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Ode to Gallantry Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - The Guan Dong School
The family immediately left in the south-east direction for Songjiang. On the road they arrived at a small town, it was getting late and dark so the three decided to stay overnight in some inn. The Shi couple stayed in a big spacious room and Shi Potian stayed in a small room near courtyard.

Min Rou treasured her son and originally wanted him to take a good room too but all the good room were already filled apart from one so he took the small room.

In the evening Shi Potian sat cross-legged on the bed and did some breathing exercise. He really felt extremely good as though some warm energy is flowing inside his entire body. He felt the fresh air on his skin and liked it, suddenly looked at his palm in the light of lamp. The red spot and the blue clouds were very vague. He did not know that those two bottle gourds of poisoned liquor; most og it has increased his internal energy even more and also as he was practicing hard recently, he was able to sweep-out most of the poison out of his body, in his heart he was overjoyed.

As he was resting in the night, he heard a tapping sound in the window suddenly. Shi Potian stood up and asked in a low voice: "who is there?"

He only heard again three tap on his window, this time when he heard the taps he understood, his heart thumped violently and he asked: "Is it Ding dang?"

He heard the voice of Ding Dang in a very low voice: "Obviously, who else are hoping for?"

Shi Potian heard the sound of the Ding dang, he felt very happy and at the same time he was also got alarmed, he didn’t spoke for a while. He heard a slight sound as the window paper wore out, a finger came out from the extended window lattice, he put his ear firmly on the hole and heard Ding dang saying: "why don’t you open the window?"
Shi Potian calmed himself as he feared that his parents might listen her voice and might get alarmed, he did not dare to make any noise, shoves open the window gently. Ding dang jumped inside quickly, as soon as she saw him, she smiled and said: "Elder bother, do you think of me?"

Shi Potian said: "I ......I ......I       "

Ding dang got angry and said: "good, you do not think me? You were only thinking that girl. You and that girl have bowed to heaven and earth and now you have taken a new bride."

Shi Potian said: "when have I bowed to heaven and earth with her?"

Ding dang said with smile: "I saw with my own eyes, who else will I rely on? Good, I do not blame you, you are romantic in nature, and actually I like it. That girl likes it too?"

Shi Potian said: "I did not see her, when I returned to the cave, could not find her again." He thought of A’Xiu and remembered her charming refined look, her loving meaningful glance, and hereafter actually didn’t saw her again felt sad in heart.

As soon as she heard it Ding dang laughed and said: "Bodhisattva blesses us, I hope you never see her again ever…forever."

Shi Potian thought: "I must surely find A’Xiu again."

He couldn’t say it in front of Ding dang so he immediately changed the topic and asked: "your grandfather? Is he good?"

Ding dang puts out her to turn him towards her and said in an angry voice: "you did not ask that I am good? Oh Devil!"

Originally Shi Potian was regulating the internal energy inside his body before she came; as soon as she caught him with her hands she felt a violent jolt in her hands.

Shi Potian said: "Ding dang listen, that day you threw me into the river, luckily I fell on that ship, or I would have drowned to death."
He immediately thought how he fell beside A’Xiu and both of them were sleeping together. He again got concerned about her and thought: "where has A’Xiu gone? Why didn't she wait for me?"

These days whenever he was practicing martial-arts, occasionally he remembered A’Xiu, her face suddenly flashes in his mind and he forgot everything. In fact here was sitting with Ding dang still he was only thinking of A’Xiu and for a moment forgot that even Ding dang there or not.

Ding Dang said: "what I fell luckily on a ship? Obviously I threw you intentionally, don't tell me… you do not know that?"

Shi Potian felt ashamed and said: "In my heart I knew that you treat me well, what I meant to say but ......but I was a bit confused about the situation."

As soon as Ding Dang heard that she smiled and said: "I and you are husband and wife, what are you confused about?"

Two people sit shoulder to shoulder in the side of the bed. Shi Potian smelled the light fragrance of orchid on the body of Ding dang; was unable to restrain himself and moved his hands but suddenly he thought of A’Xiu and felt that if she knew that I and Ding Dang are intimate then will certainly be angry."

Originally He stretched out his right arm to hug Ding dang but then he retracted them before touching her.

Ding Dang said: "Elder brother, you tell me honestly, what is it? Is your new wife is more attractive?"

Shi Potian said: "what new wife are you talking about? Only you      Only
you are my wife." As he was saying this he sighed and thought: "I am willing to give my life if A’Xiu is willing to be wife. Don’t know if get to see her again? Don’t know If she is willing to be my wife?"
Ding Dang grabbed his neck with her one hand and pulled in to kiss him on his lips. She puts out a hand on his head to pat his and said immediately: "I have only one wife, why are you unhappy about that? Also why are you sighing?"

Shi Potian knew that she had seen through him and got embarrassed, his face reddened all over, grasped her, did not know what is good, his mind was resisting but on the other hand couldn’t give up the this gentle taste, thought for a moment than hugged her but actually didn’t dare to kiss.

Ding dang was used to handle worldly affairs boldly but she too was a young girl and panicked, and couldn’t kiss Shi Potian. She was quite ashamed, and shrank her body to hide into the corner of bed.

Shi Potian hesitated for half of the day, called in a low voice said: "Ding Dang!"

Ding Dang didn’t pay any attention to him and said nothing. In his heart Shi Potian was only thinking of A’Xiu, suddenly he remember how A’Xiu was looking at him with that meaningful glance in the woods of Azure Mist Island, that day, he remembered how she was calling him "elder brother", and in his heart he felt a wild joy as he realized that she was willing to be his wife."

He immediately thought to go and look for her, he sighed and sat on the chair, bent over his desk and did nothing.

Ding Dang saw him not coming towards him felt relived and somewhat disappointed at the same time, thought: "Finally, I found him!"

Day after day were passing and I was not able to found him, I was getting concerned, but now in my heart as though I am feeling such infinite relief.

They sat that way till the dawn, Shi Potian on the chair and Ding Dang on the bed. They heard a gentle knock on a door, Min Rou called out from the other side of the door: "Yu’er, have you gotten up?"

Shi Potian immediately replied without thinking: "mother!"
He stood up and then looked at Ding Dang. He cannot help but felt embarrassed.

Min Rou said: "Open the door; I have few words to say!" Shi Potian hesitated slightly and then said: "yes!"
Then he went to open the door.

Ding dang too was very shy; she thought that she and Shi Potian were in the same room for entire night, although they had done nothing but still if other people saw it than they will obviously think otherwise.

What more is that the person coming in is her mother-in-law. She thought that he should simply jump out of the bed, shoves open the window, and jump to escape, but then she saw Shi Potian and remembered how difficult it was to find him and now after meeting him how can she leave without even saying good-bye, she even did not know when will they meet again. She gestured him to not open the door.

Shi Potian said in a low voice: "It is my mother, it doesn’t matter."

His both hands bumped into the door bolt. Ding dang was greatly anxious, she thought: "For anyone else it doesn’t matter but it’s your mother so it is most important to me."

She again thought of leaping through the window and run away.

She originally was not afraid of anyone but when it came to meeting her mother-in-law and that too in such awkward situation she cannot help but felt as though her whole body is giving off heat, she saw that Shi Potian had just pulled out the bolt to open the door. She was desperate, her left hand puts forth a move "the tiger fingernail" to attack his Lingtai acu-point, the right hand made a move "beautiful woman picks up the needle" to attack his Xuanshu acu-point.

Shi Potian only felt both acu-points in his body, slightly numb and aching and fainted, Ding Dang held his body and hid in the bottom of bed.
Min Rou was a veteran in martial-art world, she heard a light sound ‘Yi’ when Ding Dang struck Shi Potian and immediately knew something was wrong. She cherished her son’s life very much and didn’t wait and struck the door with her shoulder, the door bolt gave away in a single hit, she stepped inside and saw the open window, and her son was not in the room. She called out immediately: "Elder brother come quickly!"

Shi Qing rushed in quickly.

Min Rou said: "Yu’er     someone has kidnapped him!"

As she was saying she moved for the window. Both people did say anything and simultaneously jumped out of the window. Both coming out of the window, one black one white, just likes two big birds swaying gracefully in the air, looked extremely elegant and wonderful.

Ding Dang saw them from the bottom of the bed and cannot help but to say: "Thank God".

The Shi Qing couple were senior martial-art experts in the realm of rivers and lakes, originally it was not easy to get swindled so easily, but it all happen suddenly, as soon as Min Rou saw her beloved son not in the room and she had just heard from her, she lost her mind, she believed the first bad thoughts which came to her mind, she expected that someone with Snow mountain sect or from Clan of eternal happiness might be behind it. She burst opened the door the moment she heard that ‘Yi’ sound, it all happened in a very short period of time. As she came out she calculated that whoever was there he couldn’t take Yu’er out and room and disappear in air, definitely they are still in the room.

Shi Potian initially got startled when Ding dang locked his acu-point but his internal energy was extremely vigorous, he managed to open his acu-points immediately, but his body was being held by Ding Dang and actually didn’t wanted to make noise and alert his parents so he hesitated. Suddenly the Shi couple came back to the room jumping back from the window.

Under the bed some dust particle entered his nose, Shi Potian sneezed three times as he was being held by Ding dang he looked towards her, saw only
her face still red looking extremely charming.

Shi Potian said: "these are my father and mother."

Ding Dang said: "I already know! Yesterday I heard you calling them in the afternoon."

Shi Potian said: "wait for my father and mother to come back, I will introduce you with the?"

Ding dang moved to one side and said: "I do not want it. Your parents despise my grandfather; also they will naturally despise me."

Shi Potian was living with his parents for some time now, he listened to both these people style of speaking, and thought that both are extremely chivalrous, frank and upright people, however with Ding Busan it was different matter, he hesitated a bit and said: "how do you know that?"

Before the Shi couple could reply or say anything Ding dang said hurriedly to Shi Potian: "you come to my room, I have something to say."

Shi Potian asked: "you also are staying in this inn?"

Ding Dang said with a smile: "will I want to grab my husband in midnight; obviously I have a place to sleep?"

As soon as she said these words she went through the window, passes through the courtyard, saw no one so pushed the gate to enter a small room.

Shi Potian followed her, did not see Ding Busan and felt relieved, he asked: "your grandfather?"

Ding Dang said: "I ran away, my grandfather is not with me." Shi Potian asked: "why?"
Ding Dang humphed and said: "I wanted to look for you; he didn’t agreed so I sneaked off."
Shi Potian moved towards her and said: "Ding Dang, you were looking for me, it’s really good."

Ding Dang said with smile: "I am really embarrassed about last night, are you fine with this situation?"

Shi Potian said with a smile: "you said that we are the husband and wife, what is there to get embarrassed."

The complexion of her face changed and her face turned red.

They only heard some voices of people talking in the courtyard, Shi Qing said: "this is the money for room and food!"

The heard the sound of horse's hoof, the couple took the horse and left the place.

Shi Potian moved towards them for two steps, and then stood there for a moment, turned his head and asked Ding dang: "you know where the government office in Songjiang is?"

Ding dang relied with a smile: "It’s a big place, everyone knows about it?"

Shi Potian said: "father mother are going to the Songjiang District government office, they are looking for a person named silver halberd Yang Guang. I should go after them."

He had met with Ding dang after some time so he didn’t want to leave her so early and bid good-bye.

As soon as Ding Dang understood his intention, she said: "this idiot does not know the road, the Songjiang District government office is in the southeast direction, I will make him to walk toward Northeast, farther he is from his parents, and more are the chances that we will not meet."

Under her heart she felt assured and cannot help but smiled, her face blossomed like a flower. Shi Potian looked steadily at her for some time.
Ding dang said with a smile: "what are you looking at? Haven’t you seen me before?"

Shi Potian said: "Ding dang, you ......You are really attractive, you look really good compared to my mother."

He also thought: "If I compare she and A’Xiu, who is more beautiful?"

Ding Dang laughed and said: "elder brother, you are also very attractive, you too look good compared to my grandfather." She laughed aloud as she said.

As soon as two people were done with this idle talk, Shi Potian again got worried about his parents and said: "my parents didn’t ask me before leaving, I am worried about them, and I should go after them."

Ding dang said: "good, you are really their filial son."

She too paid the money for room and food and left the shop to go immediately.

In the inn the storekeeper and the servants saw Shi Potian coming with the Shi couple and staying in the inn but now coming out of the room with this unmarried beautiful looking girl. They all expressed admiration for this young person and they were the talk of the town for the next ten days, what is their relation, is it a romantic relationship or they did they already knew each other, everyone discussed it diversely and each had their opinions on this matter.

Shi Potian and Ding dang came out of that town and travelled to the East, walked aound three miles, then arrived at a three-road junction. Ding dang took the road to the northeast direction.

Shi Potian expected that she knew the path and so walked side-by-side with her, he said: "my father and mother are riding very fast horses, if they are not eating while traveling and wait for me then we can’t overtake them."
She purses her lips and said with a smile: "I expect that your parents are familiar to the Yang family of the Songjiang District, but I fear that even though your parents are such reputed people they might not recognize the road to that place?"

Shi Potian said: "my father and mother travel all over the world, how will they not recognize this road?"

Both people kept talking all the way. Shi Potian was living with his parents for some time now, they were teaching him and he had a better understanding of the worldly affairs now. When Ding Dang saw his talking in such a manner, she chuckled in her heart and thought: "After he got sick, he had forgotten many things of the past, but he only needed more time to recover. Once he remembers the martial-art world’s customs he won’t forget it again.

Both people arrived at a small town while traveling and stopped there to eat. They found a small hotel and entered lobby; saw nearly all the three tables were already occupied by other people. Two people were sitting in the corner on a very small table. That hotel originally was not really big, the servant were busy taking care of the meal for the people on three large table, and had no free time to pay attention to these two people.

She saw at least eighteen-nineteen people sitting on the large table, three of them were females; they were aged, looked ordinary but had pointed weapons clipped to their belts. They were talking in loud voices, drinking wine from large bowl and eating meat but were looking heroic from their appearance. She thought obviously these people are from martial-art world, not those petty government officials but chivalrous outlaws."

She looked around but no one paid any attention towards them, she thought: "I and elder brother are travelling alone for the first time, we will share a table and eat food, such a opportunity comes once in a lifetime." She felt really happy in her heart.

The servant did not come to attend them so she felt angry and was about to yell when she heard someone else shouting suddenly from behind: "Bring some liquor and meat, grandfather is really very hungry."
As soon as Shi Potian listened to this sound, he found it familiar and turned around to see the old man shouting, he was actually Ding Busi. Shi Potian was startled and shouted hurriedly: "It is not good!"

Has turned his head and didn’t dare to look in his direction.

Ding Dang said in a low voice: "he is my grand-uncle, do not look at him, I will dress up and then return." She didn’t wait for Shi Potian to reply and then slid quickly in to the back room.

Although Ding Busi saw that the all the tables were already occupied, actually there was place vacant nearby the table where Shi Potian was standing. On that table there was no tableware, did not have the cooked food, but that place was situated immediately in the middle of that bench, however as soon as Ding Busi pushed his left shoulder, one person got pushed aside.

That person got very angry and made an effort to push him, he thought in his heart that if he pushed this old man than he will fall on the other side. However he felt a strong counter force himself as he applied more pressure as if some fierce internal force was forcing him in other direction, he was unable to hold on and he slanted as though he will fell but Ding Busi caught his hand and pulled him, he said: "One should not be impolite, we can sit together!"

That person tried to pull away from him but also couldn’t, a big purple bulge appeared on his face, he understood Ding Busi is too good for him.

Ding Busi said: "Please accept my invitation! Please don’t be impolite."

He took the wine bowl and drank from it directly. Others were using the chopsticks; he pinched a large amount of beef and ate it with gusto.

The people on the other three tables didn’t know him but they now knew that his martial-art is not weak. They thought as soon as he pushed that person fell but when pulled him that person couldn’t break free, this person is old but his background is not ordinary. Ding Busi drank more wine from the bowl and ate more meat; he shook his head and looked extremely
happy. People on all the three tables, all the eighteen-nineteen people stopped eating and looked at him helplessly.

Ding Busi said: "you are not drinking?"

He snatched the liquor bowl from thin old man sitting in front of him and drank a large part of bowl, wiped his beard and said: "this wine has some acids; it is not good for you."

That thin old man suppressed his anger and asked: "You’re Excellency, what is your honored name?"

Ding Busi said with a smile: "you did not know my name; actually you’re not good enough to know my name."

That old man said: "we were earning out living in Guandong and have very little knowledge about the heroes inside the Great Wall. I’m called Liaodong crane Fan Yi."

Ding Busi said with a smile: "You are such a dark and swarthy, no way someone can call you a white crane more likely a crow, why don’t you rename to Liaodong crow Fan Yi, actually that will be wonderful."

As soon as Fan Yi heard it he got angry, pounds the table and shouted loudly: "we are strangers still I am showing you respect because of your white beard, I do not came here to argue with you. Back off or I will kill you just for amusement, grandpa!"

A middle-aged man from another table suddenly said: "is it possible that this old is helping clan of eternal happiness?"

Shi Potian heard "clan of eternal happiness" these three characters, in his heart he felt cold. He then saw Ding dang coming wearing a felt hat to cover her head, also wearing a simple gray cotton cloth, dressed up like a hotel servant. She came to the nearby table. Shi Potian found it pretty strange, he didn’t have any idea how she managed to get hold of these cloths.
She smiled faintly and said in a soft voice near his ear: "I selected it but actually the servant has borrowed these garments to me so fourth grandpa doesn’t recognize me.

Elder brother, let me wipe this on your face."

As she said these words she smudged ash on his face with both her hands, his cheeks blackened immediately. Shi Potian was unable to withstand the filth and started to wipe his own face. Although there were several people in hotel but no one was actually looking at them. Everybody was looking at Ding Busi, who had time to pay attention to these two people playing tricks.

Ding Busi looked at that tall person by swiveling his eyes but not turning his face, sneered slightly and said: "you are from the black dragon sect from Jinzhou, isn’t it? Young fellow, you come to the central plains, carrying this nine-soft whip and looking down arrogantly at all of us, are you tired of living?"

This man was Feng Liang; the head of black dragon sect of Jingzhou, nine- soft whip was his sect's inherited martial-art. When he heard Ding Busi actually knowing about his origin, he felt happy, he thought: "this nine-soft whip I am carrying is my sect’s heritage; unexpectedly my black dragon sect’s reputation is so good that even people in central plain too know about it."

He said immediately: "Yes, I am from the black dragon sect of Jingzhou. Old gentleman what is your name?" he asked politely.

Ding Busi patted the table with earth-shaking sound, and said loudly: "irritates me! Irritates me! Irritates me!"

He said these characters "irritates me" three times, lifted his bowl to drink, but his face was very calm and actually he was grinning and didn’t look angry. Other people didn’t know what the meaning of these characters is or what they refer to? They only heard him to thinking aloud: "nine soft-whips is as nimble and resourceful weapon as an arrow. It’s difficult to learn, difficult to use and most difficult to grasp its essence. To master it is as if to
rein a dragon. Any Tom, Dick and Harry is nowadays carrying this nine soft-whips, it really irritates me!"

Feng Liang was initially happy that this old knew about the nine soft-whips and looked at him like an intimate friend but when he listened to him saying "irritates me", he thought: "I don’t have clue why this old gentleman is angry?"

Ding Busi didn’t pay any attention towards him, raised his eyes and looked all around at room, and thought aloud: "when your grandpa sees other people waving and thrusting swords and saber, I am not angry but when I see idiots raising nine soft-whips, just can’t control this rage. His grannies, those Peng brothers from Hunan were using nine soft-whips, last year your grandfather butchered both of them. That military officer from Sichuan surnamed Zhang too was using nine soft-whips, your grandpa hit his brain to pulp. A lady from Fengyang in Anhui province too used nine soft-whips; grandfather did not like killing woman, so I only cut her both hands and asked her henceforth not to bump in to me in future."

The more people listened the more they got startled, although it looked that this old man was farting, speaking wild and nonsense but actually they have heard that what he was saying is not a lie. The Peng brothers from Hunan, Shi Dipeng from Zhenjiang, Peng Suohu all used nine soft-whips and all of them got killed last year, they even heard it in Guandong.

Feng Liang’s facial color went pale, he moved his hand to nine soft-whip's handle and said: "how is it that you’re Excellency hate people using nine soft-whips so much as to kill them?"

Ding Busi laughed aloud and said: "you’re talking nonsense! How can Grandpa hate people using nine soft-whips?" He moved his hand to his bosom and with a crashing sound he took out his nine soft-whips. This soft whip was glittering and divided nine parts; obviously a lot of gold was used to make it. Although the whip was the main weapon but there were several types of assorted gems on the handle and it looked sparkling, bright and truly magnificent, exhibiting both overwhelming power and attractiveness.
All of sudden numerous people hearts went cold and some said: "Oh…he too carries nine soft-whips."

Ding Busi said: "Boy, you have not even learnt a two third of your martial- arts and you are roaming the martial-art world carrying the nine soft-whips, taking the seat of honor with others, if some challenges you would be crawling on your four limbs or will evade him and crawl back to your home, how can you belittle these nine soft-whips? Grandpa has already heard that black dragon sect from Jinzhou uses the nine soft-whips and people have inherited it from about seven-eight generations. I already wanted to come and kill your entire family cleanly but is only that Jinzhou is extremely cold and grandpa was disinclined to catch up people so afar and kill them, but you boy, came yourself to the central plains carrying the nine soft-whips, its good. It’s really good!

It would have been better if you had hanged yourself, come what are you waiting for now?"

When Feng Liang heard it he understood that originally this old person also uses the nine soft-whips and don’t want others to use the same weapon. He thought that this person is really harsh and unreasonable. He was going to reply then he heard someone saying these words in a resounding voice: "humph! Thanks god! This old fellow doesn’t use a sword, such a fortune."

Ding Busi looked at the person who said these words, he saw a person from the west region, on his cheek a fine beard saying all these words with a straight face. He then asked: "I don’t use the sword so what?"

That person with the beard said: "if grandpa was also using a sword then by your rule you would have killed me too. In this martial-art world thousands of people use the sword so you have to kill all these people, now that would be really tiresome, isn’t it? That is why I said we are fortunate." As he said he moved his hands and drew out his sword from his waist and inserted it on the table.

This sword was purple gold in color with a thin black edge, on the hilt was hanging a purple silk. As soon as he inserted the sword in the table, the entire table vibrated and all the dishes and bowls hit each other and made
noises. Everyone understood that this sword is really heavy and the person had enormous strength.

This man was Lu Zhengping, the chief of the sharp sword sect from Changbai Mountain’s in Zilin.

All of them heard a notch sound; Ding Busi quickly put back his nine soft- whips in his bosom, curved his left hand and pulled out the sword from the waist from the man standing close to him. He said: "grandpa now carries a sword in his hand so what? Oh, is not right! Irritates me! Irritates me! Irritates me!"

The type of sword was the most common weapon in the martial-art world. Here in about nineteen people at least eleven were holding swords in their waists. When they saw how skillfully and with extreme quickness he has snatched the sword from that person they couldn’t help but shivered and shocked at the same time and immediately everyone’s hand reached to the hilt of their sword.

He again said: "Grandpa has also nickname called 'not more than four a day', even if I have to kill still there are eleven young fellows with sword in their hand. It will take your grandpa three days to kill all of you... "People heard him self-proclaiming himself as called 'not more than four a day' and suddenly understood who this old man is.

Several people blurted out: "He... He is Ding Busi."

He laughed out aloud and said: "Grandpa today won’t kill more than four people…you know what they call me…Ding Busi". He called his name aloud again then said: "As per my nick name I will kill only four people, maybe this young fellow too who is roaming around with this nine soft whips in his waist. However I may forgive you all if you kowtow in front of me and say me grandpa, then I might not kill you." However he heard heng heng sound of people sneering at him. Four people suddenly stood up and moved out of the shop and lined up outside, in addition to Feng Liang, Fan Yifei and Lu Zhengping these three people, the fourth one was a middle- aged woman.
This woman didn’t hold her weapons in her hand but had them tied to her waist with a doubled up sash. She had two rows of shining knife, each knife about half length to normal knife, at least there were three dozen more knife were neatly tugged in an embroidered flower around her waist.

Fan Yifei held a pair of judge pens in his hands.

He said: "We all, brother Feng Liang, the head of black dragon sect of Jingzhou , myself Fan Yifei, younger brother Lu Zhengping from the sharp sword sect from Changbai sect and the lady from the Wan ma manor, flying locust Gao San Niangzi have come to the central plains to meet and work on for a common purpose. We and you grandpa Ding Busi has no past feuds or enmity; still you have humiliated us again and again, one can tolerate but to what end? "

Ding Busi heard these words but pretended as though he has not heard a single word. He turned his head and looked at Gao San Niangzi for a long while and said: "Not beautiful, not that good looking!"

He said these words and then looked at the embroidered flower and shook his head repeatedly, as if he was appreciating the calligraphy and painting but wasn’t too impressed with it; by his expression of course everyone understood that he wanted to say that this lady Gao San Niangzi is in poor appearance.

That Lady Gao San Niangzi, was very arrogant in nature, one she herself was extremely skilled, secondly her father and father-in-law, both were highly reputed and respected masters of martial arts in the Guandong province. Thirdly her family owned millions of acres of fertile farmland, race course grounds and forests. Even though she was a widow, she was well-known in Guandong, regardless of who the person is whether the government officials or the common people or the underworld gangsters, everyone yielded to her.

Ding Busi spoke to her in his unbridled no non-sense way, in her life she has never felt so humiliated, not to mention that she was in the middle of all the martial art fraternity of Guandong. As per Guandong social customs women are very earnest, they are not even praised in front of other let alone
to ridicule them in public. Her face turned white in anger and she called:" Ding Busi, why don’t you come out!"

Ding Busi slowly came out of the shop and said: "So it’s you four?"

Suddenly he saw as though five white streaks of light are flying towards him. The short knives she had on her sash she was using as projectiles and were coming from all directions and attacking his upper and lower body both. The knives were short in size but the sound they created by slashing in air indicated that the power emanated from them was no different.

Ding Busi shouted in their direction and said: "People are not beautiful but knives are!" He moved his right hand into his bosom to draw his nine soft whips, sunlight glittering from his soft whips and immediately he shot down the four knives. He showed off his skills and didn’t hit the fifth knives and everyone saw it missing him and thudded in the gate of the shop.

Feng Liang, Fan Yifei and Lu Zhengping all got startled but stared at him blankly and immediately moved their weapons in offensive stance and moved at him surrounding.

Ding Busi slanted his body to get away from Lu Zhengping and chopped towards Fan Yifei. He jumped towards him and attacked at his wrist. Fan Yifei has no other option to avoid this attack so he withdrew his judge pens and moved back.

The nine soft whips suddenly changed their direction and moved towards Feng Liang. Feng Liang took a big leap over the gate of the shop and moved beyond his reach. He knew that this old grandpa is highly skilled and he will run after him so right away Feng Liang vibrated his wrist in such a way that the nine soft whips launched in a spear-like motion. This move "exterminate the guest in one move" was an extremely refined and powerful martial-art move and needed strong strength to force these soft whips in spearing motion. This was a unique skill of his Black Dragon sect and he thought to catch Ding Busi unaware.
Ding Busi spat downwards and said appraisingly: "this young fellow has few tricks."

He stretched out his right hand to meet the nine soft whips head on and actually managed to grasp the first whip. Feng Liang was startled and he immediately moved his arm to retract the nine soft whips but Ding Busi was not going to leave the whips. Fortunately Lu Zhengping brandished his sword towards the crook of his elbow. Ding Busi thought to deal with it with his palm but suddenly he heard the swishing sound of three projectiles moving towards him shot by Gao San Niangzi and had to withdraw.

All four people now started to attack Din Busi in cohesion. Ding Busi made a smiling face but concentrated inwardly to tackle the combined attack of all these people, his nine soft whips danced around him fluently and he concentrated hard to protect his whole body. In his heart he thought secretly: "I didn’t expect that the martial arts of Guandong so explicit, it looks that I have underestimated them actually. If these four fellows come up one by one, I can kill them effortlessly, well once they fight together as a unit they have been quite difficult to handle. "

All these four sects from Guangdong have assembled earlier in the first month to test each other skills and also to learn ways to fight together against any common enemy before coming to the central plains. That exercise had really paid its dividends now as those drills performed beforehand were really time wasted. All those four people stood shoulder to shoulder against their common foe.

At this moment Lu Zhengping and Fan Yifei were standing very close to each other and attacking Ding Busi from one side and Feng Liang was standing on the other side flawlessly executing the moves from his nine soft whips. Ding Busi stood in the centre and fighting ferociously to fend off their attacks. Gao San Niangzi stood at a distant place and used her short blades to attack and divert Ding Busi’s attention whenever he gains advantage over any other person.

Of these four people Fan Yifei was most shrewd and ruthless. Lu Zhengping has profound arm strength. Each of his sword strike has the strength of eighty-ninety catties.
Shi Potian and the Dingdang stood among the crowd and observed the fight. After around 30-40 moves, they saw Lu Zhengping and Fan Yifei attacking Ding Busi simultaneously. Ding Busi was parrying the blows with his nine soft whips and in the meantime was keeping Feng Liang at bay. Feng Liang swept his whip towards him and Ding Busi just managed to avoid the blow and scoffed at him. Suddenly two more projectiles passed over gently and swiftly, very close to his pharynx and larynx. Although Ding Busi managed to evade this move but one of the short swords truncated his silver beard. About a dozen of silver threads danced around his face.

The other disciples and people from the Guangdong who were observing this fight from the shop cheered in one voice and said: "Gao San Niangzi is really good with her short knives!"

Ding Busi was secretly startled in his heart and thought: "this young lady is quite a killer. If I come out of this fight unscathed then I owe myself a big meal!"

He cried aloud and suddenly spread out the nine soft whips, behind this façade of soft whips he employed the seize technique from his left hand, the soft whips hits far, the left hand attacks close to his body, he tried to use employ his left hand but Lu Zhengping and Fan Yifei advanced towards him and closed him down and didn’t gave him opportunity to strike.

The Guangdong people standing in the crowd cheered in one voice but as soon as their voices faded, there was obvious concern on their faces.

Shi Potian actually looked at this move with delight. Ding Busi taught him these moves once on the long river boat however at that time his knowledge of martial-arts was very limited and he was simply remembering it without understanding it and did not know how to utilize. Recently after learning and practicing martial-arts with his parents, he started to understand the smaller subtleties of the various techniques.

He saw that Ding Busi kept on parrying their attacks but didn’t hurry to use his seizing technique and was waiting for perfect opportunity to catch him unawares. They cancelled a dozen ingenious ruthless attacks between themselves and in fact the others look pleasantly surprised.
He saw the five people fighting at a luxurious pace, suddenly Ding Busi swerved his left arms suddenly, the palm moved towards the shoulder of Lu Zhengping. Lu Zhengping brandished his sword cut his arm. Shi Potian was shocked as he knew Lu Zhengping will be executing the same move and he also knew that Ding Busi to is expecting it but he will use his opportunity to turn over his palm and hit at his face and with his ruthless palm strength, it was pretty difficult to say if Lu Zhengping will be able to survive or not.

Shi Potian was not able to restrain and suddenly shouted: "Watch out, he will hit your face!"

His internal energy was abundant, as soon as he called despite the cacophony of all sorts of weapons, various person can still hear him clearly. Lu Zhengping was adept in martial arts and the moment he heard this shout he too immediately realized the danger and hurriedly let go his sword and lied down and rolled, this all happened in a flash.

Ding Busi exerted tremendous force with this palm attack and didn’t manage to stop his attack and since he didn’t managed to connect Lu Zhengping he himself got carried away.

He was breathing heavily and his own face ached as if he got hit by a sword, after he tumbles out several feet, then only he managed to jump and got steady on his feet. His heart jumping madly and he knew it was really a close call, as if someone has to remind him this was really a matter of life or death.

As soon as Lu Zhengping tumbled out of the fight; he knew that Fan Yifei will be in danger immediately. Lu Zhengping called out: "throw me a sword!" His senior disciple threw a sword towards him immediately, Lu Zhengping stretched out and caught it and in the same motion got ready to attack. However he saw the soft whips of Ding Busi and Feng Liang entwined and unexpectedly he saw the body of Feng Liang coming towards him with great speed towards his own out stretched sword. Lu Zhengping let down his sword anxiously.

Shi Potian called out: "Master Fan be careful, grasps your pharynx and larynx!" As soon as Fan Yifei heard it he didn’t have much time to ponder
over it but still he used his pair of judge pen to protect his pharynx and larynx. Ding Busi attacked him at the same moment but was not able to catch him and only managed to scratch him and passed over gently and swiftly nearby his pharynx and larynx making five bloodstains.

Shi Potian had called twice and saved life of two people from their group. The Guandong group felt grateful towards him and everyone turned his head to look towards him but all they saw was a young fellow with his face blackened by dust and coal obviously he was not willing to show his true identity.

Ding Busi shouted abuse towards him: "your paternal grandmother, that dog hybrid is really gossipy? Come out and fight grandpa if you really want to!"

Shi Potian extends his tongue to Dingdang and said: "he ......He recognized me!"

Dingdang said: "You are really gossipy however I don’t thing that dog hybrid part was for you."

By now Lu Zhengping and Fan Yifei had recovered and were again attacking Ding busi from both sides, Gao San Niangzi too launched her short knives at Ding Busi in between to help them. In the meanwhile Feng Liang too had extricated his whips from the entanglement, so now all five people were again in the middle of ferocious fight; however Ding Busi was extremely eager to speak with that person who has twice foiled his attacks by shouting warnings. Shi Potian didn’t want these people from the Guandong to lose their life in such a pointless battle. Whenever any one of these people are in danger he shouted to give them warning and thus in a very short time he rescued Lu Zhengping three times, Fan Yifei four times and Feng Liang three times.

Ding Busi was burning with rage and anger, he suddenly jumped in the air and leapt towards Gao San Niangzi and attacked with his left palm. This move "powerful and unconstrained style" was really unique and the hand movements were really strange.
Shi Potian called out immediately however Gao San Niangzi only managed to slant at one side still her right shoulder got hit by the fingers of Ding Busi. She felt a heavy jolt and her right hand felt really weary. She took out her knives from her left hand and threw at Ding Busi. Ding Busi scoffed at her in a condescending manner and moved his nine soft whips, and in a single swipe entwined the short knives in his soft whips and immediately shot the two knives at Lu Zhengping and Feng Liang simultaneously.

He also attacked Gao san Niangzi in the same motion with his nine soft whips. She was already injured so she leapt high in the air to avoid his attack, as soon as she leapt she heard people calling out at her in alarm. Actually when she was in mid-air then only she saw two of her short knives moving towards her with great speed.

Fan Yifei and other too saw this but they were themselves in danger and didn’t have any opportunity to save Gao San Niangzi. They felt really bad as she was saving them from Ding Busi’s continuous attacks by throwing knives but at this time they were too far from her to save her.

Ding Busi was really mad with anger but he changed his strategy at the right time to attack Gao San Niangzi. He threw the short knives lying nearby with great speed. Gao san Niangzi was already in air and she had little time to change her direction or avoid these knives. As the knives came closer a thought passed over mind: "So I at last die with my own short knife by this despicable old bandit, such is the irony of life, a respected lady throughout my life and dying in such a way in front of these many people."

Feng Liang used his soft whips to deflect the short knives moving towards him and Lu Zhengping but was still far away from Gao San Niangzi.

Shi Potian saw with his own eyes the moment Ding Busi threw the knife and he also yelled but he knew it won’t make any difference. He knew that the situation is very critical. Immediately his right hand moved swiftly and he plucked out short knives from the shop’s gate and flung.

He has never practiced the art of throwing projectiles or hidden weapons, so he quickly shot seven-eight knives towards her with incredible agility. As his internal energy was really strong one of the knives hit the knife moving
towards the abdomen of Gao San Niangzi and cut it in to two. The other flew close to her neck and cut her hair.

Gao San Niangzi landed vertically from several tens of feet on high spot but she still managed to stand on her feet but she was frightened to her core and all the color of her face drained out.

This time Ding Busi made a bug strange face. He turned around immediately and shouted in Shi Potian’s direction: "Is it my friend who has interfered in this fight gain? If you have guts then come out and fight three hundred round and I won’t blame you."

He was staring at Shi Potian, because on his face Shi Potian has rubbed a lot of coal & dirt so he didn’t recognize him. He listened to Shi Potian calling regularly throughout the fight to help his opponents and breaking his attack as if he was anticipating his each and every move. Even now he saw the short knife this young fellow has throw toward his knife; it simply cut his knife in to two and still moved on like a flash so obviously his internal energy is extremely strong. However at this instance he was really angry and he knew that this young person is really formidable still he couldn’t restrain himself from challenging him.

When Shi Potian was rescuing these people he didn’t care if this act of his is good or bad. As soon as he saw Gao san Niangzi in danger, he was anxious and hurriedly threw the short knives to intercept those pair of knives but unexpectedly when he managed to save her he was pleasantly surprised. One of the knife actually cut his palm and blood start dripping from it and suddenly he felt pain in his hand. For a moment he didn’t acknowledge any thing and blustered out in Ding Busi’s direction: "fourth grandpa, I.....I am. big steamed rice dumpling!"

Ding Busi made a zheng sound and laughed immediately and said with a smile: "ha! So it is you big steamed rice dumpling!" He thought in his mind: "this boy has studied my martial arts, no wonder he can easily anticipate my next moves, obviously at least this bit is not strange."

As soon as this thought came to his mind he again got angry and shouted in his direction: "this thief boy is coming in the way of grandpa every now and
then and interfering in other people's business!" He shouted at him and the same moment strikes with his whip towards him.

Shi Potian felt the vigorous rush of air as the nine soft whips moved towards him, he moved backwards to avoid being hit, although he moved quite quickly but this was very clumsy and looked ugly.

Ding Busi raged with more anger and attacked ferociously with a series of three moves, this strategic move was utmost ingenious, Shi Potian dodged them by moving sideways. The internal energy of Shi Potian has already reached the level where he was able to move his body the way he wanted. These moves of Ding Busi were acquired over a long period of time and were very deadly, although Shi Potian didn’t attacked at him but the ease with which he avoided his attack really shocked Ding Busi.

He thought in his heart: "I haven’t taught this whip moves to him still he managed to avoid it easily. How is it so?"

When a nine soft whip moves it glitters too in the sunlight and it held a trance over Shi Potian until it kept moving and he stood in his place waiting for next move. Suddenly Ding Busi remembered how he and Ding Busan both fought with this big steamed rice dumpling and Bai Wanjian on the Azure mist island unexpectedly they had to run away after getting beaten.....No, the third brother actually accepted his ignominious defeat, I however didn’t wanted to hurt people from younger generation that’s why I simply moved away. This young fellow was always frightened of me so he didn’t dare to pursue, but anyway this boy was always a little strange "

Other people standing there saw Shi Potian evading the soft whip at him with just side stepping and were truly amazed as this extremely risky ploy and several people just couldn’t believe he was successfully evading his attacks and cold sweat trickled down their neck.

On the other hand Shi Potian actually thought in his heart: "Grandpa Ding Busi is really playing with me. He is simply joking with me that’s why he is intentionally passing his whips gently and swiftly to my side."
He didn’t know that Ding Busi was actually trying his best but is simply not able to hit him.

Dingdang knew his grand uncle is very fierce in nature and he won’t hold back for anyone, she knew that the way he is attacking Shi Potian, if he manages to connect even a single blow, it will break his bones so she called out immediately: "elder brother Shi, hits back quickly! If you won’t hit back, it will be really bad!"

The people heard these word coming out from a servant’s mouth but the voice was actually of a female and were amazed but this was nothing compared to the way Shi Potian was evading the attacks without getting hurt in that chaotic whirlwind of the soft whips .

Shi Potian thought: "why can this be bad? On that day when I tied up my left arm when fighting with those Taoist priests, they became really angry and thought that I was looking down at them. My mother said that if one starts the fight than most people will despise him however if someone wins and then shows contempt by spoken words or by actions then it is a matter of great shame and henceforth will result in deadly enmity. So If I only fend off the attacks but do not hit back then fourth grandpa will be really angry." He immediately extended both his hands together to grasp the chest of Ding Busi; he used the move eighteen seizing techniques taught to him by Dingdang.

This martial art was originated from the Ding family so how Ding Busi could not know it? He avoided this move immediately but the execution of these seizing techniques used by Shi Potian was accompanied by vigorous internal energy. To hook, to belt, to lock, to take, to poke, to strike, to divide, to poke, to bend… each move was coming with overwhelming power.

Ding Busi was startled, he called out: "you do have tricks boy. You do have!"

When he started the twelfth move, Shi Potian used the fifth variation of the phoenix tail move to grasp the nine soft whips. Ding Busi had enormous strength but unexpectedly he was not able to free the nine soft whips. He
gave a loud shout and concentrated the focus of his entire internal strength to get back the nine soft whips. He was very proud person and in front of all these many people he couldn’t allow this young fellow to seize his nine soft whips. The entire joints in his body started to make noises as he displayed the pinnacle of his skills.

Shi Potian thought: "It looks as if grandpa wants me to leave his soft whips."

The moment his fingers loosened, he only heard loud sound of something being struck and then falling to the ground with several loud voices. Actually the moment Ding Busi applied his entire strength to seize back his whips, at the same moment Shi Potian left the whips willingly. Ding Busi was forced backwards and took with himself several people in the crowd and hit the hotel’s wall. The wall collapsed because of the impact and a lot of brick and mud scattered in the shop. Along with people several tables and stools, the dishes, bowls and countless household utensils were crushed.

Shi Potian heard the screams and crying of several people from the shop. At least four Guandong juniors and three idlers were on the floor and blood was gushing out of vest of one person.

When Shi Potian moved towards the collapsed wall he only found the four people coming out of it and several broken bowls, or the bamboo chopsticks but Ding Busi disappeared without a trace. One he knew that Ding Busi has left, he felt a lot better. He turned around to see the injured person and the carnage Ding Busi has left behind in the shop.

In a moment fan Yifei came in and started helping the injured people. He saw that all the people had injuries in their strategic acu-points. He was amazed that despite the fact that Ding Busi was flying backwards still he managed to hit these people with such accuracy.

He also thought that if Shi Potian has not intervened at several critical junctures and fought with him then surely all of fours sect leader would have been dead by this time.
He immediately knelt down before Shi Potian and said: "Young hero, your benevolence is unforgettable, can I ask your esteemed name."

Shi Potian has already learnt about the etiquettes of the martial-art realm from his mother so he too knelt down in front of Fan Yifei and immediately returned the salutation and said: "I don’t dare, I don’t dare! This is just a small matter, it’s not worth mentioning? My surname is Shi and I am given the name Zhong Yu."

Fan Yifei too told him his name and about their sect and also about rest of them. He then noticed Dingdang and asked him about her.

Shi Potian said: "she is called Dingdang, she is my" he said "my" three times and then blushed and didn’t said anything further. Fan Yifei thought that both these young man and woman are traveling together in the martial-art realm and feel embarrassed about it so its better to leave the awkward matters aside and didn’t talked about that matter.

Dingdang said: "come on, let go!" Shi Potian said: "yes, yes!"
He cupped his one hand in the other across his chest to make farewell speech with these people.

Fan Yifei felt extreme gratitude towards Shi Potian. He came out of the small town to see them off. Various people wanted to meet Shi Potian and wanted to ask him about his martial arts and his school but when fan Yifei saw that Dingdang was giving meaningful glances to Shi Potian, he understood that she doesn’t want these people to disturb them so directed those people to leave them alone.

He said: "young hero Shi, you have shown great kindness on us people. In this life if you ever face some difficulty or in future if you ever need us, we people of Guandong will to go through water and tread on fire to return your favor but won’t refuse under any condition."
Shi Potian recalled what his mother taught him and replied: "everybody is martial arts world is like family and we all have to pursue righteousness and justice. If we cooperate with each other than all the evil can be terminated. Today we became friend, what more favor can you return. I am extremely happy."

As soon as Fan Yifei heard these words he thought that this young hero has saved our lives still he is so polite, although he is so young still his martial- arts skill are amazing and he is so amiable. He really admired him and was not willing to say good-bye after such a short meeting.

Dingdang listened to Shi Potian saying these words and chuckled in her hear and thought: "who says that my Shi Lang is an idiot? His martial arts has surpassed the fourth grandfather, he has also been talking quite sensibly nowadays and is getting sharp with his brain."

She really felt happy in her heart and smiled. Although she had soot and dirt on her on face but the moment she smiled it collapsed. Several people were now paying attention towards her as they saw a bright-colored young girl, who was wearing a broken felt hat on her head, had put on a greasy dirty looking robe worn by Buddhist or Taoist.

Gao San Niangzi put out a hand to pull her arm and said with a smile: "this kind of beautiful appearance for a servant, on her ear she also is wearing a pearl earring. I think the servants in the central plains are a lot different from our Guandong."

The people listened to her and everyone laughed.

Dingdang also smiled and thought: "As soon as I saw fourth grandfather just then, I was really afraid and in hurry changed everything but this pearl earring."

Gao San Niangzi saw hundreds of people from the town were looking at them; they were common people, stood far enough and watched these pugilists but didn’t dare to come close. They knew that there was a very fierce fight a little while back in the shop and Ding Busi has already killed
three people from the town. The locals were very poor and didn’t know if these people are robbers or chivalrous outlaw.

Gao San Niangzi said: "We can’t stay here for long, let’s move."

She told to Dingdang: "younger sister, I am afraid your current clothes have smeared your good clothes too. I have brought a lot of clothes, if you do not mind then we can move to some family inn and there you can take a bath and change your clothes too. I have seen a lot of painting and drawing from central plains in Guandong and they depict that women here are extremely beautiful woman. I want to look at you after you have changed your dress to a female attire and look like those women from the pictures so in future when I return to Guandong at least I can boast in front of friends and relatives."

Gao San Niangzi said these sweet words in low voice near her ear.

Dingdang pursed her lips to smile and said: "I will not dress up otherwise elder sister will laugh at me."

Gao San Niangzi listened to her saying these words and knew she agreed so she soon wielded her left hand and said: "everybody move!"

The people complied and pulled their horses and then invited Shi Potian and Dingdang to accompany them, and then various people started to move out of the town carrying the corpses of their fellow disciples.

Normally the group is lead by the person who is senior in age or martial arts skill, considering these Fan Yifei should have been leading them but after coming to central plains from Guandong, Gao San Niangzi was bearing all the expenses and she was bold as well as extravagant and she was spending money like water so everyone treated her as their leader.

The horses from Guandong were healthy and of good quality and within a short time they covered dozens of miles.

Shi Potian asked Dingdang quietly: "Does this path leads towards Songjiang District?"
Dingdang smiled and nodded at him. Actually Songjiang District was in the southeast direction and these people were moving in the northwest direction directly opposite to the Shi couple.

That evening they reached to a large town called Pingyang. They looked for the largest inn in the town and lodged in. they also had the corpses of their colleagues so Lu Zhengping and his disciples went to arrange the cremation of those dead and gather their ashes.

Gao San Niangzi helped Dingdang to her bedroom and asked her to choose a dress for herself. Gao San Niangzi saw that although Dingdang had put on the clothes of a married women but the way she moved, she still looked like a virgin girl. She couldn’t help but got more curious about her.

That night the Guandong people gave a big feast to Shi Potian and Dingdang by cutting a pig. As they talked whenever Gao San Niangzi and Fan Yifei tried to ask Shi Potian and Dingdang about their teacher or the origin of their school, Shi Potian got reluctant and uneasy and tried to evade the question. They saw him reluctant so didn’t dare to ask again.

Gao san Niangzi took a close look at Shi Potian and Dingdang and saw them looking at each other with fondness and thought: "These two people are not telling about their origin and are awkward if someone asks them about it. It looks they are lovers and have eloped from their home. "

Before coming to Central plains, Fan Yifei was usually considered insufferably arrogant in Guandong, however after that fight with Ding Busi, where they were so comprehensively beaten that he was humbled, on the other hand Lu Zhengping was still inflexible and have still doubts about these two people.

Shi Potian and Dingdang ate and drank along and with others till they were full up to their neck. Once the banquet dispersed, Gao San Niangzi winked towards Fan Yifei and they both nudged Shi Potian and Dingdang to a room.

Gao San Niangzi said with smile: "sire, don’t you think out new bride is really beautiful?"
Shi Potian blushed and looked towards Dingdang and saw her blushing too, he wanted to glace at her again but couldn’t but felt shy in front of these people but cannot restrain his heart from thumping badly. They both stepped backwards a couple of steps and relied on the wall to stand.

Gao San Niangzi said with a smile: "Tonight should be the wedding festivities for you two but I am afraid there is no clown here? I think we should leave you two alone." As soon as she came near the door, her left hand swung and she threw a short knife towards the shining candle. It cut the candle in to two but didn’t fade the light and went out of the window. Gao San Niangzi said with a smile: "I respectfully congratulate you two on this happy union and hope it last for a hundred years and you two grow old together!"

She closed the door with a loud sound and moved out.

Once Shi Potian and Dingdang are in the room alone, Dingdang felt as if her whole body is on fire and her heart was pounding. Suddenly Shi Potian remembered about A’Xiu and thought that if she sees me in this condition with Dingdang then she will be surely angry and won’t be willing to be my wife. Then how will I manage that situation?"

Suddenly he heard someone shouting in the courtyard: "A true man is a real hero, let's come out and fight if you really want to, why are you throwing knives at people in the dark, such a coward?"

Dingdang rushed to Shi Potian and grasped his both palms in her hand and couldn’t restrain herself to chuckle and said to him in low voice: "Gao San Niangzi threw that short knife to extinguish the candle for us but it looks as if that person has misunderstood the situation."

Shi Potian opened his mouth to explain things to that person but a pleasantly warm and tender palm pressed down his mouth.

He only heard that person in the courtyard outside still scolding: "this short knife is really dangerous and sinister. In Guandong, People are not concerned about their face in the martial-art realm so they use it. I even heard that a sl*t named Gao San Niangzi didn’t manage to learn any kind of
martial arts so she uses this kind of short knives but I didn’t believe that such kind of person exist in the central plains too. This is really shameful."

Gao San Niangzi initially thought that this person has misunderstood her intension and he thinks someone is throwing knives at him that is why he is shouting and cursing but when he mentioned her name then she was surprised and thought: "I do not know, who knows about me and my knives and speaking so disrespectfully? "

That person continued his rant with more fervor and energy and shouted: "This town is filled up with the stinking of these foreign horses. These people from Guangdong and those barbarians who own these horses have inundated the central plains. These bandits don’t have food to eat so they have come here to steal and rob the local people. If I find these people from Guangdong then I will thrash them. "

This way he insulted the Guangdong people. Listening to this barrage of insults Lu Zhengping and other disciples of his sect came out and saw a person of small height and stature was shouting all these nonsense.

He said to that person: "My friend, you are spouting nonsense, what is your real intention?"

That person said: "What is my intention? Whenever I see people from Guangdong with flat skulls (Lu Zhengping had shaved his head), I get angry and all I want is to cut them down and hang to a beam.

Lu Zhengping said: "This is very good, here is flat skull, come and chop it!"

He appeared as if he has stopped and leaned his body towards right and in a flash took out his purple golden sword and swiped at his head with his full strength. The sword immediately cut that person in to two parts from his waist. The entire courtyard filled with the blood. By now Fan Yifei, Feng Liang and Gao San Niangzi all have come out and were shocked. They couldn’t believe that the person who was shouting and abusing the people from Guangdong had no martial arts skill.
Lu Zhengping also was scared himself. He didn’t expect to kill this person with a single blow. That man was abusing them repeatedly and Lu Zhengping couldn’t restrain himself.

The Guangdong people looked at each other in dismay; suddenly they heard a cold voice coming from the roof: "It’s good, it’s really good. The people from Guangdong really have some skill. Sect leader Lu is really a chivalrous person, he has cut down the servant who serves tea and food with a single blow in to two sections!"

Everyone raised their head and looked towards the person saying these words. They saw a person wearing ashen gown, both his hands on his waist and standing on the roof. They immediately realized that Lu Zhengping had actually killed an inn servant. This person might have given money to that servant to come in courtyard and say aloud those words.

Gao San Niangzi immediately threw three short knives at that person.

That person moved to his left and caught one short knife with its hilt and the other two knives went past him.

He said with a smile: "I will like to meet the honorable people of Guangdong sects in the forest twelve miles north of this town. Hope to meet again!"

As soon as he said these words he leapt in the opposite direction and vanished in the dark. Fan Yifei wanted to follow that person but Gao San Niangzi stopped him and said: "we cannot follow him?"

Fan Yifei nodded and said: "Yes, no matter who opposite party is, we have to keep our appointment."

Gao San Niangzi said: "good, we can’t lose our face in the martial arts without facing our opponents clean and fair."

She arrived near the window of Shi Potian’s room and said in a clear and resonant voice: "master Shi, younger sister, we have decided to keep the
appointment with this person and so we must go immediately. We have to go today but tomorrow we will meet at the bar near the front of the town."

She didn’t listen his reply and also said: "The situation here will be very noisy and somewhat unavoidably troublesome, so it will be better for you both to leave this place soon or you might be implicated in this affair."

She did not invite Shi Potian and Dingdang to meet that person. She thought that during the day, he has already fought a fierce duel with Ding Busi and has rescued their lives; if I invite them to go with us again and ask his protection then it will really look bad.

By now the inn master has discovered that the servant is killed and shouted and wrangled and there was a great confusion.

Someone shouted: "Some bandits have killed this servant, save his life, saves his life!" Someone called out: "notify a government official quickly!"

Someone said in a low voice: "be quiet, the bandits have not left yet!" Shi Potian asked in a low voice: "what to do?"
Dingdang sighed and said: "Anyway we can’t stay here now, we can follow these people"

Shi Potian said: "Actually I don’t know that who the opposite party is, can it be your fourth grandpa?"

Dingdang said: "I don’t know. We can’t again disguise ourselves, maybe he is my grandpa?"

Shi Potian startled and said: "this is bad, I I won’t go."

Dingdang said: "you fool, if it is my grandfather, we will not come out? Your martial-arts is anyway much strong, even my grandpa could not kill you. I did not worry about that but you are still afraid of him. Come on, let’s move out quickly"
As she was saying these words they heard the sound of several horse's hoof sound, the Guandong group boldly left from the front gate of the inn one after another.

They only heard the sound of Gao San Niangzi saying loudly to the inn master: "take this money, here two hundred is for the rooms and food and the other two hundred is for the servant's funeral. The one who killed that servant was the Shandong highwayman Wang Dahu so don’t implicate other people in this matter."

Shi Potian asked in a low voice: "how does she know that the killer was that Shandong highwayman Wang Dahu?"

Dingdang said: "that is of course a lie; the officials will be coming shortly so she is just giving them a false story.

They left the shop too by the main gate and saw two saddled horses and thought that the Guangdong people have left them these horses so they too rode the horses and started towards north.

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