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Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain Chapter 6.1 Encounter

Chapter 6.1 Encounter 

Having listened to stories for half a day, the Company had become

completely absorbed by the story of Gully's conduct. However, a feeling of admonition and foreboding descended on them when they learned that Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain was his son. They also recalled that the lord of the eyrie had gone to enlist the help of various adept fighters from all over the country especially to meet him in battle. His martial ability must, therefore, be as good as his father's. Despite the inner fear that they all had, the Company was still eager to meet him, knowing full well that the

encounter would do them no good. Suddenly Orchid cried out, with fear in her voice, "Oh, no, those fighters coming here at the invitation of the lord of the eyrie and my father have not yet made their way up the mountain. A fight will certainly ensue should they run into Fox Volant at the foot of the mountain. My father does not know him to be the son of Uncle Gully. What happens if he puts him to the sword and dispatches him with one blow?"

Quad gave out a wraithlike smile and hastened to assure her, "Even though Phoenix the Knight-errant is the Invincible Under the Sky, I doubt if he could dispatch Master Fox with just one blow." His smile twisted the muscles of the scar on his face, further contorting his already horrible


Quad then continued, "Master Fox's purpose for coming to the mountain today is to inflict retribution on the lord of the eyrie. Other than that, he also wants to take vengeance on Phoenix the Knight-errant by challenging him to a duel. I tried to dissuade him from harassing Phoenix the Knight-errant by telling him how intimate Master Gully and Phoenix once were in their mutual dealings, as well as the fact that the person responsible for Master

Gully's death was indeed somebody else, and yet Master Fox still insisted on learning the truth from Phoenix the Knight-errant's own mouth. Later, I ran into Yama the osteopath at the foot of the mountain. I immediately recognized him in spite of a lapse of some twenty years. Thereupon, I decided to follow the group up the summit, blow up the hawser and dispose of all the provisions in order to starve every single one here to death. In this way, I hope at least I can repay some of the heroic deeds and chivalric acts Master Gully once lavished on me."

These words of Quad sent a wave of resentment through the whole

Company, freezing them all. They stared at each other in fear, not knowing what to do, thinking to themselves that Tree was the only one deserving of death, as he had once committed murder out of greed. The rest of the party were crying and moaning. None of them was connected in any way with the crime, and yet they also had to suffer for it without knowing why.

Judging by the looks on their faces, Tree sensed that the others were inwardly accusing him. Thereupon, he stood up and bawled out, snatching the casket and holding the poniard, "As things now stand, we are all facing the same fate! We have, therefore, to stick together and discover a solution to get down the mountain. As the ruffian..." A flapping sound came suddenly to their ears before Tree could finish his sentence. A white pigeon was seen flying into the central hall, arresting its flight on the table.

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