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Divine Sky Sword

In the last years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, the nine sons seized the throne, and the means emerged endlessly. In order to consolidate his status as the heir apparent, the crown prince Yinfeng recruited martial arts masters.

The "Xingyue Twin Swords" of a generation of heroes were also brought into the sect.

After Yinfeng was overthrown, Xingyue Shuangjian escaped with the benefactor Xiong Cilu's son Xiong Ti, but encountered a misunderstanding at the home of "BMW Magic Whip" Sa Tianji, and died one after another. Only the youngest son Xiong Ti escaped alone... Xiong Ti escaped After that, he devoted himself to practicing the "Thirteen Styles of the Sky", and went down the mountain to take revenge after completing his skills. He met all kinds of people, became enemies with Tianyin Sect, learned art from Piaoran old man, met Weiming, Chang Mantian and other chivalrous men, and gained his confidante Xia Yun They helped each other and finally fought against the cult Tianyin Sect; but when sending Xia Yun home, he accidentally found his "enemy" Sa Tianji, and when he fought with him to the death, he killed Xia Yun by mistake.

After killing Sa Tianji, Xiong Ti was so sad that he committed suicide beside Xia Yun...
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:蒼穹神劍, Divine Sword of the Sky, Pedang Sakti Langit Hijau
Related Series:N/A
Status:On Going

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