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The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng Epilogue



The door leading to the stone steps had been opened, Zhu Ting opened it. If someone could create a door like that, then there would be someone who could open it.

There is a lot of things like that in the world. That’s why if you could really produce a shield that can’t be penetrated by any spears, then someone else would have made a spear that could penetrate your shield. There is no such things as “absolute” in this world.

Lu XiaoFeng sat on the steps, looking at Huo Xiu inside the cage. He suddenly got the feeling that the cage was quite a bit like a prison cell.

When someone does something wrong, the he must suffer the consequences. Lu XiaoFeng sighed. He felt quite satisfied with how this matter has ended. So how did this matter end?

The Boss was busy using a wooden triangle to measure the height of this cave. The Boss’s Wife was at his side, looking at him. She knew that he has gotten another briliant idea, but she did not ask. She knew that not a man in the world who likes to be interrupted by a talkative woman while he is thinking.

“Is that man going to leave?” But Zhu Ting suddenly asked her.


“And you are not going to see him on his way?”

“If you are going to, then I’ll be going to as well.”

“He doesn’t seem to want me to send him off.” Zhu Ting coldly observed.

“And you don’t want to go send him off either do you?”

Zhu Ting admitted it.

“But if he would ever need your help, just randomly send a person here with a message and you would immediately go to help.”

“That’s only because I know if I ever needed his help, he would come too.”

“But even then there would be no greetings, no talking to each other.”

“Coming or not is one matter, speaking or not is a completely different matter altogether.”

“There probably isn’t another pair of friends like you two in this entire world.” She sighed.

Zhu Ting put down the wooden triagle in his hand and stared at her.

“I have decided to stay here.”

“I know.”

“Can you stand to stay at a place like this?”

“As long as you can, I can.”

“I won’t fault you if you don’t want to stay here.”

“You want to chase me away so that little devil can keep you company?” The Boss’s Wife stared at him viciously.

“Since when did you become capable of jealousy?” Zhu Ting joked.

“Just now.”

“Just now?”

“Just now, what did that little devil say to you?”

“A secret, of course.” Zhu Ting smiled.

“What secret?” The Boss’s Wife was staring at him viciously again.

“I’ll tell you later, but now….” Zhu Ting casually answered. “Now you can go and say goodbye to him.”

“I’m not going to.”

“Why not?”

The Boss’s Wife bit her lip. “From this day forth, I’ll never ever take my eyes off of you, no matter what. Because….”

“Because of what?”

The Boss’s Wife looked at him, those beautiful eyes of hers were full of love.

“Because only now do I realize how great a man you are, I’m afraid that others might steal you away.” She said tenderly.

Lu XiaoFeng was observing them from afar, and suddenly sighed.

“Looks like their troubles are behind them.”

“What kind of trouble were they in?” Hua ManLou asked.

“For the last couple of yaers, the Boss’s Wife seemed to have been a little disappointed at the Boss, I was worried that they might become an estranged couple.”

“Did the Boss’s Wife feel that the Boss was a bit too lazy?”

“But by now she should know what an incredible genius her husband is.” Lu XiaoFeng smiled.

“If it wasn’t for him, we probably would have all died in here.” Hua ManLou agreed.

Every woman wishes that she could be proud of her husband.

Lu XiaoFeng sighed again.

“I’m not afraid of much, but it looks like starvation really is quite something else.”

He was looking inside the cage at Huo Xiu. But Huo Xiu’s eyes were bulging out as he looked at ShangGuan Xue-Er just outside of the cage.

Xue-Er had in her hand a sausage and two biscuits, talking to Huo Xiu in what sounded like gibberish from so far away to Lu XiaoFeng.

Huo Xiu was so angry by now that his neck looked bulged out. He suddenly jumped up and charged at the cage, trying to knock it over. Of course, he failed. He had especially made the cage so that nobody could knock it over.

Xue-Er stood outside the cage, coldly looking at him. She looked like she was about to walk away when Huo Xiu called her back. The two of them exchanged some more words. Huo Xiu let out an exhausted sigh, wrote something down on a piece of paper, and handed it to Xue-Er in change for the sausage and biscuits. Then he immediately sat down on the ground and devoured the food.

“He still would rather die than tell us where that money went?” Hua ManLou suddenly asked.

“He’s not scared of death.”

“Because he really believes that being poor is worse than death?” Hua ManLou let out an exasperated laugh.

“But he might have just discovered something even scarier than being poor.” Lu XiaoFeng laughed in return.


Lu XiaoFeng had not replied yet when Xue-Er came prancing over, there was light in her eyes.

“I just sold one sausage and two biscuits to him,” she laughed. “Can you guess how much I sold them for?”

They could not.

“Fifty-thousand taels, a whole 50 thousand!” Xue-Er proudly waved the banknote in her hand. “I can take this note, written by him, to whichever bank I want to, whenever I want to, and cash it in.”

Lu XiaoFeng could not help but laugh.

“You heart is pretty black, you know that?”

“I doubt you’ll find a more expensive sausage anywhere in the world.” Hua ManLou jokingly observed.

“That’s why that old fox over there was almost insane with rage, but pity he had to make the deal.” Xue-Er explained.

“Starvation really is quite something else.” Hua ManLou sighed.

“Are you actually planning to get all of his money this way?” Lu XiaoFeng inquired.

“That money was my family’s to begin with, don’t forget that my surname is ShangGuan too.”

“Even if you manage to steal 50 thousand taels of silver from him everday, you won’t empty him out for at least another year or two.” Lu XiaoFeng laughed.

“Then I’ll stay here and steal for 3 years, however long it takes. Besides, I got company.”

“The Boss has already decided to stay here?”

Xue-Er nodded, a mysterious smile crept up on her face. “He told his wife that he wanted to stay here to create a couple of truly incredible things. But only I know why he really decided to stay.”

“And what’s that reason.”

“That’s a secret.” Xue-Er blinked, the smile on her face grew even more mysterious.

“What’s the secret?”

“If it’s a secret, then why should I tell you?”

Lu XiaoFeng stared at her face for a long time before suddenly cracking a smile. “I’m not that interested in your secret, but I am a little worried.”

“Worried about what?”

“When you cash in this bank note, won’t people be inquiring about where you got it from?”

“Absolutely nobody would ask me.”


“Don’t forget how strange and mysterious of a man this old fox was, even his most trusted underlings don’t know what he’s up to most of the time, he’s always done things this way.”

“Looks like his own plan has come back to bite him again.” Lu XiaoFeng sighed.

“Of course,” Xue-Er laughed. “If it wasn’t because of him, it would nearly be this easy for me to squeeze money out of him.”

A man’s fate is nothing more than his own creation, that is why the most straight forward and honest person always have the best luck.

Still smiling, Lu XiaoFeng slowly stood up. “Then you go ahead and stay here and get all the money you can out of him, while you are at it could you get a couple of jugs of wine out of him for me?”

“Are… are you going to leave now?” Xue-Er stared at him.

“It I was to stay in this kind of place, I’ll be shocked if I don’t die of boredom before three days is up.” Lu XiaoFeng laughed.

“Don’t you want to ask me about my secret?”


Xue-Er’s eyes rolled around from a bit. She suddenly broke out into a smile. “Actually, telling you won’t do much harm, you’ll find out sooner or later anyways.”

Lu XiaoFeng did not seem to object.

“The reason he is staying here is because he has fallen in love with me and I have also fallen in love with him.”

Lu XiaoFeng laughed.

“I know you don’t believe me,” Xue-Er continued casually. “But when I marry him, then you’d have to believe it.”

“You are marrying him?” Lu XiaoFeng could not help but ask. “Then what about the Boss’s Wife?”

“Why must a boss have only one boss’s wife?” Xue-Er asked matter of factly. “If you can have four eyebrows, why can’t Boss have two Boss’s Wives?”

The side of the mountain was underneath the sitting sun, Lu XiaoFeng walked along the mountainside. He was not uttering a solitary sound. After walking for a long time, he suddenly broke the silence.

“That little devil must be lying once again.”

“Mmhmm!” Hua ManLou concurred.

“The Boss isn’t crazy, why would he take a little devil like her to be the Little Boss’s Wife?”

“Of course he won’t.”

Lu XiaoFeng quietly walked for another while.

“But the Boss is an a$$h01e, sometimes he could get a little crazy.” He suddenly spoke up again.

“And the little boss’s wives are often little devils as well.”

“So it’s best that you hurry and go back to try and talk that a$$h01e out of this insane idea.”

“Why don’t you go yourself?”

“You know that he and I aren’t on speaking terms.”

“If this whole matter was not true to begin with, then won’t the Boss think that we are a couple of nut cases?”

“What’s the harm in being a nut case once in a while?”

“Looks like anyone who is your friend can’t help but catch your illness and get a little crazy in the head eventually.” Hua ManLou sighed.

And he went, he had too.

Lu XiaoFeng, like an idiot, sat on the side of the path and waited. Luckily this path was very remote, other than a granny who was trying to pick some wild fruits, nobody else passed by. He did not have to wait for too long before Hua ManLou returned.

“Well?” Lu XiaoFeng asked immediately.

“You are nuts, and I am too.” Hua ManLou put up a serious face.

“This whole thing was untrue?”

“They did have a secret, Zhu Ting has adopted Xue-Er as his daughter.”

Lu XiaoFeng was quite taken aback by the news.

“You knew that little devil was lying, and yet you still fell for it, why?” Hua ManLou sighed and laughed miserably.

Lu XiaoFeng sighed and let out a miserable laugh as well. “Because I’m not just an a$$h01e, I’m a dumbass as well.”

He looked up just in time to see Xue-Er come chasing up from behind.

“Did you guys see anyone passing by just a bit ago?” She asked, still trying to catch her breath.

“Only a fruit picking granny.” Lu XiaoFeng answered.

Xue-Er almost jumped out of her skin when she heard that.

“That granny has to be my sister.”

“Your sister? ShangGuan FeiYan?”

Xue-Er nodded, there was light in her eyes. “Only now did I find ou that she’s not dead, she’s always been very good at faking death, after you guys left, I went down to….”

Lu XiaoFeng did not wait for her to finish before turning and leaving. Not just leaving, but grabbing Hua ManLou as well.

“I don’t care what you say this time, I’m not going to fall of it! I’m not even listening to you any more.” Looks like he really made up his mind this time around, he left in a hurry.

Xue-Er watched them leave, as if mesmerized, only then did she finally let out a gentle sigh.

“Why is it when I tell the truth, nobody ever believes me….” She mumbled to herself.

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