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Laughter of the Sword God Chapter 8


Chapter 8 – Can a jade pendant run away?


When someone wants to go, there are a lot of things he does not need to bring; even his ears, nose, eyes, and arms he can leave behind, but he simply must bring his two legs along.

With no legs, how can he go?

This time naturally Gong Ping also had to take her legs along. However, the situation was a bit different. This time, even if she did not bring her legs, she would still be able to go.

Because she was being carried away by Lu Xiaofeng.

Lu Xiaofeng definitely would not leave her legs behind. He could have cared less if the rest of her body was left behind, but he absolutely must take this pair of legs along.

For some women, their legs are more important than their heads. Although head is the most important body part, although on the head there are brains, face, eyes, nose, mouth and ears, in some women’s view, the most valuable part of her entire body was not the head.


Gong Ping clamped her legs tight; she was determined to protect this place at all cost, she would rather die than to let others violate this place, she would rather die than to let others take off her pants.

Too bad she already knew that the strength she could still use was not much.

Because by the time she heard her imperial lady said ‘This way’ [see Chapter 7, original Chinese has six characters ‘jiu shi zhe zhong fa zi’], she found out that four or five of her acupoints, although not vital acupoints, but could cause unbearable pain, were already under Lu Xiaofeng’s control.

To a woman like her, suddenly losing the power to fight back was a matter that was extremely difficult to accept.

In fact, when she heard the first two words ‘jiu shi’, she was already under his control. By the time ‘zhe zhong fa zi’, four words were spoken, her body was already perched on Lu Xiaofeng’s shoulder.

At that time, she felt as though she was sitting on a real phoenix, fluttering and soaring through the ninth heaven.

She had heard people say that in Jianghu, the person with the best qinggong was the number one Divine Thief under the heavens, who was able to masquerade into any personality at any time, Sikong Zhaixing. She had also heard even more people say that Silver Fox of the Great Snowy Mountain, who enjoyed rising reputation in Jianghu recently, when he unleashed his unique school’s qinggong on a snow-covered mountain range, he was able to cover a thousand li [1 li is approx. ½ km or 1/3 mile] in one stretch, without leaving any footprints. Even flying immortals were no more than this.

Of course there were other people who said that Wudang’s former famous character Wooden Taoist, Honest Monk who roamed the Jianghu, Hua Manlou whose eyes were blind but his heart was not, all had supreme qinggong skill, enough so that they could be considered Jianghu’s experts.

Other than Ximen Chuixue, whose swordsmanship has reached ‘divine’ stage, so that basically he did not even have any need to fully unleash his qinggong anymore, there were at least thirteen people in Jianghu whose qinggong could be considered first class.

Naturally these legends were not unfounded.

But now Gong Ping knew that those legends, which she thought had a lot of basis behind them, were actually no more than that, a legend.

Because right now she already knew who had the number one qinggong in the world; furthermore, she had experienced it firsthand, not based on listening to other people’s legend.

When Lu Xiaofeng was flying in the air, she felt as if she was soaring in the cloud or riding the fog. Breaking through the window’s paper covering, flitting across the small courtyard, climbing over the twigs-gate, Gong Ping’s feeling was just like that.

When her body moved swiftly, the sudden movement gave her the illusory feeling of loss of gravity; the blade-like cold wind assaulting her face felt like needles penetrating her bones and marrow. All these feelings were enough to excite an exhilarating feeling in her heart.

A woman who originally was full of confidence of her own strength, suddenly losing all her power, it was like a sheep suddenly fell into a hungry wolf, which was the hands of this man; she was completely at his mercy.

Naturally this kind of situation was very tragic, but sometimes it would stimulate certain women that they are shaking with excitement.

Naturally speed was also some kind of stimulant.

Resting on Lu Xiaofeng’s shoulder, riding along Lu Xiaofeng’s flight, every single feeling Gong Ping experienced was a new and odd stimulus. Each stimulus could give rise to an urge, until in the end it was enough to arouse urges in even the most arrogant, stubborn, and conservative woman.

Each stimulus was enough to arouse her body’s primal desire.

It was the kind of desire that usually women do not wish for other people to know; so much so that she herself refused to admit that she knew.


Although Gong Ping was determined to keep her legs clamped tight, but even she herself could feel that her determination has collapsed.

She was already twenty-nine years old. She was already a very mature woman. Every single part of her body has fully developed, moreover, she was maturing very well.

Exactly because of this reason that oftentimes she used the most arduous way to temper herself, to exhaust her own physical strength.

Naturally she also took cold baths in very cold nights.

A twenty-year old woman, if she did not have a man, even though it was so easy for her to spend the days, once twilight started to settle, the curtain of the night began to go down, it would be very difficult for her to pass the day.

This condition actually started to plague a woman when she was just sixteen years old. By the time she was twenty-one, it was the end of a phase. When she was twenty-nine, it was another end of a phase. Thirty-five was another phase. By the time she was forty-five, all the phases have settled down.

If she did not have an understanding and sensitive man by her side, any phase would make a woman feel painful emptiness.

A woman’s heart is indeed very difficult to fathom, it is really like searching for a needle at the bottom of the ocean. It was not merely men’s opinion, even women themselves also had more or less the same idea.

Gong Ping had never thought that at a moment like this, she would think about such thing. She only felt an exhaustion spell that her mind drifted into a distant and indistinct state, creating a dream that she has not dreamed for a very long time.

When she awoke, she found out Lu Xiaofeng was staring at her with a very peculiar expression. She suddenly also realized that her face was burning hot.

Lu Xiaofeng laughed. A bit evil laugh. Gong Ping’s face grew even hotter, her heartbeat also quickened. Have this evil man already seen through my thought?

What worried she more was: what did this evil want to do to her?

“Miss Gong, if you think that I am going to do something unruly to you, then you are wrong.” Lu Xiaofeng smiled, “You must trust me, I am a man who has always followed rules.”

At first Gong Ping was determined not to let this evil man speak, yet she simply could not control herself, “If you are really following rules, why did you kidnap me here?”

‘Here’ being a very warm and dark place, everywhere she looked, she did not see anybody else. The light was also very dim.

If a man wanted to take advantage of a woman, nothing could be better than this kind of place. In this kind of situation, any woman would feel really scared.

If it was only fear, it was not a big deal. The strange thing was: other than fear, there was also a bit of excitement and arousal.

Only a man who understands women very well would know how much excitement this kind of situation would bring.

Therefore, Lu Xiaofeng laughed again.

“Miss Gong, when I first saw you, I felt that there is really nothing great about you. But the more I see you, I always feel that each time you look different than the previous time. The more I see you, the more I feel that you are lovely.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “And I believe Mr. Liu must have shared my opinion.”

“Who is Mr. Liu?”

“Right now Mr. Liu is nothing but a dead man, but when he was alive, he was a very remarkable man,” Lu Xiaofeng said.

“He was a very remarkable man?”

“At least he would not have stabbed to death head-on in a dark alley; unless the killer was someone that he was very fond of.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “So much so that he even gave the jade pendant he always brought with him to her.”

“When you said ‘her’, it seems to me that you are talking about a woman.”

“It does seem that way.”

“And the woman you are talking about, it seems to be me.”

“It does seem that way.”

“And the jade pendant you are talking about, it seems to be the piece that just fell from my body a moment ago.”

Lu Xiaofeng sighed. “Miss Gong, it’s not that I am complimenting you, but you are indeed a lot smarter than I thought.”

Gong Ping also sighed. “Lu Shaoye [young master], it’s not that I do not want to compliment you, but you are indeed a lot more stupid than I thought.”

Erotic fantasy has always been easy to cool off and disappear, because it always comes quick, it also goes away fast.

Gong Ping’s voice and demeanor have already become very cold.

“I know that the Mr. Liu you were talking about was Liu Chengfeng, and you must thought that this jade pendant was given to me by him, therefore, he and I must have very close relationship, therefore, he could not possibly guard against me, therefore, I would be able to use my usual short dagger to kill him in dark alleys every day.”

She asked Lu Xiaofeng, “Isn’t that what you are thinking?”


“And because of that you kidnapped me and brought me to this place, as a result I found out that you are an idiot.”


“If I really did kill Liu Chengfeng, why would I wear his jade pendant on me? Could it be that I was afraid you may not know that I was the assassin who murdered your good friend?”

Lu Xiaofeng was speechless. What Gong Ping said was not completely unfounded. But the jade pendant that Liu Chengfeng used to wear was clearly in her possession.

“Alright, I admit, I am an idiot. But can you tell me, how did this jade pendant from Liu Chengfeng’s body run away to you?”

“You are wrong again.” With a tone that showed that she had gained the upper hand she said, “How can a jade pendant run away?”

Lu Xiaofeng could only force a laughter; naturally jade pendant cannot run away. “Then how did his jade pendant end up on your body?”

“Naturally there is a reason behind it.”

“What reason?”

“Since the jade pendant cannot run away, and I can’t possibly steal it, then where did it come from?” Gong Ping said, “Actually, you ought to understand; as long as you think harder, it should be clear to you.”


“A lovely woman oftentimes has something of unknown origin, do you know the reason?”

Gong Ping answered her own question, “Because there are a lot of men, although they are miserly and stingy, who when you ask him to treat you to dinner would act as if you are asking for his life, but when he came across a woman that he likes, even if that woman asks for his life, he would gladly give it to her.”

“I know what you mean.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “This jade pendant must be given to you as a gift.”

“Men giving gifts to women, it has always been the heaven’s will and the earth’s intention.” Coldly and indifferently Gong Ping said, “I agreed to receive his gift, he was already very happy as hell.”

“Right, right, right! Right, right, right! There are indeed a lot of men in the world who are just like that.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “I just want to know, who was the man who gave this jade pendant to you?”

“You cannot know who he is.”


“Because I don’t want to tell you.”

Not only Lu Xiaofeng did not act like he was about to force a confession from her, he did not show even the slightest sign of anger. “I understand, you don’t want to tell me, it’s because you are not willing, and you are not happy.” He asked Gong Ping, “Is that right?”


If a woman uses this kind of response to refuse a man, most men could only look at her helplessly.

Gong Ping said, “The biggest reason cannot compare to this word, ‘happy’. If a woman really does not want to do something, nobody can do anything to her.”

“You are wrong.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “Since there are such unreasonable women in the world, there are also men who specialize in dealing with that kind of women.”

With a very pleased and proud look on his face he pointed to his own nose, “For example, I am such a man.”

“You?” with a cold laugh Gong Ping said, “What can you do to me?”

“Naturally I can’t do anything to you. At most I can only take your pants off of you.”

It was an old trick, plus it was a bit vulgar, yet when used against women, it was ‘ten thousand tries, ten thousand successes’; it doesn’t matter what kind of woman.

Gong Ping’s countenance already changed, but she still put up a cold look, “You don’t have to scare me, I won’t be intimidated by you.”


“No matter what, at least you are a man who still wants to save your face; how could you do such thing?”

She wanted to persuade Lu Xiaofeng using reasonable words; who would have thought that Lu Xiaofeng’s words were a lot more reasonable than hers?

“So what’s wrong with such thing?” In deadly earnest he asked Gong Ping, “If you are a physician, and you want to examine the wound on someone’s leg, won’t you take his pants off first?” The obvious answer to this question was ‘definitely’.

“So do I,” Lu Xiaofeng said, “If I don’t take your pants off, how can I look at your legs?”

Gong Ping suppressed her anger. She must use up all her power to suppress her anger. “But you are not a physician.” She said to Lu Xiaofeng.

“I am not.”

“Since you are not a physician, and my legs are not hurt, what gives you right to look at my legs?”

Lu Xiaofeng smiled sadly and shook his head, as if a little child has just asked him a very childish question. He asked Gong Ping back, “I didn’t say that only physicians have the right to look at other people’s legs, did I?”

He did not say such thing; furthermore, he would never say something like, “So let me ask you, did I say that someone must be injured first before he can let others see his legs?”

He did not say such thing either, “Therefore, you ought to understand by now, that when a man wants to look at a woman’s legs, basically he does not need any reason.”

Lu Xiaofeng cheerfully said, “Fortunately, I am not that kind of man without reason.”

Practically Gong Ping nearly went mad of anger; she clenched her teeth and stared at him for half a day, still she could not resist asking, “Alright, let me ask you then, what reason do you have?”

Lu Xiaofeng’s manners suddenly turned very solemn, “I must find the murderer who killed Liu Chengfeng. Too bad that so far, I only found two clues: this jade pendant is one, the other clue is a pair of woman’s legs.”

He, of course, had to explain, “Because of this, I nearly lost my life yesterday, lost at the hands of a woman.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “Her face can be easily changed, so practically other people cannot tell her true identity, but unintentionally she let me see her legs.”

“And now, can you still recognize those legs?”

“Of course I can,” Lu Xiaofeng said. “A leg like that, as long as a man took a glance, he would never forget, especially a man with experience like me.”

His eyes started to stare at Gong Ping’s legs again, as if the pair of legs was completely naked.

“Since you are unwilling to tell me the origin of the jade pendant, I have no choice but to look at your legs.” He asked Gong Ping, “If I did not take your pants off, how could I see your legs?”

Gong Ping did not say anything. Right now she already understood that this seemingly deranged Lu Xiaofeng was actually not a madman, and he was not drunk either; he was not a sex maniac, and he was not joking either. What he was talking about was a murder, concerning a man’s life, not only he was an unusually important man, he was also his good friend.

In this kind of situation, once a man like Lu Xiaofeng found a little bit of clue, he would never let go. All along Lu Xiaofeng has been watching the expression on her face, and now he suddenly said, “If you know what I mean, you ought to know that you simply have to take off your pants.”

Surprisingly, this time Gong Ping did not get angry, she did not any sign of becoming hostile either; she said instead, “That’s right, I know what you mean. If you are not Lu Xiaofeng, I am afraid my trousers would have been taken off early on.”

Lu Xiaofeng was dumbstruck, he did not seem to believe that those words have just come out from this woman’s mouth.

Naturally Gong Ping could also see that his expression was different from what it was a moment ago; therefore, she could not bear not to ask, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because, I really could not believe that you are a woman with reason.”

Gong Ping smiled sweetly, “Not all women are without reason.” She told Lu Xiaofeng, “As long as you are speaking reasonably, I am absolutely convinced.

“That is wonderful, truly wonderful.”

Lu Xiaofeng was really delighted to be able to find a woman with reason in the world; it was indeed a delightful matter.

Therefore, he sincerely said to Gong Ping, “If you can help me finding Liu Chengfeng’s assassin, I will be forever grateful to you.”

“I know.”

Naturally Lu Xiaofeng immediately asked her, “The jade pendant in your possession, where did it come from?”

Not even in his dream he would imagine that Gong Ping’s answer would be the same as her previous answer. She still said, “I don’t want to tell you. And I can’t tell you.”

Lu Xiaofeng cried out, “But you have agreed to help me just now.”

“Correct, I did say that, and I am surely will do it.”

Using a voice that was as graceful as the imperial lady, Gong Ping said to Lu Xiaofeng, “Things have come to this, it seems to me that I will have to let you take my pants off.”

Lu Xiaofeng was dumbstruck again. He suddenly discovered that this woman was not the same woman he first met. In this short period of time, she seemed to change seventy, eighty times already. Sometimes she turned into a crafty and unruly woman, sometimes very argumentative, sometimes she looked like an annoying old granny, sometimes she looked like a little fox.

The first time Lu Xiaofeng saw her, he felt that no part of this woman was attractive to him, he only felt that the biggest strong point this woman possessed was to ‘fix’ a man, hence any man who saw her ought to spur the horse to full speed, to escape without a trace without delay.

But now Lu Xiaofeng’s perception was completely changed. If, in a very short period of time a woman was able to change herself many times, plus she was able to completely change a man like Lu Xiaofeng’s perception toward her, what kind of woman was she, exactly?

Later on Lu Xiaofeng told his friends, “All of you have never seen her, hence I can guarantee that you will never guess what kind of woman she is.”

This woman was a bit different than other women; perhaps even more than a bit different.

With a tone that sounded as if she understood Lu Xiaofeng’s pain she said, “Lu Xiaofeng, I know that you have been world famous since ten years ago. Other than your qinggong and those two fingers of yours, your reputation with women has been acclaimed much and criticized a little.” Gong Ping said, “Because everybody thought that you are a man who understood women very well.” She sighed and went on, “But now I know that the degree of your understanding of women is not much different than ordinary men.”

Lu Xiaofeng’s four eyebrows appeared to be a bit sticking out vertically; describing his appearance right now using the phrase ‘boasting mustache glowering eyes’ would not be considered excessive.

If he had become like that, the reason cannot be overemphasized. In all his life, he had never had any woman say something like that in front of him.

Yet Gong Ping plainly went on, “I know that certainly you’d refuse to accept it; a veteran of a hundred battles like Lu Xiaofeng, how could he not understand women?”

Her voice suddenly became very sympathetic, “But toward women, you really do not have any understanding. I am not deceiving you. Otherwise, you would not have done something like this to me.”

Lu Xiaofeng could not refrain from asking her, “What did I do to you?”

Any man would not be able to refute what Gong Ping said next; she said, “When even with a dead threat I was unwilling to let you take my pants off, with thousand ways, a hundred plans you convinced me that you definitely must take my pants off.” Gong Ping went on, “I was convinced. Because I am a woman with reason. And I felt that you have spoken reasonably.”

Lu Xiaofeng seemed to hear his own mumbling reply, “I am indeed a very reasonable man.”

“Therefore, I am now willingly letting you take off my pants, yet you want to forget this matter instead.”

Gong Ping imitated Lu Xiaofeng earlier; she smiled sadly and shook her head, “Tell me, what do you want?” She asked Lu Xiaofeng, “Have you ever thought that to a woman, this is a great insult?”

This is also a fact that no man could ever refute.

What he ought to do he could not do, what he ought not do he must do instead; what is this all about?

When a woman spoke to a man like that, it was tantamount to giving him a big slap on the face.

The strange thing is: not only Lu Xiaofeng’s expression did not seem like he had just taken a big slap on the face, he looked very happy instead, “Thank you.” He said to Gong Ping, “You are really adorable, I really have to thank you.”

Gong Ping was baffled by this sudden change of attitude; therefore, she could not help asking either, “What do you mean? Why do you thank me?”

“Because all along you have been encouraging me.”

“I encouraged you?” Gong Ping asked, “How did I encourage you?”

“You encouraged me to free your legs from inside your pants.”

What kind of crap was that? It was basically ‘Wu Dalang knocked on the door, the cuckold has come home’.[1]

But the real meaning of what he said could be understood by anybody; besides, no matter what, those words were at least more elegant than saying ‘I want to take off your pants’.

To be able to say something vulgar in a very elegant manner also required some kind of great deal of knowledge.

“Actually, I am not the kind of man who would do such thing, even you yourself admitted that I am a man who wants to save my face very much.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “Bust since now you are encouraging me, the situation is of course different.”

His hand had started moving to do that ‘different’ thing.

In this kind of ‘different’ situation, every woman would feel a bit ‘different’; maybe even more than a bit.

And now they have come to a definitely declicate and dangerous time; in this kind of situation, anything could happen. Anything that anybody could imagine, it could happen anytime.

Can you imagine what could happen in this kind of situation? If you are someone who have rich and powerful imagination, when you are thinking about this kind of aituation, you will definitely feel very excited.

But I am sure that you will not think of what kind of place Lu Xiaofeng and Gong Ping were at this moment.

Because you will certainly think that two people like them, no matter where they are, it does not make any difference. No matter where they are, they could have been done the same thing.

Therefore, the place is not an important factor. The important thing is, what did they actually do? What was the outcome?

They did not do anything. Lu Xiaofeng only touched Gong Ping’s belt, and then he could not do anything else.

Because right that moment, he heard someone spoke from the outside, “She cannot tell you where she got the jade pendant from, because the person giving that jade pendant to her was me.”

‘Me’, who was it?

“By this time, I believe you must have found out who I am.” The person said, “Even though you have not seen me now, you ought to have recognized my voice.”

Lu Xiaofeng could not deny. Under any circumstances, he would be able to recognize this voice.

Because her voice was gentle, noble and graceful. As long as a man heard this voice once, he would not forget. Just like that pair of long, straight, firm and elastic legs, once a man saw it, he would never forget.

The jade pendant that Liu Chengfeng always carried with him ended up in Gong Ping’s possession. The person who gave it to her was precisely the exiled wife of the king.

The term ‘Gongzhu’ [lit. master of the palace] was no more than an appellation, there was no palace in this place. How can there be a palace in a place where the birds do not lay eggs like this? And if there is no palace, how can there be any ‘Gongzhu’.

Yet ‘prince’s concubine’ was real.

What was the relationship between a real ‘king’s wife’ and Liu Chengfeng, a wanderer who roamed to the ends of the earth, who was here today and gone tomorrow, whose real identity was closer to a myth?

If there was any relationship between them, how did this relationship happen?

Nobody knew the answer to these questions. It’s just that Lu Xiaofeng finally know one thing.

Gong Ping adamantly refused to tell the jade pendant’s origin, it was only to protect her imperial lady. She did not want her imperial lady to be implicated in this murder case. No doubt between the two of them, there was some kind of ‘different’ relationship.

As to what kind of relationship it was, not only Lu Xiaofeng did not want to ask, he simply did not even want to think about it.

People who always love to expose other people’s private business are just like dogs who love to eat sh1t. Nobody knows which one of these people always love to pry other people’s personal matters, precisely like nobody knows which dog always love to eat sh1t.

These kinds of people and these kinds of dogs were the kind that Lu Xiaofeng detested bitterly; therefore, he simply asked one thing, “Where exactly did this jade pendant come from?”

He only asked this one question, because it was the murder case’s crucial point.

It’s not that Gong Susu refused to answer this question, it’s just that her answer was something that Lu Xiaofeng had never expected.

Unexpectedly, Gong Susu’s answer was identical to Gong Ping’s answer a moment ago, “It’s inevitable that woman has something of unknown origin.” She said, “Naturally these things were given by men.” She even had the same emphasis as Gong Ping did, “Men picking gifts for women, it has always been the heaven’s will and the earth’s intention. Even for a man like you, sometimes it is hard to avoid giving something to a woman.”

Lu Xiaofeng could only laugh wryly.

Naturally he could give gifts. Not he could give gifts, in fact, he often did. He could give a woman anything. Only one thing he would never give.

He would never give anybody something that belonged to a dead person. Especially if the dead person died in his hands.

If he gave this kind of thing to a lovely woman, not only it was rude, it was also disgraceful.

If he gave this kind of thing to an annoying woman, it would be extremely stupid.

Just how many women in the world are able to keep secret? Any man with experience ought to understand this fact. The person who killed Liu Chengfeng was definitely someone with experience.

If this jade pendant was not given by him, then Gong Susu was lying.

This seemed to be as simple as one plus one equal to two.

Lu Xiaofeng very rarely exposed a woman’s lies, but today he really wanted to make exception just once. Unexpectedly, what Gong Susu said next shut his mouth.

“Actually, even if you did not ask, I should have told you that this jade pendant was a gift which Liu Chengfeng personally gave me,” Gong Susu said.


“When he arrived here, he already knew my origin, that day also happened to be my birthday, hence he sent some presents for me. In turn, I also invited him to drink a bit of wine.”

Gong Susu smiled at Lu Xiaofeng, “Anyone who came to me for the first time, usually brought a little bit of gift for me. There seems to be very few exceptions.”

Not only Lu Xiaofeng was rendered speechless, his face also blushed. Not only he came to her house to eat without bringing any gift, he also kidnapped someone from her household. Even someone who can be considered as having the thickest skin on his face would feel a bit embarrassed. Fortunately, this some someone was going to rescue him from embarrassment, because Gong Ping seemed to want to say a few good words on his behalf.

Unfortunately, Gong Ping did not have any chance to speak up, because right this moment, from the outside dozens of cold rays broke through the window and flew in with different level of strengths, aimed at different places, came from different angles, separately attacking a dozen or so different vital points on her body.

In term of shininess and shape, these secret projectiles were different from each other. The situation was almost identical to the attack to Zhao Xiazi in his coffin shop the other day.

The only difference was that Gong Ping’s situation was more dangerous. She had fallen under his control, and she was unable to move at all.

Fortunately, there was one more commonality between the two situations, both had Lu Xiaofeng by their sides.

Gong Ping also knew that Lu Xiaofeng would never let her die. But even she could not imagine how Lu Xiaofeng was going to save her.

She only felt a very strong wind rolling over from her side, and she seemed to see this wind actually came from a very strange looking flexible weapon. She did not see the weapon, but she knew that this weapon was very effective.

From the extremely sharp noise of the projectiles splitting the air, there seemed to be about thirteen, fourteen secret projectiles shooting in from outside the window that were either rolled in or struck down by this flexible weapon. As for the remaining two or three projectiles, she only saw Lu Xiaofeng stretching out his two fingers and pinching the air like he was pinching houseflies. Soon all secret projectiles were caught between his fingers.

And then she heard Lu Xiaofeng’s cold laugh, “Indeed the old trick from the coffin shop, playing with a bunch of broken copper and rusty iron.”

Gong Ping did not understand; hence she asked, “You know who’s plotting against me?”

“Probably a little.”

“Are they the same two people who plotted against Zhao Xiazi?”

“Probably they are.”

“You have been tracking their whereabouts, since this time they appeared again, why didn’t you go out and pursue them?”

Gong Ping’s question was very reasonable. Anybody would wonder about the same thing.

Lu Xiaofeng should have had good answer. The strange thing is, he only replied indifferently, “Even if I did, it would be too late anyway.”

This answer could be considered very reasonable as well, but it did not seem to be something that would come out of Lu Xiaofeng’s mouth.

Lu Xiaofeng was definitely not such a person.

Knowing that something was clearly impossible, he would still do it. He lost track of how many times he had done such things. Question is: what stopped him this time?

Gong Ping did not pursue. Suddenly her eyes grew wide and she said shockingly, “What … what’s that in your hand?”

Naturally she has recognized the object in Lu Xiaofeng’s hand; how could a woman not recognize her own belt?

It was as if Lu Xiaofeng has suddenly turned into an idiot; he still explained to her, “This is a silk belt, it was wrapped around your waist just now.”

Gong Ping also seemed like she has turned into an idiot as well, she looked as if she had just figured out that the odd-looking flexible weapon that rolled in the secret projectiles was this belt; therefore, her face turned beet-red.

Lu Xiaofeng’s face also seemed to blush a little bit.

No matter what, he had just taken this belt off of her. Regardless of the reason, this thing had really happened; ever wonder how these two felt in their hearts?

Who could have thought that Gong Ping picked this exact moment to cry out, because she suddenly realized that there was one less person in the room? “Where’s Gongzhu?”

“She seems to have left.”

“When did she leave?”

“Just now.”

“Just now when?”

“Just when …” Lu Xiaofeng looked at the belt in his hand, “Just that time.”

This answer seemed vague, but it was very clear that he meant when the belt was taken off of her, that is, the split second when Gong Ping’s life and death was at stake.

“Did you see her leaving?” Gong Ping asked.

“Um …”

“Do you know why she had to leave?”

With a bitter laugh Lu Xiaofeng said, “Why did you ask me this question? How do I know?”

Gong Ping sighed gently, “Of course you don’t know, but I do.” She looked at Lu Xiaofeng; her gaze suddenly became strangely gentle. After a long, long time she finally said with a tender voice, “Now I know everything.”

What did Gong Ping know?


Not only Gong Ping was not stupid, she was actually very intelligent. Therefore, what she knew was actually a lot more than Lu Xiaofeng could ever imagine.

“You did not go after the people who were plotting against me, it was because you wanted to protect me. Not only because you were afraid they might come back and strike again, you were also afraid that someone else might harm me.”

“Who’s this someone else?” Lu Xiaofeng asked.

“That someone else is naturally the one who has been treating me very well all these years, Gong Susu.” Gong Ping said, “At least I always thought that she treated me very well.”

“How could she harm you?”

Gong Ping sighed again, “I know you are deliberately asking me.” She said, “What you know ought to be a lot more than what I know.”

Lu Xiaofeng neither deny nor confirm. Therefore, Gong Ping could only continue, “At first I also thought that she could not possibly harm me; but now …”

Gong Ping hesitated for a long time before continuing, “And now I even suspect that the people who plotted against me just now might be related to her; it is even possible that they are actually assassins whom she hired.”

“Do you think she has a reason to kill you?”

“I do.”

“What’s the reason?”

“I am the only one who knows the person who gave that jade pendant to her.” Gong Ping said, “That’s why she wanted to kill me to shut my mouth.”

Only dead people can keep a secret. From the ancient time, it was one of the strongest motivations for mankind to kill other people.

Lu Xiaofeng still had a little bit of doubt. “Since she knew that it was highly possible that this piece of jade pendant would become the most important clue to the murder case, why did she give it to you?”

Gong Ping’s answer was clear-cut and reasonable. “First, at that time she never expected that someone would make light of traveling a thousand li to come here and investigate this murder case; even more unexpected was that the person happened to be you.”

She said, “Secondly, because she knew this piece of jade pendant was taken from a dead person, this is an inauspicious object. Coincidentally, when I saw it, I expressed my interest, hence she happily did this favor, which did not cost her anything.”

Gong Ping said, “From this point, it is even clearer that not only she knew the origin of this jade pendant, she also has an unusually close relationship with the person who murdered Liu Chengfeng.”

Only one question left: Where did this jade pendant come from?

Things have come to this, it’s only natural that the answer to this question would come very soon.

Gong Ping said, “Naturally Liu Chengfeng did not personally give this jade pendant to her; when he died, he still had the jade pendant on him.”

“So who gave the jade pendant to her then?”

“It was Sha Dahu.”

Who would have thought that Jin Qiliang was a very honest man? It was the second time Lu Xiaofeng found the proof that he was telling the truth.

Those super-scoundrels Big Boss Sha provided shelter for, indeed not one of them was useful, otherwise, Lu Xiaofeng wanting to enter Big Boss Sha’s personal chamber would not be an easy matter.

Yet right now he was able to get in and out freely, as if he was entering a no-man’s land. Even if he wanted to sleep in Big Boss Sha’s bed, it would not be a difficult thing.

However, our Mr. Lu Xiaofeng was a gentleman; at least he was a lot more of a gentleman than most people who pretend to be gentlemen.

At least he still knew a little bit of courtesy, at least he understood that before entering someone else’s private chamber, he ought to knock first.

Much less from Big Boss Sha’s bedroom he seemed to hear the heavy breathing of a man and a woman.

Speaking about a man like Lu Xiaofeng, this kind of heavy breathing was not unfamiliar to him.

Speaking about a man like Big Boss Sha, it would be strange if this kind of heavy breathing was not heard from his bedroom.

Therefore, Lu Xiaofeng stood waiting outside the door for half a day. He waited until the heavy breathing subsided before he started knocking the door.

He only knocked twice, from inside the bedroom Big Boss Sha already started swearing; he yelled all kinds of cussing words, the finale was of course, “Get lost! I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you want, you’d better get lost quickly, or else I’ll pinch your egg yolk out of you.”

Lu Xiaofeng did not get lost; he still knocked the door, ‘knock, knock, knock’, rhythmically, it was very nice rhythm too.

The bedroom door suddenly flung open, a stark naked Big Boss Sha suddenly appeared from behind the door.

Nobody could describe his expression this very moment. But I believe there are a lot of people would be able to imagine it. Even if they did not see it, they ought to be able to imagine it.

Lu Xiaofeng did not wish to imagine, yet he did not wish to look either. He only bowed with the most refined manners and smiled, “My apology.” He said, “I am truly sorry, but I swear to God that it was not my intention to disturb you.”

Big Boss Sha’s mouth suddenly looked like a mouthful of dog poo had just been stuffed inside. Although he was thinking of spitting it all out toward Lu Xiaofeng’s face, truth be told, he was a bit afraid.

“Awfully sorry still, I am not a chicken egg, neither am I a duck egg; therefore, I don’t have any egg yolks to be pinched out by you.” Lu Xiaofeng said, “I am coming here, just so I can ask you a question.”

Big Boss Sha was finally able to spit out three words out of his mouth, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Xiaofeng held out his hand, in between his two fingers, which fame has shaken the world, there was a piece of red cord, from the red cord dangled a piece of jade pendant, which color and luster, as well as its shape, was very nice.

“I just want to ask you: have you seen such thing before?”

Big Boss Sha’s response shocked Lu Xiaofeng; because without even thinking he replied, “Of course I have; moreover, it was me who presented it to Gongzhu Su Yun as a token of my respect.”

Lu Xiaofeng was dumbstruck.

For him, this was supposed to be a very important clue, a very crucial point, concerning a very mysterious murder case. Who would have thought that without even thinking Big Boss Sha just admitted it out? Furthermore, he did not seem to have the least bit of panicky expression on his face.

But inevitably there was more than a bit of angry look on his face. He was practically so angry that his face looked like a stove ready to burst flames.

“If you burst in here in the middle of the night just to ask that question, let me tell you this: I don’t care who you are, I am afraid you’ll have a very difficult time getting out of here still intact.”

With a bitter smile Lu Xiaofeng sighed, “In that case, I have no choice but to ask you something else.”

“What is it?”

“Was this jade pendant originally yours?”

Surprisingly, Big Boss Sha did not hesitate at all, he answered, “No. The gift I give to someone, oftentimes I also receive it as a gift from someone else.” He glowered at Lu Xiaofeng, “Are you going to ask, who gave this to me?”


“If I don’t tell you, what are you going to do?”

Lu Xiaofeng sighed. “In that case, I am afraid it will be very bad.” Striking the calmest attitude he told Big Boss Sha, “If I let go right now, this jade pendant will immediately fall to the ground. By the time I finish speaking, I am going to let this go.”

“So what?”

“Nothing much.” Lu Xiaofeng let the jade pendant swing like a pendulum, “It’s just that by the time this jade pendant reaches the floor, I guarantee you will become a dead person.”

Lu Xiaofeng has rarely used such words to intimidate others. If he did say such thing, he was not trying to intimidate anybody.

Naturally Big Boss Sha knew about this fact. His countenance has already changed. The jade pendant has also left Lu Xiaofeng’s hand.

Right this moment, the situation suddenly changed dramatically. Lu Xiaofeng suddenly heard a woman’s voice, “I gave that jade pendant to him.”

A woman, stark naked, jumped out of Big Boss Sha’s bedroom. With arms akimbo she stood in front of Lu Xiaofeng.

“It was given to me by my husband. I can give it to whoever I like to give. Other than that cuckold husband of mine, nobody has any right to interfere. Even if I stole it, it’s none of anybody else’s business.”

She shot a sidelong coquettish glance toward Lu Xiaofeng. “Lu Xiaofeng, Lu Daxia, Lu Gongzi, what do you say? Don’t you agree? Is it your business?”

Before she even finished speaking, Lu Xiaofeng already walked away, and disappeared in an instant, as if he suddenly saw a demon.

[1] Wu Dalang (Chinese: 武大郎) is a major character in the Chinese classic novel The Plum in the Golden Vase, and a minor character in the Water Margin, another classic. In both novels he is murdered by his adulterous wife Pan Jinlian. A well-known figure in Chinese culture, he represents the quintessential cuckold. (Wikipedia)

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