Was this the same man? Who would believe it? But Lu Xiaofeng had no choice but to believe.

This was neither a miracle nor a nightmare. This was something real. Sometimes the truth was far more bizarre, more dreadful, and more disgusting than a nightmare.

The man’s blade-like eyes were staring at Lu Xiaofeng’s face. Suddenly he said, “I am Gong Jiu.”

“I know!” Lu Xiaofeng was indifferent.

At last he found out what kind of person Gong Jiu really was.

— He was not a deity, he was not a superhuman either, he was no more than a snail.

Because he was always hiding inside his superhuman shell, just like a snail. Only when there was no one else around did he come out for some fresh air!

Maybe because he was cooped up inside the shell for a long time that the desire in his heart must be vented.

He chose the most disgusting way of venting, only this kind of way would really satisfy his desire!

Now that he was satisfied, he was again hiding inside his cold, hard, and shiny shell. But Lu Xiaofeng was no longer afraid of him.

If a man can really have a good look at the other man, he will never again have to fear him.

“So you are Gong Jiu?” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“I am,” Gong Jiu replied.

“I am sure you never expected that I would come to find you,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“There are indeed too many people who are unafraid of death,” Gong Jiu coldly said, “You are not the only one.”

“But I am afraid of death,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“And so you must have regretted it,” Gong Jiu said.

“Regret?” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“You regret why didn’t you kill me just now,” Gong Jiu said.

Lu Xiaofeng sighed, “Just now I did have the opportunity to kill you, didn’t I?” he said.

“You did not,” Gong Jiu said.

Lu Xiaofeng laughed. He looked at the whip in his hand, and started to laugh again.

But there was not a hint of shame on Gong Jiu’s face, as if a moment ago the whip has never lashed on his body!

“I didn’t kill you,” Lu Xiaofeng said, “It’s my own mistake, I don’t need your gratitude. But you …”

He stopped; because suddenly Gong Jiu did a very strange thing. He suddenly shed off his own clothes, revealing his chest and back. His skin was just as smooth and white as jade.

Lu Xiaofeng stiffened again.

— Where did the whip marks and bloodstains on this man’s body go?

He did not understand! Although he had also heard a legend about mysterious martial art skill, which when trained to a certain level, the practitioner would have some fantastic regeneration power, they would be able to heal and close up any wound and scar in the twinkling of an eye. But he had always thought that it was just some kind of absurd legend.

Gong Jiu put on his clothes again; he looked at him calmly, “Do you understand it now?” he asked.

“Understand what?” Lu Xiaofeng asked.

“Just now you didn’t make any mistake,” Gong Jiu said, “Because practically you did not have any opportunity.”

“Therefore,” Lu Xiaofeng said, “You really don’t need to thank me.”

“Therefore,” Gong Jiu said, “Now you have to die.”

Lu Xiaofeng laughed again.

Gong Jiu continued, “Anybody who had done something they are not supposed to do will have to die.”

“Much less I have just seen something I am not supposed to see,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

Gong Jiu suddenly let out a soft sigh. “Too bad right now I can’t kill you,” he said.

“Because you have never killed anybody for free?” Lu Xiaofeng asked.

“For you, I can always make an exception,” Gong Jiu said.

“So why don’t you?” Lu Xiaofeng asked.

Gong Jiu stared at him for a long time. Suddenly he asked, “Where is she?”

It was a really weird question, he did not even explain which ‘she’ he was talking about.

But Lu Xiaofeng did not show the slightest bit of hesitation. “In the chest,” he replied.

“Do you know who am I talking about?” Gong Jiu asked.

“I do,” Lu Xiaofeng replied.

Yet he could not help asking, “You also knew that she has fallen into our hands?”

Gong Jiu said, “You are afraid of death, yet you came here. Naturally you did not come to deliver your life.”

The two of them stared at each other, there was some kind of strange expression in their eyes.

It does not matter what kind of expression, but there was, more-or-less, some respect in it!

Sometimes, this kind of respect between enemies can far surpass solemn respect between friends.

Another long time passed. Finally Gong Jiu said slowly, “You want to use her life in exchange of your two lives?”

“Not two lives,” Lu Xiaofeng said, “Four.”

Gong Jiu said, “The other two belong to Honest Monk and Xiao Yu?”

Lu Xiaofeng could not deny that this person indeed had some superhuman qualities.

Gong Jiu said, “And you want …”

Lu Xiaofeng said, “I only want one sichen [two hours].” He explained further, “I’ll take her go, your ship turned around, one sichen later, I’ll let her go.”

“You have seized both lifeboats from the ships?” Gong Jiu asked.

“I know Xiao Yu is not going to let me down,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“One sichen,” Gong Jiu said, “And then you’ll let her to be with me?”

Lu Xiaofeng said, “Four people do not need two lifeboats. One boat is exactly to for her.”

“You are very thorough,” Gong Jiu said.

“And I can also keep my words,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“Only those who don’t talk too much will be able to keep their words,” Gong Jiu said.

“Do you think I look like someone who talks too much?” Lu Xiaofeng asked.

No, you don’t!

“Can you forget what happened these past few days?” Gong Jiu asked.

“I cannot,” Lu Xiaofeng replied.

Nobody could forget these things!

“Can you keep a secret for us?” Gong Jiu asked.

Lu Xiaofeng laughed, he said, “Your business, even if I told it, who would believe?”

Gong Jiu stared at him, there was a hint of satisfaction in his eyes. “Looks like you never easily agree to promise anything to anybody,” he said.

“That’s correct!” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“Those who don’t make a promise easily won’t break their promise easily either,” Gong Jiu said.

“I always strive to fulfill my promise,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“In that case, I am sure that when she returns, she will be safe and sound,” Gong Jiu said.

“That’s a promise,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“I am also sure that by this time the lifeboats have been put down,” Gong Jiu said.

“Very likely,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

Gong Jiu slowly stood up and said, “In that case, as soon as you leave, you will see that this ship has turned around.”

He stood up, signaling that this meeting has ended.

Lu Xiaofeng also stood up. He looked at him, smiled, and said, “Doing business with you is indeed a pleasant thing.”

“Same here,” Gong Jiu replied flatly.

Lu Xiaofeng strode out, and pulled the cabin door open.

Looking at his back, Gong Jiu suddenly said, “I only hope that this is the last time.”

“The last time we see each other?” Lu Xiaofeng asked.

Gong Jiu slowly nodded. “Next time you see me, I believe it won’t be too enjoyable for both of us,” he said.

“I believe the same thing,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

Dark ocean, rising waves. The small boat was adrift on the waves, just like a single grain of rice in a pot of boiling water.

Lu Xiaofeng and Honest Monk sat side-by-side, rowing together; Xiao Yu held the rudder.

Gong Jiu’s ship had already turned around; they had been sailing in the dark for a long time.

Suddenly Honest Monk asked, “Did you really see Gong Jiu?”

“Uh huh,” Lu Xiaofeng replied.

“Actually, what kind of man is he?” Honest Monk asked.

Lu Xiaofeng was deep in thought. He had asked the same question to many people, and now suddenly someone was asking him the same question. He pondered over his reply, but the final result was, “I don’t know.”

The longer he mulled it over, the more he thought that those three words ‘I don’t know’ were the best answer.

Because essentially he did not understand the man.

“You have seen the man face to face, yet you still don’t know?” Honest Monk said.

Lu Xiaofeng sighed and said, “I only know one thing.”

“Which one?” Honest Monk asked.

With a bitter laugh Lu Xiaofeng replied, “I absolutely don’t want to see him again, and I absolutely do not wish to fight with him.”

From the aft, Xiao Yu suddenly sighed and said, “Unfortunately, there are things that although you do not wish to do, in the end you will have no choice but to do it.”

“Are you saying that I may see him again?” Lu Xiaofeng asked.

Xiao Yu was silent. She looked at the boundless dark ocean, unexpectedly she did not seem to hear the question.

— Did the little girl hide a secret in her heart?

The other small boat was tied with a rope behind the first boat. She suddenly let go of the rudder, and pulled the other small boat over. “The time must have arrived,” she said, “We ought to let her go.”

Sha Man silently opened the chest. Beef Soup, still naked, was still curling inside the chest; she did not even move.

Under the faint starlight, her naked body looked as smooth and as bright as the wave.

“You still don’t want to leave?” Sha Man asked.

“Why would I want to leave?” Beef Soup said, “This chest is warm and comfortable.”

“Don’t you want to see your Jiu Ge?” Sha Man said.

Beef Soup said, “If I don’t come back, sooner or later he’ll catch up with me. I’m in no hurry at all.”

Suddenly she stood up. In the dark of the night, her naked body seemed to be glowing. She happened to stand in front of Honest Monk.

Winking at him, she asked, “How long has it been since Monk saw a naked woman?”

Honest Monk hung his head low. “Seems like … seems like it has been several hundred years,” he stammered.

Beef Soup laughed and said, “Buddhists pay particular attention to color in the eye, but no color in the heart; why Monk does not dare to look at me?”

“Monk’s spiritual cultivation is still not enough,” Honest Monk replied.

Beef Soup said, “Could it be that there is a ghost in Monk’s heart?”

“There is a little,” Honest Monk replied.

Beef Soup giggled. Suddenly she plopped her naked butts on Honest Monk’s bosom; she said, “Sitting in Monk’s bosom is much more comfortable than lying in a chest.”

Continuous sweats appeared on Honest Monk’s head. Of course he knew that she was deliberately provoking him, so that this small boat could not move fast. If she did not come back, Gong Jiu would definitely turn around to pursue them.

Unfortunately, although Honest Monk understood the situation, he was totally helpless. Not only he did not dare to put out his hand to push her, he practically did not have the courage to move.

Beef Soup rolled her eyes. She suddenly asked, “How long has it been since Monk touched a woman?”

“I … I don’t know,” Honest Monk replied.

“You don’t know, or you don’t remember?” Beef Soup asked.

“I … I don’t remember,” Honest Monk replied.

Beef Soup laughed. “I am sure Monk don’t even remember what it feels like to touch a woman,” she said, “Let me remind you.”

She suddenly grabbed Honest Monk’s hand …

Honest Monk was so scared that it looked like he was about to scream. Fortunately, right this moment a hand suddenly reached out, grabbed Beef Soup’s wrist, and flung her away. Beef Soup’s body flew. ‘Splosh!’ she landed in the water.

Lu Xiaofeng clapped his hands and said, “Cut the mooring ropes. Whether she wants to get on it or not, it’s none of our business.”

Xiao Yu said, “But if she wants to drown herself, what do we do?”

“We can only watch,” Lu Xiaofeng replied.

Xiao Yu said sweetly, “Good plan, good idea.”

To deal with a woman like Beef Soup, it was indeed the best idea.

Beef Soup did not stop jumping around in the water; she bawled out at the top of her lungs, “Lu Xiaofeng, you b@stard! There will come a day I am going to chop you and cook you for a meal!”

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