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The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – Swords Unsheathed and People Dead

The feast was placed inside a pavilion in the middle of the water. The surroundings seemed to have been dyed a deep shade of green because of the lotus that grew in the pond, but the railings of the pavilion were painted bright red.

The pearl-guazed curtains were raised. The wind carried with it the faint and pure fragrance of newly bloomed lotus.

It was already April.

Hua ManLou was slowly and quietly taking this kind of special pointless extravagance that only the richest of the rich had. Of course, he didn’t see what Huo TianQing looked like, but he had already found out what kind of person he was by listening to his voice.

Huo TianQing’s voice was low but forceful with a gentle slowness and warmth. When he talked, not only did he wanted everyone to listen to him, but he wanted them to hear him clearly.

That meant that he was a very confident and decisive man, whatever he did he would always have his own reasons. Even though he’s a very arrogant, he worried about other people thinking he was arrogant.

Hua ManLou didn’t dislike this person, just like how Huo TianQing didn’t dislike him as well.

There were 2 other guests as well. One was Yan family’s live in guest Su ShaoYing, the other was the Head Escort of the Allied Escort, “Dragon Among the Clouds” Ma XingKong.

Ma XingKong had been famous in the martial world quite some time ago. Not only was his kungfu very good, he wasn’t the type of person who would seek fame and acclaim either. So Hua ManLou couldn’t help but be puzzled when he felt an indescribable hint of brown nosing in his voice whenever he talked to Huo TianQing.

Someone like him, a person who made a name for himself through his own accomplishment, should not be acting like this.

On the other hand, Su ShaoYing was very relaxed and smooth, there was no fakeness in his voice. Huo TianQing took special care to introduce him as a person of great knowledge, but from his voice, he sounded very young.

Between host and guests, there were only 5 of them. This was Hua ManLou’s favorite style of hosting guests, it shows that not only is the host meticulous but also very understanding of his guests.

However, neither wine nor food had been served up yet. Even though Hua ManLou wasn’t getting impatient, he had to feel a bit awkward.

There weren’t many laterns in the pavilion, but it was bright as day. That was because in the middle of the walls were hang 4 bright pearls, which reflected the light of the few laterns that shone onto it with a very soft glow, making the lighting in the room unspeakably pleasing to the eye.

Su ShaoYing was making small talk about the raunchy actions of the Later Emperor of Southern Tang: “When he was with Consort Little Zhuo, he would never light laterns. For it was written in books that when Queen Jiang JuoLi would see light in the night, she would close her eyes and say: ‘Smoke, means candles are burning, when one’s eyes are closed, the smell of smoke is even more evident.’ She knew what he was doing whenever she smelled smoke. Someone asked her once how she was so sure that it wasn’t the smoke from one the candles of her own place in the palace. She replied: ‘This pavilion hangs a huge pearl up onto the ceiling at night, which would light the room as bright as midday.’”

“The Emperor’s lust was a little too overboard,” Huo TianQing commented with a smile. “That’s why it was a mere matter of time before the Southern Tang collapsed.”

“But he was merely a affectionate man, his utter compassion was absolutely unmatched,” Su ShaoYing replied.

“Compassionate and affectionate men just aren’t fit to be Emperors,” Huo TianQing casually replied.

“But if he had a person like Master Huo as Chancelor, maybe Southern Tang wouldn’t have been destroyed,” Ma XingKong added with a smile.

“If only Li Ying was born a couple hundred years later,” Lu XiaoFeng suddenly sighed, “or else if he was here he would undoubtly be even more anxious than I am for the wine to get here.”

Hua ManLou laughed.

Huo TianQing couldn’t help but laugh as well: “The wine and food had all been ready, it’s just that when the Big Boss heard that Lu XiaoFeng and Hua ManLou were the guests today, he had to come and join in on the fun.”

“We are waiting for him?” Lu XiaoFeng asked.

“If you are feeling a bit impatient, we could order some small eats to get ready for the wine?” Huo TiaQing offered.

“Waiting a little longer won’t be a big deal. It’s so rare for Big Boss to be in such a merry mood, we shouldn’t do anything to bring him down,” Ma XingKong immediately replied.

“Ay don’t want to brin’ ya guys down either! Quick, brin’ some wine!” A voice suddenly came from outside the pavilion.

A person walked in laughing, his laugh was sharp and delicate…. His face was white and chubby with skin soft like a young maiden’s. Only the huge, beak-like nose on his face looked masculine.

Hua ManLou pondered: “This man was the Warden of the Treasury for the Golden Roc Empire, could he be a eunuch?”

“How do you do boss?” Ma XingKong had already stood up and greeted him.

But Yan TieShan didn’t even look at him as he grabbed a hold of Lu XiaoFeng’s hand and sized him up over and over again. He suddenly burst out in laughter: “Haha! Ya still look the same. Ya haven’t changed a bit from the last time Ay met ya at on top of the Sun-Watch Peak at TaiShan. But how come ya only got 2 eye brows now?”

He spoke with a slight ShanXi accent, as if he was afraid that others might not think that he was from ShanXi.

Lu XiaoFeng’s eyes flashed as he smiled: “Ay couldn’t pay for the wine Ay drank, so the wife of the owner of the wine shop shaved my mustache off to make a face powderer for herself.”

That sent Yan TieShan into another fit of laughter. “His Grandma’s! That there woman must’ve loved the way yar mustache brushed against her face!” He turned around and patted Hua ManLou on his shoulder. “And you must be Hua’s 7th boy! A couple of yar brothers have been here before. The 3rd and 5th boys could hold their wine quite well.”

“The 7th boy could drink a bit as well,” Hua ManLou said with a smile.

“Alright!” Yan TieShan clapped his hands together in anticipation. “Great! Go and get those jugs of wine underneath my bed. The one that don’t get drunk tonight is his grandma’s little niece!”

ShanXi eats were especially spicy, and into the dishes that were served up were added some extra pepper powders.

Using the chopsticks in his white and tender hand, Yan TieShan kept on putting food into Lu XiaoFeng’s bowl nonstop. “This here is us ShanXi’s famed dish. Although it’s nothin’ to shout about, ya just can’t his grandma’s get this anywhere else.”

“So is Big Boss from ShanXi?” Lu XiaoFeng inquired.

“Ay was born and raised a commoner. All these years, Ay’ve been to TaiShan jus that one time, to watch his grandma’s sunrise. But no matter how Ay look at it, it looks just like a huge egg yolk to me. Borin’ as hell that was.” Yan TieShan laughed and said.

He kept on saying “his grandma’s” here and there, as if he was trying to make sure that everyone knew that he was a real man’s man, a real coarse and crude man.

Lu XiaoFeng laughed as well. Smiling, he brought the cup up to his lip and suddenly asked: “I wonder where Warden Yan was from?”

“Warden Huo,” Ma XingKong immediately corrected him, “not Warden Yan.”

“I’m not talking about Warden Huo of Pearl and Diamond Pavilion,” Lu XiaoFeng casually replied. “I’m talking about Yan LiBen, the Warden of the Treasury of the defunct Golden Roc Empire.”

Unblinking, he stared at Yan TieShan’s face and, one word at a time, said: “I’m sure that Big Boss must know of this man.”

Yan TieShan’s white, smooth, and soft face suddenly tensed up like a rubber band. Even that smile became awkwardly stiff.

He was a man who looked the same no matter what his mood may be. But what Lu XiaoFeng just said seemed act like a whip, a whip the whipped open an age old scar, a fatal wound that started to bleed again.

“If Big Boss know this man,” Lu XiaoFeng’s eyes shone as he slowly continued, “then could you please inform him that, regarding that several decade old debt of his, someone is here to collect it.”

“Warden Huo!” Yan TieShan suddenly shouted, his face still very tense.

“Sir?” Huo TianQing had not moved one bit.

“Mr. Hua and Mr. Lu do not wish to stay here any longer. Please prepare a horse carriage for them and see them off, they want to leave right now!” Yan TieShan coldly said.

Not waiting for a response, he flicked his sleeve at their direction and began walking towards the exit.

But before he could reach the exit, there was already someone outside blocking his way. “They don’t wish to leave, and you better stay here as well,” a cold voice said.

That person was standing tall and straight, everything he was wearing was white like snow. But the sword that hung off his belt was black; ebony black, slender, and ancient.

“How dare you disrespect me so?” Yan TieShan’s eyes bugged out as he demanded. “Who the hell are you?”

“XiMen ChuiXue.”

XiMen ChuiXue, the name itself was like a blade, cold, heartless, and sharp.

Even Yan TieShan had to involuntarily take 2 steps back. “Guards!” He suddenly shouted.

Other than the 2 little small kids that were pouring wine and that green clothed servant who comes in once in a while to bring up the dishes, the pavilion was completely silent, not even a hint of a person could be detected.

But as soon as Big Boss Yan shouted his command, 5 people immediately flew in through the windows. Their movements were extremely fast and their weapons were glistening, a ringed sword, a feathered sabre, a whip spear, a pair of chicken talons, and two separate iron nunchuks.

All 5 were very delicatedly crafted unusual weapons, whoever could wield any of these types of weapons was undoubtedly a martial arts master.

But XiMen ChuiXue didn’t even look at them. “Once my sword is unsheathed, it will kill.” He coldly declared. “Are you really going to force me to pull out my sword.”

Of the 5, two of them were already looking very green. But there are people who aren’t afraid to die everywhere.

Suddenly the wind began to howl as the feathered sabre became a wall of sabres that flew towards XiMen ChuiXue.

The nunchuks turned into a fierce tornado as they came sweeping across XiMen ChuiXue’s knees.

One weapn was hard and furious while the other was quick and light, but both were formidable and they worked in perfected unison. After all, the 2 of them do practice together all the time.

XiMen ChuiXue’s pupils suddenly constricted, at that precise moment, his sword was unsheathed.

Huo TianQing did not move, instead he just quietly stared at Lu XiaoFeng. If Lu XiaoFeng didn’t move, then he would not move either.

But Ma XingKong had already stood up. “Warden Huo invited you people here as guests, how dare you cause trouble here?” He shouted viciously.

As he was shouting, his hand went down to his waist and came back up with a fish scaled golden coiled dragon cane. With a flick, it was stuck straight out as it shot toward Hua ManLou’s throat.

He knew that Hua ManLou was blind and figured that it was easier to bully a blind person.

Nevertheless, this coiled dragon cane of his was very different. After the cane was thrusted out, the coiled dragon that was carved onto the stick’s mouth suddenly snapped open and, with a audible “deng”, a thin but sharp blade sprung out from inside.

Hua ManLou sat there, peacefully waiting. Suddenly, he lifted up his hand and caught the sword between his index finger and middle finger. Another “deng”! The refined iron sword that a blacksmith spent months crafting snapped in 3.

Ma XingKong’s face changed colors as he immediately flicked his wrist, making the coiled dragon cane whirling around in an attempt to attack both of Hua ManLou’s ears.

Hua ManLou sighed as he twirled his sleeves like a storm cloud as it wrapped around the cane. He then gently pulled.

Ma XingKong fell on top of the table, smashing it, causing the plates on there to fly off wildly. Hua ManLou gave a light push and sent him flying straight through the window and into lotus pond that surrounded the pavilion.

“Excellent display!” Su ShaoYing involuntarily uttered.

“It’s not that I’m good, it’s he’s not that good.” Hua ManLou casually replied. “Compare to the way his martial arts was, he has at most 50 percent of his skills and strength left. Did he suffer some severe internal injury?”

“Excellent analysis. Three years ago he was on the receiving end of one of Warden Huo’s air splitting palms.” Su ShaoYing replied.

“No wonder,” Hua ManLou sighed.

He finally understood why Ma XingKong acted like such a shameless brown noser. If a person like him, who made a living from fighting, lost most of his kungfu skills, then he must find someone for protection. And it didn’t get much better than having Pearl and Diamond Pavilion as protection.

Su ShaoYing suddenly spoke up: “Excuse me, but I wish to try out Mr. Hua’s amazing skills. En guarde!”

As he finished his sentence, he suddenly slashed out with the chopstick he had in his hand.

This cultured and refined young gentry was actually able to use the chopstick as sword and perform orthodoxed sword styles. In a blink of an eye, he had already made 7 moves at Hua ManLou.

Lu XiaoFeng did not move, instead he just quietly stared at Huo TiaQing. If Huo TianQing didn’t move, then he would not move either.

There were already three people on the floor who would never move again. The feathered sabre were stuck on the window-sill, the nunchuks had already flown out of the window, and the whip spear had been snapped into 4 pieces.

When the sword was first drawn, there was still blood on the tip of the sword.

XiMen ChuiXue gently blew onto his sword, making the red blood drip off the tip one drop at a time.

{ChuiXue sounds exactly the same as blowing blood in Chinese}

Even though his face was still expressionless, those stone cold eyes of his were flashing as they coldy stared at Yan TieShan.

“You should be fighting yourself,” he said, coldly. “Why did you have to send others to their death?”

“Because I have bought their lives a long time ago!” Yan TieShan replied with a condescending snicker.

He made a gesture with his hand and 6 more people appeared inside the pavilion. His eyes were moving, as if he was searching for a escape route.

He wasn’t speaking with a ShanXi accent anymore, nor was he cursing left and right about somebody’s grandmother anymore. But his voice had became sharp and piercing, every word out of his mouth were like needles, needles that stabbed at other people’s ear drums.

Lu XiaoFeng suddenly laughed: “So it turns out that Big Boss is a master possessing of tremendous internal strength.”

“His kungfu is probably better than everyone here.” Huo TianQing casually replied.

“It’s a shame that it doesn’t matter how great of a martial master he is.”

“Why not?”

“Because he has a fatal weakness.”

“Which is?”

“He’s afraid to die!”

Su ShaoYing had just moved on into the second set of 7 interconnected sword moves. The moves were fast, dynamic, and ingenius, never leaving the vicinity of Hua ManLou’s face.

Hua ManLou was still sitting there, with a chopstick in his hand as well. With only a simple flick or twirl, he would, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, casually counter every one of Su ShaoYing’s pressing moves.

After the second set of 7 sword moves, Su ShaoYing suddenly stopped. He suddenly discovered that it was as if this ever smiling blind man knew more about his own sword style than himself.

Every time he made a move, it was almost as if his opponent knew that this move was coming a long time ago. “Are you, sir, a disciple of E’Mei as well?” He had to ask.

Hua ManLou gently shook his head and smiled. “To you guys, every sword style of every sect in the world use different moves and strategies. But to a blind man, all the moves in the world are the same.”

This is the most profound principle in martial arts. Su ShaoYing sort of understood, but yet did not at the same time. He wanted to probe further, but couldn’t figure out how or what to ask.

“Are you, sir, one of the 7 Swords of E’Mei?” It was Hua ManLou who asked the next question.

Su ShaoYin hesitated before finally answering: “I am the Second Su among the 7 Swords.”

“So he’s a student of the sword as well?” XiMen ChuiXue suddenly, and coldy, interrupted. “Why aren’t you challenging me?”

Su ShaoYing’s face went pale. “Crack”! The chopstick in his hand was snapped in two.

“It’s been said that E’Mei’s sword skills are the best in all the land,” XiMen ChuiXue snickered, “can it be that it is actually not worthy of such a lofty of a status?”

Gritting his teeth, Su ShaoYing suddenly snapped around, just in time to see the last drop of blood drip off the tip of XiMen ChuiXue’s sword.

Lu XiaoFeng and Huo TianQing were still quietly sitting there, staring at each other, as if they were waiting for the other to make the first move.

But there were 7 men on the ground who would never move again. Of the 7, every one of them was a first rate martial arts master. But all of them were instantly stabbed through the throat by XiMen ChuiXue’s sword.

Yan TieShan’s eyes began to twitch. Only now could one tell that age had taken its toll on him.

But he felt no sadness or sympathy for these people who died for him.

He was still here only because the perfect opportunity has yet to present itself and he still didn’t have to get out of here.

The 4 men who could still move had lost their courage to make another move. Seeing Su ShaoYing making his way over, they immediately got out of his way.

Su ShaoYing’s steps were steady, but his face was without the slightest hint of color.

“What sword do you use?” coldly, XiMen ChuiXue asked, coldly staring at him.

“As long as it kills, I can use it,” Su ShaoYing snickered back and replied.

“Good, there are swords on the ground, pick on.”

There were 2 swords on the ground, lying in the puddles of blood.

One sword was skinny and long while the other was thick and heavy. Su ShaoYing paused for a moment before flicking a sword into the air with the tip of his shoes. The sword landed perfectly into his hand.

E’Mei Sect’s sword skills are famous for their quickness and flexibility, but instead he picked the heavier sword. This young man actually was planning on using his own strength of youth along with aggressive and fierce moves to counter XiMen ChuiXue’s lightning fast and equally deadly way of fighting.

This choice should have been the correct one. DuGu YiHe’s disciples all possessed superb judgement skills.

But this time he was wrong, he should not have picked any sword at all.

XiMen ChuiXue gazed at him. “Twenty years from now, your sword skills would amount to something,” said XiMen ChuiXue.

“Oh?” Su ShaoYing replied.

“So I don’t want to kill you right now. Twenty years from now, come and find me.”

“Twenty years is too long of a wait!” Su ShaoYing suddenly shouted. “I can’t wait that long!”

He was still a hot-blooded young man. Feeling a rush a blood to his face, he continuouly attacked with the sword in his hand. The sword moves carried with it hints of the intense big slashing movements of sabre skills.

This was DuGu YiHe’s creation, Sabre-Sword Twin Kill, consisting of 49 moves and stances. When he joined E’Mei Sect, he had already possessed astounding skills in sabres due to 30 years or so of hard work. He was able to inject the fierceness and intensity of sabre skills into the famous agile and dynamic sword skill of E’Mei Sect.

These 49 moves that he created could be used with a sabre or a sword. There was nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Even Lu XiaoFeng had not seen this skill before.

XiMen ChuiXue’s eyes lit up even more. To him, seeing a new and different skill for the first time was like a kid finding a new and different toy, there was a indescribable joy and wonderment.

He waited until Su ShaoYing had made 21 moves before he finally made a move.

Because he had already discovered the weak point of the skill, it might have been only a little bit of a weakness, but a little bit of weakness was enough.

His sword flashed. With just one move, his sword penetrated Su ShaoYing’s throat.

The sword tip still carried blood. XiMen ChuiXue gently blew the blood off of the tip of his sword.

He gazed at the blade, his eyes suddenly filled with loneliness and solitude. He suddenly sighed: “Why must all of the best of the young men like you seek death like so? In twenty years, where would you have me go to find a worthy opponent?”

If those words had come from anyone else, it would have undoubtedly seem a bit nauseating. But when the words came from him, it carried with an unspeakable sadness and loneliness.

“If that’s the case, then why did you kill him?” Hua ManLou suddenly asked.

“Because the only type of sword moves I know is the killing kind,” XiMen ChuiXue answered with a heavy face.

Hua ManLou sighed, for he knew that this man was telling the truth. Every move this man makes was final and for the kill, no compromises, no room for retreat.

“Either you die, or I die!” Every time his sword is thrusted out, there was never any choice left for his opponent, there wasn’t even any choice left for himself.

A breeze blew in from outside of the pavilion, carrying with it the refreshing fragrance of the lotus, but it could not cover the stinking smell of blood.

XiMen ChuiXue suddenly turned toward Yan TieShan. “If you don’t leave I won’t attack, if you move, you die!” He coldly declared.

“Why must I leave?” Yan TieShan actually smiled. “I don’t know why you guys are doing this.”

“You should,” sighed Lu XiaoFeng.

“But I don’t.”

“How about Yan LiBen? Does he know?”

Yan TieShan’s eyes began to twitch again. On his white and chubby face there suddenly appeared a strange look of horror. He looked as if he suddenly aged tremendously. Only after a long time did he finally let out a sigh and mumble: “Yan LiBen died a long time ago, why are you guys still looking for him?”

“It’s not us who wants to find him,” Lu XiaoFeng answered.

“Then who?”

“The Golden Roc Emperor.”

Upon hearing the name, Yan TieShan’s already strange looking face suddenly became even more horrifying. His body suddenly began to spin like a spin-top as the inside of the pavilion suddenly lit up with a flash.

Along with the flash, scores of silk strand needles suddenly shot out like water droplets during a thunderstorm, shooting towards XiMen ChuiXue, Hua ManLou, and Lu XiaoFeng.

At that moment, an aura of sword shot through the flash of light.

The aura was freezing cold and sounded like wind blowing through a bamboo woods. The aura and the flash suddenly all disappeared, in their place was scores of pearls that were falling out of the sky, every pearl had been cut in half.

Such fast of a sword. But Yan TieShan was gone.

Lu XiaoFeng was gone as well.

On top of the lotus pond outside, in the distance, there seemed to be the shape of a person whose toe gently landed on top of a lotus leaf before taking off again.

There were 2 of them, but the two of them seemed to be stuck together with the trailing person practically being the leading person’s shadow.

The shape flickered and suddenly disappeared. But the sounds of clothing flopping in the wind could be heard from inside the pavilion.

Then Yan TieShan suddenly reappeared.

Lu XiaoFeng reappeared as well, still sitting in his old chair, as if he had never left.

Yan TieShan was also standing where he just was, but he was leaning up against the wall, trying to catch his breath. In the last few moments, he seemed to have aged alot again.

When he first walked into the pavilion, he was a spirited middle-aged man. His face was clean and smooth, without a hint of a beard. But now, anyone could tell that he was an 80 year old man.

His face slooped down and his eyes were several shades darker. Catching his breath, he conceded: “I’m getting… getting old.”

Lu XiaoFeng gazed at him and couldn’t help but sigh as well.

“You really are getting old.”

“Why must you do this to an old man?”

“Because this old man owed somebody something, no matter how old he is, he has to repay it.”

“I repay every debt I owed, but since when did I owe anybody anything?”

“Maybe you didn’t but what about Yan LiBen?”

Yan TieShan’s face twitched again as he savagely shouted: “That’s right! I am Yan LiBen! That man eating Warden Yan. But ever since I got here, I….”

He suddenly stopped, that twitching face of his suddenly and miraculously became peaceful.

Then everyone saw a rush of blood gushing out of his chest, just like a vibrant flower suddenly blooming.

After the initial explosion of blood, the flow was dwindled, only then did the sword stuck in his chest become visible.

He looked down and saw the glistening tip of the sword, he looked surprised and bewildered.

But he still hadn’t die yet, his chest was still moving up and down, just like an accordion.

Huo TianQing’s face turned stone cold as he stood up and demanded: “Who did it? Who did it!”

“I did it!” A clear and bell like voice answered as, looking like a swallow, a person flew in through the window. Her clothing clung to her body like a black shark’s skin because they were soaked with water.

Such a slender body, with water still dripping off of it. Obviously she had just came out from inside the lotus pond outside.

Yan TieShan forced his eyes open and, shocked to see her, summoned up all the strength in his body to say 3 words.

“Who are you?”

She took off the towel covering head, letting a head of soft, jet black hair drape down on her shoulders.

It made her face more pale, more beautiful.

But her eyes, the very ones that were staring at Yan TieShan, were filled with hatred.

“I am Princess DanFeng of the Golden Roc Empire. I am the one that want to find you to repay that old debt,” she replied viciously.

Yan TieShan looked at her in shock. Suddenly, his eyes bulged out and his body snapped straight, never to move again. In that pair of bulged out eyes, there was a strange yet indiscernable expression. Was it shock? Was it rage? Or was it terror?

He didn’t fall down, because the sword was still in his chest.

The sword was cold, the blood was cold as well.

Princess DanFeng finally, slowly, turned around. The rage and hatred on her face had turned to sadness.

She was just about to address Lu XiaoFeng when XiMen ChuiXue suddenly spoke up: “You use sword too?”

Princess DanFeng was taken aback for a moment before finally nodding.

“From this day forth, if you ever use sword again, I will kill you!”

Obviously shocked, Princess DanFeng instinctively asked: “Why?”

“Swords aren’t used to kill from behind. If you kill from behind, then you are not worthy or wielding a sword.”

He suddenly threw his hand up. “Bang”! The tip of his sword hit the tip of the sword in Yan TieShan’s chest.

Yan TieShan’s body fell down to the floor, and the sword in his chest was knocked into the lotus pond.

XiMen ChuiXue was already outside of the pavilion. Lifting that still blood-stained sword up to his face, he casually shook his hand. The sword suddenly broke into 6 pieces and fell onto the ground.

Another breeze blew by, the night fog began to appear on the lotus pond, and he had suddenly disappeared within the fog.

Huo TianQing sat back down, not moving a muscle. His face was like a stone-colored mask.

But Lu XiaoFeng knew all too well that no expression is often saddest expression of all.

“Yan TieShan is a traitor of the Golden Roc Empire, so this matter wasn’t just a personal matter. It’s not something that outsiders should meddle with,” Lu XiaoFeng sighed.

“I know,” nodded Huo TianQing.

“So you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

Huo TianQing was quiet for a long time. Suddenly, he looked up: “But it was I who invited you here.”


“If you had not come, at least Yan TieShan wouldn’t be dead at this moment.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m not saying anything,” Huo TianQing coldly replied. “Just that I want to see the lightness kungfu of the Twin Pheonix Winged Lu XiaoFeng and that legendary “Idea in Heart” skill of yours.”

“Must you fight with me?” Lu XiaoFeng forced a smile.


Lu XiaoFeng sighed. Princess DanFeng suddenly charged up to him and shouted: “Why do you fight him? You should fighting me!”


“I’m the one who killed Yan TieShan, killed him from behind. Why don’t you try and see if killing people from behing is the only thing I know!” She sneered at him.

She had just been scolded by XiMen ChuiXue, and all that pent up frustration had to be released somewhere, and that somewhere was Huo TianQing.

Huo TianQing looked at her and softly replied: “Whatever Yan TieShan owes you, I’ll pay for it. You can leave now.”

“Are you not brave enough to fight me?”

“It’s not that I don’t dare to, it’s that I don’t care to.”


“Because you have no chance against me,” Huo TianQing casually replied.

Princess DanFeng’s face was flushed crimson with fury as she suddenly thrust out 2 of her soft and delicate fingers and actually tried to poke Huo TianQing’s eyes out.

Even though her fingers were soft like new sprouts, her move was extremely malicaious and evil, not to mention fast as well.

Huo TianQing’s shoulders didn’t move, neither did his arms, but his body suddenly move back 20 meters. Picking up Yan TieShan’s body, he declared: “Lu XiaoFeng, I’ll be waiting for you at sunrise at Green Wind Outlook.”

Before he even finished his sentence, he was already outside of the pavilion.

Princess DanFeng bit her lips and stumped her foot. She was so mad that she was about cry.

But Lu XiaoFeng suddenly broke out into a smile: “If you had used your Flying Pheonix Needles, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten away.”

“Flying Pheonix Needles? What are you talking about?” Princess DanFeng was confused.

“Your own secret projectile weapon, Flying Pheonix Needles.”

Princess DanFeng stared at him for a long time before letting out a snicker: “Turns out that not only can I kill people from behind, I could kill with projectiles as well.”

“Projectiles are still weapons. There’s alot of good people in the martial world who uses that kind of weapon.”

“But I have never used them before, I have never even heard those words, ‘Flying Pheonix Needles,’ before.”

This reply didn’t seem to surprise Lu XiaoFeng, the only reason he asked this was to make sure that the little devil was lying him again.

But Princess DanFeng was so upset that her rims of her eyes were red. “I know that you are mad at me, that’s why you made up all that stuff to mess with me,” she said, biting her lips.

“Why would I be mad at you?”

“Because you believe that I shouldn’t have come, and really shouldn’t have killed Yan TieShan.” She looked as if she was being wronged as her eyes filled with tears, she continued forcefully. “Because you would never understand how much suffering he had cuased our family. If he hadn’t betrayed us, we could have had the chance to revive our empire and avenge my grandfather. But now… now….”

She didn’t finish, she was unable to hold her tears back anymore. Her face was covered in tears.

There was nothing that Lu XiaoFeng could have said.

Who said that tears aren’t a female’s most effective weapon? Especially a beautiful woman, for her tears are truly more precious than the most precious of pearls.

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