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The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens

A large amount of gold belonging to a prince has been robbed during its delivery and the 109 escorts have gone missing. 

Lu is roaming the land freely when his help is much needed. He meets Yue Yang and Niuroutang, martial artists in disguise, and secretly follows them on board a ship. He is shipwrecked during a storm and cast onto a desolate island. 

While exploring his surroundings, Lu discovers that the island is home to a group of martial artists and the missing people are held captive there by Gong Jiu. He also meets a mysterious maiden, Sha Man, and falls in love with her. 

Lu escapes with Sha Man and Gong Jiu spreads rumours in the jianghu, framing Lu for the crime and forcing Lu into hiding.
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:鳳舞九天, Fèngwǔ Jǐutiān
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