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Laughter of the Sword God Chapter 18


Chapter 18 – Feast without good feast


If anybody ever questioned who was the person in Jianghu who did not understand courtesy the most, the answer would be very simple.

— Ximen Chuixue.

A man who never talked too much, naturally would not engage in senseless chit-chat.

Therefore, technically speaking, as long as one understood Ximen Chuixue’s character, one could not possibly say that he did not understand courtesy.

Therefore, in Jianghu, the next person in the list considered as did not understand courtesy would be:

— Beef Soup.

Not only she did not understand courtesy, she did not even speak in courteous manner.

Because as soon as she saw Gong Susu, she immediately asked in a threatening manner, “Do you know the cause of Lu Xiaofeng’s death?”

If anybody ever questioned who was the person in Jianghu with the best self-cultivation, then perhaps Gong Susu must be counted.

Because as Gong Susu heard Beef Soup’s question, not only she was not angry, her countenance did not change the least bit either. Just like before, she maintained her cool, elegant, magnificent, and noble expression.

She merely heaved a deep sigh and said, “Such a good person, why must he die so early?”

“Who killed him?” Beef Soup pressed on.

Gong Susu heaved a deep sigh again and said, “Lu Xiaofeng was the person I admire the most, unexpectedly he died in Huangshi Town; I am extremely grieved.”

“Speaking about grieving, I should be the one who grieve the most,” Beef Soup said.


“Don’t you know my relationship with him?” Beef Soup asked, “Tell me quickly, who killed him? I must avenge him.”

“Who killed him? Who was capable of killing Lu Xiaofeng? The person who can kill him was naturally the person closest to him, the one he did not guard against the most.”


“You’ll find out soon enough. I already sent people to find them. Before they arrive, why don’t we drink two cups, to toast Lu Daxia’s spirit in heaven?”

Gong Susu heaved a deep sigh again. She picked up her cup and drained it in one gulp.

Beef Soup also picked up her cup and drained it in one gulp.

Even Ximen Chuixue, who was rarely seen moving too fast, also drank his wine in one gulp. Finished drinking, he removed the cup from his mouth and put it back on the table.

At this moment, his right hand was still holding the cup.

At this moment, the only movement he made was putting down the cup on the table.

At this moment, someone suddenly flew out of the muslin curtain behind him; someone whose hand wielded a sword. A woman.

The instant Ximen Chuixue was putting down a wine cup was the best instant to kill him. Because he had just finished his wine, his attention was not focused, plus he was putting down the cup, his right hand was relaxed, it did not move too fast.

Apparently this woman had calculated that her one strike would hit the target.

She was mistaken.

If Ximen Chuixue was that easy to be hit, long ago he was not Ximen Chuixue anymore, but a dead man.

Dead men can’t move; Ximen Chuixue could.

Borrowing the force as he pressed the cup onto the table, Ximen Chuixue’s body flew diagonally to the right.

When the woman’s strike failed, she did not continue the attack; she just stood motionless in the middle of the room, facing Ximen Chuixue.

Still with cold expression Ximen Chuixue also stood motionless, as if he did not even see this woman.

Gong Susu sprang up, and shout in a loud voice, “Gong Ping, what do you think you are doing?”

“I heard that Ximen Gongzi’s swordsmanship has been trained to ‘without-sword’ state. I want to experience it.”

“Humph! I say you are tired of living!” Beef Soup said.

Gong Ping did not even cast a glance toward Beef Soup, her eyes were fixed on Ximen Chuixue. “Draw your sword.”

“I really think that you are really tired of living,” Beef Soup said, “How dare you tell Ximen Daxia to draw his sword. Do you know the consequences once he draws his sword?”

Just like before, Gong Ping still ignored her.

Yet Beef Soup was still talking, “Your death is decided.”

With a cold laugh Gong Ping said, “There is always an exception to everything.”

Finished speaking, she raised her sword and thrust it toward Ximen Chuixue. In one breath she attacked twenty-four strokes.

With unbelievable speed Ximen Chuixue changed the position of his body twenty-four times; and then there was a flash of sword.

Nobody saw how and when Ximen Chuixue drew his sword, and nobody saw how Ximen Chuixue’s sword stabbed Gong Ping; what they saw was just a flash.

It was exactly in that flash that Gong Ping fell.


When Gong Ping landed on the floor, she let out a cry, ‘Huh!’

And right after the ‘huh!’ came Sha Dahu’s laughter. “Good swordsmanship!” Sha Dahu walked in while clapping his hands.

“Ximen Chuixue’s ‘without-sword’ state is indeed a fully justified reputation.” Behind Sha Dahu, the lady boss, the grocery store boss and the little beggar Huang Xiaochong also walked in.

The grocery store boss looked at Ximen Chuixue and Beef Soup, and said, “Actually, I already knew the murderer long ago.”

“Who is it?” Beef Soup asked.

The boss only laughed without replying; the one replying was the lady boss, “He practically does not have any idea who the murderer was.”

“Why do you think that I did not know who the murderer was?”

“If you did, wouldn’t you have said it sooner?”

“Say it sooner? If I said it sooner, do you think I can stay alive until now?”

The little beggar suddenly opened his mouth, “Aren’t you afraid the murderer would kill you to close your mouth?”

“Kill me to close my mouth? Won’t that mean he is revealing his own identity?”

“Actually, who is the murderer?” Beef Soup pressed again.

“It would be best if the murderer is actually a lot of people.”

This sentence was coming from the door.

“Why?” the little beggar directed his question to Zhao Xiazi, who had just walked in.

“Why? If there are more killers, won’t my coffin shop enjoy more business? Ha ha ha ha …”

Ximen Chuixue’s grave and solemn expression suddenly betrayed a very-difficult-to-detect sneer; not only did he open his mouth, the number of words he said could be considered a lot. He said, “The murderers are indeed many.”

Such words, naturally those who heard it were shocked.

As a result, Beef Soup included, everybody seemed to be nailed on the spot with surprised look on their face; all eyes were fixed on Ximen Chuixue.

Beef Soup could not help asking, “Who are they?”

“He,” Ximen Chuixue pointed to Sha Dahu.

“He,” Ximen Chuixue pointed to the boss, and then to the lady boss, Zhao Xiazi, the little beggar, and repeatedly said four ‘he’ and ‘she’ words. [Translator’s note: in Chinese, ‘he’ and ‘she’ are pronounced the same, ‘ta’, although the characters are not the same.]

“There’s more.” Ximen Chuixue suddenly spoke two more words.

“More?” Beef Soup’s eyes widened.

“She,” Ximen Chuixue pointed to Gong Susu.

Laughter suddenly filled the entire main hall of the house.

Naturally those who burst out laughing were not Ximen Chuixue and Beef Soup, but the murderers Ximen Chuixue pointed his finger at.

It was a very proud laughter. It has made Beef Soup very surprised, because she knew that based on these people’s ability, Ximen Chuixue could easily put them under control, how could they still laugh? Could it be that it was because they were not the murderers?

Very soon she had the answer to her question.

Because Gong Susu suddenly stopped laughing and said, “Ximen Chuixue, you have guessed correctly. Everybody in Huangshi Town is Lu Xiaofeng’s killer.”

“Too bad,” the lady boss said, “You knew it too late.”

“No, not late at all,” Zhao Xiazi said.

“Why not?” the little beggar asked.

“Because he’s just in time to sleep in my coffin.”

The expression on their faces became very delighted again.

Yet the expression on Ximen Chuixue’s face, which has never changed, suddenly changed. Not only did it change, cold sweats started to form on his forehead.

Noticing the change in Ximen Chuixue’s expression, the expression on Beef Soup’s face changed even greater. Her mouth was wide open, but no word came out.

Gong Susu looked at Beef Soup, very smugly she said, “You wanted to ask whether the wine was poisonous, didn’t you?”

Beef Soup’s eyes grew even bigger.

“Let me tell you then: there is poison in the wine.” Gong Susu laughter became more smug.

The little beggar walked over to face Beef Soup; he reached out to pinch Beef Soup’s cheek. With a giggle he said, “And now your vision is getting blurry, isn’t it?”

The little beggar lightly patted Beef Soup’s face twice, and said, “Are you still the proud little girl? Do you have any message from Ximen Daxia you want to tell us?”

Beef Soup struggled; she staggered toward Ximen Chuixue, but after only two steps, she collapsed. Her fingers happened to touch Ximen Chuixue’s shoe.

Such a weak and powerless hand, such a weak and powerless touch, but just like ‘four taels toppling a thousand jin’ [1 tael is approx. 50g, 1 jin (or catty) is approx. 500g], it knocked Ximen Chuixue down.

Once again triumphant laughter filled the hall.


In a busy wine shop on a bustling street, who would pay special attention to a couple of old people?

Although nobody paid any attention, although the little old man and the little old granny were sitting on a table in the corner, they still held their conversation in very low voices.

The little old man’s eyebrows were knitted, he looked at the little old granny and said, “Are you going to Huangshi Town right now?”

“If not now, then when?”

“Naturally after we understand everything a bit more clearly.”

“I am afraid it is going to be too late by then.”

“What’s going to be too late?”

“By the time this case is over, my little friend might have been killed.”

“Ximen Chuixue might be killed?”


“He can be killed? Can you tell a bit fresher joke?”

“Do you think it is funny?”

“Don’t you think it is funny?”

“Not funny at all. Don’t forget, Liu Rugang died in Huangshi Town, Lu Xiaofeng also died in Huangshi Town.”

The little old man’s brows wrinkled even deeper. Suddenly he stood up.

The little old granny grabbed his hand, saying, “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Go to Huangshi Town, of course.”

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