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Ode to Gallantry Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - The Sabre Technique of the Golden Crow

When the trio woke up the next morning, they ate several persimmons. Then, Shi Potian helped both Grandmother Shi and her grand-daughter to unblock yet another channel each on their bodies. Consequently, the women regained the use of their arms.

"Big Rice Dumpling," said Grandmother Shi, "there is a small lake here where crabs can be found. Go and catch some of these crabs. Although the crabs have not grown fat(1), eating them is still better than having persimmons day in and day out."

However, Shi Potian was hesitant. "It is not difficult to catch the crabs," he said, "but we do not have a way to cook them. Neither can we eat them raw."

"How unbecoming!" said Grandmother Shi. "How can a young and energetic man like you be so fearful of that ghastly old Ding Busan?"

"Even if we do not talk about Grandfather Ding Busan," answered Shi Potian with a shake of his head, "Ding Ding Dang Dang alone is already so much better than I. If they catch me, tie me up like a big rice dumpling again and throw be back into the river, it will be horrible."

At this point, A'Xiu spoke up: "Grandmother, this Elder Brother here is right. We should just endure our situation for the time being, and wait until all the channels in your body have been unblocked. Once your strength returns, we will no longer have to be afraid of Ding Busan and Ding Busi."
"Hmmph, you make it sound as if this is a trivial matter," replied Grandmother Shi with a snort. "Can a person recover her strength as easily as she speaks? It will take at least ten days before all the channels on our bodies are unblocked. Then, we will need another eight months to a year before our strength returns in full. Are we really going to eat persimmons every day for the next twelve months? Besides, all the persimmons will be rotten in less than ten days."

"Well, we do not have to worry about that," said Shi Potian. "I will go and pick some persimmons, and dry them in the sun. Then, with dried fruit to eat for a year or so, we will not starve to death." After experiencing so many frustrating and incomprehensible difficulties and dangers in recent days, he felt that things might be better if he were to pass his days in peaceful seclusion at the cave. After all, this seemed to be a far safer and happier option.

"So you are willing to act like a tortoise that draws its head into its shell," snapped Grandmother Shi angrily. "But I will not do it. Besides, that scoundrel Ding Busi will extend his search to this island within a day or two. Then, you will not be able to act like a tortoise even if you wanted to. Big Rice Dumpling, what exactly is going on with you? Why do you possess such a rich reservoir of internal strength in vain, when you have not taken up any training in martial arts?"

"But I have really not taken any proper lessons from anyone," answered Shi Potian, feeling somewhat embarrassed. "Ding Ding Dang Dang taught me her Seizing Technique with eighteen moves, so it is only natural that I am unable to defeat her or her grandfather. As for the moves that Old Grandfather Ding Busi taught me, there is nothing among them that he does not already know."

Suddenly, A'Xiu interrupted the exchange: "Grandmother, why do you not give this Elder Brother here some pointers on a few moves? If he learns your pugilistic techniques and defeats Ding Busi after that, would that not be more glorious than seizing victory in your own hands?"

Grandmother Shi did not reply. Instead, she fixed her eyes on Shi Potian and stared hard at him. Suddenly, her eyes were filled with terrible
viciousness and hate. Her hands began to quiver, as if they were about to grab Shi Potian and have him bitten to death.

Frightened, the young man stood up and backed away. "Old Madame," he said, "you ... you ..."

Ignoring him, Grandmother Shi spoke to her grand-daughter in a stern voice: "A'Xiu, take another look at him. Is the resemblance not there?"

A'Xiu's large eyes turned themselves on to Shi Potian's face, but the expression in them was a lot more gentle and amiable. "Grandmother," said the young woman, "the resemblance exists, but ... but he is definitely not the one. If he ... he had a tenth of this Elder Brother's honesty and kindness, he would not have ... would not have ..."

The resentful glint in Grandmother Shi's eyes subsided. With a snort of disgust, she said, "Althought he is not the one, there is still too much resemblance between them. I will certainly not teach him anything."

Almost at once, Shi Potian understood: Yes, she thought that I am the other Shi Potian. That Clan-Leader Shi has certainly offended a lot of people, for there are actually so many people under the sun who hate him. If I see him in the future, I should really give him some advice.

Just then, he heard Grandmother Shi ask: "Is your surname Shi?"

"No!" answered Shi Potian, shaking his head. "Everyone says that I am Clan-Leader Shi from the Clan of Eternal Happiness, but I am actually not. Not even by the slightest bit. Sigh, I have repeated this many times, but no one believes me." He heaved a long sigh in deep frustration.

"I believe that you are not," said A'Xiu in a quiet voice.

"You really do?" asked Shi Potian, raising his voice in delight. "That ... that is excellent! You are the only one who believes me!"

"You are a good man," said A'Xiu. "He ... he is a bad one. Both of you are totally different."
Grabbing the young woman's hands in a moment of impulse, Shi Potian said, "Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!" In recent days, everyone he met had assumed that he was Clan- Leader Shi, so much so that he had no way to start explaining otherwise. Now, he felt just like a wrongly-accused prisoner who had been given a sudden exoneration by the Great Master Qingtian and his Mirror of Understanding(2), for as he thanked A'Xiu profusely, tears of gratitude fell from his eyes and on to the young woman's slim and fair hands.

A'Xiu turned red with embarrassment, yet she could not bear to pull her hands away from Shi Potian's grasp.

"If you are, you are," said Grandmother Shi in a cold voice. "If you are not, you are not. How unbecoming for a man to weep and wail!"

"Yes!" said Shi Potian. As he raised a hand to wipe his tears, he suddenly realised that he was still holding on to A'Xiu's hands. Shocked, he quickly said, "I amd sorry, I am sorry!" As he released her hands, he added, "I ... I ... I am going to pick more persimmons." He ran straight off, not daring to cast another look at the young woman.

When Grandmother Shi saw how awkward Shi Potian felt, as well as how genuine the awkwardness was, she could not help but be amused. "So he is not," she said with a sigh. "If that little beast who is surnamed Shi had but a tenth of Big Rice Dumpling's honesty and kindness, he would not have ... sigh!"

Before long, rustling sounds could be heard among the trees outside the cave. Shi Potian rushed up, looking pale and panicky. "Oh no ...," he said in a trembling voice, "we are in a terrible mess!"

"Why?" asked Grandmother Shi. "What is wrong? Has Ding Busan seen you?"

Shi Potian complied and went into the wood to look for another branch, after looking around for a while; he saw a rusted saber used for cutting firewood under a tree. He quickly bent down to pick it up to find out that the hilt had already decayed and the saber had many chips. It seemed to
pretty old and a bit heavy too. Holding the saber, he told himself; "This black saber is rusty, but it's still better than those tree branches." He pulled out what's left of the old handle, picked up a tree branch nearby, squeezed it into the hilt to get a makeshift grip and walked back in high spirit.

Grandma Shi and A’Xiu saw this rusted handle and rotten hatchet and were unable to restrain their laugh.

A’Xiu smiled and said: "Grandma, this expensive saber has cut the big mountain and now this treasured saber will be used to teach senior disciple martial arts…quite an irony.

Grandma Shi said: "what’s the irony? Our golden phoenix school will reign over all the wulin, it will rule the realm of river and lakes and by this handle….this handle of the treasured sword...Ha!" As she spoke the word "Treasured sword", she herself can’t stop from smiling. All the three people started laughing.

Granny Shi smiled and said: "Well remember, the first move of Golden phoenix skill is called ‘to ask for trouble’ ". She picked up a short branch, slowly took a posture and said "I cannot move my hands and feet quickly but you actually have to move them fast, the faster the better".

Shi Potian looked at the hatchet and moved it accordingly adjusting to its model very quickly and making loud sound of the wind out of saber.

Grandma Shi nods and said: "very good, so familiar, but you have to do it again and quicker.

This mode of ‘to ask for trouble’ is used to restraint the snow mountain sect’s move of `green pines to receive a guest '. They are hypocritical in receiving a guest; we while on the other hand we are direct and even welcome the thief, will probably bow to salute an opposite party salute, when actually in heart think of them as bandits and thieves.

The second move `Snow Blossom meets the summer ' is to restrain ` Snow Blossom to struggle the spring ' move. To tackle this snowy mountain
sword technique ‘the plum blossom five petals’, or also called ‘snowflake six’, we can use ‘Snow Blossom meets the summer’.

Now what power and prestige does the plum blossom, Snowflake have against summer?"

This move of swordsmanship `Snow Blossom struggles the spring ' is really complicated, Shi Potian has seen this move from Bai Wanjian, the sword’s luminance ,its big power and influence, however he had not learnt it in the temple of the village god. The moves of saber skill 'Snow Blossom meets the summer’ lies in three saber thrusts, then next three saber swipe downwards, then three saber strokes on left and right, including chops in succession, here one pays no attention to opposite party sword however it changes, and subdues it by an overwhelming power, ruthless strength and dispels the complicated sword move of the opposite party, exactly like a hot summer day does to snowflake on its arrival.

That third move is called the ‘thousand honored pressure camels’, it restrains the snowy mountain sect’s move ‘camel next to west'; The fourth move of `sea sinks the sand ' is to restrain the `sandstorm to be luxuriant '; The fifth move of `scorching red date ' restrains the `moonlight pale yellow ', next move is to win darkly by the light; Seventh move of `falls in with bad company' restrains the `dark fragrant sparse shade '.

Each move of saber skill has a strange name, is in sharp opposition all with a snowy mountain sword’s move name and although the name were strange, saber skills actually was very fine and wonderful.

Shi Potian was illiterate, doesn’t knew a character, all these name of saber skill moves were mostly from the book of idioms, he naturally didn’t not understand, also cannot remember , he only tried to memorize the saber stances, their positions and the hand signal attentively. Granny Shi spoke but hand movements were really slow, Shi Potian couldn’t grasp it clearly so he stopped and adjusted. Although he has seen the sword skill in temple of village god, here the difficulty was of course at entirely different level.

After Grandma Shi had given 18 strokes, she had a sense of fatigue and rested immediately, turning a blind eye and let Shi Potian to practice. After
some time she passed 18 more strokes. By evening she had passed all the 72 moves meanwhile she also taught the rest of the 9 moves he forgot (of Snow Mountain Sect).

Grandma Shi said: "the Snow Mountain sect’s sword skill has 72 moves, as soon as my Golden Phoenix School will send its martial-arts everywhere to win we will have actually 73 moves. Our 73 moves will break their 72 moves; this is the last move, look carefully to understand. She said and took a branch unhurriedly held it vertically from top as well as bottom and hacked it in two in parts and said "When you use this move, you must do it without fail and jump in the air and divide it straight with your body". She taught him how to jump vertically, how to transport force and how to block opposite party to run away and escape.

Shi Potian meditates for half of the day, in accordance with the move taught, jumped, brandished a sword from the midair and divided straight down and shouted, the saber pointing towards the ground, it stopped after it gets about a third of meter inside the earth, dust and sand flies upwards, the withered grass and fallen leaf is stirred up all round by the saber wind and started dancing round and round it with surprising power.

As soon as Shi Potian completed the move and managed to stand, he saw Grandma Shi, she had a look of deathly pale, and he turned the head to look at A’Xiu, and actually saw a pair of big drop of tears in her eyes, obviously looking very sad. Shi Potian lip’s stammered: "my this move …Is this not correct"?

Grandma Shi did not spoke for the moment, beckons with her hand said: "Right",

Stayed for a while, and then said: "this move is very formidable and may not be used lightly in order to avoid accidental injuries to the good people."

Shi Potian said: "yes, yes! Good people should not be injured."

That entire night he (Shi Potian) in between his sleep tossed and turned gesticulating the 73 moves of saber skills in the heart, actually preparing for the powerful enemy who were searching him outside. Fortunately this
Azure Mist island although is not that big area wise, is actually surrounded by numerous overgrown trees, and the mountain trails were very many, so Bai Wanjian didn’t found them and left near 1’oclock.

On the second morning dawn, he (Shi Potian) got up and practiced his saber skills, practiced the 73rd move straight thrust, the vertical leap midair, a saber split and got down, this time with formidable power, the saber wind hit ground creating sound of something being struck or falling to the ground with loud booming voice.

A’Xiu heard only at her back and said: "Shi ......Brother Shi, you get up early in the morning."

Shi Potian turned around, and saw her leaning against a stone, a pair of wonderful eyes staring at him and said: "you are also early."

A’Xiu face turned a bit red, she said: "I was thinking of taking a walk in the forest, good for health, will you accompany me, is it fine?

Shi Potian said: "Well, the meridians of your body are blocked and they need more activity."

They both walked side by side immediately in to the forest, entered the deep woods, this time the sunlight has not yet reached entirely, the forest was filled with the mist giving a surreal look to the ambience, the grass, the trees, A’Xiu body, her face covered with a gauze. In the forest silences reigns, only two people tread above the dried grass, exuding a very slow rustle.

Suddenly, Shi Potian heard several sobs on his side; he turned his head, only to see A’Xiu sobbing, the crystal clear teardrops flowing off slowly from her cheeks. Shi Potian was startled, asked: "A’Xiu girl, you Why
do you cry?"

A’Xiu didn’t answer, walked several steps, caught a tree hand and cried even more sadly.

Shi Potian said: "why? Has Grandma Shi scolded you?"
A’Xiu shakes her head.

Shi Potian also asked: "Are you feeling uncomfortable, is that it?" A’Xiu shakes her head again.
Shi Potian asked 7-8 types of reasons, A’Xiu only shake the head. All of sudden he had no idea, in the past all the females he met like his mother, Shi Jian, Ding Dang, Hua Wan Zi and so on, all were straightforward character or from older generation, Shi Madame Min Rou her manner was temperate and naturally dignified too, but he never saw any one like A’Xiu, a charming bashful girl. In reality he did not know how to deal with this. A’Xiu sobbed more, he got flustered and said: "for what matter?

You said to me, okay?"said A’Xiu. She said "is ......You ......You are not good, you ......You Must ask!"

Shi Potian was shocked and thought "have done I something wrong, she already said that is he is not good, He said gently to A’Xiu with respect "A’Xiu, you told me that I

am a fool, and has done wrong things, didn’t knew really and should die seriously "

A’Xiu looked from her tearful eyes over his shoulders and said:" Last night I saw a dream, very scary, you ... ... you ... you ... were so fierce to me!", having said that, the tears flow like a broken string pearls falling down.

Shi Potian said:" I'm tough on you"

A Xiu: "yes ah, I dreamed of you; that I will be killed from the Golden Phoenix saber’s 73rd move."

Shi Potian startled, clenched his fist and struck his chest and said after a moment: "Damn, damn! I am frightened of your dream."

A’Xiu smiled through her tears and said: "Brother Shi, that was my dream obviously you cannot blame yourself. Shi Potian saw her cheeks glistening
with tears but a smile appeared tender, full of life, he cannot help himself looking at her like an imbecile.

A’Xiu face turned red, felt a slight shiver and said: "My dreams are often accurate; I am afraid that in future you really use this move against us and will kill me.

Shi Potian shakes his head again and again, said: " It is impossible to even think that I will kill you, let alone to kill you, no way, instead you must kill me, I I will not fight back."

A’Xiu looked at her and said: "if I must kill you, why won’t you fight back?"

Shi Potian put out a hand to scratch his head, laughed foolishly and said: "I think ......I think that no matter what you want me to do I would to be obedient you and listen to your words. You must really kill me. If you will not kill me, you won’t be happy. So it’s better for you to kill me"

A’Xiu felt perplexed after listening and thought that his words are sincere and is really stemming from the bottom of one's heart; cannot help but in the heart felt grateful, said: "you why are you so good to me?"

Shi Potian said: "As long as you are happy, I just can’t say how fond of you I am. A’Xiu I….I really want to look at you like this for the rest of my life." He said those words as he thought in his heart. A’Xiu although younger than his age was more versed in worldly affairs and thought that he was actually asking him to accompany him for his life, like a family member. She was unable to restrain, her whole face turned red including her neck.

For a long time, no one said a word. After a while, A’Xiu whispered: "I know you

are a good man, not to mention it also happened in that ship, we were ... ...
... ... we were in same bed, I ... ... I would rather die but will not go to another person. "
She meant that the heavens had made the plans for them to meet, your whole body was tied up, and you ended up in my bedding that night, actually these words were too shameful to speak, when she said `we were in same bed ' , the sound was barely audible.

Shi Potian didn’t realize that her words were vows for living together and kind of treaty of alliance, but he knew she was well aware of his good heart, felt ecstatic and said suddenly: "If on this island only your paternal grandmother and us, we three people are there, we may forever live in here, but alas Bai Wanjian, Grandpa Ding Busi are also here so we have to live in fear."

A’Xiu looked up and said: "Ding Busi, Bai Wanjian, I do not fear them but actually I only fear that you will kill me in the future."

Shi Potian said anxiously: "I rather first kill myself, before causing any injury to even your little finger."

A’Xiu brought her left hand, looked at her own palm, by now the sunlight has entered in to the forest through the leaves, she saw few of her fingers transparent such as agate. Shi Potian can not help but took her hand, kissed on her lips.

A’Xiu made "ah" sound, all of a sudden withdraws her hand, felt all her limbs weak, relying upon a tree, panting for breath.
Shi Potian anxiously said: "A’Xiu girl, you should not be offended. I      I
......I did not want to offend you. I will not dare next time, really wont dare again." A’Xiu saw him to be anxious, sweat flowing from his left hand and said: "you have not offended me. Next time time. don’t dare."
Shi Potian felt great happiness, his heart thumping madly, grasped her delicate little hands tenderly again but did not dare to kiss her again.
A’Xiu rested bit and said: "Although my grandmother and I have made you to unblock the meridians, but I do not know what time or year can we return.
Shi Potian didn’t take much of it as some merit or achievement and just for idle talk said:" We only hope that Grandpa Ding Busi does not find us, then it doesn’t matter if your grandmother regains her strength or not."

A’Xiu said: "how is your grandmother, my grandmother? She is the Master of the Golden Phoenix School and your master and you even don’t call her master."

Shi Potian:" yes, yes. I am not used to call her that. A’Xiu girl ..Tell me how to call you?"

A’Xiu with her cheeks red, said: "you should call me ‘A’Xiu younger sister ' and then I can call you a ‘Big Brother’ '."

But in the end her face eventually became tender, said: "you can call me
`A’Xiu ', but what do I call you?"

Shi Potian said: "you can call me anything".

A’Xiu said with a smile: "I will call you big steamed rice dumpling, are you angry?"

Shi Potian says with a smile: "It is good….very good, why would I be angry?"

A’Xiu cried in her sweet and delicate voice: "Big steamed rice dumpling!"

Shi Potian said: "A’Xiu". Both looked at each other to smile with joy in the hearts that can not put into words.

Shi Potian said: "Are you too tired to stand, let's sit down and talk."

Now the two sat side by side under a tree. A’Xiu long hairs were hanging by her shoulder and as the sunlight falls on her dark hair it shimmered with a little flash. Her hairs on the right side stroked Shi Potian on his chest, Shi Potian took her hand and combed gently with her fingers.

A Xiu: "big brother steamed rice dumpling, if I have not met you, Grandma and I have been drowned in the Yangtze River in it, then where would have
been a moment like this.

Shi Potian said:" If you were not going through the boat then I would have drowned in the Yangtze River even before you. Everyone should look for moment like this in his life, to be happy, why study martial arts to hit me, I hit you, harm other people. It’s really sad.

I do not understand really."

A’Xiu said: "One has to certainly study martial arts. In this world there are many unprincipled person, even if you do not hit them still they come to hit you. Even to get hit lets say is fine but to get killed is unacceptable. Steamed rice dumpling elder brother, I want to ask you something?"

Shi Potian said: "of course! You can ask me anything, I’ll do that."

A’Xiu said: "my paternal grandmother's Golden Phoenix blade skill, indeed is very fierce, your internal energy is also strong, after completing your practice, in the martial arts world a very few some people are your match. However I am very much worried about one matter, you are upright honest however in jiang hu a lot of people have heart set on evil cheats, these unprincipled people will cause the trick to harm you, you will definitely suffer a great deal. Therefore I ask you be little firm to your enemies."

Shi Potian nods said: "you are good for me; I am willing to listen to your words."

A thin layer of blush panned over A’Xiu face, she said: "In the future, do not say that you will not listen to me. You said yourself and must follow. It is not a joke on you; you said it with the spirit of a real man." She paused and said: "I look at this Golden Phoenix blade skill grandmother is teaching you; this move is really sinister to kill,

In future if someone offends there will be many deaths as a result."

Shi Potian got alarmed and afraid, said: "you said rightly, it would be better for me to not study this set of blade skills, ask your paternal grandmother to do not teach it to others."
A’Xiu shook her head and said: "She has ability to use these blade skills, not the others. Furthermore, regardless of what martial arts, it will definitely kill other people. If it cannot kill then it is not martial arts. Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them; anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when possible."

Shi Potian said: "Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them; anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when possible, A’Xiu well said, you are really smart, these words are very good.

A’Xiu smiles and said "I am really smart, come to think so ...these are the lines from a poem actually.

Shi Potian asks: "what poem?" He did not even know a character or word, so how would he know about poetry.

A’Xiu saw a look of surprise in his eyes so she thought he did not really understood; so she said: "I want you to forgive others but in the martial arts world, lots of people are sinister and cheat, if you are not careful, opposite party will seize the opportunity to execute plots that might harm you. Elder brother, I know a move, it is very subtle and might help in future. Let me show you."

She took the rotten blade from Shi Potian and stood up slowly, took a posture, with the blade in horizontal position, the saber pointed towards left, took a swipe and then immediately dragged it towards right, then instead of chopping towards right all of sudden stabbed it straight downwards.

Shi Potian saw her in this beautiful posture, her cloth belt floating, and

the attitude wonderful. Nothing can be compared to see this frail delicate girl using the blade so gracefully. He was so relaxed and spirited that he didn’t even remember the blade strokes.

A’Xiu recovered her sword stance, stepped back two steps, withdrew the blade and said: "To retrieve the blade afterwards, it’s necessary to incite your internal energy and protect yourself from both right and left for a sneak attack by the enemy.
Shi Potian was ecstatic, lost in his own thoughts barely heard what she said. A’Xiu asked: "what? This move is good isn’t it?"
Shi Potian stumped for words, said: "This ......This      "

A’Xiu said in anger: "I know that you are the eldest disciple of Golden Phoenix sect, it was pretty stupid of me to show you my three legged cat skills.

Shi Potian panicked for a moment and said quickly: "I am sorry, I looked at you and you looked really attractive, forgot to see the blade move, Can you show me again, A’Xiu guniang (guniang: young girl/Miss)"

A’Xiu feigns anger, said: "show you again…you called me A’Xiu guniang".

Shi Potian extended it hand to strike his forehead and said: "I should die, I always forget…A’Xiu, A’Xiu, please show me again".

She said with a smile: "Fine, but don’t ask me to do it a third time."

She repeated the moves, taking the correct posture and with the blade in horizontal position, the saber pointed towards left, took a swipe and thrusts it downwards.

This time Shi Potian was well awake and remembered her hand movements, her steps, blade position and the entire stance etched in his mind.

Afterwards A’Xiu urged him to take the blade and encouraged him to try these moves. He already had remembered these moves by heart so repeated them exactly.

A’Xiu saw him immediately grasping this move and was overjoyed in her heart.

She said approvingly: "Elder brother, you are really intelligent; you just need the intent and can learn anything very quickly. This move of blade
skill is called ‘To make a veiled attack’. The blade edge arrives and then the internal energy and the other details.

Shi Potian said: "This move was very good, goes right and then left, moves up and down unpredictably; for a enemy it virtually impossible to guard against."

A’Xiu said: "This is the beauty of this trick and forgive. In a martial art contest as soon as any move is executed, it either kills its opponent or injures him badly. However during this move your body arches back so even if you are fierce still it won’t kill the opponent or badly injure him.

Shi Potian saw her leaning on the tree with her shoulders and tiring herself, said: "you are tired and you should sit down."

A’Xiu folded her knees to kneel down slowly and sat on her heels and asked: "Have you heard me?

Shi Potian said: "yes I heard. This move is called "knocks…side knocks". (Some play of words although he was listening attentively still was illiterate and name was derived from an idiom so made the mistake).

A’Xiu said: "Well, you are distracted; don’t look at me."

Although she remarked jokingly, Shi Potian turned his head and no longer saw her.

A’Xiu smiled and said: "this move is called `to make a veiled attack '. Eldest brother, in the martial arts world, popular figures are mostly good people. To become famous person one can get injured, but if one gets defeated more often then not he dies because of loss of reputation. Therefore in a martial arts contest disputes, person should be conservative. If you had already won, then you might as well use this move, other people get dazzled but afterward withdraw two step and take back the pointed weapons, even if some people are looking, they won’t know that who won and who lost.
This way your opponent can save his face and you can win his respect. If you speak one or two speeches of flattery such as: ‘Your Excellency, your sword skill is exquisite, really you. Today, victory or defeat will be hard to distinguish, so in light of this why don’t we stop and everybody become friends'. As soon as such words come opponent understands that you are yielding intentionally and actually don’t want to injure his reputation. Then he would be friendly with you".

Shi Potian listened carefully in admiration and said: "A’Xiu, you are young in age but how can you understand so much things. This method is really good."

A’Xiu said with a smile: "I said don’t and here now again you are looking at me".

Shi Potian had turned his head, he saw only her cheeks and saw her grinning and looking at him, he can’t help his heart to sway in ecstasy.

A’Xiu said "What do I know; I see adults people doing things, listen to them a lot."

Shi Potian said: "I should try it again so I don’t forget". Then he leaped immediately and executed the move ‘To make a veiled attack’.

A’Xiu nodded saying: "Perfect, you haven’t missed a single stance".

Shi Potian sat next to her. A’Xiu sighed suddenly, said: "Eldest brother, I taught you this move of `to make a veiled attack ', but do not say to paternal grandmother."

Shi Potian said: "I will not say about it, I know that your grandmother might not happy."

A’Xiu said: "How do you know grandma will not be happy?"

Shi Potian said: "you are not a disciple of Golden Phoenix sect and if I a disciple of this school learn martial art from others naturally she won’t like it."
As soon as Arab League embroiders smiled, said: "Golden Phoenix school and my school are nothing but same; just a mirror reflection. My Grandma acts sometimes like child."

Shi Potian said: "I know that your Grandma has really a little child’s temperament. Grandpa Ding Busi asked her to go to the blue spiral island, go there and that's the end, so why also lead you to throw in the river with her?

Blue Spiral Island might have been un-amusing but that’s not that important. Actually Ding Busi Grandpa is very good to your Grandma but she scolds him unceasingly and he was not angry. Your Grandma is very good but actually ominous to him."

A’Xiu said with a smile: "you spoke malicious remarks about your master behind back, I will take care that she knows about it, then she will pull out your muscle, peel your skin."

Although Shi Potian saw her to smile saying it, actually in his heart was somewhat alarmed, and anxiously said: "I will not say next time."

A’Xiu saw through his facial expression that he was terrified, and felt apologetic, and thought that she had bullied a very honest and good-natured person, also thought that she herself has guided him to study this move of
`to make a veiled attack ', although it is harmless to him, it has to be kept for oneself: "Eldest brother, you have already agreed to not injure anyone or kill in martial art contest, I ......I really feel grateful. I do not know how I may repay, many thanks to you." She bent down to him to kowtow immediately.

Shi Potian was startled, said: "you how ......How can you kowtow me?" and also kneels down busily, kowtows in returns salute.

Suddenly they heard a distant sound of a female shouting angrily: "You have no sense of shame. Even not concerned about your face, you in have bowed to heaven and earth with this person!"

That he heard was precisely the sound of a Ding dang.
Shi Potian startled and leapt hurriedly saying "Ah yo! … Dingdingdangdang". Then he saw her coming out of woods and Ding Busan following him out of forest.

As soon as Shi Potian saw these two people, he got frightened; he bent and grabbed the A’Xiu by her waist and ran in the opposite direction frantically. However Ding Busan was really quick and he leapt up and down a few times and promptly blocked his way.

Shi Potian cried: "Ah yo" and changed his direction and ran in other direction. His lightness martial art was not better then Ding Busan and especially carrying A’Xiu, he was no match. At any moment Ding Busan was going to catch them.

At the same time Ding dang also was catching up. Shi Potian saw a glittering lance in her hands and his heart thumped once again. He heard her shouting angrily: "Put down that sl*t and let me kill her by my lance and we will live forever.

Shi Potian said: "It’s not good, it’s not good!" Ding dang strike with lance at A’Xiu.

Shi Potian was terrified that Ding dang will hack A’Xiu to death, he turned and leapt vertically, with his unconscious strength and formidable internal energy; suddenly he was leaping high and high in the air even higher then the pine trees.

His leap was exceptional and no doubt both Ding dang and Ding Busan were surprised.

Shi Potian also cried in mid air: "Ah yo". He thought that once he will fall, his leg tendons will break and the Ding dang will kill A’Xiu. How can this be good?

He saw that both his legs fall on the pine tree branch, panic-stricken he made an effort to brace it with his legs and hoping that he can run far away.
Then he heard the sound of the branch breaking up and suddenly his body was in a free fall, his body making hu-hu sound as he was flying downwards.

He heard A’Xiu saying: "when fall trying to make yourself light and then…" even before her word were finished Shi Potian felt both his feet falling on another branch of pine tree, it curved like a bow immediately but didn’t broke and instead actually shoots them far higher in the air. The sound of Ding dang scolding them slowly started fading.

Shi Potian really enjoyed this jumping and falling and especially with A’Xiu in his arms giving him direction he was able to use his abundant internal energy to vertically leap from a branch to another.

Although his internal energy was very good but his lightness martial art knowledge was almost zero however once he started to imitate the apes, squirrels monkey etc he really felt exhilarated, unrestrained and infinite pleasantness, said: "This method is really good, this way they won’t be able to catch up soon."

He got to the end of the forest and heard some sound of shouts and also saw some reflections, obviously those sunlight reflection was from some pointed weapons, and some people were in a fight.

Shi Potian said: "This is not good. There are some people and may not let us pass."

He put his left foot on a branch, stepped gently, following the method A’Xiu told him, took a full breath and started gliding gently along the stem carrying A’Xiu with him.

He hid behind a large pine tree and started looking for the source of commotion but couldn’t help himself to get shocked.

Between the gaps of two pine trees he actually saw two people in fight, one holding a long sword was actually Bai Wanjian and other person was an empty handed Ding Busi.
Several disciple of Snow Mountain sect surrounded them and were watching both of them fight with rapt attention and tacitly supporting Bai Wanjian. Although Ding Busi didn’t had any weapon but he was using his palms to seize, pokes, grasp, to counter attack like a pair of fierce weapons. However Bai Wanjian was an experienced fighter and he used his long sword to attack as well as defend.

Shi Potian looked to figure out the moves used by both of them and concentrates completely and even forgot that he has a muddy person in his bosom. He had already studied the Snow Mountain sword skills and also the skill from Ding Busi however he had not taught him all the variations still he managed to link them to what he already has learnt from him by some logical thinking.

When two senior masters fight, the fight is extremely tight as no one dares to make any mistake and uses the majority of the martial arts they have learnt. Ding Busi was moving for an assault, his both palms like a sword and halberd. Bai Wanjian was forced to defend, while his defensive moves were too many and offensive move few but Bai Wanjian was extremely calm, unadorned also restraining. It really looked like if Ding Busi was to win it has to be very long fight and won’t be easy. He (Shi Potian) only feared that Bai Wanjian will be on the winning side.

Shi Potian didn’t knew at this point, of course as he didn’t knew much about Ding Busi and Bai Wanjian. Actually Ding Busi and father of Bai Wanjian, ‘Proud and Virtue Gentleman’ Bai Zizai were from same generation so as he couldn’t fight with a person of lower generation without losing his face so he agreed to fight empty handed against the long sword. But as son as the fight started he started attacking with his palms variations with strong internal energy forcing his opponent to be very cautious, even if it was Bai Zizai in his heydays in wulin would have feared it.

Ding Busi attacked relentlessly and displayed exquisite moves but was countered effectively and if there was no recourse then will had to risk danger of mutually wounding both of them and thus was compelled to draw back. Bai Wanjian. Always took advantage with each step, didn’t struggle with him and showed a lot of wisdom. Although there wasn’t much difference between their martial art but since Ding Busi was not using his
‘Golden nine soft whip’ which he wrapped around his waist he was at obvious disadvantage.

After some 20 moves Bai Wanjian said: "Uncle Ding, you can use your nine whips, don’t fight empty-handed anymore."

Ding Busi got angry said: "Bullshit, don’t fight empty-handed! You try this move!" Drawing a circle of his left hand, the right hand fist jabs at exits from the circle. This move was very unusual. Bai Wanjian didn’t fully understood and withdrew back one step. Ding Busi laughed at him, suddenly his right foot hit the ground, his body springs toward left, it looked at though his both feet left the ground, flew suddenly, then both feet kicked rapidly in the midair. Bai Wanjian withdrew back one step again and wielded his sword to protect himself.

Ding Busi suddenly moved swiftly left and then suddenly right, only looking at it Shi Potian felt dazzled. All of sudden he heard a sound which scoffed, on the Ding Busi right leg pants was long crack although he suffered no injuries.

Bai Wanjian drew back his sword and said: "please yield!"

For masters competing in a martial arts contest, one move is the difference between victory and defeat.

Ding Busi became angry out of shame, shouts to clear the way: "who yields?

This move of you was a piece of luck, what is it called?" This move was called "the boat sailing against the current".
Bai Wanjian has attacked and cut the opponent’s pants leg a moment ago said: "this is of course good luck."

Ding Busi just out of fierce and arrogance was not able to wield kicks fully and in anger made the mistake.
The Snow Mountain sect’s numerous disciples looked at themselves with self-satisfaction, some people made noise and commended: "you look at the senior fellow-pupil this move of ‘moonlight dusk’ was so vague, obscure and ambiguous that Senior Ding Busi was thrown into confusion, if not for Senior fellow-pupil forgiving sword, his body had already been hung out colored streamers."

Then they heard: "Bullshit!" that too from two people. Everyone expected it from Ding Busi but strangely it also came from the north-east direction. As if by prior agreement everybody vision shifted in that direction. Watching these two people Shi Potian was frightened to his heart…one was Ding Busan and other Ding dang.

Ding Busi called out: "Third brother, you get out of the way! I have to take care of these people, what are you doing here?" he was concentrating completely on Bai Wanjian.

Ding Busan said: "Bullshit" two characters, he then knew that was the elder brother arrived.

Ding Busan said with a smile: "I must take a look at you; you are still not showing any improvement in your martial art."

Ding Busi was anxious, he knew for sure that in present circumstance when he was unable to win, this will be viewed as supremacy by his brother as since childhood both had fierce competition.

He called out loudly: "you only breed confusion my mind, I am already distracted my attention by speaking with you, how I will beat others?"

Ding Busan smiled and said: "you do not need to speak with me, fight with single-hearted devotion."

He then turned his head towards Ding Dang and said: "Your fourth grandfather has always said that his martial-arts is unmatched in this world and better compared to all his brothers. Now open your eyes and look carefully at your fourth grandfather, once he used his mighty pair of palms, people who want to fight will admit defeat, will kneel and will beg for
mercy. Ha-ha!" The laughter was strange and it hummed uncomfortably in everyone’s ears.

Ding Busi asked: "Third brother, what are you laughing about?" Ding Busan replied with a smile: "I am laughing at you."
Ding Busi got angry and said: "Why are you laughing at me, Do I look funny?"

Ding Busan said: "I am laughing at your life, your entire life you have been striving to out do others but whenever you are in any danger you have to rely on your elder brother to help you out."

Ding Busi got angrier and said: "This Bai Wanjian is from a later generation; if I was not giving face to his parents I would have already killed him with my palms. In what danger am I, who wants to help me out…! Ouch! This young fellow is taking advantage of someone in precarious situation."

Ding was empty handed and Bai Wanjian was ready with his long sword, he was talking in anger with Ding Busan and diverted all his attention to him, he had no defense ready, Bai Wanjian took opportunity of this favorable situation and attacked his left shoulder, blood immediately started dripping out.

Ding Busan and his all four brothers did quarreled in their childhood but it wasn’t the case as though they hated or disliked each other. When Ding Busan saw his younger brother get hurt he was unable to restrain himself and shouted angrily: "Young fellow, you dared to injure my third brother!" He attacked Bai Wanjian shouting and made him to retreat.

When Bai Wanjian was attacked his mind was not chaotic, he stepped back and defended and positioned himself such that he won’t come out in open with his back towards Ding Busi.

Ding Busi cried: "Third brother draw back, who wants you to help me?"
Ding Busan said: "Who is helping you. This young fellow is not fighting a fair fight. I will make him to lose as much blood as your and then it will be a fair fight."

The Snow Mountain sect’s disciples saw that their fellow apprentices is attacked by two people, and Ding Busan had already killed two disciple of their sect earlier and was their personal enemy, they shouted in unison and attacked simultaneously.

Ding Busan shouted to clear the way: "you son-of-a-*****es are really impatient, come all of you!"

He actually saw the reflection of numerous swords, at the same time several long swords attacked to stab him. Ding Busan evaded that attack and called out loudly: "don’t get impatient; your old man will take care of you all today."

Bai Wanjian knew that these fellows are no way in match of him, and it would be a real massacre so called out anxiously: "everybody draws back!"

The Snow Mountain sect disciples did not dare to defy their fellow apprentice’s verbal command slightly and dispersed away immediately.

Ding Busan turned towards one fat and short Snow Mountain disciple named Li Wanshan and said: "gives me your sword!"

Li Wanshan got angry and said: "good! It’s for you!" he sneered at him and raised his long sword and attacked at his center, to his lower abdomen with a straight thrust.

Ding Busan’s left hand reached out and at same moment his body leaned over one side and held his right wrist from the side, turned it gently and seized the long sword from his hand, it looked like as though Li Wanshan has really given the long sword. However by the time people realized, Li Wanshan has his right wrist already dislocated and Ding Busan was flying to kick him with his foot and somersaulted back.
Other Snow Mountain disciples wanted to help one another, Ding Busan grasped the long sword but didn’t rushed towards Bai Wanjian and Ding Busi, he took the sword and with it drew approximately twenty feet of circle, and stood firmly, looked coldly at the Snow Mountain sect disciples and said: "Those who step into this circle even one step, will step in to hell."

Bai Wanjian although looked calm, in his heart actually was very nervous, he knew knows for sure that if these two brothers are capable of killing even without batting an eye, if at this moment these two people collaborate, it would be similar to the event in that temple of village god when he faced the Shi Qing couple, however the circumstances here is a lot risky, Ding brothers do not resemble the Shi Qing couple, who were fastidious about the martial arts world morality and justice. He only feared that the Snow Mountain sect’s all disciples will die today on this island. He thought about attacking immediately on Ding Busan and kill Ding Busan or he will kill his fellow disciples.

However although Ding Busi was injured, he was not hit on any strategic point and there was a probability that he might help Ding Busan and since he is hot tempered and strives for win anxiously, he will be ruthless.

Ding Busan called out: "Fourth brother, you draw back first and bandage your sword wound."

Ding Busi shouted: "What sword wound, where is any wound on my body. This young fellow…how can he injure me with his rotten sword?"

Ding Busan said: "Well, how on your body can I see lot of blood and a sword cut too."

Ding Busi said: "hey I was happy to play with myself, scratch myself for titillation, what’s so strange about it."

Ding Busan laughed, raised the sword and said loudly: "young fellow surnamed Bai, you listen carefully, now I will fight with you alone, Ding Busi also fought you alone, so no one can say that old Ding brothers collaborated to attack you.
Fourth brother doesn’t listens me still when I look at you it’s not pleasing to the eyes, and must teach you a lesson. He dislikes your father, should have hit on your ears and the area around it. We are not attacking you together so do not let the other people say that Ding brother did that, passing through the realms of the rivers and lakes, it would be greatly unpleasant to hear."

Bai Wanjian thought: "you fought alone originally with me and Ding Busi fought alone, is not that two people attacking from both sides." His natural disposition was always stern, always unhappy and he struggled to make argument with others, in his heart he despised the Ding brothers; But under these two master's converging attack, also really cannot divert his attention for replies and was concentrating on the strict defense completely, and looking for a flaw in the counter-attack and so didn’t uttered a word.

Fighting with his full vigor Bai Wanjian felt his arm severely shaken as his long sword came in contact with Ding Busan’s long swords experiencing a strong internal energy fiercely attacking him, to escape it he swung his sword hurriedly and then returns to the his sword to traverse just in time to protect his right leg with was attacked by left palms of Ding Busi, chopping like a knife, he withdrew backward immediately two steps, and then his footsteps staggered and was nearly thrown down.

The Snow Mountain sect disciples called out: "Rest your injuries senior fellow-disciple!" With his sword raised, and the left leg just stepped into the circle which Ding Busan drew, suddenly a white light struck and the long sword passed through his chest and in a moment he was killed by Ding Busan’s sword. Two more Snow Mountain disciples got angry and advanced to attack on pair.

Ding Busan gave a loud shout, leapt forward in the air, swiped the long sword from air and got down, simultaneously with his left palm to strike down, the sword fell on one of the disciple of Snow Mountain and cut him from the left shoulder to the right waist divide his body in two sections, his left hand palm strike hit another Snow mountain disciple's head. That person gave a stuffy humph sound, his head turns wearily turns toward the vest, the neck bone breaks off and he was dead at the same moment.
He killed three people in such a short time, Shi Potian after seeing it through the trees got frightened his face turned ashen.

Ding Busan didn’t rest, the long sword moved like a gust of wind and sudden downpour goes to Bai Wanjian, he heard a ka-ka sound and the long sword breaks off. At the same time two people were trying to interrupt him, his sword shoot to opposite party, simultaneously cuts the head the body, two interrupt at the same time by the sword to and two people shorter by half foot.

Bai Wanjian had his right leg already injured, the move he was making were already inconvenient and had lost his long sword again, turned immediately only to find himself under attack and hit back with difficulty. Two Snowy Mountain disciples knew perfectly well that to step in to the circle is unavoidably death but cannot helplessly look at fellow apprentices struggling against these two ominous people who collaborate to kill.

Ding Busan called out: "Fourth brother, come quickly, I have already killed three people today."

Ding Busi said with a smile: "you also have to ask me to get rid of trouble." He didn’t turned around, unexpectedly with his left foot springing backward, resembling like a mule kicking with his hind leg, he kicked two person on chests separately. Both Snow Mountain disciples departed several ten feet, with without even a ‘humph’ sound. Actually both people died the moment legs hit the chest.

Ding brothers were both menacing; the full palm executed together, attacked respectively by the vicious technique on Bai Wanjian. Bai Wanjian with a lame foot was dealing with calm, he withdrew from the circle step by step, sudden with a low humph, his left shoulder was hit by Ding Busi palms, the right arm couldn’t blocked it properly.

When he saw with own eyes that Bai Wanjian is going to die shortly, Shi Potian in rush of blood called out: "you cannot kill Bai Wanjian!"

He put A’Xiu on the ground and took out the rotten saber from his belt and loudly shouted: "you could not kill people again!"
He suddenly put A’Xiu on ground so she cried: "Ahhh!

Shi Potian anxiously turned his head and said: "sorry!" and leapt up and soon stepped into the circle.

Ding Busi had not fully recovered from his previous move. Shi Potian has leapt from his top of the head, fell in front of him, precisely as A’Xiu had taught him just now. Ding Busi started to kick, suddenly called out: "the big steamed rice dumpling, is it you!"

Shi Potian said: "Yes, grandpa, fourth grandpa, you already ......has killed five people, now you should stop." Right away he impulsively saw Ding Busan, his heart thumping madly, saw the corpses of three Snow Mountain disciples, and also splashed a pool of blood even even under his foot .

Ding Busan said: "young idiot, that day you ran away for your life from the ship, actually you are hiding here. Why at this moment do you come out?"

Shi Potian said: "I urge you two old gentlemen to spare the enemy, since you have already won, why be so ruthless?"

Ding Busan and Ding Busi laughed at him and said: "third brother, I don’t know from where this boy have listened several incomprehensible nonsense, and tying to persuade us."

Shi Potian took the long sword from ground and went to Bai Wanjian, said: "Master Bai, your Snow Mountain sect should certainly use the sword."

Bai Wanjian had lost the hope unexpectedly his young enemy Shi Zongyu came out to help him, in his heart he was uncomfortable. He threw his sword which was broken by Ding Busan and received the sword immediately, and stood motionless, with a sword in the hand, the spirit inspired.

Ding Busan scolded: "this person surnamed Bai seized you to kill, if on that day we had not rescued you, you would have been dead."
Shi Potian nods and said: "precisely. Grandpa, I am very grateful you. Therefore, I also urge Master Bai to spare and forgive."

Ding Busi feared that Shi Potian will say about his defeat on the boat, so he executed his palm moves eagerly and shouted to clear the way: "why to talk nonsense?"

He shoots the palm like a long jab, this time with Grandma Shi not on his side, he had no had scruples against him, this move ‘the black cloud all over the sky ' actually he has never taught him.

Bai Wanjian was not willing that Shi Zongyu to killed; In light of this made a swift and fierce move ‘old horizontal slanting’, stabbing from the side. As soon as Shi Potian pulled the saber he executed the move 'the elder to fold', chopping at Ding Busi palms. It was strange but originally both moves were very ordinary but the moment they were executed simultaneously it was unexpectedly extremely powerful, Ding Busi was not able to cover instantly.

Ding Busi yelled: "careful!" But sword move was swift and fierce, although he wanted to help him, but a pair of empty-handed solid does not dare to enter in the light net weaved by the swords.

Ding Busi was surprised, critically he swayed back and forth and escapes outside the circle, whichever way he sets out, sees only an opponents sword, dancing side by side in the air like innumerable white silk, even though he withdrew, rows of beard has been cut off unexpectedly.

Ding Busi was not only surprised but also got angry, Ding Busan face changes its color, Bai Wanjian was amazed, only Shi Potian had not known that his move with internal energy was how powerful, his saber skill were so exquisite that all the three big masters were shocked greatly.

Ding Busan said: "good, we will also use weapons." From the ground picks up the long sword and called out: "fourth brother, let’s flaunt your skill, take out the whip!"

Suddenly pointing the sword; he stabbed at Shi Potian.
Shi Potian has learned some martial arts but had not used in real fight so his reactions were not sharp, when he saw sword coming at him hurriedly he didn’t knew what to do.

Bai Wanjian used the move "west the racing camel" to help Shi Potian from his side, this sword move reminded him and he puts forth "thousand honored pressure camels" immediately, although the saber was blunt, but coupled with his strong internal energy it was formidable move, Ding Busan sword felt stagnated, luckily Ding Busi used his Golden nine whips and Ding Busan seized the opportunity the shove his way out.

Bai Wanjian used the move "the sandstorm is luxuriant", Shi Potian used the move "the sea to sink the sand". The saber and sword coordinates flawlessly, it seemed to be like heavy pressure of the strong winds of the yellow sand and it got down like the turbulence of an angry sea's great waves. Ding Busan and Ding Busi shouted loudly with one voice.

Shi Potian’s internal energy was extremely strong and his martial-arts knowledge was also exquisite, his only shortcoming was that he had not practiced enough and didn’t had the experience of fighting a enemy, when he saw the opponent making a move he didn’t know how to deal with that move. He studied the Golden Phoenix saber skill and besides the last move, each move is aimed to negate the Snow Mountain sword skill, Grandma Shi also taught him each and every move of Snow Mountain sword skill and all its variations and nuances. At this moment his heart was unsettled and he was unsure but as soon as he saw Bai Wanjian making any move, he will simply put forth the corresponding move of Golden Phoenix sect.

Bai Wanjian executed the move ‘old horizontal slanting’ he followed it by ‘the elder to fold’, Bai Wanjian started the move "west the racing camel", he then made the move "thousand honored pressure camels". Although theoretically this Golden Phoenix saber skill and Snow Mountain sword skill were adversary in nature but because they just repels one another, when they are executed simultaneously in collaborative manner; they closed all the flaws of sword skill and unexpectedly produces truly magnificent set of martial-arts with infinite variation and formidable power.
Bai Wanjian was amazed at the set of saber skills used by Shi Potian, whenever his saber moved it destroyed even the hardest of the defenses, even after several moves this boy’s internal energy seemed of invisible strength and looked like unceasing expanding gradually.

Ding Busi and Ding Busan also were stunned, but these two people were not willing to admit defeat, but also hoped that Shi Potian this set of strange saber skill is limited, so both brothers supported each other and fought with renewed vigor. Bai Wanjian also was concerned as Shi Potian used the move "To rule by three axes" that if he can hold or not.

At the start Ding brothers attacked suddenly hoping to take initiative but now they had lost the initiative so now they were looking to quickly find a decisive opportunity to finish the fight, however at the same time Bai Wanjian executed the move "the dark fragrant sparse shade", his long sword vibrated with the sword light was flickering vaguely, it was actually one of the most refined move of the Snow Mountain sword skill, and it often managed to injure the opponent, Shi Potian saber also traversed and it also vibrated again and again, this move "falls in with bad company", the internal energy emnating from it from all directions.

He only heard "Ahh, Ahh" two sounds, Ding Busi shoulder was injured by the saber and Ding Busan arm was by the sword. Both people turned around swiftly and leapt outside the circle. Ding Busan held Ding Dang in his arms and rapidly ran towards the east forest. Ding Busi actually went to the west direction and from the mountain ridge transmits his loud call: "Bai Wanjian, your old man is giving face to your parents, today forgives your life, and might not forgive the next time." And sound gradually faded way.

Shi Potian saw everywhere there was blood, on the withered grass lied five corpses, the Snow Mountain sect disciple looked at him, they were shocked and sad at the same time, but also were full with suspicion.

Bai Wanjian looked suspiciously at Shi Potian, he felt all sort of emotion hate, sadness, ashamed, rejoiced, apprehensive, surprised, admiration, but also a feeling of gratitude, if not for this boy, the Snow Mountain sect would have certainly lost at least ten people on the island, he then recalled
how ridiculously ruthless are the Ding brothers and still felt a lingering fear. He asked: "Who taught you this set of the saber skills?"

Shi Potian said: "Grandma Shi taught me all these saber skills, compared to your Snow Mountain sword skill these saber skill are its adversary and can defeat all your sword skills."

Bai Wanjian said: "Your saber moves are difficult adversary and can defeat out sect’s sword skill. This tone is rather too big. Who is Grandma Shi?"

Shi Potian said: "Grandma Shi is the founder of My Golden Phoenix School, she is my master, and I am the eldest disciple of second generation."

Bai Wanjian was unable to restrain his anger, and coldly spoke: "you do not recognize your teacher’s school, also actually in addition are throwing some random Golden Phoenix school name. Golden phoenix…what Golden Phoenix? I have not heard the name of any such school in martial arts world."

Shi Potian didn’t realize that Bai Wanjian had lost his temper so he continued to explain: "My master said that Golden Phoenix depicts sun and whenever sun comes out the snow disappears. Therefore when any Golden Phoenix disciple comes across the Snow Mountain sect’s disciple, then
......then ......" actually originally his master said: "then they will kowtows and beg for mercy", but he was no fool and didn’t said anything in front of the Snowy Mountain disciples and stopped talking immediately.

Bai Wanjian complexion paled, he said fierce: "any Golden Phoenix disciple comes across the Snow Mountain sect’s disciple, then…then what?"

Shi Potian shakes his head ad said: "if you these words you won’t be happy, actually my master was not thinking properly when she said it."

Bai Wanjian said: "only then they will lose and flee at the mere distant sight, isn’t it?"
Shi Potian said: "well something on those lines…but master Bai you should not be angry, perhaps my master was just saying it playfully, you cannot take it seriously."

The right leg and left shoulder of Bai Wanjian were injured by Ding Busi, at this time the ache was difficult to bear, however listening the words of Shi Potian he felt ashamed and raised his long sword in one swoop, called out: "good! I ask you for advice. Let me see the saber skills of the Golden Phoenix School and how it negates the sword play of Snow Mountain School!" But his shoulder was in severe pain, the color of his face changed immediately he nearly lets go his long sword.

Snow Mountain disciple Bao Wanye came forward two steps with sword in hand and said: "young fellow surnamed Shi, you don’t acknowledge your own teacher's younger brother, I will receive your wise moves!"

Bai Wanjian clenches his teeth and enduring his suffering, said: "Bao Wanye, you ......" he originally wants saying that "you are no match to him", but for a person studying martial-arts, honor is the most important thing, and changed his statement immediately and said: "I will fight him!" with the sword in his left hand, said:

"Boy surnamed Shi, come on!"

Shi Potian shakes his head and said: "Your shoulder and leg is injured, we can’t match our skills; right now I can certainly beat you."

Bai Wanjian said: "you have the courage to insult the Snow Mountain sect, but actually don’t have the courage to compare sword skills with me!"

With his long sword he made a outstanding move called "Snow Blossom struggles the spring", the sword dazzled in the sunlight and moved towards Shi Potian’s head. Although he was using his inferior left hand instead of the right hand still it was not only agile but also swift and fierce. Shi Potian saw the long sword falling overhead, had to raise his saber and executed the move "Snow Blossom meets the summer", it attacked at exactly the flaw of his opponent’s move, it was precisely the nemesis of the move "Snow Blossom struggles the spring"
Bai Wanjian shivered with fear and didn’t completed his move "Snow Blossom struggles the spring" and in instead hurriedly changed the move to " reckless horse climbs over mountain range", Shi Potian changed his move accordingly to the move "the Chinese gatekeeper", Bai Wanjian saw that his opponent’s move were exceptional, not only they were defensively flawless, moreover also included offensive intent and were fierce in nature, he executed the move "the bright moonlight bamboo flute", Shi Potian countered with "the red date gold drum".

Bai Wanjian was startled, saw with own eyes that when his sword attacked and entered straight however Shi Potian moved his saber such that it aligned towards the weakest place of his move and he hurriedly changed his move again.

Shi Potian was still very less experienced in martial contests and was not able to plan any retaliatory moves so whenever there was any change in the opponent’s move he changed his move accordingly, so no matter what move Bai Wanjian started Shi Potian will use the counter strike. He took the favorable situation and forced him three steps back.

Bai Wanjian had his leg injured and after these three steps illness was creeping in and was on the verge of admitting defeat. In a normal martial- art contest Shi Potian might fall far behind in terms of sword fighting but since the Golden Phoenix sword skill was precisely the nemesis of Snow Mountain sword skill he was able to gain advantage.

This fight was in this sense a bit similar to the fist fight with Ding Busi in the boat when they were fighting with the opponents using only set moves.

Bai Wanjian was ashamed with himself, all the Snow Mountain disciples were watching the fight with bated breath and in between someone will shout: "lucky, lucky!"

Even after several moves Bai Wanjian was still in danger, he tried everything, no matter how complex his move is or how ingeniously it was executed Shi Potian with his clumsy style and rotten saber was able to get the upper hand. He was shocked and thought: "This young fellow was actually not boasting about his Golden Phoenix sword skill, it is indeed a
very difficult adversary to our Snow Mountain sword skill. Is it possible that this Grandma Shi is my father’s personal enemy and had deliberately planned and created this skill to destroy our school.

After some 30 moves Shi Potian hacked with his saber towards Bai Wanjian’s left shoulder. Bai Wanjian had to fly his leg and hit the opponent’s wrist to break this move but the moment he raised his right foot, a shiver of acute coldness ran through his legs and unexpectedly his right knee collapsed. Shi Potian saw that his saber was going to connect the left shoulder of Bai Wanjian. The Snow Mountain disciples called out in fear.

To every one’s surprise Shi Potian broke his move and said: "This is not correct"

Bai Wanjian made effort with his left foot and jumped furiously, in his heart came a thousand thoughts suddenly like a lightening: "This boy had already won the fight and even each of his move looked inadequate, still not perfected and his style doesn’t resembles much with our Snow Mountain sect. At this moment he had already won, still intentionally he let me live? That guy Shi Potian was always mean and would have needed only one opportunity to kill me or the other numerous people he had killed in past. This guy shows a kindness in heart, what’s the reason...Is he seriously not Shi Potian?"

As he was thinking reflexively, his left hand long sword delivered lightly, a move called "faces upwards the potential" to stab Shi Potian. The various Snow Mountain disciples were surprised as this move "faces upwards the potential" was not one of the Snow Mountain sword skill 72 moves.

Each disciple of Snow Mountain school has to initially cross the threshold of exercises including the physique, hardship, physical strength and others, a total of 12 different basic types, the style was common, simple and easy to record, although in exercises this martial arts was of great advantage but it cannot be used against the enemy as it was very simplistic in nature. When the people saw him put forth suddenly this move they were perplexed, and thought that senior disciple has used it because he is already too injured.
Obviously Shi Potian had never seen this move "faces upwards the potential", Grandma Shi has not taught this practice move, so he did not know how to face this move. Shi Potian hesitated slightly, Bai Wanjian long sword resembled the lightning flash, ran straight and the sword point was pointed to his Chest.

Shi Potian shouted hurriedly: "what kind of a move is this? I have not seen this?"

Bai Wanjian saw that even at this moment of life and death he is inquiring about the sword skill, he really admired his courage, said: "you have not studied this, seriously?"

Shi Potian shook the head.

Bai Wanjian said: "I can take your life this time as easy as a pie, but since when I was besieged just now by Ding Brothers, you saved me so we have now traded my life with yours, so nobody owes each other anything now. From now on, you may not probably say again that Golden Phoenix sword skill is nemesis of the Snow Mountain sword skill."

Shi Potian nodded and said: "I said that initially and after you told me not to say that again I agreed to do so. But you were the one who attacked. Master Bai, I want to understand this move of your sword skill."

Suddenly his chest shrank and a hollow of several inches appeared, in his hand the saber moved, it patted horizontally the long sword and a great amount of internal energy flowed vehemently at the sword saber junction and in a blink of eye the sword in the hand of Bai Wanjian broke in to two sections.

As soon as the sword broke Bai Wanjian left foot made a quick move, it kicked a long sword handle on the ground and it leaped to his hand, this move ‘brushes three swords’ was a basic style which his school used to exercise martial-arts moves and was extremely fast.

Shi Potian looked dazzled, his hand and foot co-ordination was chaotic and so was his saber skills, all of sudden he was no able to grasp and it fell on
the ground and at the same time the long sword struck at his chest.

Bai Wanjian’s sword shake lightly. Shi Potian gave a cry and lowered his head and looked at his punctured chest. He saw his chest stabbed about six inches, the blood spurting out from chest and drenching the clothes but the wound was not as deep.

The Snow Mountain school disciple cheered with one voice: "good move of ‘snowflake six’!"

Bai Wanjian said to his fellow disciples: "I bother you people to go back to inform the master of the Snow Mountain school."

He will see that this is not Shi Potian as he don’t even know the basic exercise techniques of Snow Mountain and can’t even fake them, even though the facial expression and manner is similar but the personality and temperament is greatly different, he thought: "he had saved my life in graciousness, a sword does not have eyes just now he could have stabbed his shoulders but he showed mercy. No matter even if he is Shi Potian he can’t kill him today. This move of ‘snowflake six’ was only the disciplinary punishment as he was boasting about his Golden Phoenix sect and will keep it as a reminder on his body."

He dropped out the long sword and held corpse of his fellow disciple, both because of the friendship and ashamed of own incompetence, as five of his fellow died in hands of Ding brothers, cannot bear to stop his tears, other Snow Mountain juniors also hugged other four corpses. Bai Wanjian said bitterly: "Ding Busi, Ding Busan don’t die early." He said to his fellow- disciples: "we walk!"

A group of people walked into the woods, no one turned his head to look at Shi Potian.

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