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The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng Chapter 2


Chapter 2 – The Richest Man

The wine cup was still in Lu XiaoFeng’s hand, but most of the wine that was in the cup had, by now, spilled onto his clothing.

When he entered Old Man Huo’s little house, Old Man Huo was drinking wine as well.

This was a very simple little wooden cabin, standing all by itself in the middle of a little wood comprised of jujube date trees on the side of a mountain.

Old Man Huo was just like this little wooden cabin, small, alone, clean, and steadfast, looking just like a hard shelled nut that had weathered many a storms. He just happened to be drinking at a small yet delicate table.

The wine smelled delicious, the room was filled with wine jugs of all types and all sizes, and by the looks of it they’re all high quality wine.

When he saw the wine cup in Lu XiaoFeng’s hand, he couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head and said: “Are you afraid that I might not be able to figure out that you were coming here to drink? Is that why you have brought a wine cup along to remind me?”

Lu XiaoFeng laughed too: “When I left I barely had enough time to put my pants on, how could I possibly have enough time to put down this cup? There was wine in the cup, pity it was spilled.”

Old Man Huo seemed to think that all this was very peculiar as he frowned and asked: “What kind of thing would have put you into such a hurry?” He couldn’t figure that out for the life of him.

Lu XiaoFeng sighed and laughed wrily: “Nothing really, just that a girl walked into my room.”

Old Man Huo laughed again: “I seem to remember that women enter your room everyday, you were never scared away before!”

“This girl is different!”

“What’s so different about her?”


Old Man Huo blinked: “Was this girl very ugly?”

Lu XiaoFeng immediately shook his head feverishly: “Not only is she not ugly, she is almost pretty enough to be a goddess, and she had an air about her like a princess!”

“Then what are you afraid of? That she might rape you?” Old Man Huo joked.

Lu XiaoFeng smiled: “If she really wanted to rape me, then you couldn’t chase me away with a broom!”

“Then what the hell did she do to scare you enough to run off?” Old Man Huo asked.

Lu XiaoFeng sighed again: “She kneeled down in front of me!”

Old Man Huo open his eyes as wide as they can possibly be and stared at Lu XiaoFeng, as if a flower suddenly grew out from his nostril.

Lu XiaoFeng seemed to be worried that he might not have understood him and explained further: “Right after she entered my room, she suddenly kneeled down toward me, both knees kind of kneeling!”

Old Man Huo finally let out a huge sigh and said: “I always thought that you were quite a normal fellow, no problems at all, but now I’m getting a little suspicious!”

Lu XiaoFeng smiled wrily again: “Now you are getting a little suspicious that I might have a problem?”

Old Man Huo replied: “A goddess like woman, entered your room, and kneeled down towards you, yet you were scared so much that you ran away in a panic?”

Lu XiaoFeng nodded: “Not just in a panic, I broke through the roof as well!”

Old Man Huo sighed: “Seems like not only do you have a problem, it is a huge problem!”

“I ran away because my mind is working just fine!”


“I told you, not only is she pretty, she had quite an air about her!”

“What kind of air?”

“The kind that princesses have!”

“Have you ever seen a princess before?”

“No, but I do know that even a real princess couldn’t land the 3 bodyguards she has!”

“Who are her bodyguards?”

“Liu YuHen, Xiao QiuYu, and DuGu Fang!”

Old Man Huo frowned: “The Liu YuHen that fights as if he wants to die?”

“Yes!” Lu XiaoFeng replied.

“The Xiao QiuYu that looked refined and educated but in reality is as strong as a wild bull?”


“The DuGu Fang that comes and goes without a trace and is alway alone?”


“All 3 of them are her bodyguards?”


“She has 3 bodyguards like that, and yet she kneeled down towards you?”


Old Man Huo did not say another word as he poured another cup of wine and downed it.

Lu XiaoFeng also finished what was left of the wine in his cup and said: “Do you get it now?”

“Yes!” Old Man Huo replied.

“Why do you suppose she kneeled down towards me?”

“Because she wanted you to do something for her!”

“A girl like that, willing to kneel down toward me, what for?”

“For something very troublesome!”

“I have never met her before in my life, why would I want to go through all that trouble for her?”

“Only idiots would go for that kind of trouble!”

“Am I an idiot?”

“No, you are not!”

“If you were me, would you have ran too?”

“I would be running like hell just like you, maybe even a little faster!”

Lu XiaoFeng let out a long sigh before breaking out into a smile: “Looks like that even though you are getting old, you haven’t gone dumb yet.”

Old Man Huo replied: “But you are dumb as a young man already.”


“A girl like her, willing to kneel toward you and beg you, then this matter just can’t be resolved by anyone else.”

Lu XiaoFeng agreed with that assumption.

Old Man Huo continued: “Now that she’s found you, do you think you can get away?”

“You think that she’s going to come back?”

“Maybe she already has!”

Lu XiaoFeng smiled: “I don’t have many skills, but I am pretty fast when I run away!”

“To the point that nobody can chase you down?”

“To the point that there aren’t that many that could chase me down!”

Old Man Huo snickered.

Lu XiaoFeng asked: “What does that snicker for?”

“My snicker always means I’m snickering!”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“There are plenty that you don’t know.”

Lu XiaoFeng laughed again: “At least I still know how to tell which jug of wine out of this pile is the best.”

He casually grabbed a jug, which really was the best, just as he was about to break open the seal, there came three loud “Dong”! Someone had banged 3 holes the walls to his right, left, and in front of him.

Three men casually strolled in through the holes in the walls. Turned out they were Liu YuHen, Xiao QiuYu, and DuGu Fang.

From their confident and peaceful expression, it was almost as if they didn’t knock those holes in the wall. It was as if the 3 of them just opened the door and returned to their own homes after a night out.

Xiao QiuYu was actually smiling as he casually observed: “We didn’t come in by jumping through the window!”

“So we are not dogs!” DuGu Fang concluded.

As the 2 of them were talking, each one of them picked up a chair. Before you know it, those 2 delicately carved chairs were in pieces.

Liu YuHen slowly sat down on the bed, but he had barely just sat down when the entire bed came crashing down with a loud bang.

Xiao QiuYu frowned: “The furniture here certainly aren’t very strong.”

“Next time we better remember not to buy furniture from here.” DuGu Fang concluded.

In the time that it took the 2 of them to make those comments, 5 or 6 more objects were smashed.

Lu XiaoFeng and Old Man Huo seemed as if they didn’t even see all of this.

Old Man Huo was still slowly drinking, not a bit of pain on his face, as if these objects that they were smashing weren’t his.

Soon, everything inside the house was smashed, even the 20 or so jugs of wine.

Xiao QiuYu looked around: “This house looks like it’s about to collapse too, better rebuild it!”

DuGu Fang commented: “Now that’s a good idea!”

The 3 of them actually started to take the house apart. Lu XiaoFeng and Old Man Huo still just sat there, slowly drinking their wine.

“Bang”, “Boom”, “Dong”! The walls on all 4 sides were knocked out. “Kaboom”! The roof came crashing down, right on top of Lu XiaoFeng and Old Man Huo.

Suddenly, the 2 of them disappeared.

DuGu Fang and Xiao QiuYu shot a look at each other and looked behind them, the 2 of them were sitting on the grassing opening just in front of the house, stilling sitting on those 2 chairs, and the jug of wine was stilling sitting on the table in front of them.

Xiao QiuYu observed again: “Lust is the knife that break your bones, wine is the poison that rots your belly, we can’t let it harm others!”

DuGu Fang concluded again: “Right, we can’t leave even one jug!”

So he self-righteously walked over, grabbed the jug on the table, and threw it onto the ground hard.

This time the jug wasn’t smashed. It suddenly returned back onto the table.

DuGu Fang frowned, grabbed it again, and threw it down as hard as he can.

This time he saw what happened, before the jug hit the ground, Lu XiaoFeng suddenly snatched it out of the air.

DuGu Fang threw it again, Lu XiaoFeng caught it again. In a blink of an eye DuGu Fang had already threw this jug of wine at the ground at least 8 times, but this jug was still just sitting there on the table. DuGu Fang stared at this jug, as if he was shocked out of his wits.

Only after staring for a long time did he finally turn around and say to Xiao QiuYu with a forced smile on his face: “This jug is possessed by a demon, it can’t be smashed!”

Xiao QiuYu asked: “What kind of demon?”

“An alcoholic one, of course!”

“Let me give it a try.”

He walked over as well, as if there wasn’t 2 men there sitting at the table at all, suddenly grabbed the jug and gave it a push.

The jug flew out 20 or 30 meters. But it still wasn’t smashed.

When the jug went flying, so did Lu XiaoFeng.

When Lu XiaoFeng sat back down on the chair, the jug also returned to the table.

Xiao QiuYu grabbed it again and pushed, this time the jug went even faster and farther.

He was born astoundingly strong, a push like this from him was enough to send an iron block that weighed several hundred kilograms.

But the jug returned again this time, followed closely by Lu XiaoFeng.

Xiao QiuYu was also shocked as he muttered: “Seems like there really is a demon possessing this jug, an alcoholic demon that’s got wings.”

Liu YuHen suddenly snickered. After a single laugh, he was already at the table. He grabbed the jug with both hands, grabbed it really tight, and suddenly tried to smash it with his forehead.

The others were trying to smash the jug, but he seemed to be trying to smash his head.

Xiao QiuYu sighed, this time the jug was undoubtly going to be smashed, but his head won’t be much better off either.

But his head didn’t split open and the jug wasn’t smashed.

Lu XiaoFeng’s hand suddenly reached out and caught the jug by placing his hand between it and Liu YuHen’s head.

Liu YuHen let out another snicker as he suddenly jumped up and kicked at Lu XiaoFeng’s stomach. This kick didn’t land either.

Lu XiaoFeng suddenly jumped up and somersaulted over his head, landing behind him, still blocking that jug of wine with hand.

Liu YuHen kicked back, Lu XiaoFeng somersaulted over him again to in front of him. He suddenly sighed and said: “This jug of wine is our last jug, that head is your last head as well, why are you so determined to smash them?”

Liu YuHen stared at him, that good eye of his seemed to have turned just like his other eye, turning into a dark, deep hole.

Xiao QiuYu suddenly busted out laughing: “Looks like this guy must be the real Lu XiaoFeng!”

DuGu Fang replied: “Oh?”

“Other than Lu XiaoFeng, who else would waste so much effort on a jug of wine?”

DuGu Fang busted out laughing as well: “That’s right, there aren’t that many dummies like this in the world!”

Smiling, Xiao QiuYu gently took the jug away from Liu YuHen and placed it back onto the table.

“Beng”! Suddenly this jug went into pieces and the wine that was in the jug was spilled all over the table–Liu YuHen’s hands and Lu XiaoFeng’s hand were both exerting force onto the jug, even if this jug was made of iron it would have been smashed.

Xiao QiuYu was taken a back for a moment, then let out a rather forced smile: “Wouldn’t you know it? When you want to smash it, you can’t; when you don’t want to smash it anymore, it does!”

Lu XiaoFeng casually replied: “There’s a lot of things in the world that just are the way they are and can’t be forced, so why take it all so seriously?”

Liu YuHen’s eyes suddenly looked indescribly sad and pitiful as he turned around and walked off.

Seemed like what Lu XiaoFeng just said reminded him of some secret that’s buried deep inside of him.

It was at this time that a cute and refreshing voice said: “Her Majesty Princess DanFeng of the Golden Roc dynasty, the Red Pheonix Princess herself, would like an audience with a Mr. Lu, Lu XiaoFeng.”

The voice belonged to a very cute and honest looking girl with large eyes and colorful clothing.

She had just walked out of the thick jubube bush, but already seemed like all the stars in the sky had emptied into her eyes.

Lu XiaoFeng asked: “The Red Pheonix Princess? Princess DanFeng?”

The girl looked at him with that pair of bright, shining eyes of hers and smiled: “Princess DanFeng, Red Pheonix, not Princess XiaoFeng, little pheonix.”

Lu XiaoFeng looked over at Old Man Huo, sighed and muttered: “So she really is a princess!”

The girl replied: “Absolutely 100% authentic!”

The girl smiled again, such a sweet smile: “She afraid that Mr. Lu would be scared off again, so she’s waiting outside!”

Although her smile was sweet, she was talking a bit slow. All Lu XiaoFeng could do was to smile back.

The girl stared at him and smiled again: “She’s waiting for you outside, now the question is whether or not Mr. Lu dares to see her.”

Old Man Huo suddenly interrupted: “Of course he dares!”

The quiet and mysterious old man smiled and continued: “If he doesn’t go see this princess, everyone of his friend’s houses might be torn down pretty soon!”

The stars were twinkling in the sky, the new moon nestled itself comfortably inside of this sparkling quilt, there was suddenly a fragrance permeating through the jujube woods–it didn’t came from the jujubes, it was flower fragrance.

It came from a dog, a very strong looking hunting dog with long ears and long legs.

There were rings upon rings of flowers on him, and he carried a flower basket in his mouth as well.

Inside of this basket full of flower was a faint glint of gold, coming from 4 gold ingots that weighed at least 50 taels each.

The girl took the basket in her hand and sweetly said: “This is compensation from our princess for the damage to the old gentleman, would Mr. Lu accept it on his behalf?”

Lu XiaoFeng blinked: “What’s that for? Because you guys tore down his house?”

The girl nodded.

Lu XiaoFeng observed: “These 4 ingots are more than 100 taels in total, quite a bit of money!”

Little wooden houses like that, 50 taels of gold would gets you several of them, so of course this was quite a bit of money.

The girl said: “Only hope that this old gentleman would kindly accept this small token of our appreciation and regret.”

Lu XiaoFeng replied: “He won’t!”


“Because he doesn’t need this 100 or so taels of gold at all, and if it is compensation for the house, it seems to be a little short.”

“These ingots are 50 taels each!”

“I can tell.”

“This is still not enough to pay for the house?”

“Just a bit short!”

“Short by how much?”

“Exactly how much, I’m not too sure. But I would estimate about 30 or 40 thousand more taels would be about right!”

“30 or 40 thousand taels of what?”

“30 or 40 thousand taels of gold, of course!”

The girl laughed.

“You don’t believe me?”

The girl couldn’t stop laughing, running into such a rip off, what could she do other than laugh? Pay him tens of thousands of taels of gold?

Lu XiaoFeng suddenly picked up the decorated wooden chair that he was just sitting on: “Do you know what kind of chair this is?”

The girl said in between her laughs: “Looks like one for people to sit in!”

“But this chair was made 400 years ago by that famous carpenter Lu Zhi, he carved the decorations on himself. There are only 11 of these in the world, 5 of them are inside the imperial palace, there was 6 of them here, but they just smashed 4 of them.”

The girl’s eyes were opened as wide as they possibly be as she stared at that chair in his hand, she was finding it harder and harder to laugh!

Lu XiaoFeng asked: “Do you know who lived in this house before?”

The girl shook her head.

“This was the summer retreat for the famous poet Lu FangWeng, he had scribbled on the walls some of his poems, now they are all smashed to bits.”

The girl’s eyes got even bigger as she looked shocked.

Lu XiaoFeng casually observed: “Every single piece of wood in this house is just about priceless, even if you came with 40 or 50 thousand taels of gold, you would be short.”

He let out a little laugh and continued: “Fortunately this old gentleman doesn’t want you to pay for the damages at all, because 40 or 50 thousand taels of gold is about the same as a farthing to him!”

The girl quietly licked her lips as she stared at the old man in disbelief.

Old Man Huo was still comfortably sitting there, slowly sampling the half a cup of wine left in his cup, as if there is nothing in the world more important than this half cup of wine.

Lu XiaoFeng suddenly turned to DuGu Fang, smiled, and asked: “I know for a fact that you are always very knowledgeable about the events in this world, so I take it that you must have heard that who was the richest man in the world!”

DuGu Fang replied in a heavy tone: “If you want to talk about the most land, then it’s the Hua family just south of the Yantze; if you count priceless objects, then it’s Yan family just inside of the of the Great Wall in central ShanXi plains. But as for who really is the richest, then it’s probably Huo Xiu.”

“Do you know what kind of a man this Huo Xiu is?”

“Although he is the richest man in the world, he likes to live like a hermit, so not that many people have ever seen him; I heard that he is a very unsociable and eccentric old man, and that….” He suddenly stopped and stared at Old Man Huo.

Now everyone finally realized that this quiet and mysterious old man was Huo Xiu, the richest man in the world.

Old Man Huo suddenly sighed and slowly got up: “Since somebody knows that I live here, I can’t stay here anymore, why don’t you have it.”

Lu XiaoFeng looked at the pieces of wood on the ground and said: “I remember you would not even let me borrow it for a couple of days before.”

Old Man Huo casually replied: “You just said it yourself, everything in there is priceless, how can I let people borrow them?”

“But now that it is just wood, you can!”

“That’s right!”

Lu XiaoFeng sighed and smiled: “I finally figured out how you got to be so rich!”

Old Man Huo’s face did not change at all as he casually replied: “There’s something else you should know.”


“When you run away, there really isn’t that many people in the world that can chase you down; but other than people, there are a lot of other things in the world, say for example….”

“For example, a hunting dog with a very sensitive nose!”

Old Man Huo sighed: “So you are not so stupid after all, maybe one of these days you’ll be rich too!”


Ebony black carriage pulled by an ebony black horse, bright, shiny black. That bright and black carriage was covered with flowers of all colors as well.

The little girl spoke up: “Her Majesty is waiting for you inside the carriage, why don’t you go in.”

Lu XiaoFeng asked: “Go in?”



“Then this carriage will take you somewhere you never been before. I guarantee you won’t regret it once we get there!”

“Of course I won’t regret it, because I’m not going.”

The girl stared at him, she seemed to be surprised: “Why not?”

“Why should I allow myself to be taken to a place I never been before by a person I have never met before?”

The girl blinked: “Because… because we’ll give you lots and lots of gold!”

Lu XiaoFeng laughed.

The girl asked: “You don’t like gold?”

“I do, but I don’t like to risk my life for gold.”

The girls rolled her eyes around for a bit and then whispered: “It’s really quiet inside the carriage, Her Majesty is very pretty, and this trip is rather long, who knows what might happen during it!”

Lu XiaoFeng smiled: “Now that’s a lot more effective on me!”

The girl’s eyes sparkled: “You have decided to go in it?”


The girl pouted: “Why not?”

Casually, Lu XiaoFeng replied: “I have always like pretty women, but I don’t like to risk my life for pretty women either!”

“What would you risk you life for?”


“Other than yourself, there isn’t anyone else in the world that you would risk you life for?”


The girl’s eyes rolled about for a bit more: “Not even for Hua ManLou?”

“Hua ManLou?”

The little girl said casually: “I figure you should know who Hua ManLou is, he’s waiting for you at that place. If you don’t go, then he would be very disappointed!”

“If he wanted me to go, he would have came and found me himself.”

“Pity that he can’t come right now!”


“Because he can’t go anywhere right now!”

“You are saying that he has fallen into your hands?”

“That’s about right!”

Lu XiaoFeng suddenly busted out laughing, as if he just heard the funniest joke in the world, he was laughing so hard that he doubled over.

The little girl couldn’t help but ask: “What are you laughing at?”

Still laughing, Lu XiaoFeng replied: “At you. You are still a kid after all, don’t even know how to tell a lie!”


“If you guys can get to Hua ManLou, then there’s nothing in the world that you guys can’t do, what’s the point in coming and getting me?”

The girl smiled a little: “You know, you are not that stupid, but you are not that smart either!”


“If you were smart, you would have realized 2 things by now!”


“First of all, I’m not a kid anymore, I’m the older cousin of Princess DanFeng, she’s only 19, I’m already 20.”

This stopped Lu XiaoFeng dead in his tracks as he sized up the girl again, no matter how many times he looks at her, he still couldn’t see her as anything but a 12 year old girl, much less 20 years old.

The girl casually continued: “You should know that there are some people that just can’t grow tall, there are some 60 or 70 years old grandmas much shorter than me, you have seen them before haven’t you?”

Although he still didn’t quite believe her, Lu XiaoFeng had to admit there are people like that in the world.

The girl continued: “Second of all, you should know that Hua ManLou is not like you!”

“No, he isn’t. He’s smarter than me!”

“But he’s also a good guy!”

“And I’m not?”

“Specifically because you are not a good guy, that’s why you don’t easily believe other people’s lies. But he trusts everyone, to trick him is much easier!”

Lu XiaoFeng sized her up several more times and suddenly asked: “Are you really 20 years old?”

“Just turned 20 last month.”

Smiling, Lu XiaoFeng casually told her: “Well, any 20 year old should know that a bad guy like me will never risk his life for a friend, any friend!”

The girl stared at him: “Really?”



Lu XiaoFeng was already in the carriage when the carriage started moving.

The inside of the carriage was filled with all kinds of flowers as well, Princess DanFeng was sitting among the flowers, like the world’s most precious and beautiful black rose. Her pupils were ebony black as well, black and shiny, she was still staring at Lu XiaoFeng.

Lu XiaoFeng wasn’t looking at her, he had already closed his eyes, as if he was about to take a nap.

Princess DanFeng suddenly smiled and said to him in tender voice: “For a moment there I thought you weren’t going to come.”

Lu XiaoFeng replied: “Oh?”

“I thought I heard you say that you would never risk your life for a friend!”

Nonchalantly, Lu XiaoFeng replied: “I’m not going to risk my life for a friend any time soon either, but I don’t mind getting on a carriage for a friend at all.”

Princess DanFeng laughed. When she laughs, it’s as if an entire garden of flowers suddenly blossomed right in front of you.

Lu XiaoFeng had barely opened his eyes when he closed them again.

Sweetly, Princess DanFeng asked: “You won’t even look at me, why?”

“Because this carriage is very small, and I’m a man that can’t resist being seduced!”

“You are afraid that I might seduce you?”

“I don’t want to risk my life for you!”

“How do you know that I’m going to ask you to risk your life?”

“Because I’m not stupid!”

Princess DanFeng picked up a flower and stared at it; after a long paused, she finally gently sighed and said: “You are right, the reason we came to you today was to ask you to do something for us. But I don’t want to seduce you, and don’t need to.”


“Because I know there’s a type of person that would do anything for a friend!”

“Which type is that?”

“Your type!”

Lu XiaoFeng smiled: “I don’t even know what type of person I am, how come you know?”

“I have never met you before, but I have heard a lot of rumors about you.”

Lu XiaoFeng was listening, the only person in the world that haven’t heard of those rumors was probably himself.

Princess DanFeng said: “I heard a lot of people say you are an a$$h01e, but at the same time they couldn’t help but admit that you are the most lovable a$$h01e in the world.”

Lu XiaoFeng sighed, he couldn’t decide if that was a put down or a compliment. But he had finally opened his eyes.

Princess DanFeng continued: “They all say that on the outside, you are like a rock that’s fell into the latrine, hard and stinky; but inside your heart is softer than tofu.” Lu XiaoFeng smiled, all he could do was smile.

Princess DanFeng suddenly let out a little laugh and said: “Of course, rumors aren’t very reliable, but at least there is one point that they were right about.”

“And what’s that?”

“I have never understood why they say you got 4 eyebrows, now I finally understand.”

Lu XiaoFeng frowned, when he frowns, it seemed like his mustache was frowning too.

Princess DanFeng continued: “Did you just realize who was the person that told me about that?”

Still frowning, Lu XiaoFeng asked: “Hua ManLou is really at that place?”

“Why should I lie to you? Besides, you’ll meet him soon.”

“Although he can’t see, but he can feel danger coming 5 kilometers away. I really can’t figure out how he had fallen into your hands.”

“Because he’s a good guy, and he is also a man. When a good man run into a bad girl, very rarely does he not get tricked.”

Coldly, Lu XiaoFeng asked: “He ran into you?”

Princess DanFeng sighed: “Although sometimes I felt inclined to trick some peole, but even if I was 10 times better I still couldn’t compare with ShangGuan FeiYan.”

“ShangGuan FeiYan?”

“XueEr’s older sister, ShangGuan FeiYan.”

“Then who’s XueEr?”

“XueEr is my younger cousin, she’s that girl that just invited you here.”

“She’s not your older cousin?”

Princess DanFeng laughed: “She’s only 12 years old, how could be older than me?”

Lu XiaoFeng didn’t know what he should do, should he bust out laughing? Or bust out crying?

He just couldn’t believe that he would actually be tricked to that level by a 12 year old girl.

With a younger sister like that, imagine what the older sister would be like?

Seeing the half-laughing half-crying expression on his face, Princess DanFeng let out a sweet peal of laughter and said: “That little devil doesn’t even blink when she lies, did you get tricked by her as well?”

Lu XiaoFeng laughed wrily: “At least I figured out how come Hua ManLou was tricked.”

“Although he’s in our hands, we have been treating him very respectfully. Not only because he is your friend, but because he is quite a character himself.”

“That he is.”

“You and him, and Zhu Ting as well, seemed have been friends ever since you guys were little right?”

“You seem to know all there is to know about me.”

Princess DanFeng smiled: “To be honest, in order to find you, we prepared for this for 7 whole months.”

Lu XiaoFeng sighed: “If someone spends 7 whole months in preparation to find a guy, that guy is about to be very unlucky.”

Princess DanFeng gently replied: “But we don’t want to do any harm to you!” Lu XiaoFeng smiled rather bitterly.

Princess DanFeng continued: “Although the thing we are asking you to do is dangerous, but I believe you will get it done without any problems.”

She stared at him, her expression was filled with admiration and confidence.

Lu XiaoFeng asked: “What is the thing that you guys want me to do?”

Hesitating, Princess DanFeng lowered her head and replied: “I don’t have to tell you right now, you’ll find out soon enough.”

“Liu YuHen, Xiao QiuYu, and DuGu Fang are all here for this matter?”

Princess DanFeng nodded and laughed: “Getting them wasn’t easy, but at least it was a lot easier than getting you.”

Lu XiaoFeng asked: “How did you get the 3 of them anyways?”

Princess DanFeng smiled: “Everyone has a weakness, they wouldn’t be able to guess how I was manage to be able to get you.”

She put the flower in her hand in front of Lu XiaoFeng’s face and continued: “Liu YuHen, Xiao QiuYu, DuGu Fang, Hua ManLou, and then there’s you. If there is something in the world that the 5 of you can’t do then it just can’t be done.”

Skin white fog had gathered outside of the carriage, the lighting inside the carriage was even more gentle.

Lu XiaoFeng stared at the flower in her hand, the flower was pretty, but her hand was even prettier.

Princess DanFeng used that soft and refined hand of hers to stick the flower onto Lu XiaoFeng’s shirt and then softly said: “You best take a nice little nap.”


Princess DanFeng lowered her head and said in an even softer and gentler tone: “Because I’m about to lose control of myself and seduce you.”


The carriage went forth through the thick fog. Although the fog was dense, it was morning fog, ever so slowly the night has ended.

Lu XiaoFeng was leaning sideways against the carriage, seemingly asleep.

Princess DanFeng said gently: “Go to sleep, that way you might be able to see him by the time you wake up.”

Lu XiaoFeng couldn’t help but open his eyes again: “Who is he?”

“The Golden Roc Emperor.”

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