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The Embroidery Bandit Epilogue



Lu Xiao Feng was drunk. Because he needed to. He must.

“I’m going to see her now. But you’d have to wait a long long time before you can see her. A long long….”

He understood what Jin Jiu Ling meant, how could he not want to be drunk? Even though he was incredibly drunk, he was not asleep, but was still listening to First Madame Gong Sun’s explanation to her sisters!

“Lu Xiao Feng is not an idiot. I knew he wasn’t an idiot from the very beginning, I believed that he would have been able to see through Jin Jiu Ling’s evil plans!”

“But I wasn’t sure!”

“Even though I wasn’t sure, I still had to somehow uncover Jin Jiu Ling’s plans, nobody can be allowed to do that to me!”

“And I had to find out who his accomplice was, I can’t let someone like this stay among my sisters, just like I can’t let a sand stay in my eye.”

“So I purposefully led Lu Xiao Feng to our meeting place, because I hoped to find an opportunity to tell him what I thought and hope that the two of us can work together to catch the real Embroidery Bandit.”

“But I could not just come out and say it, because I know one of you was Jin Jiu Ling’s accomplice!”

“I was just having trouble finding an opportunity when Lu Xiao Feng gave me one!” “He wanted to have a drinking contest with me.”

“I suddenly realized what he wanted, so I immediately agreed to it!”

“When he was just about drunk, he did find an opportunity and whispered two sentences to me. Did any of you notice?”

“He said: ‘Follow me, I know you are not the Embroidery Bandit!’”

“So I left with him!”

“But in order to keep this from the spy, we still had to continue the act. So we had two more rounds!”

“When the final round began, I secretly signaled Fourth Sister and Seventh Sister to follow me in, because I know that only the two of them are without a doubt innocent. Because only the two of them are still virgins!”

Ou Yang Qing, the prostitute who lives in a brothel, was a virgin? Even Lu Xiao Feng had to whip his head up and look at her in shock and surprise before quickly putting his head back down again.

First Madame Gong Sun continued.

“I instructed them, along with Lan-Er, to immediately split up and go find Jiang Chong Wei, Hua Yi Fan, and Chang Man Tian!”

“That spy would surely think that I was trying to bait Lu Xiao Feng away and would not suspect anything was amiss!”

“After I left with Lu Xiao Feng, we immediately found a remote place to discuss and compare what we suspected and what we knew!”

“That was when we decided upon that ‘doomed to death and back’ plan!”

Everyone was quiet, nobody spoke up.

“At the end when Jin Jiu Ling was trying to escape, he obviously already knew that you all had arrived at Yang Cheng, that’s why he went that route.”

That little wood was their meeting place in Yang Cheng.

First Madame Gong Sun’s eyes were like a pair of piercing blades as she scanned over the faces of Second Madame, Third Madame, the nun in green, and Jiang Qing Xia.

“So that spy must be among the 4 of you!” She coldly continued.

Second Madame and Third Madame’s face were completely devoid of emotions, but Jiang Qing Xia’s face was already deathly pale.

“Fifth Sister Jiang should have been the most suspicious of all, because she was the only one who would understand the layout and security of the RoyalPalace and was the only one who could get close enough to Jiang Chong Wei to steal his keys,” First Madame Gong Sun declared. She paused and broke out into a smile. “But Lu Xiao Feng had convinced me otherwise. Because he knew that Jin Jiu Ling and Jiang Chong Wei were good friends and could get close to Jiang Chong Wei himself without the help of Jiang Qing Xia. Besides, if Fifth Sister was his accomplice, then he would have never sent Si Kong Zhai Xing to take that piece of red satin to Still Dusk Convent.”

Jiang Qing Xia looked over at the practically passed out Lu Xiao Feng with eyes overflowing with gratitude.

“Sixth Sister is also quite worthy of suspicion, because despite being committed to Buddhism, I have recently discovered that she has not been able to protect her body like a treasure!”

The nun in green’s face initially blushed, but soon turned a deathly pale as well.

“But then I found out who her secret lover is — you don’t need to ask me who he is, all that you need to know is that he’s not Jin Jiu Ling. I know what kind of a person Sixth Sister is, if she already has a lover, she would never have gotten together with Jin Jiu Ling. So it could not be her either!”

The nun in green looked down, tears suddenly appearing in her eyes.

Yet Second and Third Sister still sat there, their faces totally devoid of emotions, neither saying a word.

First Madame Gong Sun suddenly turned onto Third Madame, the look in her eyes as sharp as the sharpest blades.

“You were completely free of suspicion, but you should not have attacked Lu Xiao Feng when he had Seventh Sister as a hostage, forcing Lu Xiao Feng into a fight against us. Furthermore, you definitely should not have made such a lethal attack while Lu Xiao Feng was chasing Jin Jiu Ling!” Her expression suddenly dropped. “Second Madame! You know who the spy is, why are you still sitting there?”

Second Madame was still sitting there, but her silver sabre was now in hand. Suddenly with a backward thrust, she stabbed towards Third Madame’s waist. This was a lethal strike. But Third Madame did not try to dodge at all, as if she was completely willing and fully prepared to take this blow!

But it was at this moment that the chopsticks in First Madame Gong Sun’s hand flew out. One of them knocked away Second Madame’s sabre while the other one sealed her pressure point. Second Madame’s entire body froze, as if she had suddendly turned into stone.

First Madame looked at her and slowly began to talk: “Actually, I knew it was you a long time ago. To fund Jin Jiu Ling’s spending habit, you already lost quite a lot of money. You knew that I would find out sooner or later, so you had to kill me. And after I die, only you would be able to take my place!”

On her frozen face, Second Madame’s forehead was covered with numerous giant beads of sweat.

“But we are still sisters, so as long as you show a little bit of remorse and could admit to your mistakes, I was prepared to completely forgive and forget what you did!” First Madame Gong Sun let out a long, drawn out sigh. “But you shouldn’t have made such a vicious move against Third Sister, obviously not only were you not remorseful for what you have done, but was prepared to let Third Sister take the fall and die in your place, you….”

She did not continue but instead walked up and unsealed Second Madame’s pressure point with her hand.

“Go, leave!” She gravely instructed. “I just hope that after you leave, you can give me a resolution!”

Second Madame did not leave, instead she stared back at First Madame Gong Sun, her eyes filled with a hopeless fear.

She knew that she had no other options left. The silver sabre had landed on the table. She picked it up, and suddenly brought it up against her neck.

But this time her sabre was knocked down again, this time it was Lu Xiao Feng who knocked it down.

Lu Xiao Feng, in his somewhat drunk but not quite drunk stupor, waved his hand and knocked down her sabre.

“Such a beautiful hour, such a wonderful party, why are you still trying to kill somebody?” He mumbled.

“I….” Second Madame bit her lip. “I’m not trying to kill anybody, I just want to kill myself?”

Lu Xiao Feng laughed, it was an earnest, but forced laughter.

“Aren’t you somebody?”

Second Madame was startled.

Lu Xiao Feng continued to mumble on.

“If you are already wrong, then why go and do more wrong? The heart has died, why must the person die too? There’s enough hatred out there, why bother adding more worries? Enough blood has been shed, why shed more?”

Second Madame stared at him for a long time. She suddenly laid her head down on the table and began to cry, cry with all of her broken heart.

First Madame Gong Sun looked over at Lu Xiao Feng and suddenly broke out into a smile.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you one more time. But….”

Lu Xiao Feng cut her off.

“All that’s needed to say have been said, why say anything more? The man is drunk, why stay any longer?….”

He shakely stood up and was slowly, gingerly making his way towards the door!

But First Madame Gong Sun blocked him.

“You are going now? Really?”

“There isn’t a party in the world that must disperse, why not now? Those who has to leave will eventually leave, why not now?”

“Where are you going?”

“Since I’m leaving anyways, why must you ask?”

First Madame Gong Sun stared into his eyes.

“Since I already asked, why must you not tell me?” She playfully answered.

Lu Xiao Feng laughed, laughed heartily.

“Actually, I didn’t need to ask, and you didn’t need to answer, because where you are going, is also where I’m going!”

Lu Xiao Feng’s suddenly flipped open his eyes.

“You know where I’m headed?”

“The two most famous swordsman in the martial world in the last 300 years is about to have a duel on top of Mount Zi Jin.” First Madame Gong Sun smiled. “This duel will not only shake the world, but will be talked about for ages to come, how could I miss it?”

“You know about that?”

“I also know that the date of their duel is not the First, but the 15th. Jin Jiu Ling told you the First because he was trying to make you leave!”

“The 15th? The 15th of August? The Mid-Autumn’s Festival?”

First Madame Gong Sun nodded and began to slowly hum a tune.

“Night of full moon, peak of Zi Jin, a sword from the west, an outer heaven angel….”

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