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The Embroidery Bandit Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – You Cheat I Lie

Night. But night not yet deep. Si Kong Zhai Xingg was not smashed, and already left. Lu Xiao Feng, of course, was not poisoned, Si Kong Zhai Xing was not the type to put poison in wine. Besides, even if he did use poison, Lu Xiao Feng would not have drank it.

But there were the hints of a smile on Xue Bing’s face.

“He lost for sure this time!” She suddenly sighed.

“He lost for sure?”

“The object is on you, and you know that he’s coming to steal it. How could he steal it?”

“He’s the King of Thieves, and a King of Thieves would surely have all kinds of strange and bizarre ways to steal things!”

“Are you really not sure that you’ll be able to beat him?” Xue Bing asked.

Lu Xiao Feng laughed a little and poured himself a drink. But he did not drink it, he only stared at it, as if fascinated by it.

“What are you thinking about? The person that wanted him to steal it from you?” Xue Bing asked.

Lu Xiao Feng did not deny this.

“Could the person that wanted him to steal this be the same person that sewed it?” Xue Bing asked.

“Very possible.”

“If I was you, I would rack my brain to try and come up with ways to make him tell you!”

“You are not me!”

“Good thing too,” Xue Bing sweetly smiled. “I don’t have all that worries and troubles that you have!”

“And that’s why are you very happy!”

“Yes, very happy!”

“Well, since you are happy, you are going to tell me right?” Lu Xiao Feng suddenly smiled.

“Tell you what?” Xue Bing seemed to have forgotten about it again.

“About red shoes, of course!”

Xue Bing blinked a couple of times, and figured that she could not put off this anymore.

“Do you know about GreenShirtMansion?” She suddenly asked.

Lu Xiao Feng nodded. Of course he knew.

“Well Red Shoes is like GreenShirtMansion, a very secretive organization. The only place where it’s different from GreenShirtMansion is that there are no men in the organization. So it’s more vicious and more powerful than GreenShirtMansion!”


“Because woman are more powerful than man to begin with.” Xue Bing laughed and cleverly answered.


“And nothing, that’s it.”

“That’s it?” Lu Xiao Feng almost jumped out of his skin. “What do you mean that’s it?”

“That’s it means that’s all I know.” Xue Bing casually replied. “It means that even if you put a knife up to my neck, I can’t tell you anymore.”

Lu Xiao Feng was speechless and just looked at her stupidly for a while.

“Women are more powerful than men,” he sighed, “they don’t play fair!”

“Since when have been playing unfair?” Xue Bing glared at him. “Did I not just tell you what all these people who wear red shoes are? Did I not also tell you that Red Shoes is a very secretive organization? Are you not satisfied?”

“Turns out not only do they play unfair, they are self-righetous.” Lu Xiao Feng meekly smiled.

“Well, you know that this big bearded embroider is actually a woman in disguise right?” Xue Bing seemed a bit embarrased about it as well and blinked a couple of times. “And you also know that she wears red shoes. You know quite a bit actually!”

“And that’s why I’m satisfied.” Lu Xiao Feng sighed. “Very satisfied!”

“Well, since you are satisfied, why don’t you pour me a drink?” Xue Bing smiled.

“Your face is redder than those red shoes that they wear,” Lu Xiao Feng coldly replied. “And you still want more?”

“I want to get drunk tonight anyways,” Xue Bing bit her lip. “Besides, there’s a bed here, if I get smashed I’ll just go and lie on the bed.”

“Don’t forget that I’m in this room as well!”

“So what if you are in the room?” Xue Bing glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes. “Am I suppose to be scared of you?”

“Are you actually trying to get drunk so you can summon up enough courage to seduce me?” Lu Xiao Feng glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes as well.

Xue Bing blushed again, but this time she did not bow her head but instead stared straight into his eyes.

“Do you actually not want me to seduce you?”

“Have you been planning to seduce me from the beginning?”

“Who do you think you are? Fan An? Song Yu?”

{Note: Fan An and Song Yu are notorious lady’s men and playboys in stories.}

Lu Xiao Feng suddenly stood up.

“What do you think you are doing?” Xue Bing demanded.

“I stood up, so it naturally follows that I’m going to leave!”

“Do you really want to leave?”

“Well since you aren’t going to seduce me, then what’s the point of my staying here?”

“Pch!” Xue Bing let out a little laugh.

“You are such a dummy. I’m not seducing you, but couldn’t you seduce me?”

“Too bad I’m not use to seducing others, it’s always been others seducing me!”

“Can’t you make an exception for me?” Xue Bing said barely above an whisper. Her face became even redder, redder even than the peach flowers in Spring, red just like honey peaches. Lu Xiao Feng suddenly sighed and slowly sat back down.

“What are you scared of?” Xue Bing looked at him and teased. “You haven’t even began enticing me yet and you are already sweating up a storm!”

“Because I feel very hot!”

“I seem to be feeling pretty hot too!”

“But you are snow and ice, how could you be feeling hot?” Lu Xiao Feng joked.

{Note: Lu Xiao Feng makes a joke on Xue Bing’s name here. “Xue” is a homophone of snow and “Bing” means ice in English.}

“I’m confused as well, why do I feel hot?” She blinked a couple of times and suddenly clapped her hands in realization. “I got it!”

“What do you get?”

“Si Kong Zhai Xing might not have put poison into the win, but did put in a type of drug that heats us up to try and make you feel as if you are baking!”

“And if we feel hot, then we would have to take our clothes off.”

“The object is on you, and if you take your cloth off, that would give him the chance that he needs!”

“I’m just wondering how in the world could the King of Thieves use such an idiotic method!” Lu Xiao Feng sighed.

“It might be idiotic, but it’s very effective!”

“Too bad that the object was not on me at all,” Lu Xiao Feng laughed and matter of factly said. “So he couldn’t steal it away anyways!”

“Did you already hide that thing somewhere else?” Xue Bing asked after being startled by the revelation.

“Hid it at a place that he would never think of in a million years.” Lu Xiao Feng laughed. “Even if he had 30 hands, all he could steal from me here is a couple piece of my crappy clothes.”

“You are so bad!” Xue Bing giggled.

“Always been.”

There was a person perched at the top of the roof across the way. Of course, he was none other than Si Kong Zhai Xing. At this moment, he was cursing Lu Xiao Feng in his mind.

“This little jerk really is a bastard!” He had amazingly forgotten that he himself was a bastard as well, someone who was not a bastard would never hide on roof tops and eavedrop on other people.

“Where did this little bastard hide it?” Si Kong Zhai Xing began going over the places where Lu Xiao Feng went today. They had began drinking outside and, when it got to be about time, they moved inside. Other than these 2 places, Lu Xiao Feng only went to relieve himself once!

“Could he have hid it in the out house?” That was a very good possibility, this Lu Xiao Feng bastard was capable of anything.

“Or maybe he hid it in the wine jug, somewhere that he thinks I would never expect!”

By now Lu Xiao Feng had already taken off his outer robe and casually laid it on the back of the chair by the window. The window was not closed. The thing would obviously not be in that robe, or else he would never be so careless with it!

Lu Xiao Feng was not a careless person, and digging out 680 worms was not exactly fun either. Si Kong Zhai Xing had decided to leave. He was just about to stand up but he stopped and his eyes lit up. If Lu Xiao Feng had actually hid the thing inside the robe, then is it not a place that he would expect even less? Did he purposefully say those words for Si Kong Zhai Xing to hear?

“This little bastard is a little fox!” Si Kong Zhai Xing laughed to himself. “But too bad that today you ran into an old fox!”

His smile was making him look quite a bit like an old fox.

The robe was just hanging there on the back of the chair, he could see it, but not touch it. So what was he to do? Of course this old fox had his ways. “King of Thieves” was not a title that he stole. Sounds of laughter emnated from within the room, what are they feeling so giddy about?

“Are they laughing at an idiot outside tasting the wind, watching them drink wine?”

Si Kong Zhai Xing suddenly jumped off of the roof, pushed open the door, and walked in. Xue Bing’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as she looked at him in surprise, as if she could not even imagine in her dreams that this person would suddenly appear. Lu Xiao Feng would not be able to either.

But Si Kong Zhai Xing just ignored them, sat down, and helped himself to a cup of wine.

“Well, drinking wine definitely feels better than tasting the wind.” He mumbled to himself.

“Who made you go out into the wind?” Xue Bing smiled.


“Are you a big idiot just like him?” Xue Bing blinked and laughed.

“Even if I’m not an idiot, I’m at least an air head.”

“You admit that you are an air head?” Xue Bing trying to contain her laughter.

“Well if I’m not an air head, then why would I get into this bet with him?” Si Kong Zhai Xing sighed.

“You don’t think it’s worth it?”

Si Kong Zhai Xing nodded.

“And that’s why the bet is off!”

“The bet is off?” Lu Xiao Feng almost screamed. “What do you mean the bet is off?”

“The bet is off means that the bet is off!”

“But we had an agreement!”

“Lots of agreement are went back upon later. And alot of spoken words could be treated like farts!”

“I don’t get it,” Lu Xiao Feng meekly smiled after staring at him dumbfounded for a while. “Why are you suddenly calling the bet off?”

“You don’t think I know what kind of shit you are trying to pull?” Si Kong Zhai Xing sneered.

“What kind of shit am I trying to pull?”

“You are going to let me steal the thing and then follow me to see how I give this thing to.” Si Kong Zhai Xing sneered. “That way, even though I win, I still come out on the short end!”

“How did you come up with that notion?” Lu Xiao Feng looked like an innocent kid. “I don’t get it.”

“You get it, you get it better than anyone!”

“Why would I let you win on purpose?” Lu Xiao Feng sighed. “Do you actually think that I like digging for worms?”

“Because you really want to find out who want me to steal the thing off of you. And to do that, this is the only way. To get what you want, you’ll resort to anything!”

“Do you really think I’m that kind of a person?” Lu Xiao Feng meekly smiled.

“I don’t care what kind of person you are, I’m not going through with this bet with you anymore. Because I have made up my mind that I’m not going to fall for your ploy!” He poured another cup and downed it in one gulp. Afterwards, he reared back and loudly laughed 3 times. “Excellent wine! Taste much better than wind!”

He was not even finished speaking those words by the time he made his way out of the door.

Lu Xiao Feng watched him leave, and sat dumbfounded for a while before suddenly breaking out into a smile.

“This guy really is an old fox!”

“Were you really going to let him win?” Xue Bing had to ask.

“The old fox was right, this really is the only way that I can find out who gave him this job!” Lu Xiao Feng laughed.

“And all those things you said earlier was to precisely tell him where the thing is?”


“But I still can’t figure out exactly where you hid it!” Xue Bing sighed.

“The thing was hid in my clothes!”

“In this robe on the chair?” Xue Bing was quite taken aback.

“Had been all along!”

“But you just said earlier….”

“I said that because I know that sooner or later he would figure out that I was hoping to distract his attention!”

“I still don’t get it.”

“I purposefully just casually laid my robe there, of course others won’t suspect that the thing was in there. But he’s not just anybody, he’s the ‘King of Thieves’!”

“So you figured that he sooner or later he would figure out that the thing was in there!”

“I put it there for him to steal to begin with!”

“So it turns out that you had a trick inside of another trick.” Xue Bing finally understood. “After all of that, you were still trying to let him steal it!”

“Yes, I wanted him to steal it, but I can’t make it too easy for him because I can’t allow him to get suspicious!”

“But he still got suspicious and did not fall for it!”

“That’s why I say he’s really truly an old fox,” Lu Xiao Feng sighed. “Too bad though….”

“What’s too bad?”

Lu Xiao Feng suddenly let out a little laugh.

“Too bad he still fell for it in the end!”

Xue Bing was taken aback for a moment before smiling meekly.

“I don’t get it again.”

“He still stole the thing!”

“When did he steal it?”

“Just now!”

Xue Bing could not help but to take that robe in her hand and shook it a bit. A piece of red satin fell from within its folds, on it was sewn a black peony.

“Isn’t it still here?”

“But this piece of satin is not the original one anymore!”

“You are telling me that he switched this piece of satin with that piece of yours?”

“Look at it carefully, isn’t there some differences between the 2?”

The differences were not obvious, but they were still there.

“He probably already found out from Jin Jiu Ling what the piece of satin and the embroidery looked like, then he found someone to make sew one just like it to switch it with me!”

“He was so quick, no wonder he’s the ‘King of Thieves’!” Xue Bing sighed. “I was watching him the entire time just now and did not see how he did it.”

“He probably thinks I didn’t see it either.” Lu Xiao Feng smiled. “He probably figures that I still don’t know!”

“You have already inspected this satin countless number of time. And now since it hasn’t been stolen, you would surely hide it somewhere. Either way, you definitely would not be taking it out any time soon!”

“That’s why he figures that I would not realize that this was a fake any time soon!”

“And now, since he’s gotten what he wanted, he would surely try and give it to his benefactor!”

“He has to finish his job, after all!”

“Then why aren’t you following him right now?”

“Because I know that there’s no way he’ll leave right now!”

“Why not?”

“Because he’s afraid that I might get suspicious as well!”

Xue Bing thought about it for a bit.

“It’s not like you are going to find out about the switch any time soon, so he might as well take this opportunity and relax some!”

“The more relaxed he is, the less likely I’m going to get suspicous!”

“And once we leave tomorrow morning, he could actually send us out on our way and then gingerly go back and finish his job!”

“Looks like if you hang around us anymore, you’ll end up being a little fox as well!” Lu Xiao Feng sighed.

Xue Bing’s eyes rolled around for a bit and an expression that was sort of a smile but not really a smile appeared on her face.

“So what do you want to do now?” She asked him in a voice barely above whisper.

“Well, naturally, I’m going to keep him company!” Lu Xiao Feng purposefully ignored her expression.

“You are going to leave me here to keep him company!” Xue Bing looked as if she was about to jump up once again.

“He won’t try to seduce me, I won’t try to seduce him either.” Lu Xiao Feng matter of factly replied. “I’m much safer in his company!”

Xue Bing bit her lip and bitterly glared at him. Suddenly, she broke out in a teasing smile.

“At last, I figured out what you are!”

“Oh? What am I?”

“You are a dog!”

“How am I a dog?” Lu Xiao Feng asked with an incredulous smile.

“If Si Kong Zhai Xing is an old fox, then doesn’t that make you a fox-biting dog?” Xue Bing teased.


Si Kong Zhai Xing was lying in bed, using his own arms as a pillow. He was focused on the cup of wine that was on his chest. Lu Xiao Feng always liked to drink wine like this, not only that, when Lu Xiao Feng drinks like this, he does not spill a single drop of wine. If it was something that Lu Xiao Feng could do, then Si Kong Zhai Xing must learn it, not just learn it but master it better than Lu Xiao Feng.

He suddenly heard someone laughing outside of his door.

“That’s my trick and mine alone. You’ll never learn it!” A man pushed open the door and walked in. Lu Xiao Feng, of course.

Si Kong Zhai Xing did not turn at his comment but instead remained completely focused on that cup of wine on top of his chest.

“What are you up to now?” He coldly demanded.

“Up to? No, I’m only here to keep you company!”

“You are leaving her alone to keep me company?”

“Is the bet off now?” Instead of answering his question, Lu Xiao Feng laughed and asked a question of his own.

“Uh huh!”

“So we are still friends?”

“Uh huh!”

“Well, since we are friends, then why shouldn’t I come and keep you company?”

“Of course you could, but now I think I’m going to go and keep her company!” Si Kong Zhai Xing suddenly inhaled deeply. The wine cup on his chest immediately flew onto his lips and the win inside of the cup flew into his mouth as well. Unfortunately, not all of the wine flew into his mouth, the other half of the wine spilled all over his entire body.

“I told you,” Lu Xiao Feng laughed heartily at his friend’s misfortune. “You won’t master that move even if you tried a life time!”

Si Kong Zhai Xing gave Lu Xiao Feng a fierce glare before he started to get up. Suddenly, his complexion changed dramatically as his entire face tightened and began to twitch. His entire body was twitching, as if a thin blade had just been stabbed into his stomach.

“What’s the matter?” Even Lu Xiao Feng was shocked by this turn of events. Si Kong Zhai Xing opened his mouth, trying to speak, but nothing came out. Lu Xiao Feng immediately ran to his side and helped him sit up. Suddenly, he caught a whiff of a strange scent.

He picked up that wine cup and sniffed. His expression changed dramatically.

“There’s poison in this cup!” By now Si Kong Zhai Xing’s face was deathily pale and huge beads of sweat were collecting on his forehead.

“Where did the wine come from? Was anybody here earlier?” Lu Xiao Feng inquired.

Si Kong Zhai Xing bearly managed to shook his head a little and stared at the wine flask sitting on the table. There was still some wine in the flask.

Lu Xiao Feng grabbed the flask and sniffed it, the wine in the flask was not poisonous.

“The poison is on the cup!” The cup had probably always been in this room. Just then when Si Kong Zhai Xing was eavedropping on the roof, somebody must have came here and put something on the cup.

“You were always such a careful guy!” Lu Xiao Feng stumped his feet in frustration. “Why are you so thoughtless now!”

Si Kong Zhai Xing gritted his teeth and finally squeezed three words out of his mouth.

“Still Dusk Convent!”

“You know somebody there who can heal you? You want me to take you there?”

“Quick… quickly….” Si Kong Zhai Xing struggled to nodded a little.

“Alright, I’ll go find Xue Bing, we’ll take you there together!” Lu Xiao Feng picked Si Kong Zhai Xing up and charged out, looking for Xue Bing.

But Xue Bing was no where to be found. That unfinished cup of wine that she was drinking earlier was still on the table, but she had disappeared into thin air. On the plate that used to have some chopped beef was now placed a pair of hands, a pair of severed hands! Lu Xiao Feng recognized that they were Sun Zhong’s hands. Could he have organized some people and returned for revenge and actually took Xue Bing away with them? But how could they have not heard anything next door?

Xue Bing was not an easy customer, how could she be taken away so easily? Lu Xiao Feng did not have time to think these things out in detail. At the moment, everything had to be put on hold, the most important thing was to save Si Kong Zhai Xing. Besides, this turn of events was too shocking, too unimaginable. No matter how much he tried, he would not be able to figure it out anyways. Fortunately, the carriage that they had rode in on was still here.

Lu Xiao Feng woke up the driver and hopped onto the carriage with, by now, a seemingly completely immobile Si Kong Zhai Xing.

“You can’t die, you are not a good man, how can your life be so short?” He mumbled to him, and to himself.

Miraculously, Si Kong Zhai Xing did not die and held on in this half dead state all the way to Still Dusk Convent.

Still Dusk Convent was situated within a black bamboo forest, a black bamboo forest on the side of the mountain. The gate to the mountain was open, but human world was forever left behind, outside of the bamboo forest. It was impossible for the carriage to go up the mountain side, so Lu Xiao Feng, carrying the unconscious Si Kong Zhai Xing, made his way through the bamboo forest, stepping quietly over the fallen leaves. Along with the breeze came the last stroke of the night bell. But night had not fallen yet, the setting sun’s color filled the entire sky, it was dusk.

“You made it! It was hard but you made it!” Lu Xiao Feng mumbled as he looked down at the Si Kong Zhai Xing in his arms, trying to catch his breath. Si Kong Zhai Xing’s body shuddered slightly and he gently groaned, as if he had heard Lu Xiao Feng’s words.

“How are you feeling?” Lu Xiao Feng immediately asked.

“I’m starving!” Si Kong Zhai Xing suddenly flung open his eyes.

“You are starving?” Lu Xiao Feng was startled.

“Yeah, these last two days you went off the carriage to eat and drink to your hearts content and all I could do was hide inside the carriage chewing through cold cookie dough. How could I not be starving?” Si Kong Zhai Xing winked at Lu Xiao Feng. Lu Xiao Feng was speechless. He looked like he had just swallowed 600 live worms.

“Careful how you carry me, don’t drop me ok?” Si Kong Zhai Xing instructed.

“Oh I’ll be careful, but I’m just afraid that it won’t kill you!” Lu Xiao Feng winked. He suddenly lifted Si Kong Zhai Xing above his head and slammed his body down towards the ground. But before Si Kong Zhai Xing hit the ground, he suddenly flipped in mid air. In fact, he did 7 or 8 flips in a role and gently landed on the ground. He took one look at Lu Xiao Feng and began to laugh, laugh so hard that he doubled over.

“I should have let you die right there!” Lu Xiao Feng bitterly declared.

“Only the good die young, how could a man like me die?” Si Kong Zhai Xing was still laughing. He actually just admitted that he was not a good man.

“You were not poisoned were you?”

“Of course not, who could poison an immortal old fox like me?”

“That poison on the wine cup was something you put there yourself?”

“That was not poison to begin with!” Si Kong Zhai Xing laughed triumphantly. “It was just some scented herbs that smells like poison. But nothing will happen even if you ingest 1 kilogram of it.”

“You pretended to be poisoned so as to keep me busy and make me take you here.”

“If I don’t do that, then how else could I get the thing out of that place?”

“How did you get the thing out of there? This entire time you pretended to be on the verge of death and did not move a hair!”

“I have my ways. Don’t forget, not only am I the “King of Thieves”, I’m an clever old fox too!”

“But if it wasn’t for a little fox, this job probably would not be anywhere near this easy!” Lu Xiao Feng suddenly snickered.

“Little fox?” Si Kong Zhai Xing seemed to be surprised at the revalation. “Other than you, is there another little fox?”

“Maybe not a little fox, but certainly a female fox!” Lu Xiao Feng sneered.

“I knew I couldn’t keep you in the dark forever!” Si Kong Zhai Xing burst out laughing again. “You are not that stupid after all!”

“When did you make this arrangement with Xue Bing?”

“When you went off to relieve yourself!”

“Why would she go along with your plan?”

“Maybe because she fallen for me!” Si Kong Zhai Xing matter of factly said.

“She would fall for an old fox like you?”

“I see you don’t understand, all women love old foxes!” Si Kong Zhai Xing laughed at himself.

“Looks like she really has been hypnotized by one of your evil methods, so much so that she was actually capable of doing such a thing!” Lu Xiao Feng sighed but then suddenly asked another question. “If she went off to complete the job for you and give the thing to the owner, then what was that pair of severed hands doing there?”

“Severed hands?” Si Kong Zhai Xing seemed to be caught off guard. “What severed hands?”

“That hand that was cut off of Sun Zhong!”

“Where was that hand?”

“On the plate that had beef on it!”

“I don’t know anything about that!” Si Kong Zhai Xing frowned and shook his head.

“You really don’t know?”

“When have I ever lied to you?” Si Kong Zhai Xing sighed.

“You have always lied to me!” Lu Xiao Feng bittered replied.

“A genius like you? How could I ever get you to believe in my lies?” Si Kong Zhai Xing blinked.

“You shouldn’t be able to,” Lu Xiao Feng could not help himself and sighed again. Smiling meekly, he continued. “But pity that I am just too nice of a guy.”

“Is that nice man outside Lu Xiao Feng?” A person suddenly asked from behind the gate.

The gate was half closed, inside the door was a small little yard with a person sitting in a bamboo chair underneath the white poplar trees in the yard. The dusk sun shoned down upon lonely white poplar tree, and also shoned upon his pale face. His nose was straight and his forehead pertruded out, anybody could see in one glace that he must be a powerful and dignified person. But where those bright and shining eyes of his used to be, now there were only two black holes.

“Jiang Chong Wei!” Lu Xiao Feng shouted in surprise as he entered the yard. “How did you get here?”

“If I’m here, then were else can I be?” Jiang Chong Wei smiled. His smile was melancholy and painful. “I’m nothing more than a blind man now, the RoyalPalace would never use a blind man as warden, even if they didn’t force me to leave, I would have left myself anyways!”

As Lu Xiao Feng watched his face, his heart was filled with sadness as well. Jiang Chong Wei was a very talented man with a great future ahead of him. But a blind man….

Lu Xiao Feng suddenly turned his head back towards Si Kong Zhai Xing.

“Do you recognize him?” He stared at Si Kong Zhai Xing. Si Kong Zhai Xing nodded.

“Do you know how he became like this?” Si Kong Zhai Xing sighed. He did not feel all too well inside either.

“Since you know, you should tell me who that person is now.”


“The person who was sewed the thing, the same person who sent you to steal it from me!”

“You think they are one and the same?”


“Maybe that satin was that person’s to begin with, why would that person want me to steal it back?”

“Maybe there was some secret on it and the person was afraid of me finding them.”

“Haven’t you already looked it over a lot of times?”

“Not enough!”

Si Kong Zhai Xing did not responde. He also looked very conflicted, very pained for trying to make this decision.

“So you did owe this person, but if this person did do these things. If you still have a shred of humanity in you, then you shouldn’t keep protecting this person!”

“Must you make me say it?”

“You have to tell me!”

“Alright, I’ll tell you.” Si Kong Zhai Xing suddenly sighed. “That person is her!”

He suddenly pointed in front of him. Lu Xiao Feng instinctively turned to the direction of that he pointed and saw a person slowly walking out from inside the convent, head bowed. It was a Taoist nun with a purple robe, white stockings, and a purple hairpin made out of jade in her ebony black hair. Her complexion was pale as well. Within those pure water-like bright eyes of hers was filled with worry and sadness which gave her an even more indescribable, plain but not of this world beauty that was like a purple rays that now resided at the edge of the sky. With her head bowed, she slowly approached with a bowl of steaming hot medicine in her hands.

As soon as Lu Xiao Feng saw her, he knew that Si Kong Zhai Xing was lying again. That person could never be her. He turned around with the intention of inquiring further, the Si Kong Zhai Xing had disappeared. In that instant that Lu Xiao Feng saw this purple robed nun, this old fox had shot out through the door like a meteor. In that instant, Lu Xiao Feng seemed to be a little bit mesmerized. In truth, anybody would hard pressed not to be mesmerized when seeing this kind of otherworldly beauty. But even if he tried to chase after him now, it would be futile. Si Kong Zhai Xing might not be the fastest man in the world, but he was not that far off. Lu Xiao Feng sighed and swore that he would one day catch this old fox and force him to swallow 680 worms, worms that he dug out himself.

The setting sun’s color faded, the breeze seemed colder. The cool breeze made the white poplar leaves rustle as it made its way through them. The purple robed nun slowly approached, still not picking her head up.

“Qing Xia, is that you?” Jiang Chong Wei suddenly asked.

“It’s me, it’s time for your medicine.” Her voice was tender like the evening breeze.

“Lu Xiao Feng, are you still here?” Jiang Chong Wei asked.

“I’m here.”

“This is my younger sister, Qing Xia, she is also the hostess here. Now you should finally understand why I would be here!”

“Jin Jiu Ling and Hua Man Lou are looking for you!” Lu Xiao Feng suddenly informed him.

“I know!”

“Do they know you are here?”

“They have already came here!”

“What did Hua Man Lou say to you?”

A very strange expression suddenly appeared on Jiang Chong Wei’s face.

“He told me to not forget that he is blind as well; and furthermore, never forget that he’s had a great life!” He slowly said.

“Of course you didn’t forget!”

“And that’s why I’m still alive!” A man like him, to be suddenly blinded was not an easy thing to have the courage to live with.

“He is truly a remarkable man!” Lu Xiao Feng sighed in admiration.

“He is not like anybody else,” Jiang Chong Wei nodded and sighed as well. “He’s unique. He’s always looking for ways to let others live on!”

“I should have known that his reason for finding you was to tell you those things!”

“He asked me some other questions as well!”

“What questions?”

“About what happened that day in the Royal Treasure Vault!”

“I wanted to ask you that too. Other than what you told Jin Jiu Ling, have you noticed anything else suspicious?”

“No!” Jiang Chong Wei’s face twitch as if out of horror once again.

“Even if I did, I would not tell you!” He slowly declared.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want you to find this person!”

“Why not?” Lu Xiao Feng was quite confused.

“Because I have never seen anyone with such terrifying martial arts, even if you find this person, you would not be able to match up!”

His body was shaking now as well, as if he was thinking about that terrifying person again, and that even more terrifying needle. Blood was dripping off of the needle; fresh, red, blood….

Lu Xiao Feng wanted to ask some more but Jiang Qing Xia suddenly and coldly interrupted him.

“You have already asked too much, his wounds are not completely healed yet. I don’t want him thinking back to what happened that day.”

“It’s ok, I’ll be completely healed very soon!” Jiang Chong Wei managed a forced laugh.

“You’ll completely heal very soon, I’m sure of it!” Lu Xiao Feng managed to force a little laugh as well. “I know you have always been one tough nut!”

“Well, since you are here, then why don’t you stay a couple of days?” Jiang Chong Wei’s laugh was a bit more joyous and genuine now. “Maybe I’ll be able to think of something in that time for you!”

“How could he stay here?” Jiang Qing Xia frowned. “There has never been any man here!”

“Aren’t I a man?” Jiang Chong Wei laughed.

“But you….”

“If I can stay here, then he could too!” Jiang Chong Wei’s expression darkened.

“But I….” Lu Xiao Feng tried to cut in.

“No matter what, you are staying here,” Jiang Chong Wei cut him off too. “Hua Man Lou and Jin Jiu Ling might return in those couple of days, you never know. They are looking for you as well!”

“But after you are going to bed after you take your medicine!” Jiang Qing Xia said.

“I’ll go to bed. Why don’t you be a good host and lead him back and give him something to eat? You can’t let a guest go hungry!”

“Would this Alms Giver please follow me?” Expressionless, Jiang Qing Xia turned around and coldly instructed Lu Xiao Feng.

She did not even seem to look Lu Xiao Feng in his eyes. She was truly a cold woman, colder even than ice.

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